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March 18, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 23 has ended; next chat March 25

Previous: Blogpost directly below includes Canes winning ACC, Heat winning 22nd straight, Selection Sunday. Up next: Post for our 8th annual March Madness Haiku Challenge will publish immediately following today's chat.

LIVE BLOG CHAT/Q&A NO. 23 HAS ENDED: Thanks to all. Click into 'Comments' below to read transcript of today's lively palaver. See you next Monday at 1.


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Hey Greg,

so the Canes win the ACC regular season AND the ACC "tunament" but don't get a "numero uno" seed, NCAA bias?..or am I making too much of this?


What was your take on Dan Le Batards article on Sunday?

Hey all. Greg here. Be at it in just a minute!

OK let's go! FZB, point taken. UM is first school to win both in one ACC season and NOT be a No. 1. But I don't think the 1-2 difference is very great. Not as if home-court comes with No. 1. Miami doesn't have the tradition of Duke, and that does count.

uglyaqua, Dan's Sunday column shaded a bit negative, for me, although it's underlying tone was hard to argue. Dolfans have been burned/disappointed enough to maybe be skeptical about the latest wave of changes. Having said that, it's OK to enjoy the moment and feel optimism, too. Lot more weapons for Tannehill in '13.

Greg, What do you think about drafting Tyler Eifert

What you got!? These chats all tend to start slowly and then gather steam. That's cool. Me here.

Are you going to see Crosby Stills & Nash at the Hard Rock? Or if you've seen them within the last few years (my bet is that you saw them at Woodstock, but they've changed since then...), were they good and would you recommend going?

who do you see the Fins drafting at 12?

Seth Indy..., I like it less than I did before they signed Dustin Keller. I don't mistake Keller for Rob Gronkowski but he IS an offensive upgrade over Fasano. Doubt they'll target a TE with top pick, unless it's a trade-down to get Eifert later in first round. He feels like a reach at 12 but makes some sense in the 20s.

Andrew, oddly enough I have never seen Crosby, Still & Nash. I lean more to Neil Young, actually. But I love their harmonies and think "Southern Cross" is an absolute gem. By the way, I'm a bit young to have been to Woodstock -- believe it or not!


That that we know Obama's true identity (that of a sith Lord)..


has your opinion of him changed any?

answeredave, OTs Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson would make sense if available at 12. But think cornerback might be the pressing position need at this point.

FZB, that's a funny photoshop. I think my opinion of him is enhanced. Also might like him as a vampire, perhaps.

do you think they will pick Auston if available?

Hope y'all are ready for our 8th annual March Madness Haiku Challenge. Will post in the blog just minutes after this chat ends. HAIKU!

Show Killa,

What animal would you like to have as a pet if I guaranteed you it wouldn't attack you, it was legal, etc, etc. Pet tiger? pet monkey? pet dolphin?

answerdave, you mean Tavon Austin, the WR from West Virginia? I cannot imagine they'd pick a WR in 1R after what they've done in free agency. Maybe with a much lower pick. Think they'll be shopping for best available CB, OT or pass-rusher in that order.

Nickm, love the Show Killa nod, thanks. Working on getting T-shirts made. Answer: the tiger, without question. For me one of the most stunningly gorgeous animals on earth.

Why haven't we signed any DB's? Would like to see the Fins go after Grimes and draft the DB from Alabama.

julio, yes Alabama CB Dee Milliner would be Miami's pick if possible, ideally, but he'll be long gone. He's a likely top five guy and doubt seriously Dolphs will trade up -- although they have the ammo to.


its surprising the lack of "negativo" responses on Jake Long going to the Rams, I say it was a sound biznet decision considering that Long was not the same player.

who would you go after?...Winston?..or the draft?


I dont understand the Gibson signing. Why did the Fins sign him?

Say Cote, do you think Auntie Donna reads a bedtime story to Kazaam every night?

Tavon Austin is a flyer and I feel he would add additional weapons to the offense.

How do you feel the Fins did in free agency?

FZB, yes Eric Winston, from here, makes absolutely perfect sense. Could also see them backing that up with a 1R OT in draft, although less likely if they nab Winston or somebody else now. Get Winston! (In case you're in the Chat Room, Jeff Ireland...)

Oye Cote,

don't you think the Cuban Don aka Jim Larranega deserves and SHOULD GET coach of the year?

julio, Brandon Gibson is young, came at the right price, caught 51 balls for Rams last year, and they'll be playing a good amount of 4-WR sets. And it's a fairly weak first-round to draft a WR No. 12.

Mr. Woodcock, I have no idea, but I rather enjoy the visual. I just hope it stops with a bedtime story.

Cote, do you think Donna Shalala wears lifts?

answerdave, I think team did well in free agency, although I alsways look at free agency as the draft as separate hands that must fit together. What you don't fill in FA you'd better in the draft. So right now Miami grade is incomplete but strong early signs led by Wallace and the LB from Ravens.

Come on Cote, if you keep whipping out Kaz like that he'll go Potter on us. You have to give the kid a break.

FZB, yeah Larranaga already won ACC coach of the year so he'll be among finalists for national award. Can't think of anybody who did better. Remember that NC State and Duke got all the preseason conference attention, not Miami. He'd have my vote.


you have plenty of connections at the U, I feel that Woodcock is really a closet Shalala fan, would you consider setting up a blind date for these two to "work out" their hostilities and reach a common understanding?

I offer myself as the limo driver.

Mr. Woodcock, yes she wears lifts. She's actually 3-6.

Mr. W-cock, I give breaks only where they are need. I have no idea what that even means.

FZB, is Shalala married or available I don't even know? Or she may be married AND available. OY!

Here is a haiku to get you warmed up:

Canes in the tourney
the first foe is Pacific
to be specific

hey that's a winner!!

That's all you got? Lights flashing in Chat Room. Last call? Women beginning to look better and I need to get whisky bent and he-ell bound.


let me help you here, young Mr Potter was a flash in the pan on "our" blog, came in for a few days, very entertaining guy, good innocent young lad I say but the infidels/negativos of the blog (mainly Anti and Kazaam) ran the boy off.

I think the Woods-Ter is still piss-off about it.

This haiku thing really is fun. Just remember the 5-7-5 phrasing and you're gold. Hint: Duke coach surname an economical bargain at three syllables.

FZB, only the strong survive in the thicket in which familial brothers do battle with the evil forces of anonymity. The law of the jungle was made for blog comments. Faith and perserverence are key.

Twenty minutes til Haiku Challenge. Excitement and tension building.

If the Dolphins do indeed address tackle in free agency, why not take Tyler Eiffert with the first round pick? Paired up with Keller, it would be a nice double TE attack, plus an answer going forward as Keller will likely be one and done.

Sean Millerick, agreed Keller a likely short-term fix. And agreed Tyler Eifert very tempting. But I think he's a reach at 12. If they could trade down and still get him that's better. Also would take a CB at 12, all things equal.

Lights flashing. Last call. "...I'm glad I'm a man and so's Lola..."

Bonus haiku!

Cranky ol KG
Looking to duck history
Sitting out to pout

Fifteen minutes til Haiku Challenge. News trucks gathering outside the blog. Dwight Lauderdale launching a comeback just to cover it.

Sean, an EXCELLENT haiku! You immediately are among betting favorites for the upcoming challenge, entering at 6-to-1.

I am now almost alone in the Chat Room bar. Lights dim, the ghost of Frank Sinatra across the way, knocking back a last Manhattan.

Wait. Marilyn Monroe just walked in.


duke coach with the silent "kr" at the beginning of his name?

the ACC was not a particularly strong conference this year, and losing to florida gulf coast (how'd they get in/) and indiana state didn't help UM. as you noted there is notuch of a difference between a 1 or 2 seed, and 2-3 is where the ole shadow had them placed.

been to see CSN and Y and attended woodstock until the rains becae absurd saturday morning; got to see one of the alltimers,, tim hardin- after dylan, the greatest songwriter in my unhumble opinion.

Greg, thanks for letting us have the opportunity to waste our times in a very enjoyable way on your blog!

OK time bell rings. Thanks to all; see ya next Monday at 1. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog and the much awaited appearance, within minutes, of our 8th annual March Madness Haiku Challenge!!!

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