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April 29, 2013

Significance of NBA's first gay player (and the reaction); plus Nets stay alive to face Heat, Dolphins' new SB odds, Ed DuBois & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, MAY 1. Another year, another Greg Cote snub in the Tony nominations. 2) "I am no better, and neither are you." --Sly Stone, 1968. This for the intolerant: Everyday People. 3) Played golf Sunday at Jacaranda for a great cause in the Angela Kramer-White Memorial Tournament. I played lousy; however, I did win closest-to-the-beer. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Grading Dolphins draft, Canes avert shuout, Heat sweep Bucks, Shane Larkin, Marlins Sad-O-Meter. 5Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Nets stay alive to face Heat guillotine: Brooklyn beats Chicago 110-91 at home to shave Bulls' series lead to 3-2. Winner faces Miami. Game 6 Thursday night in Chitown.

Click on The First Steps Forward for my latest column, on the bravery of Jason Collins and why this is important for pro sports and for the cause of equal rights.

1aa1collinsWIZARDS CENTER: "I'M GAY": Free agent 7-foot center Jason Collins, who finished this season with the Washington Wizards, reveals himself as the cover subject (pictured) of the May 6 issue of Sports Illustrated newly available. His story begins: "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay." Click here for the whole story; it is as compelling as you'd imagine. Collins has seldom been an important player on the court. He last started in the 2006-07 season and has become an end-of-the-bench journeyman. His career scoring average is 3.6 points. But he has become an important player now, near the end of that career, by becoming the first active, openly gay athlete in one fo America's big-four team sports. Does this have the same impact as if a rising star had come out? No. But it still is a significant watershed in that a door that always has been shut has now been nudged ajar. Somebody had to be the first. Good for Jason Collins. Update: There has been widespread praise and support for Collins on Twitter and then there as this from Dolphin Mike Wallace: 'All of them beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with other guys ... I just don't understand.' Wallace soon deleted the Tweet and quickly apologized. Hey you're not all alone, Mike. Chris Broussard today on ESPN called being gay "an open rebellion to God." What century is this again!?

DOLPHINS' SUPER BOWL ODDS: Courtesy the good folks at Bovada, updated post-draft Super Bowl betting favorites are 49ers at 6-1, Broncos 15-2, Patriots 8-1 and Seahawks 9-1, with Miami a modest 40-1 (tied for 18th). Pats/Dolphins are 1-2 in AFC East well ahead of Jets at 75-1 and Bills at 100-1.

Dolphins' pre-training camp dates announced: Rookie minicamp will be May 3-5. OTA offseason workouts will be May 21-23, May 29-31 and June 3-6. And mandatory minicamp will be June 11-13.

Poll result: Dolfans pleased if not quite thrilled with draft: We asked for grades, almost 3,000 of you and counting have responded and a plurality of 48.4 percent gave Miami's draft a "B." "A" (26.1%) outpolled "C" (21.3%), while only 4.2% voted "D." So roughly three-quarters voted A or B. Is that fairly interpreted as pleased-but-not-quite-thrilled overall?

1aa1pain&gain 1aa1eddubTHE REMARKABLE ED DUBOIS: I met Ed (pictured) several years ago researching a 50-years-later column on a Miami team that won the 1958 Little League World Series. Ed was a member of that team who went on to a colorful career as a private investigator whose work in the 1990s partly inspired the new Mark Wahlberg/Dwayne Johnson film, Pain & Gain. Actor Ed Harris portrays the role of DuBois in the movie. DuBois, also a songwriter, has a new country-rock feel song called Pain & Gain. Click on the title to download.

UPDATED: MARLINS "SAD-O-METER": We have a new feature we'll update in the blog throughout the season as long as the Marlins' winning percentage is under .300. The New York Mets' 1aa1bbsad1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is widely regarded as the nadir in its class -- the single worst season in modern MLB history. Now, your Marlins are threatening that ignominy, despite a season-best two-game winning streak. (The sad face is now for Giancarlo Stanton getting injured yet again). Marlins Sad-O-Meter: Current record after last night's win, 7-19 (.269). Updated season pace, 43.62 wins, 118.38 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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He can come out of the closet all he wants now when he sets his wedding date then it becomes a story.

I'm fitty nine, I'm Cuban and I'm not gay...I just thought I announce it to the world (in case anyone is interested,hehehe).

Geez Tom, from the previous blog, are you sure you're a Dolphins fan amigo?..the Dolphins make a great trade (they raped the Raiders is more like it on what they gave up) they get the highest ranking defensive player in the draft, a player that was going to get drafted by Philadelphia the next pick and you are saying it was a dumb trade/pick..wow dude.


I'm rooting for the C's on this series, Hopefully you guys can win another game...

It was a stupid pick FZB and a lot of experts agree. You being a Jeffy butt boy think everything he does is perfect. If he doesn't fill the gaping home at LT, Tannehill is in trouble.

I hear I'm not a fan bullchit all the time. Nonsense. I want my team to win. I'm still hoping Jeffy gets a deal done for a real LT.

"Jeffy butt boy"????..lol..I kind of like it..

Uh, no, that guy isn't an 'important player', he's a benchwarmer and 'an important gay dude'.

Frankly this gushing over gay athletes and the SEARCHING for gay athletes that some writers do is as off-putting to me as the ignorant bigotry from christians on the issue.

Dolphins shouldn't let McKinnie leave today without a contract.

Dear I am Kazaam: Google search found that Kazaam is defined as "turd" in Arabic; how's that for ignorant bigotry from those whose religious views differ from yours.

Hey Kaz,

Hopefully your boy McKinnie is in shape but I'm not holding my breath...

Winston baby, that's our guy..

so Kazaam is actually a turd?...

it wasn't me Kaz, I don't know who this dude is...

What did Wallace say, that was all that awful?

He is not in shape. Guarantee it. But he will hold defenders and won't let Tannehill be blindsided.

FZB- A dollar a ticket for the marlins game? That cheap bas###d Loria probably had them cut back on the help to make up for it. When I saw the # for the crowd, I figured something was up. They charge more then that for high school games here in Naples.

If one thinks one must always be "politically correct" in this world.....there is no controversy.If one speaks sincerely..........critics bash them.Too funny.So then whose life does one live?His own or agreeing with the current/popular trend of thinking?Wow.Just 2 views in life.Either pro or con.Amazing how society survives itself.

he obviously didn't mean to offend, but wallace's comments belie a common misconception about homosexuality; that is, that there's actually a CHOICE in the matter.
as for religion, these christians used their religion last century to propagate segregation as well.
they were on the wrong side of history then, as they are now with the gay rights debate.
and FZB?
arguing with tom about the draft is pointless.
he's a hater, and much like the christian bigots, history will prove tom wrong as well with the dolphins..

McKinnie has spent 11 seasons in the NFL, nine with the Minnesota Vikings and the last two with the Ravens. He has 147 start over that time, but did not start any games last season.


But he did well in the playoffs. Not a long term fix but much better than Martin.


Every year the Marlins have a "university of Miami day" and the UM employees (my sister works there) get tickets for a dollar, so we figure why not right?

we had a grand time (of course the Marlins lost)..so since the Marlins are so bad I'm searching for a team to root for, Maybe I'll root for the BoSox for one year...

was collins inspired by the jackie robinson movie? in any case as time goes by less and less people obsess about that stuff


Miami Dolphins

3. Dion Jordan, defensive end, Oregon.
54. Jamar Taylor, cornerback, Boise State.
77. Dallas Thomas, guard/tackle, Tennessee.
93. Will Davis, cornerback, Utah State.
104. Jelani Jenkins, inside linebacker, Florida.
106. Dion Sims, tight end, Michigan State.
164. Mike Gillislee, running back, Florida.
166. Caleb Sturgis, kicker, Florida.
250. Don Jones, safety, Arkansas State.

Overview: GM Jeff Ireland was pick-rich after unloading Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis -- two premier NFL starters -- for pennies on the dollar. Those bad trades are factored into Miami's grade. After more trades, the Fins wound up turning the two Marshall third-rounders into Michael Egnew, B.J. Cunningham, blocking tight end Sims, and part of the deal that brought underwhelming corner prospect Davis. For Vontae, they got Taylor straight up. Jordan has a chance to be the best player in this draft class. I like Taylor. Gillislee could be a year-one upgrade on Daniel Thomas if he demonstrates consistency in pass protection. Jones has starter measurables and offered value at the tail end of day three. But Ireland can't be let off the hook for his past talent-shaving trades just because he snuck them into last offseason. The Fins are still paying the piper, and after nauseatingly producing four consecutive losing seasons Ireland has cost himself all possible benefit of the doubt.

Grade: D+


Spot on!!!

You could always tell that this guy was a fudge packer. Not that there's anything wrong with that, right OC?


I think your right, its incredible to me how some "experts" have criticized the pick and all of those experts had the guy going in the top five of the draft, kind of a double standard if you ask me..


your criticism of the team/Ireland makes no sense, the last time I checked we are still in the off season, there is plenty of time to make a move, whether is through a trade (not me first option to give away draft picks) or a free agent..

Tom,they're giving Miami the only A as far as the draft of all the teams in the AFC. Whata ya' think of that?

was collins inspired by that new forty two movie? in any case as time goes by less and less people obsess about that stuff


No way no how, Kazaam means turd. Dude, that would be the funniest thing ever. Kinda reminds me of the Larry David episode where he gives Richard Lewis the mantra that Larry was given years ago when Richard started going with some chick that was into yoga. Turns out Richard was saying birdie num num 24 hours a day and later on found out that the mantra that Larry gave him meant "fock me" in Hindu or whatever the heck they speak over there.

Too funny. Kazaam, did that little kazaam, your auntie, give you that blog name?

He he.

Who is giving the Fish an "A"? Cam Cameron?

FZB if you really like baseball I suggest finding a minor league team to watch. I regularly go to watch our AAA team and it's great. Much better entertainment value than major league baseball.


I go watch a AAA team now, its called the Marlins..

wow tom; "spot on" only means you found a blog that supports your view of ireland.
doesn't mean chit..
this debate is pointless, much like the political ones.
we'll know in the next couple of years how this draft pans out.
as it is, MANY needs were filled in free agency AND the draft and for that, ireland deserves all the credit..

i think the jordan pick could turn into the best pic we've had in years, if he pans out.
what better way to improve the corners and linebackers than adding a jason taylor prototype to anchor the other side of the line with wake?

Well Woody I found the idiot who gave the Fish a grade of A for the draft.



I go watch a AAA team now, its called the Marlins..

Posted by: FZB | April 29, 2013 at 04:10 PM

No FZB that's the Dominican Summer League. Miami has been ripped off by the Marlins.

Mike Wallace's Dolphin career should be over before it started.

Yeah right david just like all the other Ireland drafts have panned out....well that is if you like mediocrity. And just as Obama has panned out....well that is if you like permanently high unemployment.

There is no room for intolerant heterosexuals in today's landscape. Mike Wallace needs to be sent to Judecca.

What Ireland didn’t need to say: He valued Dion Jordan far more than he did Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson, even though the latter would have filled a hole, and the former was more of a luxury.

When Ireland packaged a first- and second-round pick to move from No. 12 to third last Thursday night, he could have taken Johnson, viewed by some as the tackle with the most upside in the draft.

Was the move the right one? The players’ performance in coming seasons (not to mention Ryan Tannehill’s ability to stay upright this fall) will determine that.


Luxuries are only affordable for the rich. The Dolphins in football terms are anything but rich. Thus, they could not afford the luxury. BAD PICK!

I can guarantee you they can put together a team from the Dominican Summer league and they WILL beat the Marlins.


You're getting worse than your "negativo" friend Kazaam, At least he liked the trade and the pick..

dude, it takes two to four years to grade a draft but on paper the team has been greatly improved when you take both free agency and the draft.


is OC OK???..the Lakers got their asses handed to them, I think you should check on your boy, make sure he's OK...

Tom - would you rather the Dolphins keep building the wrong way, making desperate reactive moves and building through free agency stop gaps?

Even if the 2013 Dolphins would be better with a LT than a pass rusher (and I think you're right that they would be) it's encouraging to see them make a sound, forward thinking move for once instead of desperately trying to fill one of the many holes their previous incompetence has created.

Look at it this way, the worse the 2013 Dolphins are the more likely we can start fresh with a GM who didn't learn everything he knows from Carl Peterson and Bill Parcells.

D plus really? gee wonder if that Evan Silva clown hates Miami or anything what a dufus.

Tom I already gave you that yahoo posting earlier today stop watching the Toledo Mudhens or Durham Bulls or Shinkatank Prairie Dogs long enough to pay attention will you.

laladavid political debates aren't pointless we're right and you're wrong see no debate.

Hey Kaza,

are you still going to follow the Dolphins after Ross re signs my boy Ireland?

just curious...

Good for Mike Wallace and I stand with the man who has the courage to speak his convictions even when it is unpopular, so and he doesn't have a right to his conviction because it doesn't go along with the popular Obama led opinions of the day? since when?

You are right this is a show of intolerance when the man can't express his beliefs in public and say what he feels
and is attacked unmercifully for his stance!

I stand with Mike Wallace!

FZB, are those rose colored glasess surgically attached to your head?

To David in L.A wrong again, you may think that because you blog something it is treated as truth but like the blog that California was awash in the black finanicailly to say that it was Christians who stood in the way of equality for the black race is sadly mistaken.

One example, the Reverend Billy Graham when he was getting started with his Crusades in major cities around the country refused to accept an invite in 1957 from the churches in Birmingham. Alabama because they were going to exclude the Black churches and blacks from attendingthe services. That was in 1957. I cannot think of anyone else who represent Christianity in America more than the Rev. Billy Graham!

YOU David of L.A. are the one showing prejudice and intolerance, what is it with you liberals anyway, you are big on speaking your mind and allowing yourselves freedom to say what ever you want but when the opposite view is spoken it is intolerance, bigotry and racist!

David stay in LA!


I don't see Jordan as a "sound forward thinking move." He's a luxury Miami cannot afford. Sorry Kaz but Miami drafted their QB of the future last year and sound forward thinking would have drafted to protect him. Lane Johnson would not have been a reach at #3. He was picked 4th and is thought to have the most upside of any of the top 3 LTs drafted.

I just don't understand all the hype around Jordan. He had 14.5 sacks........for his entire career. He had 121 tackles........for his entire career. If this pick has been for Jadeveon Clowney, then ok I would go for it. But Dion Jordan is no Jadeveon Clowney and Lane Johnson is an elite prospect at a need position.

But all that said, if Miami can plug the hole on the left side with a quality LT then having the extra pass rusher is all good. If not.........

They are all the same crying bigotry and racism when we don't subscribe to their loose thinking and morals thanks for calling a spade a spade. Hey maybe it's David Spade in la.

FZB, are those rose colored glasess surgically attached to your head?

Posted by: uglyaqua | April 29, 2013 at 05:06 PM

Hey Uglyaqua FZB does not wear glasses. It's very dark where his head is stuck......

Jason Collins is not Jackie Robinson. The bigotry that existed in this country in 1947 was off the charts. Although homophobia is alive and well in this country it is most certainly the minority view. I suspect this will go well for him if he plays again next year. At least I hope so.

I look forward to the day when none of this matters. I just don't understand why anyone gives a shit about sexual orientation.

NOBODY KNOWS how this draft is untill these guys play for 1-2yrs. these so called experts even after the draft try to tell you who the SB favorits are. I have been an NFL fan for many years, and the draft is nothing but a crap shoot. As for jason cole, the guy covered the dolphins for years with the herald, so take him with a grain of salt. If you are looking for odds or info on the NFL, listen to the guys in Vegas.

Amen NJPF. Jason Cole is just another Dolphins butt boy, probably related to Ireland or FZB.

The draft is not an exact science but that NE draft was crappy Naples project players galore in that head scratcher.

Tom, thank you in advance for clearing that up.

Tom - supposedly the best case scenario is Jordan playing on passing downs. I don't know if he will be a good or bad player, the Dolphins would definitely be a better team with a left tackle right now.

I am just glad to see any deviation from the past half decade of Ireland learning and executing Bill Parcells' philosophy, continuing Bill Parcells' philosophy (2011), and desperately reacting to fix glaring weaknesses caused by his and his mentor's philosophy (2012 draft and 2013 free agency).

Judging college players is so hard, I put a lot more stock into GMs' philosophies than whether given picks work out. Ireland is a good scout, he could be completely irrelevant if Tannehill becomes a star.

AnonymousBaby - are we wrong to be intolerant of the KKK? Should we be tolerant of Al Qada?

Crying intolerance of intolerance is nonsense. Notice that no one's suggesting taking away christians' rights, they're just making fun of or criticizing those beliefs. Mike Wallace DID NOT have to take down his tweets. He had every right to keep them up.

It's wrong that any religious group can dictate that some subset of citizens' can't have their inalienable rights.

I actually agree with some of the sociological arguments, I'm not sure about adoption rights, although I'm sure many would say 'any home is better than no home'.

But the religious argument is complete BS, eating shellfish is an abomination and death by stoning is prescribed for most phases of the modern heterosexual marriage.

The 'choice' argument is complete BS, Richard Simmons could not have chosen to be straight, something went awry, he did not get the right doses of hormones in development. Listen to his voice!


Look guys,

My thinking is simple, if you wanna be a fag then be a fag, its just more tatas and viganas for the rest of us...its that simple.

OMG FZB that is really offensive. Do you really believe it's a choice? If not, then I don't understand your post.

Prediction as long as Puckered Anus Face Ms. Ross continues to employ little Jeffy as GM
6-10 is the best you can hope for.

there's nothing offensive about it Tom, I respect everyone's choice on this matter, if you want to have sex with a guy then go ahead and do it..

whether is a choice or you're born that way is debatable, some people believe is a choice and some don't (I happen to think you're born that way) but either way it leaves more women for us to chase after..that's all..

If the word fag offend's you then that's another matter, I happen to work with a gay guy and consider him a good friend and the thing I like about him is he knows his gay and doesn't give a chit about what anyone thinks about him, we should all be like that, who gives a chit..

what's in name?..everyone is so touchy about this is sickening...


Check this out, dolphins draft grades from Fox Sports, three annalists, one gave them an A, the other a B and the other a C...


moral of the story, not you , not me, not the Dolphins or any expert knows how a draft class is going to turn out, we have to wait 2-4 years..


I guess it means that Ellen D is the 'man' in that relationship?. hehe.(6:18 PM post)..

Ellen's girl is cute too..

"It's wrong that any religious group can dictate that some subset of citizens' can't have their inalienable rights."

They can have all the rights they want some do not have to be agreed with and recognized such as gay marriage, abortion and the death penalty.

Mike Wallace could have left his tweets up but that would have been the wrong decision the league has an anti discriminatory policy and besides it was insensitive and ill timed.

I agree with Mike Wallace and don't believe his comment was outta line. But its none of my business either. Stop throwing your lifestyle in my face. I dont agree with it and never will. Does it mean I hate you? No it does not, what it means is that I disagree with your choice. If you bash me (who is being intolerable) Just cause i disgree?

anonymous? you're free to believe, greek, roman, babylonian, muslim, jewish, OR christian mythology to your heart's content.
i could care less.
i never said christians stood in the way of black equality, you idiot.
martin luther king identified as a christian, remember?
what i DID say, and what ISN'T an opinion, (like your myths), is that many "christians" did, IN FACT, use the scripture to propagate racism.
ever been to those sermons in those all white churches? many of those hate groups use christianity, which i find ironic because many black people identify in the same religion.
it actually proves my, (and kaz's), point; namely, it's all open to debate, none of it is rooted in fact, and no one, (except you "believers), actually give a chit.
be happy you can believe your myths without being thrown to the lions; you've come along way.
and tom, much like obama, ireland's legacy won't be written today, as much as you'd like it to be.
pouncy was an amazing pick, tannehill looks like he could be an amazing pick, as does miller.. vernon has some upside, as does thomas if he can stay healthy. ireland did the OPPOSITE of spielman; he didn't mortgage the future on unproven free agents by trading all our picks away.

and baby?
liberalism is behind every great moment in our country's history. freedom from the king, a union of the states, ending slavery, workers rights, equal rights, civil rights, defeating the nazis, etc, ALL OPPOSED BY CONSERVATIVES during their time.
history hasn't proven conservatives correct on ONE issue!
and aren't you the guy who predicted one and done for the heat?
you can't even be right about the NBA; who cares what your political predictions are? lol
name ONE ISSUE conservatives were proven right on, or belowe me!


grading draft picks as if they were subjects on a report card is lame. who cares what yahoo, ESPN, SI or anybody else gives a team at the end of april. let's see where the draft choices are located on a team's depth chart before going wild (saying dion jordon is a jason taylor "prototype") for example. jason taylor was a second round draft pick that every team passed on before the dolphins took him and got an all-pro player; same with his brother-in-law zach thomas- 5th round and all-pro. as stupid as taking e.j. manuel was by the bills, let's just leave it as a stupid move and leave the grading to the "experts". i believe that the packers, who got the runners from alabama and UCLA in the later rounds had the best draft, but giving them a letter grade is something i will pass on. if Tom's stats are correct and dion jordan had a total of 14 sacks and not a lot of tackles, then the dolphin "brain trust" saw something in him that transcended numbers/stats. let's see what jordan does in the pre-season and how much playing time he gets before going wild about him or anybody else.

the future of our country (young people) for the most part couldnt care less about gay bashing racism etc. its a shame that old farts are so embarrassing


i'm not going crazy over him, shadow. i didn't see him play and i don't know how it will turn out. when i said "prototype" i meant that physically he's of the same build, and the regime seems very high on him.
what i am NOT doing however,is panning these draft choices and free agent signings like the other football experts on here relish doing.
it's ridiculous and a waste of time.

Oh no! Now the Miami Dolphins fans are never ever ever ever going to forgive Mike Wallace because of his stupid rant about pretty women in the world. Anybody for giving Mike Wallace any beef over this is absolutely ridiculous. Grow up. It's a free country and we are all entitled to our own opinions, no matter how offensive they might be. To be honest, I didn't find Mike's comment all that offensive. All he said was there were so many pretty women in the world. And he's right! Give it up people.

yes, horace. we couldn't care less.
and much like pre-marital sex, interracial marriage, and other harmless choices that were condemned by religion, (and were sometimes cause for harmful punishment and even death by those loving and compassionate religions), homosexuality will be accepted whether the old dying conservative farts like it or not.
bye bye, old farts.

David, I'm an old fart and a conservative and I accept homosexuality , as I stated before this is a choice between two consenting adults...if you're a man and like a dicky up your rump , hey why should I care..

Miami still has no left tackle and gave up an above average WR for virtually nothing. Embarrassing. And we're supposed to be 'thrilled' of what Jeff Ireland did for this teams lacking on offense. This is something he knew all along what we were lacking in. Great, we have a defensive game plan, but an offense that will only sputter with Ryan Tannehill at the helm, just like always. We're going to be in another desperate state of finding another QB very soon while at the same time "searching" for an offensive game plan.

We don’t let men and women shower in the same locker room... why? But we will invite an openly gay man to shower in a locker room full of other men? I don’t get it. I’m thinkin’ the women’s softball team should use the same facilities at the same time as the men’s baseball team. The cheerleaders should shower with the football team. There’s no difference there. You shower with those you are attracted to right? I think that’s a great idea.

um beavis? you sound like a butthead.
the got mike wallace, dustin keller, and brandon gibson, each of whom had more TD's than any dolphin receiver on the roster last year.

if that sounds like the same offense "as usual", then you have NO IDEA about the game of football..
love ya FZB.. your social views are great, (as are your dolphin views); only your political ones will be proven false.. :)
let's grab a cafecito the next time i am in miami..

david believes liberalism has brought us every good in the world which much include these....

FDR introduced us to internment camps for Japanese
FDR brought us the nuclear bomb
Harry dropped it and murdered thousands
Harry also brought us the Korean War
JFK and LBJ brought us the Vietnam War.
Jimmy Carter brought us 18% mortgage interest rates
Bill Clinton brought us blowjobs with interns in the WH
Barack Obama has made 7+% unemployment the "new normal"


Ireland is close to pulling off something really good. In spite of all of his bonehead moves in the past, Miami is really close to being very good. BUT the puzzle will not be complete without a quality LT.


By the way, the word "fag" is as offensive to gays as is the n-word to blacks. Just sayin....


Deal, we'll get a hold of Your buddy Woodcock and we'll have lunch..

David, Beavis, you sound like a butthead...lol, line of the day amigo.

Tom,..So I shouldn't say "fag" anymore?....ok then, how about "girly man " ..better ?

Hopefully the C's can pull off an improbable win tonight and the Nets can keep stretching the series a little bit...we need to get D Wade healthy...


Obi can walk on water, can't do anything wrong, don't you know?


Think of how ridiculous "girly-man" sounds when Jason Collins is your target. I dare say that "girly-man" could kick your ass from Joe Robbie Stadium to Coconut Grove and have his way with you however he likes and there would not be one thing you could do to stop him.

Why the pejorative labels?

Don t know/never heard of Tom before but a D+ grade is a bit illogical at best.Why he or anyone is STILL harping on Philbin ditching Marshall and Davis makes zero sense.ANY new Coach wants HIS people to reflect him/his type player/a certain chemistry a certain manhood or character that Philbin learned was a positive in his teams in Green Bay and how THEY evaluated talent in the NFL.It s a no-brainer.That s like saying why not trade for every controversial player who has great talent if the opportunities present themselves.Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.If you have cancers in the locker room or crybabies/or sulking personnas....you ll take away important teaching time/coaching time in dealing with the immature little boys in your locker room instead of fielding a team of men eager and poised for the same goal of winning games.What is it that Tom does not get about that????Although not a fan of Ireland per se....I DID notice he HAD TWO VERY GOOD DRAFTS in a row the last 2 years.The "grade" though can t be determined until they get on the field and it is shown just exactly what is there as demonstrated with wins and losses.Only time will tell.

What Wallace was his opinion. Freedom of speech only applies to certain groups or at certain groups IF approved by the left & what direction they want it to go. Make fun of whites, Christians all day long & it is ok. IF Wallace were a turban wearing haji, people would say, "it's ok, it's his culture to publicly execute homo's". People don't have to embrace anything they don't want to, last I checked, it was a free country. George Bush was treated much differently then how Obama is treated.
Check you history david. Many white Catholic's marched in the 60 along with blacks for equality. the Klan was registered voting Democrats. Your argument is incorrect.

Jimbo - what are you talking about, Wallace can say whatever he wants. What do you care what the other team of politertainment says about him?

I think this Jason Collins nonsense was planted by Ireland to distract us from his shitty draft. Time to get back to business. Where is our LT Jeffy?


i like to see how the draftees do on the field, or hear from unbiased sources how they are proceding in camp, which is where the jobs are won and lost. considering the shaky status of the dolphin line, it seems that dion jordan ought to have a "good" camp and show something in the exhibition games.

how is your music doing? after a long hiatus from music, i wenty "doo-wop" wildon sunday followed by the great instrumentals of the 50s ands 60s. also turned my pal "the admiral on to "the temptations sing smokey", and he is still listening to the incredible "you'll lose a precious love". are you into sixties stuff, whether the great singles or the album cuts from "the doors", "surrealistic pillow", aftermath and the rest of the incredible summer of love sounds? awaiting your response. be well, boychik!


could be showing jason collins some pirouettes as we speak!! however, i don't think that seven-footers make for good ballet, if there is such a thing as "good ballet" or "good opera" (other than "tommy").

Does J. Collins deserve respect for dumping his fiancee of 8 years right before their wedding?

You didn't know you were gay?

Poor excuse he probably didn't want that coming out did he.

It's more surprising that he openly plays for the Washington Wizards.

He was well liked as a player in Boston some were surprised when he was traded to the Wiz he has talent also helped on d and gave help setting up screens.

Good move for the Dolphins and for South Florida. A renovated JRS bodes well for future Super Bowls and even college football playoffs championship games. This is a no-brainer as "You have to break some eggs to make an omelette." This is money that will actually see a return on investment not like the Humpty Dumpty Marlins Stadium which is the financial black hole of Calcutta.


This guy coming out of the closet should be a complete non-issue here in the United States. Here, we are the lucky few that have the freedom to live our lives as we see fit. End of story.

Don't jinx it Woodcock it still has to pass through the House.


Great post amigo (9:34 AM)..

Tom, yup, you're correct, this whole gay thing should be blamed on Ireland or a communist conspiracy.

now its only a matter of time before "Gays" come out in football,Soccer, baseball etc,etc...hold on boys !, its coming!..not that there's anything wrong with it.

From what I've read, the Senate vote was the tough one. I think they have the votes in the House. This is not a brand new stadium like Humpty, that roof and some other improvements should make a big difference. And even if doesn't, it's the price that South Florida has to pay to get the Super Bowl. Look at how many Super Bowls have taken place in LA during the last 20 some years. That's a lot of dough to leave on the table. When you factor in the college football championship, which I think is going to be a huge event, then this is really a no brainer, BB.

A no brainer indeed the Stadium picture with the roof new scoreboards and seating closer to the field look awesome.

They will get a Superbowl soon when this gets done hard to believe Huizenga sank 250 million of his own money into the stadium he got hosed.

Don't feel sorry for him, he made out like a bandit on his investment in the Dolphs. Wayne has more money than he can spent in ten lifetimes.

I support the Stadium renovations and I will vote for it, no brainer...if you take the time to see the referendum then its a no brainer..

vote YES ! people...

WTF???? wher's my post Cote????


the more girly-men are out there (sorry Tom) the more we can chase after these...


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