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March 22, 2013

Breeze! Canes win big, Heat hit 25. What's bigger right now: UM in NCAAs or Heat streak? Poll. Vote; plus Haiku winner, Madness update, Serena & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, MARCH 23. Ultra Music Festival continuing in downtown Miami. Like most genres of sound but admit electronic music not one of my favorites. Don't like a group needing a laptop in their performance. 2) Click on Duke Johnson for a 2-minute ESPN video interview with the Canes' running back. Around the 1:30 mark it sounds like the interviewer calls him Eric, but I may be wrong. 3) In the Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat miracle rally, my bracket, betting on Canes, Oreo cat. 4) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

OC Dolphin wins March Madness Haiku Challenge!: Congratulations to blog-community giant OC Dolphin for his champion haiku: "Miami, home of roundball * Heat, second to none * Canes, joining the fun." The judges overlooked a lack of classic 5-7-5 phrasing, charmed by simplicity and use of the word 'roundball.' Runnerup: I Am Kazaam (bandwagons). Honorable mention: Sean Millerick (three -ologys), Redsky (twisted testes) and Brian S (pots and pans). Thanks to all! Aside to OC Dolphin: Email me at gcote@miamiherald.com with your prize choice: 2012 Heat championship book, 2013 Dolphins media guide, or segment in-studio on Le Batard radio show on 790 the Ticket.

SEISMIC: TITLE-CHASING CANES WIN OPENER, RECORD-CHASING HEAT WIN AGAIN: Probably should have called yesterday Fantastic Friday, but wasn't in an alliterative mood. The Hurricanes opened play in the men's NCAA Tournament as a No. 2 seed (winning easily; see below), and later the Heat returned home in search of its 25th consecutive victory and got it -- moving ever closer to the Lakers' venerable 1971-72 NBA record of 33. It was the ultimate smorgasbord doubleheader for a Miami basketball junkie. And it's a close call (at least to me) which is the bigger story right now: the Canes' school-record high entry into March Madness, or the Heat's run at history? Let's set the table on each, after which we offer a poll for your vote:

1aa1hurricaneNo. 2 Hurricanes d. No. 15 Pacific, 78-49 -- Miami was a comfortable 12-point favorite, but two No. 15s won in this round a year ago, and yesterday No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast won. (They do call this Madness, remember). Having said that, I couldn't imagine UM losing, and they made it look easy with Durand Scott's 21 points leading the way in Austin, Tex. I eschewed homerism, but admitted my beleaguered bracket was rooting for a Canes win. Up next: UM vs. Illinois on Sunday. Pictured: Yesterday's official alert for the people of the Pacific region. (Our two other state teams also debuted, both last night: No. 3 Florida handled Northwestern State, 79-47, also in Austin; and Florida Gulf Coast stunned -- stunned-- Georgetown, 78-68, in Philadelphia).  

1aa1heat25Miami Heat d. Detroit Pistons, 103-89 -- Detroit stinks and had lost nine straight. Should have been a rout, but you know how that goes. Miami (and its fans) could have used one of those drama-free routs after recent coronary-inducing comeback wins at Boston and Cleveland. They sort of got that. Detroit led into the third quarter before the Heat took over, and convincingly. So the streak goes silver at 25, lending a new meaning to the club's (pictured) anniversary logo. Click HERE for my column off last night's latest win.

Now, the poll!: Remember this is not a favorite-team poll and not asking whether you'd prefer the Heat set the streak record or the Canes win a national title. This is asking which is the bigger story right now: Heat making the most serious run ever at a 41-year-old record some thought would never be broken? Or magical Canes season continuing as No. 2 seed in NCAAs? Vote and say why. (I know. It's apples 'n oranges and you hate having to choose, but, c'mon. It's just a blog poll!)

FLORIDA GULF COAST!?! MADNESS BY THE NUMBERS (entering Saturday play): A daily tracking of upsets and my bracket in the men's NCAA Tournament. Upset watch: Total games played so far--32, excluding play-ins. Upsets by seeding--9 (28.1%). Biggest upsets by seed: 15-Florida Gulf Coast d. 2-Georgetown, 14-Hahvahd I mean Harvard d. 3-New Mexico. My bracket: Teams eliminated so far--12. Ouch. Biggest losses--Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Georgetown, which I had all winning in next round, too. 

SERENA HAD IT RIGHT ALL ALONG: I was pleased to be down on Key Biscayne for tennis this week, and 1aa1serenaproduced this column off Serena Williams' opening match. Critics have hit Serena hard over the years (me included) for her outside interests that seemed to convey a lack of devotion to tennis. But those outside interests and the pace of her career are what have kept her fresh and elongated her prime. She won her 14th and 15th majors just last year. She has become the oldest women (at 31) to be ranked No. 1. She neither sought nor needed vindication, but has earned it anyway.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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How is this a close vote? The Heat are a way bigger story right now, locally and nationally. Have you seen the SunSports ratings? They're putting up ratings in the 10-12 range, which are record local ratings. The Celtics and Cleveland games both reached near 20 ratings in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale DMA at the endings of the games.

Nationally, ESPN is covering the Heat streak as the biggest story in sports and every radio show talks about it incessantly, there's nothing close to this story in all of sports right now.

It's great that the Hurricanes are a 2-seed, but unless they reach the Final Four, that story isn't anywhere as big a deal as the Heat pursuing the Lakers' 33 win streak.

While the Heat's streak into NBA history is a great story, the NBA Championship is a far greater goal/accomplishment/story than the streak itself. Now the Miami Hurricanes historic run into the Big Dance with a team built to go far (Championship?) having little to no post season history...... that is huge! Yes, I am a Hurricane fan and am very proud of the football tradition, but the success and timing of this run is perfect for making history and that is why is a bigger/better story.

its an interesting question, today the Canes are a bigger story locally and as long as they are in the NCAA turnament, nationally?..no question is the Heat.

I'm enjoying both stories a great deal, I'm not chosing one over the other.

so what's up with the Dolphins and E Winston?..

draft talk,

this are some of the players the Dolphins supposedly like in the top tier of the draft.

Chance Warmack-G
Eric Fisher-T
Dee Milliner-CB
Dion Jordan-DE
Jonathan Cooper-G
Lane Johnson-T
Barkevious Mingo-OLB/DE
Tavon Austin-WR
Kenny Vaccaro-FS
Sheldon Richardson-DT

of those players, realistically only these players should be available at 12th.

Chance Warmack-big maybe
Jonathan Cooper
Lane Johnson-big maybe
Barkevious Mingo
Tavon Austin
Kenny Vaccaro
Sheldon Richardson

which one would you guys take?

there's also some that think the Dolphins may draft Tavon Austin # 1 and trade D Bess..how about that one.

FZ, kinda all depends on who they still sign as FA's. You know that they'll get Winston, probably a DE, and most certainly a corner.

My guess is still that they stand pat and get Xavier Rhodes.

What is bigger basketball story...? That's too easy! The Heat's streak - Nationally, The Canes' bracket run - Locally.

Regarding the Heat streak is it really all that surprising they have won all of these games I mean look at their team they have the best player in the world and a very good supporting cast of players.

I for one am not all that surprised I expected this when they got LeBron not sure all of this is really that big of a deal.


you could be right on Xavier Rhodes, I have to find out about him.

@Big Baby

Jordan's 72-10 Bulls' longest streak was 18 games.

Shaq-Kobe Lakers longest streak was 19 games.

It's really hard to win 20+ games straight (especially as a defending champion) when you're getting everyone's best shot.

You really expected a streak like this when LeBron came down here? Come on, these things are impossible to pull off.

The odds of a team that wins 80% of its games going on a 20+ game winning streak is like 1%; that's 1 out of 100 teams that win 60+ games in a season. It's that hard to pull off.

There's a reason only 1 team has won this many games in a row in the entire history of the NBA.

I am just not blown away by it that team is flat out loaded.

Nice Job OC that was a good haiku you going in studio?

Celtics won 20 then KG went down a few years ago it likely would have been more.

OC Wins?

bro, I want a re count...hehe, just kiddin OC, you deserve it.

OC...This is for you amigo.



its kind of difficult winning all these games in a row, the 72-73 season was a long time ago, 22 by the Rockets is not too shabby either...

I still don't think they are going to break the record, is too difficult.

Congrats OC. Take the radio station prize and tell Mrs. OC that now you're going to be living in Miami for the next 9 months getting ready for the radio station appearance. He he.

Bon bon chia chia chia.

Bon bon chia chia cha

Cote, Cote, mamame la!

I think they will break it FZB maybe even run the table.

OC won...seriously? I think the Republicans are right, there is some serious voter fraud going on in Florida. My series of "Haikus are easy" haikus were far and away the class of anything posted. Come on who can forget this classic

Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense
Ireland trades Marshall

or this all time favorite

Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense
Ireland drafts Egnew

Oh well what difference does it make? OCs gonna get stiffed by Cote anyway. Cote never pays his debts, he is the prototypical liberal progressive. Promises the world and delivers nothing.

"Take the reds, OC!"

Not for nothing but Egnew was a pretty good pass catching TE at Missouri what they seem to have missed on is his terrible blocking ability.

At the end of the day though it's a 3rd Round Pick not many of those guys always work out anyway.

My advice to you. Get over it.

How in the world did my Bon Bon Chia not win, Cote?

What, you had five East German ice skating judges judging the Haichi competion?

And Kazaam honorable mention? You must have a blowfish for a pet, Cote.

Big Baby

Go read the pre-draft scout reports on Egnew. His lack of blocking ability is HIGHLIGHTED in the reports. Seems everyone in the world knew except our nitwit GM. Just sayin...

Woodcock you win the post of the day. Good one!


Negativo Tom is not changing, sure Egnew could be a bust but there's a chance he may get it together, I keep going back to the Paul Solia example, it took 4 years for the guy to "make it"...

He also fails to mention all GM's make mistakes and if you get two or three contributing/starters per draft your doing pretty good, but hey, whatever.

Hey, hey, hey, I won! That's two championships in three years! Look out Pat Riley, I'm-a-comin after ya.

Want to thank fellow participants, our host, Greg Cote, and the judging committee. I would also like to thank my agent, Lex Luthor, Rick Nicita, at Creative Artists Agency, my producer, Robert Zemeckis, my accountant, Billy Beancounter, my wife, my mom, my dad, my dearly departed dog, Kobe.

cue the music ... ♫ ♪

You like me. You really like me...

Oh boy, here we go..it already got to his head.

Fock off, OC. You only won because that retard Cote brought in five east Krauts to judge this thing. If he had chink judges like every other haichi contest has my Bon Bon Chia would have won in a landslide.

Highway robbery, the winning entry wasn't a haiku and haiku's aren't supposed to rhyme.

But well done OC.

Dolphins should trade a second round pick for Brandon Albert, giving Jon Martin the left tackle spot would be disastrous.

I don't think their plan is to give Martin the LT spot especially after last year it was a failed experiment they muat have another plan hope I am right.

Amen to that Kazaam. Everyone here praying for Winston (FZB in particular) failed to recognize the fact Marin IS NOT a left tackle. Keeping Martin on the left side is sure to shorten Tannehill career.

So what do I expect? Ireland will sign Eric Winston, Jon Martin will be our left tackle and Tannehill will not see game 10 this year.

Jonathan Martin will be our LT, the kid is going to be just fine there, you guys gotta have a little faith.

he was a LT in college for 4 years, protected Andrew Lucks blind side, get Winston in here and we'll be fine...He needs to get a little stronger (which he is doing this off season) plus the WCO offense is more about mobile linemen than brute force.

Here is Joe Philbin's endorsement of Jon Martin as Miami's left tackle:

"If he's the best one that we have, absolutely," Philbin replied when asked if he would be comfortable with Martin as the left tackle.


Sounds like a coach begging his idiot GM to sign a real LT.

we'll see...no one is playing any games for a while, young players with talent DO IMPROVE, contrary to what you may think.

Hey Kaz, can I send you a copy of my new book?


OC Dᴏʟᴘʜɪɴ

How To Win At Haiku

Oʀᴅᴇʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴘʏ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ Aᴍᴀᴢᴏɴ ᴏʀ ᴀᴛ ғɪɴᴇ ʙᴏᴏᴋsᴛᴏʀᴇs ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ

US $29 Cᴀɴ $35 Kᴀᴢ $400

roses are red
violets are blue
senor kazy pooh
is feeling blue

watching the Canes game on my sligbox here at the office, Canes are up 22-10 with 6 minutes left in the first half.

greatest invention ever, you can be anywhere in the world watching your very own home TV !!

Oye OC,

If I were you I'll tell Cote I want dinner at Joe's Stone Crab or Versalles Rest...


Chapter 1 - creating a cheesy rhyming poem that isn't a haiku.

Chapter 2 - finding a contest judged by a cheesy old guy who doesn't understand what a haiku is.

Chapter 3 - bathing in the tears of the losers who wrote haikus instead of cheesy rhyming poems.

Hey Kaz,

you didn't like my poem to you?

I would love to do the segment in-studio on Le Batard radio show, but being that I'm 3,000 miles away...

I'll ask him Monday if the prize is transferable. If so, maybe I'll auction off the prize, or trade it to Ireland for a 1st round pick

A bad case of sour grapes.

Ask for the media guide, those things are great.

FZB - just out of curiosity, you've read this blog for years now and you've seen the contest a bunch of times. Could you write a haiku?

I am confused now Cote said the haiku could rhyme and his example used also rhymes which is it?


I don't even know what the fack a haiku is which is why I kept calling it hara-kiri, hehe

Canes are up big at the half, 40 to 16 over Pacific.

This is America, BB, not Japan. Rules get the "Relaxed Fit" treatment here.

Pots and Pans??!!

Twisted Testes??!!

I am not Robert Frost but who judged this thing?

It can still be a haiku if it rhymes but if you bought a book of haikus with 10,000 in there not one of them would.

They can't diverge from the 5,7,5 format though, Cote accepts anything with 17 syllables but they aren't actually haikus if they're not in that format.

The real three chapters:

1. Know your audience
2. Do your research
3. Craft something trendy with mass appeal

Relaxed fit indeed OC.

I think redsky should have won, his wasn't 17 syllables but it was the only entertaining one of the bunch, including mine.

I have a question for you two, are you guys REALLY GOING TO HAVE S DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS HAIKU CHIT?

Some people find it interesting FZB poetry has always interested me.

I think I'm going to commit hara-kiri now, its been nice talking to you guys.

Looks like you never channelled your inner Jim Morrison maybe next year.

Can you imagine what our d would look like with him on it?

Concerns are he is more suited to a 3-4 a bit undersized but we play a hybrid doesn't every team now I am all in.

Jon Martin IS NOT the answer at LT. He may not even be the answer at RT.

ProFootballFocus.com analysis

23. Miami Dolphins (22)

Stud: He finished the season poorly by the standards he set, but for a stretch of the season there wasn’t a better center in the league than Mike Pouncey (+17.6).

Dud: You spend a high pick on a rookie, then it’s likely at some point you’re going to want to see what you’ve got. Well, the Dolphins got a good long look at Jonathan Martin (-22.0) and they’ll know he’s got a long way to go before he becomes the player they drafted him to be.

Note the DUD rating for Martin and the NEGATIVE (-22) efficiency rating compared to the +17.6 for Pouncey. Not reported here Brandon Albert of KC was a +16.

At the end of the day, Miami needs a real LT. Eric Winston is not a real LT and neither is Brandon Albert. If Miami can work a trade with KC for Brandon Albert fo a 2nd round pick this year and a 4th or 5th next year they should do it. Lock the left side down for 5 years.

I agree FZB. Signing Dumervil would be a good move. Thus, I predict Ireland will pass. You would be a better GM than Ireland.

Prior post should have read...

Eric Winston is not a real LT and neither is JON MARTIN.


You have to let things play out..assuming the guy is already a bust is insane, the guy was a left tackle in college, a good LT and he was playing out of position as a RT plus the reason the guy lasted into the second round is because he lacked strenght, that's why he dropped, it may take him a year or two to become a player but the guy has the talent.

Canes 70- Pacific 40 5:40 to play in the game.

Those cincy shorts yuk they have brought back Zubaz but instead of pants, they are shorts!

Canes won, it was a breeze...no problemas.

Sheesh FZB they have been playing out for freaking decades and we are nowhere....well let me put that another way, we are somewhere we don't want to be....LOSERVILE.

That said, Miami with some good work in the GMs office has a chance to really upgrade this year. But we can't go into the season with one of the worst OLs in the league. That's what we were last year (23rd out of 32 teams) and now we're worse with the loss of Jake Long. We need a LT and a G. We also can't go into the season without upgrades at CB and RB. And another edge pass rusher would not hurt.

I tell ya, KC must really be high on Luke Joeckel. First, they cut Winston, then they want to trade their starting LT.

Well Tom since you put it that way, I think we'll be very lucky to win one game next year.

Well I don't agree FZB. We have a chance to win 9, 10 or even 11 games but not with the team we have now. There are only two reasons we will not be in the 9-11 win range. First, Tannehill is not the QB we hoped he would be. Second, Ireland holds true to form and continues to make horrible personnel decisions. Sadly there is little reason to have faith in Ireland. His history is not good regardless of what you say. That said, no reason we cannot have the audacity to hope he'll do better.

FZB, the guy is right. The team lost a #1, #2 overall pick, two starters and a third in Smith and replaced none. It's not that they have to find replacement, that's a given. They're just going to be hard pressed in finding three better players at those positions.

Audacity of hope. Yeah, that's a winning line!

Long is broken down, I think we all agree that letting go was the right thing to do.

Bush while a terrific player was not a good fit for the WCO/zone blocking scheme because he is not an instictive runner and doesn't have natural cutting ability which is what you need.

Sean Smith was not a good fit for our new 4-3 defense which is more predicated they play more zone, Smith is more suited for a bump and run style.

letting go of those three players was a football decision and it was made more by Philbin, he is a new coach and simply wants the type of players that fit into his system.

Reggie Bush.

Is not an instinctive runner.

Does not have natural cutting ability.


FZ. Did you bump your head or something?

Well done OC. I put 50 large on you to ah pull it out sire...

Reggie Bush has great ability but he dances too much, the coaching staff got frustrated with him as a runner, he did not hit the holes created by the offensive line on a regular basis, that's what I meant by that statement.

In zone blocking you have to be a patient runner which Bush is not, you guys are going to be surprised at how much better a runner Lamar Miller is compared to him, Bush is a way superior receiver but the Dolphins simply went in another direction.

He is probably going to be very good in Detroit but not as a runner, he will be terrific coming out as a receiver...good luck to him.

OC, No I didn't bump my head but maybe I did and I can't remember...lol

Oye brother, what happened to the cuban diet post? That post was 100 times better that the stupid haichi crap that Kaz and OC submitted to Herr Fatass.

Funny thing happened today. Pulled up to the hotel I'm staying in after training this week. Women all over the place. Seems there is a Mary Kay convention this weekend. Hotel lobby, loaded with women. Glanced in the lounge, wall to wall women. Elevators, packed with women. Jimbo is going to shower, put on my best Magnum PI shirt, splash on some Agua Velva and go downstairs. Got to practice my "How you doo'en" before I go. Going into the cougar den to face the peril.

Good luck Jimbo !!

Oh man, a pussy stampede! Nothing better, bro. Good hunting. Just make sure that you let them know that you're packing a 14 inch anaconda inside your Levis.

Mario Balotelli scored a stunning goal as Italy came back from two goals down to draw 2-2 with Brazil in a pulsating exhibition in Geneva on Thursday.

Posted by: mike1 | March 21, 2013 at 11:52 PM

I thought he was a Fat Chef, Who'd figured..
And BTW Coot, Redsky had the best Heiku, Your just P/Oed that he put Repulican on the entry form instead of Liberal..

um baby?
the heat's streak should definitely be YOUR biggest surprise in basketball; after all, weren't you the genius that said boston would destroy us this year and we were "ONE AND DONE"?
remember that? guess you want it both ways, huh?
now you're not too impressed? it hasn't been accomplished in over 40 years; neither magic, bird, jordan, kobe, or ANYONE in over 40 years has managed to do this, but YOU aren't impressed?
you will be reminded of that idiotic statement by me EVERY TIME i post until we win it AGAIN, like i said we would.
as for the dolphins..
tom? SHUT IT.
you already know after one rookie season being thrown into the fire with no receivers to throw to that tannehill isn't a viable answer at QB?
really? maybe you picked the wrong line of work..
just stop it already, please. you sound like a republican trying to explain how we AREN'T paying less in taxes now than in the past 50 years..
FZB, we will have the last laugh; leave these fools alone..

Mouning guys,

Heatles win numero 25 , getting closer to the record..still think is a long shot.

Mario Chalmers is playing very well, he has been active on defense and he's been hitting the 3's on a fairly consistent basis, he still makes stupid mistakes but over all has been solid, hopefully he'll continue it.

I wonder if old Jimbo found someone to share his bed last night..hehe


Tom's statement on Tannehill makes no sense, the kid has a lot of potential, he had nothing to work with last year yet he was solid most of the time, he got a year under his belt and now he has weapons.

Its a process, look at Flacco, the guy was average for three years and now look at him, Eli Manning the same, QB's in most cases take a while to develop, you're right, we'll have the last laugh..

Dave and FZB

Please go back and read what I wrote. I said NOTHING negative about Tannehill. What I said and I quote

"We have a chance to win 9, 10 or even 11 games but not with the team we have now. There are only two reasons we will not be in the 9-11 win range. First, Tannehill is not the QB we hoped he would be. Second, Ireland holds true to form and continues to make horrible personnel decisions."

So will both of you tell me what I said about Tannehill that does not make sense? FZB I understand david in LA not understanding what I wrote, he's a dumber than a box of rocks liberal progressive who believes the Obambulator is helping us by putting everyone on welfare. But you.....WTF? You should know better.

here's some classic Beatles for you guys, just because.


I'll check in later...

Panthers sign returner Ted Ginn


Poor Ron Rivera. He's got a good QB and some nice pieces in Carolina, but he's stuck with a shitty OL and no cap space. So what does he do? He signs Cam Cameron's one year ticket out of Miami....Ted Ginn. I hope Rivera didn't sign the "Ginn Family" too?

Oh well, at least I gotta hand it to Ireland on the Ginn front. Ireland got rid of Ginn and resisted the temptation to bring him back. So at least we got that going for us.

I don't like soccer. Boring sport. I'd rather watch grass grow. Which is what I tried to do yesterday when I came across this soccer game on TV. To my surprise these guys were playing in a full blown blizzard. It was really an amazing thing to watch. I never knew that they actually played soccer in the snow. Who knew. I actually watched about five minutes of the action before the novelty wore off and l was able to change the channel back to the NCAA tournament in time to see the Bruins get wiped out by something called the Gophers before the soccer game put me to sleep. I do have one question, shouldn't they have postponed the game to make it fair to Costa Rica? I mean, it's bad enough that they had to play in some midwest dump after traveling for three days to get here, but to make them play in a blizzard when most of their players have never as much as seen shaved ice in a snow cone seems terribly unsportsmanlike to me.

real David - so when your apology tour gets to Ryan Tannehill do you prefer pointing out that he couldn't beat out anyone to play QB until his senior year or the fact that the greatest GM in the history of ever left him throwing at trashcans being pushed around in shopping carts?

Maybe Bill Parcells was shining a mirror in his eyes from the stands?

"Maybe Bill Parcells was shining a mirror in his eyes from the stands?"

Love it when one paints a picture to convey a point of view. Nice job.

Tommy, Dapper Dave as usual must have banged his drum last night without the necessary ear plugs.

Wassup Dave!


Mr Woodcock, the US will have to play in Costa Rica, where the rowdy fans keep them up all night outside the hotel. Also, historically their fans have thrown cups of water and sometimes piss at them on the field. I'm not terribly upset the game was played. US has to play in some tough atmospheres. The 1974 semifinal game between W. Germany and Poland was played in a swamp in Stuggart I think or Frankfurt. The speedy Polish forwards who scored the most goals in the WC that year, kept losing the ball in standing water on multiple breakaway attempts. Sometimes conditions don't work equally for both teams, that's just the way it ges. Northern European teams will die next year in Brazil's climate, while African , S. American teams, especially Brazil will excel.

Soccer boring? You may not have watched a baseball game yet. All sports have ther great, average, and bad games. What % of college football games are not blowouts. Or any basketball game. Too much scoring in basketball for me, I can only jump into the mid 4th period. College basketball. Immensely boring, too big of a field,. People get into it for the pools. The recent Heat games are exciting because of the streak and the huge comebacks.

Admittedly, if corrupt FIFA hadn't been holding back evolution of soccer, it could have really great potential.
Watch a home Seattle game sometime, and check to see if the 40,000 that average there in the pouring rain. Look bored, even when they are losing.

Soccer is actually more boring than baseball, which is hard to do. It was ridiculous to play a soccer game in a driving snow storm. But I will say it was a lot better than when it's played on a green grass field. Maybe they should play in a snow covered field all the time, it might just make it more exiting than watching paint dry.

FZB: how stupid can you be? That's my poem/haiku

Hey, where's that moron dashit that want Spo fired??

You know why soccer is popular in Seattle?

Because Seattle is full of hipsters who want to sound worldly by pretending to like soccer.



Last year the Miami Dolphins tied for the 18th best record in the league(7-9) with four other teams. In todays's pre-draft NFL power rankings ESPN currently ranks Miami as the ....19th best team in the NFL.

So with all the great moves of our nitwit GM we've moved from 18th to 19th.

Congrats Jeffy. At least we're not 20th.


Oooohhhh, an insult , who the fack is this Dr. lawrence Fine?..

Blow me dude.

pre draft power rankings? really? who cares? sounds like a guy complaining about spending AFTER republicans spent us into oblivion.
"First, Tannehill is not the QB we hoped he would be." what you mean WE?
i thought he had a great rookie season and showed some promise. many experts, including DON SHULA agree with me. if you hoped he would storm out of the gate like marino did, well, then i guess you can be upset, like the idiot republican apologist head-in-the-sand moron that you are.

apology tour? never happened with the president OR me, kaz. thought you were smarter than that.
as for tannehill, i don't give a crap what he did in college; all those USC and canes QB's looked GREAT in college, as i remember. plus he was a receiver for 1/2 his time there, AND posted records as a receiver. in his 1st starting seaon in college, he completed 61.6% of his passes and posted a quarterback rating of 133.2. how's THAT for a statistic.
he's played ONE pro season, passed for 3200 yards and 12 TD's, and 13 interceptions.
kinda reminds me of another QB in the league, who posted similar rookie numbers.
THAT bum only threw for 2971 yards with 14 TD's and 12 interceptions HIS 1st year.
yeah, i agree with you football geniuses; tannehill sucks!

whats up, woody? just playing music, getting paid and getting 1aid..

Geez Dapper, that's quite a negative vision of you walking in to one of those West Hollywood bathhouses holding hands with a guy named Barry and what have you. Gezis chris, son, this is a family blog. Not that there's anything wrong with your lifestyle, I guess, but perish the thought, Jr. I hear they have a cure for that. Have you tried Scientology?

thought LAID wouldn't make it past the sensors. :)
no thanks.
i'm happy with secular humanism with a jewish cultural twist; it's served me well..
unless BABY is right and i'm going to burn in hell for all of eternity! perish THAT thought.. :)

i almost forgot to ask our resident NBA expert and condemner-to-hell BABY how his one-and-done prediction is looking right now..

Bro, I bet this guy a grand today that Miami would go farther in the tournament than Gonzaga. :)

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