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February 06, 2013

Golden talks recruiting "cloud." Grade Canes' class. Poll. Vote!; plus SI swimsuit cover, UM's new AD, LeBron/Wade 30-30 Club, Dolphins draft & more

1aa1kateu[1) It is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8. Pictured here is the leaked cover of the upcoming 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It's Kate Upton! Again! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...) 2) Miami Hurricanes today promoted interim athletic director Blake James to fulltime AD. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Young QBs poll, how UM lost Collins, Gangnam golfer, Heat Big 5@45, Larranaga's amazin' Canes. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

National Signing Sighing Day: Click on Absurdity Meets Excess for today's latest column by me, on the inherent lunacy of turning a signed letter of intent into a nationally televised spectacle.

GOLDEN LAUDS UM RECRUITING CLASS DESPITE "THE CLOUD OVER OUR HEAD": Hurricanes coach Al Golden spoke glowingly of his 16-player 2013 recruiting class signed Wednesday, the small number another 1aa1algself-imposed penalty to perhaps lessen future NCAA sanctions. "It's a class we really had to fight for," Golden said. "I don't think anybody realizes what we've been up against [with] the cloud or the presence of the word 'sanctions.' The unknown is what's killing us and allowing us to be exposed to attack [by competing schools]. We were fighting with one arm behind our back." Golden half-kiddingly said the second question from every recruit or parent was the NCAA investigation, right after, "How are you doing?" Miami's class was ranked No. 21 in the nation, with fewere recruits than all but two schools ranked ahead of it. UM had a big win, a big loss and a weird sort of draw on Wednesday. The big win was Northeast WR Stacy Coley, the big loss was Booker T. Washington LB Matthew Thomas (to FSU), and the weirdness revolved around South Plantation RB Alex Collins. Collins had committed to Arkansas, but there was National SIgning Day drama as his mother refused to sign the letter of intent, wishing he would instead go to Miami. Collins' final decision is pending. Golden said Miami "may have room for one more" signing, but could not comment on Collins or his flux. Coley may be the prize of UM's class, along with QB Kevin Olsen, DE Al-Quadin Muhammad and Northwestern CB Artie Burns among eight four-star recruits in all. Less highly rated but also of note, of course, UM's 16 newest Hurricanes include Ray Lewis III, the son of the former Cane and newly minted Super Bowl champion, now retired.

LEBRON AND D-WADE'S 30-30 CLUB: LeBron James (32) and Dwyane Wade (31) each topped 30 points in a game this week for the 14th time in their 2 1/2 seasons together. Eight came the first season, four came last season and this was the second so far this season. Their most combined points when each tops 30 is 78 (LeBron 44, Wade 34) on Jan. 9, 2011. Next most is 71 three times, most recently March 14, 2012.

DUELING MOCKS: DOLPHINS TO TAKE RECEIVER NO. 1. OR A SAFETY: Mel Kiper Jr. in his newest mock draft has Miami taking Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson first, at 12th overall. ESPN mock rival Todd McShay has the Dolphins selecting Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro. One of them may be right. Or both of them may be wrong. Or at least one of them may change their mind in future mocks. Science!

MARLINS LAND FOUR PROSPECTS IN TOP 100: The bright side: When you trade away your top players for prospects, in time your fram system feels the benefit. Miami's is ranked 16th of 30 teams entering this season, after being close to last a year earlier. The Marlins' four prospects rated in the Top 100 by ESPN.com are OF Christian Yelich (6th), RHP Jose Fernandez (16th), LHP Justin Nicolino (62nd) and OF Jake Marisnick (82nd).

Poll result: Luck a runaway for NFL's top young QB: We offered you a choice of seven passers with one or two years' experience and Andrew Luck dominated with 45.9 percent. Results otherwise reflected the great number of Dolphins fans among our readers. After Luck it was Ryan Tannehill 15.8%, Colin Kaepernick 15.5%, Robert Griffin III 11.5%, Russell Wilson 8.6%, Cam Newton 1.9%, Andy Dalton 0.6% and "other" 0.4%. I checked on votes from the state of Florida. The order was the same, though, interestingly, Luck's margin over Tannehill was slightly greater, at 47.2 to 14.6.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Adults in the room, 41.67, lol

Great class considering the circumstances Mr. Golden. I appreciate what you are doing at the U. We are headed in the right direction. Go Canes

Glad to have a Coach with CLASS. The only other Head Coach at UM to ever have to face the situation Golden found himself in was Butch Davis, and just look how he turned it around. Golden knows what he is doing and the U will be smiling again--very SOON. Nice recruiting day,

Way to go mom. Dont let him make the biggest mistake of his life.

Has everone noticed we did good with the offense. But we did horrible with our needs on defence. Would u let ur son play for dontno defencefrio.i sure wouldnt. Fair or not the perception is he cant coach and recruits dont trust him . Got to get rid of him for the best of the team.

self-imposed penalty to perhaps lessen future NCAA sanctions? what goes on!


If we get Collins, I'll be satisfied with the Offense. On Defense, the secondary I'm happy with. That's when the happiness is over. The D-Line was a big disappointment. I only wonder, is it the sanctions or is it Coach D.

Al Golden has done and will continue to do a great job.

How can the word "great" even be thought of to describe this class when the absolute greatest need, DEFENSIVE TACKLE, was not even addressed ? C- and only because of the Coley and Grace.

USC had 20 commits - 11 signed today. 9 decommitted. Of the 9 decommits, 3 signed with UCLA.

By comparison, U Miami missed in only one albeit major area: defensive tackle.

Offense looks powerful for many years to come. If the D is as porous in 2013 as it was in 2012, the folks in Palm Beach will hear the clamor for change all the way up there. If Coach D can coach D, this will be the year when the facts hit the fan to prove it - or not.


You obviously don't know what you're talking about, however you're entitled to your opinion misguided as it is.

Hmm what to talk about.. Ahemm..

Do I even have to comment on this joke of a class?

Kansas, Rutgers and Indiana finished ahead of dah U. #44 on rivals. You cant win a national championship when you have a crap class. It will take at least 4 years to try and right the ship and overcome this class (that is if they recruit strong next year and that is doubtful. Although you cant do much worse than this).

You dont think recruiting matters? Ask Alabama? #1 5 of the 6 past years. You think Miami could even be competitive against them with a bunch of 3 star players? No way.

Miami is a LONNNNGGGGG way away from ever mentioning the word "BACK".

Bunch of nice players, don't blame the DTs for not coming here, I wouldn't come to Miami if I was a defender after seeing what they've put on the field the past two years.

Either Al Golden knows something we don't and UM's defense has been terrible because the cupboards were left bare or else his blind spot for his buddy should get them both fired at the end of next season.

Hopefully it's the former, only way Golden can recruit defenders is by fielding a better defense.

UM has fans of a team we've only played once every 5 years for the past quarter century following every article and story that comes out about our football team.

Miami doesn't have to win football games to be relevant in college football. UF was relevant once too, when the religious nuts in this country were drooling over a quarterback who had you competing for national championships for four straight years.

Now it's back to being just another jealous, bitter fan with a degree from a diploma mill.


You're as dumb and as clueless as always, keep up the good work.


While getting a DT or two would have been nice is not the end of the world, the Canes have nine DT on the roster right now, they are maturing physically and we'll be better next year, contrary to what many of you think Donofrio is not a bad coach, the cupboard was left bare and those young players where press into service before they were ready.

Next year they need to get at least three DT for sure but they got the best QB out of NJ , the best DE also out of NJ , the best juco TE in the country, two of the best 4 players in dade cty, and the two best players in broward ( including the best wr in florida), this while fighting the negative recruiting from other teams.

Golden is the best coach in Florida hands down and he will not be fired anytime soon, you don't know what you're talking about either.


I'm holding you personally responsible for running young Potter off the blog..hehe

Rawpimple. Rivals only adds up points, so less committs, less #. Espn ranks on quality, Miami was #21. 247 sports has Miami ranked #19.
6 espn 150 players
3 JuCO 100 players
1 PREP SCHOOL TOP 20 player
10 of the 16 are ranked at the top of their positions nationally, not counting ray lewis Jr and a few 3 star under radar guys.
HE GOT THE #3 DEFENSIVE END IN THE US, ALQUADDIN MUHAMMED. Guy dominated the army game. We got D

UFAMBA KAMALU---ESPNS #78th player regardless of position in JUCO 100---- POSITION DT

ESPN Analyst
Updated 02/06/2013

Kamalu is a big prospect who moves around the D-line and can offer some scheme versatility. In a four-man front, he is best suited as an interior player, but certainly offers some swing man potential. He is a physically good looking prospect who possesses nice length


Intelligent post. Keep up the good and rare work.

I'm convinced, after reading some of the twitter posts from some of the 4 and 5 star players who "got away", that they couldn't have filled in the UM enrollment application - that is to say, many of these kids have no need for continued "education" - they will either make it in the NFL, or drive trucks for the county.

I give them credit for avoiding UM and making things tougher on themselves - the football training workload is hard enough. But it sounds good to say " I had a difficult time choosing between Ole Miss - Fla - Alabama - Arkansas - etc. - and Harvard, Duke, Miami, etc.

And more power to the guys who do choose Miami, knowing they will have to study as well as play football. That's why Miami is in the ACC - and why Notre Dame is gradually moving into it.

Well, as noted above, keep up the good posts.

Alex Collins? Wasn't he one of the guitarists fer Lynyrd Skynyrd? Yeah Alex Collins, Gary Rossington & Steve Gaines right?

Kaz, meant to congratulate you on the Crows success. Weird SB for me as I had to work and missed it. I kept up to date with foxsports live but it's just not the same.

What's up Duke !..greetings from the 305 to you my brother.

John Yonko, thanks for the complement, my light bulb does go on every once in a while..

later guys.

Am I the only one that remembers that the reason they fired Shannon was due to mediocre play on the field. RS could recruit his tail off.he brought is a #1 class. He had connections In dade and bro ward that Golden obviously does not have. As proof by the Denver Kirkland debacle.

Quick recap of players that would be here if Shannon was still our HC
Teddy bridge water
AMari cooper
Matt Thomas
Denver Kirkland
Alex Collins

Please tell me a team that only has 1 playmaker (the duke) that we could not use those guys.

Yes, Gunny - it is perplexing, isn't it?

But what would Randy's won / lost record have been the last couple of years? Better than Goldie? Worse? Randy seemed to be blowout prone (the wrong way) and his teams didn't seem to want to play hard nosed ball for four quarters.

Would any of that have changed had he been given one more year - and then 5 more?

I was a Randy fan for a long time, but I hated his mumbles: "we was flying around in practice" - before we lost the game... I believe the dye was cast - neither Randy nor the team was destined to change - Bridgewater notwithstanding. Randy had two excellent quarterbacks, and got nothing but interceptions and dissension from them.

So yes, those guys you mention would have been here - but would Randy have gotten anything from them?

I doubt it - but maybe - perplexing... and how many guys didn't Randy get because he burned off connections with coaches and schools?

Posted by: FZB | February 06, 2013 at 07:25 PM

So we did sign D-Tackles ? What the 6-6 280 Nigerian who's never played Big-time football ? Or the 6-6 280 OT White kid will be a Top-20 type D-Tackle in College ?

Get back to me when we get some real 6-3/6-4 300+ Run pluggers that demand double teams. Not the 6-0/6-1 300 pound fat weables that wobble backwards.

UFAMBA KAMALU---ESPNS #78th player regardless of position in JUCO 100---- POSITION DT

You mean a 2-Star project that has never played bigtime football that was offered by only Houston, N. Texas and Toledo ? Come on get real. You're building this guy up like he was offered by all the top schools and will come in and be All-ACC. Players like this will not make us better.

I'd rather deal in reality, not typical fan fantasy.

You know my feelings, Cote. Totally disappointed with the whole program since the arrival of Dona Shalala.

The only thing that she could do to help the program is to hang from a tree by her feet so the team can use her as a tackling dummy.

FZ, I would feel a lot better about Golden and the direction of the program if they could produce a video of Golden blowing the whistle while the nine defensive tackles on the roster blow through that bitch Shalala as she rocks back and forth in the breeze with a sign on her chest that says "Tackle Me."

Cock,At leas the UM Mens basketball team's in the top 10..

Golden has a LOT to learn, he's getting a bye while under NCAA scrutiny. Giving him more time to learn. I hope he's the answer, maybe Ray Lewis should coach, or UM should offer him Defensive coach. We'd get a lot of players then!

I Yhink they(UM) are amassing more offensive power thinking they'll out-point there opporsition. Big mistake IMHO...


I'm holding you personally responsible for running young Potter off the blog..hehe

Posted by: FZB | February 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

FZ,Ohhhh Well..
This is a guy that needs to get laid so bad I'll pay for it..

Because university presidents and not head coaches run college football programs, right Woodcock?

Next year FZB? This year they needed 3 DTs, if Porter goes down UM is royally f*cked.

D'Onofrio's defense doesn't pass the eye test, it's bend but don't break, soft. Lets the offense dictate everything and requires players to be in the right place 100% of the time rather than making plays instinctively. Seems like a bad fit for Miami, I give Golden the benefit of the doubt because he should know better than fans but D'Onofrio is literally his best friend, best man at his wedding.

If D'Onofrio is what he seems UM will get pushed around on defense again this year and again will be out of the hunt in the ACC (UNC would have won our division last year because they ran for 300 yards on our defense).

IF Golden's keeping D'Onofrio because they're friends it would be the only mistake Golden's made since he's been here but it would be an egregious one. Obviously Golden won't be fired but IF D'Onofrio is as bad a fit as he seems Golden would deserve to follow him out the door. He 'challenged' fans to question his BFF's record at Temple, D'Onofrio's record at UM is indefensible.

Hope fans and analysts are wrong and Al Golden's right, if not it seems like the 'bare cupboards' excuse will keep the wrong coordinator employed into year four.


stop talking "mierda" about Anti's former lover (Shalala), be nice.

did you guys see this?...Allen Iverson has made 154 millions in his time in the NBA and the guy is broke, why I am not surprised at all.


This is the football version of Les Mis. I wan to be around when the NCAA dies.

Gunny D , you are a erious moron. RS IS LAZY, OVERRATED & if he was so valuable why cant he sniff a coaching job!!!Geez this wouldnt be a he's our guy from the HOOD thing would it? The only thing he was good for was 1 NW recruiting & he only had to go to one school for that! Oh yea & that story about how he arose from the streets etc etc. Please give us a break w/ that loser! The cupboard was bare when left!!!I guess he didnt have anything to do with that! How about Geno Smith, Brisset that he didnt even look at!!!

Cant even mention the Canes on the Miami Herald blog, when the topic at the top of the page is the Miami Hurricanes after one of the biggest days in college football--National Signing Day, without the very sensitive, delusional, yet very few Canes' supporters getting all upset. No you can't mention the Canes otherwise Kazaam starts getting very sensitive. The Canes are irrelevant and lots of people enjoy the smack down since their great years were marred by rampant cheating.

The SPIN that is going on with this Canes class and the endless excUses that you see every year is a joke. Last year you over sign a bunch of 3 stars, and this year you put together a very sad but small class, and the SPIN is this was a great recruiting year. You lost a lot of KEY battles---Thomas a huge miss, DT huge miss after miss, Collins--who knows whats up with him and his mommy, but he appears to be going away to school, Bostwick big whiff, Kirkland swing and miss. Lots of key battles lost. Teams just coming into South Florida, and the state of Florida for that matter, and stealing a bunch of talent away. You can't have a poor recruiting class and expect to be in the hunt for a national title. This was a poor recruiting class. Last year wasn't great either--just high numbers and lots of reaches. It's going to be a very tough 4 years and probably longer until the Canes can start recruiting well again.

FZB: Wish I could (absolutely cannot though), agree with you on your opinion of Miami s DC.I don t care if Miami had little talent.THEY still looked TOTALLY CLUELESS IN EVERY GAME.The DC did not demonstrate that he was capable of making even the slightest of adjustments at halftime.I can respect Golden and his very tough situation that he walked into at the U.He s been the University s public representative/whipping boy and THAT has been unfair to him.The AD and Shalala deferred to him to essentially be the face of Miami throughout all of the NCAA investigation process.He s handled it with class and intelligence to be sure.Yes Miami has many , many DT s on the team but on most teams.....they would show improvement by the end of the year.Golden s only major mistake where he has failed to improve Miami s team is his blind loyalty to his pal....the DC.THAT guy just stinks and he s got nothing.100% absolutely HE has hurt the recruiting of DT s this year.Who wants to play for such a terrible DT???????

Sorry.......I meant Defensive Coordinator.

If the coaching staff, Tim Harris, Ice Harris et al at BTW was upset over Miami pulling a scholarship offer on a kid who hadn't committed then WHY?

Were they not upset and acting like horse's rears when FSU pulled Michael Johnson's scholarship on signing day and the kid ended up at Marshall?

There is only one answer.

I also read somewhere that Randy Shannon got in Kirkland's ear on Tuesday! A clear and present rules violation by someone (if he did) who has never been connected to what happened on his watch at the U. Makes one wonder!

Why don't the Herald reporters do some digging and find out about all the corruption going on in high school football in Dade and Broward counties and the rest of the state?

Too many prima dona coaches and players, where do you think the sense of entitlement comes from?

'Can't mention'?

You looked Miami up on Rivals (and probably the other sites that had them ranked higher) and looked for bad teams that were ranked above them.

You also very obviously followed every player UM signed and missed out on.

Yea, Miami sure is 'irrelevant'. It's pretty obvious how little you care about UM football.

Guys mature from year to year. You can't expect the same team to return on defense next season. We played young guys for a reason and they'll be a year tougher, better conditioned, stronger and more mature..

We have a proven coaching staff that knows Miami football. Bring in Soldinger to caoch RBs and we're even better. Matt Thomas is gonna get destroyed by our linemen. Can't wait.

Give me three an four star kids with something to prove that don't go on TV any day. We've had top-ranked classes in the past that failed to produce. Numbers mean nothing without the right coaching staff.

RawPimple. on Kirkland the U was never interested in signing the kid. End of story, he was lazy and slow, not an SEC caliber player at all and the Onion's way of hitting back at the U. When he transfers to BC, FIU or FAU in a year or two then we will all know the true story of this over hyped kid.

As for Bryant, his statement about signing with FSU was that he wanted to stay close to home and his baby!, lol He will be a perfect fit for the Seminoles!

Collins, yeah don't want that drama in Miami, their are enough mature and sensible kids who are great athletes who want to come to the U. Besides Edwards is better in my opinion. Collins has durability issues, just saying.....

Miami identified 27 kids and got 16 of what or whom they were after. The NCAA cloud is real, the fact that high school coaches, parents and players have their hand out is real, the fact that recruiters and scouts ask the question about a kid in this area "is this a Dade kid or a football player." is real! Negative recruiting against the U s real!

That Miami got played and Golden called BTW staff on it is real. BTW without a doubt has an agenda against the U.

Excuses no, just the reality of it all!

Deny it all u want , it is what it is!

This Miami class is judged to be very solid by coaches, analysts and writers who know what they are talking about.

On the other hand we have a bunch of blog experts and morons who have all the answers about this class being an epic failure, lmao!

On Coach and the D, yeah no question they were porus and didn't look good doing it, but they did hold GT on the goal line and had more than a few good moments.

It is interesting that as I watched the college game to see how many defenses had improved dramatically from one year to the next. I haven't looked up any particular defenses but many that were ranked very low in 2011 were significantly improved in 2012. Coach D's defense has that same opportunity, so we will see!

Thanks Sherlock Holmes. Of course I read Rivals. I love college football and part of that is recruiting. You got me too with reading the Miami Herald sports section. I don't know how you figured that out? Pure genius! I don't go searching for Miami Hurricanes stuff--it's on this blog and talked about often by the delusional folk. Also, guess what? It is the top story on this blog and there is evidence of SPIN at the top by Homer Cote. I did scroll to see where FSU, UF and Miami were. It took a couple of minutes to scroll to Miami--and all you had to do was look at the teams that just finished above Miami. I listed the next 3. I could have listed 40+ more. The longest part of that was the scrolling to Miami. I sure did devote a lot of time to that. I dont know every player Miami was targeting but I did read from you folks, Cote, and Barry the people who you thought Miami was going to land.--Again delusional with some of them.

Isn't Rawpimple the same Jackass that was so far up Rex Ryan's a*shole the last few years?

Yeah thought so just another ignorant Turd/Jets troll

So how are those Jets doing lately?.....crickets


Anti, college basketball is for fags.

I have to laugh when some of you guys talk about the high accademic standards at the U. You are joking right? You act like the guys who did not chose miami, could not get by admissions. this is not Notre dame, stanford, or vanderbilt we are talking about. Ifthey could get the top recruit in the country, and he could not spell cat, they would find a way to get him in.

Rawpimple, don't argue with Kazaam. Don't you know that he's totally unbiased in his opinion. After all, it's an honorable trait to stand up for your family. But since Shalala is not my family I'm free to call a spade a spade.

Freaking bitch ruined the best football program in the history of the state of Florida.

The past ten years of Miami football has been the college football version of the Bataan Death March. One disaster after another. Anyone but a myopic biased simpleton can see the obvious.

Mr. Woodcock,

"national letter of intent day" brings out the platitudes by the dozens and is even worse than NFL draft speculation. if a high school player is not destroying his opposition (a la mister duke johnson at norland) he is not worth talking about. a guy who does not dominate in high school doesn't seem to me as a payer who will make a tremendous impact in college, with afew exceptions. REAL "five star" players are the likes of mister duke johnson, clowney of south carolina, alabama's runners and their passcatcher from here in miami; the rest will wind up to be workmanlike and hope they wind up in a defensive system that accentuates their capabilities. 90% of these high schoolers will never be impactful players and will disappear to special teams and the pine.

Shadow, you seem like a smart guy. What's the bottom line on the University of Miami's football program since 2002? Let's not sugar coat things. To say that we have been an embarrassment is an understatement. The football program put the University of Miami on the national spotlight. Not the medical department, the law school, or the humanities. I didn't attend the U, although I did get accepted into the law school but chose not to go there, I'm still a huge Canes fan. By that I mean I'm a huge Canes football team fan. Most of the U's fans are not alums like Kaz. We don't give a rat's ass about anything at the school other than the football team. That happens to be the norm for every college football team in the nation. Less than 20% of the population of the U.S. has a college degree. If the schools had to rely solely on registered students and alums there wouldn't be any college sports. The bottom line for Miami is that since Shalala got here the football program has nose dived into oblivion. Period.

Shadow, the reason I'm so upset about the recruiting this year is that it's another blemish on Miami's record. One more negative thing in a decade long string of miscues. No one can predict the future. Your point is well made that many of these "can't miss kids" will miss. But you can't turn your back on patterns. The reason that the recruiting rankings are important is that they are now a part of the general public's knowledge and they keep track of it. Especially high school players. In the NFL the worst team gets the best talent in the draft in college the best team gets the best recruits. That is why it's so difficult to change a college program around when things go south. Right now Alabama is in the seat that the Canes occupied in the 80's. The 80's are a long, long way back in the rear view mirror, buddy.

'Do I even have to comment on this joke of a class'?

No you don't, Miami hasn't been good in a decade, never played for an ACC title. Yet you do comment and you do follow because you do care. That's the difference between programs that have won at a high level like UM and Notre Dame and Michigan and all the rest.

For the record Woodcock I'm not at all insulted or offended by you trash talking Shalala or the university, I don't care about your opinion of the university or Shalala but I think your opinion on the football team is idiotic.

It's just a lazy and uninformed opinion, it has no basis in reality. Tad Foote wanted the football program to stop trying to be #1 and they still won. Alabama's president has nothing to do with their football program, they win because of Nick Saban.

Head coaches run college football programs, not university presidents.

You keep saying that but you can't deny the fact that since Dona Shalala got here the football fortunes went down the tubes. I have had this conversation with you for a long time. I'm sorry that you're too dense to see the obvious. As I have told you before, she's ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the U. Trust me Trust Fund, your opinion is the last thing I give a crap about.

Well, I have to comment because some of you live in LA LA Land. You try to rationalize piss poor play on the field and poor recruiting and then try and blame some poor Schmoe D-coordinator? I keep reading, year in and year out, WE ARE BACK. Guess what--you are not back and not coming back anytime soon.
Did you happen to see Alabama's new facilities? Do you think dah U can compare? You are relying on South Beach, something that was cool in the 80s and now has a bunch of past their prime women acting like they are 16 again along with folks who prefer the same sex. Hardly, very attractive to the college recruit these days.

As an outsider looking at the U, I see a once great football school slowing deteriating into irrelevance. There is no one thing to change but as you rightfully state, Shalala is the place to start. The U is sitting in a prominent place for recruiting. South Florida is still THE place. Coaching stability is a must to survive and thrive. With U's dwindling 4 & 5 star players is the main reason schools like South Florida, FIU, Central Florida are rising. Gators, Seminole have prospered at the U's expense also.

Good Job By The U

Golden Answered Needs. He Might Have A Future In The NFL! If Philbin And Ireland Don't!! In The Next 3-4 Years!

CB... Check!!
LB... Check!!
Future Qb... CHECK!!
TE... Check!
WR.. Check!!

Yea, We Don't Really Have RB's! Just Yet! Well Except The Best RB! In College Right Now! The Duke!! But He Needs Better Counts!


They Signed The #1 FB! And Are Probably Going To Use Him As A Short Yardage Back!!


We Get RL3! As A RB! Plus His Dad As A Coach!

You Know Since The UM RB Coach Is Going To Sign With The Jags!!

And Ray Lewis Just Retired! Ray Lewis Is The Football Version Of Chuck Norris! Ray Lewis Can Definitely Coach RB's!! He Spent A Career Trying To Stop Them!!

Oh, and Mark Barrow Is A Coach! Mr. Golden Knows How To Bring Tradition Back Into the Fold!!

Ray Lewis As A Recruiter!!

ESPN Better Bring The Bank!!

Cause Dashi Can See Ray Coaching His Son At The U! For 2-3 Years! If It's Not About The Money!!

If I'm Golden I Wouldn't Even Give Speeches!! I Would Tell Ray To Talk To The Team!

At Penn State Joe Patterno ran the football team. When he screwed up and had an assistant molesting boys in the locker room not only did he get fired, but so did the school president. The school president is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the university. One or two years of futility is not a pattern of incompetence, a decade is more than enough. Time for her to hit the road or for the University to announce that they are disbanding the football program like the Ivy League schools.

This asinine rant by Rawpimple is the product of the decade long futility that the University of Miami football program has undergone. Time for her to hit the bricks.

Nice to know Kaz, that a moron like Dash is in your corner.

Excellent observation, Jimbo. All the best, buddy.

Hey Pimple,

as a gator I think you're a total ass-wipe and a moron, as a fellow republican and Dolphins fan I like you..hehe


why are you stressing about 18 year old kids and where they are going to school ?..

Oye, A bigger homer about the U you won't find but the reason MIami hasn't been relevant for a decade is because of coaching and not Shalala, Coker was as inept as Obama is and R Shannon who was supposed to be the savior fack-up everthing even more.

Golden comes in with a great reputation for turning programs around and the first thing he gets is this NCAA crap which is going on for two plus years, this is not an easy fix, if it took years to fack it up it will take years to fix it.

Shannon left nothing to work with, Shannon's garbage players will be gone after this season and Golden has the talent level on the rise, they are simply too young phisically and inexperience to compete right now.

if Golden stays we have a great future.

Hey Wood's,

Kazaam and Dashi and me are in agreement here..How about that!

Hey Kaz,

in reference to your "concern" that the Canes don't have enough DT on the team, they signed three in last years class, those young cats will provide depth to the position.

relax, we'll be fine.


Apologies Rawpimple, I never thought of it that way. Of course you have to comment - fans of an irrelevant program that hasn't been good in a decade are optimistic about their team on a blog in their local paper? That just can't stand, you really have no choice but to read up on UM and post negative bullsh*t every time they're mentioned, I mean your team even plays Miami once every five years.

BTW, Miami won their national championships with NO facilities and the new athletic center we're building costs $4M more than Alabama's and will be done first.

Blaming Shalala for the football program is like blaming Obama because the streetlight outside your window is flickering at night and hasn't been replaced.

Anyone who follows UM football knows why we fell off the map - Larry Coker and Randy Shannon were not good head football coaches. The more gradual decline Jimbo is referring to is also partly due to the move to the ACC (like Boise St. UM did benefit from the noncompetitive conference games in the Big East) and a very gradual loss of local talent as south Florida coaches moved to other programs and south Florida was solidified as the #3 region in the country to recruit football talent since the '80s.

I don't agree with Dashi, Golden did not fill UM's biggest need and I know Ray Lewis is going into the booth and that Barrow has been around since before Golden.

Too bad because Lewis will be a bad commentator (all intangibles, he'll tell us which team 'wants it more', and who wants to 'play for each other') and he'd be a phenomenal college football recruiter/coach.


the pimple is just a fly in the wall, he gets his kicks out of other people's misery, he is a gator fan that's totally consumed by anything to do with the U, like I said a total loser and ass-wipe.

sorry pimple, I'm calling it as I see it.

Horrible comparison of Obama and streetlights and the U's football program. A more valid comparison would be to blame Obama for the economy or foreign policy, which people blame him for all the time. "And why do they blame him and other presidents like him on those issues? Because the buck stops with him." I am not saying that Shalala is responsible for the everyday operations of the football team, but as the president of the university the decisions that her subordinates make are her responsibility.

Posted by: Dashi | February 07, 2013 at 12:01 PM

Lay of the coffee U dolt. Take off the face paint, game jersey, pom poms and skirt. U give us Cane fans a bad name.

You guys are arguing about a bunch of 18 year old kids who've never played a down of college football..


Haha Dashi best quote ever "Ray Lewis Is The Football Version Of Chuck Norris!"......FACT!!!!!

The only thing to fear is fear itself, the only thing fear fears......is Chuck Norris/Ray.

Matt is right,

I REALLY could care less were an 18 year old decides to go to college, I trust on the HC we have and I know he is doing things the right way.

He is bringing in players that want to be Canes, I see progress since he's been here and I know its only a matter of time before we are competing again for the ACC/NCAA championships.

you all need to chill.

Mr. Woodcock, after reading your "tackling dummy" post I get the distinct feeling you don't care for Ms Shalala alaya la lo la layla....

Dukey, I wouldn't pee on the woman if she were on fire. She was a bag lady for the Democratic Party when she was in Clinton's cabinet and she is now the albatross around the neck of the once proud UM football program. "Of all the gin joints around the world and she walks into mine." I had a horrible feeling come over my body ten or so years ago when I heard the news that she had been named president of the University of Miami. The Ides of March indeed!

Hey Wood's,

should we try to get Tad Foote back?

But Cock, Did'nt you hear, The "U" is all basketball......
Get With the new Age.... LOL, But not really....


She had a Vagina back in 1981,, Sorry Lil Potterfish, I said a bad word"VAGINA"



Signing day dominating web traffic at Sun Sentinel.
By my count, we had 11 UM signing stories, five videos, two live streams, one exhausted reporter. It was fun, though.
– michael casagrande


hey barry jackson,

you don't get to choose which posts suit your liking ...


Posted by: green | 02/07/2013 at 03:00 PM


why is it that everytime Anti shows up the blog goes to the crapper?...I wonder.



I'm still upset with you for running young Potter off the blog.

FZ, I hear Lil Potter has signed on to "Christen Dating.Com."
Good for him, He can hang with Virgins there, It's best for him anyway.

FZ, RE: Your post from 3:23, Thats something that Lil Potter wont be seeing on "Christen Singles.Com"..


I don't know what your talking about, "El Papi" posted that picture @ 3:23

University presidents are as far removed from the football and diving teams as Obama is to the guy who fixes potholes.

If you changed presidents nothing about the football team or pothole crew's performance would change.

After Shalala decides whether Tom LeBlanc or some big name will succeed her absolutely nothing about the football program will change.

FZB, Here's a Hottie that I hear Pottr87 "Poked..


Not that shabby IMHO.

Pimple you can rant and rave on the 'U'.

A Class should also be judged on their ability to coherently express themselves, be able to write full sentence structures, and get up on time to make Classes. They have to watch their diet, weight workouts, and above all work with the Coaches to grow as players.

Half of those 5 stars that got away cannot speak, write, or express themselves, so how are they going to make the playbook of the U come alive? Definitely not with scintillating plays if they are not in postion and have not a clue where they should be.
We as Canes need players that have a modicum of logic, and football IQ..if not here, it is on to Marshall.

So wrapping it up..you've got to cut the mustard in the Classroom too, and not be a 5 star prima donna for 5 minutes and then flame out ...

The U will be back with CAG making the smart and calculated moves for players who can make it happen.
Northwestern anyone?..top Class..what results????

It is how you work, with what you have Rawpimple, and the 'Canes have a template for that .
Relax and watch the rise of the 'Canes unfold.
Gooooooooooooooooo Canes

Anti-Christo you're a bad man. You're a very bad man.


Not to beat a dead horse here, the REAL culprit in this whole thing with Miami was the late Paul Dee, he's the one that hired both Larry Coker and Randy Shannon.

by far the two worst coaches in the history of the U.

I'm telling you, Shalala is not to blame.

Of course it will change, Jackass. She won't be there. She's bad luck. Don't you get it! Wow, what a nerd.

FZB, brother, you are out of your mind. La mujer esa es un sapo, brother. You yourself, told me that you went to la botanica and had Babalao himself perform the rituals. Los caracoles, los vaso de agua, la miel, hasta mataron a tres gallinas y esa hija de puta sigue siendo un sapo.

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