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February 22, 2013

How to feel about LeBron if leaves next year? Poll. Vote!; plus Canes finally lose, Jay Z/Timberlak, Shalala, Marlins, kvetching Perfectos & more

1aa1jayz[1) It is SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24. New blogpost coming Monday morning. Meantime, It's Oscar NIght! That's big in my house, because my wife says it is. 2) Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's 12-city summer stadium show will be coming to Dolphins stadium on Aug. 16, the grand finale of the tour. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): War! UM vs. NCAA, hot Heat, FAU and prisons, Dolphins free agency, Marlins odds, Ron Fraser celebration. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on Random Evidence for today's latest wisea-- Sunday notes column by me. Lead item: Roaring women. Ronda Rousey-Liz Carmouche headline UFC 157, Danica Patrick on Daytona 500 center stage. 

HOW WILL WE FEEL WHEN LEBRON LEAVES US?: The recent column by me (click The Long Goodbye to read) wasn't popular with a lot of people, especially Heat fans, because it discusses what they'd rather 1aa1lebcle 1aa1lebmianot consider -- let alone during a win streak that reached 10 games last night. Yet this to me is on a scale from very possible to downright likely: LeBron James opting out of his contract after next season and returning to Cleveland. LeBron himself invited the speculation by saying last year it would be great to play for Cleveland fans again. Since then he helped Miami win a title and the Cavaliers drafted superstar-to-be Kyrie Irving, whom LeBron raved about during the recent All-Star break. This week one of James' loudest critics, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Bill Livingston, wrote a fence-mending column saying LeBron should and would be welcomed back. It's conjecture, of course; Miami will try very hard to re-sign LeBron. But the idea of losing him is real enough to spawn this poll. Vote, say why and click back often to monitor the evolving vote. Early results suggest this one could be interesting.

Poll result: Landslide backs Shalala over NCAA: OK, OK. I should have known. I'm a Miami blog, after all. But, still. I could ask if you prefer love or hate and not get a landslide like this. We asked who's more right: NCAA president Mark Emmert pressing the case against Miami, or UM prez Donna Shalala saying no more punishment is deserved. And it was Shalala by 94.1 percent to 4.1%, with 1.8% undecided.

NO. 2 CANES FINALLY LOSE: The 14-game win streak is over. So is the unbeaten ACC record. So, likely, is the No. 2 ranking. Miami lost yesterday at Wake Forest, 80-65. It seemed as if the Canes were due a stumble after several last-second miracle wins.

THE OLD '72 PERFECTOS ARE AT IT AGAIN: It has become a South Florida tradition: The 1972 Perfect 1aa1buonSeason Dolphins assigning themselves proprietary rights to watch over what has become of their franchise and, mostly, it seems, to b---- and moan about the sorry state of it. The latest: Former linebacker Nick Buoniconti (pictured), a Notre Dame alum, on a soapbox instructing the Dolphins to draft Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert with the 12th overall pick (even though most draftniks have Eifert going much lower). Dear Nick: I know that GM Jeff Ireland is not held in high regard by many Dolfans, but I think in this case they'd probably go ahead and trust his judgment over that of a 72-year-old former player who last played 37 years ago and is out pimping for a fellow Irish alum.

MARLINS' YOUNG TALENT: The good side of a fire sale is the infusion of young prospects. The Marlins have six in Baseball America's new Top 100: RHP Jose Fernandez (5th), OF Christian Yelich (15th), LHP Andrew Heaney (43rd), OF Jake Marisnick (64th), OF Marcell Ozuna (75th) and LHP Justin Nicolino (86th). Look for Fernandez and Yelich to get late-season callups this year and be factors by 2014.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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re the Marlins..if I always wanted to see unknown possible talent, I'd go find a minor league team.

can't we wait til the end of the season to talk about that slug loria?


Did I ever tell you guys that Donna Shalala sucks donkey dicks?

Kazaam, what, you have two pounds of wax covering your ear hole? "I haven't told you what she's done to cause Miami games?" She came here, you dumb shit, and a torrent of negative things happened to the program after she got here. Time for a change.

I will be selling "The Bitch Has To Go" T shirts this year for $19.99. 100% cotton, guaranteed not to shrink. Choose green or orange, and we have free delivery for any regular on the blog. Except for that ass wipe, Trust Fund Kazaam........No shirt for you, stiffer!

I highly doubt that Shalala likes appendages from any male living creature whether human or donkey.

Kazaam has wood for guppies and Canes. He is blinded by his fanatical support of a program that has been on the decline for over a decade without any glimmer of hope. The inevitable sanctions will further bury a program just trying to compete in the worst conference in all of college foosball. Maybe he will snap out of it and stop wasting money attending football games involving the Canes unless it is against FAMU, Temple, or another ACC creampuff.

Head coaches run college football programs, not university presidents.

I may be 'fanatical' but if you couldn't enjoy UM's season last year because they lost games you shouldn't follow college football anymore. Duke Johnson alone is worth the price of admission.

You're going to be the only jack ass at JRS next year for the first game of the season not decked out in glorious Canes Championship Orange with the "The Bitch Has To Go" embroidery.

You're going to stand out like a cue ball in Harlem, stiffer.

True support your team no matter what they did have a pretty good season even in a down conference year I am amazed at how few people show up for those games.

So, Stiffer, you're saying that Dr. Jerry Buss had nothing to do with the success of the Lakers. He had nothing to do with the ten championships that they won after he acquired the team. In other words, his contribution to the Lakers success would have been the same if Clipper owner Donald Sterling had owned the Lakers, right?

Stiffer, for a "supposedly" educated man, you sure are a dumb shit.

Yea, like crappy fans like you ever go to games.

University presidents are not sports franchise owners.

I guess franchise owners run, pass, and kick, better than college presidents, right?

Stiffer, I'm going to make sure that every attendant and cheerleader working the Malibu Rum kiosk out side of JRS for each Canes game this year has your picture to make sure that they don't sell you or give you a free "The Bitch Has To Go T shirt.

You have to be the worst Canes booster in the history of the program.

Geezz Woody,

you're giving Kaz some shit today..lol

hey Kaz, since I go to all the UM games myself maybe we should hang out next year, you know, smoke a peace pipe you and me, what say you?


If LeBron win a couple of more rings there is no way he leaves.

I love Nick Buoniconti, our great MLB but Nick..shut up

Bro, are you kidding. Even if you showed up at JRS in a royal purple T Shirt emblazoned with Donna the Bitch's smiling image (perish the thought), in a stretch limo, while eating caviar and your butler Jeeves was holding the Grey Poupon atop a silver platter, you still wouldn't have a snow ball's chance in Hell of sitting next to that ass wipe, Trust Fund.

Owners oversee a professional sports franchise.

University presidents run universities.

Owners run their businesses and make decisions regarding all aspects of their businesses including their sports teams.

College presidents run their colleges and make decisions regarding all aspects of their colleges business including their sports teams.

Geez, Trust Fund, the more you open your pie hole the more that 300 gallons of salt water rushes into it.

Shalala hires the AD who hires the football coach.

The football coach runs every other aspect of a football program. Nothing about Nick Saban's program was remotely affected by their change of president.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. More of the same inane dribble from the peanut gallery.

Geez, Trust, no wonder you can't get laid, son.

Nick old boy, grew up in Mass., went to ND love you, but like most of the 72 dolphins, you are brain dead. The kid will be a good pro some day, but he ain't Gronk, 2nd rd pick, or Hernandez, 4th rd pick. The fins have more needs with the #12 pick then this guy. A lot of good TEs come out it later rounds.

Hey Buster I am the catcher in charge of this place buzz off.

Notre Dame player to be Miami Dolphin player comment:

IF Miami were to acquire a Notre Dame player in next years draft... hope to h*ll it is Manatie PotaTEO but Eifert in the 2nd rd. I could see Fins trading down to late 1st rd and taking Eifert somewhere 20th or later. 12 is a stretch..... flip side of the coin..... Tannehill was considered a reach at 8. IMO Tenn WR Patterson is a better O weapon at 12 overall. This draft doesn't hold a top 10 WR. The talent that is projected in rds 2 & 3 are pretty good at WR also.

JayZ and Justin Timberlake... who gives a sh**? a ghetto slug & wanna be just everyday punk. Another Cote celebrity plug.

here's a thought>>>>>

Cote,, why don't you put a spot on your interests list some fortune 500 CEO's, upstart small business peeps, real people to emulate & comment on?


Just like that rapper that got wasted in Vegas two nights ago.

"Style over substance," Jimbo.

Give me a freaking break.

Fat boy usually has his head up the creek when it comes to the losers he consistently highlights up there.

Leroy,,, changed his name to protect his identity burglarized my home in 2006. Leroy has some other places he did the same to. Got 20 yrs and ordered to pay restitution. Got my first $30 of $596 yesterday. Let me see,, at this rate I may see all the $ before I die. Maybe someone can convince Leroy to suck some more people off and boost up his commissary account.... I'm just sayin.

Woodcock, I think the rapper that was gunned down in Vegas was called "IQ2". He was with the group "Mo Cool Ice T" or "Mo Urlaun" some shit.


Meant to say "hope it ISN'T" Manti Teo. He looked like he ain't NFL material against Bama.

Yea but now he's known as 2 Dead Crow.

If you want to see the dregs of a society, go down to the jail and watch the changing of the guard.

Yea, right, Twain. Those guards are all civil service employees who had to go through an extensive program to get their jobs. They spend all day making sure that the absolute lowest form of pond scum stay in their cages and protect you and your family.

Twain, I don't know who you are but you're not even intelligent enough to be called a dumb shit.

mouning guys,

hope everyone has a good safe weekend, off to watch my grandson play "beisbol"..check in on you guys later.

SHALAYA...Has ruined the U football program. The TROLL knew what was going on and she let it go on because she knew it would come out and it would destroy the U and she would not be held reposible. THE TROLL MUST GO> Bring in JJ as U president and Ray Lewis as AD, then we will be back. DONNA IS A GEEK

What's Up Guys,

Kaz Why Is It That Whenever Any Team Has A Problem Or Does Something Good The Coach Gets The Blame!! The Coach Is Responsible For The Team!! Totally Agreed!!

But Why? Is Spo The Only Exception!!!

You See As A Realist! Even Dashi Will Admit Spo Is Doing A Good Job Right Now!! The Heat Need To Beat Up The Contenders Better!! But The Heat Have Improved!! Starting To Look Like A Dominant Team!!

Maybe? It Could Be That He Knows If Lebron Leaves!! It Is Sporanus Fault!!

Lebron Came To The Heat To Win Multiple Titles!! Not 1!! Greatness Doesn't Aspire to Be Good!! They Aspire To Be All Time Great!!

Blasphemy and lack of respect against Nick Bounaconti Cote. Eifert would be an excellent pick-up in Rd 1. Barring injury, he'll be a dominant NFL TE for years.

I value Nick's opinion over clueless Ireland's any day.

One Word.


If We Were Talking Defense Then Yes! I Would/Might Value Bounaconti's Opinion. But Its Like Asking Dan Marino What A Rb Looks Like! Exactly! Doesn't Hold A lot Of Weight!

The Only Dolphin Opinion Dashi Will Never Second Guess! Is Don Shula's! I Don't Care That He Is Old And Senile! Shula Has Forgotten More Football Than Any Of Us Will Ever Learn!!

TE Is Not That Big A Need. The Fins Need To Keep Jake! And The Fins Need To Get At Least 3 New Wr's!

And Te'o Needs To Run At Least 4.5 To Be Drafted By The Fins!

Fire Spo!!

I've never not disagreed with you Dashi.

I think coaches are only the focus for that kind of talk in college basketball and college football, and only if there isn't a nationally recognized quarterback or star player on the team.

In the NBA the superstar players get the lions share of blame and praise. In the NFL it's quarterbacks.

You have nothing to say about Spoelstra's coaching, no chance you could tell me what Spoelstra's doing differently right now. Maybe he's doing a 'good job' because he's being 'consistent' and not being 'soft'? He sure as f*ck isn't doing a 'good job' because he's playing Dexter Pittman every game.

Also combine numbers aren't a big deal, they don't play football in shorts. Ask the Raiders.

Jeff Ireland's combine press conference on the Dolphins website. He uses a lot of words to say nothing, not that he should be saying anything.

But he does seem to hint that he thought Egnew should have been used as a receiver last year.


Double negatives? WTF, Kazaam?

Back to reality for the BB team. How can a school that has so many dawg teams be caught cheating?

The Phins will win the Super Bowl in 2014......we are due....!!!!!!

WOW.......I move across the country and I still see all of you bickering about the same old crap. LOL. The Pats are done.......The Jets are done.......The Bills are done....!!!!!!
It is our time. Get ready to welcome Mike Wallace as our new WR. I am sure we're gonna pick a couple of other key free agents before the draft starts. This is the Phins year..!!

No more negative BS

Flipper 72, time to pick up the slack.

The 'Canes sUck and finally show their trUe colors! U can't spell sUck withoUt the U!

Hey Flippy....Where you move to ?...mooseport?

Your right, too many negativos on this blog..been saying it for years, enough.

The Heatles look tough , LeBron is the shit.

Ps..Mario Chalmers is still the gross point guard in the nba..

On this blog? Try reading the Dolphins blog sometime, Dolphins fans everywhere are negative because the franchise has been wallowing in mediocrity or worse for over a decade. That's why the owner has to buy tickets so that the games aren't blacked out.

A quarterback is the only thing that can fix the Dolphins, no one knows what Tannehill is because the worst GM in the NFL gave him no one to throw to his rookie season.

The only people who 'know' Ryan Tannehill will work out are people who thought that before ever seeing him throw a ball (PS Landry Jones is a terrible consolation prize).

Lebron is returning to Cleveland, owned by Gilbert that has insulted him playing for Cleveland and the Heat?

Are you serious?

What do you think Lebron is? Some kind of a stooge?

Theses are just the top comments on Armando's blog about Ireland's press conference - NOT cherry picked, there's pages of it.

Smoke and Mirrors.....why would anyone expect different when irefiend interviews with the media....

Posted by: superPHIN | February 21, 2013 at 05:29 PM

Jeff Ireland is CLUELESS.

Posted by: Sad Dolphins | February 21, 2013 at 05:34 PM

Ireland may well be as dumb as Craig M

Posted by: Just Sayin | February 21, 2013 at 05:37 PM

Dolphins GOTTA get a GM who's won't lose as many
quality players as they land..

Posted by: jaygunn | February 21, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Still an idiot Ireland!

Posted by: d-dense | February 21, 2013 at 05:48 PM

Is there a worse GM in any sport?

Posted by: I doubt it | February 21, 2013 at 05:53 PM

The idea is to help the Dolphins get better because they've posted records of 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 with Jeff Ireland as GM.. What you see is what you get.. Do you really expect the Dolphins to get with the same guy calling the shots????

Posted by: jaygunn | February 21, 2013 at 05:54 PM

I guess Ireland truly sucks , well if he does it again this year he will be fired its due or die with all this talk about cap space and picks

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 21, 2013 at 06:00 PM

You know Cote, slavery eneded with the thirteenthe amndment. How desparate are you for an article?

Kazaam, I used to watch Armando's blog. There were 2 Jimbo's, me & some other guy. The regulars on there weren't as fun & informed (ooops,,,, right) as on here.

Wow Kazy-pu,

You taking a shot at me buddy?...Listen, just because the masses ALL think that Ireland is an idiot it doesn't make them right.

You like the rest of the idiots that keep on bashing Ireland (that little comment excludes my regular blog brother's..hehe, but not you Kaz) fail to realize that Ireland has been in charge two years and in his first year he was drafting for an out dated power football philosophy under Sparano and had to change to a WCO philosophy on hs secuond year.

At the same time he was severly handicapped by the run away free agency spending under Parcells and has spend the last two years trying to fix the problems, turning a team around requires years (plural)... Not one or two and there's still zero guarantees that it will be done, I'm never been one to "go with the flow" like all of you seen to be .

You keep bashing the guy because he picked a center in the "talent rich" 2011 draft without thinking that maybe they weren't sold on any of those qb's, C newton, Gabbert, Ponder and the guy from the titans haven't exactly lid the world on fire, yes they DID pass on the Cinci guy and Kapernick but SO DID everybody else and don 't forget that the guy he picked has become the best center in football.

No GM is perfect but you idiots keep bringing up M Egnew as a bust, look at belicheats draft the last few years , you'll be surprised...back to Egnew, yes the guy looks like a bust but he was a rookie, not all rookies mature at the same time, maybe he'll turn it around or maybevhe won't well see but he found our future QB, our LT and our starting rb for this year, he indeed may not be the answer as a GM but as I said many times before, he deserves the right to make it or fail on his own.

You got a lot to learn about football...Junior.

Ooopppsss, almost forgot,

In reference to your Landry Jones comment, if he had come out in last years draft he would have been picked with one of the top 15 picks in the draft, that's how much he was thought of last year but there is no question he had a bad year.

I was the first one that alert it you guys on Ryan Tannehill, I've never have said it was me, my NFL scout buddy does this for a living so if he tells me that T-Hill and L Jones are great prospects then why should I question he's knowledge.

It'll be interesting to see where he ends up but he could be the steal of the draft in two to three years.

Just checked the standings before tonight's game, Heat have a 5 game lead in the East, trail only San Antonio with 30 games left to make up three.

Who says Bill Belichick is a good GM, there are other bad GMs in the league but I doubt any are worse than Ireland. Not Billy for sure.

6 QBs Ireland could have reasonably picked instead drafting a center to snap to Chad Henne. Impossible to predict how college QBs work out but there's no excuse for 2011. If Ireland 'wasn't sold' on any of those quarterbacks, he was very wrong.

No reason to think Ryan Tannehill can't be the answer for Miami, he had the worst receiving corps in the league and looked good on the move.

But it's hard to think that he IS the answer here after last season if you pay any attention at all to the rest of the NFL. He didn't look like he was in the same league as the top two rookies and another guy drafted way after him. Weeden had more yards and touchdowns. Good isn't good enough anymore at QB, this is the first first round QB Miami has even tried since Dan Marino.

He has two years college experience and he had no one to throw to - he could still become a franchise QB, for sure. But you said Ryan Tannehill was the answer here before he was even drafted because your scout friend told you he was good. Before that you said Landry Jones would be the answer because your scout friend told you he was good. Every move the Dolphins make is a good one because your scout friend told you Jeff Ireland was good.

Not much use discussing your scout friend's opinions with you, you're terrible at explaining them. But if you get a chance do ask him why Ireland might have thought Chad Henne was good enough in 2011. Always eager to learn.

Geezz Kaz,

Does it bother you that when it comes to football I know a lot more than you?...Don't be hatin.

I would not be mad at Lebron if he decides to leave Miami for another team as long as it is not the Knicks. I really think he said the going back to Cleveland thing to kinda let those Ohio people not hate him so much. I think That bridge was burned with the way Dan Gilbert Blasted Lebron in the Decision. Though Watching that Cleveland team now with Lebron on it they would go deep in the playoffs..As long as Wade plays at a high level in Miami most likely Lebron would stay since they have such a great chemistry. Keep in mind though those contracts expire at the same time they maybe making a decision again together. A team with a really good center and the cash to sign 2 max players in the right situation they could leave if things go sour here. Check out my blog http://miami-water.com/


LeBron left Cleveland because he wanted to win championships and couldn't get anyone else to join him there.

so why would he leave Miami?...

ps-Mario Chalmers sucks, worst PG in the NBA

buenos diaz Kazy.

and now like Jimbo says, the joke of the day.

A Black boy asks his mother, Mama, what's a democracy?
she replies- Well boy, that's when white people work every day so we can get OUR benefits!
-But Mama the boy replies, don't white people get angry about that?
-sure they do. It's called racism!

who cares about the marlins drafts...r u joking?! for 15 yrs theyve gotten great guys and then theyve gotten rid of them..even after stealing a stadium, a stadium they said would enable them to keep players now. they still get rid of them. go to vegas! tear down the sh*t stadium and rebuild the OB!

You really are a racist piece of sh*t FZB.

Flipper72- Where the hell have you been the last couple of years? Rehab, prison, we missed you. Last I heard from you, Dolphins will win 3 SBS, Pats are dead, you were going to a Dolphins game with the Chargers. Never another word after that SD. beating, welcome back.

A black boy finds a bottle on the street and when he rubs it a genie pops out and tells him that he will grant him one wish. The boy says he wants to be white and presto, he's white. Exited he runs into the living room and tells everyone that the genie made him white, and he gets a huge beat down administered by all his family members. Crying he goes into the bathroom after the beat down and says, Gee, I've only been white for 5 minutes and I'm already starting to hate black people.

Woody- FZB- A couple of good jokes.

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