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March 20, 2013

Surreality TV: Heat win 24th straight after trailing by 27; Jerry West on record pursuit; plus my NCAA bracket, big $ on Canes, Haiku update & more

1aa1osatan[1) It is THURSDAY, MARCH 21. The History Channel miniseries, "The Bible," cast as Satan an actor, Mehdi Ouzaani, who, in costume (pictured) appears to resemble President Obama. The network is aghast that anyone would make that connection. Really, History Channel? Look at the effing picture! 2) A happy 68th birthday to Heat potentate Pat Riley. 3) In the Previous Blogpost (ITPB): March Madness Haiku Challenge, Heat, Dolphins, Canes. 4) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Haiku Challenge announcement delayed (yet again): We'll name the winner Friday -- I promise! Have been working on having an expert guest judge; still trying. Finalists are OC Dolphin, Sean Millerick, Big Baby, Russell, Andrew, Redsky, I Am Kazaam, Ferrari and Brian.

THE TEAM THAT CANNOT LOSE! HEAT WIN 24TH STRAIGHT AFTER TRAILING BY 27: This is getting to be a bit unbelievable. Miami trails by 27 last night at Cleveland, mid-third quarter. Streak ending, right? Um ... no. Insane rally for a 98-95 win and a 24th straight triumph. And LeBron of course leading the way. (Or by now does that go without saying?) Prior to this latest win the Heat still were not a good bet to reach 34 and break the Lakers' 1971-72 NBA record. The odds, via Bovada, were 6-1. Over/under on the streak ending was 29 games. Odds to win out -- not lose again in the regular season with 16 (now 15) games left -- was 10-1. However, Miami was a prohibitive, near-even favorite to win a second straight NBA title, at 11-10. All those numbers will skew a shade better for the Heat after tonight. [Note: We missed our Heat Big 5@65 games feature. Sorry. The interval flew right past us. We'll pick it back up at 70 games.].

Jerry West likes Heat's shot at Lakers record: The iconic former Laker said today he thinks Miami has an "incredible chance" to break the Lakers' 1971-72 NBA record of 33 straight wins. Everyone's hedge: The March 31 game at San Antonio. 

MY NCAA BRACKET (INTERESTING TO NO ONE BUT ME, AND BARELY THEN): I have Indiana beating Louisville in championship game. I have Miami reaching Elite Eight before losing to Hoosiers. My first-round upset picks (based solely on seeds) are: Missouri over Colorado State; Cincinnati over Creighton; Minnesota over UCLA; and Oklahoma over San Diego State. Next-round upsets picks are: Oklahoma State over St. Louis; Memphis over Michigan State; Arizona over New Mexico; and Butler over Marquette. My upset picks beyond that are: Michigan over Kansas; Florida over Georgetown; Ohio State over Gonzaga; and Michigan over Florida.  

CANES MOST BET-ON TEAM IN NCAA TOURNAMENT: From Bovada sports book manager Kevin Bradley today: "Miami have seen the most volume of money so far, dropping them from 14-1 [championship odds] to 12-1." Hurrricanes are a 5-9 lock to reach the Sweet 16; Florida Gators are 1-3.

1aa1catoreo"DEAR GREG...": "...your blog's OK but would be better if occasionally you would show a picture of a cat sculpted entirely of the cream filling from Oreo cookies. Thank you." Dear Reader, will try but cannot imagine any artist actually works in such a medium."

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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btw, anytime soon expect a rash of Chuck Norris is a wimp jokes. Seems like dude shaved his iconic beard and now looks, well, take a look for yourselves:


I am also surprised someone would make that connection but it's probably just liberals looking for something to complain about as usual.

My guess is Pat Riley has mixed emotions about how that record streak ends deep down he probably wants the Heat to lose soon.

Remember that Satan is real people and wants us all to sin against God and turn away from Jesus.

And for all of you agnostic folks take a good look at the oreo cat seems like a good thing to worship why not try it see what happens maybe it's spiritual.

Hey Cote,

Why are you surprise?..Obi is the devil amigo.

While I would love to see the Heat beat the Lakers record I don't think it will happen, they still have to go to Chicago and at SA...and have a couple of back to back..

before I forget Cote, when is the announcement that I won the Hara-Kiri contest?

so Baby,

You want me to worship an Oreo cookie?

It's a fairy tale Big Baby, relax.


Chuck Norris just lost his man-card, he kind of looks like an ugly chick now.

I would like to adopt the Oreo Cat it seems to have hypnotic powers when I stare into it's eyes.

Careful, BB. He might hypnotize you into letting him drive your car:


so the Palm Beach Post we still have about 14 mil available..we can still get Winston AND a veteran CB, yeah boy.


lol Toonces what ever happened to Dana Carvey?

You're on a roll, FZ. Looks like we might get Winston. Oye OC, did you get the Uhaul already?

I think OC is doing anything and everything possible to "not to go" to Tejas..

don't rent your pad to Mejicanos OC !!


prepare you back amigo, OC is going to have you "cargar" all his chit into the UHaul, you won't be able to move for days, hehe

Brother, tu estas chiflado. I don't even pick up the newspaper.

He's going to look like the Clampets in that old jalop with all his stuff piled on top of his rig because he's going to be too cheap to rent a UHaul truck.

Well Boys, If there's a armpit f the world, I'am there..
If you guys liked Toonces You'll Love Bruce.


In addition to Keller, if Ireland signs Brandon Moore off the Jets, he would have at least learned that it is a double win when you upgrade + you degrade a devision foe.


Anti, why did you choose to travel 4,000+ miles to be surrounded by rocks?

Gamma-rays bursts.
Cutting edge stuff here at the bottom of the world, I'd rather be strapped to a rocket and thrusted into space then being here.., It's gonna be a long 2 weeks.

Draft Xavier Rhodes round 1. Good size, can run, grew up right down the road from Joe Robbie Stadium...makes sense. Secondary should be him, Marshall, Reshad Jones, and Clemons. Not too shabby if he pans out. Guys bred in south Florida know how to play football. Draft him.

This pecker?


Gamma Ray bursts? Man, we have some intellectuals on this blog. How in the world did you get in here with all the eggheads Kazaam?

OC, I think met those people on the way up the mountain.They offered me a Fresca..Yeah a Fresca..

So let me get this right. You guys are celebrating the potential signing of Winston (a right tackle) which means Martin is now our permanent left tackle. Seriously? Did anyone other than me notice that Martin was a swinging door at left tackle after taking over for Jake Long? Just wondering.

You've got a point there, Tom. Lots of roll outs to the right side. That's the answer.


I like devision better than division


Your basically in a lunar landscape, very cool...you're also very close to "tierra del fuego" , you should check it out.

So if I ever run into a Gamma-Ray, how do I know is a gamma-ray? Or is it one of those things that just get turn into dust in less that one tenth of a second?

Also find out if they have Arepas there and send some of those to the boys will you?

Negativo Tom is in the house..he,he..just busting your chops Tom..

OC, Not even near..., Think of nothing..., Then make it dry...Then add abut 7 thousand feet altitude.
But the place I'am staying in is "WORLD CLASS", Or so they say, What world I dont know but well you get the picture..
FZB,Gamma-Ray burst Would be NO BUENO,Got a feeling we wont have to worry about those but Like Isaid the other day, Would'nt be surprised about a big rock hittig us.Anywhooo Wh The Heaties playing tonight??

OC, Picture of the high mt lake. Seen a few of those hiking Colorado's peaks over 17 years. Love the mountains more than the beach.

Miami signed T Nate Garner to a contract. Good backup and spot starter. Nice move.

Dumerville? man, if the Fins could only find a way to bring him in. With Wake & Dumerville, opposing QB's will have little time to throw. That makes our suspect DB's instantly better.

Well, hell (pardon the pun) that must be you standing there on that pic above that Greg posted. Dude, you're a dead ringer for the Prez!

Jimbo, both the mountains and the coast are tops in my book. Sadly, I will miss both of them, as you know that TX does not look like the image which Hollywood has falsely created. We're talking flatsville.

Oh, oh. Greg is talking about a new selection process. I smell voter fraud.

I suppose that the Girl Scout he gets his batch of cookies from is busy with homework and can't lend a hand with his selection process.

So Cote will make the grand announcement tomorrow, maybe he's counting the hanging chads..

Anti, the Heatles are playing the Cleveland Cadavers..

Would love to see Dummerville in a Dolphins uniform but I think is a long shot.

Anti, so you're in a "world class" hotel?.. The key is indoor plumming, you don't really wanna take a shit in a hole in the ground.

Obama is more hip than the devil. The guy is all cool, gets his NCAA tourney bracket done,,,, why can't the guy submit a budget? the laziest President we have ever had.

Oh oh Jimbo, careful big brother is watching.

The Dolphins are after veteran guard Moore of the Jets to replace John Jerry, another Parcell wasted pick...Which is the reason I want t he Dolphins to draft Warmack numero uno or a stud DE..

What? What are you brain dead? How about the Bon Bon Chia. Yee Cote, that's the worst decision you've ever made.

Bro, this Hara-Kiri shit is rigged, I had a bunch of entries and they were all good.

streak over in Cleve, very ironic, Cavs by 21 at half- Celts were even the better team for most of game w/o Rondo and KG

Jimbo - Bams is the WORST pres. we ever had


thought that after the celtics there would be no one among the miserable teams left to defeat the heat.but down by 20 to clevelandplenty of time left for the cavaliers to choke/lebron james to take over. a loss to cleveland is an embarassment as the streakbreaker.


the heat might wind up winning this game by 20.

Haha, Chris Quinn is still in the NBA.

Incredible? Game wasn't in here. Startee following on-line in the 4th ince I saw they came back.

Let me re-type that, I can't seem to type well on a tablet. This is what I meant:

Incredible! Game wasn't on TV here. Started following online in the 4th once I saw they came back.

Dude you think Juwon Howard still has game now that is funny.

Shadow, big qualifiers coming up from tomorrow thru next Tuesday around the world. Lot of concern about Klinnsman's methods. I agree based on meaningless use of the Canada game with pretty much a C team one week prior to the Honduras loss and a brand new defense line up that cost the game. 8 injured included some key guys Howard, Cherundolo. Donovan still awol. Bocanegra left out. Beasley back in. Some hope that Costa Rica is aged, not in their prime anymore. The game at altitude, 110,000 Azteca, will be hard for these rookies. But Jamaica held last month.

US must get at least their 3 points home to Costa Rica or else we'll be on pace to fail getting into the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

Sad that we only get 3 qualifying games to watch Friday and two Tuesday both European games involve Spain: Finland, then France. Lot of big games in South America and Africa. - but non televised. Oceana's final games with New Zealnd already just about secure to play CONCACAF #4.

The Juwan Howard signing was pretty brilliant. Heat really showing veterans that take pay cuts to be here that they're appreciated, Mike Miller would have been amnestied by now on any other team.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | March 04, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Only post you could be referring to. Howard has hung around the Heat all year, Wade talked about him rejoining as a coach before they gave him the last roster spot.

Juwan Howard doesn't have a minute of championship-caliber basketball left in him. Heat want him as a coach and locker room influence, and the fact that they signed him for 'no reason' can only help with recruiting aging ring chasers in the future.

Hilarious watching the two most corrupt and idiotc leaders in sports go at each other. Someone coined Platini and Blatter as Platter. The readers comments on espn are priceless. It's amazing these oldies can never be overthrown, so that the sport can evolve and so that the bg name countries will eventually get the calls to keep getting into the final. Underdogs can never get there in the end because of that.

Brazil 2014 - scary proposition. Everyone wants them to win it because the immense spectacle that would be, and that guarantees the officiating bias. It's a no win situation more than. any WC in the past. FIFA already has given Brazil the best weather conditions .

Back to Platini and Blatter. - Blatter is reaaly one to criticize the Euro 2020 hosting plan, When he awarded the 2022 World Cup to. Qatar?

Tiny little Dominican Rep. wins the world series, no 3-peat for Japan.

I met and spoke to Eric Winton twice while he was a Texan. nice guy, interested in conversation with reguar people, got into sharing U. Miami experiences despite the age gap.
Hope he becomes a Phin.

One of the occasions at a Dynamo Brian Ching led party following the MLS All Star game vs Manchester United, Lot of Texans players were there. - one of them bought my date a drink., though I didnt know who he was. Landon Donovan was there too, lots of females trying to meet him.

Cote, for the last 5 years, the "resident" of the White House has been portrayed as the next Jesus, a veritable angel (see Newsweek trashazine).
As was said by Dennis Miller recently, (paraphrased) it's about time for a little fair and balanced. Don't forget, our president did say he was President of all "57 states."

Car looks yummy

Cat!!!! Lol

Typical liberal bias. If the picture even closely redembled George Bush Cote and crowd would be applauding and praising the movie. zero is still a zero.

whoooa, totally improbable Heat win last night..I like everybody else thought the win streak was ova.

its still a long shot but its been one hell of a ride.

is this the day we hear we got Eric Winston?..I hope so, sorry Tom.

I'm still trying to figure out the reason we brought back Juwan Howard, I guess Kazaam's explanation is as good as any.

congrats to the finalist of the "Hara-Kiri" contest, I hope you all know this was a rigged contest, I should be the winner hands down..hehehe

Mike1 hope you enjoyed that exhibition tournament with it's pitch limits and lack of player interest the real World Series yeah stick to soccer bud no real USA players have any interest in participating in that thing but keep pretending it matters.

Crown of Helmet hit rule= Totally Lame.

Yeah Tom , I noticed Martin's "revolving door," play too!. Not being negative, watch the tapes!

Ed Reed to the Texans - that's a great spot for him, closer to New Orleans and he'll finish out his career with his good friend AJ. A lot to like about that Texans team, it'll be hard for quarterbacks to keep track of Reed and when they have to worry so much about Watt.

That Texans team is going nowhere they have Andre Johnson (looks like he's slowing down) and not even a #2 receiver they just cut Walter their next best WR who really wasn't that good anyway.

Schaub will never win anything.

Yes we know Big Baby, all the good teams in the NFL are done and the Dolphins will win every game for the next decade.

Look at their offense and tell me it's good Foster and Johnson they were exposed in the playoffs and they didn't do anything to improve it.

Baltimore is very done their offense looks just as bad right now.

I drafted Owen Daniels in fantasy last year on a hunch though and he was money all year just don't think Schaub is good enough and Kubiak isn't the answer there anymore.

Baltimore was done last year according to you. Too old, their window was shut and Joe Flacco sucks. Kind of like the Pats. Kind of how the Heat would never win a championship.

Your opinions on the Dolphins and Celtics are entertaining as far as insane delusions of a blinded homer go but your opinions of other teams in the NBA and NFL are worth less than nothing.

Dolphins might be deeper at WR but the Texans offense is better across the board. Better quarterback, better tight end, better top receiver, better offensive line, their running back is one of the best in the league.

Again I said the Heat would be unstoppable when they got LeBron- I was right.

Texans offense better? Schaub was a free agent reach he has reached his ceiling Tannehill has way more upside right now Andre Johnson had 4 TD catches last year I take Wallace over him right now he's 31.

They are a one trick pony team and the league knows it they are going nowhere.

No love for the Dolphins Kaz?

and I thought you were a fan..hehe

the Texans are a good team but like BB says their biggest problem is at the QB position, I do agree with you that Schaub right now is a better QB than Tannehill but I will tell you I rather have Tannehill's future than Schaub...

and you can't compare what Tannehill had last year to the talent that Scaub is working with.

He'll be 32 when the season starts.

Thank you FZB everyone knows Houston isn't winning a Superbowl with Matt Schaub.

I was wrong about Baltimore last year but right now their window isn't just closing it has slammed shut.

@Big Baby...
Conspiracy theories are for the weak minded. By the way, it was Glen Beck who was the first that tweeted the Obama/devil connection.

Hey Kazy,

I was also wrong about Flacco last year but I was not alone, I bet you there were a bunch of Ravens fans that didn't think much of him either but to his credit he was lights out in the playoffs, he proved me wrong.

you on the other hand always find the negative side of things and never give credit when credit is due.

Unless he has giant ears then I don't see the connection.

And Obama does turn away from Jesus he doesn't respect Catholicism- FACT.

and speaking of TE's, it looks like da-bears are going to need a new TE.


mike1- Nobody in the USA who are mlb fans care about the stupid baseball games that where just won by the DR. As a matter of fact, the only people who watched it in the dominican republic were a bunch of cab drivers, dish washers, and landscapers. These idiots thought they won the world series.

I thought we had already established that Obi was the devil, no?

are any of you guys paying attention to this nutcase in North Korea?...Hey Anti, its a good thing you're in another planet my boy, this could get a little interesting up here is the USA..


While Jesus was fasting in the desert Satan came to him and tried to tempt him with promises for a kingdom, power and riches. Jesus did not give into Satan's temptations please remember this as we approach Easter.

Relax Big Baby, it's just a fairy tale.

Believe in me at your own peril.

So oh, ok....where is everybody?

Hahaha !

Ted Ginn and his Whole family are going to the Carolina Panthers...sweet !

Ted(Side-line)Ginn to Carolina???LMAO,Oh well I guess I wont be standing on the sidelines in Carolina.., No Side-line is safe when Ted's on the field..
FZB, Your not even in the top-ten, I'd ask for a recount..


#1 Point Gaurd Recruit is Signed, Sealed and Delivered... Kasey Hill


And he's bringing this 6-10 #1 Power Forward Freak with him... Chris Walker


# 1 n # 23 GATOR DUO


Watch these Video's if U dare Cane Clucks and see what U'll never get in recruiting after Ur 5 25 yr. old. 6th. year Seniors leave and it's back to 2k crowds and 50/50 NIT crapball in the BUC U 1 Hit Wonders...

Get []_[]sed to it.

Of course I need to post this gret Video of Ted(I fell Down)Ginn...


Hey Gator scum....blow me.

Sorry guys I had to do that....

Oye Anti,

How many of those elusive gamma rays have you found ?... How about naming one of those after me..hehe

Hey Cote,

This hara-kiri contest/recount smells...I mean, all my posts were top three easy.

Big BGaby, do the sign of the cross and look up, saying "God, forgive the fools who don't believe".

Guess Mark Duper won't be getting any new suit ties for Fathers Day this year. Besides being in poor standing with an apparently defiant son, nothing really matches up nice with ugly prison orange jumpsuit.

If you believe that christianity wasn't completely made up by primitive sand people then you necessarily believe that Duper's son should have been stoned to death.

Stones thrown at his head until he's dead. Because he was defiant towards his father.

Deuteronomy 21:18.

How many of you golf enthusiest have been to Augusta Georgia? I'm there for two weeks and I got to tell you,,, this place sucks. Thankful that I'm working most of the time & the j-o-b is picking up my tab. Picture the hick town in the movie My Cousin Vinnie.

FZB,, man up, quit crying. Herald doesn't pay the promises anyway. Oh, I forgot, free blog rights for life!

Kaz, don't be a hater. Jesus loves you.Eat some comfort food and relax man.


I think you're right, the prizes suck anyways..

I've never been to Augusta , GA but I've been to Valdosta GA and I can tell you is the same shit you described.

Hey Kaz, I must confess something amigo, I wanna throw a stone to Obi's head, is that wrong?

Hey Kaz, I must confess something amigo, I wanna throw a stone to Obi's head, is that wrong?

Posted by: FZB | March 21, 2013 at 07:54 PM

Watch out FZ,You do know Obi-None-Nama has those drones flying around.... Right?, I'am kinda safe Up here at the top of the bottom of the earth...(Did that make sense//)

Yes it makes sense to me since I know where you is ( that's my hood lingo ) your basically in the planet mars ..

WORD..(My street Lingo, doggg)

Threat level high. Target acquisition in progress.

Target acquired.....FZB in sight....

they did win the world series, a tournament that involves the world. MLB title game should be called MLB Championship Series. and then that winner should move on to a tournament of other national champions to deterime the "world club champion".
How can something be a world series that doesn't involve the world..it never did when only north americans played it and still does not.

World Cup soccer ratings have evolved over time to be really great, especially with no prime time games and most games usually mid-day. Media never gave up on it. Who showed the world basball classic, I could barely find it?

Think folks don't want to embrace the game because the pasttime is no longer American to dominate. Meanwhile, a lot of people latch on to the US soccer team because they are seen as underdogs in the world sport.

as for the US not trying ..lot of them admitted to being despondent over losing...and
"Sixteen Major League All Stars, three Most Valuable Players and one Cy Young Award winner are among Team USA's final roster" with Joe Torre as manager. Greats Larry Bowa and Gary Maddux on the coaching staff.

I seriously doubt the US didnt want to win this thing.


Amazing goal by Super Mario. Wish they measured the speed of that shot.

"Mario Balotelli scored a stunning goal as Italy came back from two goals down to draw 2-2 with Brazil in a pulsating exhibition in Geneva on Thursday.

It looked as if Italy would pay for its missed opportunities when Brazil took a 2-0 halftime lead thanks to goals from Fred and Oscar."


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