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March 14, 2013

It's UM-UNC in ACC title game!; plus March Gladness: Early Christmas for Dolphins' Tannehill, Heat hit 21, USA out in WBC, Jeff Gordon & more

HAIKU ADVISORY! You didn't think I forgot did you? Our blog's annual March Madness Haiku Challenge is coming very soon. Stay tuned!


[It is SATURDAY, MARCH 16. Those new Notre Dame basketball uniforms (right) remind me of a glowstick 1aa1damehad as a kid. 2) Pope Francis I in power three full days now and still no perceptible change in the Catholic Church! 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins/Mike Wallace, Heat 20th straight, Welker, Marino, new pope, World Baseball Classic, Spoelstra's girl. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Dolphins stock rising: New Super Bowl betting odds from Bovada show Dolphins have rocketed from 60-1 to 35-1 because of free-agency moves. Updated favorites are Broncos and 49ers at 7-1 and Patriots at 15-2. Champion Ravens have fallen 14-1 to 20-1.

GREAT SCOTT! DURAND'S 32 LIFTS CANES TO ACC TITLE GAME VS. UNC: Miami's Durand Scott popped a career- 1aa1acchigh 32 points this afternoon and UM beat North Carolina State, 81-71, in the ACC tournament in Greensboro, N.C. That puts Canes in their first ACC championship game, tomorrow vs. North Carolina's Tar Heels, who beat Maryland 79-76. Canes were 2-0 vs. UNC this season, winning 68-59 and 87-61.

MERRY MARCH CHRISTMAS, RYAN TANNEHILL. UNDER YOUR TREE: WEAPONS!: Dolphins made the splash of free agency in landing the Steelers' Mike Wallace. Yesterday they added Brandon Gibson, a 51-catch guy for Rams last year, and tight end Dustin Keller, the ex-Jet. They spent big to re-sign their own Brian Hartline. And Davone Bess returns. [Click on Money Man for the recent column by me on how the Dolphins are hoping -- and paying as much as praying -- that Wallace is for Tannehill's career what the Marks Brothers were for Dan Marino] When all of the free agency dust has settled and the pluses and minuses are weighed, this will be clear: Miami set out to make QB Ryan Tannehill's second season easier than his first, and they have. Jake Long and Reggie Bush won't be easy to replace, and holes such as cornerback remain on defense (Brent Grimes visited yesterday), but the Dolphins have bull's-eyed their priority, which was to give Tannehill more and better targets. (In the better category, consider that Keller had 241 catches for 2,876 yards in 72 games for Jets, vs. Fasano's had 177 for 2,104 in 76 games for Dolphins.

HEAT MAKE IT 21 STRAIGHT!: Heat won its 21st straight victory last night at Milwaukee, comfortably, 107-94, and an interesting subtext was that the Bucks (as No. 8 seed) would be the Heat's opening playoff opponent if the standings hold. And that seems very likely, with Miami all but locked in as the top seed and Beer Town all alone for now at eight. Milwaukee had split two games with Miami this season. Last night might have been an indication how hard the Heat will have to work when the playoffs begin, and if so, the indication is the first round could be the breeze we suspected. LeBron James and Chris Bosh each with 28 last night. Dwyane Wade had shot better than 50 percent with 20-plus points in 11 straight games, the longest streak by a guard since some guy name Michael Jordan 1995-96. He got his 20 last night (right at 20) but narrowly missed the 50 shooting number at 8-for-17.

EMBARRASSING!: U.S. OUSTED IN WBC: [Update: U.S. falls last night to underdog Puerto Rico at Marlins Park, 4-3. P.R. advances to World Baseball Classic semifinals in San Francisco along with Dominican Republic. Americans are eliminated, making it a third straight WBC with the country that invented baseball not even reaching the final. Abner Doubledlay is up in heaven kicking over chairs]. Adapted original post: Our poll result directly below is mirrored in 1aa1amerprU.S. television ratings for the World Baseball Classic, which are modest at best. But this isn't about us, folks, hard as that sometimes is to wrap our heads around. The WBC's reason for being is to grow the sport where it isn't as big. So it is far more important to MLB that a Japan vs. Chinese-Taipei game in this tournament drew a 43 rating on Japanese TV -- A U.S. Super Bowl-type rating. It is far more important that the games are embraced avidly in the Dominican and Puerto Rico, target spots for long-range expansion. And it is far more important that WBC successes by countries like Netherlands and Italy have planted seeds of interest there. Meantime, I was unabashedly cheering for the U.S. team. I was watching on TV, bellowing jingoistically for the Americans. Came close to breaking out a "U-S-A!" chant at some point, although that typically requires a few beers.

Poll result: Minimal interest in World Baseball Classic: We gave you four choices to describe your interest level in the WBC. Only 9.9 percent had "strong" interest, 21.1% "moderate" and 26.9% "minimal." The other 42.1% called their interest "non-existent."

1aa1gordonjJEFF GORDON'S TEST DRIVE: Seen this yet? It's brilliant. A spoiler-alert wouldn't help because as soon as you click on the video RIGHT HERE the secret is out. NASCAR star Jeff Gordon -- in disguise -- takes a Camaro out for a test drive and scares the holy s--- out of the (supposedly) real-life salesman in the passenger seat (pictured) who (supposedly) doesn't know he's being punked in an ad/stunt for Pepsi Max. I have since heard that the salesman was an actor and that Gordon doesn't even do all the driving in the video. No matter. It's fun. The good stuff starts about two minutes in. Enjoy.

Poll result: Strong excitement/support for Dolphins signing Mike Wallace: We invited you to describe your feeling about the signing and Wallace's talent, and 44.5 percent said "excited/elite," with 37.7% "happy/very good," 10.4% "satisfied/pretty good" and only 7.4% answering "unimpressed/overrated."

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Sean Smith leaving is a loss but not a big loss, we can do better in the draft.

go USA !!! beat those dominican's, sorry Dashi.

jake long passed the day-long medical exams for the string of back, shoulder, biceps, triceps and knee injuries he's suffered over the past three seasons. he now feels as good as new and wants tons of cash. ciao!


Hey David,

from the last post of the last blog, you called me "My fascist friend"...hehehe, not sure how I should take that one.

That Pepsi spot was brilliant. Don't anyone miss it.

The used car salesman is a good actor.

FZB don't worry about the real david for LA, he's a leftwing lunatic. Anyone right of Mao is a fascist in his mind.

Being called a fascist by david is a badge of honor.

Obama is fascist... look it up.

And although most certainly not a fascist FZB you are absolutely clueless when it comes to Jeffy.


a wholelot of empty spots on the dolphin depth chart- fasano is more than an adequate tight end and seas smith is less than an adequate CB. jake long is cooked and we'll see how much the rams think that a now near useless first pick of the draft is worth. with steven jackson in atlanta his very poor run-blocking will be of a lesser priority, but it says here his pass blocking-count the holds, sacks and blow-bys and jake long will go down as a bust- not quite a tony mandarich, but mandarich wasn't the first player taken.

Jeff Ireland's moment is now, this year & how the team goes from below average to the next level.... up or down, his career depends on it.

Jake Long needed to go elsewhere. His first 2 seasons in the NFL looked strong, last 2 he started to fall apart physically. If he could have stayed injury free & played to the hype the team would have kept him. Don't even put Pouncey in the same classification as Long. I'm looking at Pouncey and seeing Dwight Stephenson reincarnate! Put Alabama G Chance Warmack next to him & watch Lamar Miller make you forget about Reggie Bush quick. Bush? He'll be a fine fit in Detroit.

Warmack is gone in the top 5 certainly by # 10 it would take big move up the board but it's ok to dream.

Tommy boy,

No, I.m not clueless when it comes to Ireland , its is you that seems to have an issue with math, lets see now, Ireland has been here for 5 years but in charge the last two yet you keep saying he is responsible for Parcells blunders...


Crazy as this may sound to you but there is a good chance that Warmack will be there for us at 12th, a couple of reasons, usually you see a big run at the top of the draft on pass rushers because they are so hard to find and second most GM's stray away from drafting a guard so early because its not considered a "premium" position, what a lot of teams like to do is draft undersize college tackles and convert them into guards in the pros.

If its me and this guy is there I would not hesitate at all, the guy is a stud.

Looks like Keller left town without a contract, he may want too much.

No word on Long but he's a goner...

PFT is now reporting that Michael Bennett just signed a contract with Seattle?...wtf ?..I thought he was supposed to be visiting with us...lol

All the boards I have seen have him going earlier but we'll see.

I think we trade up this year to get Milliner now that Smith is gone unless we go get Houston or Asomugha anyone else you think we could get in FA?

Marshall is locked in at one spot I think Patterson might be a nickel.

He was visiting with us and signed the deal with them while he was in Miami.

Tough business.

I mentioned this in the previous blog but I think is worth mention again, the Dolphins are spending money but they are being very wise/prudent about it.

The Wallace contract is essentially a three year deal with an otion for years 4 and 5, so if the guy bombs or gets hurt we can move on without taking a big cap hit, the same for the two LB's exept theirs is a two year deal, again we can move on without major problems, that's what a GM is suppsed to do, always try to improve your team but keeping an eye or the well being of the team.

Keller aparantly wanted too much money and Bennett went to Seattle for 5 mil , again Ireland did not over pay, there are still plenty of good players out there and a couple of more may be available soon like Dummerville in Denver and J Finley in GB...

Long way to go guys...


I forgot to mentioned this before but the Dolphins are very, very high on Xavier Rhodes the CB from Florida State.. He is a distinct possibility with our numero uno at 12 th.

Saw the video of Jeff Gordon driving like a maniac scaring that poor bastard..lol, priceless.

With all these guys leaving Miami - unsigned - I wonder if Jeff Ireland slapped on a pair of gloves and personally administered their physicals.

Can you please cough, while you consider our offer.

Telling that the Dolphins can only sign players if they pay them 30% more than any other team offers.

How bout saying its smart to not over pay...instead of being negativo ..

Shadow - you've got some interesting stats on yds/completion, kind of counterintuitive that it would be going down in a passing era but I guess that just goes to show how much the dinking and dunking has replaced the running game.

One thing about NFL coaches though, all they care about is winning. They don't pass to entertain the fans, it's just a more effective offense int his day and age.


What?..."telling that the Dolphins can only sign players if they pay them 30% more than any other team offers"..

Hehe, your talking out of your ass again, .you don't know that , as usual you're making an statement without facts...you're an idiot.

Hey Kaz,

Without a doubt, that has to be the dumbest statement you have ever made, and you have made some whoppers before..

They signed Ellerbe for 40% more than the Ravens were offering.

Don't concern yourself with my comments, I'm not interested in arguing with you.

Prove it, how do you really know this...no one knows for sure.

I'm not arguing with you, just correcting you on your stupid comment...no offense.

These Dominican Players (and any other countries playing on US teams), making US dollars, why don't you stay home and play baseball in your own countries.....at whatever they pay there? No, you come here and bite the hand that feeds you, hypocrites!

sure tom; and anyone to the left of attila the hun is a socialist, especially a centrist black president who's better at being a republican than the republicans.
as for these inane posts, let it go, FZB.
just like with the heat, we will have the last laugh, and we'll know who to make fun of.
yeah jimbo; had we picked a receiver or crap QB that year they'd be complaining about needing a center..

David,I'm I too a "Leftest" Cause my taxes went up 15% so some people can continue to collect Unemployment,WIC,Foodtamps,Etc,etc??
It's just getting old my friend, How much more money do I have to give to these people?
You might be making so much money but when I Pay over ten Thousand dollars through out the year in taxes and have to write out a check for another 3 thousand theres somethings wrong in my world...

Sorry David,should have said"Iam A Eltest"?not a lefty, You are a "Leftest"..

You need to change accountants. May I suggest mine. Pepe Rabinowitz. The guy is the prince of darkness. I used to show up and say I'm not paying but now I go in and say I need a refund and presto! Yep, Anti, you have the wrong accountant, buddy. When it comes to taxes you have got to go Heb. If you want a big screen tv for $100 you go to Liberty City but if you want to save money on your taxes you have to go with the tribe, bro. And I don't mean the Cleveland Indians and Chief Wahoo.

I'll be looking in to a "Heb" cock, but I have 3 strikes against me..
#1( I'am White
#2) no kids
#3)I apparently make to much Money.....
What can a White man do

Accounting check.

If the Kansas City Chiefs go out and trade their second round pick for the upcoming draft, plus surrender a conditional pick in 014 for the rights to Alex Smith...then turn right around and give QB Matt Cassel a $4 million deal to play back-up, why, oh why, is spending $4M on Matt Moore so egregious? Is Matt THAT much better than Matt?

YOU CAN LIE YOUR FREAKING ASS OFF YOU DUMB SHIT! Don't you know that Ben Franklin (God Bless Him) himself said that "It is every American's constitutional right to pay as little taxes as possible."

Good grief man, grow a pair, what are you Devo or a real American. Son, God helps those that help themselves. Whining is not something we do here in the good Ol' US of A. Here we take the world by the balls. You go and fire that jack ass at HR Block, throw his ass out, get your paperwork and head over to Hymie Town and get yourself a Heb bean counter. They'll take good care of you, son.

Goodness gracious man, what are you in third grade. It's time to stop wearing short pants sonny boy!

Freaking new generation, nothing but mash potatoes between their ears......

i'll tell you what you can do, anti-..
shut your tired mouth and pay up like a good boy.
and thank whatever fairytale god you believe in that you're STILL paying less than you did under nixon, ford, reagan, and bush senior. you know, those OTHER SOCIALISTS.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and liberals are from the planet Turdbrainium.

call it whatever you want, OC. it's called planet truth.
you are paying less now than under reagan. care to dispute that, or will you stick to more inane name calling?
that's what i thought.
oh, your lakers still suck, and the heat are among the greatest teams ever.
how's it feel? :)

Greg Cote: "Sean Smith signs with Chiefs today. That's a free agency loss because Dolphins were trying pretty hard to re-sign him and thought they had a decent chance."

Barry Jackson: "Despite the Dolphins saying publicly how much they valued them, they never made a formal offer to Sean Smith"

Its not who do you trust, but, who's source do you trust?

Hehe, I just finished reading all the insults you guys threw at each other last night, funny..

Keep up the good work.

Hey Kazy...if you say something intelligent I'll leave you alone but I know the chances of that happening are minimal..

Armando wrote that the Dolphins were still HOPING to re-sign Long which is the reason they have other free agents sort of on hold and there's an article on NFL.com that says the Dolphins are making a late push to keep him...WHY?

is he that much better than anybody out there?..I question my son on this particular move.


by the way Cote, the Dolphins didn't lose Sean Smith, they didn't even made him an offer.

david from LA WTF do you smoke at night? Lower taxes than under Reagan? What unadulterated nonsense. The highest marginal rate now SFB is 39.6 percent. Under Reagan it was 28 percent.

Oh well it is what it is. I don't expect things to change any time soon. Unfortunately for America, there are more takers than producers and the takers are a much faster growing segment of the population. Just need to get used to it. I'm sad for our children that we are risking their shot at the dream I've been able to live. The debt that liberals keep piling onto our children so that they can keep taking is a moral outrage.

OC is right.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and liberals are from the planet Turdbrainium.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | March 15, 2013 at 02:11 AM

FZB - not interested in proving anything to you either, ignore my posts, it's a given that you disagree.

rams didn't have enough cash for long's tastes? dolphins making a strong push to re-sign him? that guy's more insistent than a collection agent


Those ND uni's are bad but has anyone seen the Cincy uniforms just hideous.

If we get Brandon Gibson Miami will have a Top 10 offense no question about it who needs a quality TE at that point plenty of corners left on the market we'll get one.

Jake Long isn't out of the picture sounds like Miami is still interested in signing him.

A TE and a CB still need to be added.Long seems 50-50 in remaining here and LT would be a key piece,Havent heard anything regarding ol Winston....as Long s replacement though..Don t know if he wants loads of money(likely)or is talking elsewhere.Fins have been quiet regarding their LT discussions big time.Hope we get more Offensive firepower besides Wallace.We d be looking good then heading into next month s Draft.GO FINS.

We just landed Dustin Keller terms not disclosed his brother tweeted it Big Baby is plugged in yes this is a good signing!

OC- Cassel did not make 4mill as a BACKUP. tHAT WAS PART OF THE CONTRACT HE GOT when he left the Pats. Now moore on the other hand just got 4mill to backup tannah. Now that is crazy to pay this stiff that kind of money. He could not get that money on the open market.

keller is done 1 year deal a pass catching TE!

I picked him up for my fantasy team late in the season last year after he came back from one of his many injuries. If he can stay healthy he's a good pass catching tight end. Another good move by Ireland this off season. IMHO.

No doubt in my mind that the Heat's success is helping the Dolphs attract free agents. The Heat have put Miami in the sport spotlight. You're really telling me that any player in the league would prefer to play in Kansas City or Detroit or some other dump like that when they have a chance to come here and play in the Magic City. Please.

Yeah Woodcock, let's keep the hating on other cities going...............

Aqua, all that Ireland has to do is to take any prospective free agent to a Heat game and sit down by courtside. If they aren't ready to sign on the dotted line when they see all of the honeys walking around the AA arena then they are related to Manti Teo.

This is the first good signing of the offseason, short one year deal to see if he's worth extending.

Nice pick up, pressure's off Egnew.

Trust me, if Detroit threw the kind of money Miami did at Ellerbe and Wallace they'd be Lions.

Heat should try to keep the streak going to 29.

Then, without any notice, don't send Wade, LeBron, or Bosh to San Antonio. Give Popovich a taste of his own medicine.

What's up guys !!!..you too Kaz.

Keller is a good pick up, nice, short one year deal, this probably means that THEY WILL pick a TE in the draft for sure.

Naples, Matt Moore got a 3 mil signing bonus plus a 1 mil salary for this year, next year's salary of 4 mil is not guarantee, he will not be here next year, in fact he may even get traded this year, no matter what you think of the guy he is the best back up QB in the NFL.

does anyone know what the fack is up with Long?

the sun-sentinel is reporting the Dolphins got a visit from John Abraham DE formerly of the Falcons..

the guy is old but maybe he can still rush the passer.

I think the Heat might lose tonight, they play the Bucks and they have pretty good guard play.

lets see how many point's Mr all NBA Chalmers scores today, hehe

now the Palm Beach Post is saying that John Abraham IS NOT visiting, soooo never mind.

Abraham might be good for situational pass rusher might have something left in the tank.

Not sure why Naples is so hung up on our backup QB he also didn't think we could sign Wallace he's grasping at straws now the writing is on the wall this is quickly becoming a playoff team.

Wow here is a little nugget RFA Emmanuel Sanders visiting with the Patriots today.

Did everyone catch Kazaam's "brilliant" suggestion for the Heat v. San Antonio game.......Nice work, kid. I'm sure that mom and dad are getting their money's worth for your education at the U.

Keller is getting 4.25 mil this year as per John Clayton.

keep'em coming.

what do we need now before the draft?...Tackle and CB as priorities?

I was on scholarship you miserable old prick.


Kaz is upset with me now-a-days, I can't comment on his comments.

I'll the take the fifth on this one.

three whole days hassling with long over money was apparently all the rams could stand. they just finished dropping him off at the airport departures concourse


Nice Kaz, was it one of those Lighthouse for the Blind grants that they keep around for retards and legacies?

Cool pic, horace.

what I think is happening with Long is he's finding out that he was an over-paid LT since he was one of the last big bonus babies and no one wants to over pay him anymore..

I supposed he would be good to sign for a couple of seasons, maybe 4 mil guarantee and the rest in incentives ?..

pretty ffing funny Woodcock.

FZB is right. Long is not worth what he thinks. I'm not surprised Miami is still a possibility. $4 million for a left tackle though is a pipe dream. More likely if he signs with Miami it will be in the $7-$8 million range with a ton of incentives that get him into the $10+ range.

My feeling about this whole Jake Long thing is that the missus took a look at what St. Louis was offering, glanced over St. Louis and said something to the effect: honey for the difference of what Miami has offered you, it better come with a castle or I'm staying here:


so far we got a stud WR, a decent TE , we upgraded our LB's (younger and faster), we re signed our free safety..IF we get Long back and get a CB would you guys consider this phase a success?

this way they can just concentrate in getting the best player available in the draft and fill in the rest of the team..

what say you?

Sounds pretty good to me. But lets wait until Kaz gets out of the bathtub and puts away his floaties the little yellow duckies and tells us what he really thinks about it.

Did you blow little bubbles in the tubby today, Kazy?

FZB, Keller is more than a decent TE. He was lowly Sanchez's favorite target, during a mainly injured year. A one year contract gives him a chance to prove himself worthy of higher bucks/longer contract -- watch out!

The moment Long decides, expect a domino effect signing of OT's. When it's all said and done, Miami's Free Agency moves will be graded "A" by those who do that sort of thing. i.e., ESPN, etc.

We know what he thinks Ireland overpaid for Wallace, the LB's, Hartline he's visionless, should have drafted a QB etc. etc. it's like Groundhog Day.

OC surprised you are so jubilant lately you do appear to be back on the bandwagon.

I just realized that Aquib Talib is still out there, let's get him too.

He will get Sean Smith money.

I've been a trend spotter all my life, BB.

Cardinals released Kevin Kolb that wasn't very smart he should have gotten maybe one more chance.

They are rolling with Drew Stanton YIKES!

While I'm diametrically across the dial from LA David, politically, I second his view that the Dolphins will challenge NE for the best record in the AFC East.

We still have to taste what comes out of the oven, but every sign points to a leap-frog jump right over NY and Buf. Not to mention that NE doesn't look as formidable.


I'm not sure how to handle all this "positivism"..

new word for you guys.

LA David at 10-6 I am at 11-5 trusting good rest of FA and draft.

Whoa there Nelly, 11-5 is 49er good. One's got to dig some dirt before striking a payday!

7-9 last year with a terrible offense lost 3 games by 3 points.

Recent and future upgrades and sure it's possible sticking with it for now payday territory is 12-4 and up.

yeah, I agree...a little too early, I'm all for "positivism" but can we wait a little bit more "por favor"..

boy if the Dolphins have a good year I can't wait to see what you guys will say about my son, is it possible that you "negativos" would be ok with him coming back?


*Trusting good remaining FA and draft.

*With Garrard.

We went from 1-15 to 11-5 in one year sometimes digging dirt isn't necessary.

Big Baby- My thing with Moore is, the dolphins over paid the guy.Nobody in the NFL would of paid this bum 4mill. As far as him being the best bu in the NFl, you are not serious are you? 11-5,you are drinking the owners kool aid. Real games are won in dec,jan, and feb. Like I said before, teams like the redskins won the march sweepstakes every year, how has that worked out? Lets wait until sept, when every team makes there moves before we pencil in 11-5.

No waiting I've got my poms poms and popcorn ready this team with a few more additions is loaded.

Listen to what all of the FA's said before coming here this is a team on the rise they believe it, I believe it you should too.

And Matt Moore is the best backup QB in the league name me a btter one.

I think Naples is hoping for the best but prepairing for the worst...


Maybe Kyle Orton in Dallas, that's the only one I can think of.

Kyle Orton blows.

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