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April 15, 2013

On the Boston Marathon tragedy; plus man vs. world on Heat title chances, Shula tops Dolphins Mount Rushmore, New Orleans & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17. Dolphins' Joe Philbin is named one of four new members of a coaches' subcommittee to the NFL Competition Committee. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins' Mount Rushmore vote, Heat's club-record for wins. 3) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

1aa1boston2 1aa1bostonON THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING TRAGEDY: I have written about this even though it is only in the most peripheral and insignificant sense a sports story. That's OK, because I am not a sports writer first. I am an American. Click on We Get Up; We Deal With It for my new column on yesterday's tragedy, now online and in the A-section of Tuesday's inky pulp editions.

ONE MAN VS. WORLD ON HEAT TITLE LIKELIHOOD: John Hollinger, ESPN's NBA numbers-nerd turned Memphis Grizzlies executive, is pretty much flying solo on thinking Miami is not the favorite to repeat 1aa1heatrepas NBA champion. His rankings formula that ESPN continues to use has Oklahoma City rated No. 1 by better than a 2-point margin over the Heat, and his playoff permutations give the Thunder a 34.1 percent likelihood to win the title, vs. Miami's 25.9%. (It's a two-team race. Next are Denver at 8.8% and the Knicks at 7.5%). Hollinger does not reflect public opinion, which sets and moves betting lines. Bovada today has Miami a prohibitive 5-7 favorite to repeat as champ, with OKC next at 9-2. (That's a big shift to the Heat just since Jan. 5, when Bovada had Miami a 2-1 favorite and OKC 15-4). I side with the odds over Hollinger. Miami's path to the Finals is a bit less trecherous than OKC's in the West. Don't think the Knicks can beat Miami in a long series, not even if Carmelo Anthony stays fire-y. It's also huge that the Heat (36-4 at home) will have the home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. One could argue intangibles such as "hunger" leaning in OKC's favor in the presumptive repeat Finals, but I wouldn't -- not with LeBron James and Miami chasing a dynasty, a legacy. Pictured: LeBron celebrating last summer's trophy. Lesson contained in photo? Erik Spoelstra should never again wear a cap backward.

1aa1dolmtrDOLPHINS' MOUNT RUSHMORE: SHULA EDGES MARINO FOR PEAK: We asked for your input on a Dolphins Mount Rushmore in the previous blogpost (you may still vote) and almost 8,000 votes were cast -- one of our most successful polls ever. Thanks to all. Don Shula, Dan Marino, Larry Csonka and Joe Robbie made the mountain, in that order. Shula with 24.38 percent edged Marino's 24.17% for the top spot. (Given the poll format, that means each was included on more than 96% of ballots cast). Csonka made it comfortably with 16.55%. The fourth spot was tight, with founding owner Robbie edging Bob Griese, 10.79 to 10.14. I think your choices were solid, as was the order. (I wonder if Marino might have narrowly topped Shula if the vote were taken prior to his recent little infidelity skirmish). Anyway, thanks to all.

A quick note on the 'Mount Rushmore' concept: Of course I am aware my friend Marc Hochman does a Mount Rushmore thing on his 790 radio show. Folks, Mount Rushmore has been around since 1925 and media references to "the Mount Rushmore of..." have been around nearly as long. In the mid-'80s I nicknamed the Hurricanes' defensive line "Mount Rush-More." On July 16, 2010, pre-dating Hoch's bit, I wrote, "Any local athletic Mount Rushmore started with Don Shula and Dan Marino before opening itself to debate." (You could look it up; I did). Upon Neil Rogers' death I referred to Uncle Neil as being on the -- you guessed it -- of local radio. And so forth. The idea is hardly Hoch's, or mine. Laying claim to Mount Rushmore is about like taking credit for a play on March Madness bracketology. C'mon, man!

ON UM SPRING FOOTBALL: Never been a big fan of college spring football. I think universities could save a ton of money and also swing the student-athlete definition a bit closer to what it should be by not having the guys be football players in February, March and April. Beyond that, results of UM's Spring Game on Saturday were less than illuminating. QB Stephen Morris and RB Duke Johnson looked great. We figured going into the spring that the Canes looked explosive on offense but had doubts to settle on defense. Exiting the spring we think the same.

SINGING NEW ORLEANS' PRAISES: Love the Big Easy. Been there for three or four Sugar Bowls, a couple 1aa1noarcof Dolphins-Saints games, two Mardi Gras and, just now, a long weekend with friends. The people are great, and the music and food get me every time. Love the architecture and the funky vibe (photos by me). The city is constantly in party-mode and therefore is 1aa1nojestervery touristy, but there nevertheless are places worth visiting despite the tourist factor. They include Cafe du Monde for beignets, Preservation Hall for old-school jazz, and Nola for dinner (the stuffed chicken wings are one of a kind). Also did a bayou airboat excursion that was well worth it. I avoid Pat O'Brien's; you can drink a better Hurricane elsewhere. In the future I'll also steer clear of the all-you-can-drink Bloody Marys at Daisy Dukes. They lead to trouble ... :)

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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oh right, you tell me Vern Den Herder doesn't make top 4! Right!

Mr. Cote, the parenthetical comment about Marino was uncalled for. The vote was for the value each individual provided to the success of the Dolphin franchise through the years, not the moral faux pas they may have committed. Typical press.

the rocking mount rushmore has been around since the early seventies... c'mon man


Anti, ( from the previous blog ).

I rather have sex with a "galactic virgin" than book a flight on "virgin galactic"..

I'm just saying..

Man FZB we must be plugged into same socket. You brought up virgins and I was reminded just before logging on of a birthday card in which a woman is looking at her vagina in mirror and insisting, "It does not look like a Taco!"

Hola guys,

I don't know if you guys have noticed but both Barry Jackson and Armando Salgueiro have said the Dolphins are looking at Star Lotulelei at 12th...just like I told ya..

I still think my "proposed" trade of Starks and Bess for Albert is a good one, specially if we pick up Lotulelei.

My NFL amigo told me he thinks the Dolphins will go with a play maker at 12th...which will leave out the two guards (Warmack & Cooper) and will leave the following players in play.

T Austin WR
Ansah DE
Lotulelei DT
Richardson DT
Vaccaro S
Eifert TE

Rhodes CB has not been worked out by the Dolphins yet so maybe there is no interest from the Dolphins.

there it is, please don't shoot the messenger...

Jimbo, "Lyle and Kyle" the Blackwood brothers didn't make it to Mount Olympus either...


I assured you amigo, a vagina and a taco have no resemblance, the last time I checked...

They definitely taste differently...

Alfred Oglesby didn't make it to mount rushmore either, man that poll sucks.

I'll leave it alone after this but Dolphin logo not only looks effeminate it looks snobby too. Please go with other choice of modernized version of old logo...

Cote you mean to tell me Lawrence Phillips didn't make it to Mount Rushmore?! Bulls*** poll...

Cote cut his teeth working for Washington Post during Nixon years...

Thou doth protest too much on the Mount Rushmore Cote...

Hollinger made advanced analytics popular in NBA coverage, if you torture the numbers enough they'll confess to anything.

Heat are the favorites, anything could happen.

happy tax-day guys!!!!

pay-up so Obi can redistribute your "dinero" to the needy.


Oye Kaz,

A little birdie told me that UM is prepared to sue the NCAA if we get more than a slap on the wrist in June, Have you heard the same thing?

I've been to Mount Rushmore a few times. But I believe there is another carving just outside of Atlanta honouring the Confederacy, isn't there? It's Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jeb Stuart. Since Miami is in the south how about four more honorees? And lets restrict it to defense. I suggest: Nick Bouniconti, Jake Scott, Vern Den Herder, and Jason Taylor.

always liked Dick Anderson...

Mike Kolen

Manny Fernandez

Bill Stanfill

Manny Fernandez, Nick Buoniconti, Dick Anderson, Jake Scott.

Mark Brown, Robin Sendlein, Jackie Shipp, Eric Kumerow... I wanted to include John Bosa...

4 bombs set to go off in rapid succession, sure sounds like al qada.

a terrible tragedy in Boston, too early to speculate on who's at fault but who ever they are, those bastards need to be hunted down and killed without mercy.

F*cking hell, the pictures of all those amputees are horrific, it's like a war zone.

I was a big fan of Dick Anderson's. Got a pic with him at the Ravens -Phins playoff. Just happened to spot him.

At the Marlins game. Think about 1000-2000 have made it in by the 4th. It was desolate in the first. So was our pitching. Spanked for deep balls relentlessly.

Does anyone sit stil at baseball games? People going to / fro. Nonstop. Can't see the game. We're lower level at first base. Tickets pretty cheap, no commission at the stadium. You can spend more on better seats to compensate

The girl dancers at Clevelander are awesome....i've seen the same ones on Ocean Dr. But they got nice outfits here.
Joel Osteen threw out the first pitch.
Bad news in Boston. I've always thought one day, a few bombs might go off in really crowded places like Mardi Gras. All someone has to do is walk in from the sides.

Somehow talking about sports today seems a bit out of place...my prayers are with everyone in Boston..


on the assumption that the perpetrators were arab or muslim or both, dealing with them is useless. i don't pay attention to israeli politics, but maybe the americanos are a litle more cognizant, 10 years after the toppling od saddam's statue and a supposed "victory", that the are lying murderers. signing "peace papers" with them is a waste of ink. a decade after the "victory" and bringing them "democracy" iraq and the middle east are worse off than ever.


No one really knows who's responsible, it could be domestic terrorists or Al Qaida or a derrange sick individual, none of those people deserved to die or get mutilated like that, is just sickening.

Yes FZB and all, prayers for the victims and their families, and swift apprehension of those who have so little value of human life.
As was said, IF this is muslim inspired (and there's no solid proof of that as yet) there is no reasoning with religious ideologues.

Not discussed is the fact that not only are these conflicts about religions, but there is a dirty economic underbelly to these centuries old conflicts.

if they're extremist, well then there IS no reasoning. saying there is no reasoning with islamic terrorists is redundant.
how about the level of reasoning with domestic, christian, (or both, like mcveigh)? would that be any easier?
it's a tragedy, period.

liberal shitheads desperately want the "terrorist(s)" to be domestic because it fits their warped view of America. Personally I don't care whether the terrorist(s) is (are) from the right, left, homegrown or foreign, I just want him/her (them) and all associates DEAD as soon as possible. And more than anything else I pray for the health of all those injured in this horrific tragedy.

Shadow - that's the problem with the US' 'greatest country on earth' mentality. We think our way is the only way. If given the chance for a free democracy many arab countries would legitimately vote to be ruled by a strong dictator with the qu'ran as their constitution and sharia as their law.

Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest, strongest country in the middle east, an absolute monarchy under sharia law - their citizens attacked us on 9/11 and it sounds like they are responsible for Boston too.

IMO you can take the 'economic underbelly' out of the equation - the problem is that the US has been bombing and invading middle eastern countries regularly for decades. We invaded Iraq, killed tens of thousands of their troops, caused over 100,000 innocent civilians to be killed through the instability we created, and we're shocked that things are worse off than ever over there.

Recognizing causality is not apologizing for or justifying terrorism. But to ignore the root cause and keep believing that self-aggrandizing delusion that 'they hate us for our way of life' just keeps the cycle going.

your right Tom. Lefties jump out there after a tragety using the dead as propaganda props, blaming right wing ideology and trying to pass legislation cutting into law abiding citizens liberties and giving government more control. See Sandy Hook. That deranged youth broke 42 laws that horrendous day.
The media threw "right wing extremist" label everytime they mentioned McVey. Not the same with the Islama shooter at Ft Hood. "Man made disaster" my butt. Major Hassan was a registered Dem & Obama lover. Shooters at Rep Giffords & Denver theater were registered Dems, the former a certified Ed Shultz believer.
IMO, whether the person is leans left or right, a criminal is a criminal and must be punished accordingly.

Regarding international terrorism and economics. The argument sounds good but lacks one thing.... Individual freedoms. US is mostly free (another argument) and China is mostly a totalitarian country in general. Both countries economies are the engine for the rest of the world. Both countries are taking a large percent of middle east oil. WHY does the Muslim terrorist plan and attempt to carry out attacks on US and NOT China? Or even Russia?
1. The Muslim countries see their young population would want to copy American standards & style of living & a freedom they have never been able to have. The Theologist-Imams-Ayatollahs fear their young will disregard their religion to live a free life.
The muslim leaders see America as the "Great Satan" because if they lose their control on the young, they will lose their Islamic states.
2. America is still a large Christian power. China & Russia are mostly athiest, taught that Government is your god.
3. American military.
4. American pop culture. This may sound funny but with the world wide internet, our young culture, good & bad is seen around the word.

Prayers go out to all the people affecting at the Boston marathon.

Jimbo - that's a two way street, conservative media is every bit as slimy and exploitative, Foxnews just about blew up when it came out that Giffords was a gun owner.

At the end of the day the truth and any chance of reasonable discussion gets buried in the ideology spewed by the left and the right.

That's exactly the mentality I was talking about Jimbo - 'they hate us because we're so awesome'.

Has nothing to do with the fact that we AND NOT CHINA have been bombing their countries and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians as collateral damage for decades.

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it, so what chance do we have when we can't even accept the reality of our present.

If your going to have an all time Dolphins Defense,,, I don't see how you could bypass Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas. IMO Thomas was better than Nick Buonticonti. Nick's prime was spent mostly in New England & maybe 3 good seasons in Miami. Jake Scott & Dick Anderson were great together, with Scott being the better of the 2.
Manny Fernandez , a NT, was Super Bowl MVP. I argue, take the time & watch Super Bowl 7 on you tube & see how he not only dominated the line of scrimage but made multiple tackles. Billy Kilmer really sucked that game too,,, his best pass was missing a wide open TE in the endzone only to hit the crossbar of the goalpost. Griese & Warfield hooked up on a beautiful TD pass play only to be called back on a holding call.

Someone ruined our day but they can't break our spirit as a resident of The Bay State it is a sad day I am thankful that I did not attend and that my family is safe.

The support has been great nationwide thanks there are also some very brave people in the USA those first responders were top notch let's fight evil and find out who is responsible for this.

Come on guys, lets not try to make this a Dem/Rep deal, Tom and Jimbo sait it best..a criminal is a criminal.

and let's hope the media (both liberal and conservative) recognize it..

The brother of a coworker of mine knew the third victim he worked with her she had both legs amputated and died in surgery.

dont be so negative jimbo. since the massacre of the school children another three thousand americans have been gunned down ... so lefties have definitely not diminished law abiding citizens liberties



I'm happy you and your family is safe, hopefully they'll find the person (s) responsible for this as soon as possible.

no easy solution here guys, lunatics (religion,crazy wackos, political etc) are always going to be there, we can't let stuff like this bring us down and control the way we live, life must goes on.

to me, sports is the great escape to try to forget all the chit that's going on around us....at least for a little while.

Amen brother.

You know, of course, that there's enough oil up here to heep both of our GREAT countries (and our true allies) going for many, many, many years to come. We could tell OPEC and the A-rabs to go screw themselves. But your left-wing president bowed to pressure from Darryl Hannah and vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline that would have had huge economic benefits to both the USA and Canada; still your closest neighbour and best friend!

Jimbo: I'm old enough to remember watching Super Bowl VII live (at least live on TV.) Manny Fernandez was outstanding that day. As long as we're dreaming, picture a defensive backfield of Dick Anderson and Jake Scott at safety with Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain at corner.

Stu in Canada,

welcome to our little corner of the world..I take it your not to fond of Obi (that's what we call our left wing presidente here)...

don't get me wrong, I don't like Obi at all but all our presidents since 1970 have been running on the same promise ( that we need to stop being oil dependent ) and none have delivered so far, from J Carter (our worst president ever) to Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obi...none have delivered..

Just saying.

Good afternoon guys
First off my prayers and thoughts go to the fine people of Boston(They'll be OK Iam sure) And Stu, Unfortunitly for us we're a Leader of this world like it or not, If it was'nt for us think how much more screwed up this world would be.
Isolation in the world is something we cant do,Did'nt work in 1938, wont work in 2013.
We have to be the the leader in this world.
Plain and simple.
Just saying..


manny fernandez may have had the greatest super bowl ever for a defender, maybe surpassed only by rod martin's three INTs versus the eagles. if i havemissed one please advise, but how rod martin picked of three passes and was not the MVP is spomething i don't understand till this very day. plunkett had a good game with three TD inclusding, an 80 yarder to kenny king, but three picks is extraordinary, especially for a LB; rod martin was a very low draft choice-either 7th or 12th round as i recall, but was a terrific player in both trojan and raider uniforms.

Because of my employer, I can't comment what I really feel about the terrorist in the fed system. I have a lot of experience around the ring leaders, soldiers & lone wolves. There is no easy solution. The best way to get under THEIR skin is to show your respect to each other, show your faith & show your patriotism & continue to live the your life without fear but resolve.

Jimbo, As Teddy Rosevelt once said;;

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" is always a good qoute.
Some of these "Rogue" nations need a good smack on the snout IMHO.

Good point Jimbo, the best way to lead is by example, it's cliched at this point but Americans living in fear is exactly what the terrorists want.

And Anti-Christ, you can go tell that gentleman with the blown off legs that you're sure he'll be OK.

His legs are the cost of our foreign policy, which has NOT been as a leader in this world since WW2. We have been involved exclusively in self-serving wars of aggression since that time and the very little good we've done has come at the cost of our own security and American lives.

No one advocates isolationism, the libertarian stance is commerce and diplomacy with all nations. But our foreign policy is absolutely insane and extravagant beyond anything we can remotely afford. We invade Afghanistan because they MIGHT harbor terrorists and succumb to fundamentalist Muslims and meanwhile our greatest arab ally PRODUCED the terrorists responsible for 9/11 and is already run by fundamentalist Muslims.

We sanction Iran to the point of starvation and threaten them with war because they MIGHT get nuclear weapons. Meanwhile Pakistan and North Korea are even more corrupt and unstable governments and ALREADY have nuclear weapons. And we do nothing about it.

So are we policemen of the world? If so why don't we do ANYTHING about those countries or the lawless regions of Africa? If not, then we're just picking our battles for our own benefit and we're picking the wrong ones, time and time again.

Less military involvement in Muslim nations means less innocent Americans and American soldiers dead in body bags. 'Plain and simple'.

Regular readers of this paper will know that Barry Jackson is the best reporter in south Florida for the Dolphins, Heat, and Hurricanes.

Regular users of Twitter should follow him:


kaz, once the oil is gone, the middle east is just.. just another africa. backward ass, poverty stricken poop hole.

Why are the Fins bringing in S Kenny Vaccaro? Same with ND LB Te'o. No chance either one will be drafted by Miami in the 1st rd.... neither should be there in the 2nd.... so, why waste the $ cost & time.

At least Africa has amazing natural resources and tourism. The middle east has nothing but oil, but there's no end in sight there.

Would never happen with Ireland in charge but James Harrison would give the Fins a second playmaker at linebacker and a tone-setter for the defense. Cinci doesn't want to overpay him for a year or two, Dolphins could afford to.

Jimbo: Your right! I hope I live long enough to see WESTERN Canada, where I live, break away fron F***ing Quebec and join the USA.

Kaz, Really?, I always thought you to be a smart guy., Read my post at 5:03, How did that(Being nuetral) work out for the Jewish people or for that matter all Europe?

Think man,THINK.
weather you like it or not, if it was'nt for us we'd be speaking ....... Ahhhhh Never mind.
It's not worth my time to talk to you about past history..
remember what George Santayana said....

WW2 was a justified war.

The last justified war the US was involved in.

Nice Kza, I'am sure the familys that lost there loved ones in th Korean,Vietnam,And Irag war would refute your last statement.
But then what do I know?

In your opinion was the US' siege of Beirut after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon worth the 3,000 innocent Americans killed on 9/11?

It's a direct connection, bin Laden said the burning towers in Beirut were his inspiration.

I'm sure the families would rather their loved ones not die for no good reason.

There's a reason Ron Paul got more veteran support than any other Republican candidate.

Kaz, Lets just agree to disagree.

Gentlemen: Would you like an opinion from the "Rest of the world"? No one, and mean NO ONE, doesn't fully support the USA in leading us ALL in a justified action! Pearl Harbour and 9/11 being the most obvious examples. Where American foreign policy confuses us is when you stick your nose in where it has no business being stuck in. Vietnam, obviously, is the most glaring example. I raised 2 children. There is no way, absolutely no way, I could justify losing my son in a rice pattie, half way around the world, in some third world countries civil war!

When my wifoue was stationed at Ft Lewis Washington, I got to see a little of western Canada. Loved it, just like US Pacific northwest, no better way to put it,, great land!

Kaz, ever hear of the term "quit while your ahead."??

I don't know where to start here Oil, Dream Defensive backfields, James Harrison, nukes, Quebec, Africa the maligned continent contest and I like Canada too!

Shadow pulls out a Rod Martin reference awesome.

Republicans used to have a pro-american foreign policy, elected to end the korean and vietnam wars. W ran in opposition to Clinton's policing of the world and nation building.


Why are we invading nations and rebuilding them? What happened to 'entangling alliances with none'? What happened to diplomacy? Black ops? Drones? F*cking frogmen?


The invasion of Afghanistan and the removal of the Taliban who were harboring bin laden was completely justified. It was over in 3 months, december 2001, kandahar and tora bora fell and the taliban and bin laden escaped into pakistan. 7 US soldiers had lost their lives.

A decade of 'rebuilding' later - 2,200 dead soldiers, $600B of debt that will be over $1T with interest and we've made no lasting changes in that country.



i didn't "get" the conection between the botched, misconcieved invasion of lebanon by the israelis and the actions of the cursed bin laden.

i am 110% with you on the "decade of rebuilding" and the force feeding of democracy to people who don't/didn't want it. saddam was no bargain, but had he been around methinks he never would have let his arch-enemy come close to developing a nuclear weapon.

and on the loighter side, kenan allen of cal just smoked himself into the third round after he was mentioned by many as a player the dolphins might take, pre mike wallace signing. be well

"liberal shitheads desperately want the "terrorist(s)" to be domestic because it fits their warped view of America"

tom? i've been calling your ass out forever, and i will do so again.
MY view of america was fit on 9/11, not in oklahoma city. OKC was just the icing on the cake.
WE armed bin laden, WE overthrew the legitimate governments of iran, AND iraq as well, not to mention the ones in south america. we've stuck our nose everywhere in the world. ancient conflict? who cares, we'll but in anyway.
dumba$$ lunatic comments like yours completely fit my view of america; mostly a bunch of historically ignorant blabbermouths that would run screaming if THEY ever had to do all the fighting they so vociferously support.
we haven't fought a real war since the 40's; the rest was for money, oil, and empire.
we're lucky we aren't hit even more than we have been. keep rattling the sabres and scream about how much better we are than everywhere else.
you sound like a moron, even MORE so than when you bag on ireland.
my view of america is supported everytime i see one of your brilliant posts.
no true liberal OR conservative is hoping ANYTHING but justice in the wake of this tragedy, you douchebag. go call hannity if you want to politicize it..

Good article, Cote.


If you had read what I've posted here about Donna Shalala's response to the NCAA investigation you would have come to this conclusion months ago.

Contrary to all the individuals who have applauded her actions and were elated that she was going after the NCAA in this manner the truth remains that in any fight you have to "know when to hold them and know when to fold them."

Ms. Shalala, who is not a lawyer, and has one of the biggest cases of "short man" disease that I've ever seen. Is not only not equipped to make any legal decision involving this case but she has a history of being on the wrong side of legal issues going back to her days as Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, when she instituted a "hate speech" policy that was latter ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. In this case against the NCAA she didn't even think to follow her own misguided beliefs when it came to "harmful speech." The only harm that she has done with her idiotic attack on the judge, in this case the NCAA's Enforcement Committee, is to the University of Miami football and basketball programs.

Now that she has embarrassed and backed the NCAA into a corner she has to plead for mercy from the court. Fat chance.

When Clark Clifford, former White House counsel for Harry Truman, wrote his memoirs the first thing he mentioned was a story about his early days as a country lawyer in Kansas. He told the story of a share cropper who had a dispute with his landlord, one of the largest land owners in the county. The poor share cropper had a signed lease allowing him to farm on his plot for ten years and now the landowner was giving him the bum's rush. Clifford listened to him and told him that "He didn't have a case." The share cropper said that he had a signed contract and that he would prevail in court. Clifford looked at him and said, "Son, that little piece of paper that you have is nothing compared to the 100,000 acres that the other guy has."

In other words, "You've got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them."

Donna Shalala is the worst thing to happen to the University of Miami football program in its illustrious history.

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