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February 20, 2013

War! UM vs. NCAA. Shalala vs. Emmert. Poll. Vote!; plus Heat make trade, FAU and prisons, Dolphins, Marlins, Lena Dunham, Ron Fraser & more

1aa1dunhamlena[1) It is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21. My latest guilty pleasure is the HBO series 'Girls' and its star, Lena Dunham (pictured). The show is what we used to call a chick-flick and Lena is few guys' idea of classic-sexy, but I find both very appealing. 2) Giancarlo Stanton got beaned on the helmet by a fastball yesterday at spring training and walked away as if a marshmallow had hit him. That kid might be our biggest, strongest, most imposing pro athlete after LeBron James. 3) Thanks to ESPN for having us on Outside The Lines this week to discuss the UM/NCAA developments. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): "Hurricane Donna" Shalala blasts NCAA, Canes win again, Lil Wayne's war on Heat, Fixing NBA All-Star Weekend, Dolphins, yelling goats. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

My new column: NCAA buffoonery casts UM as sympathetic victim: Click on headline to access. Column is online and in Thursday's inky pulp editions.  

"HURRICANE DONNA" TAKES GLOVES OFF VS. NCAA, BUT WHO'S RIGHT?: U-Miami president Donna Shalala said, "We have suffered enough," after a 2-year NCAA investigation in the Nevin Shapiro case that led to significant self-imposed penalties such as a two-year football postseason ban. She calls for no 1aa1donna 1aa1donna2additional penalties and I agree, factoring in not only the self-imposed sanctions but the shady reputation of the accuser and the NCAA's own well-documented and major internal wrongdoing that tainted the investigation. These are extraordinary circumstances for which there is no template. But NCAA president Mark Emmert disagreed with Shalala and pushed forward with a Notice of Allegations that likely will result in yet-unknown additional sanctions. Who's right? I hestitated with this poll because I try not to post questions for which I think I know the answer. Then again, around 50 percent of our poll votes typically come from outside Florida; it isn't as if only Canes fans will be voting. There also is a fair argument on either side and some gray area. For example, though I agree with Shalala, I could see UM getting very minor added sanctions, perhaps. Anyway, cast your vote and say why you did.

HOT HEAT MAKE MINOR DEADLINE-DAY TRADE: Heat today traded reserve/D-League center Dexter Pittman and a 2013 second-round draft pick to Memphis for rights to center Ricky Sanchez, currently playing in Argentina. It's unlike Sanchez ever will play for Miami. Deal was done to open a roster spot for Heat to add a veteran big man, possibly Kenyon Martin. Meantime, the Heat played a home game in Atlanta last night based on what it sounded like, and Miami made it a season-best eight wins in a row, staying hot as play resumed after the break. LeBron James was held to only 24 points. The bum!

OWLCATRAZ: FAU ALIGNS WITH CONTROVERSIAL PRISON COMPANY: This might have been a feel- 1aa1geogood story: FAU selling naming rights to its Owls football stadium to GEO Group, a locally based company that privately runs prisons. It begged humor. Call the stadium Owlcatraz. Call coach-emeritus Howard Schnellenberger "The Warden." Put the cheerleaders in vertical stripes and the mascot in a county-issue orange jumpsuit. Stuff like that. The problem is GEO Group is controversial for abuses and treatment at its prisons, spawning outrage such as is reflected in the cartoon pictured. I have doubts whether this deal will stand because of the objection to it. I have doubts whether a public university should align itself with a notorious company that has the attention of human-rights and immigration-rights groups.

DOLPHINS ON FREE AGENCY, DRAFT: On free-agency: GM Jeff Ireland from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis today said re-signing DT Randy Starks was a priority, leaving the impression the franchise tag might be considered for him. He said team wants RB Reggie Bush back but at the right price. Said they want OT Jake Long back too but implied that injury concerns limit the price they'll pay. On the draft: Our fly-on-the-wall Dolphins front-office source (who will not appreciate being referred to as a fly) tells us Miami likely will not draft a receiver at No. 12 because the plan is to re-sign Brian Hartline and hard-pursue Mike Wallace in free agency. Mel Kiper and others keep pushing Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson but Dolphins consider him a project and want right-now impact. Offensive line is likelier with the top pick because the draft is very deep there and because chances of retaining Long are very iffy. Pass-rush help or a trade-down also are options being mulled.

ODDSMAKERS HAVE MARLINS SKIRTING 100-LOSS SEASON: Latest World Series odds via Bovada have Blue Jays the pick at 7-1, then Tigers 8-1, Dodgers and Nationals both 17-2 and Angels 9-1. Miami is 100-1, tied for next-to-last ahead of only the 200-1 Astros. Victory over/unders have Marlins at 63.5, a nice way of saying 98.5 losses. (Odds for upcoming World Baseball Classic have USA a 5-2 favorite, followed by Dominican Republic at 13-4 and Japan 7-2).

1aa1frasertribRON FRASER CELEBRATION OF LIFE: It'll be Saturday at the Knight Sports Complex on campus marking the great life of the former UM baseball coach who died last month at 79. The event is from 4-6 p.m. and free; doors open at 3. That night's 7 p.m. home baseball game vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee also will be in Ron's honor.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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This same poll is on a lot of national websites.

They say 'no more sanctions' at about 67%.

Mike Dee says the Dolphins want Mike Wallace?

Great news. Now Ireland has to convince him to come here...

Kaz, Why would Miami want a washed up Newsman like Wallace, Is'nt he like 80 years old???.... What?, Oh not "60 Minutes" Myke Wallace???, Never mind.

FZ, I have now attempted to tell you my story of painting of OC's living room yesterday complete with the boy falling off the ladder and spraying a whole bucket of paint all over his living room, including the leatherette couch than now looks like a palomino pony, two times. The first time I did drop a few colorful metaphors and fat boy pulled the post right after I posted it, but this last one didn't even have on metaphor on the whole narrative. But he pulled it just the same.

What goes, Fat Boy, you must still be upset about the Jim Murray comment that I made the other day. That's alright, son. Jimmy still knows you're a stiff.

Mike Wallace had as many receptions in 2012 as the third round receiver Ireland brought in.

He died last April.

LOL, Thats right Kaz, I forgot.

Would anyone on the blog like to owe this guy money?


Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | February 20, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Cock, My Screen EXPLODED when I opened this page....
You owe me a new screen...


so OC fell, gezz I hope that only his pride got hurt..See I told him to get three mejicanos ($80.00 would have covered their work for the whole day) and the work would have been finished by now.

you guys need to stop all this hatin for Donna..Well I can sort of understand where Anti is coming from, they used to be intimate you know.

so Anti,

when is this "god particle" going to be activated again?...and should I buy life insurance?

and what is this god particle falls into the hands of the north Korean's, that would be bad right?

oh by the way, to the NCAA- fack U



FZB, The"God Partical" is the very Begaining before there was anything, I happen to feel they'll never find it, but what the heck do I know, Just think what was it that started it all???, Maybe these Frogs in france will discover the partical.Think of it, What was it that started everything??, Thats what there trying to figure out..Its really way-out stuff.

Speaking of God, Anyone seen "Potterfish"??

whew !!!

man I thought that thing (the god particle) was going to get us soon..

Oye FZ, you would have been rolling on the floor after OC's Oooooops moment. Que clase de nalga. Brother, I almost died for real at his house yesterday. If I didn't suffocate from holding my breath while Fido continued to ooze this green, thick, cloud of stench, then when he fell off the ladder and did his Jackson Pollack imitation then I almost died laughing for sure. I was ROTFLMFAO for 45 minutes straight.

I still don't know how I was able to hold it together long enough to tell Mrs. OC that everything was alright back at the OC Ponderosa.

Oye, I have no doubt that the pigsty behind the main house at the Ponderosa smelled better than OC's pad.

Coño! El tipo has the house in flames. He's going to have to put up Mrs. OC at the Holiday Inn tomorrow.

Goddamn this Heat team is fun to watch. Josh Smith is not close to a max contract player, I hope Boston trades for him.

'God particle' comes from a book on the search for the higgs boson that the author wanted to call the 'Goddamned particle' because it was so elusive and difficult to prove.

Implications aren't what they seem - the general question is how you get a particle of mass from a mass-less field.

The 'big' question of 'where does it all come from' asks where that mass-less field comes from, not the existence of the higgs-boson.

SF Giants will repeat; best pitching in baseball and strongest up the middle

Is there any chance Jeff Ireland pays more than every other GM to sign Mike Wallace?

Jennings is an upgrade over Hartline but they're the same player, neither one is a difference maker. Bess should be a great third receiver.

Miami has a head coach trying to copy Mike McCarthy's WCO and an incompetent GM who thought Chad Henne was good enough and skipped over Kaepernick, Dalton and the losing lottery tickets to draft a center. Forced to draft a converted WR the next year.

Tannehill is inaccurate from the pocket and well above average on the move. They have to match the offense to their most important player - they need Ben Roethlisberger's best receiver, not Aaron Rogers' scraps. Adapting the offense will be on Mike Sherman, not on the head coach who's never designed or called an offense at any level.

It's impossible to say anything about Tannehill based on last year because the worst GM in the league gave him no one to throw to. Very fortunate that Garrard blew out his knee playing marco polo but 2012 was wasted apart from 16 games of experience for Tannehill. The Dolphins have to be able to evaluate him in 2013, they have to bring in receivers.

Oh boy, here we go again...

Young Kaz ( and I still have doubts about your age)...you may know a lot more than me about how fast the wha-hoo fish travels but you don't know chit about football ...

So now your bashing Ireland for passing on Kaepernick ?...hehe..I don't supposed that you're going to blame any of the other gm's for passing on him too.

Only Ireland is the one...you're clueless.

Denver paid twice as much $ then anyone else was offering for Peyton Manning. Miami will out bid and over pay for Wallace if they are convinced he's the man. Could Miami bring in both Wallace and Jennings & let Hartline walk?

Kazaam, sports experts claim that Tannehill is one of the most accurate deep ball passers in the league.

Has anyone ever seen both Shalala & Parcells at the same place & time????? IMO Shalala is Parcells dressed in drag. Some J. Edgar Hoover stuff for real.

The Dolphins will go after M Wallace but there are a bunch of other teams after him too and you have to be fiscally responsible at the same time.

Building a team through free agency is never a good thing but M Wallace is worth it.

Jimbo...wallace and jennings together make my toes tingle...lets go for it.

Ask yourself this question: Why would the Steelers not pay Wallace a franchise contract? I would put The Steelers opinion over the Dolphins any day of the week............

He passed on six quarterback prospects in a deep quarterback class and made the safest pick in the history of the NFL because he shares his mentor's outdated philosophy and thought Chad Henne was good enough to win with.

Doesn't even matter how those six quarterbacks panned out except that on the almost nonexistent chance that Ireland just didn't like any of those prospects as you claimed, he's now doubly wrong.

UM sympathetic...yeah I guess like O.J. was. Who cares about the crime, it's all about the lawyers and their mis-direction. UM is about as innocent as O.J. was.

Go Canes, indeed, baby!

Our problems have nothing to do with the NCAA. They are clearly the result of that little troll who came in with her carpet bags ten years ago to run the university and in the process she ran our program into the ground. I'm laughing when she says that "Miami has been punished enough." Lady, it's us loyal fans who have suffered enough. Time for you to go.

Loyal fans?

UM doesn't owe you spoiled brat bandwagon fans anything, not like you're going to games anyway.

Go support your alma mater.

What makes anybody think Wallace will be that good in Miami? He had Ben as a QB, Brown as the other wr. What does he see in Miami other then money? Hartline, Bess, and Tannah, are they better then what he had in Pitts, I don't think so. The guy will go to a contender with a proven Qb, or a team that will over pay him, the dolphins. Good luck with a guy looking to just cash in.

Hey Johnnie Cochran, you're dead, and your daughters are . . . no.

Virgil Solozzo told me Mark Emmert deliberately, knowledgeably and without regard for regulations soiled his official NCAA undergarments and, while knowledgeable of such knowledge, didn't tell anybody for almost two years (thereby earning the esteemed nickname "Redrub").

If Solozzo told me twice, he told me two time, so I know it's true.

I'm hereby serving notice that I'm alleging that Mark Emmert has lost constitutional control.

Emmert can deny it all he wants. "The proof," as they say, "is in the pooting."

He might lose his job. He might not. I'll let him know next year. He might want to sell his house and suspend all other expenditures, just in case.

That's fair. Of course it's fair because I say so. I'm the alpha and the omega. I am who am. I'm the NCAA, Inc., and I make A LOT of money from college sports . . . contracts, endorsements and, when that's not enough, I'm not beyond nipping at tuitions and taxpayer-supported, public-sector financing, too; oh! yes, I do!

You're grateful--of course you're grateful--that I'm around to keep an eye on things.

I support whom ever I want to support. I've been going to Miami games Jr. when your father was hanging from your grandfathers onions. Stiffs like you are the problem not the solution. If you had any integrity what so ever you would be calling for an investigation into the shenanigans that took place at the University under your aunt's tenure.



And the worst of all. Man, I hate this bitch.


You should lay off the coffee, Lake Worth.

Like I've been telling you, Shadow, Southern California produces the worst quarterbacks of any area in the country.

Nothing but a bunch of bleached blond beach fags and beaners.


O.J was innocent and the University of Miami is being victimized; you can believe me or you can believe your own eyes...you decide.

Calling for an investigation?

Don't follow college athletics much, do you?

When did this dude Jonnie Cochran come back from the dead?

I guess I missed the memo.

Wood's, you may not want to believe this but Shalala is our best hope right now, she's the only Prez to ever come out and rip the NCAA in this manner, she's got public opinion and the media behind her...leave her alone amigo.


Props to you for sticking up for the U on OTL...Thanks


while signing a bunch of free agents is never a good thing from the Dolphins point of view it makes sense to go after M Wallace...The money will be the issue,
if we can get Wallace and resign Hartline along with Bess we'll be much more potent on offense and if we can resign R Bush as a third down option we'll be lights out.

T-Hill is a young QB, he will get better as he gets more weapons to help him.

Oh Cote,

Before I forget..You watch chick flicks?..

and Anti,

tell me about this?..should I be worried?...hehe


while i personally cannot stand sheleilla from her clinton days. the little yard gnome is dead on with this bull. never have i heard of a investigation where they pay the guy in jail to give testimony or agree then disagree to pay this lady att 40k then settles for 16k when the shi hit the fan. then this clown from the ncaa who looks like a walking manequin in plastic from a twilight zone show disagrees and will go for the throat. any court in america would throw the ncaa under the bus with this garbage they have collected. if they go forward they should sue them immediatley. a first in the history of this corrupted institute called the ncaa!

About the Dolphins draft: there are so many interesting OL prospects with a first round grade this year that some of them are certainly falling down to 2nd-3rd round. I see no reason to use a #12 overall pick like that if we tag Jake Long. It would be so much better to trade down and get at least an additional 3rd rounder. Dolphins' FA preseason is probably going to suck beyond the hiring of Wallace (or Jennings), after all, so we need as many picks as we can get in the first 3 rounds.

You're missing the point. Even if Mark Shapiro did not exist and neither did the NCAA investigation into wrong doings at Miami, the program has been run into the ground by this little bitch since she got here.

We've gone from National Champions and an apex program to pure crap since she got here. And that happened all by itself. The NCAA investigation had nothing to do with that.

Anyone can yell at the judge usually all that gets you is time in the pokey.

She is not the first school president, nor will she be the last to rail at the NCAA. A lot of good it's done other schools before.

She needs outta here now, not because of what happened off the field but what's happened "ON THE FIELD" for the past ten years.

Bye, bye, bitch!

How has Shalala run the program into the ground?

Just kidding, of course you have no idea and you're just talking 100% out your ass.

Heat had to give up a second round pick to get rid of Dexter Pittman.

Worth it.

so the Dolphins WILL use the franchise tag after all.

my guess is Randy Starks, not a bad idea because it will not weaken our D Line, let Long and S Smith walk and re sign Hartline,Bush and Clemons.

oye Wood's..

I want Shalala to stay until this NCAA thing blows over, after that you can do with her as you please.

and another thing, if Long walks I don't wanna see anybody complaining if we draft a great tackle or DE at 12th as opposed to "reaching for a WR or CB"

best player available is always the best option.

the Heat are on a roll now, lets see if they put their their big boy pants on and beat the Bulls today.

I think Pittman would have been good if he would have gotten more playing time. He got better playing in D-league. His nunbers wwere up and fouls were down.

Miami has 45 million to spend and 9 draft picks bring on the offseason.

FZB I said yesterday it's either Long or Starks getting the franchise tag.

Tell Mel we're not taking Patterson already.

Kazaam when you discuss Tannehill and the Dolphins offense I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Cote sticking up for the U I would rather he have said something actually worthy of an outside the lines appearance but instead he just brought his pom poms yay!

Oh boy,

Dashi is going to be upset now..

Naples worry about your own team you have 18 million to spend and FA's out the ying yang you guys are in a world of sh*t right now and I love it.


I think Naples is a little worried about what's gonna happen to the Patsies after Brady retires, let's see the genius at work when that happens.

its easy to win games when you have a once in a life time player like that.

and good call by you if you said Starks, I missed it.

you're right about that WR Patterson, my guys tells me he's a second rounder but there are teams that would consider taking him in round one based on his potential alone but that he's got bust or stud written all over him.

He should be worried but that's still 3-4 years away.

Right now they are in a world of hurt cap wise with major FA's likely leaving and very few draft picks.

Dolphins fans should all feel like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day, we've been wallowing in mediocrity since Marino retired because the team is run by visionless leadership who want to build through the lines and don't respect the quarterback position.

been said it! Pittman was Not a Spo Player!

Spo Likes 7 ft Players that are scared of 5ft Rappers!!

Pat Riley traded Dexter Pittman, not Spoelstra.

What's up Dashi !!!

where you been amigo?

Speaking of the "Hard Cap" I hear the University of Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Ohio State and LSU are all flush with enough cash to get through the 2020 season!

Kazaam we have our QB now he threw for over 3000 yards without a lot of help expect over 4000 yards next year with some new players in the mix.

That doesn't put him in the top half of the league, nor does his 12 touchdowns and 13 picks.

I don't put too much stock in numbers but IMO Ryan Tannehill is not accurate enough from the pocket to succeed in a true WCO, I think the coaching staff needs to change their offense to get him on the move or else he's not the answer here.

Say Kazaam, do you still sit on your auntie's lap and let her sing you a lullaby? Koochi koochi koo, Kazi. Do you want a nice hot toddy? Let me go get you your blankie sweetie pie.

"Oh Kaziwazi, can you come over tonight and loofah my stretch marks dear?"

"I'll have your nice little teddy weddi ready so you we can play Auntie Donna and the three little bears, wooppie doopie."

Oh boy. Wow, what a jack ass!

Like I said, you have nothing to say, have to resort to insults like a two year old.

When you act like a jack ass I treat you like a jack ass. Stevie Wonder can see what the demise of the program has been since your aunt got here. Yet all you can say in her defense is the same tired, "She's not responsible for the football team and the president of Alabama is not responsible for Alabama's success," side stepping the decade long slide into the abyss of the program since she got here. Not good, Kazi Wazi, any CEO of any fortune 500 company who's stock tumbled in a similar manner as Miami's football team has under Shalala would have been shown the door long ago by the investors and the board of the company. Why don't you try and tell them that they have nothing to do with the sales force of the ACME widget company.

You're a freaking moron.

How did Donna Shalala cause UM's football team to start losing games?

I have an extensive counter argument, that UM football started falling off as Butch Davis' recruits matriculated. That Larry Coker wasn't a good head coach and that Randy Shannon wasn't a good head coach either. I have many examples of how each was a bad head coach and how each directly caused UM to lose games.

You have only childish insults.

Sorry Woody,

Don't get mad, I'm with Kazon this one..Coker was bad and then Randy was worse..

That's why we are in this mess..

Both were hired during her administration. Period. When the football program started going down the tubes or the medical school had problems at Jackson Memorial Hospital, or there were more coeds being killed in traffic accidents at the school, all of the is ultimately her responsibility.

I'll tell you what's bullshit, Donna "Fucking" Shalala is bull shit. That fucking troll has destroyed the University of Miami football program. Even more ammunition to hate the fucking Democrats. If that cunt were launched to the moon on a rocket tomorrow it would not be soon enough.


First you tie her up, then you put her in the bed of a pickup truck, drive up to Cape Canaveral, take her off the bed, walk her to the launch pad, get in the launch pad elevator, go up to the top of the rocket, tie her freaking ass to the nose cone, take the elevator down, go into the launch bunker, hit the launch button, and watch her ass fly all the way to the moon.

Any other questions?

Greg, Girls is turning into a guilty pleasure of mine too but its not for Dunham who I find almost unwatchable. I'm developing a celebrity crush on Alisson Williams, yeah the news guy's daughter. When do we get to see her in the buff instead of the other one? I keep my fingers crossed.

Heat are 10 up @ the half..Defense is active..Let's see if they can keep it up,

Kazaam: you're the biggest FOOL on here.
Shut your F**KING MOUTH, will you!

How SAD it must be TO BE YOU, stuck in front of your PC all day with nothing to do but talk CRAPPOLA.

You're sad.
You're an idiot.
Your comments are stupid and unfounded and not knowledgeable.

Basically, you're a fool!

Like I said, only those with nothing to say have to resort to childish insults.

NaplesJack,,, Bronco's were a losing team until they added Manning. Wallace will chase the $ & Miami has the cap space to spend big. Add Wallace, another TE along with resigning Hartline, Bush & drafting top G from Alabama you got alot of potential on Offense. Dolphins have a great defense to match. This team is about 10 players away from being really good.

The Heat are on a roll now, this without a true center and the worst PG in the NBA, speaks volumes for LeBron's greatness.

reading various articles around the country it looks like there is a lot of support for Miami out there (I'm talking about us fighting the NCAA) , I think when we go in front of the infractions committee a lot of this stuff will have to be dismissed not because the NCAA may want to but because they'll have to based on all the outside pressure and bad publicity they are getting.

and now we have politicians getting involved.


I'm not saying Miami didn't do anything wrong, obviously they did, they left this little weasel run amok at the U but they have taken steps to correct the problem and have self imposed two bowl bans and a championship game, (which no school has ever done), enough already.

Sad to see FAU demonstrate to the World it s desperation and lack of true values by penning a deal with the Devil.A prison system/Company that makes money by keeping prisoners as long as possible and has a horriffic record of beating them and trating them even more inhumane than ever heard of.The mighty dollar comes calling and there s always takers.


But the pundits will be up in arms if the Dolphins draft the Alabama guard numero uno.

with Kazaam leading the charge..

Mike Mayock who everyone knows is an authority on the draft said the Dolphins need to help Tannehill out, and the best way to do it is with either a WR or Lineman, he also said WR at 12th is a reach and fully endorsed a lineman at 12th.

Have you guys noticed how the price of gasoline keeps going up?...But I thought the economy was getting better.

Thanks Obi you moe-foe.

Nothing to say! Ahahahahahaha. Ass wipe, I've been telling you that your aunt is a troll for two years.

You've never once told me how she might have caused UM's football team to start losing more games.

Leroy,,, changed his name to protect his identity burglarized my home in 2006. Leroy has some other places he did the same to. Got 20 yrs and ordered to pay restitution. Got my first $30 of $596 yesterday. Let me see,, at this rate I may see all the $ before I die. Maybe someone can convince Leroy to suck some more people off and boost up his commissary account.... I'm just sayin.

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