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April 27, 2013

Grading the Dolphins draft. Poll. Vote!; plus Heat's decisive sweep of Bucks, Canes avert draft shutout, Larkin's smart decision, Marlins' updated Sad-O-Meter & more

1) It is MONDAY, APRIL 29. Click on Random Evidence for the Sunday notes column, leading with Dolphins' fight to reclaim market's top-dog status from Heat. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins draft: Dion Jordan and Day 2; Heat Game 3 win, Shane Larkin, Marlins Sad-O-Meter. 3Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

GRADE THE DOLPHINS' 2013 DRAFT: I know. It's a little bit insane, an instant-grade poll like this. So what! Sure, it takes a couple of years or even longer to fully, fairly judge any draft, but we're running a 1aa1abcd 1aa1dolsigblog here, not an encyclopedia. I don't care how you view this draft in restrospect after several years; I care what you think now. I don't care what Mel Kiper says; I care what Dolfans think. Looking for gut reaction here. From the trade-up for the top pick through to today's Day of the Gator (three picks from UF), how much did the Dolphins help themselves? Did they fill needs? How excited are you vs. how you hoped to feel? Factor in whom they might have drafted but didn't and give Jeff Ireland and Miami a grade on this draft, then say why. (Why did I not include an 'F' grade? Simply to disappoint Jets fans bent on anarchy). So here is a list of all Miami's picks to refresh the memory, followed by the poll. And the overall grade is...?

1st round (3rd overall) --  DE Dion Jordan, Oregon

2r (54th) -- CB Jamar Taylor, Boise State

3r (77th) -- OT Dallas Thomas, Tennessee

3r (93rd) -- CB Will Davis, Utah State

4r (104th) -- OLB, Jelani  Jenkins, Florida

4r (106th) -- TE Dion Sims, Michigan State

5r (164th) -- RB Mike Gillislee, Florida

5r (166th) -- PK Caleb Sturgis, Florida

7r (250th) -- S Don Jones, Arkansas State

Poll result: Dion Jordan pick grew on you: This was an anomaly. Normally it just takes a few hundred votes for trends to set pretty firmly and results to not change much. But with the Dolphins' selection of Dion Jordan third overall, that was not the case. The immediate-reaction/initial-wave showed "don't like it" in the lead, but that would change substantially. The final verdict: "Love it" 29.0 percent, "like it" 28.3%, "don't like it" 17.7%, "lukewarm" 14.8% and "not sure" 10.2%. That's still a mixed approval rating, but the favorable side grew steadily.

Canes avert draft shutout: Cornerback Brandon McGee goes in the fifth round (149th overall) to the Rams, and running back Mike James in the sixth (189th) to the Bucs. Remembering when UM used to be all over the first round, not Day 3 scraps. FIU equals Miami with two picks: safety Johnathan Cyprien (2nd round/33rd) to Jaguars, and defensive end Tourek Williams (6th/179th) to Chargers.

1aa1bucksheatG4: HEAT 88, BUCKS 77: SWEEEEEEEP!: Dwyane Wade sat out but LeBron James scored 30 to complete the four-game sweep Sunday in Milwaukee. Miami now awaits Chicago-Brooklyn winner, likely Bulls at this point. ..... Original post: Dwyane Wade is a game-time decision today with a sore knee. He should sit. Even if he says he can play, he should sit. 1aa1g4Miami, up 3-0 in the series, can win without Wade and also can afford a loss here. The clear priority should be geting Wade's knee right so is healthy in the ensuing series when he is far more needed.

CAN'T BLAME LARKIN: Two and done, Shane Larkin bolting the Hurricanes for the NBA Draft after his sophomore year. It's too bad for UM, but its understandable. Larkin is healthy and coming of an ACC Player of the Year season for a Sweet 16 team. His stock may never be higher, unless you think it will be one year older and coming off the down-to-earth season Miami is facing. It would have been tough for Larkin top repeat as a conference all-star as the only returning starter. He made the judicious call. Now, hvaing said that, he's still a borderline fiorst-round pick who is not seen as a future NBA star. Analyst Steve Kerr pegs Larkin a backup point guard in the pros. But I doubt one more year of college seasoning would have improved that judgment either. 

UPDATED: MARLINS "SAD-O-METER": We have a new feature we'll update in the blog throughout the 1aa1bbsadseason as long as the Marlins' winning percentage is under .300. The New York Mets' 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is widely regarded as the nadir in its class -- the single worst season in modern MLB history. Now, your Marlins are threatening that ignominy. Marlins Sad-O-Meter: Current record after Sunday's win, 6-19 (.240). Updated season pace, 38.88 wins, 123.12 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blgopost...


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Initial reaction?

not getting a left tackle negates anything positive done. G-T Thomas looks slow, weak and will struggle against NFL talent. Scouts say he gets OWNED by bull rushing DE's when playing Tackle & OWNED by big fat NT's when he's at Guard. To his credit, his zone pass protect at G is good & he pulls really well. This looks like a desperate pick knowing the team HAD to have a new T early. All decent T's went before Miami could pick in rd 2.
Another one dimensional TE 2 yrs in a row,,, actually Egnew isn't good at anything football wise & characterized by TE coach Carpenter, Egnew is afraid of contact. Bottom line, he's a pussy taking up a roster spot.
Great pass rushing DE that makes the D much, much better.
Best Kicker in the draft.
Good RB prospect in Gillislee.
Good OLB & 2 CB's that can come in and play now.

When you take both free agency and the draft it can't be anything but an A.

Offense was taken care of through free agency and the defense through the draft, we are more athletic, younger and faster, I'm sure the "negativos" will point out we still have holes but you can't plug every hole in a year , its still early and there is a good chance we'll sign a free agent RT and move Martin ..

I say Ireland has has done a heck of a job...

I can't believe you failed to mention that FIU had two draft picks including the first pick in the Second Round. Greg Cote you disappointed me again.
Tourek Williams and Johnathan Cyprien way to represent FIU and South Florida!

I don't look at draft picks as much as I look at the philosophy, Ireland did well to trade up for a pass rusher instead of addressing a desperate need at left tackle.

I'm not one to pretend to be an expert after watching three days of talking heads yammer on, I don't watch the draft and I don't know most of the players or what they did in college. I'll start paying attention when they show up in training camp.

Dolphins have a huge hole at left tackle and it would be complete negligence to go into next season with Martin as the only option. Whether or not he can play left tackle is irrelevant, he looked horrible last season and someone who could play that badly at that position could sink an entire season.

Could even ruin a quarterback if you buy into the idea that a young QB can get gunshy if he's under fire all year long.

They need to sign McKinnie ASAP. He's a stopgap but even if he's too fat and out of shape to block he's going to hold and keep the quarterback from being blindsided.

Cote, where's the "Sucks the big wally" choice?

Don't tell me OC, "And with their last pick in the 2013 draft the Miami Dolphins select, "Lechon Gordo, wide receiver, Grambling.

Did you do all the research on Lechon?

Oye OC, that guy Mel Kipper is killing Ireland on ESPN. The only thing he hasn't said to him is "Your mama."

He just said that Aheb the Arab is 5' 3" tall. That Garro Yepremian looks like Shaq compared to this fish.

"Boomer, even Pistolita McKenzie from Tumbleweeds, U was a better kicking prospect than this midget."


Potentially, this draft will have the following starters.

D Jordan - next year
J Taylor CB - this year
D Thomas - next year
Davis- CB - next year
Sims TE - next year
Sturgis K - this year

It takes two to four years to truly evaluate a draft, If you get between two to three starters out of one you're doing excellent, sorry but I don't share your opinion...but only time will tell.

OC, here's the last Florida Gator publicity photograph of Aheb the Arab. He was standing on two milk crates that they photoshopped out of the picture.


Coño, FZ, "potentially" even OC could start next year.


You're right, hehe....

OC, you must be a happy man, we drafted a kicker !!!!, actually, the kid's pretty good, bye bye Carpenter..

Going with the " familia " to the Marlins game, we have like 20 people going ( UM day ) just in case I just had a bowl of " frijoles negros " , don't really feel like paying ten bucks for a couple of slices of pizza.

Sure FZB, were good.

New name for new OT, Rerun Thomas. or Drill Bit Thomas.

The Dolphins suck and will always suck.

Oye brother, check out this guy's draft grade card. I wish I would have been in this guy's class when I was in school. The guy dishes out the sugar like a baker at a donuts factory. I think the worst grade that he gave any team was a C+


Bayern Munich broke the Bundesliga point record today, despite fielding a full 2nd string team. Still 3 games left. 27 wins, 3 ties, 1 loss. 84 points. 90 goals for, 14 against.
Aside from the Phins undefeated season, this may be the next biggest dominance in sports histort. In the Bundesliga, every team plays each other twice.

Next year rumored to get Dortmund's Lewandowski and Goetze.

grading as very good just on frugal jeff's move to get the best pass rushing de he could think of


it's pointless to grade the draft now; the ireland haters will continue to hate, and those like FZB and me will look to see the positives..

Can this Lewan what ever guy kick field goals and hit the ball through the end zone on kick offs?

By the way, Mikey, I was only kidding about you teaching me about soccer. Geez, one post in the middle of a panic induced tantrum when FZ's son reached out and drafted a freaking kicker from Lebanon and you're already telling me more than I ever wanted to know about soccer.

Bundesliga? Was he a lightweight boxer from the Philippines?

Time to get busy signing the Un-drafted Free Agents. The "U" has plenty of local talent! Go get them!

MeTV does a really good job with their commercials. The one with McGarrett driving and now one with Bob Newhart talking to himself. They got to spend a lot of time, going through each show to come up with these. Batman on now. king Tut's got quite the babe. Robin about to be eaten by a 20 foot croc - Batman to the rescue!

More exciting then the draft.

IMDB gives 'King Tut's Case' a 7.5. Pretty high for Batman episode. The chick is Marianna Hill, born Scwartzkof believe it or not. She was in an Elvis flick.
Oh, here is the Joe Theiesman prostate commercial. I spoke 2 sentences with the guy at the BCS fan fest on South Beach in February...not about prostrates though.

WoodyC, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, EPL among the biggest national leagues in the world of any sport. European Champions League is the mega event not involving national teams.

Wikipedia says Marianna Hill is in fact a cousin of General Schwarzkopf. She was In Star Trek, who Shatner tried to ... godfather 2, Eastwood's High Plains Drifter, bunch of other stuff.

Pilot episode of 'Lost in Space' now, the only one I can stand to watch. Penny ( Angela Cartwright ) .

Shoulda doubled up on qb. In case tannehill goes south.

I'm worrying that I'm starting to think like a football GM. Woodcock, I've got a job for you. How good do you blow?

Mr. Woodcock,

well, i guess you'll be rooting for the bengals as your badgerman didn't go in round one. as far as matt barkley, his not a bazooka arm was evident all year, but he may stay with the eagles as vick is not consistent and his savvy may make up for the facy=t that he can't throw out patterns. plus, the eagles run the ball and he is an under the center QB. don't the eagles have the rubber from pitt who is really good and also michael bush? chip kelly knows what barkley can do and even though everything went sour in his sebior year- no vase, no heisman, getting hurt- he is a quality person and a very decent football player with a big talent at catching the ball (the guy from cal) on hs side. the ole shadow never had matt barkley pegged as a first rounder, but methinks he is better than e.j, manuel by a mile.

Well guys we just got back from the Marlins game and I'm sad to report they lost another one this one to the stinkin Cubs !!!!

We have to be worse than the worst triple A team...

FIU: PANTHERS ON THE RISE. Can't deny the inevitable baby!!!


Ok now, going into the draft we had the following needs..Offensive line,TE,CB,S and pass rusher DE/OLB.......Also not a pressing need but still a need ..RB,K..

Offensive Line...between free agency and the draft we took care of the interior of the offensive line, signed the free agent guard from the Bears (forgot the guys name, its early) and drafted Incognito's replacement for next year, but there's still work to be done at T, I think they go out and sign Winston or McKinney.

CB- no longer a need, drafted three of them, more than likely Wilson and Carroll won't make the team and either Patterson or Marshall.

Pass Rusher-took care of it in a big way, took the best defensive player and a top five pick, won't be a starter this year but will contribute.

TE- we got a solid TE but its still a need, they will have to draft another one next year unless Egnew fools everyone and starts playing lights out.

RB- drafted a solid player to add debt to the position, we're ok there now, Miller, Thomas, Gray and Gillesle.

K- not a great need but we drafted Carpenter's replacement , pretty good kicker and it will save us money on the cap.

S- nothing was done here , this has to be taken care of next year.

You can't take care of EVERY SINGLE HOLE IN ONE OFF SEASON , like I said, between free agency and the draft it as to be an A...

Right Tom and Kaz?

D Wade may not pay today...we don't need him anyways..

This draft is a "C" at best. Miami went into the draft with TWO huge holes to fill, LT and CB, and they failed to get an elite player at either position. Dion may an elite player at DE but that's not where are biggest needs are.

Sorry to be so "negativo" my head in the sand friend FZB, but facts are facts. We needed a CB and a LT and what did we get to fill those needs? A 2nd tier CB and NO LT.

And to make this draft even worse, Dion Jordan is damaged goods. There is a very good chance he does not even start. Unbelievable. It seems to me that Lane Johnson or Dee Milliner should have been the pick at #1.

Hey when push comes to shove, Jeff Ireland reverts to his mean............which is mediocrity.

If you trust Ireland you say it is a great draft. If you don't, you give him a C.

I gave them a C.

It really sums it up. Two clowns running the organization...Hopefully they get it right and ask the owner if they don't...It is Sporano's fault.

Don Jones S ran a 4.40 at his pro day at Arkansas State and he has a 42 inch vertical jump let's not sleep on this guy he was originally slated to go much higher.

Tom, Milliner is coming off an injury too.

Here's what I think happened. The team had had to be negotiating with Oakland long before the pick. They were probably hoping for Jacksonville to go for Jordan, leaving one of the only two starter-ready LTs for the Dolphins. When J-ville took Joeckel it left them with the only obvious top rated choice.

I'm sure that after finding out that Oakland would only want the Dolphins' #42 that they were not going to return the deal.

Ireland made one good value pick in the draft, Jamar Taylor. That's it. Dion Jordan will probably not even start next year. #3 overall not starting is a ffing WASTED pick. Dallas Thomas does not fill our gap at LT. At best he might compete for a guard position.

This was a poor draft from a need perspective. That's unfortunate because free agency seemed to set us up to complete the puzzle in the draft.

Oh well. We're Miami Dolphins fans. Disappointment is the norm.

J.Jenkins is a good value pick he could project as a starter even though it will be hard for him to get playing time this season good in coverage.

Gillislee has shown that he can find the end zone and he wasn't overworked at UF.

D. Thomas fits their zone blocking scheme he could contribute I think this draft was above average.

Woody you are an idiot, Sturgis was the best kicker in the nation last year and will do very well for the Fins for years and years to come. Anytime you find a solid starter in the draft it's a good thing. He was a 5th round pick, not a 1rst or 2nd so stop your idiotic racist attacks on the kid and move on. Moron.


But Milliner is an elite player at a NEED position. BIG DIFFERENCE. He would absolutely start next year. Same with Lane Johnson if they had selected him. To me the trade to the third overall pick only makes sense if you draft an elite player at a need position.

But who knows. Maybe this all works out and Miami makes it to the playoffs this year. I know they're close so I'll give Ireland credit for that. But they could have been much closer with a smarter draft.

Dion Sims is a versatile TE a good blocker and he is athletic he can open against zone coverage hopefully in the red zone.

Don Jones could end up being the steal of this draft.

Miami Dolphins, No. 3 overall: LB/DE Dion Jordan, Oregon

Rob Rang, CBS Sports: C+
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: C
Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated: B

C+, C and B for the third overall pick in the draft. OUCH!!!

Tom - who cares what 'grade' some jackoff gives the Dolphins' draft picks? These talking heads have no idea how these players will work out (nor do all these homer idiots regurgitating bullet points of the players they read online and declaring them to be 'good picks'...).

IMO you've got it backwards. Building a team is a process and all you can judge is the philosophy and the long term results. That's why I don't like Jeff Ireland, he clearly shares his mentor Bill Parcells' outdated philosophy and his long term results are terrible.

But while you seem to be looking for him to put together a competitive one and done team at all costs, I want him to build a team the right way for long term success.

So you like his signing of Ellerbe and Wallace while to me those are just classic bad moves (both will HAVE to be cut in 2-3 seasons) that desperate, poorly run franchises are forced to make by their previous incompetence.

You don't like drafting the pass rusher because the Dolphins have other holes. I loved it, regardless of whether the guy can play on first or second down this was the first move I've seen that speaks well of Jeff Ireland's philosophy.

It is of course weighed against every other horrible decision he's made.

I didn't like drafting the pass rusher because there were elite players on the board at positions of greater need. Tannehill's success will largely be determined by the quality of the talent that surrounds him. That is why I liked the Wallace signing. Wallace will stretch the field and open up underneath routes for Hartline and others. I also like the signing of Dustin Keller. More weapons for Tannehill.

That said, Tannehill will not succeed even with all these new weapons unless he has the time to pass. If he is not protected, Tannehill may become damaged goods, physically and mentally. What then? Matt Moore?

Sorry Kaz but the Jordan pick was a pick for a team with all the pieces already in place or a huge need at DE or OLB. That is not Miami. Prediction here is Jordan does not even start this year. And unless something unexpected happens Martin is our LT and Tannehill is dead ffing meat.

Alternative was to take the third best left tackle because they desperately need a left tackle.

(Because they had to let their former #1 overall pick go in free agency because they desperately needed to overpay a one dimensional receiver because they traded a BETTER and CHEAPER receiver away for Michael Egnew).

That might have made the 2013 Dolphins a better team but drafting that desperately for need is not the mark of a well run franchise. I was glad to see them do something that wasn't desperate for a change.

Well Kazy I see you're slowly coming around...it takes time to built a team through the draft .

Tom doesn't get it at all, the vast majority of rookies don't make any kind of an impact the first year, regardless of whether they are a first rounder or a seventh rounder, players are picked on potential and someone's opinion on how that potential is going to translate to the pros but its still a crap shoot.

All I know is that pass rushers and tackles are in great demand and if they had a choice most GM's will rather go for the pass rusher, OC's scenario of what happened makes sense , Armando posted the Dolphins had contacted the Raiders prior to the draft , they would only do it for two players, Joeckel and Jordan...Oakland was desperate to trade down , the trade was a win for the Dolphins when you consider who we got and how much compensation we gave up...

By the way Tom,

Most college players have had more than one surgery by the time they get to the pro's but that doesn't make them damaged goods, your guy Milliner had 5 while in college..

If the Jags had gone with Jordan and we had gotten Joeckel Tom would be praising Ireland.

Right Tom?

It's a universally accepted truth that good teams build through the draft and not by overspending for other teams' free agents.

Badly run teams don't get nearly enough talent out of their drafts and are forced to overpay in free agency.

Philbin saying he wants to build through the draft was not some revolutionary strategy, it's practically coach speak. Like saying it's better to take the season 'one game at a time'.

The one who has to walk the walk can't find enough talent through the draft that he doesn't have to give out horrible contracts in free agency. The Dolphins are NOT building through the draft. They don't have a good enough GM to do that.

You could be right Kazaam but so far Ireland has drafted/ signed players and managed the cap way better than Parcells ever did..he just completed his third year , god knows what Ross is going to do but if its me I'll re sign Ireland .

I'm not as blinded as you, the fact that you refuse to give Ireland credit for anything shows how narrow minded you are , you keep saying he's a Parcells clone but all Ireland's moves show the opposite.

What's with all the disrespect for Jonathan Martin? He was a five star rated left tackle pick last year behind only Matt Kalil that the Dolphins took with a very high pick. He protected Andrew Luck's blind side at Stanford well enough for Luck to be the number one overall pick. Jake Long was in serious decline last year, and he's kind of fragile for a big dude. Besides, Jake made the pro bowl regularly, but what did that do for the Dolphins making the playoffs? If fact, when has a left tackle ever been Super Bowl MVP. You don't take offensive linemen that high in the draft and expect to succeed. Ask Jimmy Johnson. Quarterbacks are by far most important in today's NFL followed by those who stop quarterbacks, i.e. pass rushers. Kudos to Ireland for grasping the opportunity. Even if Dion Jordan fails, Ireland's move up was inspired and correct.

Yea, and Philbin and Tannehill are doing better than Sparano and Philbin, being better than the worst in the business doesn't mean anything.

Ireland's entire career as a scout and GM was under Carl Peterson and Bill Parcells, he proved that he was a Parcells clone in his 2011 draft. Last year's draft and this year's free agency was completely reactive, he HAD to draft a quarterback and overpay a receiver because of his previous incompetence.

So I should be grateful that he has gone from being Bill Parcells to desperately trying to salvage the franchise to making one solid, forward thinking move in the first round this year?

There's no reason this franchise needs to be used as training wheels for one of Bill Parcells' proteges, there are literally hundreds of scouts who could have done this job who didn't learn everything they know from Bill Parcells.

Hugh Longfellow - Jonathan Martin started five games last year at left tackle, he was HORRIBLE, a huge downgrade even from an injured and ineffective Jake Long.



Do you know what analysts, sports writers and all of us have in common? We're not good enough to demand a job with an NFL team in any capacity. We truely don't know what the f*ck we're talking about. Which is good, considering what a lot of you are writing.

I for one am optomistic, I see good things coming. I believe Winston will be signed by the end of the week and a very fun to watch team will be fielded this year.

I think the only truely shitty thing this team has going now is an owner, a rich douche nozzle that puts his foot in his mouth at every opportunity. If he could keep his mouth shut, the league may actually respect the franchise. Shut the f*ck up and sign paychecks Ross.

Hey Dave,

What's up amigo?...The NFL network is reporting the Dolphins and Winston "are talking" .


it says here that matt barkley beats out nick foles for the backup, maybe starting job, for the eagles eventually. foles comes from the QB rich pac-?, but at arizona he was good butr not better than barkley. the guy from arizona state also procured a job in the NFL and saw some action. please don't get the notion that i believe that matt barkley is a superb qb/prospect; he is just better than the other guys in his conference (not counting andfew luck) that were playing in the pac-? two years ago.

FZB and KAz

You do realize I was not suggesting the Dolphins reach. Lane Johnson was taken with 4th pick. Sheesh

And Kaz you are right about why we needed a LT and WR. Our GM is a nitwit


I would be praising Zireand if e had taken Lane Johnson or Dee Milliner.

we still have enough space under the salary cap to sign all the veteran players we might need. we can even afford more pass rushers


More pass rushers uh?...how bout Doug Betters?

It's still Bush's fault. It's still Bush's fault. It's still Bush's fault.

Heat sweep the Bucks!!! Now bring on the Bulls. Something tells me this is going to be a very interesting series. :gulp:

I wish we could have gotten 5 or 6 wedge busters! Can never have to many of 'em. Hell I wish are hole Dolphin team consisted of nothing but top flight wedge busters...

"OUR WHOLE" yes I know...

Time will tell on the draft. All you cry babies out there complaining we didnt draft a tackle in an earlier round remember when Long was hurt all those games we continued to play at a high level. Stop listening to these draft analyst- they get paid to feed us jibberish.

Heat win !!!!! ... The team will probably have close to a week off before they play against Chicago...D Wade needs the rest..

One more thing about the Dolphins draft, we added a lot of speed..

If MLB (and other N.American) leagues adopted the system of relegation / promotion, we would not be seeing the Marlins trying hard to be the worst in the league. I'm not really a fan of promotion / relegation, but you can see where it has its merits.

As seasons in Europe are nearing the end, the bottom teams are fighting like hell to not be demoted to a lower league.

I'm not a big commenter of draft because over the years I learned that there really is no telling in the majority of cases, Obvious cases like Ginn at #9, yes..easy to judge.
The majority of college players aren't straightforward in evaluation. You got to be pretty good at it and spend lot of time studying talent.

Aside from the fact that colleges play different schedules, players have have either good support or weak support on their teams, depending on the quality of the team.

Also, just because someone excels or is average or sucks in college desn't mean he will be the same in the pro's. Lastly, there is the health factor.

We'll just have to see how it goes. Trust the decision makers (except where it's an obvious
screw up).

Having said that, I like the logo & uniform change less everytime I see it. Especially the
uniform. Doesn't make me ill, but was completely unnecessary.

FZB, After doing research, I came to the conclsion that the Dolphin team can go 11 and 5 or 6 and 10...
The thing is there's NO DEPTH on the team, 3 or 4 injurys there 6 and 10, They stay healthy there playoff bound.
But you know every team has health issues, Just saying the teams with Depth go deep in the play-offs, The others are blaming "Injurys caused us to be 6 and 10"...
Just saying..

If the Heat have to play the Bulls that is going to be a tough and interesting series at the same time. The Bulls will probably be Miami's toughest test (especially if DRose returns). I still say the Bulls are a tougher out than the Knicks are. Miami better be ready and prepared for this battle. It could get ugly and I have a feeling it will.

On another note, Shane Battier needs to light it up from behind the arc. Ray Allen has been carrying the load with this team in that department and it would be nice to see Battier chime in. Battier had the most efficient season in a while (for his age too) but he has been struggling in the playoffs so far in that Milwaukee series. I just hope DWade is all rested and back to himself when Miami faces off against Chicago (presumably so but nothing is said and done yet). If Kirk Hinrich is going to play tackle basketball style of play, then this series could get ugly. I'm just saying. The Heat have a lot on their plate in this series against a very tough Bulls team. I think if Miami brings their 'A' game then they should position themselves real well and close this series out in 6 games tops. It could go 7 games. It could go the other way. We'll see what happens. Should be entertaining.

Glad to see Shane Larkin decide that he's going to be NBA material so soon. We'll see how that pans out.

Anti, yup...you're right ..everything could fall into place and we can have a great year and we also can get a couple of bad injuries and is Kaput...to your point of depth I think we have a couple of units that have it..

Defensive Line, RB and the defensive back field...also QB..


The Jets just released Tebow, you think we should pick him up?...I think we need a dish washer @ the training camp cafeteria...hehe

1. Dion Jordan, DE, Miami: It didn't take long for the draft to offer its first shocker. It's hard to know what made less sense: the Dolphins' trading up to snatch Jordan or the hype that followed this player the last few months after an impressive combine showing. Was anybody really talking about Jordan when the college season ended? The lack of buzz then -- caused by a late-season shoulder injury and a drop in productivity -- creates concern now. Jordan has great physical skills, but he could struggle to live up to the heavy expectations that came with this pick.


Jordan is not as lame a pick as Ted Ginn's family or Jamar Fletcher over Drew Bree's, but it's close.

Dallas Thomas is a Guard. Ireland did not address our OT need in the draft

Felix is correct on Dallas Thomas. He's a guard.

I can't believe you failed to mention that FIU had two draft picks including the first pick in the Second Round. Greg Cote you disappointed me again.
Tourek Williams and Johnathan Cyprien way to represent FIU and South Florida!

Posted by: Frank Pena | April 27, 2013 at 04:52 PM

I salute YOU

WTF are you talking about, Greg Cote mentioned it right in his blog.

Miami Dolphins
Picks: DE Dion Jordan, CB Jamar Taylor, OT Dallas Thomas, CB Will Davis, OLB Jelani Jenkins, TE Dion Sims, RB Mike Gillislee, K Caleb Sturgis, SS Don Jones.
Analysis: GM Jeff Ireland takes a lot of heat from Miami fans and some of it is deserved. But his past two drafts have been strong despite being very different. Last year, Ireland was in a much more desperate situation to get a quarterback, but stayed put at No. 8 and still got Ryan Tannehill. This year, Ireland wasn't as desperate, but was aggressive in getting Jordan, the consensus pick as the top pass rusher in the draft. The price to move up was cheap (only a second-rounder) and Ireland still came up with a couple of young cornerbacks to help his depleted secondary. Between this draft and free agency (WR Mike Wallace, CB Brent Grimes), the Dolphins have brought in a serious amount of talent, particularly on defense.
Grade: A

Out of 32 teams the only A given this from Jason Cole at Yahoo today.

The Dolphins did add young, fast talent on both sides of the ball. Don't forget that the team let Long, Bush, Bess go away. I watched video clip of RB Gillislee tearing up chunk yards & breaking 2 TD runs against LSU. IF Jordan can bring the heat to the QB & those 2 CB's drafted pan out the draft was a winner. Philly's coach Kelly, the former Oregon coach stated that he would have taken DE Jordan at 4.
Miami DOES need to bring in a Tackle before preseason. John Jerry was used as an emergency Tackle in the past, is it possible they move him to right tackle? Lance Louis was a good starting right guard for Chicago, arguably their best lineman. Louis could start & Jerry could slide over to the right tackle, Martin going to left tackle.

Chiefs reportedly looking for a 2014 draft pick for Branden Albert (no surprise there).

If Ireland gets Branden Albert all will be foregiven and I'll give Ireland the kudos he deserves. He will have filled every major gap in Miami's roster with real talent (WR, TE, CB, and LT). Albert is a quality LT something we desperately need for our young QB. If he does not get the LT we need, the Dion Jordan pick might go down as one of the dumbest ffing moves in the history of the Miami Dolphins.

You're on the clock Jeff.

One mediocre rated LT and "all is forgiven" wow you're easy to please.


to tell me that drafting e.j. manuel was a D-. every QB of note taken after him was miles better- barkley, glennon, nassib, even geno smith. the bills have doomed themselves to years of futility. the guy was highly inconsistent at FSU and will be befuddled by NFL defenses. buffalo fans, get ready for the 0-16 watch and another crack at a very high pick.

Mediocre? My gawd Big Baby you are criminally uninformed.

If Manuel is a project then they can at least roll out Kevin Kolb you know the guy who we made look like a HOF'er last year.

Or let the Tavaris Jackson era begin hahaha

This Branden Albert at 8-9 million per season on a long term deal?


No thanks sign me up for E. Winston or T. Clabo for one year.

Those who might be interested in Branden Albert besides Miami include Detroit, Arizona and San Diego.

Detroit and San Diego do not have the cap space. Each is about $7 million under and will need almost all of that for their draft.

Arizona on the other hand, like Miami, has plenty of room to work in a contract for Albert.

That said, Ireland may have played his hand masterfully. KC is in a bind with the franchise tag on Albert. That's almost $10 million for a player they do not need or want. Thinking here we may get Albert for a 3rd or even a 4th round pick in 2014.

Then again we are talking about Jeff Ireland who gave away Brandon Marshall for John Jenkins and Michael Egnew.

Who the heck is John Jenkins?

My bad. Cut and pasted the wrong name. Plug in whatever name you want it was still a stupid ffing trade.

No it wasn't Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler were meant to be together it was fate that reunited them they deserve each other.

Miami still has no OT. Jeff Ireland is a joke and he has still not addressed this team's needs.

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