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February 04, 2013

Live Blog Q&A / Chat has ended; next Chat Feb. 11

Live Blog Chat No. 18 has ended: Today's Chat was 1-2 p.m. Thanks to all who tapped in. Click into 'Comments' section below for a transcript.


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Hey all. Greg here. Starting right at 1. Hope you can join us. If the lights go out during the Chat, we'll get 'em back on ASAP.

Okay, Greg, so which food item was the big hit at your SB bash? Recipe?


49ers fans are a little upset this morning about what they say is "the horrible call" at the end of the game, I say it was a good non call considering they been letting the players play all game.

what say you?

Do you get the same feeling I get that growing up alongside a sibling like Jim Harbaugh would have been a royal pain in the a**?

looking back, me rooting for the Ravens was better than rooting for the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh is an ass, reminds me of the Beli-Cheater himself.

How about some love for the Canes basketball team and Jim Larranaga, the man can coach.

OK let's go! OC, definitely my pulled pork sliders. Slow roast a Cajun-seasoned Boston butt for several hours, served with Carolina-style sauce. Mmmm. Lights out. (Sorry).

FZB, I had no problem with the non-call. No penalties in that situation, at that time, unless they are obvious.

FZB, the refs missed a blatant pass interference call before the half that would have kept a Baltimore drive alive. It generally balances out.

Sorry about delay, all. Computer issues. just switched from PC to laptop. Yeah, OC, lost in all the Harbaugh feel-good is the notion neither bro seems all that sweet. Heard both described as a-holes, more so Jim.

After watching the game, tannehill needs to take a quantum leap next year to be in the same class as flacco and koepernick..

FZB, funny you should mention some love for UM hoops. I have an interview set up with Jim Larranaga for later this afternoon and plan to have a column on him and his team in tomorrow's paper and online later today.

Agreed that questionable calls generally balance out. Hate the blame-the-ref angle from either fans or media.

Also, was it me or did marino seem to be a lot off his game yesterday as in trying to hard? I think cbs will let him go this year...


Curious as to you're take on Edwin Pope's article today.

Mike, I don't disagree on Tannehill. Flacco maybe not a fair comparison because Joe has several years' head start. But Kaepernick is amazing for a guy with fewer career NFL starts than even Tannehill.

File this under remarkable. Yesterday, west coast fans got to watch a bit of BB before the SB and Laker fans watched Steve Nash miss two free throws in a row! Shots that would have sealed a Laker victory with a less than a minute to go. When asked about the last time he had missed two he said it was 12 years ago, even citing that Glen Rice went on to hit a three-pointer to win that game.

Can you remember when you missed two of anything!?

Mike, I thought Marino did fine, everything considered. And i disagree that CBS will let him go. I think they see him as a real asset.

your right OC, Most fans tend to look the other way and conveniently forget the calls that go for their team.


The NCAA is still dragging their feet with this UM investigation, an attorney friend of mine told me the U has grounds now to sue them, do you think it will come to that?

Uglyaqua, 49ers will be very good for a while with Kaeperncik leading, and Marino will rehab his image to a degree. Edwin Pope can do no wrong with me. He is a mentor, and a legend in my business.

OC, Nash missing 2 FTs in a row IS remarkable. Me missing two of anything, not so remarkable. I specialize in missing two-foot putts, for example.


I think Jim Larranaga's grand-father or great-grand father was Cuban, when you talk to him ask him about it..

no wonder the man is a good coach, he's got Cuban roots!!!.hehe

FZB, NCAA still in its self-investigation phase. I doubt UM would sue NCAA unless eventual punishment was deemed over-the-top harsh or was thought to include evidence that should have been omitted.

FZB, I WILL ask him, and if it spawns an interesting anecdote, you'll get a coveted thank you from me.

A bit slow in here today. Post-Super Bowl hangover?

Don't make me stop this car and turn it around... because I WILL!

Shall I catch a quick power nap?

We'll wrap this at 1:30 if no questions. Oooh, a threat!


Loria seems to be in hiding, which is understandable. Don't you think it further alienates the fans when he basically has silenced himself and other Marlins executives Samson etc?.

Hey, Beyonce just walked into the Chat Room! Hey, B!

Anyone not scratching their heads after watching that Samsung ad during the SB had to be directly involved in its production. What a waste! I spent some 10 years pitching clients the value of positive spin, and can safely predict the agency will get fired, as well as the creative.

By comparison, the Dodge (Americana) ad should result with an increase in sales. Greg, what's your perspective on Paul Harvey?

Uglyaqua, I don't know if it is even possible for Loria to alienate himself with fans more than he has. Staying out of sight might not be a bad idea, given his abysmal lack of popularity. Tired of Loria/Samson being the face of the franchise. Better for Mike Redmond to be out front.


Both Flacco and Kaepernick had great years and playoffs but they both have terrific talent around them compared to our guy (T-Hill), and yes Kaepernick has looked great with less NFL starts than Tannehill but you have to remember he had close to 50 starts in college alone if not more.

fair is fair amigo.


Which brings me to my next question......How long will Redmond last?

Greg, am I somewhat accurate that you're glad football season is over and can thus focus on other topics?

OC, Chrysler hit a home run with its two emotional ads (military, farmers) but I thought the funny ads were lacking except maybe Taco Bell and Oreo. I like Paul Harvey. One of a kind. Great delivery. Made you listen.

FZB, everything you say re Tannehill is true. I'm a Tanny guy; think he'll be real good.

Greg, do you think Tiger will win a major this year?

Ugly..., I think Redmond has a chance to last awhile because he's cheap and will obey his boss. Those are both paramount with Loria.

I thought the bast SB commercial was the Taco Bell "live mas" with the older people, great commercial.

I wish I could have kissed that super model 65 times on that go daddy spot..

ps- yes that took 65 takes according to reports, lucky bastard.

which one did you like the most?

OC, that is somewhat accurate, yes. I AM a football fan and enjoy writing about it, but variety is the best part of my job. Look forward to getting into Heat, UM hoops, Marlins and other stuff. Probably won't seriously tap back into football til draft nears.

OC, I'd guess yes on Tiger winning a major this year. I think he's slowly getting his game and his confidence back. Pretty impressive at Torrey Pines. I root for Tiger. He'd be one of the ultimate comeback stories if he can still make a run at Jack.


As Miami teammates, Ray Lewis told me he’d become the greatest linebacker ever to play.. You are. Congrats brother Ray! #SuperBowlChamps
– Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Miami is No. 8 in AP poll, ties highest ranking in school history with 1960 team.
– Michael Casagrande


hey greg cote,

is it GREAT to be a Miami Hurricane?!?



bast means best..lol.little error there..sorry.

Greg, have you ever snow skied? Any black runs? blue, bunny slopes? Interesting stories to tell?

FZB, I liked the Taco Bell/old people ad and the ad where there was mayhem in the library but everyone was still whispering. Missed a bunch of ads because I was off blogging or Tweeting. My party crowd said commercials as a whole were a bit disappointing.

Green, what an action-packed question/comment by you!

OC, I have not snow-skiied but hope to. Been talking/considering it for awhile just never done it. Not big on snow/cold, hence my living here, but snow skiing definitely interests me.


ask Jim Larranaga what the team will look like next year, we have a bunch of SR's leaving, and if we have anybody good coming in.

Great, Greg. Piece of advise. Take a lesson or two at the resort and call it a day. Build your confidence and technique slowly before venturing out over your head.

Greg, how's the New Year's resolution going? You down to three spins?

FZB, will do. Yeah 5 of top 6 guys are seniors I think. No. 8 ... man, that's impressive... 25 to 8 in two weeks.

OC, you needn't worry about me taking it too fast on the slopes. Still have visions of Sonny Bono dancing in my head.

Greg, best to wait until you're at least a few pounds shy of two spins before you strap on some skis. Frankly I don't know any rope tow, chairlift, or gondola in any ski resort in America that can handle more than 3 spins.

Mr. Woodcock sneaks in under the wire with a question about "three spins" that I probably should "get" but do not understand.

Greg, how come you stiffed the "regulars" by not posting a single one of their posts the other day as examples of the posts that you've been getting?

Sounds like you're still holding a grudge because of the regulars regular fat boy references.

Woodcock, ah! Three spins as in 300 lbs on a scale!?? If so, I'll admit to two spins. Not three thank goodness.

Of course not Greg, you have to get below three spins to see the needle spinning in the little weight scale window.

Mr. Woodcock, all of the references were from EMAILS I received. Thought I made that pretty clear. Maybe not.

It's alright Greg, fat people are a lot more fun to hang around than skinny uptight ones. I should know I'm two pounds north of two spins myself.

But not when I wast the Cuban Comet on the black diamond runs in Mammoth.

Woodcock, thanks, I think.

Ready to put a bow on it. Anything else?

Done. Thanks to all. See you next Monday. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Oye Wood's, you weight more than 200 libras ???

man, I feel much better now.


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