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How to feel about LeBron if leaves next year? Poll. Vote!; plus Canes finally lose, Jay Z/Timberlak, Shalala, Marlins, kvetching Perfectos & more

1aa1jayz[1) It is SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24. New blogpost coming Monday morning. Meantime, It's Oscar NIght! That's big in my house, because my wife says it is. 2) Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's 12-city summer stadium show will be coming to Dolphins stadium on Aug. 16, the grand finale of the tour. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): War! UM vs. NCAA, hot Heat, FAU and prisons, Dolphins free agency, Marlins odds, Ron Fraser celebration. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on Random Evidence for today's latest wisea-- Sunday notes column by me. Lead item: Roaring women. Ronda Rousey-Liz Carmouche headline UFC 157, Danica Patrick on Daytona 500 center stage. 

HOW WILL WE FEEL WHEN LEBRON LEAVES US?: The recent column by me (click The Long Goodbye to read) wasn't popular with a lot of people, especially Heat fans, because it discusses what they'd rather 1aa1lebcle 1aa1lebmianot consider -- let alone during a win streak that reached 10 games last night. Yet this to me is on a scale from very possible to downright likely: LeBron James opting out of his contract after next season and returning to Cleveland. LeBron himself invited the speculation by saying last year it would be great to play for Cleveland fans again. Since then he helped Miami win a title and the Cavaliers drafted superstar-to-be Kyrie Irving, whom LeBron raved about during the recent All-Star break. This week one of James' loudest critics, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Bill Livingston, wrote a fence-mending column saying LeBron should and would be welcomed back. It's conjecture, of course; Miami will try very hard to re-sign LeBron. But the idea of losing him is real enough to spawn this poll. Vote, say why and click back often to monitor the evolving vote. Early results suggest this one could be interesting.

Poll result: Landslide backs Shalala over NCAA: OK, OK. I should have known. I'm a Miami blog, after all. But, still. I could ask if you prefer love or hate and not get a landslide like this. We asked who's more right: NCAA president Mark Emmert pressing the case against Miami, or UM prez Donna Shalala saying no more punishment is deserved. And it was Shalala by 94.1 percent to 4.1%, with 1.8% undecided.

NO. 2 CANES FINALLY LOSE: The 14-game win streak is over. So is the unbeaten ACC record. So, likely, is the No. 2 ranking. Miami lost yesterday at Wake Forest, 80-65. It seemed as if the Canes were due a stumble after several last-second miracle wins.

THE OLD '72 PERFECTOS ARE AT IT AGAIN: It has become a South Florida tradition: The 1972 Perfect 1aa1buonSeason Dolphins assigning themselves proprietary rights to watch over what has become of their franchise and, mostly, it seems, to b---- and moan about the sorry state of it. The latest: Former linebacker Nick Buoniconti (pictured), a Notre Dame alum, on a soapbox instructing the Dolphins to draft Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert with the 12th overall pick (even though most draftniks have Eifert going much lower). Dear Nick: I know that GM Jeff Ireland is not held in high regard by many Dolfans, but I think in this case they'd probably go ahead and trust his judgment over that of a 72-year-old former player who last played 37 years ago and is out pimping for a fellow Irish alum.

MARLINS' YOUNG TALENT: The good side of a fire sale is the infusion of young prospects. The Marlins have six in Baseball America's new Top 100: RHP Jose Fernandez (5th), OF Christian Yelich (15th), LHP Andrew Heaney (43rd), OF Jake Marisnick (64th), OF Marcell Ozuna (75th) and LHP Justin Nicolino (86th). Look for Fernandez and Yelich to get late-season callups this year and be factors by 2014.

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