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February 25, 2013

Do you wish Loria would sell Marlins? Tell him. Poll. Vote!; plus 10 behind-scenes outtakes from Loria-Samson meeting, Canes, Heat, Oscars & more

Radio Tuesday!: Tuesday means I'm back in-studio today with Le Batard and Stugotz on 790 The Ticket/FM 104.3 starting at 3. Ears welcome.

1aa1fats[1) It is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26. Happy 85th birthday to New Orleans legend Fats Domino (pictured). Chubby Checker tried to borrow his name and sound but there was and is only one Fats. Click HERE for his unmistakable signature song. 2) Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona  500 but Danica Patrick won much respect with her eighth-place finish off the pole position. She is a huge shot in the arm for NASCAR. 3) Speaking of women, I think I could beat up Ronda Rousey. Not really. I just like to annoy UFC fans. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): On LeBron James maybe leaving next year, Canes lose, kvetching Perfectos, Marlins' young talent. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

"I'm a little worried about my weight. You know how Life of Pi was a big Oscar winner? I'll be starring in Life of Pie." -- Greg Cote

JEFFREY LORIA'S STUNNING LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS. (OR COULD IT BE THAT HE JUST DOESN'T GIVE A S--- WHAT FANS THINK?): On behalf of the newspaper industry I'd like to thank Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria for Sunday's full-page "Letter To Our Fans" ad that ran on page 21A of 1aa1jefflThe Miami Herald and also in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post. We all can use the revenue. As for the content of the letter? That was combative, found Loria blaming everyone but himself for his abysmal public image, and left most fans I've talked to or heard from just shaking their heads. Loria just doesn't get it. "Something needed to be done," he writes. OK, but did that mean gutting the roster? Did that mean paring the payroll back to embarrassing meagerness? "Acquiring high-profile players just didn't work," he writes. Because you didn't acquire the right ones, perhaps. So go out and get better ones, don't scrap the entire higher-payroll philosophy after one stinkin' year. That higher payroll, by the way, was an assurance Loria made in order to get that new ballpark built. It was a public trust he has broken. It was something unaddressed in that self-serving open letter. It was not unaddressed last evening when I and other media meet with Loria for the first time in months. Take our poll, and see more on last night's Loria meeting just below the poll.

LORIA AT THE DIAMOND CLUB: THE OUTTAKES: Jeffrey Loria, club president David Samson and a few other Marlins officials met with a select group of media including myself last evening at Marlins Park. Click on Owner In Denial for my latest column, filed following that meeting. Included is Loria's reaction to the poll results directly above. Here are some outtakes from the Loria-Samson meeting, things that 1aa1asteriskwouldn't fit or didn't belong in the column: 1. I asked Samson directly if it wasn't accurate that the stadium was built on the promise of higher payrolls. He called that "accurate with an asterisk," saying, "We miscalculated" the revenue. 2. Samson said paid attendance was 2.2 million in year one of the new park but that the actual turnstile count was 1.4 million. 3. Samson said 1aa1eiffelthe tone of Loria 's open letter, perceived as combative, was partly a reaction to the "constant personal pounding" his boss has taken. 4. Samson on Giancarlo Stanton's future: "It takes two people to sign a long-term deal." In other words, no amount of money will keep Stanton if he wants out. 5. Loria and Stanton were in Europe at the same time recently and the owner invited the player to dinner at the Eiffel Tower and said they had a wonderful time. I think it might take the Eiffel Tower to re-sign Stanton. 6. Loria's new PR 1aa1jeffreyfirm happens to be called Jeffrey Group, named after its founder, not Loria. The firm specializes in Latin America and U.S. Hispanics, an indication of markets the Marlins want to hit hard. 7. Loria labeled as a "smear campaign" the Dolphins' effort to win public funding for stadium improvements by putting the Marlins' ballpark deal in an unfavorable light. 8. Loria said Jose Reyes was "inaccurate" in saying Loria advised him 1aa1fusciato buy a home in Miami two days before he was traded. 9. Loria: "It's not a fire sale. It's called hit the restart button." 10. Finally, apropos of nothing, the fastidious Samson selects what to wear from a prearranged order of clothes. Monday evening his socks were a pinkish red. "Maybe fuscia," he said. I'm not sure Samson is a great club president. But he is an interesting person.

HEAT HITTING REPEAT-LEVEL STRIDE: Miami ran its victory streak to a season-best 11 games Sunday and 1aa1dwadeDwyane Wade lately is looking like the pre-LeBron dominator he was. We assume LeBron's nightly MVP-caliber output, but Wade showing he can still reach those elite levels is nourishing news. National media continue to harp on Heat's lack of size and insufficient rebounding, but I see a confident, championship team priming itself for a repeat run.

Poll result: Support for LeBron even if he left next year: I wrote an unpopular column on the likelihood from my view that LeBron James will return to Cleveland after next season, with a companion blog poll. I asked how you'd feel if that happened and 38.5 percent said they'd be positive and not begrudge him, vs. only 17.4% who said they'd see him as turning his back on the Heat. Another 25.7% said mixed feelings or didn't want to think about it yet, and 18.4% said the answer was to be determined by results this season and next.

HURRICANES FOOTBALL, MEN'S BASKETBALL: Football: UM completes its 2013 schedule. The seven home games are Aug. 30--FAU; Sep. 7--Florida; Sep. 21--Savannah State; Oct. 5--Georgia Tech; Oct. 26--Wake Forest; Nov. 9--Virginia Tech; and Nov. 23--Virginia. The five road games are Sep. 28--USF; Oct. 17--North Carolina; Nov. 2--FSU; Nov. 16--Duke; and Nov. 29--Pittsburgh. Men's basketball: Canes fall in polls: Miami dips from No. 2 to No. 5 in the latests Associated Press poll. The drop is to 7 in the USA Today coaches' poll and to 8 in the ESPN.com Power Rankings, all following the weekend loss at Wake Forest. The AP drop is pretty modest, and that's still the Big Daddy poll.

1aa1dresses"WHO ARE YOU WEARING!?": This one question, asked of an actress on a red carpet, embodies much of what the rest of the world both envies and hates about America. The excess and ostentatiousness. The celebrity-worship so absurdly out of control there actually might be avid interest in what designer made Janie Pretend's gown. What a hoot! That's what made last night's Oscars so much fun. Hollywood needsa big female superstar who won't play along, who when asked "Who are you wearing" answers "Target" and then rails against the question. Found it intersting that Argo won Best Picture. Just saw it. Liked it. Didn't love it, or think it was transcendental in the way you hope Oscar champs might be. Quick aside for my right-leaning readers always needling me about my (apparent) left-leaning tendencies: the late video intrusion of First Lady Michelle Obama was spectacularly unnecessary and quite ridiculous.

LATEST AWFUL IDEA FOR TV SHOW: CELEBRITY DIVING!: God I wish I were kidding, but ABC in March 1aa1greglwill premiere Splash, a new reality show in which ex-Olympian Greg Louganis (pictured) judges 10 celebrity divers. (No, seriously!) The show has a screwball chance because half of the contestants will be curvy young women in swimsuits, including Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. (At least we know Brent Musberger will be watching). Divers also will include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- Huh? Whu!? -- Ndamukong Suh and Louie Anderson. Counting on the latter two for cannonballs.

1aa1carrey"DEAR GREG...": "...Your blog's OK but would be better if occasionally you would show a picture of Jim Carrey wearing giant prosthetic feet to Elton John's Oscars party. Thank you." Hmm. No promises, but let me see what I can do.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this atest blogpost...


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Gosh, I'm just happy he's 72 years old! But in this town, rooting for old people to die hasn't always worked out so smoothly.

Dear Jeffrey: Please take up cigarette smoking. It will look so modern and cool with your art. Always start walking in busy intersections. Eat greasy food. Never exercise. Come on, man, it's cool!

Jeffrey Loria has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. His mental illness will never allow for him to see any error in his way. The only way this guy is ever leaving is if Bud Selig gets involved and he won't because he protects the owners a helluva lot more than any city or the players for that matter. Such a shame and a sham.

Why is every owner of a sports team in this town such a jerk wad? Loria, Arison and Ross ... what did we do to deserve these guys?

On another note...since the ad ran in the paper...I'm wondering how many actually saw it? Here it is in all its disingenuous glory: http://randompixels.blogspot.com/2013/02/about-that-full-page-ad-marlins-owner.html

The better question would be who would buy the Marlins they can't get anyone to actually go to watch them play who's buying that?

loria spent some cash to have his letter published to let us know he won't be spending on players but we should still support his enterprise because he's not doing this for free. Besides, he's very good at baseball and he knows what he's doing and it will be a ton of fun for everyone. and he's not a swindler!


Miami has a professional baseball team? Who knew!

Loria makes Marge Schott look like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air...
He redefines the term "bad owner"...
Maybe he will roll out another disabled celebrity opening day...
More marching bands...more middle school choirs...
"more cowbell"!!!

Really fun game last night, some vintage D Wade.

Miami fans may be terrible but no one deserves an owner as bad as Jeffrey Loria.

Did he say "it ain't true" in that letter oh boy time to hire someone to proof read.

I am probably the only person in Canada or South Florida that thinks the Marlins made a good deal!! You have some of the best young prospects in baseball. Watch out in a few years. For the record, I correctly predicted greatness for Cameron Wake when you signed him as an unknown out of the CFL.

Wow, FSU and Va Tech back to back again, schedule makers not doing any favors there.

Nice enough home slate with UF though, can't wait for next season!

@Stu, they are all going to be traded away anyways it doesn't matter!!


savannah state and FAU!! we are figuring mister duke johnson for 6-8 TDs in these games alone.

well, college basketball has finally sunk to the fact that a #2 ranked team, and not a bad one in UM, loses a 15 point conference game and there are no teams good enough to keep them from dropping only two spots. it shouldn't be called "college" basketball but high school "seniors plus" as any freshmen with talent jumps to the pros, leaving, as with miami, the teams with seniors and juniors the top spots in the polls. miami has a very decent team, experience and is well-coached, but the prospect of UM being a #1 seed in the tournamnent is far-fetched. they still have a game to lose at duke, and the prospect of not reaching the ACC finals, which if there were any good teams around would make them a 3 or 4. the winner of the ACC, and two teams form the big ten leave one spot open as top seeds from between the big east, big 12, gonzaga and others. had henson, barnes, and kendall marshall come back they would have probably been at the top. it seems that this year's tournament will be completely wide open with many, many mediocre teams from the power conferences. never have seen such mediocrity in the top ten.

Shadow - yup, Al Golden didn't like the challenging OOC games, especially K State, which was tough and not even a marquee matchup. Looks like only one good OOC game a year from here on.

Mediocre is too generous for any season of college basketball, as an NBA fan I find it very difficult to enjoy college basketball without getting frustrated by how bad they are.

It's like watching 10 Mario Chalmers playing at once.

lol what a cake schedule for the canes... embarrassing.

kazaam -

The schedule's are set YEARs in advance. Golden had nothing to do with the schedule. but you know everything right. fricken moron. good luck on one of those online dating sites. Maybe there is a girl out there looking for a "pot belly slob, whos sits at the computer with greasy fingers all day" mmmmmmmm

UF's been on there 4+ years, Savannah State was scheduled in December.

Al Golden's been vocal about focusing on the ACC, recently called last year's out of conference schedule 'ridiculous'. UM will be scheduling one real OOC a year from here on out because that's what Al Golden wants, Miami would not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and give up tens of thousands of ticket sales to play a creampuff like Savannah State if their athletic department was making the call.

My last 2 posts on this blog have been posted, then later deleted. WTF?

Celebrity Diving? How about the Southern Comfort commercial gent wearing his famous speedo?

Would like to see Miami get rid of Fasano, Sean Smith, Long, Bush, Clemons, put franchise tag on Starks,, resign Hartline, Garner. Pay WR Mike Wallace, S Ed Reed & different free agent CB.
--NFL rumors,, Green Bay WR Greg Jennings is "Expecting" $14 mil a yr. Ireland will never pay that.
--Expect Miami to pay WR Mike Wallace $14mil a yr to play for Fins.
--Fins would be smart to bring in Ed Reed on a 2 yr deal. He is an upgrade over Clemons and will teach the young secondary how to improve their game.
--More rumors. One NFL guru says Miami will let Starks walk & trade Odrick for a late 1st rd draft pick. Same dude says Fins will take Tenn WR Patterson 12th overall & a DT with pick acquired Odrick trade.
--My favorite draft picks at 12... 1. Ducks DE Jordan or Bama G Chance Warmack,,, consolation pick Patterson or CB Milliner.

Fins may not spend 1st round pick on WR this draft but there are a few WR's in 2nd & 3rd that have great speed. Miami needs playmakers who score TDs

voted NO 19 times on Loria question...

....20 times voting NO on Loria question... ah, what was the question?

Jimbo - Dolphins have money, they could keep pieces that work. Fasano's cheap and their best redzone threat (...). Bush is a top scat back and the only vocal leader besides Karlos (...).

Long was one of the last #1 deals before the new rookie scale - Jamarcus Russell was cut, then Long, then Stafford has a year left and Bradford is crippling the Rams. Tricky stuff, Jon Martin could be a downgrade at a premier position.

No worries on those rumors - Jennings and Wallace aren't looking for $14M a year, Tom Brady doesn't even make that. Jennings and Hartline might cost $4-7M a year they're pretty much the same player. I'd offer it to the incumbent, he was Tannehill's binky in 2012. Wallace would be a game changer, I might not spend $10M but I'd overpay.

Odrick should be safe, he said he was waiting to hear whether he'll be putting on weight (to replace Starks) or losing it to be a better pass rusher. I think Starks is a nice pass rusher from DT and he's f*cking dandy playing next to a true nose tackle. I'd use the tag to keep him, DL is their only strength since Crapenter went sour.

Personally I want Ed Reed to either stay with Baltimore or sign with Miami but I don't know he'd be a good fit here. Great teammate but he's very critical of management in the media, about a third of Ravens fans want him gone.

With you on the rest, don't think Smith or Clemons are worth it, love to see Milliner fall or the Dolphins wind up with a great pass rusher. They have to try again for a game breaking WR, deep class for it.

Ireland was disappointed Egnew wasn't used in the slot. Hopefully Philbin can get him onto the field, he was a third round pick because of his hands.

4-7 mil a year for Jennings you're taking crazy pills he will get more Hartline will get 6-8 mil himself glad to see you have come around on him though.

With you on Milliner I say take him if he's there trouble is he won't be we would have to trade up I think.

Smith isn't good enough in zone coverage to keep at a high price.

Tag Starks, I am ok if Clemons leaves, Long and Bush are the wildcards no idea what happens there Wallace coupled with Hartline and Bess would be downright scary teams couldn't defend that Fasano is just good enough to keep for the next few years.

Maybe draft Tannehills other binky from A& M too.

If we keep Odrick and Starks we don't need another pass rusher with Vernon in the mix team was rated fairly high at DL positions last year.

It's time to retrofit Marlin stadium for Canes football. First, Loria needs to be forced to sell the team considering he will have no fans in the stands anytime in the near future. So Selig better get off his butt and do something about this dire situation. If Loria refuses to sell, Selig needs to contract the team and force Luria out of BB. Loria is sabotaging the team. His brazen attitude will not work on the 305. T Mr. Ross from New York, you are next with the management of the Dolphins.

Guys Be here on aug 21 2017, Something Great will happen here at 6:25 PM...


Lat.: 36.9664° N
Long.: 87.6639° W
Be at the Lat. And Long, for a once in a lifetime thrill, It will be mind blowing, I've seen 4 of these things.

Be there....

bill, EVERY owner in miami, including arison, is a "jerk wad"?
let's see, he's worth 5 billion, hired the best basketball man on the planet to run his franchise, stays out of the way (unlike cuban), opens his wallet for talent, (unlike sterling), never blabs to the media, resigns his own talent, (unlike gilbert), AND has given miami 2 championships in the 18 years he has held the controlling interest.
i think YOU are the "jerk wad".
actually, you're just another moron who doesn't know anything about sports.. you'll fit in nicely here, for the most part.

anti-- flash mob?

did anyone know that Joe Biden comes from Lackawanna county, PA? pronounced- Lack-of-want-to, for my friends in the south.

there it goes again.. posted a paragraph about Fins options with free agents, entered the correct codes, disappeared. wth?


The best article on the subject of Fins, WR options this offseason. Has 3 videos worth watching, takes a while to load. enjoy

QUINTON PATTON! Any relation to George C Scott-Patton soldier?

Jimbo did you say something about Cote and his magical anus? Sometimes that will get your post deleted...

Tannehill won't have to be Andrew Luck so long as he has solid team in place.

I mean look at what Brady was able to accomplish with solid team in front of him... Just joking naplesjack.

Go fly a B-52H General. Anyone know entire poem entitled "There once was a man from Nantucket?" OC you're well read do you know the poem I mean. I wonder if it was about Hans Landa...

Apparently Jimmy Olsen censure at large didn't catch my Cote crack. No pun intended.

Go I miss Tex Cobb. What an actor!

Go? God I miss Tex Cobb for facksake.

Gee Anti I'll try to be here August 21st 2017 but I can't make any guarentees. Is that date our flesh suits are ripped off by a black hole?

Jeff Lubeanus? Diving wit da stars? Huh?

GUARENTEES? Fack spelling..

No man is an island...

Loria: "It's not a fire sale. It's called hit the restart button."



i have a few friends who are "NBA only" and besides the warriors, i have no rooting interest in the NBA. when a colossus of no-talent like dwight howard is considered the best "big man"in the sport, i bail. he is a tall guy who does nothing and has done zero over his pro career to develop any moves around the rim. with that said, you can imagine how i feel about the rest of the centers, with the exception of brook lopez. this is really the first season in a long time when UNC and kentucky are mediocre. forgot to throw florida in there for a possible top seed. as i heard greg anthony say, this s the first time he can ever remember where any/all of the top seeds go out during the first weekend.


catch any of the terrific europa league matches? or gareth bale leading tottenham past WHU yesterday? and two "el clasicos" within a week!! barca looked asleep in milan, so they better come up with a 2-3 to zero effort in the second leg; one away goal by AC milan and they are done. completely listless against milan and methinks they don't have a three goal difference in them unless they start playing like supermen. what a horrible performance they registered in itlee.

clint dempsey has a calf injury which may be a factor in the games with coasta rica and @azteca. nobody scores for the USA but dempsey and they are apt to be blanked in his absence.

Yes well that is precisely the point General. That is precisely the point.

Mr Cote:

If you have the time, I highly encourage you to conduct a comparision between Nevin Shapiro and Jeffrey Loria. I think that you would bring to light many of the similarities between these two beloved local ponzi schemers.

it would not surprise me that sometime in the future loria's art collection is deemed to be full of forgeries and reproductions too!

Please sell the team Loria. Just to be clear, give the stadium back to the city, as you have no right to sell it and collect profit from it. Get out of town and take that troll with you please. As a wonderful woman once said, "Arrivaderci €@€# $ucker!"

Shadow - if you can't watch the NBA because you don't like the center play I can't imagine you sitting there watching college centers flail around under the basket with the ball for twenty seconds at a time.

Dwight Howard might be the cream of a bad crop but he's a shite sight more talented offensively than any college center in the country.

Miami's two and a half back from the Spurs with around 30 to play, I think they're going to wind up the #1 seed.

Base Commander Ripper-I don't think that Patton is related to the famous former General. From what I have read the young Patton has great speed and can catch the ball in heavy traffic. Lets just say the youngster ain't afraid under fire!

Don't know if any of you have been to Bourbon St. A bit of advice if you go,, start at Bourbon & Canal and go from there. When you get several blocks up, there are barricades, daquiri shop on your left... don't go any further. That's where the invisible boundary is between straight & gay. One side they throw all kinds of colored beads and girls are showing tits left and right. The other side they throw anal beads & condoms at each other....

Haven't the Marlins won 2 World Series under Loria?

Barely won one under him, 2003 was his first year owning the team after sabotaging the Expos so ticket sales would fall enough that he could move the team and sell it for a profit.

He was literally the bad guy from the Major League movies.

Super Bowl was the first time I'd been to New Orleans, easy to notice the demarcation you're talking about, only place in town that was San Fransisco red.


in college they are playing that "motion offense" (sounds like doug moe of the 70s-80s nuggets) where they get by with a forward instead of a post man. the NBA had always been a center dominated league until recently. i don't expect to see really good post play at the college level, with the major exception of tyler zeller, who was very good for UNC last year, because he stuck around to play as a senior.

That piece of garbage says theyve been bad for 2 yrs?!!! HAAA! SERIOUSLY?!!!! 2?!!! He stole a stadium and promised for YEARS that theyd start paying like other teams do when they "dont have to pay to use dolfin stadium"! MY A$$!! I told EVERYONE 3 yrs ago this would happen! They tore down a beloved stadium WITH a HEART, for this crap in a place that will never sell out becuse all the TRUE fans moved north and now youve inconvenienced these middle class hard working ppl! GOD I HATE HIM AND HUIZENGA FOR RUINING THE PANTHERS AND MARLINS BY HAVING A SELLOFF EVERY TIME THEYVE WON!! UGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! And now he says this is the best route! REALLY?!!! ISNT THIS THE SAME GROUP OF GENIUSES THAT THOUGHT LAST YR THEYD HAVE THE 1927 YANKS WHEN THOSE GENIUSES DECIDED TO GRAB ALL THE PLAYERS THEY JUST GOT RID OF?!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GENIUSES! WISH WE WERE THE PACKERS AND HAD A SAY IN STUFF WITH A TEAM INSTEAD OF BEING THE VICTIM OF MORONS MAKING DECISIONS!

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