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March 01, 2013

What draft picks would you give to get Darrelle Revis? Poll. Vote now!; plus Heat wins 14th straight, Canes lose & more

1aa1bonnie[1) It is SUNDAY, MARCH 3. The Catholic world is officially Popeless, but I press on with plans for a brand new blogpost on Monday morning. 2) Headed up to Palm Beach today to columnize off final round of Honda Classic. 3) R.I.P., Bonnie Franklin (pictured), TV mom from 'One Day At a Time,' dead at age 69. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Tiger Woods, Odrick goes Hollywood, LeBron's pregame dunks, Heat Big 5@55, Tony Bennett. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on Random Evidence for my latest wisea-- Sunday notes column, this one leading with the Marlins lending a whole new connotation to March Madness.

WHAT WOULD YOU SPEND TO TRADE FOR DARRELLE REVIS?: Assuming his full recovery from knee surgery, the Jets cornerback is without question the best in the league -- just what Miami (and others) 1aa1drevisneed. And New York reportedly won't pay him what he wants and has him on the trade block. I explore all of this in today's latest column; click on Could A Jet Land in Miami? The column more broadly is on the huge challenge for Jeff Ireland, and I explore receiver Mike Wallace as the main free-agent target, but Revis is the gist of it. Is it likely to happen? No. NYJ undoubtedly would prefer to not trade Revis within its own division. But Miami is one of the few teams with both the salary-cap space to sign Revis and the draft picks (10 including five in first three rounds) to perhaps entice the rebuilding Jets. If Miami presented clearly the best offer, might the Jets then bust convention and make the inter-division deal? The column is simply a conversation piece that exhorts Ireland to at least explore the deal. Share your thoughts. Vote in our poll and say why.

HEAT JOIN HARLEM SHAKE CRAZE: I guess Gangnam Style is, like, so 15 minutes ago. Now it's the Harlem 1aa1harlemShake and your Miami Heat are feeding the flame with THIS VIDEO, shot in their lockerroom. Fans will find this delightful and nuthin' but fun; Heat haters will hate it, of course. Starts with Chris "Birdman" Andersen flapping wings, then segues into a mad carnival of characters (pictured), with LeBron James dressed as a king (natch), Udonis Haslem as a fireman, Mario Chalmers as Super Mario, Chris Bosh with a big ghetto boombox, somebody wearing a giant bear head (Dwyane Wade, I hear) and others in masks. After several watchings I just noticed the player in the horse's head! (Best view at about 0:36 or 0:37). the whole thing is surreal. Weird. Goofy. Great. Notably, the video does not include Lil Wayne. The defending champion Heat have won 13 games in a row. Obviously filming this silly video and having a barrel of fun has distracted the team from its basketball (!) Update: Last time I looked the vid had about 4.2 million views, and likes were outnumbering dislikes by about a 30-to-1 margin. AMERICA'S TEAM!

HEAT WIN 14TH STRAIGHT; ANOTHER HUGE WEEKEND IN AMERICA'S BASKETBALL CAPITAL: Started Thursday night as Hurricanes women stunned No. 5 Duke 69-65 one month after they'd lost at Duke by 39 points. (UM women are now 1aa1heatmem 1aa1dukeum20-9 and should sneak back up into the polls as they end their regular-season Sunday at Virginia Tech). Last night the Heat made it 13 straight with a 98-91 dispatch of tough Memphis, despite only 4-for-14 shooting from LeBron James. (Pictured left: Who knew there was a movie called Memphis Heat?) Today the Heat played at the New York Knicks and won 99-93, after NYK had beaten Miami twice by 20 each. Sunday's win tied a Miami club-record 14-game win streak. LeBron James' 29 points led a 65-point contribution by the Big 3. And Saturday, of course, No. 5-ranked Hurricanes played at No. 3 Duke and fell 79-76 in a thriller after embarrassing Duke here 90-63 on Jan. 23. (Pictured right: Dick Vitale caught up in excitement of that January game here) Today's rematch was, for me, the biggest regular-season game in UM basketball history. Great effort by Miami, but Canes simply could not defend Duke's Ryan (36 points) Kelly.

Poll result: Most are rooting for Tiger: We asked if you are rooting for Tiger Woods to catch or surpass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors and 57.3 percent said yes, 38.5% said no and 4.2% were undecided.

Click back. It says here I'll be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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They're going to hit us with 100 years of penalties. Thanks Donna, I hope you roast in Hell.


Holly cow, Cote, that video of the Harlem Shuffle looks like it should be on the National Geographic Channel.

is our rory still going out with the blond tennis player chick?


I love these people voting for 2nd and 3rd round picks they would hang up the phone on you and laugh.

Even better are the people voting to not give up any draft picks don't even vote then just ignore the poll.

That Harlem Shuffle-

Gayest thing ever.

Don't think the Sat. rematch will be the biggest regular-season game in UM basketball history. The first game was. The biggest might be in the ACC tourney if we meet again for the ship.

What a shocker, the humorless old cranks don't think the Heat's video is funny.

I don't get Cote's poll, 'assuming his full recovery' is the entire problem, no guarantees Revis will ever be able to be the top cornerback in the league again.

A physical after the trade isn't enough to tell.

Cote. You're a nerd. You do not know how to evaluate football talent. You have an influential voice (unfortunatlety), and yet you waste it on this crap. Talk about throwing away money for a scrub.

Revis, the guy who refused to play out his contract, acting like a baby. The guy who gets on twitter wars with a better CB. The guy after holding out, tears is knee.

Big Baby, your're the homo. Not gay at all. Did anyone tell you using 'gay' to describe something is a no-no these day?

Oh yea, he's a stinking jet!

On second thought, this is a move that the Dolphins WOULD make. It fits perfectly with the ineptitude of our organization.

Broski you are inept if you think Sherman is better than Revis.

He's not.

I would be feeling quite gay if Miami trades for Revis.

What makes anybody think Revis would even want to play for Miami? Remember one thing, no team will make a trade like this, without a contract in place or an idea of what he will sign for. Think about this, if you were him, and he had a choice of going to a power house like the 49ers, or a team that maybe is 5yrs away from being a top playoff contender, who do you think he picks. As bad as the Jets want to get rid of him, he can drive the trade to a team he wants to play for. Teams like the Broncos, 49ers, Skins,Saints, might want him also. Also, do the Jets have the balls to trade him to an AFC East team? They are not the Pats who don't give a damn who the team is, as when they sent Bledsoe to the Bills for a #1.

Kazaam not only is it gay but you know I hate anything to do with the Heat so don't sound surprised.

Somehow I can't picture KG and PP wearing costumes and parading around foolishly the only thing missing was the as*less chaps.

I'd say Tillman is better than both. Rivis seems more of a self-proclaimed best CB. In 09's Revis was tied for 5th in interceptions. Since then he hasn’t scratched top ten. Sherman has size, speed and can tackle in the open field, but more importantly he, Sherman, doesn't whine. To me that makes him better.

Just sayin'..

Cote's article is quite gay

"Sherman has size, speed and can tackle in the open field".

Right but he can't cover like Revis can.

I'll take Revis.

Oye negativo (yeah you Woody).

we got the NCAA by the balls, they are trying to save face, the original Yahoo report by that fag Robinson (there's that word again) said the benefits to UM players were in the millions, eventhis report says the 170,000 figure is "an approximate total values" meaning they don't have proof.

when all is said and done, no more bowl bans and maybe 10-12 lost schoolies over three years, that's it.

I voted NO to a Revis trade, the guy is damaged goods sorry BB.

I'm an old fart but I like the Heat's video..

Don't be sorry we all have our opinion but saying that he is damaged goods might be a little strong he's still young and could recover fully.

from the last blog,

are we done fixing the economy?..just asking.

Hey Anti,

check this out, so now you astronomy geeks have the first photo of a planet has is being formed, cool.
so my question is, maybe we should lay claim to it and have it ready to go so when our sun goes super nova we have a place ready to go, smart eh?


(or if we get hit by a big rock before that)

Uh oh, Jets are going to sign FORMER PRO BOWLER David Garrard.

Of course it's funny, Kazaam. As much fun as a barrel full of monkeys.

Nooooooooo! My son has gone over the dark side say it isn't so!

Nos van a meter cien años, brother.

Don't laugh but if Moore leaves we should consider Garrard as our back up.


no worries meng, relax


where's OC at?

I don't know about you guys but I miss young Mr. Potter.

Bro, I was lining him up to go out with my daughter and that Anti guy and Kazaam drove him from the blog.


since Kaz says he's only 25 (which I don't believe for a minute) maybe you should hook up with daughter with him epecially if he comes with a trust fund..

nothing wrong with that, right?

My boy is too old for her, too bad, my kid is aces plus he's already married..hehe

Kazaam? Bro, my daughter wouldn't go out with an ass wipe like him. He's the worst Canes booster that I've ever run across. His attitude towards the Canes football team is actually worse than any Gaytor fan.

Nah, unless he repents and drives a stake through that bitch's heart he's dead to me.

I'm spoken for, don't have a trust fund, and I'd go gay before I'd date something that's half Woodcock and half someone willing to intimately accept someone who looks like Woodcock. Yikes.

Love this article but a lot of people writing off the Pats lately, don't get that at all. They still have Tom Brady, still won 12 games, still went to the AFC championship game. Have to beat the best to be the best, I think the Dolphins totally ignored the Pats when they rebuilt line-first under Ireland and Parcells. They need pass rushers and an offense that can outscore Brady through the air.


FZB, dukester, et al,

Been off the posts for around a week. Yesterday was supposed to be the day I headed back to Austin in a U-Haul after renovating some 25 years worth of wear and tear at OC central. Unfortunately, I found a one inch hole through my dog (Kobe) at the gum line. Vet said it was an aggressive cancer and coupled with his age (13), and bad arthritis, I had to put him down. Should be back to dabble on here around Tuesday.

That sucks, it's the only bad part about having pets, sorry OC.

A word of advice though, if you jump right back on the horse - don't name it 'Dwight' just yet.

I appreciate that. Thank you, Kazaam.

Sorry to hear it OC, I had to put my Luna down a couple of months back..it wasn't easy.

may I suggest a Python as your next pet, they are a clean animal and you only need to feed them a rat or two (or a rabbit) every few days plus all you have to do is go the everglades and pick one up since they are all oevr the place.

I even have the name, Buss Jr...


it would be an honor for you to marry into a Cuban family, Woody is right, you don't deserve it.

ps-anyone that lives in Key Biscayne has to have a trust fund.

on the ESPN article, at least someone likes the Dolphins

You don't know what you're talking about, Jr. I'm a damn good looking man.

Greg,Only the Dolphins woulld trade a quality player to a division rival. ie; Wes Welker to the Patriots,duh! I can't beleive that even the stupid dirt bag Jets would trade Revis to us,but stranger things have happened. He would sure be an upgrade after four years with loser Sean Smith,just sayin.

hey woodcocks, ur obviously not a hurricanes fan, stop pretending to be one to make us look bad!

100 years! that USC booster gave reggie bush twice as much, almost 300K!

USC got a two year ban! no way miami is getting another bowl ban, the whole thing blew up in their face. we'll loss a couple scholarships and move on, AL GOLDEN is moving this team in the right direction!

go back to gainesville where you belong, dont pretend to be a hurricane just to make us sound dumb!

this Revis deal..? First of all, this isn't an original story. A few days again there was an article out there that Revis could be dealt... to either Atlanta or San Fran.... not Miami, Fins were never in the picture until Cote grabbed someone elses story and tweeked it so slightly.... don't they call that sloppy work or plagurism?
Play some Chakka Khan white boy.

OC... sorry to hear about your pooch. Pets are family & friends. Maybe better so they can't snitch you out for watching porn and jerking off while the wife is asleep. God bless.

Kazaam, I got the impression that your transgender or bi curious. Now you confirmed my suspicion. But hey, to each his own amigo.

Harlem Shake comment.... no comment.


You got Woodcock all wrong, he's a true Cane..He just hates Shalala.

Hey Canesthang, I might live in LA but I'm as big a fan of the Hurricanes as anyone. Since I live here I happen to know what happened with Reggie Bush, Joe McNight, and OJ Mayo the basketball player. This guy that I know, Scott Shenter, was involved in paying McNight and Mayo dough. SC's violations were peanuts compared to what Shapiro alleges. The real pisser is that SC got their championships taken away and they were hit with sanctions, but when Pete was at SC THE WON FOOTBALL GAMES! The really sad part of what happened at Miami since that bitch Shalala got here is that WE CHEATED AND WERE HORSE HACK! When you cheat you're supposed to win!

Nothing that Shapiro did was in any way different than what was being done here during our golden age. Nothing any different that what goes on at any major program. But when you cheat you're not supposed to lose to North freaking Carolina at the Orange Bowl!

UM's women's basketball team is now 19-9 (10-7 ACC). They should be 20-9 after Sunday's game against Virginia Tech.

sorry O.C. that is the worst.
and baby, since you could never picture KG and PP doing a video like that, just think about all the time they'll have this spring to do anything they'd like, since they won't be playing basketball..

OC, Sorry to hear about your dog, Lost mine last year after having him for 13 years too, Hardest thing I had to do, But when your time comes He'll be waiting for you with a wagging tail...
FZB, The Planet is a gas giant,No ground, Just a lot of gas..., Kinda Like what Woodcocks house is like I imagine...HEHE

Cock, Your thoughts on Ms. Shalala??


Anti, Oohhh, sort of like a floauting fart that never dissipates..

The Heat had a terrific win last night, a team win , LeBron showed HE is human after all but the team picked him up, Battier was terrific.

M Chalmers still sucks dunkey dicks.

BB, I think the Celtics should do their own video..something they can relate to, like AARP

Hey guys,

Maybe we should all get together and do this harlem shake deal..

Hell we already make fools of ourselves in this blog, might as well let the rest of the world know...

here's some classic Beatles for you guys, just because.




you guys have a great and safe weekend...peace

Wouldn't give anything for Revis. He's a cancer.

The Heat video is funny and I AM AN OLD CRANK.

The problem with the Dolphins is their player personnel plan is to cut and replace rather than hold on to their current players and add new pieces. End result will be MEDIOCRITY AT BEST for the Fish until Ross gets rid of the dumbest ass on the planet....Jeff Ireland.

Woodcock is right, The U is going to get slammed by the NCAA.........ffing hypocrites.

OC sorry to read about Kobe. But I bet you have some great memories from the past 13 years.

Now I will sit back and wait for FZB to call me a "NEGATIVO" for speaking the truth about his alter ego, Jeff Ireland.

Hope everyone is well, even you Kaz.

gamboling (or gambolling), romping; amusement, diversion, entertainment; hobby, hobbyhorse, pastime; delight, enjoyment, pleasance, pleasure; friskiness, playfulness, sportiveness, wantonness; devilment, devilry (or deviltry), hanky-panky, hob, impishness, jinks, knavery, mischief, mischievousness, rascality, roguishness, waggery; binge, fling, kick, lark, revel, rollick, spree; hilarity, merriment, merrymaking, revelry, whoopee; buffoonery, high jinks (also hijinks), horseplay, tomfooleryNear Antonymsdrudgery, labor, work; duty, obligation, responsibility

Sorry about that but above is for you Ant Christ. It was from definition of sports. As you can see devilment, devilry or deviltry is definitely part of the Sports Blog Universe so don't take any guff for your username!

Tom is a "negativo"

Thank you FZB

Strange to consider IF Ireland ends up turning club around or at least helpling to turn it around through draft, free agency etc with the cap space available all those bad things on public restroom walls won't even matter...


Then you and all your infidel friends will have to repent and ask for forgiveness..hehehe.


He won't. So don't worry. All the restroom art will remain relevant.

Fire Spo!!

Good Run And All!!

But Anything less Than A Championship!! Spo Should Be Fired!!

On Revision?

Nah, The Guy Is Over hyped. We Can Sign 3 Legit Cb's For The Price Of Revision and His 3 Ints a Year.

Wouldn't Sign S.Smith Either.

and here another good article about my son...


Canes and the Dukies tonight...national TV

Heat video is good.

No way on Revis.

Sorry about the loss of your pet OC. It is the worst thing about having them.

As opposed to the football team, the Canes basketball team has really impressed. They have a very good old man at the helm. Very good coach.

To far left guy posting on here from LA---California is a great example of failed liberal policies of high taxes and lots of free handouts. See Europe for plenty more examples of countries going under from failed far left policies. It is just unsustainable. Sure, in an ideal world it would be great for every person to have food, water, shelter, health care, ipads, iphones, flat screens, and air jordans, but it is unsustainable. You gotta create an environment where people are more productive and everyone (or the majority) pulls their weight. Instead we incentivize poor decision making--especially providing incentives to people who are not emotionally and financially able to care for children, yet they have a half dozen of them.


For liberals is a simple process, keep the freebies coming..and Obi is happy to comply.

So as we say in the hood....We is fack brother.

Tom, which of the Miami Dolphins unrestricted free agents would you sign?

Me,,? I wouldn't resign Long for $ 1 US dollar. He moves like he has a full diaper.

FZB, thanks for the link, good read.

Your observation of Liberalism lends to the assumption that the producers will continue to work hard and produce for the lazy at the same rate. History shows that producer class quits producing because there isn't any incentive & the lazy will continue to multiple, leaving everyone poor ,,, 'cept the ruling class.

duke, soooo your saying.... ?

pimple, you are an idiot. no one is asking for free iphones; responding to someone who uses FOX talking points as legitimate debate facts is a waste of my time.
but you SHOULD know that califoria just voted on RAISING revenue, with spending cuts proposed by the democratic governor, cuts that riled many on the left.
brown raised taxes, (gasp!), and cut spending.
we now have a budget SURPLUS, genius.

Rawpimple you seem like the type of guy who would like that video come on sing it's fun to stay at the YMCA!!!!!!!!!! YMCA!

ladavid you have probably spent some time at the YMCA too.

Canes lose, bummer ..

Great game, the Canes are for real....


took an unconscious effort by r. kelly to beat miami at home; a number 2 or 3 seed is a certainty, barring a meltdown in the first ACC tournament game.


barca in a horrible slump!!! could they possibly lose la liga after having a 15 point lead over real?

This is virgin territory for the Canes basketball team but they are well coached and have alot of experience, let's see how they react in the ACC turnament...and the big dance.

Later guys..

not really, baby, but considering your catholic "leanings", i'm sure you've spent quite a bit of time in the, well, let's call it the RECTORY..

by the way alter boy, how's that "THE HEAT ARE ONE AND DONE!" prediction working out for you and all the other delusional heat haters? still think those celtics are gonna to beat us? lol.. :)

Reggie Johnson was a complete liability today, and hasn't been very good in a long time. Rion Brown just doesn't make 3 threes anymore. In fact, no one on the team does when they're on the road.

Otherewise gritty performance. The sickening thing about this game is that Miami went 1-1 this week, and Duke went 1-1 this week, and Duke is going to stay put in the polls, while Miami will drop.

Anyone else think the officiating was terrible, or am I just being sour grapes.

Okay so say you HAD to pick one or die. 1) You have to fart in your grandmother's face and never apologize/ explain to her why you did it. You could wear boxers for this exercise. But you would physically have to take her head, position it in front of your culo, and release the fart. If you apologized or tried explaining why, you would die. Scenario 2) You would be on a dream date with a bombshell DTF girl, but halfway into the date...you poop your pants. I'm talking monkey poop from the zoo smell. And there would be sufficient amounts. The choice is yours gentlemen. Which would be more tolerable?


Here is what the Dolphins SHOULD do in free agency:

Sign Starks if not tag him
Re sign Hartline
Re sign Clemons

Let J Long , S Smith walk...

Free agent targets

M Wallace, A Levitre Guard / Bills and a CB maybe someone like Rogers-Cromartie...

Then built through the draft...

I just smoked..

I rather shit on Obi's head...but that's just me...

Both previous games Knicks beat the Heat by 20 and Marcus Camby might be coming back from injury today.

Dolphins need to resign their own players, they can't bank on Jeff Ireland signing away top free agents.

The Heat pull it off, nice win against the Knicks.

Mario Chalmers is still the worst point guard in the NBA

Soooo Kaz, if the Dolphin sign a couple of good free agents, then would you give Ireland some prop's?

no one wants to credit ireland for giving us all this cap room and all these draft picks..
we'll see what the haters say this season..

Funny, no one wants to give the Browns or Bengals credit for having a ton of cap room either.

Cap room and draft picks mean nothing if you have the worst GM in the NFL spending them.


You are just a hater, not surprising since you are totally clueless when it comes to football..
There are a lot of people out there that still refuse to give Ireland any credit but you are seeying some sports writers realize that indeed HE HAS done a very good job in managing the cap and accumulating draft picks.

Parcells left the team in cap hell by making a bunch of mistakes in free agency and yet Ireland didn't panic and formulated a sound plan of not signing any high priced free agents and trading away players that didn't fit anymore...

A lot of Dolphin fans are going to be upset because they are going to wrongly assumed that the Dolphins are going to go crazy in free agency, I got news for you..they won't be...They will probably target two or three free agents but won't over pay for any of them, the best way to built a team is still through the draft.

Young man, you still don't know shit about football.

When were the Dolphins in 'salary cap hell'?

My fault, thought you were actually making a point instead of parroting a confused and belligerent version of your 'scout buddy's' opinions.

Dolphins haven't been in the bottom 10 in cap room since 2010. Couldn't find all of 2009 but they weren't in the bottom 5.

FZB, I'm pretty much in agreement with UR argument concerning Fins GM& the teams position this offseason.

I believe if Miami used the franchise tag it will be on DT Randy Starks. Bringing him in at 30 yrs old @ about 6-8 $mil is market value. This leaves the D Line completely set for 2013 season... I could foresee Miami drafting a pass rush DE 12th overall though... Ducks Dion Jordan or Florida State Hans Landau ( Werner ).
with U on Long, Smith & Hartline.
offer Fasana a team friendly $ contract.
Let Bush, Clemons walk.

I would spend the money to bring in Wallace for 5 yrs & Ed Reed for 3 yrs. Greg Jennings or Dwayne Bowe (expect KC to keep him) are a consulation prize.

I would make sure I drafted a WR, DE, CB, RT, TE.

Miami has to make up their mind on TE's Egnew & Clay. IMO I would have cut my losses with Egnew last yr despite his draft status as a 3rd rd pick.

Trust me on this,,, Miami is going at Wallace big time,,, don't be surprised by the contract $$ offer,,, it's going to be enormous.

Another Revis comment: Jets are going to play Revis like Revis played them. When he turned out to be great for 2 seasons, he demanded big things publicly. Now, he's hurt, had an off season,,, only fair,,, Revis, you owe the team for last year. No, I would trade for him. Busted ACL, big contract, big cry baby. He could be a top CB again or he could be a top underachieving pain in the butt. Don't forget the cap hit. Would you want a DB taking up $12 mil of your cap space?

kaz, I consider Dennis Miller a great friend of mine because I listen to his show on radio occasionally.

meant to say--I would NOT trade for Revis. #1 & #2?? He's a CB not a franchise QB.

Too bad Ireland didn't see it last yr,,, could have traded bust Fake Long to GBay for a #1 pick or to Minn for Percy Harvin straight up.... now the fatty is going to walk away with no compensation.

david in la,,,,
We know your a card carrying liberal/progressive/democrat kind of guy. To each his own. I got 3 questions to ask if you don't mind.
1. You like to put Christians down, to point of demeaning them or shall we say rub their noses in it. Q: Do you do this with other religions too? say mocking Islam publicly?
2. Do you agree with PETA stance on trapping wild animals for fur, meat, trophies etc? To the point of shunning certain top socialites because of wearing fur?
3. Do you think the Huffington Post, MSNBC are more accurate then Fox News when it comes to reporting? Or is it EASIER for you to agree with the Ed Shultz's of the left?

Jimbo.....WORD!, lmao

David LA....California with a surplus? prove it!

I don't see how it's possible that state was almost bankrupt a few years ago.

California still has not dealt with 28 billion in internal borrowing, 100 million in unfunded liabilities regarding state pension and retirement liabilities and the budget and revenues are still a proposal and will be revised in May, they are projections at this point and not a real surplus.

They still won't know until May what the revenues will look like, have 9.7% unemployment, raised taxes, have raised the sales tax, corporate taxes have increased, Cali not yet the shining example for the rest of the nation, lol!

Point for anyone who cares outside of the real David I LA is that the surplus is still a projection provided the state legislature does everything the Gov. wants to do.

Never understand people who form opinions without even bothering to google something.

Why Kazaam you do it all the time.

Everything on the internet is true. Even Abe Lincoln posted the same thought. Al Gore too. Al & Abe wouldn't lie.


in agreement abut jake long- let him go to free agency and se if he can get close to what he thinks he is worth (12-14 million). he has been BADDD for two and a half years and ther is a plethora of good linemen that wouyld be better bargains that that zhlub.

my two main rooting interests on the dolphins are #s 22 and 15, and if both of them are gone (i saw someone post that a guy to replace davone bess going over the middle was attainable) i wouldn't have a player on the team that i personally like. going over the middle, barring any rules changes about defenseless receivers, is not for sissies and with no real threats on the outside (hartline does not move me) nobody has to cover the dolphins deep and this allows for many hits on the inside route-runners.


real madrid's B team handled barca pretty easily (are they in a horrendous slump!!) and even with getting an away goal at madrid, methinks that real has too much athleticism for man u, and will beat them st old trafford. and what is with garreth bale? geez, the guy is on an incredible run for the old jewboys' team of tottenham!

No Big Baby, I don't.

Oh I must have been thinking about dashi then.

Who gets the franchise designation today consensus pick is Starks (my pick a few weeks back also) but will there be any surprises?

I say maybe but probably not still think it could be Jake Long especially since Starks just tweeted that he would consider a "discount" regarding a long term deal might be wise to take him up on it and tag someone else.

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