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February 11, 2013

Basketball Town!: Canes men No. 3 in nation; High-riding Heat, UM with marquee wins in huge hoops weekend; plus Grammys, Kate Upton & more

Live Blog Q&A/Chat Monday: Thanks to all of today's participants. See Chat post directly below this for a transcript of today's palaver. We do it every Monday 1-2 p.m.

1aa1lindsey[1) It is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12. Skier Lindsey Vonn (pictured) was photographed boarding Tiger Woods' private jet. Say this much about Tiger: The man loves him some blonds! 2) Click on Random10 for my latest Random Evidence wisea-- Sunday notes column, leading with Heat-Lakers. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): National Signing Day/UM poll, LeBron/Wade 30-30- Club, Dolphins draft, Marlins prospects. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

"Raise your hand if you don't give a rat's a-- whether or not Lil Wayne was or wasn't kicked out of yesterday's Heat game." -- Greg Cote

"Yes I would love to be the next Pope. And other than not being Catholic or particularly religious, I believe I have as good a shot as anybody." -- Greg Cote

WE ARE A BASKETBALL TOWN (FOR THE WEEKEND, ANYWAY): We just experienced the greatest regular-season weekend for combined pro/college hoops in South Florida history. Because I said it was, just now. It 1aa1jameslbegan Friday night as the Heat routed the visiting L.A. Clippers 111-89 and uber-hot LeBron James scored 30 points on only 11 shots, which is insane. Then Saturday the No. 8-ranked Miami Hurricanes hosted and flat-out whupped unranked-but-still-very-good North Carolina, 87-61, as UM won its 11th in a row, kept its unbeaten ACC record intact and skied to No. 3 in Monday's new rankings -- UM's best poll position ever. Sunday, the reigning NBA champion Heat hosted and handled the struggling-but-still-star-studded-and-interesting L.A. Lakers, 107-97, as LeBron continued a personal hot streak that has 1aa1caneshooplifted his greatness to a new level. Also Sunday, on the women's side, the Canes, trying to get back up into the polls, hosted but fell to No. 19 Florida State, 93-78. The recent play of LeBron stands above it all, of course. Above everything. The BPOTP (Best Player On The Planet) seems to be getting better and better. Sunday's fifth straight game with 30-plus points set a Heat record, and LeBron became the first player since 1982 with five straight 30s combined with 60-percent-plus shooting in each. LeBron should be illegal. Pictured: UM's Reggie Johnson and fans celebrating, and LeBron -- basketball maestro, the Stradivarius of his craft. What a weekend for South Florida hoopheads!

1aa1jackwGRAMMYS WERE NIRVANA, AND I DON'T MEAN THE BAND: Steady readers are aware I love music across a wide spectrum, and last night's Grammy Awards were especially meaningful for me because they featured artists important to me. Elton John performed not once but twice, the sublime Mavis Staples was there, Jack White (pictured) was prominent and there was a Bob Marley tribute -- all right in my wheelhouse. I also have much of the nominated music on CDs (yes, I still buy CDs) or on my iPod, including the Black Keys' El Camino, White's Blunderbuss, the Alabama Shakes debut and more. This to me is a great time for fresh, arriving acts such as The Lumineers, Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons and more. Turn it up!

1aa1kateuIN GRATUITOUS PRAISE OF KATE UPTON: Well if you can't have a bit of gratuitous sexism on the weekend, when the hell can you then!? Here is the leaked-on-the-Internet new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover featuring Kate, and it's so nice we're showing it twice. Someone told me she appeared to be wearing some sort of fur hat or hood, but my eyes haven't made it up that far yet.

Poll result: Big thumbs-up for Canes recruiting class: We asked in the previous blogpost and 54.3 were "very pleased" with UM's 2013 football recruiting class given the small number and NCAA cloud, while another 28.3% were "somewhat pleased." Only 13.4% were "somewhat disappointed," while 4.1% said it depended on Alex Collins' final decision.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blgopost....


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Spo Is Gay


Hey I didn't know Sammy played the violin. Is there nothing that man can't do...?

Mr. Davis would you like cream or sugar in your eye?


Go f*ck yourself Dashi, you're a racist piece of trash, go back to the Dolphins blog and post your idiotic nonsense there.

any news on Vonn's knee after her humongous crash?
(skier/sports blog).

How Can Dashi Be Racist?

That Would Mean I Hate 1 Race More Than Others!!

And Kaz!

Dashi's Original Home Was The Heat Blog!! Not The Dolphins!! Then Dashi Came To Cote's Blog! Then The Dolphin Blog!!

Dashi Doesn't Hide!!

Now Answer My Other Claim!


Yeah! Can't Deny The Truth!!

Oh that's OK Dashi,

Kazaam has called me also a racist piece of trash also...He just gets a little agitated from time to time..right Kazy?

The Canes are up by a bunch against NC...at the half.

Let's go Canes !

Ps..LeBron and D Wade are in attendance..nice

FZB And Woody,

Dashi Knows Katz Can't Possibly Be Serious With The Racist Stuff!! He's Just Mad About The Spo Comment!! I Hope!!

And You Know Dashi Is Never Offended By Anything Someone Else Says!! This Blog Is A Joke!! Don't Mean It In A Bad Way. Just Saying Everyone Here Likes To Joke!! Dashi Incl'd!!

Dashi Being Loud? "!!"

That Is Just The Dominican Showing When I Speak!! Tu Sabe Que Nosotro Hablamos Alto!! Todo El Tiempo!!


On Bron and Wade At The Game?

Great!! You Can Tell They Are Watching The UM Games!! By The Way They Have Been Playing Recently!!

Maybe They Are Taking Dashi's Advice!! And looking at How A Real Basketball Coach Does It!!

My New Favorite Coach! Intensity! Perfectionist!! Demands Respect!! The Guy Knows What He Is Doing!! Teaches!! Understand Size Is Important!!

Coach Laranaga Gets It!!


Oh Yeah!!


Can't Deny The Facts!!

My Bad, Kaz.


Canes win...10-0 in the ACC !!!!

Jim "El Jefe" Larranaga is god !!!!

Sorry there fellow's , I got a little carried away there..hehe

Even in a down year 10-0 in ACC play is impressive.

Some people really bring down the level of thought here at the blog with their racist and anti- gay remarks.

Rivals ranked UM's class as #48... ouch. Gators, #4.

Suck it.

Hehe, another Lizard troll, yawn

BB, how you holding up?

the U sUcks

Good there is snow EVERYWHERE piled up high 25 inches at my house we have power though so can't complain kids are having fun sledding it's all good thanks.

For the LAST TIME Rivals ranks classes based not only on the average number of stars their recruits have but also on the size of the class. For you Florida inmates and FSU special ed graduates that means the number of players signed adds significantly (if u don't know what "significant," means....look it up)
to the ranking they get.

The U only signed 16 so class.....what does that mean?

Just so you know the 3.4 average stars of the U's class ranks significantly( FSUandUFelony there is that word again)higher than 80% of the teams ranked ahead of them due only to class size. DUH!!!!!!!

Do your damn homework before revealing how ignorant you are!


I know it must be kind of cool to play in the snow but man, shoveling snow must suck bro.


You are wasting your time tying to explain to the trailer trash gator fans such complex scenarious, they don't have the mental capacity to understand it.


BB, hang in there. Go skiing. I grew up in the northeast, used to deliver newspapers on foot as a kid. I would supplement my $ situation by shoveling snow in the winter. Look on the bright side, this should be a drought year.

No shoveling for this guy anymore condo living takes care of that jimbo I used to deliver papers to in the early 80's speant my meager weekly pay in one after noon at the pizza shop playing Donkey Kong btw when I was a kid we would go to neighbors homes and shovel them out for $$ kids don't do this anymore it's a different world now.

Dashi seems to know a lot about GAYS, which leads me to believe that he quite probably has had an "episode" in his past that makes him an expert on the subject.

Hey, it is what it is....Dashi, get out of the closet and into the mainstream....gays are accepted these days, some are even athletes that you would BE SHOCKED to know about.

C'mon Dashi, be honest with us...what happened when you got drunk one time, maybe in your late teens or early twenties...did you like it, or does it haunt you today and you're trying to OVER-COMPENSATE for it BY TRYING to be all MANLY and stuff!

People like you are, well, human waste...."parasites" if you will...you're despicable and sick in the head.

Have a nice weekend, Dashi...South Beach?

Oliver Rubber: You said "the U sucks" - well, not as good as your MOTHER SUCKS!

Ask anyone who drives up and down Biscayne Blvd. on the weekends....hey, one of them is probably YOUR DADDY!

Since you mom sucks, chances are YOU DO TOO!

What? Oh, no thanks...I don't go that way...but if you head over to SoBe, I'm sure you'll meet someone compatible!!


SI FOX: You SUCK IT, like the rest of the hillbillies up there in South Georgia.

Rankings have nothing to do with how well a class is going to pan out, but being a GAY-TURD like you obviously are, you wouldn't be intelligent enough to know this!

Now, be gone hillbilly...don't you have a cousin to go impregnate, you ingrate piece of trailor park trash!




i am a fan of UNC, but to say they are still a good basketball team is a stretch. they are, this year, downright mediocre, having lost four starters (why in the world kendall marshall left is beyond me, but not as much as why phoenix drafted him in the first round- no shot, only can dribble or go left, hence the d-league for him)and the wear twins to the bruins, where larry drew III is having a very good season. the tar heels are not gonna win two games in the ACC tournament and will be NIT bound barring a miracle. as someone who has appreciated the canes basketball fortunes from last year, iam not writing thix to belittle UM- the ole shadow has posted many times since the season started that UM would be tough to beat for anyone. knew the frontcourt was terrific and durand scott was a player, but the eforts of shane larkin have put UM in the top few. methinks they would thrash duke again, but i don't think they play them again. this is a really good team with senior experience/leadership, just lacking in tournnament experience.

Geez, and for this pile of garbage they tore down the Orange Bowl. Well maybe they can take that tin can and tear off the roof and use the material to make extra seats for a football only stadium for the Canes and the local high schools.

Baseball? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

How much did they spent on this boondoggle?


UMcanes: get a life and learn some cut-downs from this century!
and stop loving a team that SUCKS....can't spell sUcks without the U.


s one of the the bloggers on foxsports man u/everton feedback noted, tim howard looked just as he looked against dossantos in giving up the goal to vena persie, this time much further out- he leaves his line easily when the attacker shows him a glimpse of the ball, only to have the attacker "pull the ball back" and go around him, as RVP did today. the guy thinks he is superman and can disregard the promary rule of goalkeeping- "don't leave your line". RVP alone on a goalie is not pleasant for the defense and another everton guy got in the way, but once tim howard went out to challenge the ball was gonna be past him, whether on target or off. this was a little of both but it is funny to watch tim howard's pained expressions when he allows attckers a huge area at which to place the ball.

I cant believe what I'm watching right now, probably the most exciting sport i've ever seen. Live from Las Vegas, almost full stadium, world rugby sevens tournament, The games are only 14 minutes long. 16 teams, 3 days. Lots and lots of action and scoring. It's nbc til 6pm eastern. The championship game is about to begin. But right now, Fiji and Anerican Samoa went to OT for 3rd place, tied 31-31. Earlier, US went to OT with Canada but lost. Lot of talent here for the NFL, especially from Fiji and Samoa. Atmospheric noisy crowd.

Shadow, Nigeria won the CAF final today, gorgeous goal. Nigeria enters the Conferations Cup in the summer and gets to play Spain and yes, Tahiti. Oceania champs. This CAF Cup was scandalous at times. Seems like they tried reaaly, really hard to get Ghana in the final at the expense of the little guys who outplayed them. 4 straight games they were awarded very controversial PK's. Cape Verde outplayed them but lost on a bad pk call. In the semi's, the ref did everything possible to give Ghana the win over Burkina Faso, awarding pk's, taking away well scored goals, and then ejecting the top player..but Faso survived. Only thing is, Faso had to play today's final without their two top players, one due to injury, the other due to that poorly given red card. The ref from the Ghana-B. Faso semi is suspended. I guess you xan get away with one travesty, but not multiple.

S.Africa taking it to NZealand All-blacks in the final. 40-21 with 30 sec. Left. All games leading up to this final were clse or huge comebacks. Lot of scoring for a 14 minute game.S. Africa just won the title in Las Vegas.

Shadow, i think the US lost because Klinnsman failed to get the prime team together enough to lean how to plaw with each other, particularly new guys on defense. Yes, Honduras is good at home.p, but because of the defense they had numerous waves of attacks, thanks to Tim Howard for saving the game 10 times, but not enough in the end with the clear miscommunication screw up and slow reaction time of Omar Gozalez. One again, Dempsey scored a brilliant goal, first time volley from a deep angle.

I think Klinnsman wasted time with the 3.5 week long training camp of mostly new guys, culmininating with the warm up game vs Canada with a C team instead of the guys that would play in the important Honduras qualifer a week later. Klinnsman shoudnt be experimenting in a qualifier with that many players. He really screwed this up.

Mexico barely survived their home game vs Jamaica. Reggae Boyz had several point blank opportunities and one on ones, shooting straight into the goalies hands twice was horrid. This hexagonal wont be easy for the US, all teams are competitive and US looking the weakest of all this time around. If they dont finish in the top 3, but get 4th, they will meet N. Zealand for a last chance. That would be doable. But right now, it seems like they'll finish 5th or last. It would be a shame if they dont make it to Brazil 2014.

I forgot to mention, that Honduran first goal was a thing of beauty. Bicycle kick from a good distance. Howard was flatfooded. No other sports provides such beautiful scoring. Then again, no other sport has such ugly diving and officiating. If you havent seen that goal,go to youtube

S. Ross still in the news asking for money. Were Miami-area hotels deserted & empty during the recent Super Bowl? Or were they full of visitors who would avoid the area during a local SB week? What favor exactly are the dolphins doing that they deserve cash?



NBC showed a little rugby between scotland and canada. i this rugby league or rugby union? whatever, it is a great watch and these guys are much tougher than the ones who play wearing body armor on sundays here. i am a subscriber to BEIN, so all those international games-team handball, rugby, cricket- are on and i enjoy them immensely. the comentators for BEIN's news show are great- scottish accents!!- and they have a fine picture and great audio plus la ligue, serie a, and la liga; while not the EPL (what else could be?) they have great matches. wednesday man u and real madrid- it says here the red devils get a draw away and win at home. ronaldo going back to old trafford in a few weeks will be an event.


how far away from being true is the statement that barca's second team wouldn't lose a match in MLS?

NBC today showed 4 or 5 of the 14 minute Rugby Sevens games today. It was great. I'm very happy with nbc. I never knew about this tournament but apparently it is growing fast in poularity. The stadium was near capacity all weekend. What a great way to play this sport. Each team plays 2 games in a day. The only downside is that scoring seems way too easy. 62 points in 14 minutes.

They showed US lose to Canada. Scotland, Canada. fiji vs American Samoa. And the final between S. Africa and the All Blacks. The final was a bit of a blowout though. 16 teams, some 45 games, in 3 days. I love sports that are new, at least new to me. I even enjoyed when ABC showed last years World cricket final live. I didnt watch without changing channels, but i loved watching the atmosphere of the rowdy fans in thise countries.

I dont know how the MLS would do vs Barca B squad. Certainly they'd lose by 2 or more to Barca prime. Anyhting can happen..remember US beat a full squad Spain in the Conferdarion Cup 2-0.

Keep in mind that MLS averages attendance in the top 10 in the world among soccer clubs. And were 3rd last year among US sports.

See what happened today at Beitar Jerusalem stadium? The fans countered all the recent racism by cheering the Muslim player when he entered the field, standing ovation. The hooligan squad has been bombing Beitar offices, etc since Jerusalem bought two Muslim Chechnyan players. The majority of the fans are fighting racism. A nice thing to see. Someone mentioned it's like the Satchell Page days.

I read something else interesting today. Poland us considering playing their world volleyball league game vs Brazil, in their national soccer team. And selling 60,000 tickets. That would be freakin amzing. However, the court must look like an ant from the top of the stadium. That would be some atmosphere.


the beitar management brought two-non arab moslems butwill never have an arab player. the racial thing also applies to their rivalry with maccabi tel aviv, as beitar supporters are sephardic and maccabi tel aviv ashkenazic. it is a sad situation but nobody has forgotten the countless bus bombings in j'lem caused by the arabs and hundreds of dead and maimed resulting.

Why You MAD Faggot.

Spo Is Gay!!

What Is It To You?

You Seem To Be More Offended By The Subject! Than Dashi Does!!

Dashi Could Care Less!! Just Pointing The Obvious!!

Name 1 Pro Or College Athlete That Admits He Is Gay?!


Retired A Couple!!

And They Were All Below Average Athletes At They Sport!!

Name 1 Gay Coach?

Again! Dashi Could Care Less About Preference!! More About Performance!!

Spo Coaches Like A Faggot!!


Homo's Are Accepted!

Not Respected!!

If You Are Personally Offended By The Above Statement!

Dashi Apologizes! For Hurting Your Feelings!!


Thank You Señor Cote For Allowing Us To Express Ourselves! Without Childish Parental Locks On Our Words!!

We Are All Adults!

We Should Be Allowed To Use Any Word In The English Language!

So Dashi, you think Spo is gay?...all righty then.

ao talk in NE is that BOTH Welker and LLoyd will be gone, I think if I'm the Dolphins I might be intertested in LLoyd as a fall back option if we can't land any of the big three WR's in free agency.


and apparantly there's going to be a ton of veteran players being let go..


Spo is Gay.

And Dansby Is A Faggot!

Just Saying! I'm Not One To Judge! Just Call It Like I See It!!

And On Spo! You Know What Gets Them Offended!! Is That I'm Right!!

Spo Still Can't Coach!! He Coaches Like A Sissy!!

But Isn't Spo, Manti Te'os Girlfriend?

Spo Likes Little Boys!!

B. Lloyd would be a very good fall back option I might even put him in the same category as some of those other guys but he's getting a little older at 32 if they let him go over less than 5 mil this season they are idiots Welker is gone.

Lloyd Could Be Better Than Hartline.

Boldin Is Off My List! Let Him Retire! Or Play What That Garbage And Dirty Qb!!

2 Things!! I Would've Wished Somebody Would've Ran On The Field!! First Off Ray Wouldn't Allow That And P.Willis Would've Started A Riot!! That Is The Dirtiest Thing!! I've Heard A Athlete Say On The Field!! That Is Gregg Williams Territory!! What The Scum Bag That Worked With The Jets Did A Few Years Back! Flacco Should be Suspended For Such A Statement!! That Is Honey Nut Cherrio Territory!! What If Ginn Got Hurt!! For Someone Listening To Flacco!! F'k Flacco!! I Bet The Next Time The 49ers Play They're Gunning For The Knees!! Rightfully So!! (Tom Brady Will Never Say That!)

And 2nd Thing!! WE ALL KNOW ONCE GINN HITS TOP SPEED!! NOBODY!! IS TOUCHING HIM!! The Guy Would Have To Be 10 Yards In Front Of Ginn To Have A Chance To Catch Him!! Even On The Sideline!!

If He Breaks It?

If Ginn Breaks It!! Call It Ball Game!!

4.19 On A Bad Foot!!

kudos to the Miami heat players who showed up to support the basketball hurricanes Saturday....

speaking of rick berry and the um basketball program

I went to florida southern college in the 1960s...the mocs played their home games at Lakeland high schools gym...the night they hosted rick berrys hurricanes a young guard from fort Lauderdale named bobby bowman outscored rick berry......Miami won the game but that night bobby bowman beat rick berry giving the host mocs a moral victory...kudos to bobby bowman who graduated and went on to coadh at Kathleen high in lakeland


stop drinking caffeine, its bad for you.


I must say I'm quite surprise at how good the Celtics have looked since the Rondo injury, is there any doubts in anyone's mind that Doc is the best coach in basketball?

how about this guys, Jennings AND LLoyd as our two wideouts next year?..That makes my toes tingle.


There's still time for you guys to make a run at this thing but time is running out.

on the other hand, D Howard doesn't seem to be Laker material, you guys may need to trade that clown.

Never post any comments anywhere but Greg Cote is doing a fine job of editing the comments here. This Neo Nazi Dashi guy needs to be shot in the head.

There is always a loser spewing hate behind a screen name. He was probably picked on in school and spends his time here trying to get even. Just accept the fate you were given loser.

I bet you anything if you ever meet this Dashi guy in person he fits the loser profile to a T. But a guy like this doesn't have the sack to go face to face with anyone. Keep hiding behind a screen name you little turd.

Celtics are a real surprise but I did tell you they would be a different team and fun to watch and they are both LeBron James is in the zone right now.

27 14 and 14 for me last night I still got it still up to no good in Inglewood peace biatches.

LeBron is on a historic run...What a player this guy is, coach Spo said it yesterday.

" he makes greatness look easy "

I for one consider myself very lucky to have seen both M Jordan AND LeBron in my lifetime.

Hey Truth, we'll see when the playoffs come around..

did not watch the grannies last nite but it sounds like it was pretty hip. sort of


Dashi - using racial slurs and hate speech does not make you an adult, it makes you an immature little boy with some very obvious hangups.


In my book ANY man that watches the grammy's has to lose his man-card...

In Other Words?

Lebron Can Even Make Spo Look Like A Great Coach!!


FZB, I Would Also Put Shaq On That List!

Jordan Is A Better/Best Offensive Player Ever! Lebron Is The Greatest Athlete Ever! And Shaq Is The Most Dominating Force Ever!

Seriously!! Any Era!! Not Now!! Not Before!! Not Ever, Will You See A 7'3" 350+LB Athlete!

Jabbar Is The Closest! And He Was 200lbs Lighter!!


How Come Dash Couldn't Do The Picking?

Bob Are You Gay?

And Neo Nazi?

Really? Dashi?

Kaz, Being Gay Is Not A Race!!

When Has Dashi Used Racial Slurs?

Spo Is Gay!

Nothing About Race!

That Jackie Chan Can Coach The Heat To A Better Record!! Is Besides The Point!!

Dashi Has Never Said Spo Should Be On A Rice Field Not A Basketball Court!!

I Have Never Said None Of Those Things!!

Never Said That Spo Dresses As A Japanese Anime For Halloween!

Or That He Puts On Lipstick To Go To Sleep!!

Never Have Said Any Of Those Things!!

It Is Simple! Prove Me Wrong!

Spo Is Gay!!

Grow up kid.

Greg, per your: "It is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11. Skier Lindsey Vonn (pictured) was photographed boarding Tiger Woods' private jet."

Man, I've heard it called all kinds of names; johnson, unit, schlong, but "private jet" has got to be a new one.

the U = overrated

Dashi you called Spo a chink you bold faced liar that's a racial slur how would you like it if someone called you a spic?

Shaq as the greatest center/athlete ?..HHHmm, I have to think about that one.

Jabbar was a very good athlete also, Russell in his prime was very quick and could guard anyone..I guess physically Shaq was the most dominating center ever..

Abdul Olajuwon, without peer.

That's Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon, or "The Dream."

The Admiral maybe Chamberlain has to be mentioned in there somewhere.

hey Oliver,

You said the U is overrated, are you talking basketball amigo?

how can 10-0 in the ACC is over-rated?..you either don't know chit or you are a Lizard, which is it?

Hey Kaz,

One of my customers is a friend of Gino Torretta and they were talking a few days ago about the U/NCAA deal and he said inside the program there is some optimist the worst is behind them and the U won't be severely punished, is that what you heard also?

Chamberlain is second tiered as an all around athlete. Dream was an accomplished soccer player and Wilt played top-notch beach volleyball. The Admiral was fluid as much as Tyson Chandler, but haven't heard about either of them actually competing in other sports.


How can I forget "The Dream"..my bad.

OC David Robinson and Tyson Chandler probably shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.

As good as Chandler is Robinson was great.

Had Bo Jackson played center, he would get my vote.

Or better yet, JIm Thorpe.

As much as I don't really like him now Deion Sanders was a tremendous athlete.

I do know that Chuck Nevitt was not the most versatile and accomplished center...though he won a ring!

Chuck Nevitt stood at 7'- 5" and weighed as much as one wet Brawny paper towel. I ran into that guy at Sears one day and couldn't believe seeing weather patterns over his head.

Oh boy, here we go..

True OC, Chuck Nevitt is a good choice however I say Alan Ogg was not the most versatile and accomplished center ever for the Heat !!!

UM was briefed on the particulars of the NOA so that they could prepare their media statement for the day it was supposed to be released.

They know each of the individual charges but not whether they will be hit with 'lack of institutional control', although everyone who was involved is now gone and UM has gone above and beyond to cooperate with the NCAA and revamp their compliance department.

There are charges with iffy evidence but UM most likely will not contest any particulars. They will just say that the NCAA investigation itself was unfair and punitive in it's length and methods so that the argument is on the table ahead of the NCAA announcing the actual punishments.

Miami will fight any penalty beyond a loss of scholarships.

FZB, Sheer Size!

And Ability!

Nobody That Big Is That Agile!! Kevin Garnet Is An Athletic 7 Footer! Kevin Durant! Chamberlain, Zo, Russell!

But None Of Those Guys Are 350+!!

Rules Had To Be Changed!! Lines Had To Be Drawn!! Rims Reinforced!!

Why Can't You Hang On The Rim?

Cause If Shaq Can't!! Nobody Can!!

Zone Defense Is Allowed In The NBA! Because They Had To Try And Find A Way To Defend! The Strongest Athlete Alive!!

They Had The Jordan Rule! With Shaq You Would Needed A Handbook!! 3 Guys Minimum Had To Foul Out! And No Physical Play! Cause You Don't Want To Make The Great Aristotle Mad!!

Of The Old School Centers! Dashi Picks Kareem!

All Time! If I Had To Play 1 Game! Any Era!! Doesn't Matter! Against Who!! Dashi Picks Shaq!!

Cause I Know Any Center Doesn't Want To Play Shaq!!

Shaq At Dwight Howard's Age!! Would He Lose To The Heat!!

Seriously!! I Know We Have Lebron And D.Wade!! But If The Heat Were Playing Shaq In His Prime!! JA, UD, and Bosh!! will Be Sitting On The Bench With Fouls!! In The first half!! Lebron And Wade Would Know They Are Consequences For Jumping Into Walls!!

OC who is your pic for best all around head? Mine yup you got it -heaven help me- Ted Williams head is numero uno!

Man I'm feelin' alittle tense this morning er afternoon. Think I'll go for a little drive with Jennifer Jason Leigh & Lucy to unwind a bit...


If Spo is gay then dashi has man love for Shaq.

duke just don't do it in that powder blue AMC Javelin.

BB that's a powder blue Gremilin sir.


I don't know, dukey. It's hard to beat Linda Lovelace's head.

and Linda was in the Majors too... yeah..

The Javelin, Gremlin, Maverick, Corvair, Pinto. Am I missing any more duds?

Oh yeah. We can't forget the Hugo.

Vega, Hornet, Pacer. Corvair was a fine machine except for firey engine...

The Vega! Now there's a winner.

OC ow could you forget Vincent Vega?!

I actually thought the Javelin was a dud but I just wiki'd some pics of them and some are pretty sweet all tricked out the Maverick awesome I had relatives who had a silver one not a good car.

Missing? How about the Pacer or Chevy Chevette (which I learned to drive a manual on we had one) just an awful car.


You keep posting that acid scene, you ok buddy?

Hornet awesome selection you beat me to Pacer.

I'm better now FZB.

I learned to drive on a 1961 Dodge Lancer. The thing had a push-button automatic transmission. Weird.

I feel more like meself as it were...

OC don't trust nothing with a button where a shifter should be and vica versa...

the Opel Manta,

I actually owned one of those...My first car, ah the memories..I think I'm going to cry..

bbbbuuuuuuhhhhhh..hhhhooo hhhhuuuu.. snif ,sniff


& visa versa...

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