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February 18, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended; next chat: Feb. 25

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 20 has ended: Click into the 'Comments' section below for a transcript of today's Chat. We do it every Monday 1-2 p.m. See you next week.


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Hey all, Greg here. Chat will start right at 1 and end a few minutes early today (about 1:50) so's I can hop on a 2 p.m. conference call. Thanks. See you in a few.

Hey Greg,

would that conference call have anything to do with the U/NCAA case?..

do me a favor, tell Emmert that I think he's a douche.

all-righty-then, Greg.

The Caness looked like a totally different team yesterday, maybe being numero 3 is a bit too much too soon?..

what about now that they are numero dos?

OK let's roll! FZB, yeah the conference call is the NCAA trying to explain itself on investigating its own improprieties in the UM probe. Should be intersting.

FZB, Canes were due an off-night shooting, and Clemson's a tough place to play. Lucky to win, but winning those kind of games separates good from very good.

Trend: Chats start slow, pick up a bit of steam.

Cote - do you think The U should self-impose the NCAA tournament?

By the way this is our 20th Jubilee Chat since moving it back into the blog.

Cutler Ridge Laz, no I don't. Already done a bunch of self-imposing in football. This basketball season is too special. A No. 2 ranking now, shot at a national title. I would not give that up, and don't think UM will.

Pardon me while I theatrically yet awkwardly reach for a bottle of water in the midst of my chat...

Slow today. Everybody must be off mourning the East's loss in the NBA All-Star Game.

"There's a kind of hush, all over the world..." --Peter Noone.

Herd Tiger is golfing with Obama today wow you being a Tiger apologist and Obama fan why aren't you in on that pairing you have some pull right?

Cote - you ever consider that liberals who only watch their flavor of entertainment media are just as brainwashed as the 'teabaggers' who are glued to Foxnews all day? Isn't it telling that neither team can recognize that in themselves?

Your blog entry and Carl Hiassan's op ed piece were about Marco Rubio taking a sip of water. Please watch it again when you get a chance and consider how absurd that is.


Big Baby, I'd have played but my natural slice might have struck the prez in the head and the Secret Service would have arrested me. Plus, I had this Chat.

More than a bit saddened by the passing of Jerry Buss. Though many Laker fans will mourn, we will remain grateful for the winning memories he helped bring. It is a rare thing for any fan base to experience having a truly great owner.

Greg, what top five owners first come to mind?

How realistic can we be to expect that a settlement will be reached with the NCAA, this can't possibly go into a 4th calendar year can it?

Seriously Cote is beginning to sound like Charlie Pierce on the Esquire blog can we get a little less politics in the blog Greg?

I Am..., I agree with your point that those who love Rachel Maddow are just as biased against the other side as the Foxies are. Also agree it's absurd the big deal made over Marco's sip. But absurd is funny. I make fun on both sides of aisle. If Dems had done equivalent of Marcos' sip -- say, Biden glancing at his cell phone during speech -- I and others wouldn've lampooned that too.

Hey Cote,

I think the guys are a little scared, Anti decided to tell us that if one of those big rocks from space found us not even the roaches will make it.

which brings me to my question..If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, what is the absolute thing you would do today?

Is Jay Williams a better analyst or a motorcycle driver? Because he was pretty unspecial last night. He should have just yelled out "I hope Miami loses", to drop the appearance or lack there of any impartiality.

OC, I echo your condolences re Jerry Buss. The best owners are some of the ones totally out of the news. It's Micky Arison, locally. There are exceptions, though. Steinbrenner was bellicose but a great owner.

Who are the free agents that the fins will most likely resign and free agents that they will seek out to sign?

mjcane, I don't think either NCAA or UM would call it a settlement but at the very least I think the conclusion of this will be expedited and without much more punishment for Miami beyond what's already been self-imposed.


Senator McCain is claiming that the Obi administration is/has a "massive cover-up" on the murder of the 4 americans in Bengazhi, what say you about that amigo?

agree or no agree..hehe

Greg, thoughts on the funding of Joe Robbie. As a Canes fan, it will be awesome to sit in covered seating for those noon games, plus the partial lid will help with noise. As a Broward County resident, I love that the suckers that live and stay in Dade will foot it.

...and now for some much needed levity. Hey, Greg, did you take notice that John Merrick won this weekend's golf tourney in the Palisades? Would you happen to know if David Lynch caddied for him?

Big B, don't think I do a lot of politics in the blog, just a bit. Hopefully even a staunch Republican can admit what Rubio did was pretty funny.


some of the music non believer's on this blog (I call them infidels) don't think the Beatles are rock's greates band..in order, give me your top three bands of all time.

You had to start your own team and could choose from MJ in his prime or LJ, who do you take?

FZB, I guess "tell everyone I love that I love them" would be too serious and too sappy an answer.

I guess he was parched and talking a mile a minute but it was weirder when he wiped his mouth I thought so there I am unbiased.

Gators vs Canes in the NCAA tourney final--who you got?

thanks OK BB, I think is fun calling the liberals a bunch of ass clowns..sorry Cote.

mjcane, yeah i agree there were some odd comments, such as saying that late charge call against Clemson was so horrible. It was arguable, but he came off sounding like he had $$$ on the Tigers.

Howard for Rondo trade is intriguing for both teams. You think that is a possibility? Who would get the better of the deal?

jmauri, all depends on price. They'd love to re-sign Long and Smith if price is right. Think they will re-sign Hartline. Maybe Starks too. If possible. From other teams, WR a priority. Greg Jennings high-rated by many but I still hear they like Mike Wallace a little more.

Again, it's telling that you think that. No chance you would have mentioned Joe Biden taking a sip of water on this blog, even if Foxnews had been making fun of it. You've never mentioned any of the nonsense 'gaffes' attributed to Obama (iPod gift, 50+ states, the teleprompter failure, etc., etc.).

But this is why I don't like either team, they're exploitative and they blind people to actual issues. As an unbiased observer - there's nothing funny about that clip. The only way you can find humor in a speaker reaching over to take a sip of water is if you're sitting on edge hoping to find something wrong with him.

Howard Dean's screaming, the sinking Guam senator, Herman Cain's commercial, everything Sarah Palin has ever said - funny is funny. Taking a sip of water? Please.

FZB, can't pretend to know more than what I hear. I like McCain less and less in general terms, though. I though him a viable prez candidate before he pick Palin, but that appealing, moderate-Rep I knew has been lost.

Correct Kazaam no chance it's on here if it's Biden taking the sip of water.

Does homecourt in the Finals fix the All Star game? Would it be worth it?

Can't give half the league three picks to the other half's two. No one cares about charity (unless it comes out of their All Star bonus?).

mjcane, I think stadium funding will be approved for Dolphins, despite the Loria Effect and Norman Braman's squawking.

Cote, Take it easy on Kazaam, he mates guppies for a living and then studies them. Pretty mundane existence so he comes on here to ruffle your feathers.

wow Kazy-jr...Your more republican that I thought.

keep up the good work, your journey towards the GOP is almost complete.

OC, ha! Hadn't caught that.

I remember almost crying when I found out Magic Johnson had HIV. I thought he was going to waste away before our eyes and die within a year. Instead, that guy is going to outlive us all. You think it is the deer antler spray?

FZB, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin. I know that's boring, sorry.

Peter Klaven, give me LeBron right now over Jordan in his prime. MJ more a pure scorer, LBJ does more.

Big Baby, thank your for your bipartisan admission. If it helps my credibility any, i think Biden has a creepy, almost lecherous smile.

What professional All-Star game is good? It is a show. For entertainment, to see all the stars on one court, or field together. Home court for the finals will do very little to make the game more interesting.

Nonsense, FZ, anyone who refers to FOX news watchers as teabaggers is first, insulting, and secondly, has demonstrated his true leanings.

Sydney Fife, Canes over Gators right now in Tournament. Why would I not?

That's a good point by Kazaam Greg do you ever remember mentioning the Howard Dean scream on this blog if not you missed one it's still an all time classic I'll try for some sports questions next week but your Pope jokes put me over the top for now later.

FZB, I've been called worse. :)

Tevin Downey, I'd rather have Dwight Howard than Rajon Rondo if it's a healthy Howard with his head on straight.

Did someone actually ask a Miami sports writer MJ vs LJ and MIAMI canes vs Gators? What did you expect him to say? I bet if you ask a Chicago sports writer that wrote during MJs time that same question, that Chicago writer would take Lebron too. Why don't you try that Peter Klaven?

I Am..., we'll disagree, respectfully I hope, about whether Marco/water was funny or not.

Hate the GOP and DNC, would never consider joining either party.

Cote - now that the NCAA fired its scapegoat for the improprieties of the investigation the NOA should be on the way. Do you have any sense whether UM will be charged with lack of institutional control based on the individual allegations?

Big Baby, et al, you're just dead wrong about whether I'd make fun of Biden.

Cote, I find it really creepy the advertisements across the Herald are actually ads for websites I recently visited. I feel somewhat violated.

Greg - Your thoughts on Mario Cristobal leaving UM after only a few weeks for Bama?

I Am..., I think home-court in Finals is TOO much reward. Still think an extra pick might work because in essence that's just first dibs on somebody who'd otherwise be a free agent.

Captain O, no worries. Everybody tells me I'm laid back, so it must be so. Feather-ruffling not a problem. :)

Dave, I'll give you my thoughts on Cristobal. Cristobal hoped on a burning ship, scoped it out for a few days and took the first raft out of there.

Look folks, Greg, like all of us, swing a particular political way. It is what it is, and if you come on here, you should know exactly what to expect. To his credit, Greg allows for uncensored lively debate and props to him.

Chaz, yes on deer antler spray and Magic's health. That, or magic.

Rawpimple, bulletin: Independent thought knows no borders. Opting for No. 2 Miami over lower-ranked Gators is hardly an astonishment.

Hey all, gotta run. Sorry to have to wrap a bit early and that I didn't get to quite all the Q's. See you next Monday. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Now back to guppy feces.

You see, you had to go on and do it. Y'll chased the fox back into the forest.

Fearless Leader,

all this musical stuff shows what a cosmoplitan following you have. getting asked to name your three favorite groups isn't easy, but for the ole shadow it comes down to the who, stones, and little feat.

the canes pulled out a tough game at a tough venue, littlejohn cilsseum at clemson, and if anybody other tha jim l. wins coach of the year i would be shocked. canes improved immensely last year, and this year the jump is indescribable. this one year that is "basketball heaven" with top teams in college and the NBA was commonplace for those of us who lived in LA between the mid-sixties and 73.

Canes are a one hit basketball wonder that will be extinguished during the tournament.
Gators been there, done that will go much deeper in the dance.
NCAA found it's scapegoat, it has been sacrificed. Now it's your turn.
Not a sacrifice, just pay for your sins.
Mario Cristobal more pay and a champion program, is there really a choice here?

Haha, sad times Rawpimple Bites.

shit, missed it again.

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