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March 24, 2013

Heat win 27th straight!; Canes, Heat having way too much fun (dueling videobombs); plus Cinderella FGCU, Gators, UM title odds & more

[1) It is TUESDAY, MARCH 26. New blogpost coming later today. 2) Sorry we had to skip our live blog chat yesterday; we'll pick it back up next Monday. 3) Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes column. Leads with Heat/Hurricanes hoops mania. 4) In the Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes, Heat win; Madness, Serena, Haiku winner. 5) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Heat win 27th straight: A routine 108-94 win at Orlando last night for No. 27, moving ever closer to Lakers' 1971-72 NBA record of 33. LeBron James one rebound shy of a triple-double. Ho hum.  

Canes 4th-best odds for national title at 15-2: New from Bovada, it's Louisville favored at 3-1, then Florida 19-4, Indiana 5-1, and UM and Ohio State both 15-2. Florida Gulf Coast is 16th (last) at 75-1. 

1aa1heatbomb 1aa1gambleHEAT, CANES HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUN: DUELING PHOTOBOMBS!: Chris Bosh, who leads the Heat in photobombs -- actually, videobombs -- struck again last night (left) as Dwyane Wade (who had the night off) interviewed LeBron James following Miami's 26th win in a row. Bosh crept in with a karate chop and then a Japanese-style bow. Click on Heatbomb to watch. Not long after, in Austin, Tex., UM's Julian Gamble (right) photo-bombed an interview with teammate Shane Larkin. Click on Canesbomb for the animated version. Edge to Gamble for the simplicity and the creepy grin. Let the good times roll!

SUPER BALL SUNDAY: HEAT STREAK, CANES SEASON ON LINE AGAIN AND STILL ALIVE: It was another sublime, heart-stopping doubleheader for Miami basketball junkies...

1aa1a16No. 2 Hurricanes d. No. 7 Illinois, 63-59 -- Sweet 16, anyone? Miami was a 7-point favorite to get there for only the second time in school history (2000), and did, if barely. Rion (The Lion) Brown's 21 points including two key late free throws led UM, along with Shane Larkin's huge 3 with a minute left. Miami will next face Marquette. NCAA Sunday had a distinct state flavor, of course, because:

Gators, FGCU also advance: No. 3 Florida Gators beat No. 11 Minnesota, 78-64, and feel-good No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast (see below) beat No. 7 San Diego State, 81-71 -- the first 15-seed ever to reach the Sweet 16. Now FGCU will face Florida in next round. Oh my. Click on Dunk City for a tribute video to Florida Gulf Coast. (All of our state teams didn't win, alas. Also last night, No. 8 UM women were one-and-done in their NCAA bid, losing to No. 9 Iowa, 69-53).

1aa1a26Heat d. Charlotte Bobcats, 109-77 -- OK I didn't manufacture any fake drama here. The Bobcats suck. Truly reek. But a 25-game winning streak makes every game huge when you are after the NBA record of 33, so the onus was on Team LeBron to not stumble. And they didn't. It's 26 now. And all you need to know about the degree of rout is that late-game sightings for Miami included James Jones and, yes, Juwan Howard. Another minute and I'd have been looking for Rory Sparrow to tear off his warmups.

Poll result: UM run bigger than Heat streak right now (but barely): We asked what was bigger right now, the Canes' NCAA run as a No. 2 seed or the Heat's record-seeking winning streak (you may still vote, in blogpost directly below), and UM was winning with 54.3 percent.

MADNESS BY THE NUMBERS (through Sunday; entering Sweet 16): A daily tracking of upsets and my bracket in the men's NCAA Tournament. Upset watch: Total games played so far--48, excluding play-ins. Upsets by seeding--14 (29.2%). Biggest upsets by seed in round of 64: 15-Florida Gulf Coast d. 2-Georgetown, 14-Hahvahd I mean Harvard d. 3-New Mexico. Biggest upsets in round of 32: 9-Wichita State d. 1-Gonzaga, 12-Oregon d. 4-St. Louis, 15-Florida Gulf Coast d. 7-San Diego State. My bracket: Sweet 16 teams still alive: 10 (L'ville, Duke, Ariz, OSU, K-State, Mich, Fla, Ind, 'Cuse and Miami). Biggest loss so far--Gonzaga, which I had reaching Elite Eight. I'm in fair shape overall. Guaranteed to have at least three teams in final eight, and could have as many as seven.

1aa1amandaMEET CINDERELLA: No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast certifiably is this NCAA Tournament's official Cinderella -- every March Madness must have one -- and, this year, Cinderella has a face. It is pictured right. She is Amanda Marcum, the wife 1aa1amanda2of FGCU coach Andy Enfield. Granted, this is not a Disney Cinderella. This is a Cinderella from a 16-year-old boy's dreams. Nevertheless! She used to be a model and has posed for the cover of Maxim and others mags. Amanda is now all Mom'd up (see left), but it's OK. We know who she is underneath it all. And FGCU won again last night -- so Cinderella lives!

MARLINS' EXPECTED AWFULNESS NOW OFFICIAL: Courtesy ESPN The Magazine's new MLB preview issue, Miami's Marlins will finish last in the NL East with a projection range of 60 to 74 wins. Only the Astros (54) have a lower downside on victories. The season begins a week from Monday, assuming the Marlins don't just say screw it and skip the whole thing.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin had this to say about Ryan Tannehill recently at the annual NFL Meetings in Phoenix. “There’s no really warning signs right now, to me, that would say he shouldn’t develop into an excellent football player,” Philbin said.

Not much of a vote of confidence. A real vote of confidence would have read something like this "Based on his talent and progress so far there is every reason to believe that Ryan Tannehill will be a great QB for the Miami Dolphins and a star in the NFL for many years."

Oh wait to say that I guess Philbin would actually have to believe that. I like Philbin. He's honest and he's right. Tannehill may or may not be a star in this league. The jury is still out.

One more thing. Liberalism killed DETROIT and is killing CALIFORNIA. The USA is next......Third World here we come.


Talk is cheap anyway.Whatever.Nothing like the heat of battle to show what a player is made of.That s all that is needed.In due time....the answer will come full circle.Being patient and speculating beforehand is just a 50-50 guessing game and is never accurate.

congratulations to our national side on their victory over costa rica in the world cup qualifiers. really cool


Ah, Tommy, "killing California too." Excuse me? Bro, are you out of your mind? They don't call California the Golden State for nothing. Think of California's problems like that of a Ferrari that needs a tune up, or Miss Universe without makeup. We might have some political problems that need to be addressed but politicians can't screw up the climate, the ocean, the mountains, the forests, the deserts, and the babes! Oh yea, the babes. Bro, get real.

Tell him Dapper.

Woody my sometimes misguided friend, get out while the getting is good. I lived in SF from 86 to 93. You're right about all the natural beauty of CA. But CA is now populated with an overwhelming majority of takers. The producers are fleeing. The burdening cost of taxes and regulation is forcing business to flee. California is in a tailspin my good friend. A tailspin from which it will never recover.

Tom - nice find, Reege is absolutely right, Tannehill did not show that he can't be a great quarterback last season.

My big concern with Tannehill is the system, he's a great passer on the run but he's just way too inaccurate from the pocket. If they want to turn him into Aaron Rogers I've seen enough from last year to say that it's not going to work out. Developing pinpoint accuracy from the pocket just doesn't seem like something an NFL quarterback can do in an offseason. I could be wrong there but I doubt it.

If they played to his strengths and developed a run-first attack where he's rolling out and creating time for receivers, I do believe he could be good enough to win with.

He's much closer to Roethlisberger's skill set than Aaron Rogers and now he's got Big Ben's top target.

sure, tom.. that's why they're predicting a surplus because of the latest tax increases; that were passed in an election.
it's a Fing sports blog. i know you and other geniuses on here forget on a daily basis that the founders of this country were all progressives, and it's PROGRESSIVISM that was behind every gain we've made as a country. i don't need to be reminded that you're a political moron every morning when i get up and read this garbage you post.
it's bad enough you barely know football, but go comment on USA today or something. no one gives a crap about your politics, baby's religion, or any other garbage.
we all like the dolphins so let's keep it there, huh?

Tom is correct: Calif has 5 or 6 cities bankrupt due to their liberal spending out-of-control;
Saw a bumper-sticker on internet which made me cringe:
Hillary/Michelle Obama 2016 OMG NO!!

California is predicting a surplus....... hahahahahahahahahahahaha


Take your head out of your ass david. You might actually learn something.

JFK's inaugural speech...

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."

And JFK on taxes...

"Our true choice is not between tax reduction, on the one hand, and the avoidance of large Federal deficits on the other. It is increasingly clear that, no matter what party is in power, so long as our national security needs keep rising, an economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget - just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits. In short, it is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low - and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now."

Tommy, why did you move from the Bay area?

You kids talking politics again?...here's my two cent's worth.

On Obi...We elected him again, we are stuck with the bastard for more years and there's nothing we can do about it.

On Cali going down the tube's...raising taxes has never proven to be a sound idea, we are a capitalist society, hopefully that will never change but I don't think the liberals will let that happen, heck they can count on those electoral votes in every election, Tom I see your point but everything will remain the same amigo..

Tom, thanks for re posting JFK words..

On Tannehill, the kid does have talent but to say he's a bust or a good QB?..no one knows for sure, the kid has better weapons around this year and last years experience will help him
QB's mature differently, last year Cam Newton was so so and the year before he was one of the best young Qb's I have ever seen, you guys need to have a little patience


Good article by Armando for once - yes, the reason season ticket holders are not as optimistic as the people trying to sell us tickets is that we've seen this show before and the SAME GM is still in charge of the team doing the same BS.

I've already cancelled my season tickets, it was a three year contract but after next season I'm out until Bill Parcells' disciple is gone. That's the problem with having such a crappy fan base, we all know we can get new season tickets anytime we want.

In actual football towns you can't give up your tickets or else you'll be in the back of a multi-year waiting list to get back in.

Green Bay's waiting list is 96,000 people long. Estimated wait time based on seat turnover is over 1,000 years.

Wake and Dumervil would have been scary.

I vote pass rush for the first round pick. Trade up or down to make it make sense.

You cancelled your season tibkets Kaz ???.

Yup I new it, you're closet Jets fan...I have a question for you, what if the Dolphins start winning or show great improvement and Ireland's contract gets extended, are you going to commit hara-kiri?

I read the article, its a sign of the times, times are hard for some people and honestly who can blame them but if the Dolphins start winning again they'll be back, winning cures everything amigo.

Me?... I go to a couple of games a year no matter how good or how bad they are and of course I don't miss any Canes games..


What's a tibkets??.. Hehe ..

Heat are about to start, D Wade is out..

All you have to do is watch film from last year to see that Tannehill is going to be star geez I thought you people knew something about football should have kept those tickets.


You know Kaz, even if te Dolphins go undefeated he won't give Ireland any credit.


couldn't get onto the herald sports page last night-diverted to some advertiser every time. if this is gonna be SOP, i am not gonna bother.

I give credit to Ireland for not whiffing on Tannehill he probably should have taken a few qb's in years past but that was the right pick we should be set with him for a long time I think.

Dumervil went to Ravens. Sorry to see Ireland pass on him, but not surprised. Miami's most pressing needs

1) LT
2) OG
3) CB
4) DE pass rusher

Where will they come from?

CB from the draft. The others?

What is OG a guard whatever it is it doesn't trump the need for another CB.


We need a RT, CB and TE..

Guard is a need but not a pressing need however if Warmack from Bama is there at 12th they will seriously consider him.

Sorry FZB we need a LT. If Martin is the LT next season Tannehill is toast.

Greetings Guy's, FGCU in the sweet 16??
Well if they lose I got a feeling The HC wont be to heartbroken, I mean ook whohe's going home to....


I myself would prefer spending on progressive ideas to help move us into the 21st c than 2 trillion and growing from Iraq itself. I felt like we were 3rd world in 2008, right now things feel better. Cars and houses are selling, my 401k is way bank and then some, i have hope for some coverage due to preexisting conditions, we may have roads and bridges , and finally high speed rail somewhere in the US. ..though like Metrorail, and the Las Vegas monorail, I question the route. A friend of mine had heart surgery, now pays more than he earns in the full time job just on medicine maintenance due to pre-existing conditions. Has to live with a relative and bum off on the rent. Get into a position like this and you may appreciate the health care plan though it had to be massively compromised and may not reach its full potential. Bachman has never gotten more on my nerves than her latest statements.
I was a Republican leaning independent and always voted Republican thru McCain. The last few years of congressional behavior has turned me around. Whether Obama's ideas pan out in the long run, we'll see. But for the most part he, at least seems to be trying to do good for people compared to Bush interest only in Saddaam revenge and oil and an IQ of
10. Recently there have been some Republicans coming out saying they need change and
need to stop being 'anti everythng'. Otherwise, they'll never appeal to anyome but the staunch Conservatives. These are the guys who may get my attention down the road.

Back to sports.
Heat still succeeding down the path. Interesting to look at the standings, San Antonio and Oklahoma City arent far behind - I would've expected a bugger gap. I don't check standings too often.

Another big day of worldwide world cup qualifiers on Tuesday. Japan win earns them the first claim to fame for 2014. If the US earn a point at 110,000., 7k altitude Azteca that would be great. But if they lose, it's expected and nothing to worry about just yet. With 8 injuries including top flight goalie Tim Howard, I am not expecting anyhting. I need to pick my bars better this time, Friday I bar hopped to 3 bars to watch as many games as I could, only to find crwds so large i had to stand in the outside areas. But it was pretty neat to be in the 300+ chorus of U-S-A all game long.

taxes are only ok when reagan raises them 12 times to outspend the soviets, huh?
you people are idiots.
as for the fins, we have plenty of pics in this draft; analyzing them at this point is ridiculous; kind of like judging tannehill after one rookie season with no deep threat..
oh, and how's that heat prediction looking baby? i see you've taken to ignoring me and fessing up that you were wrong. :)
and where are the gator idiots that said the canes would be gone by now?

david you are our resident nitwit. every family has at least one. you're ours.

real david - it's a sure mark of intelligence that you can make your points without calling everyone who disagrees with you an idiot every single post.

NASCAR race yesterday had a great ending. Logano and Hamlin were banging on each other on the last lap and ended up crashing each other out. Then Tony Stewart went after Logano in the pits for blocking him on the final restart. Interesting that Tony Stewart did the same thing to Michael Waltrip last year at Talladega and caused this 25 car pileup.


is it true that loria is passing on the savings to his customers by lowering the prices charged to attend a game of the officially awful marlins? just a rumor?


Loria really will very soon find out that there will be a HUGE backlash and negative result for his complete and total disrespect for its fan base.It won t be short lived either.You know what they say about PAYBACK.Anyway......NO ONE is feeling sorry for the sorry owner as he ll be getting what he deserves.

huh? ladavid does call everyone an idiot on almost all of his posts look at his last one.

I haven't been wrong about anything yet david what did I say One and Done?

If you don't know me by now that was done mostly for effect and to make all of the Heat fans here mad.

They will likely be in the championship game for the next 3 or 4 years pretty obvious this fawning over the streak is really overdone.

It's funny too watching Heat fans complain about their team that is championship caliber it never ceases to amaze me about which irrelevant scrub should be getting minutes

That said Boston is the only team in the East not afraid of the Heat they will bring it injuries or not.


didn't see the match of friday night (sabbath) but the old axiom of minew rings true- if anybody scores for the USA, it will be clint dempsey. i am in agreement with the costa ricans that the match should have been cancelled in that incredible snowstorm, but it was played and i don't think fifa will make them replay it. have never seen so much snow on a soccer pitch.i think iread something that stated that mexico will be two players short owing to penalties. they certainly botched up a 2 goal lead.

Happy Passover shadow.

Hey guys,

Tom (from yesterday)...

You're automatically assuming that Jonathan Martin is a bust, he is not, solid LT in college and was playing out of position at RT last year, he will be our starter @ LT and he will do a fine job.

the addition of the Bird-man has solidify the Heat's rotation off the bench , regardless of whether they break the record or not they will be very difficult to beat in the playoffs ..

So Eric Winston wants to play for us, heck let's sign the guy already.

It has taken so long not sure it's happening with Winston same for Grimes.

Seems they need one or the other haven't heard anyhting on Chris Houston have you?

No BB, nothing on him but I think they'll work it out with Winston soon, contrary to what Tom thinks (sorry Tom) I think he would be a nice fit here, the guy is a vet and knows the zone blocking schemes

seems that Grimes is still in play but he may go to who ever pays him the most...


Coach Jim Larranaga celebrated his Canes berth into the Sweet Sixteen with a dance. Thank you, Internet
-- ‏@espn


Big Baby - Winston's a good player but if they sign him that means Jon Martin's our left tackle. That could be a disaster, he started 5 games at left tackle last year and he SUCKED.


Houston resigned but Grimes is still out there, a lot of teams are trying to sign him.

There are two true shut down corners available, Dolphins should have broke the bank for Asomugha or traded for Revis.

Marshall's a nickel corner and Patterson's overpaid ($4.5M) with a completely dumpable contract.

are you guys aware that we are at war with North Korea?

yup..we are


I think they are still considering a trade for Alberts also did Asomugha sign yet?

Revis very good but a bit of a diva I would have supported the move though unless it's a 1st and a 2nd which is being reported.

I am not crazy about Martin as our LT sorry FZB not a big Oline guy but the "experts" said he didn't grade out very well last year.

That said it could still happen.

Kazaam Marshall will start at CB this year Patterson is more a nickel corner but Irlenad has already said they are both figuring strongly into thier plans right now.

Kazaam, BB and Tom,

I understand what you guys are saying but Jonathan Martin will not be a disaster at LT, the guy was a rookie and usually you see a good deal of improvement on year two.

so now Martin and Egnew are busts?..come on meng..

Egnew maybe..Martin?..no

In today's NFL good Nickel corners make 4 mil per year NE just gave Kyle Arrington 16 mil over 4 years he's a slot corner.

Big Baby- What film of tannah last year did you watch that you thought will make him a star? The game I remember the most, was the 28-0 beating the dolphins took with him at qb. Think about that for a minute,0000000000000 points in todays NFL. Was it the 11tds, and13ints, that have you excited? I have not looked it up but, was any other team shutout last year?

LA DAVID- Stop with the nonsense that everybody is an idiot because they have a view that is not the same as yours. It makes you come off as some clown, which I don't think you are.

Shadow- I had the same problem as you sunday whan I tried to get on the hearald. I think it was a glitch,at least I hope so.

Naples I was at the game a few years ago when Joey Harrington shut you guys out 21-0 with Brady at QB.

Sh*t happens.

it sure looks like the Rams have guarantee Jake Long "mucho dinero"..the Dolphins where never going to give him that amount.


Naples, Tannehill WAS A ROOKIE last year with limited playing experience and zero play makers around him yet he played reasonable well most of the times.

I can well damn guarantee you that Brady would have struggle the same way Tannehill did if in the same situation, Brady is a great talent but he could not beat out Drew Bledsoe right away and it took an injury for it to happen.

you are talking like if the guy is a seasoned pro, he should be a lot better than last year, he has one years experience plus his supporting cast is 10 times better.

don't be hatin...

yes not so much talk about politicians and taxes etc


Saw D Wade interviewing LeBron last night, funny shit.

Don't forget about me I am funny too.

COTE; You have 9 teams in the Sweet 16 and not 10. You listed K-State as one of them, but the Wildcats lost their first game, in the second round, to play-in team and #13 seed LA SALLE. La Salle is in the Sweet 16 and will play #9 seed Wichita St.

Day 6 at the bottom of the world............
Spotted 4 Gamma ray bursts(This is a great achivement seeing how 40 some on years ago we did'nt even know they existed)....
there's 90 "Guests" hre at the "VLT" most are from eastern europe(Yes formally under the Soviet umbrella) and most have me beat by miles(Gott wonder how we lost our tech. advantage)
78 Of the "Guests" Are male...
12 are female but 10 look like a typical Soviet female wieght lifters.
1 is kinda hot(Guys I'am in a sausage factory here), But you would'nt even give her a second look in America, ANHOOOOO. only more days till....
I'll leave you all with this......


FZB- Brady was the 191 player taken as a rookie. Bledsoe was the #1 overall pick in the draft. You have to remember that Bledsoe took the Pats to the SB in 1998 also. A little different then the #8 pick with not much competition last year.

BB- Refresh my memory as to when brady was shutout 21-0 by harrington. I don't recall it, but who knows, I could be wrong.

FZB- Ray Lewis's house in palm beach is on the market for just under 5mill. I understand from some real estate friends that some little weasel from the dominican republic hangs around there, looking to sneak in all the time. I wonder who that might be?

Mr. Anti,

Congrats on your great find of gamma rays, don't forget to name one of those suckers after me...hehe...see no one knows where they come from, right?

well maybe the rays are coming from a secret "Rooskie" satellite intent on world domination or maybe they are coming from one of Europa's moons where the real aliens live..

Just saying.

Now the reason "the comunistas" have better technology than us is because they stole it, is that simple.

Nothing major happening up here except we are at war with North Korea...I read it on Yahoo so it must be true.


On the lack of eye candy...soooo you're saying the comunista girls look like men with tits?...that is not a pretty sight amigo.

May I suggest a couple of bottles of tequila?

NJPF you're wrong about david from la.

FZB you are the most optimistic Dolphins fan here. Congrats. There used to be someone else here just like you. He went by the name of Flipper72. Flipper was so optimistic that half way through the 2007 season he was still trying to convince us that Miami was going to win the Super Bowl. And Flipper72 was a true "positivo". Wrong but a positivo nonetheless.

Heat up by 18 with just under 10 minutes to go. They are unbelievable.

BB if I were you I think I would give it up on the Celtics. It's just not they're year.

you all are talking politics on a sports blog. do not get it all i know is that 42.5 percent of my pay goes to taxes. and then when you add the 7 percent i pay when i buy any thing i am close to 50 percent of my pay is gone to taxes. so every time i think about politics or how this president raised my taxes again well less just talk sports

Robert, WELCOME to Our Nightmare.....

A.) my intelligence will never be quantified by anonymous people on a miami herald website, (especially when they think a centrist democrat is a socialist). i enjoy posts and opinions about my favorite teams, and i share in the excitement of those teams.
B.) Tom? you ARE an idiot. i've taken your political BS and name-calling for years and i call it like i see it. you might not agree with my politics, but i AM smarter than you. i disagree with OC, KAZ, NAPLES, FZB, and WOODY, but i don't call THEM idiots. (at least not all the time) :)
C.) any gator fan coming on here bashing the canes is an idiot.
D.) anyone claiming i am going to hell because i haven't accepted jesus is an idiot.
E.) anyone claiming the heat are one and done AND that they will be threatened in the slightest by an aging celtic team with no rondo is an idiot.
got it?

david great post. thank you for confirming what everyone else already recognizes about you.

Shadow I know you like Team Mexico but they are ripe for an upset not impressive so far this US fan is hoping the streak gets broken tonight with a USA win at Azteca.

Those fans there behave like animals score early and quiet them down would love to see Hercules Gomez score a goal tonight enjoy the game.

I am mostly a casual soccer fan but those of you like me who watch important matches don't miss this one you have never seen a sporting event like this one at this stadium.

You don't like hockey either no one cares what you think for someone who claims to be "wordly" you are really very narrow minded at times.

Whatever that means you probably live in your mother's basement and haven't visited world class cities like Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto too bad for you maybe try and visit someplace that isn't a third world country sometime.

I snowboard in whistler a few weeks every year.

And there are no basements in south Florida.

Are you sure someone said you were black.

Tom, hate to break the news to you with FACTS, but California created over 365,000 jobs in 2012. That is 100,000 more then Texas. Stop the nonsense

OC - did you see this shot??



What happened to my early morning post amigo?..the nazy censorship policy got a hold of it?..WTF !


sure California did add those jobs but what about new people filing unemployment?..in reality is a wash you liberal douche.


fair is fair...


You fighting with Kaz again?..no bueno amigo, I always take the direct approach and just call him an ass-wipe, it works for me..

soccer?..sorry guys, not for me, I will watch the world cup when is in the final stages and usually can't see the whole game.

New people filing for unemployment. 'California's unemployment rate unchanged at 9.8 percent'.

Oye FZ, I went to see OC and the Boy Wonder last night at the Mission Viejo pad. I don't think OC wants to leave CA. As much as he's bad mouthed the state lately the boy keeps sabotaging the current, "ahem" CA Condo Closeout! When I got there OC had another catastrophe, this one a "broken water hose on his washing machine that flooded the entire first floor of the pad! The guy must be working out at the gym and hitting the tanning salons every day. He looks like a concentration camp victim complete with the heavy hair loss, you can probably land a 747 on the large swaths of bald skin on his dome. At this rate he'll look like Mr. Clean in three weeks. The boy was raving about how the yard looked and how it took three weeks to "finish the landscaping!" All I saw where a few bags with dead leaves and a dirty lawn mower that looked like it was used to mow all of OC's 200 square foot lawn. Three weeks to finish the "landscaping!"

The guy is setting the new standard in "stretching it out." He he.

BobbyD12, you ever been in Texas? I have, lots of times, I wouldn't give a wooden penny for Texas a bigger dump you will not find. Great place to live if your'e a Gila Monster or a Rattle Snake but not for human beings.


I know all about OC and yard-working, I have spies in Cali, one of them took this photo...


what's up OC!!, Oye, don't rent to the Mejicanos or the Muslims, I'm warning ya.

I think you're correct, he's not leaving Cali anytime soon...

Hope Ryan Tannehill doesn't read this blog he'd be pissed.


You and Me are in the clear ( reference to T-Hill ) he knows we defend him all the time, no problems there.

Ben Volin ( PBP ) has a good breakdown of current Dolphin needs..


Are you kidding. Bro, that picture of that guy "landscaping" as OC calls it, is on a lawn 100 times larger than OC's. In Miami what OC calls "the landscaping" would be someone's idea of the side yard or parkway, to be mowed in the commercial break between innings of a Marlins broadcast.

Haven't read this yet but I am pretty sure it's good.



ok,ok..I get it..you DID say he's all tan ( OC ), totally lost his hair and has a very small yard, right?


all tanned...lol

Actually, FZB, that pic you posted is very, very close. I've got a 60' ficus benjamina where that woman is standing, and a 70' sapote where the guy is working. But leave it to Woodcock to turn fact into fiction. At 2,000 sq. ft., Woodcock is just jealous that his 1927 beach bungalow is less than half the size of my yard.

btw, that guy in the pic even looks looks a bit like me, whereas Woodcock is looking worser and worser with every passing day. At 5'-6" and what looks like, topping 220, a set of numbers which do not compliment.

FZ, that guy looks a little like OC, except that guy looks like a matinee idol compared to OC. The boy could rent himself out to haunt houses.


Well I'm 5'6 but I only weight 162 lbs..not bad for an old fart right?

Wood's, you need to go on a diet bro!

FZ you're in good shape but don't stand outside in any wind storms you'll blow away.

Kazaam. Yep, I watched the entire tournament and saw Sergio's climb. He did another stupid act earlier, donning a white body raincoat then entering a greenside water hazard and splashing himself and the ball a foot out. His double bogie would have been the same had he simply taken a drop and two putted out.

There is reason for the many "gallego" jokes.

did you guys see this?


the Heat sure are a loose team...

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