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April 18, 2013

Dolphins' schedule: Here's early call on won-lost record; plus NBA 1R playoffs odds and my picks, Branden Albert, Heat MVOG, Brittney Griner & more

1aa1rsd1) It is SATURDAY, APRIL 20. It is Record Store Day! Unshackle yourself from the chains, go find a local indie shop and hunt for some great vinyl. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat MVOG poll, Heat-Bucks, Kiper plays Ireland, Marlins odds, Shane Larkin, reflections on Boston. 3) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

That ol' Peyton Magic?: Bovada tells us the Super Bowl champion Ravens will be a 7 1/2-point underdog at Denver in the 2013 NFL season opener, the first time in at least eight years the defending champ has been an opening 'dog.

DOLPHINS SCHEDULE IS READY FOR PRIME TIME: NFL schedules were finalized, and Miami will be under the lights thrice: Sept. 30 at New Orleans (a Monday), Oct. 31 here vs. Cincinnati (a Thursday), 1aa1dol13logoand Nov. 11 at Tampa Bay (a Monday). Dolphins open with two straight on road, Sept. 8 at Cleveland and Sept. 15 at Cleveland, with the home opener Sept. 22 at 4:05 p.m. vs. Atlanta. Bye week is Oct. 13. The full schedule:

September: 8--at Cleveland, 1 p.m.; 15--at Indianapolis, 1 p.m.; 22--vs. Atlanta, 4:05 p.m.; 30--at New Orleans, 8:40 p.m. October: 6--vs. Baltimore, 1 p.m.; 13--Bye; 20--vs. Buffalo, 1 p.m.; 27--at New England, 1 p.m.; 31--vs. Cincinnati, 8:25 p.m. November: 11--at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 8:40 p.m.; 17--vs. San Diego, 1 p.m.; 24--vs. Carolina, 1 p.m. December: 1--at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m.; 8--at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m.; 15--vs. New England, 1 p.m.; 22--at Buffalo, 1 p.m.; 29--vs. N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m.

The quickie analysis: Six games clear favorites, four clear 'dogs, six in-between. Seeing 10-6 / playoffs as a legitimate early possibility. Not a great home schedule, beyond Patriots and champion Ravens. Although I guess we still include the Stinkin' Jets, even though they actually do stink now.

NBA FIRST-ROUND PLAYOFF ODDS, OUR PICKS: The 16 most deserving teams have made the playoffs that start this weekend. Or, as i like to say it: The 15 most deserving teams plus the Milwaukee Bucks. Our opening-round synopses and picks, starting with the East of course:

1aa1buckNo. 1 seed Miami Heat vs. No. 8 Milwaukee Bucks: Must we even go through the pretense that the losing-record Bucks will be anything other than ease-into-it fodder for the revving defending champions? No, we must not go through that pretense. Miami vs. Milwaukee in the first round is like the U.S. vs. Barbados in a war. Bovada betting title odds: Heat 2-3, Bucks 500-1. My pick: Heat in 4 games. [Click on Must Win for today's latest column from me on the Heat as it segues from regular season to playoffs]. 

No. 2 New York Knicks vs. No. 7 Boston Celtics: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and wise Doc Rivers have enough left to make this interesting. Surely the recent Boston bombings will be an emotional factor. NYK and Carmelo bring too much, though. Title odds: Knicks 16-1, Celtics 66-1. My pick: Knicks in 7.

No. 3 Indiana Pacers vs. No. 6 Atlanta Hawks: Indy brings the annoying, cocky, defensive brats Miami wouldn't mind avoiding en route to the Finals. I give Hawks a better chance than most seem to but do not see an outright upset. Title odds: Pacers 25-1, Hawks 150-1. My pick: Pacers in 6.

No. 4 Brooklyn Nets vs. No. 5 Chicago Bulls: By seed and betting odds an even series. Tough to side against Deron Williams, but I like Chitown rising up even without Derrick Rose. Title odds: Nets 60-1, Bulls 60-1. My pick: Feels like an upset even if it isn't. Bulls in 7.

No. 1 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. No. 8 Houston Rockets: James Harden vs. his former team makes the easy storyline, but Jim is surrounded by enough talent o top his ex's. No hiccup here to the inevitable OKC-Heat Finals rematch. Title odds: Thunder 17-4, Rockets 100-1. My pick: Thunder in 6.

No. 2 San Antonio Spurs vs. No. 7 Los Angeles Lakers: Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol have been on the court together without Kobe Bryant five minutes all season. Five minutes! Just a gut feeling on this one. Title odds: Spurs 10-1, Lakers 40-1. My pick: Upset! Lakers in 7.  

No. 3 Denver Nuggets vs. No. 6 Golden State Warriors: Denver has hardly seemed to miss Danilo Gallinari. I give Golden State less a first-round shot than any team not named Milwaukee. Title odds: Nuggets 25-1, Warriors 100-1. My pick: Nuggets in 5.

No. 4 Los Angeles Clippers vs. No. 5 Memphis Grizzlies: I think a strong Memphis defense will slow LAC into a haf-court mode and take away the Clips' run-and-lob preferences. Title odds: Clippers 25-1, Grizzlies 40-1. My pick: Upset! Grizzlies in 6.

NOT SURE BRANDEN ALBERT IS WORTH IT: The Dolphins are negotiating to agree to terms with 1aa1albertband then trade for Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert -- even though coach Andy Reid later told KC media his team had not granted Miami permission for such discussions. Hmm. Anyway, the issue to me is whether Albert (pictured) is worth the second-round pick being talked about. He is 28, a pretty solid starter but nothing more. Has not made a Pro Bowl in five seasons. Has had sporadic back issues. He'll be wanting Jake Long money, but is he worth it? Is he that much better than Jonathan Martin to spend that much and also yield a high pick? I'd be more inclined to make the deal if it was for the lower (54th overall) of Miami's two 2R picks; the other is 42nd overall.

Poll result: Battier, Birdman lead Heat 'MVOG' vote: Who is the Heat's Most Valuable Other Guy? (Meaning non-Big 3). We asked, and you anointed Shane Battier (40.4 percent) and Chris "Birdman" Andersen (30.3%) as your clear picks. Results surprised me a bit. I thought starter Mario Chalmers (12.7%) and star-reserve Ray Allen (11.3%) would fare much better. The other four guys on the ballot (Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis) had negligible support.

GOOD FOR BRITTNEY GRINER: The Baylor star-turned-No. 1 pick in the recent WNBA draft has revealed 1aa1brittneyshe is gay. She didn't "announce" it. She mentioned it casually. She was not defensive, flip or ambiguous. It was as if she was discussing the weather. Perfect. America has been waiting for a prominent, active professional team-sports star to come out. We have one  now. It isn't the headline maker it would be if it were an NFL or NBA star -- far from it. But that's OK. Griner's honesty (and to a degree bravery) makes it that much easier for her male counterparts to someday prove themselves as strong. You're out there, guys. We're waiting...

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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The Lefty Coot advertising gay rights..
Why I'am I not shocked.
Anything his President supports Lefty Cote too supports.

Okay, Greg. We'll just have to compare notes after the first series.

1. Heat in four
2. Knicks in six
3. Pacers in six
4. Nets in seven
5. Thunder in five
6. Spurs in five
7. Warriors in six
8. Clippers in seven

The whole point is moot. Not withstanding an injury to James, the Heat will do a Moses Malone...FO, FO, FO, before they lose just one game to the Thunder.

Bring on football!!!

Getting Albert for a 2nd round pick is a very good move. Much better than trading up into the top 5 to pick Lane Johnson. Albert is a good LT. Martin is not. If they trade for Albert that will leave them with first and second round picks to go after other need positions (e.g., CB or G).

I support Ireland in making this move.

Notwithstanding was probably the wrong word here. I'm not predicting, nor hoping for an injury. Wouldn't even wish that on a Celtic.

Tom, we'll have to disagree on this one. I would much rather have a youthful, inexpensive Lane Johnson than an often hurting, older, expensive Branden Albert.

Anti-Christ - hard to imagine someone using the term 'gay rights' and still being against it. Fanny bandit-Americans are Americans first, fanny bandits second.

Tom - have to take your word for it, I've never seen Albert play, all I know is that he was ranked 25th last season among left tackles and Kansas freaking City would like to replace him.

Dolphins can't afford to go into next season with Jon Martin as the only option at left tackle. I'd rather they sign a stopgap like McKinnie and use a pick on a long term possibility but if Albert's a great LT and a SURE THING then maybe he'd be worth a second round pick and a boatload of money (he'll cost more than Long).

Heat, Knicks, Pacers, Bulls, OKC, Spurs, Nuggets, Clippers.

The only way I make that trade is for one of Miami's #3 (77 overall, or the 82 even better), and if Albert is willing to take a considerable amount less than what they were dangling Long.

This is not going to make the guy happy, thus, attitude issues unless he gets what he wants. Not good.

Then again, Ireland is throwing around plush one year contracts as if he time traveled and knew the world was coming to an end 014.

Brittney Griner is gay????.. Man, what a shame ( not really ) ...still is a waste of a perfectly good vagina...

Anti..you're right amigo , smoke'em if you gott'em..have a cigar

Heat in three...hehehe..just kidding there.

Tom, Sorry, I'm with OC too, I don't see the point in trading one of our two's for Albert and then still have to pay him Jake Long dinero..much rather see the Dolphins sign Eric Winston and move J Martin to LT.

If the Dolphins trade up then I'll reluctantly agree to that...

If I were Eric Spoelstra I would give serious consideration to expanding my playoff rotation to include Mike Miller.

The only series that I see going the distance in the east is the Nets and the Bulls.

I think the wise thing to do for the Dolphins is to wait until after the draft on any move regarding Albert ( as far as trading draft picks )

One is awfully light skinned...

Hitler youths.

The left must already have six pages full of talking points, primed and ready to go to share with the Bill Maher types of the unrelenting left.

Kazaam you've forgotten that KC franchised Albert. That's over $9mil for the year. If they really wanted to get rid of him why would they risk having to pay him $9mil. If they can't trade him they're on the hook for the $9mil.

I don't know where you got the 25th ranked LT. The Bleacher has Brandon Albert ranked #13 among LTs. Jake Long is ranked #23.


Albert is worth the 2nd round pick and that gives Miami the opportunity to go after top round talent in their other need positions. If they put a first and second into LT Miami will still be lacking talent in other places.

Bottom line if Ireland makes the right moves (and they pan out), Miami can compete for the AFC East.

If you've ever heard that girl talk you would be shocked to it's not a man. The first time I heard her speak I thought she was Barry White's daughter.

btw, the latest PC police cleansing is the removal of "Master Bedroom" off developer's marketing material. Pathetic!

OC, we drove from LA to Dallas, to Amarillo, to Ratone, up 25 to CO SPGs.Been hitting the mountain resorts in Colorado because of all the recent powder. Stocked up on hiking, running paraphinalia at REI in the Springs. Friday were leaving the snow and going to the desert in Sin City. Our next leg, were going to Denver catching 70 to 15 for Vegas. On the return were taking 40.

That's the video of the two guys they say planted the bombs? Not good, those two boys look like a couple of pansy assessed 15 year old skateboarders. Freaking Boston better get some NYPD cops up there to help them out. Those chowds couldn't find where Boston Harbor is if they fell in it.

Wow, Jimbo. I'm envious. Not necessarily on what you did, but the fact that you are still young enough and have the energy by which to do all that!


good luck as i understand that the traffic on a sundayn from las vegas to los angeles is basically 200 miles of bumper to bumper, a trip made easier bu taking some of the casinos' money home with you.

Oye, OC, by how long it took you to move to Texas it looks like you could use some Redbull mainlined into your vein from a 100 gallon drum.

Tom - if you've seen him play I'd take your opinion over mine, I haven't seen (noticed) him play a snap.

But teams aren't on the hook for players they franchise, there's no bonus, they can cut them whenever with no penalty. Teams franchise players for all kinds of reasons, it sounds like in Albert's case they want to get something for their investment in him. Indy franchised their punter this year.

And also Bleacher Report is mostly bloggers' opinions. Interesting opinions and in this case it was one of their paid writers but it's not a good resource to validate anything.

Pro Football Focus graded Albert out at 25 based on actual numbers, maybe he had an off year and there's not a lot of turnover in Pro Bowl voting at left tackle but suffice it to say he's that attractive a prospect if you've never seen him play.

OC - all I could think of when you asked Jimbo about his route:


we shouldn't necessarily attach too much importance to the fact that ireland is talking to someone. jeff would have had peyton manning over for a visit knowing full well that we didn't have any twenty million to offer.


horace, you've got to be in advertising. Right?

That's pretty funny, Kaz. That's about the right depiction on the culture. Especially, the beach culture.

4. Franchise tags can be withdrawn.

The amount of the franchise tender becomes fully guaranteed once the player signs it.


Albert signed the franchise tender. It's guaranteed at this point.

At the end of the day, Albert is a known commodity. On the other hand, any of the LT draft picks have a much wider distribution around them.

My suggestion is take the known and keep the #1 for a CB or G.

You guys are all wrong, we be fine with Martin and Winston at tackle if Philbin and Ireland have the balls to do it,.

Martin was a left tackle at Stanford but the scouting report said he might not be strong enough for the NFL and he got manhandled on a consistent basis his rookie year. Looked terrible. Graded out terribly.

We all hope for the best but there's no sensible reason to think Martin can be an NFL left tackle, even the head coach doesn't think so. He barely ENTERTAINS the idea that Martin could be in the mix at left tackle:

"There's still a lot of things we can do to this the roster, the roster's going to be different when we even start practicing. I think we're going on the field May 21st or 22nd, so it's hard to say right now. If he's the best one that we have, absolutely. As you guys are well aware, there's a lot of time between now and September. There's a lot of variables, a lot of things could happen. But if he earns the spot, I would be comfortable with it. "

Didn't realize you can't cut franchise players. But really there's no risk, because there's no bonus, you could trade a player to the worst team in the league for their worst player and suffer no penalty.

The Chiefs can dump him, they can afford to keep him, and obviously they think he's worth something if they want a second round pick in exchange.

It sounds like he's a known quantity and the Dolphins are desperate for a solid left tackle, I just haven't seen him play. If he's a GREAT player (comparable to healthy Jake Long, worthy of a Pro Bowl but unknown because he plays with the Chiefs) then by all means give up a second rounder and pay him top dollar.

If he's just a good, solid left tackle I'd rather they stopgap this year with McKinnie and try to find a left tackle in the draft.

The position is important and can't be abandoned to a guy like Martin but in general you don't want your left tackle to be one of the highest paid players on the roster.

Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8 at Cleveland Browns 1 pm

September 15 at Indianapolis Colts 1 pm

September 22 Atlanta Falcons 4:05 pm

September 30 at New Orleans Saints (Mon) 8:40 pm

October 6 Baltimore Ravens 1 pm

October 13 BYE

October 20 Buffalo Bills 1 pm

October 27 at New England Patriots 1 pm

October 31 Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs) 8:25 pm

November 11 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon) 8:40p

November 17 San Diego Chargers 1 pm

November 24 Carolina Panthers 1 pm

December 1 at New York Jets 1 pm

December 8 at Pittsburgh Steelers 1 pm

December 15 New England Patriots 1 pm

December 22 at Buffalo Bills 1 pm

December 29 New York Jets 1 pm

Oh boy, Could e 0 and5 a the break..

Anti, don't be 'negativo' ...we are going to be 3-2 after five...book it

Doesn't matter how many games they win or lose, find out what Ryan Tannehill is and 2013 is a success.


Massachusetts invented America Woodcock if you didn't have your head up your sphincter you would know that and show the proper respect.

Jonathan Martin will improved from his rookie year, now I will admit he still may be one more year away from being a solid LT but to trade a 2 AND give Albert a big contract makes no sense.

FZ, The draft "LOOMS" like a Guillotine..

Jon Martin was tossed around all year, 47 QB pressures allowed, allowed more pressure at left tackle in four games than injured Jake Long did in 12 games. The Dolphins can't and won't go into next season with Martin as their left tackle. I think a combination of stopgap McKinnie and an early round rookie is better than trading for Albert.

If the Dolphins could trade their #1 and a #2 to get high enough to get one of the top left tackles then that would be the best choice, but from what I understand that's impossible?



what did the dolphins do to merit two MNF and one thursday night game? they were mediocre and a monday night game against the bucs might get a less tha 2 rating. miami versus tampa!! who cares about this in the other 49 states other than those with money on the line?

Shadow - CBS and Fox pay $1B a year to regionally televise the early and late AFC and NFC games. NBC pays $1B for a flex game that is the best matchup of the week.

ESPN (ABC) pays $2B for MNF, which is set in advance and usually sucks even if the matchup did look good at the beginning of the season.

Reason is the NFL wouldn't negotiate separately for ESPN to run highlights. They pay $2B for a single, sometimes sh*tty game and a week's worth of NFL highlights filling their programming.

Kaz ,

You make a good point but you are assuming that Martin is not going to improve, he has the talent to be a LT in the NFL , his weakness was lack of strength which is easily fixed...you guys are panicking and I say there's no reason to.


the NFL is gona get a certain amount of viewers because, as stated, there are millions of people with money on any/each game so a built in minimum will sit through even a dog like tampa/miami. always thought the revenue was on a "flex" schedule depending on the ratings of games above the megabucks you described that the networks get for the broafcasting rights. i am hoping that the NFL network dumps mike mayock, who can't shut up at all. he is almost as bad as gus johnson, which is pretty awful. and gus isn't very good on the premier league games and UEFA cup games. they said that pat summerall was the voice of the NFL, but there those of us who remember the days when each NFL team had its own TVcaster who did the road games- ray scott for the pack, chuck thompson for the colts, lindsey nelson for the giants, gil stattton for the rams... those were the real voices, plus the incredible tones of john facenda on NFL films products. summerall and tom brookshier were lubricated most of the time and summerall and john madden were not listenable to these ears. always preferred radiocasts to the babaling of the TV voices. before NBC took dick enberg from the rams and angels in the local LA market, he was the best radiocaster going; he still has a contract that states he does a national radio game every year.

Before this NFL season starts I want to share something with my comrades: IF I were a coach, this is what I would share......

Impale those before me
Trample those below
My heart is that of a warrior
My dying breath will not come till I've conquered
I stand with the blood of Kings on my brow
My soul is my strength, my will, my might
Your death is my gift
I stand on the heads of all.........

OC, The altitude didn't kick my butt as bad as anticipated. My wife is a PT animal and participates in most of my activities. Lucky I guess, young, healthy 50yr old nut being able to keep up with some coworkers 20yrs my junior.

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to call me an ass hole. Settle down, Baby. I feel as bad as the next guy for what happened, I got carried away since I'm always rooting against anything from Boston. You were right to call me on it. Sorry.

I'm trying to be optimistic here, but I'm not seeing anything better than 9-7, with 8-8 being more likely. Falcons, Saints, Ravens, Patriots (2), Steelers...they've got to win more than half of those to break 500 for the season. It is what it is, folks.

10-6 OC...minimum...

Book it

One of those bastars is dead..one to go.


10-6 is a little too high mehinks; if they win at browns and colts you may be right.

this is interesting, Mayock thinks Milliner is going to fall out of the top ten..


BB would be happy with that.

2 idiots mentioned here. One FZB, her vagina being wated is like your brain being wasted. You should try using it once a decade! Also the Dolphins management are complete idiot. They let Jake Long go and pursue a mediocre , injured KC tackle? Keep it up Jeff ireland another moron.


soooo you don't think that a lesbian's vagina is being wasted by having sex with another lesbian woman?...hhhmmm....ok then.

Letting go of Jake Long was the right thing to do and the Dolphins haven't traded for Albert yet.

anything else genius?...

We shoild wait for the draft,pre-season, to make our picks. A lot can happen before sept 8.

to all concerned,

trying to sign jake the fake for 12 million/year or whatever he wanted is ludicrous. hurt, not hurt- the guy is not the player the dolphins imagined he would be for a decade when they picked him first. i am not an expert on NFL LTs, but i have been able to discern that he has dropped to the bottom of the pile even without this year's bumpercrop of offensive lineman. he can prove me wrong by his play in st. louis, but they better bundle sam bradford up tight because he is gonna take a pounding and is a fragile specimen to boot.


tell it to Gary, he seems to like Long...

Let's talk NCAA / Miami

the hypocrisy / lack of morals by the NCAA..MIami contacted the NCAA regarding Shapiro and they both agreed at the time to notified the other if there was additional information, once the Yahoo story broke Miami then went out of his way to cooperate and at one time was openly praised by Emmert citing MIami's "unprecedented level of cooperation" during the course of the investigation.

UM openly encouraged former coaches/players to fully cooperate with the investigators, and then as a reward for that cooperation the NCAA lied, attempted co coerce testimony from players, illegally obtained evidence, demostrated a desired to get UM at all cost and now is offended at Miami for its "personal attacks".

those are harsh and hollow words from an organization that preaches integrity above all else, its clear that the only thing they have succeded is to put doubt in the minds of any other institution faced with an investigation, no other school will have the desired to ever fully cooperate because they know it would have no bearing in how the case would be handled, or in getting a fair hearing/result, its time to make a change.

Miami needs to go forward and sue them...no matter the outcome of the june hearing.

there, I just wanted to get this off my chest...

oh, before I forget...fack U NCAA.


the NCAA is not gonna lose a lawsuit brouht by any of its members; this is a case of administrative law and all the constitutional rights of of the member institutions go bye-bye. UM is gonna have to bite the bullet for whatever their "punishment" winds up being. an example of a constitutionalright already trampled is that of "fair and speedy", which applies to criminal investigations andnot civil trials and non-trials such as the UM investigation. what will wind up happening is that UM will have absorbed "self-imposed" restrictions and still get clobbered by the NC2A, as tarkanian always called them, and they were on his tail every day of every year he ever coached.

and chip kelly pulls his head out from under madame guillotine right before oregon fesses up to major infractions. he won't win 6 games this year and the eagles tool this guy knowing what was loomimg for infractions commited under his authority.

Shadow, "The Devil is not smart because he's the Devil he's smart because he's old as hell." From one old buzzard to another, well said.


whoever newcomer to the blog "gary" is, he is a little combative/belligerent for me. his point of getting rid of long for a different already injured LT is valid, but jake long was horrible last year and the year before and in no way warrants the money the rams are giving him, as mentioned, bradford is gonna have his head bounced off that artificial turf a lot this year and it won't be all owing to jake long, just a lot of it. are the bears still gonna play their horrible LT or have they gotten a replacement? what's his name- jamracus webb? he is the lowest of the low at LT in the pros. and let's see how jay cutler fares after another season of concussions-as i've said, best he retire before he is pounded into senility at age 35, which would be tragic.

Shadow, that's where USC was smart. Not only did they talk the righteous, "I'm shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here." talk. But they also made sure that they loaded up on recruits "before" they were hit by penalties. They also weren't stupid to give up bowl appearances, or impose any penalties on themselves. But then, they went and got rid of Mike Garret ASAP and brought in Pat Haden, a Rhodes Scholar and lawyer to minimize the damage. SC knew that they were going to get hit with sanctions regardless of what they did or didn't do and bit the bullet. Yes, the fan base screamed just like our fan base is doing now but that's just noise. The only noise that counts is when the gavel falls and the chairman of the rules committee says, "This hearing is now in session."

7-9 is the best the DAAAFINS will ever be with Jeff the Drunk as GM.

Mr. Woodcock,

mike garrett hired some real losers-henry bibby (A BRUIN!!) and put USC in the - - - thole. thankfully pat haden was around to do the right things, which will include canning lane kiffin within two years as lane kiffin is a bad head coach. did monte kiffin get a job in the NFL yet?

Hey LouSanis,

your a lucky dude, I don't feel like "fighting" and calling you an asswipe today...

later guys...

Yes he did. I forget for what team. You've got that right, Shad, nothing like competence to solve a problem. He didn't get rid of "Lame" because he knows they're on the shelve for a couple of years. That fish Lame is standing on the thinnest ice in America. Too bad that that idiot Shalala hasn't already fallen through the ice.

As I've said here a million times, "The bitch is killing us."

Shadow - railing against the botched investigation and demanding that all charges be thrown out has nothing to do with the NCAA's internal trial of Miami.

It's just setting the stage pre-emtively for if the NCAA is dumb enough to hand down another bowl ban. Which they won't. Probably wouldn't have anyway.


Just keep shoveling those size 4's into your mouth, chump.

Just keep talking 100% out your ass about a team and university you know absolutely nothing about.

I know that they haven't gone to a bowl game the last two years and they haven't won an ACC title since she got here. Do I get and A douche bag?

You can't name 10 players or the teams they beat last year, you tuned the team out the second they stopped winning championships. You're a bandwagon fan and talking out your ass about the NCAA case because it lets you waste time trashing your scapegoat. The scapegoat that you use to excuse yourself from being any kind of UM fan until they start winning again.

Kazaam, what do you do every night? Do you use your auntie as a but plug and keep her tightly in your sphincter while you build up gases overnight and then release her in the morning so that you can crap with heavy pressure all over the pages of Mr. Cote's fine blog?

When you were still hanging from your father's gonads, kid, I was sneaking into the Orange Bowl to see a woeful Hurricanes team take on the likes of Pitt, Notre Dame, and even USC. Through the George Mira and Ted Hendricks years, the Fran Curci era, Chuck Foreman, etc. Son, you are one full of shit young man. Like I said, "With heavy pressure."

And by the way, ass hole, since you seem to believe that only a UM student can be a Hurricanes fan, my sister, Silvia Elena, graduated from the University of Miami summa cum laude in 1966 with a masters degree in mathematics. I can still remember sitting with her in the student section while she wore her white freshman's beanie at the games. You are nothing but an arrogant, spoiled, little brat, and a complete jackass. Keep on shoving that but plug up your ass every night.

Second suspect is surrounded possibly hurt ...

Just shoot that moe foe in the head and get it over with..

These two pieces of garbage picked on the wrong country.

Second suspect is now in custody...great job by the Boston PD ...

At least the great people of Boston can rest easy tonight...

Yup, great job by local, state, and federal agencies to bring this to a quick end.

Mouning guys,

Spoke to my NFL amigo last night, here's some clarity for our pick...now everyone keep in mind that everyone lies and puts out false information so don't shoot the messenger...

Looks like Lotulelei won't be there ( the Dolphins like him) as I told you and then B Jackson and Armando..here the players that the Dolphins think are to be there .

Richardson DT -stud, very good fit for a 4-3 team

Eifert TE - he is also in play there

Milliner-I asked him about what Mayock said and he said there's a possibility that may happen ( he falls to the Dolphins) but he thinks the Jets will draft him since they are going to trade Revis.

Warmack / Cooper- one of them may be available, he thinks itll be Warmack

Vaccaro- The Dolphins are very high on him, says the guy is a stud..lacks top end speed but very smart and a play maker.

Bottom line, if he were the GM he would go with either Richardson or Warmack

Big Baby, your boys came through like real patriots. I was out of line the other day and I'm glad you called me out on it.

Yes glad they got those animals it is looking more like they were Islamic radicals.

Sadly guys this will not go away....those lunatics are here to stay..our country must stay vigilant.

BB, in honor of Boston ...Go Celtics !!!!!!

FZ, those of us who came here as kids have a unique perspective of what a privilege and an honor it is to live in this country.

So true Wood's..I love this country which is why I get mad sometimes at the natives for not realizing they live in the greatest country in the world and how very lucky they are they were born here.

Always tell my kids the same thing, don't take America for granted..thanks for saying that.

Oye, went to the Marlins game a couple of nights ago and they have to be like 5000 people there...I can honestly say we have a double-A team out there, sad

My father was a huge baseball fan, had season tickets in Cuba for years. When we didn't have MLB here he used to go see the Orioles at the old Miami Stadium during spring training. The O's were stacked back then. Teams like the Dodgers, Yankees, Redsox, Reds, etc. used to come play here during the spring. Perfect weather. Tickets were cheap and the stadium was nice and intimate. Best kosher dogs in the city. And you know what? Nobody came. When they announced that Miami was going to get the Marlins everybody said it was about time and that with all the Cuban baseball fans here that they would be an automatic success. Not my dad. He used to bring up the Orioles spring training lack of attendance as and example. I remember arguing with him that he was wrong.

Time has proven my dad, may he rest in peace, correct.

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