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February 11, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended. Next Chat: Feb. 18

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 19 has ended: We do it each Monday 1-2 p.m. Click into 'Comments' below for a transcript of today's latest Chat. See you next Monday.


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Hey all, Greg here. Launch right at 1 p.m. today. Ready, set...


Big Baby sets Chat/Q&A record for shortest post. Congrats. No prize whatsoever!

Greg I initially didn't think Miami would re-sign Sean Smith at his projected amount of 7-8 mil per year but they have to don't they he has size and talent those guys don't come around that much even with his lack of int's.

Today's Chat topic: Is it time for an American Pope? And I don't mean Edwin. Although he'd probably make a great Pope and is younger than most.

Hey there, Greg. Continuing the discussion some of us were having on the previous thread, who would you say was the most athletically and versatile Center to play professionally? Also, who gets your vote at "THE" most versatile athlete of all time? btw, Bo Jackson and Jim Thorpe are on my list, so give me a couple others.

So Cote,

A little birdie told me that there is growing optimism behind the scenes at the U that the worst appears to be over with this NCAA deal.

Have you heard ANYTHING at all?...

Big B, yeah their hands are sort of tied in terms of needing a starter-caliber corner. Think they might have traded a better one to Indy in Vontae Davis. It's a very good market for Smith to get more than he's worth from Miami.


I already told you, my vote goes to Alan Ogg.

OC Dolphins, I thought immediately of Wilt Chamberlain for athletic center. Most versatile athlete, your two are good choices. Deion Sanders, too, maybe? Need to research that one.

FZB, I have haerd the same sense of optimism about worst of NCAA stuff being over via self-imposed penalties, but nobody knows anything for sure. Optimism, though, yes.

Greg what is your garage beer of choice?

Notwithstanding the players, what quality stands out and comes to your mind first and lacking between the football triumvirates in Ross/Ireland/Philbin, and basketball's version in Arison/Riley/Spoelstra?

Alan Ogg reference got an SOL (Smile out Loud) from me. May he rest in peace.

Greg - the Herald has changed it's policy so that users now have to sign in to Facebook to comment.

Have you thought at all about requiring some kind of sign in for your blog?

Andy G, I'm a blue-collar man so my routine beer of choice is Miller Lite. My special occasion beer is Belgian ale, with Duvel my preference. High ALC, though, so a couple of three enjoyed slowly will do it.


The Canes are now up to "numero tres" in the latest polls, I think is just too fast and too soon for them, you think they'll start believing all the hype and go in the tank or you think that the'll embrace it and go forward?

I'm still not sure if they are a (dare I say) final four team?...your thoughts amigo.

That's funny Greg Wilt Chamberlain and D. Sanders were my picks too I'll put Deion against any two sport athlete of all time (even Thorpe OC) is L. James entering Jordan territory with a few more rings?

OC, Arison the quintessential behind-scenes owner and Ross likes the attention. Riley a true legend and Ireland still unproven. Spo a bright young coach but Philbin could be very good too.

Hmm, so if I'm reading behind your guarded lines, Ireland is the weak link.

I Am..., all that stuff id decided over my rank if you know what I mean. I just write what I write and blog what I blog and hope some people care enough to read it.

FZB, Canes had a chance to be overconfident and lose vs. UNC and didn't. Think Larranaga has their collective head on straight.Will be touching on No. 3 Canes in a column today. Watch for it online late afternoon and in tomorrow's pulp editions.

Big Baby, just so tough to compare guys across generations. Jim Thorpe would be slow by today's standards. LeBron would overpower Bill Russell.

OC, well, this offseason is Ireland's Litmus test, between free agency and draft. Although is Tannehill becomes very good or better, Jeff can ride those coattails for years.

There you go OC, still hating on my boy Ireland..

Well for your information buddy, Ireland is the top "triumvirate" in that trio, Ross and Philbin just follow him..

Tell him Greg..

Anybody watch the Grammys? Anybody ever been a Pope?

Greg, did you happen to listen to the speech Dr. Benjamin Carson gave at the National Prayer Breakfast this past Thursday? If you didn't, do yourself a favor and watch it. This is the sort governance we should all be creating and supporting.

FZB, slim pickin's on that trio. Ross/Ireland/Philbin still all unproven at what they do -- which is part of the problem, maybe. A state of the art owner, an accomplished GM or a proven head coach -- any, not all --and Dolphins would be sitting prettier.

Making it to any Spring Training games this year somewhere while I watch the snow I would like to take a week of and go to Fort Myers sometime and watch some games any ones picked out?

OC, I did not, know. It would speak ill of me but be honest for me to admit tuning into the National Prayer Breakfast was not the priority it ought to have been.


So the Pope is checking out before he actually checks out..

That's sort of strange, don't you think?

Big Baby, no other than making it to Jupiter for Marlins spring stuff a few times I'm sure. I like Fort Myers. Friends just moved to F.M. Beach. A nice, laid-back weekend.

FZB, yeah Popes are like Supreme Court Justices -- til death do they part. Trouble is they all get the job at such an old age. We need a 40-year-old Pope who takes the job snapping his fingers and chewing gum. I have no idea what that means.

The "Samoa" Girl Scout cookie is driving my bathroom scale crazy, by the way.


Do you think clue-less Joe Biden is going to run for "presidente" next term?

hehe, we can only hope, right?

Greg I bought a box of Samoans and my kids ate them all I just ordered two more those things are GOOD.

Didn't watch the Grammys, Greg, and even the upcoming Oscars (a usual can't miss) may get the thumbs down treatment. It's a forgone conclusion that the movie "Lincoln" will win every category and that Seth MacFarlane (who?) will insult every race, creed and color. Maybe I'll watch the TIVO'd Puppy Bowl instead.

FZB, Biden is fairly likable, does OK in approval ratings but think the DEM nomination is Hillary's if she wants it. REPs need somebody better than Romney or Ryan and must avoid the Tea Party leaning or they'll stay sunk.


So the Marlins had this thing called "winter warm-up" this past weekend, where you one of the 10 lucky people that attended it?

Greg interested in your thoughts on how we say QB X defeated QB Y. Instead of Flacco beating Manning would it not be better to say Flacco beats Miller? Or even just Denver defense?

Big B, yes the Samoa cookie has lapped the Thin Mint, my former clubhouse leader. The Samoa's hint of coconut and chewiness is sublime.

Here, Greg. I'll make it easy for you:


Greg Romney was a good enough candidate the Republican Party is dead as we know it doesn't matter who they roll out there this election proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

OC, my wife is a big awards-show fan so I sort of am by osmosis. The Grammys I actually like, though. Draw the line at beauty pageants.

FZB, yes the Caravan by a different name. Did not attend. Almost wish I had, because I'll bet it would have been sad enough to make for a tasty column.

Andy G, yes, for sure, but the QB matchup head to head is the one position we always go to for comparison. Didn't hear much about Rice vs. Gore, but the QBs steer a result in a way other positions do not. Sort of like pitcher vs. pitcher in baseball.

Thanks for the link, OC.

The only segment that I like watching on the Oscars anymore is the edited compilation of fallen artists. It always tugs and my heartstrings and allows me to send silent personal thanks.

Big B, the REP party can save itself by distancing from the Tea/far right and disassociating from the Karl Rover/Limbaugh axis. Move on, REPs.

OC yes I agree the annual tributes are special. So sad that even a great actor's life is distilled to a few seconds of highlights, but that's life I guess.

Did you get a chance to watch any or many of the favored movies under the best film category?


The guy THAT I REALLY, REALLY want to run for president for you guys next term is rep. Hank Johnson.


(Long exhale). We getting tired? Work calling? Nap time?

OC, I'm an infamous non-moviegoer. Saw Silver linings Playbook, liked but didn't love it. Saw Ted, hilarious. A few others like Lincoln on my on-demand watch list. Also the new Oz movie.

FZB, you guys? I didn't know I had any guys? :)

I think in the blog soon we'll have another "Who are you? Who are we?" post where I invite readers to say a little about themselves if they'd like. Haven't done that in a long while.

I wonder if Don Shula would be agreeable to be the next Pope? Or Jack McKeon. Both Catholics of a proper age. Although Jack would insist on smoking cigars in the Vatican.

We done?

Well, BY you guys I mean you know, you guys.

but you have to admit, if Hank Johnson got elected it will make for some very interesting Q and A sessions.

FZB, listening to that man's slow monotone would put me to sleep if what he was saying wasn't so deliciously outlandish.

It would be more fun to have a segment having the regulars post who they think everyone else is. Example:

FZB: A short, chunky (not fat) Cuban American, born seven days after me, and who is blinded by the faux brilliance of one Jeff Ireland.

Considering it was just a handful today I say we did ok talk later.

OC, ha, a good idea. The post would allow for all sorts of responses, serious to loony. I'm always interested in who the blog community is and where from. Appreciate all y'all.

Big Baby, yeah that actually works out pretty well. Just right to kill an hour.

Not fair OC,

Taking shots at me and there's no time to respond..

you're right about the short part..hehe

OK all let's call it a wrap. See you next Monday same time. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

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