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April 06, 2013

Classic!: Louisville wins NCAA; plus Marlins shut out in home opener (hitters wanted), Masters odds, "Kid K" Fernandez, D-Wade's injury, Shalala verdict & more

1aa1annette1) It is MONDAY, APRIL 8. No live blog chat today due to my being on furlough. Chat will return next Monday. 2) R.I.P. to two women of disparite greatness: Margaret Thatcher, 87, and (pictured) Annette Funicello, 70. 3) Click on Random Evidence for yesterday's latest Sunday notes column. It leads with NCAA's basketball party juxtaposed with group's rough time for scandals. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Shalala's responsibility, UM's risky play with NCAA, Bosh burglarized, Marlins' tough start, Dolphins draft. 5) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

MAJOR MONDAY: MARLINS DROP HOME OPENER: Marlins opened their 21st season at home tonight with a 2-0 loss to Atlanta and it might be the oddest year yet for the club: A still-sparkling-new 1-year-old ballpark 1aa1marlopenspeaking of optimism and better days, but fan unrest and and a low-budget team inside that park. The 1-5 road trip to start the season only underlined forecasts of a long, losing season. Now this. And Giancarlo 1aa1josefStanton's early struggles at the plate are an early concern. You want a bright spot? Despite a blown save that cost him a win, 20-year-old Jose Fernandez (pictured) -- "Kid K" (patent pending) -- pitched five strong innings, giving up only three hits, one walk and one run, and striking out eight in his big-league debut. Very impressive. Very encouraging. As for tonight's opening crowd, the announced gate was a near-sellout 34,439. The actual crowd seemed a bit smaller. Club owner Jeffrey Loria attended outfitted in a bulletproof vest. OK I made up that last part.

1aa1lvmichMAJOR MONDAY II: LOUISVILLE WINS NCAA: No. 1-seed Louisville was a 4-point favorite over No. 4 Michigan and it was hard not to like the Rick Pitino's Cardinals here. They won 82-76 in a thriller, trailing by as many as 12 but proving to be the better team. Great game. Feels like the NCAA Tournament in men's basketball started months ago, hundreds of teams ago, a million shredded brackets ago. March Madness has been going on so long, March couldn't even contain it. Now, finally, it ended with somebody cutting down the net. My pick was : Louisville, 72-66. The semifinals:

No. 1-ranked Louisville d. No. 9 Wichita State, 72-68 -- Emotional factor clearly resided on this half of the Saturday doubleheader. Wichita State's impossibly nicknamed Shockers were rightly cast as the surviving Cinderella, but heavily favored L'ville took on a whole new level of rootability when guard Kevin Ware suffered that gruesome broken leg last week. I thought only a particularly hot night by W-State's 3-point gunners would keep it close, but the u-dogs led early and kept it tight. Thought the Cardinals were the national champion-designate, and a clear choice here. About the only edge I gave to Wichita State was the mascot. My pick was: Louisville, 78-62.

No. 4-ranked Michigan d. No. 4 Syracuse, 61-56 -- This was doubleheader's better half, what should be and was a great game between contrasting teams. It was Michigan's run-and-gun featuring national player of the year Trey Burke vs. Syracuse's befuddling 2-3 zone defense. Over/under on TV screenshots of ex-Heatnik Tim Hardaway cheering Wolverine Jr.: 4.5. I could see why Michigan was slight favorite, but I just had a hunch about the Orangemen. The hunch was wrong; Wolverines won despite an off-night (7 points) by Burke. But I nailed the score if not the winner. Would have had an exacto if not for Michigan's last-second layup. My pick was: Syracuse, 59-56.

TIGER WOODS BIG BETTING PICK AT MASTERS: El Gato is 5-2 to win this week at The Masters, an usually heavy favorite for golf. Rory McIlroy at 8-1 and Phil Mickelson at 10-1 come next. Defending champ Bubba Watson is 33-1, tied for 12th.

SMART HEAT TELL WADE TO TAKE IT EASY: Dwyane Wade's tempermental right knee needs babying right now, and so the Heat properly are babying it. Wade last played March 29 and could sit until the playoffs. Meantime teammate LeBron James is the NBA's player of the month for March. He also was player of the month for November, December, January and February. No player has ever been POM five straight months in one season. Gee, I wonder if LeBron will be named MVP again!? (Is the Pope Argentine?)

Poll result: Shalala bears responsibility in UM's NCAA mess: We asked what UM president Donna Shalala's responsibilty level is in the Hurricanes' NCAA matter, and 24.3 percent said "a great deal," 32.4% said "moderate," 29.9% said "minimal" and 13.4% said "none."

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greg think about low nineties purgatory this way.. i really did pretty well if not for some unfortunate shots that i have hit much better lots of times before.

appreciate the honesty



playing zone non-stop means that if a team shoots well, as michigan has done, it should be a long night. however the orangemen are getting easy baskets underneath to offset the wolverines long distance shooting. michigan up by 3 and methinks they will hold on to win. there was a reason bobby knight played man 100% of the time.

Shadow, i'm watching the Houston at Portland MLS game. The fanaticism at these Pacific NW never ceases to amaze. Pouring rain, yet capacity crowd chanting, cheering all game. Almost makes me root for them over my team.

Just saw headline that my alma mater Michigan won. I suppose I should watch the final, how often does my school make a final. I'll need to go to one of those sports bars with pretty waitresses to pass the time til the final 5 minutes.

10 minutes into the post game show and the Portland fans are still all there waving flags and chanting. And it's pouring like an afternoon rainstorm in Miami, only colder. You see the banner that was unfurled at the Nacional game in Uruguay? Covered 75% of the stadium. Largest flag\banner at a sprting event ever. Took hundreds to carry it in. Each fan has their name etched into it. Nacional is ine of the most historic teams in S. America. Impressive for a tiny country.

Enough about those douchebag hipster MLS fans mike1, there is no similarity between those tools and actual soccer fans.


mike1 is looking for the "grass roots effect" that will turn the USA into a futbol power via the MLS becoming a "real" league. i am not a fan of MLS as it is slow and devoid of any real players of stature (don't count that sissy landon donavan in that category). too bad the play on the field does not match the exuberance of the fans of seattle and portland. MLS is the last refuge of over-the-hill players like that guy from france who handballed the ball to himself twice and knocked ireland out of the last world cup, where france rightfully imploded. i can't get his name right but i know "henry" is in there someplace.


this is looking like a 105-120 loss season; hide the women and children from this radioactively putrid "ballclub". the WSJ did a NCAA "brackets" type breadown of MLB, which was pretty good. the marlins, twins, and astros made the NIT bracket.

Glad Mike Miller has become a player again and playing well for the Heat.He ll only help a lot when needed in the Playoffs.


Consider yourself fortunate to be stuck in L9P. Shooting in the 90s is far better than being shot in 2013.


Shadow - Thierry Henry, I think he's with DC or someone, France is my go to team in FIFA (EA Sports' soccer franchise), they make Henry unstoppable in that game.

I have nothing against the MLS or actual MLS fans, just the douchebag hipsters that make up Portland and Seattle's fanbases. If the MLS ever become popular they would instantly stop going to games, because you know, 'it got too mainstream'.

Their whole angle is a lot like mike1's, everything popular is dumb, everything obscure is awesome, they're just that much cooler than everyone else. mike1 would stop following handball too if it ever started showing up on ESPN, probably start talking about how dumb football and handball are and how 'real' the fans of buzkashi are.

Amazing but little known show about the douchebag hipsters of Portland - starring one of SNL's better current cast members, check it out:




after his Bb career, Miller can star in next Walking Dead movie

Another horrible article by that homer Armando - the Dolphins philosophy is to draft for need, which is better than taking the best player available because drafting for need fills holes on the team.


This is from the everyone has an ahole file. Or this guy's opinion about this year's first round.

Have at it boys. Me I'll just wait for draft day and see who we get.


Mr. Woodcock, RE: sam farmer's mock draft

robert woods had slow times at the combine, yet this guy from the times says he is climbing up everybody's draft board, with keenan allen in this list going after the slow robert woods. don't they remember he dropped the wide open toss to him that allowed ND to beat USC for the first time in a decade season before last?

and as far as matt barkley goes, the ole shadow has been typing onto this blog for three years that while he has a decent football brain, and is extremely accurate over the middle, he can't make throws on out patterns downfield, which will become more of a factor when he goes into the pros where the hash marks are right next to each other. barkley might have made adequate throws to a "college" short side of the field, but "short side of the field" really doesn't exist in the NFL. the best arms in college this past season belonged to aaron murray of georgia and teddy bridgewater of miami and the louisvile cardinals, who didmantled a one loss SEC team from gainesville that had no offense and no answer for the heisman leader going into the season, the aforementioned mr. bridgewater.

I'm just wondering if OC can pronounce the names of all these no-names on the board. This has to be the worst draft for superstar talent in the last 20 years. Sucks for us, just when we're loaded with draft picks. Oh well, such are the fortunes of destiny.

Mr. Woodcock,

barkevious mingo!!!!! and he is just one of the soon to be drafted players with unpronouncable names. as far as superstar talent, i was befuddled the year that aldon smith and j.j. watt were drafted as i thought that these were guys who didn't make (pronounce) a name for themselves in college but have lit up the NFL, so i am not rushing to judgment before they are seen playing against the already pros. it is mind-boggling to me that LT has become the number one "need position" in the NFL. when teams were running, they were running to the right behind TEs, who were blockers then. a team that runs to the right succcessfully undoes any rushing lineman not named david jones and wearing #75 for the rams in a white or blue jersey.


personally responsible for today's marlin loss despite a strasburg-like performance by the 20 year old cubano, who was simply spectacular in his major league debut.

1. allows a run to cross the plate by missing a cutoff man with his popgun rag arm.

2. and 3. allows the tying and winning runs to get into scoring position by throwing to third in a vain attempt to get a lead runner, allowing the batter to reach second and forcing the infield to play up instead of at double play depth had there been runners at first and third instead of second and third. with the infield drawn in, marlon byrd defeats marlins of miami by hitting one directly over the bag with a drawn in third basemnan. i have been ragging on this meager excuse for a defensive outfielder for years- can't judge a fly ball and has the worst arm in baseball by miles. he was a disaster in centerfield, and his deficiencies can't even be hidden in left field. when he was in LA somebody wrote a letter to the times requesting that pierre get a cap that fits (his are two-three sizes two big) so he could see where the ball was in flight.

the ole shadow doesn't know about his future starts, but the performance today by the marlin starter was one of the best i have ever seen, and the ole shadow has seen a lot of great pitchers. this young man can be really really good if his arm holds up.

Sir, are you talking about baseball? The Marlins? The Humpty Dumpty stadium? Please.

Article showing what (almost) everyone saw out of Jon Martin last year.


Shadow - what do you think about Martin at left tackle?

Who's responsible for the decline of the Canes? The idiots who decided to move the Hurricanes from the Orange Bowl to Joe Robbie Stadium........Paul Dee and Donna Shalala.

The only way for the Canes to get back to where they were? A stadium on campus or in close proximity to the campus. Since on campus is out (the Coral Gables neighborhoods would never go for it), it has to be a stadium close to campus.

So where is there land to build a stadium within 5 miles of campus? It could have been done easily 30 years ago when Howard Schnellenberger was begging for a new stadium, but now, I'm not sure the land exists. Houses are built on every square inch of land from the bay all the way to Krome Avenue from Tamiami to Homestead.

I hope I'm wrong, but it is almost impossible for Miami to compete for the best talent when the football experience at Miami (ACC, poor facilities, no fans, etc etc etc) is nothing like the experience at other schools. Take a kid to an Alabama game, or a Texas game, or a Ohio State game or a Oregon game and then have them come to a Miami game and Miami loses. Who the hell wants to play 30 miles from campus in front of 70,000 empty orange seats?


if the dolphins can run the ball, and start using some plays where tannehill rolls right and away from the left side, life will be made more easy for jonathan martin should he shifted from RT to LT. pro football focus didn't have a lot of games listin martin's play at LT as "great", but there is a whole lot of improvement possible when a guy knows he has the off-season and training camp to get the nuances of playing on the other side down.

thanx for the info on thierry henry; as great as he was for "club and country" (futbol phrases designed to impresss the reader/listener), what he did to ireland with his hands will what i remember about him. i believe he played for arsenal in the premier league and won the balon d'or, but intentionally stopping the ball with his mitts twice in order to score and knock ireland out of the WC will be what i think about him. he was a fabulous player, but mark down "career tainted" owing to that goal against the irish in qualifying; after which france rightfully flamed out and the team came apart in south africa.

Mr. Woodcock,

yes,talking about beisbol; your cubano cousin is the talk of the baseball world and if you saw him yesterday you'd know why. fantastic affort undone by the puny little guy who wears a batting helmet eight sizes too big. fernandez even made yahoo's front page, with a clip of his "defector" pitch thrown in for those who didn't watch the dreadful marlins. could be another dontrelle like experience, as the young man showed that they taught him how to handle the bat in kooba, laying down a perfect sacrifice. if el nino can hit like dontrelle can, the marlins will have some customers every fifth game at home.

Doesn't really matter what Shalala did...the NCAA has proven what SCUMBAGS they are by tainting the investigation...Shalala, during the entire investigation, complied with the NCAA and all the while, the NCAA was illegally obtaining information, paying PARASITE Sh*tpiro and his lawyer, providing him with disposable cell phones, etc...etc...

The NCAA needs to be investigated for their incredible ABUSE OF POWER over the past 30+ years.

I hope UM sues the crappola out of Emmert and the NCAA!

shadow, I like your former comment about Martin at LT. It is very possible that the team sees Martin as their LT. True, Martin looked ok most of the time at LT but had lapses getting beat. IMO the dude can play LT in the NFL. First of all, the guy is more of a natural LT than RT. Martin was a rookie who was asked to prepare to play the right side during camp. Martin is athletic, fast & big enough for the NFL. Jake Long fit the bill for the Sporano's approach of "let my big fatties push your big fatties around" to Philbins leaner athletic linemen who zone block, pull, trap, get to the next level putting a helmet on LB's. Last season Jake Long looked like a 35 yr old tackle playing s-l-o-w. As a fan,, I could tell on every offensive play whether Miami was going to run or pass by keying on Long's leaning forward or back. I swear on most pass plays Long was jumping the count & getting away with it.
Jake Long looked every bit of a high first rd pick his first 2 seasons. Long regressed to the point of being expendable & his contract demands sealed his fate.

I like drafting OT project & Howie Long's son in the 3rd round. The guy isn't a polished T yet, but he is quickly growing into what could be a steal. The guy has the best measurables out of all the potential draftees. My point is this,,, If your looking to take one season to develope a player with his potential you take it. Miami has some "throw away picks" toward developmental players. Why bring in some 360lb fat ass & spent 3 yrs developing him only to cut ties because it doesn't work out.

I am a '83 UM grad. The worst choice for AD ever was Paul Dee. Ran the programs into the ground. Bad choices in coaches and bad choices in the direction of the entire future of the athletic program. No foresight!!! I don't see anything getting better until the administration comes with a plan with improving facilities and a stadium (football) alternative. Thank God for Jim Larranaga.

its nice that the marlins brain trust stumbled upon a prospect who should be easy to trade but local aficionados should beware of the risk of catching a full dose of bad swindler karma by attending the game chez loria.


You need a new team to root for horace you have too much passion for that market.


#1. the OB was great and we all loved it but it was no advantage for the team. There were less fans for three crappy games at the OB the 2001 season than for Bethune-Cookman at Joe Robbie last year. Joe Robbie's a nice, state of the art NFL stadium and the crappy Miamian fans will fill it for great games and stay home for Duke and UVA. Just like the OB.

#2. as far as location, the closest viable spot to campus is Tropical Park. But there's no reason for the stadium to be near campus because UM is a tiny private school that has ALWAYS bussed students to games. So the question is whether UM would be better off with a crappier stadium somewhere in Miami than Joe Robbie, and I think the answer is no.

#3. UM has won championships with the crappiest of facilities but that hasn't been the case in 20 years. UM has had up to date, competitive facilities since the mid '90s and now we have some of the nicest facilities in the country. Our new athletic center is bigger and more expensive than the one Alabama is building and ours will be done first.

If you want to blame something on Shalala and Paul Dee look at the move to the ACC. The 2001 team could have beaten every team on their schedule at any stadium in the country, but I believe they could have lost a game they shouldn't if they were in a conference where even the bad teams are competitive.

The ACC isn't a great football conference but compared to the Big East it's much tougher week in and week out.

Shadow - that's my biggest concern for the Dolphins, they have two unproven RBs, a coach who's never designed or called an offense at any level, and an elderly OC who's coached the same WCO for decades.

I don't see them trying to establish the run and move Tannehill around, I see them putting him back there to pick apart defenses with pinpoint passes like they tried to do last season. Hope I'm wrong and they can adjust to his skill set.

Imagine that the FBI is now going to get involved in the Rutgers scandal. And for what, for a coach being a jerk. Now, this little episode has already resulted in the coach, assistant, and the AD getting axed. Compare this situation with Miami's. At Rutgers they're making a federal case out of a 5 minute video while at Miami the bitch gets carte blanche for not only fiddling while Rome burned but now the little piss ant is digging in. Boy, I sure hope that Deputy Dog decides to investigate her ass and they haul her away. Crime? Ruining the vaunted Miami Hurricanes Football Program in ten short years.

Sherman is 59 years old not exactly elderly.

Looks like the Rutgers President is in hot water too Woodcock he will be lucky to keep his job.

Even if that was true, it's not a crime.

A 58 percent completion percentage for a rookie with poor receivers and a bad offensive line isn't bad despite your opinion.

Not poor but as a group subpar.

Baby, are you nuts? Don't you know that college presidents HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR FOOTBALL PROGRAMS.

I think the issue is that the Rutgers President chose to suspend the coach versus s canning him like he should have.

You guys need to let that argument go already there are lots of other things to talk about.

Of course you know I couldn't give a rip about Rutgers. The only reason I brought it up was to give Kaz the raspberries. Poor guy, every time he opens his mouth and repeats that idiotic statement of his he shoves a steamshovel down his trap.

"Schoooooool Pppppresidents, dddddon't hhhhhhhave anyttttthhhhhing to do with ttttttthe fooooottttttballll team, Woodcock."

He he he.

What a douche bag.

Yup, it's all about what they do when the prkblem's brought to their attention. PSU's president covered it up and got fires. Rutgers president let his AD suspend instead of fire the coach and he's in hot water, but probably safe. Shalala has done everything right since the allegations first came to light.

Watch the games Big Baby, I don't care what his completion percentage was, he was too inaccurate from the pocket as a drop back passer, not an above average passer unless he's on the move.

Probably because he was getting bullrushed on every play you watch the games.

Yea, and you know that she's clean as a hound's tooth how? Oh yea, I forgot, you're glued to her ass like a Remora.

Suck Kaz, suck. Blow is just a figure of speech.


Not surprisingly he was at his best (and in the top half of the league) when he was under pressure.

Where he struggled was when there was no pressure and he was sitting back and trying to thread it in to the receiver.

Who knows what the Pro Football Focus QB rating means but he had a rating of 8.0 when blitzed, -3.2 when not blitzed. Point is, he's better on the move. I watched every game, it's just painfully obvious.

Either way 58 percent is good for a rookie he wasn't rolling out on every play during the season I expect improvement in year 2 especially with the WR's the team has brought in.

Look at it this way once he improves he will be a dual threat from the pocket and scrambling which most QB's aren't.

You and Charlie Pierce are brothers and you didn't even know it.


58 percent is meaningless, what throws was he making? What throws was he connecting on? What throws did he miss on all season long? He's 23rd out of 32 starting QBs with that number, does that mean he's less accurate than all 22 quarterbacks? RG3 dinked and dunked his way to 65.6%, 4th in the NFL. Does that make him a more accurate passer than Brees and Brady?

Just 'improving' or developing the kind of world class accuracy from the pocket that would make you a star NFL quarterback in a West Coast Offense isn't something that happens in the offseason, or really ever at this level. I don't see any way Tannehill can succeed here at the highest level unless the Dolphins design their offense to his strengths.

Did you think of a reason that paying college athletes is 'unethical' yet Big Baby?

I will withold judgement until after this season as the team appears to have improved you should as well.

Not going there agreeing with Charlie isn't something I usually do.

Yea, Charles Pierces is a raving idiot.

But my point is that you (and a majority of sports fans agree with you) can't explain why paying college athletes would be 'unethical', you just accept it because that's what you were told and every time you see a 'scandal' where athletes accept benefits, it reinforces the concept that they were doing something wrong.

Sure they're wrong to break the rules, but you can't explain the morality behind the rules. The rules are dumb, these are not amateur athletes, they're fueling a billion dollar farm system for professional sports.

There is no moral reason college athletes shouldn't be paid, you think it's unethical for teaching assistants and research assistants to get stipends?

The football Hurricanes started to fall apart when
Butch Davis left and Larry Coker took over.
You can say what you want about Davis but please
don't tell me Larry Coker didn't win with Butch's
players. After that we had coach Randy Shannon here to really sink the ship but good. Please don't talk about having to play at Dolphins Stadium. If your winning,,, you can play anywhere,,,even at the Orange Bowl.

Yah gotsta love Anette Funachello's Fun Bags!

Yah gotsta love Anette Funachello's Fun Bags!

Go Braves!!!!!!

Forgive me Annette. Ah I didn't realize you died. Why it posted twice was just meanspirited chaos...

dukey you are without class & without shame soldier. See what floridation can do...

Cote quit kissing Loria's ass....
they are terrible and the stadium will barely have 10,000 people in tonight...
and for good reason...
it's a team made up of has been's, never been's and never will be's...
the only good Marlin is a Marlin served with a side of brussel sprouts...

Don't eat marlins.

Big Baby I think Pierce Brosnan and Charlie Pierce are brothers too. Isn't that something. Small world eh...

They are from different countries but you never know.

The thing with Marlins is if they have sufficient torque and aim to pierce the human's sternum they can be lethal...

i saw enough in tannehill to expect some improvement. the fact that we have mike wallace on the team ALREADY guarantees improvement; defenses cannot stack the line anymore. reggie might have had a career year had he stayed, but i think lamar miller will be more than a capable replacement.
my worry is whether grimes will be ready to play, if the linebackers will be an improvement, and how the draft picks pan out.

El Gato who the heck is that doesn't that mean cat if you are implying that it's Eldrick no one has ever called him that.

that's what I like about you DUKE, your complete honesty***especially when its creative, distasteful & funny***. Keep up the good work soldier!

Thank you Jimbo. It's nice to feel appreciated for all the reasons you clearly enumerated sir!

also Duke, you found my "Little Crippled Billy" character funny opposite of others that thought it was distasteful. We've had some fun kicking around the playground/lockeroom/prison/larry flint style humor.
A fellow Larry Csonka nut doesn't fall too far from the tree.
I do believe we went to different schools together and both tackled head first while playing linebacker in high school.

Dolphins Comment:
Miami is going into the pending draft holding 11 picks. DOES THIS TEAM NEED 11 ROOKIES? IMO no, the team would be best served to trade UP & trade down at different points of the draft. You trade up to get CB Milliner, DE Deon Jordan. Grab you a guy who creates turnovers, gets constant pressure on the QB. IMO no reason to trade up for a tackle or RB, TE, WR this year. Then you trade some of the others away to add prime picks for next year.

Rumor is Miami is going to trade up to take Lane Johnson. If true that would be a very good move.


Sad to read that Annette Funicello passed away. I had a big time crush on that siren in the late 50s.

RIP Annette.


am in agreement that the dolphins will most likely keep tannehill in the pocket and let him throw, throw, throw. didn't they see what seattle accomplished, (washington also), by moving the QB around instead of making him a statue. we'll see but tannehill is a good athlete who should be able to throw while on the move.


when i was about 13, i was at gardner park waiting to get the diamond for our softball game. annette's husband was in the game before us and she came by to pick him up. she had a fabulous rack- and i mean fabulous- that set off, as bob seger would put it, the fire down below for my pubescent self. i think she was the first crush a lot of guys had, between the MMC and her appearances in zorro and the beach movies. what a cutie

Mousekatitz! Rest in Bliss Annette. Yes, Jimbo I'm sure we both pretended to be Zonk while carrying our friends on our back across the goaline. How could it be otherwise?

Yeah, I probably would get as bored of handball as baseball if there were162 games a year. Still, I'd like it if some occasional game of other world sports were shown here, perhaps the final month and championship of Irish football, some World Handball and World Volleyball League, Speedway. Sports here which are popular are either media made with gimmick names or steeped in tradition. Same as the reason certain sports are popular in their respective regions.
In my life, everything except football has gotten old..probaby because the seasins are too ling. At least soccer continues growth all on its own. Whether Premier League or Champions League , pretty decent viewership on replays and midweek, midday games.
The MLS is our domestic league, so I support it. A good deal of our talent began here and do well in Europe now. Our goalie was goalie of the year in the Premier League, how awesome s that? MLS attedance is in the top 10 in the world. Yes, most cites have 5 -20 soccer clubs, so attendance thins out, but still...not bad.

And yes, Henry is a loser in my book. Any world superstar or super team that resorts to cheating goes without saying, In fact, it is those players and teams that go the furthest. The day the US earns to dive and play act is the day we'll improve - that has been our limitation, sad to say. But it's the main fault of soccer.

Went to sports bar with a friend to catch my Michigan, first game I've seen them play all year. And, they lose. We didn't watch much of til the 2nd. Just chatted and stared at the pretty waitresses. College hoops doesn't have the allure of football. This bar overflows for a typical NFL day, BCS final, and World Cup. Super Bowl required reservations and a $60 cover.

Today's hoops was 50% full, of which almost no one was there for the game. The fact all 50 -75% tables were empty by the 2nd half means they were never there to watch, because that's when the game evened up. I got there an hour early thinking I'd be fighting for standing room. Come to think of it, the place was standing room the Victoria Secret specialon Tv last time it aired!

Bummer about Annette. She's been in misery since about 1987. When you get something like that, the enjoyment of life is essentially over. Her last decade was horrid.
She was before my time, but saw her plenty of times in reruns. I never thought much of her look as a mousketeer, her hair, face. But gorgeous in those 60's movies.

My MMC years was in the 70s. Popular at the time. One of those girls went on to represent California in Miss USA , finished 4th. in fact, she was born in Miami somewhere and moved to Broward before a permanent move to Cali. Another girl became a star on Facts of Life.

Thatcher , that's big for UK.

mike1 - exactly like I said, US sports are all too 'mainstream' for you, they're all 'media gimmicks'.

To each his own, enjoy your handball, but stop pretending like the MLS franchises in the northwest have actual fans, they don't. They have a bunch of douchebag hipsters trying to seem cool by pretending to enjoy a sport that isn't mainstream.

If any of the fans of Seattle or Portland was at a bar talking about soccer with a premiership fan they'd get their ear spacers ripped out after they admitted they don't know any players and are only going to games for the free trade artisan microbrews.


That article was written 2 years ago soccer really does seem to have taken hold in that region since then despite some going just for the event factor.

Either way it has people excited what's wrong with that the players get to play in front of large crowds and everyone has fun leave it to you kazaam to rain on everyone's parade.

This coming from the guy who has to point out that nobody calls Tiger Woods el gato.

Just can't stand Seattle and Portland's MLS hipsters, they're complete douchebags and the opposite of a sports fan.


i get be-in sports and enjoy the volleyball, rugby, and yes even team handball from europe. not just to be a contrarian, but because rugby and australian rules football are exciting games without stops for huddles which makes the NFL 15 minutes of action and 45 minutes of nothing. i get extremely irritated when the plays are run as the play clock is approaching zero, which happens way too much and reduces the amount of plays in an NFL game. i have yet to find anyone who finds watching the huddles or the QB calling signals to be exciting stuff.

They're not really hipsters they are just hippies some difference I think.

Sort of funny when someone called the Portland fans jobless meth heads and white trash though got a kick out of that one.

They are the definition of hipsters, not hippies at all, and you're right that there's a big difference.


It's fair enough shadow, most europeans can't stand to watch football (although they seem to like the NBA despite the drawn out endings). There are legit reasons to like or dislike any sport but 'because it's not a mainstream media gimmick' is not a reason to pretend to be a soccer fan.

Seattle and Portland's fanbases are at least 80% hipster douchebags who follow the sport ironically.

You want to see real MLS fans look to the Mexican-Americans who follow Chivas USA.

LOL worst attendance in the league gotta love those real MLS fans.

They're basically a farm team for a Mexican franchise, but they have actual fans who know the players and the game, unlike the swarms of hipster douchebags who fill Portland and Seattle's stadiums.

The actual fans don't go to the games there isn't room for 2 MLS franchises in Los Angeles.

Whatever, my point is that Mexican and south American MLS fans actually like the sport, not just the fact that it's 'not a mainstream media gimmick'.

Seattle and Portland's fans are a bunch of hipster douchebags.

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