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February 14, 2013

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James. Poll. Vote!; plus new Dolphins logo, what makes Canes most remarkable, Marco Rubio, D-Wade's new socks & more

1aa1dear[1) It is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15. How was your Valentine's Day? 2) Truly shocking: South African paralympian Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorius charged with murder in death of his girlfriend. 3) Note: Our Heat Big 5@50 feature will appear as play resumes following the all-star break. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Football Town/Basketball Town poll, Banana Joe, McKeon for Pope, Obama. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Heat win again; LeBron scores 39: Miami wins at Oklahoma City last night, 110-100, in possible NBA Finals rematch preview. LeBron James' 39 points pushes to seven his streak of games with 30-plus.

1aa1compMICHAEL VS. LEBRON MORE COMPLICATED THAN JUST A STATS COMPARISON: Though the Heat's red-hot LeBron James has a long way to go in his career, Michael Jordan always will be considered the greater player by those who simply look at scoring titles or perhaps titles won. But that's too easy, as I discuss in my latest column, The All-Round Game, in which I make the case that James is a more complete player who does more things well than did Jordan. Heck, just this week Stan Van Gundy said on 790 The Ticket he thinks LeBron right now is better than Michael in his prime. The notion isn't blasphemy anymore. Jordan told NBA.com he'd pick Kobe Bryant right now over LeBron because "five beats one every time," a reference to champions. Again, though, it's more than that. Weigh in. Vote in our poll and say why.

WHAT'S MOST REMARKABLE ABOUT THIS CANES' BASKETBALL RUN: Lots of things, is the answer, with the No. 3-ranked Canes men now 11-0 in ACC after last night's big win at FSU -- and maybe the story of the year so far in American sports. But this jumps out to me: Just looked at Chad Ford's Top 30 NBA draft prospects on ESPN.com and (you guessed it) zero Miami guys are on it. From a senior-dominated team. That's another testament to the job coach Jim Larranga has done, and to the balance and teamwork that more than make of for the lack of NBA-wowing talent.

DOLPHINS LOGO CONTEST-WINNER IS QUITE BAD: Maybe I shouldn't say this because The Miami 1aa1dolphlogoHerald ran the contest, but it isn't our fault that readers inexplicably voted whatever on Earth is pictured at right as the best suggestion for a new Dolphins logo. Seriously!? I had to be told that the thing on top surrounding the mysterious black teardrop are interlocking gloves. The helmets on the bottom look like they should be dangling from charm bracelets. All of the nominated new logos including this one underline my long-held belief that there is simply no way to make a grinning, leaping, friendly bottlenose dolphin appear menacing. The team will introduce a new (or at least modified) logo around the April draft. If there is a God in heaven it will be better than this. 

Poll result: Miami still a Football Town, but basketball gaining: We asked in previous blogpost and 43.5 percent answered "Football Town, but margin is narrowing"; 29.4% said we're Basketball Town now; 14.9% said we're clearly still Football Town; and 12.2% said it's about even.

1aa1socksTHE DWYANE WADE SOCK COLLECTION: Heat star and style icon Dwyane Wade is partnering with sock-maker Stance for a soon-to-be unveiled new line of casual and gentlemen's socks. This is a blog. Could I say it if it weren't true? I love the whole idea of upscale, designer socks. They are hidden by pant legs and covered by shoes but if you could see them you'd be impressed!

1aa1marcoMARCO, MARCO, MARCO...: Marco Rubio, of course, is the junior senator from Florida who was considered a rising star in the Republican Party until the moment he was in the midst of delivering his party's nationally televised counterpoint to the president's State of the Union address and decided it would be a good time -- right then -- to chug from a plastic water bottle.

1aa1kanagroos"DEAR GREG...": "...Your blog's OK but would be better if occasionally you would show a photo of the LPGA's season-opening Australian Women's Open being delayed because dozens of kangaroos are hopping across the course. Thank you." Dear Reader: Sorry. Can't do it.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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This is ridiculous.

LeBron James is a better physical specimen, no doubt, on par with Wilt the Stilt and Shaq as just specimens. Lebron James is one of the all around best players, but where Jordan beats him good is number of rings (heck Jordan won 6 titles and was MVP in all 6 championships), and the mental edge and desire to take over the game when it counts the most. Lebron could still grow into that, but Lebron mentally is just not close to Jordan, yet. Jordan is the best to ever play, but Lebron has a chance.

wow pimple,

That was a clear, precise, intelligent post...Not the norm for you, congrats.

Mr. Woodcock,

article 2, section 3 of the constitution states that the President "from time to time"....

so while an every year occurence has become the tradition and jefferson thought it to be too "monarchial" and didn't, the Preesident reporting to Congress on the state of things in the good old use is mandated- just mandated without a specific time period which makes it an "unenforcable mandate'!!! the paresident is required by the Constitution to let the Congress know what's happening. what it has evolved/devolved into- dunno. but the concept is in the document and it says "shall".

Jordan is the best but he was also a more selfish player than LeBron is.

Lebron passes the ball more than Jordan did please take that into consideration also.

OC you could have done better than that helmet design right?

valentine's day happiness only for the ladies?


good point BB, Lebron is a better all around player than Jordan, my question is WHY DO WE HAVE TO COMPARE THEM?

they are both great and both top ten players of all time, gezz people, just enjoy the fact that you saw both play.

The people that were voting for the Dolphins helmet design had to have been 10 years old...horrible.

did you guys see what the Topps baseball card company is doing to Pete Rose?...


Pete Rose deserves to be in the HOF..period.

LeBron's the better player but I'd rather have Jordan. I'd want my superstar to be a finisher, LeBron hasn't fundamentally changed his mentality, he won't hesitate to make the right play and pass it at the end of games.

Trade for Harvin.

That's what I said yesterday, that the president shall inform congress, but inform can simply be in written form as Thomas Jefferson and many presidents after him did. The SOU speech, as now constituted, is not "mandated" by the constitution.

Obi could have simply sent them a post card saying, "Everything is cool." and complied with the law.

I'd rather have Magic Johnson.

The Stan Van Gundy player alienation meter just went off again does it include retired players?

Exactly, if I had to choose between Lebron and Jordan in their prime, give me Jordan. Give me the guy that would trample over his grandmother in the final minute of a game just to get the win. Jordan had that killer instinct that I rarely see from Lebron. Lebron develops that killer instinct and he would be the best ever.

Harvin is a stud. The question with him has always been his durability. You just don't know if you will get a full season out of him. Seems to be consistently hurt or have migraines. Although I have heard weed is a good remedy for migraines. Maybe I should tell Percy?

Yikes Cote, you really need to leave politics alone, anyone who gets their news from only one brand of entertainment media can't help but to sound childish and uninformed.

So Woodcock,

what are we going to do about it?..I mean Obi's speech.

should we start impeachment procedures?

LeBron is more like Magic than Jordan..

ps-Pete Rose belongs in the HOF.

Cote is like the Matt Damon of Democrats.

Pete Rose is a scoundrel but he has paid his dues by now sadly I don't think he lives to see himself elected if he gets in.


don't be taking shots at my boy M Rubio..you're an asswipe.

Just leave Dolphin logo alone and focus your INTENT on building a legitmate contender for f***sake.

Comma between Yikes and Cote, Kaz. You're slipping.

Without Peter Rose the HOF is just a self storage facility.

and that's the way I like it.

For the last couple of days I've been able to read the articles in the fish wrap. What's up with that? Did they do away with the annoying green blob that was obscuring the stories?


I don't question the fact that P Rose is a "scoundrel" , the man cheated when he was a manager and he has paid and continues to pay for his sins but his record as a player stands alone.

he deserves to be in the hall...just my opinion.

He violated the one rule in baseball that you can't break the players know this and he did it anyway.

Granted he was a Gambling Addict but if he doesn't get in I won't lose sleep over it.


I wouldn't even have the sappy little twit as my running mate!


I know a lot of you guys questioned the R Tannehill pick last year, he was picked way too early right?

well, CNNSI just did a draft re-do after knowing the results for the year and guess what, he would have been picked even higher .


so, lets not complain about the pick anymore.

Shoeless Joe deserves to be in.

my only argument BB is this one.

what he accomplished as a player as nothing to do with what he did as a manager.

OJ simpson killed two people and he is still in the HOF.

should we take that away?

I don't know about shoeless Joe...

don't know enough about it but according to what I read he was not on the take...but who knows.

Are you kidding FZB I said it when we drafted Tannehill this guy absolutely fell to us.

Look at the teams who passed on him with no QB Cleveland (Weeden not the answer), Minnesota (Ponder sucks), Jax (they roll with Gabbert and Henne), even Tampa isn't sure about thier QB we were very lucky he fell to us at # 8 maybe the good luck we deserved.

Janikowski better get that leg warmed up.

Knowing this I might have to take Janikowski higher in my fantasy draft.

It could't have happened to a more bitter rival. The worm has just turned.

you have got to get over that 74' Stabler game duke it has done bad things to you.

It cut my heart out BUT I grew a new one. Hell was actually rooting for NE to get in the SB and win for facksake!

Greg, Marco Rubio only verified the notion that clear thinking conservatives prefer to drink water. Now all that is LEFT is for you guys to be caught drinking your Kool-Aide.


The best therapy for you is to re-live the "sea of hands catch" about 100 times non stop, I can almost guarantee you you'll be cured, or more "loco" but that's a chance you'll have to take.


BB, much of design has devolved through the past century. We have better and more designs, but only through the consequence in the sheer numbers who dabble at it. It's kinda like cooking, everyone knows how to zap an entrée, but few can make five star meals.

What you see there with that Dolphins logo redo is a zapped entrée.

BB that was the most evil bitterly hellish loss I ever experienced as a Dolphin fan because so many significant aspects were in play not the least of which it being last game with Dolphin Dynasty for Sir Paul Warfield, Larry Csonka & Jim Kiick...

OJ simpson killed two people and he is still in the HOF.

Not that there is precedent to remove a player but if there was he was actually aquitted of those crimes if anything they get him on the recent kidnapping conviction.

I think you meant to say, FZ, right, dukey?


The college equiv for me was the Penn State loss in the Fiesta Bowl. Jimmy dropped the ball there on the five yard line. They couldn't stop Melvin during the whole second half and he had Vinny throwing it four straight times. Same thing that happened to the Niners this year in the SB.

The Ohio State game came a close second but I did manage to soothe my aching bones after the game by catching the last flight out of Sky Harbor to Vegas that night after the game.

Yes FZB the tears welled up again but sadness has replaced absolute heartbreak. I don't believe I need watch that again. I got what I think I need. Thank you sir.

in reality Duke that 74 Raider/Dolphin game was devastating to all of us, I don't think I talked to the missus for a month (just kidding),that was a hard one to take.

the UM/OSU was also difficult, I mean that SOB referee threw the flag like ten minutes late !! and the re- play clearly showed there was NO CONTACT !!!..WTF?

OC,nope I was responding to BB's suggestion that the 74 playoff loss at Oakland made me deranged...

Just trying to help Dukito, that's all.

here, this will make you fell better.


FZB, that was the perfect medicine. It takes to a powder blue Gremlin with Jennifer Jason Leigh needing me to take the wheel...

Hmm, dukey. So it was the Raiders and not the lysergic diethylamide that did it, huh!?

Can't wait to see tonight's game...and no, not the one between the two LA teams, I mean the Finals redo.

Lets just say the Raiders got the ball rolling but both the devastating loss at Oakland & my wife Lucy are part & parcel of whatever it is I AM today sir lol That is to say I couldn't have done IT without them.

Oh yes and lets not forget as Senor Woodcock so eloquently put it lifes unrelenting body blows to break down the ego... Yes indeed.

Yep, that one might be the worst of all.

Pete Rose apparently never bet against himself but instead to win, what's wrong with that? Shoeless JJ threw a World Series, big difference, but maybe he needed new shoes. They are hypocrites to have his record breaking ball in HOF but not the player who most played the game the way I want my kid to play it. The dude ran to first on walks and if the 1st baseman got in the way would run him over.
The fact LBJ is in the conversation with MJ says it all.
Please tell me we play Oakland this year, so get the field goal blocking plays ready.

Like I said, the HOF without Pete Rose is just a self storage facility.

OKC V. Heat tonight? Valentine's Day? OC, what are you saying to the wife about not being there for Valentine's? Boy, she must be killing you.

He he.

Cote, you just can't help yourself from spouting your loony left beliefs and trying to further the liberal agenda. Your obvious attempt to mock and marginalize a popular young conservative politician over something as innocuous and irrelevant as taking a sip of water during a speech is both shameless and VERY child-like, and is yet another example of your unabashed championing of left-wing liberal causes through a SPORTS opinion blog. Rubio's four-second "water break" was so trivial and took absolutely nothing away from what was an outstanding rebuttal speech. If you find it too difficult to abstain from championing your left-wing beliefs and disparaging politicians with whom you disagree or don't like through your "sports" blog forum, then I suggest you make a career change to become a political oped writer/blogger. I'm sure most mainstream media outlets, like MSDNC and NY Times, would welcome your services with open arms.


I don't think we play the Raiders this year.

Dukey, sounds like Mrs Dukes-Ter is a great lady.


on tonight's game, I see an OKC win, they are playing at home and have lost 5 in a row to the Heat, they'll be a little pissed I say.

unless the King has another one of those games...

or maybe Mario Chalmers can score more than 8 pts.

Republicans need a more virile, more interesting candidate than poor ol' Marcus. Lil Rubio looks more like like a substitute teacher than the saviour of Wall Street.


It'll be a game that both teams get up for - what more can you ask in the regular season?

My guess is that LeBron puts an end to this scoring streak by looking to pass all night long after the Thunder key in on him. I see 10+ assists and a competitive game.

FZB, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is indeed one of the significant ladies behind this whatever I AM MAN. She's actually been with me longer than my wife...

Here's something interesting, Michael Vick says "he plan to stay healthy: by training and praying".



picture yourself in a boat on a river
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies
somebody calls you..

well Duke, you know the rest..


Envy will get you nowhere, Woodcock. Enjoy a nice time out with your wife while I watch the Heat/Thunder then the Lakers/Clippers. Only don't call me after your roaring good time for I will only tell the final scores!

I'm in the mood for pigs, I don't know why.



are the Lakers playing at home or away?...hehe

Patrick, nice post. Just know that Greg likes to pull chains. He understands and knows his market only too well, and since generating numbers and ratings is very important to him, the more controversial a stance, the better.

I do have to correct you in one regard in that this is not just a sports blog. We bring up all kinds of stuff, from music and movies to politics, yes sports, and all things irreverent.

They will play on purple and gold paint instead of red, FZ.

Damn, Patrick, I don't know where you' been, boy. That was a great post at 2:28PM. Just a great post, buddy. Don't worry too much about this fish, Cote. He's just a fish wrap hack, doesn't know much about sports and knows nothing about politics. Cote's just a cigar store Indian.

Dude, as usual, I forgot all about Valentine's day. Had to hustle to get a reservation for four and the Tin Roof Bistro. Five thirty PM. A bit early for Cubans but not for my mom and pumpkin. Should be back home for the Lakers game. Probably watch the Heat game at the Bistro. I think the Heat win. OKC ain't got what it takes to beat the Heat. Hell, they couldn't beat their meat let alone the Heat. Six in a row.

Fantastic post old man. Just outstanding! Really good. That part about "and took absolutely nothing away from what was an outstanding rebuttal speech." was the part I liked the best. An unforgettable speech, certainly, although I do miss the days when we talked about 'job creators' (if you know what I mean).


If you have dinner at 5:30 you'll be hungry again by 9 pm..make sure you take a doggie bag for later.

the missus and I will do something on the weekend, I already told her she's the best, that should carry me until then right?

Patrick, like the others have said, nice post amigo.

I wonder if young Kazy-Jr will take the colombian hottie to dinner, what's up Kaz !!

and where is Potter?...


My son (Doctor-FZBjr) has an "amigo" who's also a third year resident/doctor at Jackson here in Miami and the kid is single and apparently the kid's old man is loaded, so if I hook up your little girl with him I get a cut, right?

70% maybe 80% if you can make this happen!

I'm all about the creative process, studied architecture at SciArc and under Eric Owen Moss, designed and built everything from buildings that produced F-18s to cartoons to entertain family and friends. I swear, if I had the chance to do it anew I would go into filmmaking.

Just stumbled into this site, and to borrow an earlier posted reference, YouTube is a zapped entrée to this video site's five star dishes.

shadow, this one is for you: http://vimeo.com/30861381

Woodcock: http://vimeo.com/40935850

dukey: http://vimeo.com/54423646

I apologize if you get a 'blocked" message. A bit of cut and paste should suffice.

Here's one for duke and Kaz: http://vimeo.com/20768081

Okay, okay, FZ. I wouldn't want you to feel slighted: http://vimeo.com/42500522


ohio state- absolutely crooked ref that threw that flag in the end zone two hours after the play was over

penn state- the easily befuddled vinnie testaverde throws 5 INTs against a solid defense, while miami's defense did a terrific job defending against penn st.

oakland- a march down the field against the NFLs best defense by the raiders, and an incredible catch by the incredibly strong clarence davis. mike1 will never stop saying that the dolphins' benny malone scored "too soon", but the ole shadow states you can get int the end zone and don't risk a penalty or fumble and rely on the NFL's best defense. very few players could have snatched that ball in the sea of hands, but clarence davis did.

CLOSING: the first two were botched officiating and throwing, the playoff game turned on a near miraculous effort by clarence davis. i'd be most sore about the ref, then the not sharpest tool in the shed testaverde, and just live with the fact that a long time outstanding team from oakland with an ice in his veins QB connnected on one of the most memorable plays in NFL history. i don't remember if the dolphins were in a "prevent" defense, but their basic or 53 were enough to stop most opponents.

That logo is hideous! Do like the Bills did and go retro with a modern twist! Get rid of the Dolphin on the jerseys and just have the stripes again, and rehash the old logo with a tiny bit of 2013 to it!

Even with the four Ints. that Vinny threw it came down to first and goal at the 5 yard line after a long march down the field with Melvin Bratton carrying the load. At this point Jimmy inexplicably forgot about Melvin and the running game. He couldn't be stopped, Shad. Poundage son, poundage! Works in football and in sex.

Mr. Cote, stay doing what your already bad at (writing halfass blogs). Leave politics out of it unless your Gina talk about how he played football and his wife is a former dolphins cheerleader. Just as a personal suggestion you might wanna discover ways to sound a little more intellectual if you feel obligated to bring up anything other than your horribly written posts.

OC, thanks for the noche buena clip...cool

There's reports coming out that Mr. Buss sr has cancer and is in bad shape, I know how much you like the guy, my prayers are with him and his family.

Just go old school to the 73-74 unies!

AND 73-74 logos!

Maybe some of the championship magic will rub off on this current Dolphin team!

After their 4th straight loss to start the season, Sparano better have armed guards. What IS it with this guy that he gets a gig after such a disastrous season?
+1 on Big Baby "Janikowski better get his leg warmed up."

Like I said, "OKC couldn't beat their own meat let alone the Heat. What team in the NBA has an answer for LeBron James?

Dashi, please bro, do us all a favor and stop with the horse hack about Spoelstra. The more you bad mouth this guy the more you sound like a complete jackass.

Wow, The Heat made the Thunder look like the Bobcats..

LeBron is the shit, what a player.


Sorry MJ, I remember the 6 for 29 night after night as much as I remember the championships. Doesn't happen with LeBron. And for all the people that love that ring count to say Jordon is better, guess Robert Horry is better than both of them!

Really like this version. A nod and a wink of approval to all you tough SOBs:


Jordan every time. Jordan vs. the world. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. If Kobe or LeBron pull off double three-peats maybe I'll think about changing my mind.

As for the Marco Rubio water thing... THIS. THISSSS is what's wrong with politics (and voters) in our country. We obsess over the facial expressions and hand gestures of speakers instead of the actual substance of what they're saying. We worry more about how a guy looks on TV in a suit than what his policies are. I have heard almost ZERO commentary on what Rubio had to say because everyone is saying he killed his shot at a White House run by... taking a drink of water during a speech... -.-

Bill Clinton wasn't derailed by Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky but man could he give a speech! Ronald Reagan was not to be denied despite his aloofness, despite his advanced age and questionable faculties, but MAN the guy could stand at a podium and deliver a State of the Union. JFK destroyed Nixon largely because of... makeup?

I don't know how we've lasted this long sometimes! Oh wait, yes I do. It's because we do it either along with or in spite of our Presidents. Not BECAUSE of them. We always have and we always will. Because issues like abortion and gay marriage and national debt and even health care don't run our day to day lives. Our elections thrive on these big "what ifs" that have so little to do with our success as individuals or as a body of people. The "major" issues actually affect a much smaller portion of our population than the media wants us to believe.

Was it funny and awkward and strange timing to see Rubio grab a bottle of water and take a swig? Sure it was. But would it be better for him to start clearing his throat or losing his voice or coughing? Either way, we found out that a politician is, at least physiologically, a human being. That can't be good for his chances.

Um Usawha... Look, I love the guy and think he's the best in the world right now but a lot of people remember LeBron disappearing in the Finals two years ago and the Heat and Cavs losing in the Finals in his first two visits. Jordan never did either of those things.

The 6-29 game, Game 5 of the 1998 NBA Finals, the Bulls went into the game up 3-1 on a 3-game winning streak. Jordan, at 34 (playing in his second to last career game) was coming off games with 33, 37, 24 (in a blowout win) and 34. In one of his worst Finals games ever still had 28 points and 3 steals. He was 10-11 from the FT line.

And you may remember the next game... 45 points and the game/series winning shot. A 6th ring for MJ, completing a second 3-peat and winning his SIXTH Finals MVP (only player to ever do that).

But you're right, one game of being 6-29 is a WAY bigger deal than 6-6 in the Finals . It's all about the FG% baby!!!

BUT, if FG% is your thing:

Jordan: Career .497, Playoffs .487
LeBron: Career .488 Playoffs .469

Game 1, 2007 NBA Finals
LeBron: 14 points on 4-16 shooting. 6 Turnovers.

Game 4, 2011 NBA Finals
LeBron: 8 points on 3-11 shooting. They lost by 3.

Okay, I'm really not trying to pile on or bash LeBron so I'll stop now. My point is that you can't sit here and bash Jordan for something that every player has done. Had bad games. The bottom line is that Jordan was at his best when it mattered most. And he was still great when it didn't matter as much.

canes_5rings, and what are Rubio's policies? You didn't mention them in your post. "His policies" are the same tired banalities of all GOP candidates, delivered now by a cat who speaks spanish in the hopes of broadening the appeal of the party of the one percenters. It's the same sh!t with a different shovel. Nobody is impressed.

FZB I think we do play the Raiders this year it's one of the 2 random games based on record last year.

Can't remember the other team I think it might be Tenn. ironically 2 teams we played last year.

I lost all respect for Michael Jordan after his Hall Of Fame Induction speech.

Look it up it's a real piece of self indulgent trash.

Good afternoon gents. Hope Fins are working out their lack of talent kinks as opposed to their ASSumed logo kinks. I'd like to dedicate this song to to my three loves Me, Myself & I no no just kidding. To my wife, to Lucy my ah other wife and Jennifer Jason Leigh my wife ah what.. yet to be I don't know... Moral of the story for every guy that makes it to 50 years old are three great women behind him.



I'm impressed.

Not so much because he's Cuban but because I'm Cuban. Although I happen to be a lot less impressed with Senator Robert Menendez who also happens to be Cuban. Must be because he's a Democrat and everyone knows that they are guilty of promoting their "policies" which are the same tired banalities of all Democratic candidates. Usually delivered by some effete, demagoguing, limp wristed, pansy ass, appealing to the party of the "I party while you work" crowd.

Maybe that's why I'm not impressed with Senator Menendez.

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