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March 07, 2013

Weighing how far Heat, Canes will go. Poll. Vote; plus Tiger roars at Doral, latest NCAA outrage in UM case, Chavez, irate Dolphins & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, MARCH 9. Busy all weekend down at Doral golf but will try to publish a spankin' new blogpost by Sunday morning. 2) Dolphins and WR Brian Hartline agree to new five-year contract, also re-sign backup QB Matt Moore. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Word to the'Wolves, Dan Sileo, Heat 16th, lunatic diplomacy, golfers rapping, Downton Abbey. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

"OK, so it turns out this was probably a crappy idea for a poll. Go ahead and vote anyway." --Greg Cote 

WHAT'S MORE LIKELY: HEAT REPEAT TITLE OR CANES IN FINAL FOUR?: Heat won a 17th straight game last night, extending their club record in dispatching Philly, and clinched a playoff spot in doing so -- for those who had any doubts about that. There have been some sketchy/narrow wins along the way , 1aa1jamesl 1aa1larkinslike that 1-point home win over lousy Orlando on a LeBron James layup with three seconds left, but 17 is 17. On the collegiate side of town the Miami Hurricanes seem to be headed in the wrong direction as the regular season wraps up today vs. Clemson, with three losses in the past four games after the 71-69 home loss to mediocre Georgia Tech. UM got LeBroned on a buzzer-beater as the school was denied its first outright ACC regular-season title. Now the No. 6-ranked Canes can expect to tumble out of the top 10 in the new polls Monday. In terms of this poll question, I don't think it's as simple as Hot Heat/Cold Canes. I like the Heat's title chances more, no doubt, but still think the Canes are very capable of a deep run into the Final Four in a crazy, wide-open season without a clearly dominant team. Your vote and thoughts are invited.

ON LATEST NCAA EMBARRASSMENT IN UM CASE: This truly is becoming a farce. Now it turns out a former NCAA official wrote a letter to the judge who sentence Nevin Shapiro beseeching leniency so that Shapiro might serve as a consultant to the NCAA or as an educational speaker to its members. The dunce who wrote the letter is former director of enforcement Ameen Najjar. Just one more reason -- of many -- why the NCAA should credit UM for "time served" (self-imposed sanctions) and end this mess with no further penalties except those it might impose upon itself.

MIAMI'S SWEETEST 16'S: In honor of the Heat's winning streak reaching a sweet 16, I chose the most notable players to have worn No. 16 for each of our four pro franchises. (It hasn't been a very common number). DOLPHINS: QB David Woodley (1980-83) -- Led Miami to losing 1982 Super Bowl before giving way to some guy named Dan Marino. MARLINS: SS Edgar Renteria (1996-98) -- One-time all-star best known for winning hit in 11th inning of Game 7 in '97 World Series. PANTHERS: RW Nathan Horton (2003-10) -- Former No. 1 pick is fifth in club history with 142 goals. HEAT: Oddly, no Heat player has ever worn No. 16.   

TIGER SHOWS RORY THE WAY AT DORAL: Dream pairing launched the PGA Tour's World Golf 1aa1golf2Championships event at Doral with world No. 1 Rory McIlroy and No. 2 Tiger Woods (pictured) in a threesome with English star Luke Donald. Tiger leads the event by two strokes heading into today's/Saturday's play. I'm down there columnizing today and Sunday. Meantime, click on The Weight of No.1 for my preview column. It was on the struggling McIlroy, who found becoming No. 1 much easier than being No. 1.

CHAVEZ DEATH A MISSED OPPORTUNITY FOR RODMAN?: Now that Dennis Rodman has met with and 1aa1chavezeffusively praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, an enemy of the United States, he might have embarked on a world tour of lunatic diplomacy, providing propoganda platforms for other controversial leaders who are seen as critics and adversaries of the U.S. Alas, too late now to get with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who passed away Wednesday at 58 after battling cancer. Chavez is pictured in happier times with his ally, friend and fellow baseball fan, Fidel Castro. (P.S., Marlins played the Venezuelan national team Wednesday and declined a request for a moment of silence. I found hilarious the reason: "There wasn't enough time to honor the request." Yes, because it takes a lot of intricate planning to do nothing but be quiet for about 10 seconds!)

DOLPHINS BLAST MYSTERY POLL: A mysterious new poll whose sponsor is unknown has found that 73 percent of likely Miami-Dade voters in a referendum would oppose the proposed tax-break plan that 1aa1ginwould pay for almost half of the $400 million in Dolphins stadium improvements. And the Dolphins are irate. Club president Mike Dee called it a "ginned-up" poll with slanted questions, becoming the first man in decades to use the phrase "ginned-up." A previous poll found 100 percent opposition to the tax break, but the only voter polled was Norman Braman. Not sure how the question in this latest poll was phrased, but I believe it might have been: "Would you support giving almost $200 million to fat-cat Dolphins owner Stephen Ross while God-fearing folk in your own neighborhood are forced to eat cat food?"

1aa1ejohnWHADDYA MEAN ELTON JOHN IS A DIVA!?: Reports out of Brazil are that Elton John -- in the country for a Saturday concert -- has demanded a separate room for his array of dozens of fancy eyeglasses at the five-star Ouro Minas hotel in Belo Horizonte. That is  because the glasses apparently must be kept at exactly 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I do not find Elton's demand for a separate room crazy at all. What I do find outlandish is that the eyeglasses have run up $3,000 in charges from their room's mini-bar. 

Click back. Bank on my updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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isn't mike dee the same twit who dreamed up the dolphins tebow gators appreciation extravaganza?


On Dennis Rodman, another Dennis said it best, Dennis Miller suggested Rodman should put the wedding dress back on, go back to NK and become Kim Jong Un's First Lady.

Another humorous Miller line - and I paraphrase - 'Given the propensity of the Press to be the lap-dog of the President, Obama should call up Cesar Milllan and make him Press Secretary.'

Steven Ross is going to have to foot the bill for the stadium all 400 mil of it.

OC Dennis Miller is hilariously funny on O'Reilly's show I used to watch him on HBO when he had his own show (not to mention SNL) had no idea he was a Conservative back then he should still have his own show he had great guests.

BB, the contrived visual of a Cesar Millan holding a Press Briefing and suddenly doing a Trump 'you're fired' hand gesture, while voicing a short 'chu' to a reporter's negative Obama question is a SNL skit all its own.

Not many people make me laugh out loud but Miller is one of them.

the Dolphins need to upgrade the stadium and I see nothing wrong in the team paying for half and the other half coming from a turism bed tax.

its not costing the dade county tax payers any extra money (unless they book a hotel room).

The NCAA wrote a letter to Shapiro's sentencing judge days before sentencing..Fack U NCAA.


Woody, so you and Kaz have a trust fund?..come clean amigo.

Dennis Rodman is a fag, not that there is anything wrong with it.

Ohhh yeah, saw Miller Time on O'Reilly last night. Great stuff. Refreshing to see common sense mixed with terrific humor. I swear conservatives are overwhelmingly happier than liberals.

This Chavez story is telling.


If you notice how all the elitest liberals disguise socialism, fascism with "democracy" to the blind, deaf and uninformed voters.


Thanks for posting that article on Chavez, it says he suffered a lot, good, rot in hell you moe fo, I know that's not very christian like but hey that's the way I feel, hopefully Fidel will go the way of the Dodo bird very soon as well.

does anyone know if Obi paid his respects?

Miller is the chit, very funny guy.

but Jimbo, don't forget, Chavez didn't die of cancer, he died because the imperialist yankees poison him, hehe

Can't speak for Horace but I count 4 out of 5 Conservative posters today keep up the good work boys.

Regardless of whether any of you play golf or not, it would be classic to have the 16 or so characters on here go off on a mini tourney. Naturally, there would be massive consumption afterwards at the bar.

Place me in the foursome with Woodcock, Jimbo, and FZB hitting up to the group in front of Kazaam, mike1, shadow and david in LA:-)


I afraid we are a dying breed, I hope I'm wrong.

BB, I have you in the group with Anti, pimple and duke.

Tom is still probably recovering, so he can be the commish and drive around in the cart stocked with libations.


You think Shadow and Kaz are leberals?..hhhmmmm

I'm in for the game but I would like to have the Dukes-ter in there somewhere.


no, no, no, FZ, they're just "simpatico."

Sorry, FZ, in a group consisting of Anti, pimple and duke, someone HAS to keep them grounded. They need to be in the group with BB.

Can we get Potter to provide the babes that will meet us at the bar?

I would put Tom, Kazaam, Uglyaqua and Andrew in one group, that would be the NEGATIVO group.

Don't assume OC I can party with the best of them.

what group are you putting Dashi In?

Potter providing the babes?..too funny.

Dashi is in a group by himself, along with his second, and third person.

Dashi would be talking while we were trying to tee off he wouldn't be allowed on the course golfers etiquette and all.


Ahhh, that was good for a laugh!

Oh man, I forgot about Cote. I think I'll put him in charge of the little cocktail weenies.

Like you said OC, not all of us play regular golf but I think all of us can play mini-golf.

we need to pick a place that is warm, like Orlando maybe?

FZ, it doesn't matter if you play or not. The majority of these group golf tournaments always have half-a-dozen players who have never picked up a stick. You have a style of play called "best ball," where everyone hits from where the best ball landed.

If you're ever invited to play in one of these tourneys, don't pass, they are a lot of fun.

I told you guys that going after E Winston would be a good idea, even Armando thinks so.


Greg Cote-

You, and some others on this blog, have on occasion used the words "tea baggers," to identify and characterize -falsely- I might add, what these group of Americans stand for and fight about.

Yesterday's successful filibuster by Rand Paul (Holder finally wrote and submitted the requested letter) demonstrates perfectly what the group is truly about -- to rein in both the GOP and Dems' unquenchable thirst for government expansion, taxation, intrusion and reduction of our freedoms, in short, the purposeful dismantling of our constitution.

Please refrain from any future characterizations. They only serve to show how uninformed and naive its labelers are.



Like I told you before, its just easier to call Cote an ass-wipe...sorry Greg.

here's good news,.the force will be back soon to a theather near you, love live Star Wars !!!


oooppps, meant to say.

long live Star Wars..hehehe

Wow! That pic of Hamill makes him look as if he has turned into Emperor Palpatine. Yikes!!!


I voted for the Heat because they have the experience. They know what they have to do with everyone gunning for them since it's their third go around.

The Canes are in uncharted territory. I believe if they get back to what made them good (i.e.; running their offense instead of trying to create off the dribble or taking the first shot they feel like jacking up) they can absolutely be contenders.

But the Heat almost seem to be a lock and the Canes are on very shaky ground if they don't address some issues.

FZB, I'm going to own up to perhaps the only 'geek' thing I've ever done in my life. Through the years, I have accumulated a very sizeable Star Wars collection. All in their original box and/or bubble wrap. Over 300 characters and ships like: Millennium Falcon, Imperial Walker, Boba Fett's Slave 1, X-Wing Fighter, Landspeeder, Cloud Car, Dewbacks, Bantha, and much more.

I know, I know... very geeky!!!

When I was a kid I had every single ninja turtle action figure, hundreds in total. Then like everyone else I grew up and shot them apart with a pellet gun. They'd be worth a lot now.

Mike Dee was responsible for Gators day but he's a pretty stand up guy. I tore up my tickets for that game and mailed them to him (Ross actually) with an angry letter. Mike Dee actually called me on the phone and heard me out and tried to explain their thinking. Refunded me for the game.

Their thinking was retarded, but at least they cared enough to reach out to season ticket holders who were rightfully pissed off.

very cool OC, I love Star Wars.

My neighbor across the street also has a large Star Wars collection, its neat.

the only thing I have collected through the years is the signatures of all the members of the 1972 Miami dolphins, got'em all but two players plus Joe Robbie and coach Shula.

I'll leave it to my boy someday ( FZBjr, el doctor )

true story:

I had ALL THE NEWSPAPERS following each win of the 72 team of the Miami Herald and the Miami News in a box/container in my room at home, the Missus and I got married in 1977 and we left on our honey moon, got back a couple of weeks later and went to my parents home to pick up my priceless box of news papers and they were nowhere to be found in my old closet so I asked my Mom, she said oh yeah I was cleaning your room and saw a box full of old newspapers and threw them in the garbage.

brings tear to me eyes still after all these years.

I've got the 72 Dolphins on one helmet, everyone but Joe Robbie.

You're a good man Kaz. Powers that be in North Korea have a real anger management issues...


I missed on Wayne Moore and I think Bob Matheson and of course Joe Robbie.

You have a great item there young man, congrats.

Hmmm A real anger management issue...

I think we should Nuke North Korea before they Nuke us.

"Ginned up"! Haha good term for how the team has been run the past 10 years!

I just took "ten seconds," to give thanks that the world is rid of another dictator, mass murderer, who plundered Venezuela's wealth, so much a champion of the poor that he created millions more, threw his opposition in jail many never to be seen by family again, stole elections, tried to create dissent in neighboring countries and the best friend of Jimmy Carter, Sean Penn, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone and Fidel Castro among many other elite thinkers for the masses!

Hugo Chavez may he R I H!!!!!

There's no question that Chavez's socialist dictatorship created millions FEWER poor people.

From one in two Venezuelans living in poverty and one in four living in extreme poverty (under a dollar a day) to one in four in poverty and one in seven in extreme poverty.

All else is true, the economy and oil industry isn't as strong, he was a dictator, they have hyper-inflation and shortages, the wealthy and middle class are much poorer.

But socialism benefits the very poor immensely. That's kind of the point.

Assuming that your figures are correct, what remains unaccounted for in your analysis are the millions of dollars that the wealthy created and circulated within the country before being forced to leave and live under a capitalist system. Same as what happens every single time one of these visionary "leaders" of the people imposes his dogma on an uneducated mass.

The chi-ching you hear in So.Fla. real estate is the sound of another displaced wealthy Venezuelan buying a home--cash.


But the very poor benefitted immensely by Chavez taking the money wealthy people created and giving it to them.

Good old benevolent Hugo. Died accumulating $2 Billion in net worth. Living high on the hog and only the finest. Same as for Figh-del, Kim Jong, etc., etc.

Doesn't take much to fake a concern for a people, even at half that wealth and style.

History has recorded thousands of these do-gooders. Only the uneducated and morally, ignorantly compassionate Shangri la seeking, already wealthy idiots go along on their ride.

Yeah, sort of like pocketing a luxurious, monarch finder's fee, at the expense of chasing away that which brought in the wealth in the first place.

Hmm, Citgo. That would look good under my management.

Kaz, Your 6:13 posts sounds strangely familar., Who do we know that runs a country where the rich pay for the poor??, I wont say his name cause I still see DRONEs flying around..

Relax, Anti. Thanks to Rand Paul and his buddies, we now have a piece of paper that guarantees that the drone will fly by.

Ah. That is if you are an American. You are an American, right, Anti. Anti, please say you're an American, for Pete's sake!!!

Yes. Exactly like that. Benefitted the very poor at the expense of his country's economy.

My only point was that turning him into a caricature of evil, to the point where you'd believe he created millions of poor people, undermines the real problem of income inequality that most countries face.

The United States also has a problem with income inequality, out of self preservation and providing a contrast so that a middle ground can be found I'd argue the other side - but that argument has to happen. What we have now is not sustainable as poor people continue to have 2-5 more babies than the people making and holding the wealth. Eventually those babies will be old enough to vote.

Check out this video if you get the chance.


Amazing that Obi did'nt use a Drone to shorten Pauls 13 hour Speech.... 13 HOURS.Christ.

In the beggining of any socialist/communism system the poor are attracted to the myth of all for one and one for all, as time goes by they begin to realize is just a dream.

Poor dumb bastards.

So Chavez is worth 2 billion?.... Dictatiorship is a good business..

The alternative to not acknowledging income inequality is to ignore it until it's too insurmountable to deal with in a painless way.

The problem isn't even with the 1% (average $350,000 a year), it's with the 0.1%. It needs to be addressed, Warren Buffett or BOA's CEO would not do anything differently, create any less wealth, or hire any fewer employees if they were taxed half of what they make.

OC, Of course I'am American,Born and raised.

Yep, I've seen that video before. Love the mournful background tune. I would love to see a similar test applied only to a group of university attending Asians, students from India, and other middle east countries like Lebanon, or Iran.

I would bet a penny that the music would be more upbeat.

Look, the bottom line is that yes, the current direction sucks. It sucks for a myriad of reasons, many of which, btw, would go deep into correcting the trend were it to embrace a return to those "traditional" American values. Conversely, it is those "liberal" values that seem to be accelerating a malaise which ultimately will be corrected one way or another.

Soon the middle class will disappear and thats when the poor and stupid elect a Prohphet to get them to the promise land.
Lets face it 55% o the US population should not vote.., There to stupid.

Down with Fidel
Down with Guillen
Down with Loria


I have a very low expectation that so called - "income inequality..." What is that anyway? Which PC agency rebranded "poor people." Inequality, my ass. You get what you strive for. We've become a f***ing nation of touchy-feely, but I digress. We don't need to reread about the French Revolution or watch the miserable Le Mis again and again. To quote another movie, There Will Be Blood.

Anti, "They're too stupid" was tongue in cheek, right?

OC - you fail the test, no vote for you.

I don't see that Democratic values are any less 'American' than Republican values.

I use those terms because Republicans aren't conservative, they are equally interested in growing government and they are obsessed with social engineering because of the religious right.

It's good that we have balance, John McCain would have been a disaster for this country.

I wish we had six year presidencies with a single term limit. Enough time to do what you're going to do and then GTFO.

In England the party that wins PM also runs the legislature, so they can actually get things done. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but they strike a balance.

OC, Spot on..I have a intern that grew up in LAs bad area, Through hard work and education this guy will be set, He grew up in a fatherless family of 6,2 of his brothers have been killed through gang voilence but this kid kept up with his education and got out of that sewer,my thoughts are people are to weak and stupid to get out of the situation there in(Mostly through them havng kids when there still in there teens), Anywho I could go on for hours but I wont..

Income inequality is more illustrative of the problem - compared to the rest of the world there are very few 'poor people' in America.

But it doesn't matter where that bar for being 'poor' is set - in that video the dollars could represent a cent or a million, when you have that huge unbalance the 'poor' are going to be able to do something about it. In a truly poor country it might be revolution. In the United States that would be electing leaders with hard left socialist policies.

Either way it's not the ideal solution.

OC, Yes and no...

If you caught my earlier post (2:44), you'd know that I'm in agreement...for the most part. You know full well all about my either/or dictum. I vote Republican because it is generally the lesser of two evils. I am closer to the politics of Independents, and most assuredly, to conservative tenets.

The term - Income inequality implies a societal problem and that someone in government needs to be tasked to correct it.

A Libertarian would look at it and say...So! Why don't you take personal responsibility and do something about your income!?


Are you saying that eventually we would all be assimilated by the Borg?...That is not a pleasant thought my friend.

And your right, most people are simply too dumb, uneducated and too stupid to vote,, I guess that dumb and stupid is sort of the same thing..hehe

you're right! you're right!!! You guys are killing me!!!!

It's an absolute travesty that the Tea Party movement was hijacked by the religious right and candidates focused on social engineering (BACHMANN).

If I was inclined to the other team I would absolutely dismiss them as 'teabaggers' like the OWS dead beats.

The worst and most ignorant members wind up representing these groups because that's what the other team's media wants to show.


Here's the big Question, Who's better suited to decide how a country should be led.
A educated person with a job,house and income..
Or a uneducated person with 5 kids that lives in some South Bronx shithole that depends on the goverment housing,food etc etc.
The choice is clear..

OC - Dashi called me a racist for saying this but you can't judge a person's intelligence by their command of the English language on a sports blog in the MIAMI Herald.

Obviously in FZB's case it's indicative but you can't make that assumption. English is tough as a second language, especially the spelling, which isn't phonetic.

FZB, You know how I think, I said it before AndI'll say it agan, that the world is to populated, 3.5 billion need to go...IMHO

But many libertarians are also realists, they understand that this is a societal problem society can't fix - it's simple numbers, over six billion more people are on this earth than when the Constitution was written.

The problem isn't that the rich are so rich, it's that there are SO MANY poor people that they can do something about it.

BTW, Any word on Pope Potter??, Have they elected young Potter yet?

I'd say it's a matter of degree. One can overlook certain baggage that comes with a partner, so long as said partner overwhelmingly shares what is ultimately most important. Obama's camp won the presidency in large part because they were able to amass a divergent number of groups into an inclusive whole. The moment the Tea Party attempts to do the same - e.g., extreme right, constitutionalists, religious zealots, the other camp was poised for battle and ultimate annihilation.

Reminds me of the beginning of the movie Gladiator. "At my signal, unleash hell."

The only survivor then was, the tired OLD not so grand OLD party.

Kaz See my 7:45 post....

Uh, no.

The Tea Party movement is in no way comparable to the Democratic party or Barack Obama's campaign.

The liberal analogue to the Tea Party movement was torn to shreds and dismissed as ridiculous just as quickly.

Maybe we could unleash this guy on the world.....


None of us are perfect, and by a long mile. Still, I would want to have someone correct me if I am consistently making an egregious grammatical mistake. Why wouldn't everyone wish to improve themselves? This forum lends itself ideally for that.

Laziness is no excuse.

So you're telling me that you don't see disparate groups in those who voted for Obama? Certainly not as mutually inclusive and inseparable to those of the Tea Party?

I don't know, something tells me that the Black Panthers voted blue ticket, though no one charged Barrack's party with being hateful anti-white elitists.

Anyway, got to run. I have to go off and shoot Qui-Gon Jinn with my pellet gun.

I'd say it's a matter of degree.

enjoy shooting your pellet gun OC, I'am sure Obi will be coming for those too...

This could be the worst and most predictably one-sided poll Cote's ever put up. In the same blog entry, he wrote a blurb about the Dolphins complaining that a poll questioning public funding was written unfairly.

So the NCAA wanted to give employment and have a convicted felon join their team? He would fit right in!

Well Kaz I once posted that black people voted for Obi for the simple reason he was black just like them and they where voting for one of their own, without bodering to know the real issues that black people encounter everyday like unemployment etc, as I recalled you called me a racist but I must tell you I think all people have a little bit of racism in them, whether is in religion, political views, color of their skin , social status etc.

It has nothing to do with intelligence or education and more to do with how you were brought up as a kid , for example I know many cuban fathers that would prefer their daughters marry a cuban boy, now is that being a racist? ...the same for mexicans or black families etc.
I once thought the same way until my daughter found and married a young man that was born here but his parents where originally from Paraguay

For the record, I don't consider myself a racist, my best friend is a black man from Jamaica and I gotta tell you HE is a racist, he flat out tells me he doesn't want his daughter to marry no white honkey as he puts it, what I hate the most is people from any race that don't try to reach their potential that they try to take the easy way out and get free handouts from the goverment which is the way that liberals win elections, in my line of work (insurance) I see it all the time , they live in the projects, get goverment assistance, the women have a few kids but they have a nice car..Anti said right, who's better to decide my future, an educated person or an uneducated person?

Is that a racist statement ?... Hell no

The poor will continue to be poor because they are too dumb and stupid to realize they are dumb and stupid and have zero desire to get off their ass and do something about it.

So if I think like that I guess i'm a racist.

OC, GROUNDED?! GROUNDED?! Group Captain I want to fly high over North Korea like my dear daddy Base Commander Ripper...

You said black people don't know Obama is a clown because they're as dumb as he is. Word for word. You said it in upside down font because you know better.

It's not that comment though, as a more recent example you made this joke:

'A Black boy asks his mother, Mama, what's a democracy?
she replies- Well boy, that's when white people work every day so we can get OUR benefits!
-But Mama the boy replies, don't white people get angry about that?
-sure they do. It's called racism!'

And a bit later Woodcock made this one:

'A black boy finds a bottle on the street and when he rubs it a genie pops out and tells him that he will grant him one wish. The boy says he wants to be white and presto, he's white. Exited he runs into the living room and tells everyone that the genie made him white, and he gets a huge beat down administered by all his family members. Crying he goes into the bathroom after the beat down and says, Gee, I've only been white for 5 minutes and I'm already starting to hate black people.'

To you I'm sure those are the same thing. To most people only one of those is a joke.

I think of you as Lenny with a computer, I don't blame you for your opinions or for not being smart enough to disguise your scumbaggery.

Hartline's guarantee was two million times his career touchdown total.

Overpaid but worth it. Hopefully the contract is front loaded.

dukey, of course I'm grounded. This is precisely why I'm moving to Texas. Those unpredictable anti-Hyundis may be capable of launching a refrigerator full of low-tech uranium 235 right on top of this miserably run best state in the Union. Then what!?

An American who understood but one way on how to get out of Income inequality:

Interesting somewhat insignificant note. Sam is one day older than FZB and I'm six days his senior. Totally get his humor and self abusive behavior. Then again, such symmetry, I'm told is hogwash.

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