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February 25, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended; next chat March 4

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 21 has ended: Click into the 'Comments' section below for a transcript of today's palaver. Join us next week. Thanks again.


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Hey all. Greg here. We'll be starting sharply at 1. What's on your mind?

Slowest month of the year for Sports I like you am very impressed by Patricks 8th place finish that's a big accomplishment for a woman driver think she ever wins one? I think she will maybe win a few before her career is over. Remember Shirley Muldowney? Does anyone talk about drag racing anymore?

Big Baby, yes Feb is slow. I think Danica will win some, and it would be so great for NASCAR. Only time I think of drag racing is when I'm driving north and pass by the "Big daddy" Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum. Never been in. Picture it sad. Like Gatorland.

Hope this Chat isn't as slow as February is. Always starts sluggishly then picks up. Follow me on Twitter @gregcote and you'll get weekly reminders when it's about to start.

hi greg, wallace a phin?

Did you see 50 cent try to kiss Erin Andrews yesterday if you didn't go find it classic. Affleck sure has come a long way good for him we here in Massachusetts like to claim him and Damon as our own.

2 watt, Mike Wallace is Dolphins' top WR target and they really want him badly. When FA starts March 12 (I think)I'd expect the move on him to be big and swift.


What will be some of the questions you ask Loria at the press conference?

thanx, then thee can get that bama cb. bpa. the phans haven't had a real #1 since,yeap, irving fryar.marshall doesn't count.lol

Any idea why Pitt would let Wallace go that makes no sense at all to me.

Big-B, did not see the kiss. Keep expecting t50 cent to be devalued to 25 Cent on account of declining sales and cred. Agreed on Affleck. Still remember the SNL skit picturing him as the dope-smoking slacker in the room while talented Damon did all the work.

Are you attending Loria meet & greet at 6pm?

Uglyaqua, I'll ask him about the misguided intent and ultimate failure of that open letter. Will ask why he lied and/or broke his promise on higher payrolls. Will ask about Stanton's future. And will ask what he think of my new blog poll show more 95% of fans wish he's sell.

2 watt, yeah the draft strengths play out on defense so the smart move is a veteran WR thru FA, then corner or pass rush help in draft's first round.

I am a very happy Bruins fan so I don't care but the Panthers look to be in free fall mode you have to be worried about Dineeen at this point did they just overachieve that much last year?

Big Baby, not sure off the top. In his prime at 26. Numbers off a tad last year. Likely a $$ thing.

Are you coming to Cane Fam picnic this Sunday? We will be smoking a lot of weed and drinking 40s.

OneEyedJack, yes I will be at the Loria thing. Think I might wear my bulletproof vest.

what is your opinion of the relationship between Herbal_Minded and the University of Miami?

Big B, Panthers a mystery and yes I would worry about Dineen if I were Dineen. There were trouble signs last year too though, especially that OT record and tendency to blow leads. Cats still need a big-time 40-plus goal scorer.


Please ask Loria why he told Jose Reyes to buy a house in South Florida and then 2 days later trade him.

CutlerRidge Laz, no on the picnic. But I will be around a lot of weed Sunday. Mostly crabgrass on my swale.

Monty_Heavy, don't get the Herbal reference, sorry. I'm dumb.

Ugly..., yes the Reyes question is another good one.

We can come over to help with weed. Can you cook some fajitas for us?

CutlerRidge Laz, might make it a pig roast instead.

Bruins won the Cup with lots of 20 plus goal scorers and great defense plus we have a great coach in Julien. Panthers are a lot farther away than a 40 goal scorer it seems right now.

pasta is the best dish to consume the night before a game_

Big B, agree but they haven't had a HUGE scorer since Pavel Bure, notwithstanding a few nice Olli Jokinen seasons. Maybe Huberdeau can develop into that guy.

Carbohydrate, I think you are in your own little world. Enjoy it!


To the best of your knowledge, are the Florida Panthers still operating in the Red?

Ugly..., they say they are, but not sure. Ask our Cats writer grichards. He da man and a hockeyfinanceologist.

restrict gun sales or bullet sales?

The Pavel bure/ Jagr days are over league has changed scoring is way down only 5 teams in the league currently average 3 goals per game.

Hockey..., restrict people with mental illness from buying guns and bullets.

You can't do it Greg medical records are confidential.


Going back to Loria, his past sorted history with the Montreal Expos should have been indicative of the type of owner he was going to be as the Marlins owner, agreed?

Big B, yes and too bad. Purists may disagree, but NHL needs more 6-5 type games to draw in casual, unengaged potential followers.

Gun security will then be in control of the Doctors_


Big B, yeah but gotta be a way around that. If a patient tells a pysch he plans to buy a gun and shoot em up, has to be some way to get that known.

Forgive me "sordid"

There is it's called duty to warn but in other circumstsnces no.

Ugly..., folks in Montreal didn't like him, no, but he had a long honeymoon here with the '03 title. Even with the ballpark and last year's payroll. It's the latest roster gut that seems to have been the last straw.

Detour, I'm no expert on guns, trust me. I just know that when we talk "Gun Control," that has to be about the users and their intent, not just the weapons themselves.

I too caught the sordid misspelling but was too polite to mention it until someone else did. :)

One more gun question and I'm going to shoot somebody.

That's all y'all got? Who are you wearing?


It is OK to point out misspelling. Makes all of us a little more educated...............

Are fans passionate enough about baseball to support that team or do you see them moving at some point?

the purpose of the combine is
A. H W S
B. level judging field
C. interview content
D. religion

I especially like correcting you ugly you are always ripping on the Phins it felt good.


By the way, did you get a new member of the family (Dog) yet?

why have other major league owner NOT called Loria more

Ugly...education you want? Myabe we'll have a word-of-the-day starting next week.

Big, I think the new ballpark assures the future of the Marlins here for a long while. The passion is here but latent, beaten down by bad and annoying ownership.

Big Baby, you could have used some correcting in some of your past post, but I am to polite........

Detour, the purpose of the Combine is so that NFL executives can fulfill a dream by spending time in Indy and eating those spicy shrimp cocktails at St. Elmo's.

You think Lebron sticks around in Miami when next contract is up or bolts?


When does Stanton get traded by the deadline this season he's not staying right?

One of the worst misused words in my experience is "peruse". Means the opposite of what most people intend. People think it means to read quickly when it means to read carefully, but I digress.

That's true ugly but that one was just too juicy to ignore.

Since you left us 10 minutes early last week, you now must be punished and spend an additional 10 minutes today talking to Big Baby.

Ugly..., no on the new dog but getting close.

Granted I am not a baseball fan, so maybe I'm not in a position to comment on the actual politics of trading players, but we all have had to bear the cost of the new stadium, no less the people who live in that neighborhood. And I feel like Loria owes us for the financial burdens we took on in order to build that stadium. I think it's his responsibility to answer to this. Miami-Dade County is not wealthy, we are strapped for funds regarding so many vital aspects of running a city/urban area, e.g. water system, transportation infrastructure, etc., we really could not afford this loss on the stadium.

Nice of you to chime in Rawpimple anything to add here or just trolling again?


Let us know when you add to the Family.........

Diego, other owners make their feelings about Loria know through commish and players union. Don't be surprised if Loria is admonished (again) for his under-spending.

Sydney, I wrote an unpopular column on LeBron's future recently. Said I think he'll bolt back to Cleveland after next season. Hope I'm wrong.


Perhaps Big Baby is available for adoption?

Big, doubt they trade Stanton this season. Likelier next year i think.

With all the revenue sharing, Loria should be called out more by Selig and owners, even demanding to sell the team. Could that happen

Peter, excellent comment on "peruse."

Rawpimple, ha!

rsr, any boondoggle in the stadium is on the Miami-Dade politicos more than on Loria.

Ugly..., yeah but is he trained?

Can I live with you uglyaqua?

Diego, can't demand he sell the team, but can persuade to spend more.


I doubt it.

OK all, that's it for today. See you next Monday at 1 right back here in the palatial Chat Room. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog. Ciao.

Big Baby.....maybe, are you trained?

You think that Rousey UFC girl is attractive?

I am trained in the martial arts you don't want me breaking things at your house I am a very dangerous man.

I always thought you were a "dangerous man".

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