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February 19, 2013

Canes win again as UM receives NCAA Notice of Allegations; plus Lil Wayne vs. Heat, fixing NBA All-Stars, Dolphins, goats & more

ESPN Outside The Lines on UM/NCAA case today: I'll be among guests on the show starting at 3 p.m. Please watch anyway.

[1) It is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron schools Michael, Canes win again, Battier tops Wade, Stanton, Cristobal, Robbie Rogers. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Canes win again; UM receives NCAA Notice of Allegations: No. 2-ranked UM men's basketball wins at home last night over Virginia, 54-50, the key play a late Reggie Johnson layup off a Shane Larkin pass. Meantime The U received its Notice of Allegations from the NCAA in the Nevin Shapiro probe and now has three months to officially respond. Allegations include a "lack of institutional control" against UM, as expected. "We have suffered enough," said UM president Donna Shalala. (More on that below). On the brighter side, Jim Larranga's Canes are in a dead heat for national-championship favorites. According to latest Bovada odds, Forida Gators are a slight pick at 5-1, a sliver ahead of Miami and Indiana both at 11-2. Then it's Michigan 15-2 and Duke 9-1. But that was before Florida's latest loss.

NCAA ADMITS WRONGDOING BUT PRESSES ON AGAINST UM, IS BLASTED BY SHALALA: Well, damn, this is getting interesting! The external review of the NCAA's unethical botchery of the UM probe came 1aa1donnasout yesterday and was damning. Turns out investigators went ahead and paid Nevin Shapiro's attorney to improperly obtain info via depositions even though the NCAA's own staff counsel explicitly said not to. Also turns out the NCAA has paid thousands to provide Shapiro a cell phone. Click on Full Report for the 52-page review. NCAA President Mark Emmert -- who seeks outs wrongdoing in colleges when his own organization is corrupted -- said he'll move forward toward a Notice oif Allegations against UM, prompting university President Donna Shalala (pictured) to sharply call for an end to this case with no further punishment beyond what the school already has self-imposed. She is right. Click on UM Has Paid, Now Punish NCAA for Tuesday's latest column by me.

Cristobal leaves UM for 'Bama: Former FIU coach Mario Cristobal, hired Jan. 10 by UM as an assistant, is leaving five weeks later for Alabama and Nick Saban's staff, as offensive line coach. The move is unfortunate for the Canes and Al Golden but not a big surprise. Cristobal wants to be a head coach again as soon as possible and felt a national-championship staff would be his best springboard. Hard to argue.

LIL WAYNE DROPS F-BOMBS ALL OVER MIAMI HEAT: Glad to see everybody else is catching up to what you read here first on MiamiHerald.com. The original post: "F--- the Heat, f--- LeBron, f--- She-Wade and I f---ed Chris Bosh wife." That is what rapper Lil Wayne said to a crowd during NBA All-Star Weekend at a 

1aa1carterbirthday celebration for fellow Young Money rapper Birdman, according to Tweets sent out by two attendees, MTV's Shaheem Reid and Karen Civil. It happened during Wayne's performance at Houston's packed Stereo Live club early Monday morning following the game. Click HERE for a brief video, but be warned it's profane. The diatribe does not surprise. Hip-hop and sports do not intersect any more than in the NBA, and Lil Wayne vs. the Heat has become a rather bizarre offshoot. This is an escalation of Lil Wayne's all-but-declared war on the Heat. The hostility began when Weezy felt disrespected because James and Wade did not acknowledge him courtside during a game. It intensified when Weezy claimed he was ejected from the recent game vs. the Lakers here in which he was rooting for L.A.; the Heat said he eft voluntarily. Now the rapper claims he has been banned from all NBA games and events -- at Miami's orchestration. Here's guessing that, once again, Lil Wayne will not be a featured speaker at the Heat's next championship parade.

HOW TO FIX NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND: For me the most compelling snippet of the NBA's showcase weekend in Houston was late in the All-Star Game itself Sunday, when Kobe Bryant decided to get serious (and personal) with LeBron James, defending him hard and even blocking his shot. It looked like something otherwise unseen in the game: Intensity. Real basketball. Step 1 for fixing All-Star Weekend: Make the game matter. Make it into an actual competition rather than a track-meet/dunk-fest/Globetrotters impersonation where the over/under on total points is always around 285 and it is understood nobody bothers with defense. Have some incentive to win. Could be a charity thing. Could be an extra draft-pick for the winning conference's teams; a de-facto "third round" for half the league. I understand the game is a break for these guys. I'm not saying it should be all-out. But let's find a happy medium somewhere between playoff intensty and the farce it is now. Step 2: Streamline, streamline, streamline. There now are six official all-star events, which is three too many. Pare it back to the game itself, the slam-dunk contest and the 3-point competition. That's it. Sorry, retired players and celebrity-rappers. Step 3: Put players in the slam-dunk contest that fans actually want to watch. This used to be big, remember? An event. It was the NBA equivalent of the Home Run Derby. Now it sucks. It sucks because star dunkmasters want nothing to do with it. Find a way to get the superstars back in it. Because we'd all rather watch LeBron dunk, no matter how good Terrence Ross might be. Step 4: This is important. Make sure all arena personnel in every All-Star city have a photo of diminutive actor/comedian Kevin Hart, so that if he attempts to get in the building -- let alone get on the air -- he might be stopped.

DOLPHINS AND FREE AGENCY: Ravens QB Joe Flacco tops a new ESPN.com list of top 50 NFL free agents. Dolphin pending FAs on it are OT Jake Long (9th), WR Brian Hartline (31st) and DT Randy Starks (36th). Top-rated WRs, a Miami target area, are Greg Jennings (3rd), Wes Welker (6th), Dwayne Bowe (7th), Victor Cruz (13th) and an underrated Mike Wallace (14th). Top-rated CB is Brent Grimes (11th).

1aa1goatGOATS SCREECHING, YELLING LIKE HUMANS: Guess that headline about says it all. Click HERE to watch/listen. 

HEAT BIG 5 @ 50: The blog loves bells 'n whistles especially the nerdy-stat variety and so we started this one we are running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals. It's top-five cumulative 1aa1heat5ranking of players having the biggest overall impact based on eight statistical categories. The numbers themselves might not mean much but the numbers relative to each other give an indication of the contribution players are making. The Big 5 @ 50 Games (36-14):

Rank (@45)   Player   Total

1 (1)   LeBron James   1,916.4

2 (2)   Dwyane Wade   1,315.9

3 (3)   Chris Bosh   1,180.0

4 (5)   Mario Chalmers   740.7

5 (4)   Ray Allen   734.6

Bubble: Udonis Haslem, 497.8

1aa1ebert"DEAR GREG...": "...Your blog's OK but would be better if occasionally you would show a vintage picture of a young Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times newsroom in 1969. Thank you." Yep here it is, courtesy of Bill Lucey's newspaperalum.com.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much to this latest blogpost...


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Hi, my name is Reese from New Rochelle, and what I want to know is why you so mad?

an f-bomb war for disrespecting a guy called weezy? for f#ck's sake!


Weezy be straight up crazy but that's what happens when you start smoking crack when you're 13 and run the streets for a living.

and why should I care what a loud mouth loser rapper says about the Heat?

hey, the guy is a loonie but he's entitled to his opinion.

NBA weekend ?...Never watched a minute of it, don't care.


Draft picks for the All Star game c'mon Greg you're better than that it's never been about defense anyway this isn't news.


It sure looks like Danny Ainge wants to blow up the Celtics, how do you feel about that..

And Greg I'm never in favor of a journalist using the word suck in any context you should work on that not very professional.

FZB if Dwight Howard is willing to sign an extension and comes ready to play I trade Rondo right now for him.

Celtics have proven they can win without Rondo as good as he is question is Howard's motivation to a)stay with Boston b)getback to being a premier NBA player you would think Doc Rivers could help him do that.

draft talk,

so far the Dolphins would love to have any of these players.

Bjoern Werner DE
Damontre Moore DE
Chance Warmack OG

they (Dolphins) don't think there is another CB worthy of the 12th pick (other than D Milliner).

they are not crazy about any WR's at 12th but would love to trade back if they can and pick one up later in round one or round two.

there two other DE's they like.

Barkevious Mingo AND Ezekiel Ansah...


I would not want to see D Howard in Boston..

he can stay is LA ...

They should probably trade up to get Milliner if Smith leaves they have picks to do it.

The best way to fix the NBA All Star weekend is to have some white guys translating what the black guys are saying. I understand one out of every ten words they say.

I need someone to translate what Magic Johnson is saying to me on tv how does that guy have a job at ESPN.

Jerry Buss has died, sad news for the Laker nation.

he was one of the best owners in all of sports, RIP Mr. Buss.

I get why rappers wear all kinds of teams' gear - they're like women with their style and color coordination.

What I don't get is rappers then claiming to be fans. You're not a Heat fan, you're not a Lakers fan, you're a bandwagoner. Get up your New Orleans Pelicans and stay there.

Fix All Star weekend? No way they should give half the f*cking league three picks to the other half's two. No way they should decide Finals home court with it. No one cares about charity.

There's no way to make that game competitive, just skip it like everyone else. It's a fun event for the people who are there, that's it, doesn't need to be anything more.

FZB and shadow,

OC's top ten, and in order:
Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd, Eagles, U2, Doors, Stones, Who, CSN&Y, Coldplay.

note: Don't consider Jimi a group

Interesting how Genesis seldom, if ever, gets a mention here. Their contribution to Miami Vice alone should get them some love.

Did you see that Eagles documentary this weekend on Showtime OC pretty good.

Cool OC,

Beatles numero uno, Jimi was a band, the Jimi Hendrix experience.

Baby, I saw the Eagle's special..nice indeed.


I like your thinking in the Dolphins drafting a DE at 12th, my sentiments exactly.

Ship is burning. Mario Cristobal jumped on the burning ship and said "Forget this crap, I am outta here on the next raft to Alabama".

peter klaven,

are you a lizard?...

BB, no, sorry i missed it.

FZB, come on, man. Jimi was as much a band as Elvis. All along the Viva Las Vegas!

Peter Klaven = Rawpimple = Reality Bites = a sad man.

It's 3 hours I caught the last 2 but missed the first hour it should be on again very well done good to see you have them in your Top 10.

FZB even after my mention of it last week I still forgot to DVR it!

= Captain Obvious?

FZ, if your boy fails to get a top receiver in Free Agency, then the team will be forced to use their #12 for that purpose. Even with that, there isn't a WR worth your #12. But a QB crunching End, that's another thing.

There will be no failure OC he knows his job is riding on it that includes re-signing Hartline that's a lot of $$.

BB, FZ, don't expect the Lakers to move on any trades. I rather doubt that a family stricken in grief will make such a radical move as trading any of their main pieces. Heck, Jim and Jeannie were not even talking (since brother Jim's dissing of future hubby, Phil).

That's going to be one awkward wake.

Yes that might hinder any movment that could have happened too bad I am still hoping Trader Danny gets it done.

I can't ever see the Celtics and the Lakers being trade partners.

OC..I think Howard will eventually re sign with the Lakers, 30 mil is a lot of money, no one walks away from that, unless you're LeBron James.

Rick Fox anyone?

Jim Carleone - "Nothing personal, FZB, just business."

Mario u should be ashamed.No way u use us like that.Ul never be welcome here again,traiter,loser...and little wayne go get hit by a truck u ignorant moron


I often wonder why I visit this blog so frequently.

Wow, just wow. Translation, anyone? Couple of points I got.

1) Lil Wayne has an opinion and I have mine. Good to know.

2) Lil Wayne is rich and famous and has some good music.

3) Cristobal is leaving so he won't coach here. Good point.

4) Good move because Alabama is a far superior school than Miami---see my handle.

5) If the Canes can win 10-11 games this year, THEIR recruiting will "pickup" ---see my handle

6) Caveat--just as long as Golden fixes that defense--see my handle.

7) If the NCAA punishes the Canes, sue them.

All great points.

We have some real Einsteins on this blog. Some real Sherlock Holmes.

Thanks for the Cliff Notes.


There are some crazy people here but for the most part we good.

Peter Klaven, you still haven't answer my question, are you a Lizard?

a simple yes or no amigo.

Dwight Howard for Rajon Rondo is an intriguing trade. Obviously, talented big men are much sought after, but you got a big, talented big guy who should be dominating--just flat out dominating. He has the heart of the tin man.

Rondo is the best PG in the game.

On the surface it seems like the team getting Howard would be better off, but on reconsideration, Rondo, with the much stronger heart is the better of the players.

deposed cristobal is way too desperate and frantic. hard to argue he isn't a bit creepy


Rondo is not the best PG in the game I take Paul or Westbrook over him and I am a Celtics fan.

Rondo for all of his talents wasn't making the players around him better this year and that is his job they have won 8 of 9 without him and while he does have heart he's a bit selfish.

Trouble is Howard would likely not sign an extension in Boston after this year unless some heavy convincing was part of the deal.

I do the deal now if it could all work out but would miss Rondo he's had some very good games over the years too.

Crisbol is like, hell nahhhhhhhh, i aint settlin coaching up dees scrubs. get me over to alabama where i can show what type of coach i be. helllll yeaaaaa get me outta here bunch of 2 star recruits. i seen better recruits on my fiu field. aint never seen scrubs like that before. it only tak me 3 days to say, hellll nahhhhhhhhhhh.

FZB- My daughter and her husband are in naples for a littlr R+R. My son-inlaw told me philbin was working out with a trainer in this gym he was at, and it looked like he had surgery on his knee or leg. Had not read that anywere. He said the guy is in great shape.

Captain Obvious says Rondo is the best point guard in the game..hahahahahahahahahah !

Yeah that "handle" didn't add up on that one or at least it's not obvious even if he might get some votes from a few.

Isn't Chalmers the best FZ or at least he thinks so right?

Half the league have great PGs. Some even have two (Clippers). There is not a single PG in the league today that is so much head and shoulders above their peers. Say, like a LeBron or Durant are for the SF position.


just of the top of my head...

Deron Williams
Russell Westbrook
Kyrie Irving
Chris Paul
D Rose ( hopefully he comes back as good as new )
Mario Chalmers

just kidding about the last one, just wanted to see if you guys are paying attention.

Rondo is up there, top ten for sure, but not the best point guard.

Naples Jack,

I hand't heard that Philbin was on IR but I can tell you most Dolphins fans are happy with him as a coach.

The point is moot. Lakers are not going to move Howard any time soon.

If anything, Howard's future is more secure, since he's responsible for bringing him in and he is now calling all the shots.

so OC, how abouth this..

You guys (the Lakers) trade Kobe and blow out the team and rebuilt around your great coach (D-Iam-clueless) and D Howard.

how's that for a solution?...Not that I have ulterior motives for having the Lakers crash into oblivion or anything like that.

Are you calling Bledsoe "great" OC?

Bledsoe is a star in the making.

The Clips are one of the very few teams in history to consistently have their bench -increase- whatever lead the starters give them. Bledsoe is a prime reason for that.

I agree looks like he's going to be a really good one.

FZB, Mike D'Antoni and his assistant coach brother, Dan rent a house just off the Strand in Manhattan Beach. Woodcock lives not too far away, a mile maybe. Next time I'm over to visit Woody I think I'll try to convince the Woddster to join me in egging his house. Hopefully, while they sit in their patio, laptop in hand, drawing up plays.

Congrats to Mario Cristobal, he'll now be in Nick Saban's 'coaching tree' the next time a head coaching opportunity opens up.

UM snapped him right up, Alabama signed him away, FIU should be kicking themselves in the face for firing him so Norv Turner's brother could take over.

On Mario leaving...

dinero is dinero people, if anyone offers you double your current salary you would do the same.

Young Kazaam,

what the NCAA put out today (their report) was totally expected, they say that about 20% of their findings were taken out but that there is sufficient evidence to move forward with the allegations blah,blah,blah.

I just go back to what Barry Jackson said a few weeks back, MIami knows what's coming, worse than a slap in the wrist and not has bad as it could have been.

we be fine.

thay can't say we had a lack of institutional control because there wasn't, they are trying to save face here, the U still has grounds for a law suit but it won't come to that.



I always knew you two were "delincuentes"..I mean egging ?


OC, your list of stiffs couldn't carry my list's jock out to the stage.

Frank, Nat, Dean, Tony Benet, Doris Day, Dinah Washington, Eydie Gorme. My favorite current musician -singer, is Diana Krall.

The guys on your list, OC, are good for a few minutes, except for Pink Floyd, which I can listen to for a long time even when I'm not stoned. The other long hair screamers suck donkey dicks.

OC in all fairness to Mitch Michell he was a tremendous drummer though yes I suppose you ar right Jimi was the ultimate musician magician. Anyway I'm using Tony Pitzsacada becuz the name facking cracks me up! I got it from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Scene in which Dr. Gonzo is trying to crash Debbie Reynolds show. Gony gives Tony az an alias.

Gonzo gives. They say the body is the first thing to go but clearly for some it's the intellect!

Led Zeppelin, Derrick Rose, Big L, CCR, Chris Paul, Bob Marley, Buena Vista Social Club, Derrick Rose, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rajon Rondo, Curtis Mayfield, Danger Mouse, Wu Tang Clan, Russell Westbrook, John Coltrane, Grateful Dead, Kyrie Irving, the Roots, Mario Chalmers the Doors.

.............Cumbawumba, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Eric Bledsoe, Coldplay.

Lil brain...er I mean lil wayne is a punk.Who cares what THAT U -G-L-E-E-E-....and I mean real U-G-L-Y little kid says?He s irrlevant and has no talent.Heat and it s fans don t give a rat s - - - about anything he says.Get lost.

Damn Kaz you are by far most well rounded 25 year old I have ever encountered. Amazing sir.

A little surprised Cristobal left the U so fast but everyone knows he wants to be a head coach ASAP.His recruiting will help them some but not more than Miami s coaches in the S Florida region.Won t give a pass so willingly but he s still a Cane at heart I d have to think.Therefore....I ll wish him and his family good luck.

Yah gotta admit Lil Vein is not bashful with regard to speaking his mind. Lil Vein be carefu wit that thang.


You like the Floyd?...you're ok in my book brother..

Ps..I know your lying about your age, why don't you come clean amigo?

Fack the NCAA...

It's still 'Washington's Birthday' to me. GOAT POTUS.


BB, they should have Sir James Worthy translate for Magic.

Kaz I thought It was Richard Milhous Nixon Day!

Anything to help is fine.

Kaz we used same outlet but you came in just ahead of me mi amigo.

Floyd wasn't in that list. Only like one album plus a handful of other songs, haven't listened to live stuff though, I should check out the Pompeii dvd.

Somehow, why would it surprise me that Woodcock misses the concept of "musical group," and that the category is significantly different than that of "solo artist."

Kaz, I've got you pegged either a Pisces, Gemini or Taurus. Tell me I'm wrong.

John Merrick lol just quicky scanned Cotes chat. First I love Sir Anthony Hopkins in virtually everything he has done. Two, I know it will surprise you to learn OC that I have yet to get throuh that movie without laughing my a** off. Sick and depraved I know. At least now the moment I bust out laughing OFF the movie goes. Haven't tred to watch it in probably 15 years. I feel alittle giddy so today is clealy not the day to give it another shot.

FZB I think this guy is cats meeowww as far as astrologers go.


OC it's funny when you look at Jimmy Page. He's slightly built, whispy even but on the guitar ET TU BRUTUS!

The movie was done in like 1980. The guy who won the tournament looks like he was 26 or so. His parents should have known better than to slap young Merrick with the name, John, for Pete's sake. Can you imagine all the ribbings that poor kid took growing up. Hey, Elephant Man...

Ha Ha Ha well at least he has not shot up any movie theatres to this point! Kaz we've discussed at least one of Lynch's movies. The profoundly disturbing psychotic break that David Lynch must have gone through to come up with that idea. Well yes tell me have you ever watch The Elephant Man without laughing until you choke and see stars sir? Just wondering. Anyone? Want to see if this is solely a personal problem...

Sweet Jesus the movie clearly troubled m so much I forgot to identify it. Eraserhead. Damn that movie creeped me out. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover was a beautifully filmed erotic & violently grotesque movie and I pined for it 5 miutes into Eraserhead...


"The University takes full responsibility for the conduct of its employees and student-athletes. Where the evidence of NCAA violations has been substantiated, we have self-imposed appropriate sanctions, including unilaterally eliminating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our students and coaches over the past two years, and disciplining and withholding players from competition.

"We believe strongly in the principles and values of fairness and due process. However, we have been wronged in this investigation, and we believe that this process must come to a swift resolution, which includes no additional punitive measures beyond those already self-imposed.

"In September 2010—two and a half years ago—the University of Miami advised the NCAA of allegations made by a convicted felon against former players and, at that time, we pledged our full cooperation with any investigation into the matter. One year later, in August 2011, when the NCAA's investigation into alleged rules violations was made public, I pledged we would 'vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead' and insisted upon 'complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students.'

"The University of Miami has lived up to those promises, but sadly the NCAA has not lived up to their own core principles. The lengthy and already flawed investigation has demonstrated a disappointing pattern of unprofessional and unethical behavior. By the NCAA leadership's own admission, the University of Miami has suffered from inappropriate practices by NCAA staff. There have also been damaging leaks to the media of unproven charges. Regardless of where blame lies internally with the NCAA, even one individual, one act, one instance of malfeasance both taints the entire process and breaches the public's trust.

"There must be a strong sense of urgency to bring this to closure. Our dedicated staff and coaches, our outstanding student-athletes, and our supporters deserve nothing less."

Nobody wants to touch my Elephant Man question with a ten foot poll eh?

Eraserhead was disturbing. But don't even watch this movie.


Well ok then apparently it was/is my own issue. I guess itz back to the ole Jungian Psychoanalytic Couch...

When a band calls itself the "Eagles of Death Metal" that's a good sign that the Dude from "The Big Lebowski" was right - the Eagles shouldn't be on any top band lists. Sorry Pumpkins!



That was an outstanding post amigo, ..I'm with you..

Sorry, Tony, oing back and forth from replacing pipes inside one of my walls to this. There were a number of things that were troubling about EM. Starting with the B/W film, the grotesque look of the poor guy, obviously was troubling. The cruelty inflicted on him by normal folks around him. He's in a freak-circus, and the Juxtaposition of all that and Lynch's depiction of him as this sweet, articulate, but tortured soul. I man, come on, man.

I'm not sure about the laugh, Tony. Maybe in a previous life you were the Night Porter.

What is the age difference between Al Golden and Mario Cristobal? It's not like Mario was going to be taking over any time in the foreseeable future even if he was the Associate Head Coach.

Plus, Cristobal learned everything he needs to know about "loyalty" from FIU. There's no such thing. Good for him if it gets him where he wants to be in his career more quickly.

It's a shame it was at the expense of UM. But this wouldn't have happened 10-15 years ago and it won't happen once the Canes get back to winning.

Mr NaplesJack did you say your son in law saw coach Philbin at the gym? He is rehabbing a sore hiney I left him with last week.

"Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night what were the chances. Dooby dooby do, do do do di da........."

Blow me, OC.

Only Tony Pitzsacada would think about Nixon on this wonderous day. President Nixon looks like a saint when compared to O'blahblah & his entourage of hangers on. Herbert Hoover was underated.

Memo to General Ripper
Subject: Top Secret Training
Sir, per our previous confidential conversation I have put together a training video. The purpose of the training is a swift & deliberate knock out punch. This move should be implemented whenever one of our troops is in danger, needing a quick exit from the enemy. I am confident that this move along with water flouridation, food additive salt peter will solve the problem of privates frequenting whores, heathens & all other forms of degenerates.


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