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March 27, 2013

Over at 27: Heat lose, streak finished; plus yay or nay on new Dolphins logo? (poll, vote now), Nike/Tiger ad, sad men of tennis & more

1aa1helmet[1) It is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27. Dolphins today signed OG Lance Louis, the former Bear. 2) Tim McCarver announcing today he'll retire from Fox Sports after this year's World Series. 3) In the Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Herald building/stuff in my abandoned desk, Heat worry, Dolphins stadium vote, Madness, Marlins. 4) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

HEAT STREAK ENDS AT 27: Miami loses tonight at Chicago, 101-97, ending its 27-game winning streak, trailing only the Lakers' 33-game run in 1971-72. Not a bad thing, this loss. Shot at history is over, but so is the pressure. Now Heat can concentrate on readying for the playoffs. Meantime, predictionmachine.com had played that Lakers-Heat matchup 50,000 times and found the '72 Lakers beating this Heat team 54.4 percent of the time. Computer had given Miami a 17% percent chance to tie L.A.'s record and 15.1% chance to beat it, all a moot point now.

DOLPHINS' NEW LOGO: LIKE OR NO LIKE?: Back on March 18 this blog was the first at The Miami Herald to bring you the new Dolphins logo that had been leaked. (It will be officially revealed by the club during 1aa1dologo 1aa1dologoonext month's NFL Draft). Today my newspaper has a story about how the "buzz rises" over the new design. My first thought was to smile at the timing, at the idea that -- in the midst of a history-chasing Heat win streak and the Canes' historic run in March Madness -- it's the new logo that we as a 1aa1jaredosports community might be buzzing about. My second thought was to throw a blog poll up in here, because it's fine there is a new logo (it'll certainly spike merchandise sales), but the question is whether fans like it. Is it better? An improvement? The current and new logos are presented above right side by side here. (Sorry about the Mystery Thumb on the new logo; it belongs to whomever leaked the photo). Dolphin Jared Odrick seems shocked to be wearing the new logo, at left. The iconic starburst is a bit different but major change is that the new dolphin loses the helmet with the 'M' and is more stylized. Old dolphin appears to be standing on its tail; new one appears to be swimming. Compare the logos, vote for which you prefer and say why.

HEAT BIG 5 @ 70: Miami fell short in it bid for a 28th straight win tonight at Chicago. Meantime, the blog 1aa1heat5loves bells 'n whistles especially the nerdy-stat variety and so we started this one we are running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals (although we skipped 65). It's top-five cumulative ranking of Heat players having the biggest overall impact based on eight statistical categories. The numbers themselves might not mean much but the numbers relative to each other give an indication of the contribution players are making. The Big 5 @ 70 Games (56-14, entering tonight):

Rank (@60)   Player   Total

1 (1)   LeBron James   2,707.1

2 (2)   Dwyane Wade   1,869.6

3 (3)   Chris Bosh   1,601.8

4 (4)   Mario Chalmers   1,093.5

5 (5)   Ray Allen   1,027.3

Bubble: Shane Battier, 710.6

1aa1amandanewGRATUITOUS AMANDA MARCUM UPDATE: Our daily unabashedly sexist dose of Amanda Marcum, wife of Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield, while waiting for the Hurricanes to resume play (Thursday night) in the NCAA Tournament. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear the Tiger Woods photo just below keeps sneaking glances up at Amanda.

1aa1adtigerON NIKE'S NEW TIGER WOODS AD: The situation: Tiger Woods this week regains his world No. 1 ranking for first time since October 2010 and Nike whips out the ad pictured, using one of Tiger's own quotes. The controversy: Mr. Internet and Ms. Twitter seem to think the quote alludes dismissively to his past marital/infidelity woes and that the ad sends The Wrong Message. The truth: Get upset about something that matters. It's a bleepin' Nike ad. [And in an unrelated story, Tiger Woods Adds Celebration Where He Slowly Licks Shaft of Putter. Man, how I love The Onion!]

THE SAD MEN OF KEY BISCAYNE: Sony tennis moves toward this coming weekend's finals and the men's side is hurting. Roger Federer didn't enter this year, Rafael Nadal unexpectedly withdrew, and now world No. 1 Novak Djokovic has been ousted by German journeyman Tommy Haas -- at a week shy of 35 the oldest man in 30 years to defeat a top-ranked player. That leaves Andy Murray the only person left on the men's side who wiggles the interest meter.  

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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The thumb covering the tail makes a big difference, this is an older version but the shape is the same:


There's a reason other NFL logos streamline forward, it just looks more aggressive. The new logo is weak and effeminate looking.


Improvement even if final version is slightly different it's a new era in Dolphin football as the team will make the playoffs this year why not unveil a new logo to boot.

I was living in Miami when we got the team. I remember my first reaction when they announced the Dolphins as the team name. I didn't like it, I thought they should have been called the Tiger Sharks instead.

Yea, no worries that Bill Parcells' protege still running the team.

A new logo will turn the page here, kind of like the new fight song, night club, celebrity owners, and Jimmy Buffett concert hand gestures.

A dolphin isn't inherently wussier than a cardinal or a colt or a ram. You could make any animal look intimidating as a mascot.


In almost every poll taken of Dolphins fans, it comes out that more people dislike the logo change and want it to stay the same. What this owner doesn't realize is that as long as you win games, you could put a lump of coal on the side of the helmet and it would sell merchandise because the team is a winner. They have put a dreadful team on the field for the last decade, can't fill the stadium, so to make that money back they change the logo. If the team had been any good, they would have made plenty of money with the old uni's. So know we may be good, but look like jerks, or we may continue to be average to bad, and look like jerks.

Every NBA team that changed their uniforms in the 1990's to crap, eventually changed them back to the great 1980's traditional ones they had, because everyone knew the new ones were garbage. The Patriots new logo's and uniforms are awful with Elvis flying through the air, but people buy them and "say" they like them because they win. Once Brady retires and they suck again, they will switch back to the football hiking Patriot because that logo was classic. If the Dolphins don't start winning this change will be a disaster for them. Dumb move.

the only possible explanation is that Ross determined we needed a new logo just so he could choose it himself. It's awful.


Change is difficult horace but the current logo is ancient the new color scheme will infuse a bit of a more modern edge too I think.

I am sure we will see the old logo at least once per year maybe more on throwback day so there's that.

Tiger might be sneaking a look but mostly he prefers Perkins waitresses.

I don't have a problem with changing/updating the logo, but I like the old one better because it looks more organic. The new one looks computer generated. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I prefer the old one because it more human to me. I could have made the new logo, but could never have made the old one.

oh boy,

new logo or old logo, does it really matter?..the moment we start winning on a consistent basis again ( and I think the team will show great improvement this year ) then no one will care about it.

I personally like it specially if they go all white for all the games.

all you negativos need to support the team and go to the games instead of complaining about everything..its getting old.

Just like you should support Obama and all of his decisions if you support America?

who says I don't support Obi?..I love him, he's my "presidente"..


What's going on with the C's?...injuries? or they're just old?

I think the Heat are in for a tough game tonight, the Bulls play great defense, our saving grace could be they are not a very good offensive team (even when they have Rose) plus we have the best player in the world.

hopefully the worst PG in the NBA ( Chalmers ) has another solid game, prove me wrong Mario..

C's are toast No KG last night he's out for how long is anyone's guess could be resting for playoffs but beyond that don't think they have it this year without Rondo and Sullinger maybe next season.

Doesn't mean I won't be hoping for an upset in the playoffs though you know me they made it to the East Finals last year when no one expected it.

If Bosh had been healthy from the start we would have sweep the Celtics last year...sorry amigo.

are any of you guys worried the Heat may be peaking too soon?

I said they made it to the East Finals unexpectedly didn't say anything about the actual series but ok your opinion.

America can only hope that the Heat have peaked too soon.

This was the only thing they could do to make money. The product on the field sucks, and most tickets buyers are suckers for something new. They will buy into it and go out for a whole new wardrobe from this sucky franchise.

I think is cool...

That is sweeeet love the white facemasks and helmet more dark blue will make it nice too people are really going to notice those especially when they see them in the playoffs.

that's the spirit BB !, love the enthusiasm...I can't wait for football to start again..

of course the "negativos" will chime in in 3 2 1...

Gayer than christmas.

All for change.

Not like this.

so christmas is gay now Kazy?...hhhmmmm

It's a pun.

Stop trying to understand my posts.

all righty then...what's a pun?..hehe

the problem with you Kaz is you have no facking sense of humor, you need to loosen up amigo, relax a little bit, smoke'em if you got'em.

and don't be so negativo.

New logo looks it belongs on side of a yacht. Very sad. Maybe it will grow on me if they win a championship with it.

I think this clearly demonstrates the difference between the two logos...



Kaz, I'm in ah Labia at the moment...

Hey Kaz, Fins up buddy!

BTW, here's essentially the same logo streamlined forward like every other NFL team.


They're doing a voting thing for the 25th anniversary of Madden (personally I think Madden should be on the cover again) and the Dolphins' only entry is Dan Marino.

I wonder how Csonka would have done - white people go nuts for white running backs, that scrub Peyton Hillis got the Madden cover off one fluke year.

"But the logo is only one part of the announcement. It’s a complete re-branding of the team.”

Too bad the "rebranding" didn't include getting rid of Bill Parcells' protege.

Gotta admit I like this one a whole lot better than the SS Minnow one they went with.

Wow, even Don Shula's on here! Must be important.

duke, agreed. The picture you posted is a better Fins logo.

OC - you're the design guy, am I wrong about the swimming vs. jumping flipper? We'll all get used to it and it doesn't matter but I wouldn't buy or wear something with that new logo on it. Wouldn't buy anything with the new sebastian or the hurricane symbol either. I thought the last Dolphins logo was faithful to the original and modern enough.

It's not that they're new, it's that they're downgrades.



Hey Kazy,

Just so you know, Bill Parcells protege is getting a contract extention...

The new logo is fine.

This whole time I thought Stephen Ross was afraid to fire Ireland because he wouldn't know who else to bring in.

Ireland was King Carl's scout the two years before he started under Parcells.

King Carl tells Ross that Ireland's a good GM.

You're clueless,

Like I told you many times Ross kept Ireland because he knew Parcells was to blame for all the bad draft and free agent decisions, you just refuse to give the guy any credit.

I say the guy has done a pretty good job of cleaning the cap mess he was left with and getting rid of players that don't fit Philbin's philosophy...

The Dolphins signed former Bears guard Lance Louis to a one year contract, good pick up , he was injured last year and if he is healthy he' provides good competition for John Jerry.

So far the Heat are sleep walking in Chicago..

OC - you use twitter? Phil Jackson just started an account, could be worth following.

First tweet was funny:

11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs

So now you're bringing up this information/articles from 2011 and 2012?...funny.

If you had been paying attention to what I've been saying you would have realized I have mentioned this information already...for someone that proclaims intelligence you're not to bright are you?

You're constant bashing is getting old, specially since Ireland has been doing a nice job the last two years of righting the ship plus he and Philbin seen to be a good combination, you're not a fan, go root for you're Ravens, we don't need you.

I had no idea why Ross kept Ireland, I knew King Carl was his consigliere but I didn't realize Ireland was a scout under Carl at KC.

I try to read as few of your posts as possible FZB, nothing would make me happier than for you to stop mentioning me, which obviously catches my eye.

I just came across those articles googling to see if Ireland's contract had been extended.

Absolutely horrifying. Bill Parcells was a garbage GM. King Carl was a garbage GM. They collectively convinced a clueless owner that Jeff Ireland would be a good GM.

A transcendent quarterback is the only thing that can save the Dolphins under those Three Stooges.

And BTW, the Dolphins need me more than you. They have a chance of getting me back as a season ticket holder in 2014 if they fire Jeff Ireland.

I don't need you at all, I think is funny how you are always bashing the team, coach, GM and owner.

It makes no sense....

It is a fitting end to the Dolphins and there once proud franchise, I am personally glad they changed the logo so not to disgrace the once proud Dolphins franchise. Hopefully they will exile the Dolphins name also in order to preserve any once of dignity this franchise worked so hard to earn, to see completely destroyed in the last decade. RIP Dolphins!

Finished=another clues less fan

It looks like the Heat are going to lose to Chicago, too bad but what a run..

Haha, Heindrich threw Bosh down like a rag doll!

Glad the streak is over, wish it had happened against a scrub team and not the Bulls.

Get ready for New Orleans and try keep the three game lead on SA.

The logo is awful, I don't like it. Although a new logo is not a bad idea, the one chosen is absolutely awful. Where is the creativity in creating a new logo????????? Is that the best they could come up with? Really?????

Guy's as a resident Of San Diego, I wonder if Ross wanted to change the LOGO to Get rid of the "M" on the helmut to ringthe team here when the Chargers head north to Los Angeles???, HUMMMMMMMM

it DID happen against a scrub team; chicago with 40% of their starting line up out? please..
as for san antonio, it doesn't matter if they lead us or not; OKC lead last year, and they will most likely be our opponent again this year. san antonio is not out running OKC, period.
i think it's terrific that the biggest sports story tonight was that my basketball team actually,(gasp!),
that's how high the bar is for this team. i love it. no one will beat us in 7 games; not even the bulls.
as for the dolphin logo, it would have been nice to resist the modern trend of changing logos; i think it's ridiculous.
and FZB?
arguing with these people about ireland is as pointless as me arguing with tom, (or YOU, amigo), about politics.
history will prove us right with the fins, as it's already proven me right about PROGRESSIVISM!


I think you're right, no point in arguing with Kazaam about Ireland anymore, is obvious he doesn't know what he's talking about.

great run by the Heat, NO ONE should complain at all.

Cane fans/cane haters, did you guys see this?


so the NCAA investigator that took over for the investigator that was fired for improprieties tried to also work with Nevin Shapiro's attorney and do the same thing?..nice, you can't make this stuff up...

how does Mark Hemmert still have a job?..Whatever the outcome is on this mess the U should take the NCAA to court, Miami DID DO some things wrong but two bowl bans plus an ACC championship is enough punishment.

My dear amigo David,

Progressivism in its infancy/core values in the late 19th/early 20th century was about the need for laws regulating tenements housing,child labor,women's right's,better working conditions for American workers.

all good positive steps for a young nation at the time, what the liberals have done is use it as a political tool to win elections while at the same time undermining the core values of capitalism and what made this great country great, which is the more good honest hard good I do the better off I'll be.

this progressivism of yours is creating a nation of slackers and bums that rather get food stamps and free housing from the government than going out there and doing a good honest day of work.

Obama doesn't care about capitalism he is more interested in advancing his own agenda of socialism..


it may not have been a scrub team, but the bulls last night were a team of scrubs- beaten by bench players, just as san antonio's scrubs almost beat the heat when the coach rested his star players and didn't even bring them to miami. this game wasa highlight reel of NBA officiating at its worst!! have always liked kirk hinrich, and the bull's backupoint point guard is miles ahead of the inconsistent point guard play of the heat.

why would any player (wade) say that he is glad it's over- i thought these guys were supposed to want to win!! 27 is an incredibly long number of games to go unbeaten, and it will be a long time before anybody gets to 27, let alone 33. the game that broke the laker streak was a nationally televised sunday game against the defending champion bucks in milwaukee, and the lakers were never really close. they lost to a high quality team with the best player in the world at the time, KAJ; beaten by luel deng hitting threes and some bad officiating (bad reads "putrid") and it is look at the playoffs time. the heat still don't have a rebounder (besides LBJ) and shoddy point guard play and no presence on the boards says to te ole shadow it won't be a cakewalk to another trophy, no matter how well the season record is.


So you live in sunny SD?...nice city, SD Dolphins?...I don't know about that.

Sooo, did you get lucky with one of those 'comunista girls' that looked like men with tatas?

The NFL network is reporting this morning that CB Grimes is close to signing with the Dolphins.


Shadow - probably the same reason I'm glad the streak's over, it's meaningless and creates unnecessary pressure to expend unnecessary energy every single night in a season that's 30 games too long.

Definitely won't be a cakewalk, Andersen and Haslem are two good, undersized rebounders and the Heat have the best point guard in the world when it matters.

My guess is their title defense will come down to whether or not they can make up for the black hole of a void at the center position.

Good job Heat for the great winning streak.Prepare for the NBA Championships or bust now.Fact.In this order.....Haslem,Bosh,Allen,Wade and everyone else NOT named James contributed mightily to the Heat s loss last night.Bosh is still a weakling strength-wise.He has lost virtually every personal ball battle to an opposing team s player.(Embarassing).Anyway...if even 1 player played good besides LeBron......it would have been another victory.The Bulls deserved to win as they outmuscled ,outfought,outrebounded and outcoached Miami.PERIOD.Hats off to them...even missing 4 of their key players.Wow.They were impressive.....especially defensively as they got Miami totally out of sync and discombobulated the entire game.

real david - for the record I've never seen you argue with anyone about Ireland, you just say Ireland's a great GM and call everyone who says differently an idiot.

Did you have an explanation for his 2011 draft? He's Bill Parcells' protege and he still has his job because of King Carl. No other references on that resume, why would you give him the benefit of the doubt with those two clowns vouching for him?

haha, 'New logo overshadows signing of Lance Louis'.

The Miami Lakes auto mall ad overshadows the signing of Lance Louis.

Ok so the new logo sucks. Hopefully the team will play better because of being embarrassed by the wussified new logo.

Glad to hear Ireland signed a new guard. Not sure he's an upgrade but one can hope. If FZB is right that he's "competition" for John Jerry that's not good news. Jerry sucks. Hell FZB would be competition for John Jerry.

Now we need a LT, RB, pass rusher and TWO CBs.

A story at NFL.com says Miami may be about to sign Brent Grimes. If healthy he would be a very good pick up.


Where will the LT come from? Martin on the left side is death for Tannehill.

Oh well gotta get back to work to pay my taxes so Obama has money for the ObamaPhones for his constituents. Ffing thief.

Check out this video on Dock Ellis' LSD no-no.


So Miami Herald content is now behind a pay wall. $70 a year. What should I do? I think I'll pass. Now they won't even get the ad revenue from my clicks.

If this goes as I expect, Cote may be having to leave his new smaller diggs in Doral for a strip mall in Perrine. It might be the only thing the Herald can afford.

To help them get started early on the search for their new location, I found this. Good luck Cote.


Ryan Tannehill was also entered into the Madden cover contest he lost in the first round but he was selected.

david you're right no one is beating Miami in a 7 game series this season you actually aren't as clueless as you seem sometimes.

Vince Young was on the cover of Madden a few years ago for whatever that is worth.


the Dolphins are looking to replace John Jerry, he doesn't fit the zone blocking scheme plus he's always out of shape, he will not be cut because he has value but I don't think he's with the team when the season starts, they also may try him at RT to see how he looks there.

don't be surprised if the heat actually lose two or three games in a row ( Hornets and Spurs) it would be a natural let down after winning all those games.

I still think the Dolphins should sign Eric Winston to man the right side of the line.


Good morning my good, but often times misguided, friend. I hope you have a great day.

I went to see the Charlotte Bobcats play the Orlando Magic last night in Charlotte with my two boys. It started off badly for the Cats but ended up being a very competitive game. It was my first time there. Nice arena but too bad they have a nitwit making their personnel decisions (sound familiar?). I looked up the salaries of the Bobcats players and found that Ben Gordon is making $12.4 million for about 20 minutes a game.

The economy grew at an annual rate of 0.4 percent in the October-December quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That was slightly better than the previous estimate of 0.1 percent growth. The revision reflected stronger business investment and export sales.


Just for the dead above the neck crowd, 2% GDP growth is needed just to break even and keep up with the growth in our population. The last two quarters we've had negative GDP growth and now 0.4%. I feel sorry for our children.

Ah, sorry to blow up some of you young whipper snapper's bubble but this Heat team couldn't have carried the Lakers' suitcases out to the team bus. And the amazing thing is that almost everyone on that team had seen their better days except for maybe Gail Goodrich. If that team had been assembled during the primes of every one of the starters they might not have lost a game.

This was their starting 5 when the season started. For you kids who have never heard of these guys google them.

C: Wilt Chamberlain

PF: Happy Hairston

SF: Elgin Baylor

PG: Gail Goodrich

SG: Jerry West


I think Joel Anthony is better than Wilt Chamberlain.

omg the new not improved logo looks even worse on the helmets.


Now the uni looks like one of those old "World Football League" things. Not good.

I saw much better drafts of new logo's than what the new one is. I no Like! Looks a little girlyman. Should be a meaner looking 'fin'. All that aside, this year, get after the other teams QB already, for God's sake. RUSH THE DAMN PASSER TO H#(( and back!!!!! 'DaPhins!!!'

Now that the Dolphins uniform looks like an old XFL uniform I heard the Dolphins are picking up the XFL rule of allowing players to put whatever phrase they want on the back of their jerseys. Remember the guy who put "He Hate Me" on his jersey? Whatever happened to that guy? I read he's a high school guidance counselor. WTF?

Back to the point. In the same spirit of the XFL, I heard Tannehill has chosen "Don't Blame Me, Blame Ireland" as the phrase on the back of his jersey.

I like it.

Mr. Woodcock,

as great a rebounder and defender as happy hairston was, harold missed more lay-ups than the rets of the league combined during his laker days. also, elgin baylor retired nine games into that season and the young sharpshooter from the ivy league, jim mcmillian, took over for the streak. i think they gave elg a ring, but he was really not a part of the team. also, gail goodrich, who was drafted by the lakers in the territorial draft days and then sent to phoenix before coming back, avged+/- 25 points that year, between goodrich and west the lakers got about 52-53 pts./game. goodrich had an uncanny ability to get guys off balance and to shoot from under them. the 71-72 lakers would crush the heat, despite miami having the brilliant mr. james.

Yes. But if that same team could have been assembled say in 1966 instead of 1971 they could have crushed a diamond let alone this Heat team. The reason that the Lakers kept losing to Boston was the glaring absence at the center position until an almost over the hill Wilt showed up. By that time he was a fraction of the player that he had been in the 60s. And these kids think that LeBron is a beast at 6-7 270. Wilt went 7-0 300 and could have picked his teeth with LeBron. He was a magnificent athlete. About the only thing that he couldn't do was shoot free throws. But so what when he was averaging 50 points a game and 30 boards. And if LeBron had played back then he might have gotten to the rim for one of those patented uncontested dunks, maybe twice, but the third time they would have crushed him like a tin can. Back then the NBA was the No Layup League.

That's "averaging 50 a game" for a whole season!

Most of the points with two or three guys hanging on his back and banging on his forearms. When he got the ball in the paint it was see you Chief! He messed up so many guys hands and arms that were trying to block his dunks that at the end of his career they would just step back and let him do the "Dipper Dunk" and be thankful that Wilt was a gentle giant who only got angry once during his career and punched a guy that was cheap shotting him in his rookie season and Wilt turned around and punched him so hard they had to send the guy to the hospital in an ambulance. They stopped giving Wilt cheap shots after that.

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