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March 31, 2013

Play ball! Marlins lose opener, fans weigh big decision; plus Final Four poll (vote now), Dolphins confirm logo, Heat-Spurs, Creepy Easter Bunnies & more

1aa1dolnew 1aa1dolnew

1) It is TUESDAY, APRIL 2. World's worst-kept secret confirmed: Dolphins made it official that this is the new logo. Had planned to reveal it coincidental with NFL Draft but it was out so why wait? 2) Sorry again about missing yesterday's live blog chat. We'll get back at it next Monday. 3) Hope y'all had a Happy Easter. See below for our special "Cavalcade of Creepy Bunnies." 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes out/March Madness, Brent Grimes, Riley rips Ainge, Marlins odds, Doug Gottlieb, Bosh's camel. 5) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

1aa1dawnrwGratuitous April Fool's Joke: Ricky Williams records song!: Well there's no point in trying to sell this as real, given the date, technology like Shazam and the fact anybody listening to music in the '90s may know the song. But I'll be damned if the voice and trippy lyrics in THIS SONG don't sound like something Ricky Williams might do. So pass this along to any gullible friends. Enjoy. 

PLAY BALL! MARLINS OPEN SEASON AT NATS: [Update: Marlins lose opener at Washington, 2-0, yesterday on a pair of Bryce Harper homers. Decent start by Ricky Nolasco but negligible offense against Stephen Strasburg]. The home opener isn't for a week, but Miami launches its 21st season at Washington, the new darling-favorite of the NL 1aa1bbodayEast and also seen as a stacked World Series contender. Quite a contrast to the young, low-payroll (again) Marlins. Click on They Make It Difficult for my Marlins season-preview column. Club president David Samson says he wishes Marlins fans would leave their anger behind and "just enjoy baseball again," as if the club's own actions with the latest fire-sale/payroll-slash hadn't fractured trust and made that so difficult. Having said that, spring is all about renewal (say the baseball poets), and Opening Day always sees the slate wiped, so let's try on a bit of optimism. Or at least benefit of doubt. Shall we? This is a time that challenges Marlins fans witha big decision: What does being a fan mean? My feeling always has been that a team is not its owner; a team is bigger. I think fans can think the worst of Jeffrey Loria and still support their team. I may be wrong. We'll see. For now, for better or worse, ready or not ... play ball!

FINAL FOUR SET! WHERE IS YOUR ROOTING INTEREST? VOTE NOW: Two by-seed upsets on Saturday and another in Sunday's first game left one Cinderella standing in the men's 1aa1finfourNCAA Tournament as it pared from eight teams to the Final Four. A synopsis of the Elite Eight games is below, but first, it's time to take sides. Which of the Final Four teams -- Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse or Wichita State -- will you be rooting for? Remember, this is not asking who you predict will win, but rather who you most want to win. Vote and say why:

Final Four odds: No surprises here. Courtesy Bovada, Louisville a prohibitive championship favorite at 2-3, followed by Michigan 3-1, Syracuse 17-4 and Wichita State 12-1.    

Elite Eight results:

* No. 4 Michigan d. No. 3 Florida, 79-59;in Arlington, Tex. Florida was favored by 3 points in game of keen interest in Miami area because of slew of Gators alum down here and also the left-over animus toward UF from old days when Canes-Gators was bitter rivalry. Gators trailed 11-0 out the gate and never recovered, with Michigan solving a very good UF defense despite an off-game by Tim Hardaway's kid.

* No. 1 Louisville d. No. 2 Duke, 85-63; in Indianapolis, Ind. Louisville was favored by 3 1/2 points. It was 1 vs. 2 and Coach K vs. Rick Pitino. Don't get much better! Canes fans would have strong feelings watching Duke, UM's biggest ACC rival, while Pitino's son now coaches FIU. Cardinals won despite losing Kevin Ware to an ugly broken leg. Louisville will meet Michigan in one semifinal next week.

* No. 4 Syracuse d. No. 3 Marquette, 55-39; Orangemen used suffocating defense to vanquish the team that vanquished the Hurricanes. Even many 'Cuse fans think Jim Boeheim is an a--hole, but the man can coach. Orange will face Wichita State in the other semifinal and be favored.

* No. 9 Wichita State d. No. 2 Ohio State, 70-66; Wichita State led by 20 then held on to play March Madness' Last Cinderella Standing. And what were the odds that the biggest surviving surprise team of the tournament would be nicknamed Shockers? I mean, seriously.

National championships represented by Final Four teams: 4 -- 2 by Louisville (1986-80); 1 each by Syracuse (2003) & Michigan (1977); 0 by Wichita State.

TAKE THAT, SPURS! LEBRON, WADE SIT, HEAT WIN ANYWAY: Miami sat LeBron James and Dwyane Wade vs. Spurs Sunday but Heat won anyway on a last second shot by Chris Bosh. Turnabout was fair play. Remember when San Antonio controversially sat its stars for the game in Miami? The 27-game win streak was great. 1aa1heatspursWon't retro-fit as meaningless just because it ended. But tonight felt like the game that would better indicate Miami's likelihood of repeating as champion. It's a very possible if not likely NBA Finals preview. It had been much anticipated. Heat had won three straight over Spurs so both teams would be looking to make a statement -- or so one might have thought. But Heat's lineup manuever changed everything. This makes that prospective NBA Finals matchup all the more interesting. 

Two words for Herald's 'Heat 25' poll: Sammy Schulman!?: He is a Heat front-office executive, a background guy. Nothing against him personally. No doubt he does a great job. But he is an example of the pitfall in picking a franchise's 25 most influential figures on its 25th anniversary, as the Miami Herald is now doing with the Heat. We offer 46 candidates. There are 12 to 15 at most who are clearly deserving of this honor. There are an equal number who have no business being on the ballot. The top 10 in early voting, in order, are: Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Alonzo Mourning, Erik Spoelstra, Micky Arison, Tim Hardaway, Udonis Haslem, Shaquille O'Neal and Chris Bosh. You can vote here. Let's stuff the ballot for Sammy Schulman!!!

THE THREE TENORS? HOW ABOUT THE THREE COLUMNS!: I hit a trey in Sunday's newspaper and online. That's a rarity. 1) The regular Sunday notes column (click Random Evidence) leading with NCAA hoops. 2) A live column (click Serena's Reign) off Saturday's women's tennis final on Key Biscayne. And 3) a Marlins/baseball preview section column (click The Oddest Season) on how Miami opens its 21st season Monday surrounded by so much fan anger. I need a rest. (Well, except for blogging of course).

EASTER SPECIAL: CAVALCADE OF CREEPY BUNNIES!: I know this was a serious, joyous holiday for believers because Jesus rose from the dead. But since this is a blog and not a church, I figured I'd mark the holiday by picturing a few of the creepiest looking Easter bunnies I could find. Click on the photos for a larger view. Warning: They may haunt your dreams.

1aa1bun1 1aa1bun2 1aa1bun3 1aa1bun4 1aa1bun5










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Happy Easter to all the pagan Babylonians out there!

Echo your sentiment Kaz, but doubt most out there will know what you mean.

thanks a lot Kaz, so I'm actually a Pagan/Babylonian?

now you've ruined my easter sunday, by the way, What's a Pagan?

big test for the Heater's today, lets see how they match-up against Tonio, it should be interesting.

Don't worry FZB, Kaz is just guessing. But if he's wrong...oh my...you'll be getting the last laugh.

Happy Easter to all. If your the religous type, May your family be blessed on this Holy Day, amen. If your not religous, May your heathen ass find you chocolate bunny for about $10 a pop.

Fun fact - you're in the minority guessing you're right and you would all be doomed to burn in hell forever anyway for celebrating pagan ceremonies (lent and Easter) that aren't in the bible (first commandment...)!

But all hail Cadbury creme eggs!

This is for my friends on this blog. You know who you are.. lol
A guy walks into a bar in West Virginia and orders a glass of white wine. All the hillbillies sitting around the bar look up from their beer and whiskey, expecting to see some pitiful Yankee from the north.
The bartender says, "You ain't from around here, are ya?"
... The guy says, "No, I'm from Canada."
The bartender says, "What do you do in Canada?"
The guy says, "I'm a taxidermist."
The bartender says, "A taxidermist? What in the hell is a taxidermist? Do you drive a taxi?"
"No," says the Canadian "I don't drive a taxi, I mount animals."
The bartender grins and hollers, "It's okay boys. He's one of us."


billy donanvan is the coolest coach in college basketball- the good looks, tapered shirt and tie ensemble with a non supercuts hairdo, terrific coach whose teams go deepinto the tournament, and if my eyesight isn't failing me one of the few who does not stand on the sideline/court barking instructions to his players on every play. i believe that good coaches have their teams prepared for games during practice and only need to stand on significant plays. almost every coach in the NBA besides los spurs (boy is that idea of the NBA's a joke) stands for 48 minutes yelling/barking/shouting at players who only get distracted (those who are mentally capableof being distracted) during the action.

The chinks are paying ten cents a pound for metal scrap.

They better hurry up and sell this dump to them before the price of scrap goes down.



it is no secret that the ole shadow lives in the past, so shane larkin going in the "third round"is just another indicator of how much attention i pay to the NBA. and shane larkin is still a third rounder.

Shadow - well someone's gotta keep telling those kids to dribble around for 30 seconds without moving the ball or creating an open shot! Spoelstra's awful about getting out on the court, last year in the playoffs he jumped onto the court right behind an opposing player who was taking a three pointer, couldn't have been more than three feet from him!

Agreed on Larkin, he's not an NBA talent at all, none of those Miami players will sniff a rotation spot.

Did I forward this video yet? #8's freshman year distilled down - I don't apologize for the soundtrack.


You call that a creepy bunny?


All this Easter talk reminds me of a joke. What's the only kind of mear priests can eat on Friday? NONE! Get it!

mear =s meat in Latin...


i saw that video on youtube and you are right- the music (if it can be called that) is atrocious.

should be a monster season for #8, with much depending on how stephen morris progresses at QB. no reason to think that morris will regress, but if i remember correctly the canes couldn't stop the sisters of mercy from running the ball.

Pat Riley is in a bad mood this week. Hey just gave the San Antonio franchise a big F U! The Spurs sat out all their stars when they came to Miami, leaving all our fans longing to see their big 3. So, Pat decided to return the favor. No Lebron, no D Wade and no Mario. We know LeBron is fine and D Wade could play if he had to. But they're not because Riley is sticking it to Popovich, the Spurs and now their pissed off fans who don't get to see LBJ or D Wade. Hey, you get what you give. Screw you Spurs. Hopefully this decision wont bite us in the ass if we lose, and eventually lose out on home court advantage!

Happy Easter to you Greg you're not all bad after all at least you show respect to believers unlike some douchebags here.

SFlafan, Your correct and how funny that the Heat Squad is up by 2 wit 5 min. left???, GO HEAT.

Heat win VS the second best team(Record wise) With Wade and Lebron sitting.....,Who thinks any team can beat them in a seven game set??
I want your money...

What's up guys....

Very improbable and surprising win by the Heaters...up by three for the best record, nice.

I hadn't been following the Bundesliga much this season, but just saw Bayern Munich's 9-2 win over Hamburg. The readers comments got me curious and wow! - BM has 23 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. 20 point lead over Borussia Dortmund which has league leading scorer Lewandowski. BM has scored 78 goals and given up 13. Sheer dominance.

a number of good games in Europe yesterday.

So much for March Madness. April begins tomorrow. Just learned one of my two alma maters beat Kansas and now Florida and in the final 4. Wish this was about football.

You all see what happened to Crosby? I don't follow NHL much but couldn't miss the headline about one f the league's top players getting hit in the mouth with a puck...lot of dental damage and broken jaw.

my grandfather's generation used think gay meant a pleasant or happy state of mind. Not what we think when we hear the word gay. True story, many yrs ago in the early 80's we were playing double deck pinochle at the house. My grandfather was paired with me, playing against my sister & mom. Grandpa Joe was very hard of hearing. Joe got the lead and started throwing Aces and dominating the table. He used to talk to himself but being hard of hearing it sounded like he was talking to everyone present. He said "Joe, quit being so gay" to himself. Both mom & sis looked at each other confused. Then he threw another Ace and took the hand. Out of Aces Joe led a Jack and said, "Before you start getting gay, I'll let you know I got almost all trump". I started to chuckle watching my family look embarressed. After the hand, mom started to tell Joe that gay meant homosexual but wasn't doing a good job dancing around the topic. He didn't understand. He looked at me, I said "Gay means a man who sucks cock"! You could hear a pin drop & everone's face turned red except mine. Joe says "what did you say about a chicken"! Did I say grandpa Joe was hard of hearing? 30 yrs later and family still talks about it.
Posted by: Jimbo | March 31, 2013 at 08:16 AM


Shadow - oldest I've ever felt in my life, I bought a new car that came with satellite radio, which I've never listened to. I was flipping through the channels and I came across a hip hop station that was awesome, played a little Nas, then some Tribe Called Quest, a little Roots, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, great stuff.

Go the menu to punch it in the favorites - it's called 'Backspin', '90s hip hop is f*cking oldies.

mike1 didn't see the play but heard he's out 4-6 weeks when he comes back he will be a little rusty getting his legs back.

Pittsburgh is the clear favorite to at least make the finals but if that injury lingers it levels the playing field a bit Crosby might be the best player in the league I am a huge NHL fan feel free to any topic in this regard anytime.

My sons favorite team is the Penguins he loves Crosby tough for his Bruins fan dad to take but I told him I would take him to a game sometime.

Club president David Samson says he wishes Marlins fans would leave their anger behind and "just fork over their cash to the citys most notorious swindlers"


I am done with the Marlins. Free Agent Fan right here someone come sign me.

Red Sox could always use some new fans Boe come on down they will surprise this year fun team to root for.

Screw the Marlins....
El Birdos forever!!!!

Sweeping El Birdos in the 2004 World Series was sweet sent those Midwestern yahoo fans home early.

The Marlins ?...meh...

well, not to be a complete phony about it but I'll be going to Marlins Park in late april to check'em out, I guess the only reason I'm going is because I got the tickets for $1.00 dollar each..

the Red Sox?...sorry to say it but they are the Yankees "bea-ches"..and this is coming from a certifiable Yankee hater.

the Dolphins still have some wiggle room under the cap, I guess Winston wants more than a one year deal, it ain't happening, too bad.

anyone have any complaints about the Dolphins free agent moves so far?..I sure hope not.

Last I checked Boston beat NY in the playoffs last time they met and have more World Series titles in the last decade also (2 to 1) get your facts straight NY is headed to the cellar this year.

I hope you are correct mi amigo Carlton, I hope you are right..

on the other hand the Celtics are "finito" for sure.

you guys need to read this article by Omar Kelly, nice breakdown of the Dolphins free agent moves and how easy they can get out from them if the players don't pan out..I keep telling you guys, my son is not as dumb as you think he is..


Who are the real fools, this April 1?

Jeffrey Loria and David Samson should -NOT, NOT- consider running as fiscal conservatives for public office. Making unpopular moves like gutting the team's salary down to the second lowest in Major League Baseball ($45M) after realizing $47M in operating loss proves that these guys are fiscal conservatives, and have to run their organization within ECONOMIC LAWS.

These guys are realists! Unlike leaders from an ever growing list of irresponsible countries who can only stay on as leaders, so long as they provide that which they can no longer afford. Or even here in the USA, where a rising number of liberally run states face budgetary imbalances, and thus forced to turn to its fleeing wealthy for balance, or when not possible, to Washington, whose only solution is again to tap its people or to "puff" some new money into existence. A strategy that currently has borrowing and servicing loans running well into 30¢ for every US dollar produced.

The habitual socialist would simply suggest that local government, or the league subsidize the Marlins into contention by giving them enough money so as to attract talent and thus remain competitive. Or that those who worked and sacrificed to create wealth and a better life for their themselves and family pay their "fair share" for the greater good of the local sport. Hogwash!

Survival of the fittest is a natural law. Propping up the weak is not.


If I didn't know any better I say you are talking about Obi's recklessness with our country and our economy, but what do I know..

Jimbo- A funny joke for you. 2 guys from the dominican republic were walking by a store front in coral springs. They saw a sign on the store window that said, shirts- $1.75, pants, $3.75, jackets, $6.00. Not being very smart pedro says to manny, we should buy a lot of these things and bring them home and sell them. pedro tells manny to let him do the talking because he was the smartest guy from his home town. They go in the store and pedro tells the clerk he would like to buy 100 shirts, 100 prs. of pants and, 100 jackets, all different sizes. The clerk looks at pedro and says, you must be from the dominican republic? pedro with a proud look on his face says yes, how do you know, and the clerk says because this is a dry cleaning business!!!

Not exclusively Obi, FZB, but the whole "liberal" mindset currently in control. A transformation which is increasingly dismantling the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness we've enjoyed for so long. A movement which promises a very bleak future for all.

Aside from those, fully attached with blinders, really think that this latest finding is shocking? bogus? A temporary blip with an easy rectifiable solution?


Oooohh Naples,

Dashi is going to be very Mad with you amigo, calling out the "dominicanos" like that..hehe


well, according to David, Cali has never been in better shape, from jobs to standard of living etc,etc,etc, you must be mistaken..I mean, minus 127 billion net worth?

sadly, the writing may be on the wall for our great country...you know me, I'm about the most positive person there is, I hope I'm wrong.


Hey OC,

that last song I posted from Joe Walsh is to help your "tormented" soul..hehe

listen, just go with the flow, nothing you do or say will matter, if Obi and the liberals don't get us one of Anti's big rocks will, chill brother.

Not that I care or anything like that. But can anyone please explain how David Stern punishes Greg Popovich to the tune of $250,000 for resting Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, yet has no plans on similarly punishing Erik Spoelstra for sitting LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers?

What's the difference?

for the record,

LeBron, Wade and Chalmers were/are injured, it said so on the internet so it must be true.

Oh, I see. Didn't realize a puffy gum line from playing with mouthpiece, a froggy on an arm and a broken nail on the pinky was grounds for injury.

it says here if Tannehill was coming out this year he would be the first pick in the whole draft...


OC - Popovich didn't claim questionable injuries, he left his healthy players home to rest.

Well, then. I guess that makes all the difference in the world.

Means about a quarter mil to the team.

Should have brought in a note from mother.

Which is about what they pay Duncan per game, not that big a deal.

Dear Mr. Stern,

Please excuse little Manu, Timmy and Tony. They all woke up with a fever.


The NCAA has to be worried about that lawsuit, if they lose, all that money will have to be redistributed and shared, trust me they don't want to do that..

Carson Palmer likely going to AZ for a song, what a disaster of a trade that was for Oakland!

Still wouldn't discount Palmer, he's a gunslinger who throws a lot of picks but he could do some good things with a receiver like Fitz who will go up and get those bombs.

Wasn't so much the trade it was Palmer not agreeing to restructure his deal for a losing team with no future.

Either one would be better for the team than drafting the top two rooks. Check out this scouting report, particularly, Geno Smith's "negatives."


Meant the trade for Palmer, he had about the same record as Jamarcus!

The negative section for Geno is twice as long as the positives, this quarterback class is hot garbage, worst in a long time.

The qb from NC State could be a nice mid round prospect, wish the Dolphins hasn't brought back Matt Moore, we need options for a franchise guy, not stopgap backups. And these days you get at least a third for a young QB who looks good in the preseason or plays well in a game or two in relief.

the Dolphins will probably pick a late round QB either this year or next year, Matt Moore could be moved..

he's got 4 mil coming next year but is not guarantee money, he won't see it.

Philbin on Tannehill from Greg Bedard's column this weekend.

“I think he’s going to be a very good quarterback, yeah, I do,” Philbin said. “You only have 1,100 plays or 1,000 plays, but you’ve got a lot more on the practice tape, you can see him making vertical throws. You can see him making out-breaking route throws. You can see him making in-breaking route throws.

“You can see him move around. He’s athletic and he’s smart, so there’s no really warning signs right now to me that would say he shouldn’t develop into an excellent football player.”

But Tannehill has much room to grow.

“We’re looking for improvement from him, there’s no question about it,” Philbin said. “Part of it’s the decision-making that we think is so important. Part of it’s accuracy. Part of it’s playmaking ability at critical times.

“While we think he made some really nice strides in his first year, there’s still a long way to go and he’s well aware of that. He’s been in the facility a lot already working. He’s working at his trade. The guy’s a worker.

“So, yeah, we’re excited about the future for growth with him as well.”

Philbin also thinks tackle Will Yeatman is going to be a good player with a chance to compete.

I don't have a problem with that QB logic, but for my suspicion that Tannehill may not be able to last a complete season without injury. If that were to play out I would much rather have a competent Moore in there than a mid to late round rookie. But yes, I would still be looking to take a QB under the right conditions.

You don't get a third for performing like that Oakland gave up only a 5th for Matt Flynn.

BB and OC,

this is from Ben Volin of the PBP over the weekend about Tannehill.

Another reason to be excited about Ryan Tannehill’s potential: The web site Pro Football Focus analyzed quarterback accuracy while being blitzed in 2012 and determined Tannehill was second-best in the NFL, completing more than 50 percent of passes and compiling an “accuracy percentage” of 72.9.

while the kid does have room for improvement, he has shown good potential to be "our" franchise QB for a long time.

I already told y'all the kid is going to be a star.

Well Seattle needed to get out of Flynn's big contract, Packers could have easily gotten a high fourth or a third for him, Eagles got a second for Feeley and a second plus a great corner for Kolb.

A young quarterback's a great investment, nothing more valuable than hope.

And the Dolphins need someone who can challenge Tannehill for the franchise QB position, not the starting QB spot.

Colt McCoy headed to SF.

Philbin has acknowledged that the Matt Moore signing was important and very good from a team perspective.

Having that good of a backup behind what is the clear franchise QB cannot be understated Philbin knows Tannehill is the guy he is just providing motivation for him when he talks of "improvement".

Wait a second, BB. You can't use "y'all" in your language. That's reserved for folks like me who moved to Austin:-)

More a figure of speech thing I don't use the term much but it sounds good for effect sometimes :)


While technically you are correct, in reality you are not yet in Austin...so Y'all is still available for everyone to use...

So, I'll see Y'all later..you hear?...

En ves de estar comiendo mierda todo el dia posting on the blog we could have actually played golf today, nalga.

Oye Wood's,

Next time you come to the 305 well hook up for some golf, miniature golf that is.

good plug Naples, enjoyed the funny.

where is duke? Easter vigil somewhere in the Mediterraen?

I really like the moves Miami Dolphins have made this offseason. A lot of $ was committed. Like some of you have pointed out, most of the contracts were written for the team to opt out without losing the house if someone doesn't live up to their end.

OC, I might be coming your way this year. I put in for joints in Dallas, Austin, Houston along with Honolulu & one in the San Fran area. The two in Dallas-Ft Worth & Austin look promising. Timing is everything.

Cool, Jimbo. There's no skiing in Austin, so we'll have to find some other challenging activity...how are you at steer wrestling or tie-down roping?

btw, how smart was it to remove the helmet off the dolphin? DUH... more concussions, anyone?

...and then there's "strength of schedule" and where the Dolphins sit. Turns out that there are only six teams with a tougher schedule than the Dolphins for this coming year. Their schedule is graded at .520, with opponents having had a collective 133-123-0 record, last year.



Every year is different, teams that are supposed to be good are not and other teams come out of nowhere, I like our schedule, let the young guys mature a little faster, our offense will be much improve and our defense will be younger and faster.

We are going to be trouble for teams, the key ( again ) will be our offensive line and how fast or how slow Tannehill develops..

Mouning guys..

nice article on Ireland from Omar Kelly on free agency..


negativos need not read this..hehe, and we all know who they are.

OC, I've been around the Austin Riverwalk area before. We were hanging out on a pontoon boat waiting for the bats to fly out from under a bridge and crap on us. Quite a few friendly people like to walk, jog around there. That looks promising. Reminded me of Colorado Springs minus Pikes Peak. 6th St was Ok. I don't golf. I'll buy a boat and water ski.

you flippantly dismiss the accuracy of the internet in regards to NBA injuries, but it's the word of god when it's some partisan babble from breitbart's "fair and balanced" "news" blog?
come on.

Different Opening Day feel for sure, even from past fire sales. In 1998, the season at least got to start with a ring ceremony and some awards; in 2006, there was at least the optimism that nearly every player was a promising prospect, as a result of them having been obtained from the splitting up of a championship core. Last year's team...was not a championship core. Fans went in assuming that Pierre and Stanton would be the only players on the roster trusted to make contact, and weren't disillusioned. Yelich should be promoted very quickly if we are going to do this thing right- the more prospects that develop this year, the better.


Thinking of kicking off another attempt at sticking with my blog with this modest proposal for Jeffrey Loria- publicly pledge right now to spend one million dollars in payroll next year for every win the team gets this year. Would create some backloaded buzz, as the team deals with (hopefully) a long playoff run from the Heat, and then the Dolphins camp and regular season. Simply state that That is club policy though- payroll will match production. Would sound a bit more popular than payroll will match attendance, as he has certainly put himself right back in the position of having to put up for fans to put out again.

- Sean Millerick (Miasportsminute)

Jimbo - make Honolulu happen.

Is baseball season over yet?

Baseball beats the heck out of rah rah college football any day of the week.

Rah Rah shish boom bah if he can't do it no one can yaaaaay!


soooo your saying that not everything that is written on the internet is true?..WTF ?..it must me some kind of communist conspiracy.

the SA Spurs lost again last night, they are now back 5 games to the Heat for the best record, I think is safe to say the Heat will rest the big three tonight.


what are you saying amigo, look I used to like "Beisbol" coming from Cuba were is like a religion but as we say in the hood, "not no moe"..sorry, I find it very, very boring.

when does football season starts again?

College fans cheer for their teams? How awful.


If I lived in Blacksburg, VA. I might be looking for something to do with ma and pa also hey why not cheer yippeeeeee go team!

I can't see em being rested again. It was funny and clever to rest Wade and James (Chalmers too) against San Antonio because of the past history this season. You could practically see the smiling conversation Spolestra and Riley must have had, with Arison sitting in promising to happily pay a fine should the NBA have actually issued one. It was just a perfectly played situation. Resting them both again, against the long hated Knicks- would be viewed a little differently. Still fighting for playoff position, it'll be a good test to keep everyone in fighting shape. Not saying anyone is playing 48 minutes, but there's a fine line between giving the horses a breather, and letting them go to seed, before the stretch run.

I know, right? Who would want to watch an exciting sport in an electric atmosphere when you could sit in a dead silent park full of comatose fans watching players chew tobacco and scratch their balls for three hours?

I'll take the baseball fans over the brainwashed sycophants thanks.

FZB if you find baseball very, very boring then why are you going to a game this month that makes no sense the ticket is cheap ok but you will shell out money on concessions and parking for a sport you don't like?

My Sis got the ticket's and food bouchers from her employer ( UM ) and we are making it a family deal, taking the grand-kids..is like 15 of us..

I like Beisbol a little bit but man we have such chity ownership that is turning off a lot of people.

I went to a game last season to see the new ball park, a friend had won a box at a silent auction. Free tickets, parking, food, booze, and Giancarlo Stanton hit a walk off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to come from behind and beat the rival Mets.

That's pretty much the best baseball has to offer and I was still bored to death.

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