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January 25, 2013

Chris Bosh for Dwight Howard? Poll. Vote!; plus LeBron's joy-tackle (video), Top 10 Super Bowl stories media will beat to death, UM 'Homeland' plan & more

1aa1prince[1) It is SATURDAY, JANUARY 26. Pat White signs minor-league deal with Marlins. Bill Parcells ... VINDICATED! 2) Prince has new song called Screwdriver and you'd click the word to see and hear. I like Prince and the song. Not a big fan of the naughty use of the word screw, but the music is percussive with nice bass. 3) Much flap over Beyonce lip-synching at presidential inauguration, but outcry was misdirected. Don't blame the singers for trying to make it easy on themselves. Blame the hiring party -- Super Bowl, inaugural committee, etc. -- that fails to insist on a live, real performance. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): UM crushes Duke, NCAA probe tainted, Miami's All-Star Game fiasco. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

BOSH-FOR-HOWARD DEAL IS PLAUSIBLE. BUT IS IT SMART?: I didn't start this rumor. Heck, ESPN.com 1aa1boshdhlists seven teams to whom a Dwight Howard trade would make some sense, and has Miami first. The trade would work financially as a straight-up deal. The Lakers could be interested because Howard -- beyond his health and attitude issues -- has not been an ideal fit in L.A. to say the least. Chris Bosh would work in the Lakers' offense better, lending an outside presence and allowing Pau Gasol to work closer to the basket. The Heat could theoretically be interested, too, in that Howard is younger and could provide the low-post presence and defensive rebounding that is lacking. For Miami, especially, though, the trade would be a gamble. It could become a chemistry issue, and it would rely on Howard's full health and his willingness to be the Heat's third scoring option. Don't get this wrong: Am not advocating a trade or even remotely predicting it might happen. Mavericks and Rockets seem likelier landing spots if L.A. made a deal. Worth considering, though, that's all. And discussing. Have a vote and say why.

LeBron's joyful tackle: LeBron James is still a big kid at heart in ways most pro athletes aren't, and that showed last night when he ran out to tackle a fan who'd just won $75,000 by making a halfcourt shot during a break in the Heat game. Click HERE for the brief video. Call this the latest step in the transformation of LeBron's national reputation since it hit rock bottom with The Decision in 2010. [Note: Heat Big 5@40 coming in new blogpost on Sunday].

TOP 10 SUPER BOWL STORYLINES YOU'LL BE SICK OF: [Note: I rarely republish in the blog what is in print but make an exception here because the column below appears in the newspaper under such a 1aa1cardsbgodawful don't-read-me headline ('Lewis top Super Bowl story line') that I feel most readers ran from screaming from it. So here it is...]

I would describe Super Bowl Week — not the game itself, but the buildup to it — thusly: Thousands of journalists bound by custom and formula all writing and saying basically the same things while trying unsuccessfully to repackage them for an audience that not only has already heard these stories, but is sick enough of them to scream.

In other words, pretty much what I am doing right here with my Super Bowl Week primer, a list of top 10 story lines, a national cheat sheet for my media brethren set to descend locust-like upon New Orleans for the upcoming 49ers-Ravens game.

1. RAY LEWIS: Baltimore’s great linebacker (and ex-Hurricane) will be at the emotional epicenter of this game, a role for which he is insanely well suited. Ray is a baller. I don’t just mean once the game 1aa1lewisstarts. He’s bawling during the national anthem, pulling muscles with his squirrel dance and giving pregame speeches so fiery the field under his feet is left charred and smoldering. Your Friend the Media will plumb the soul of the Canton-bound Lewis and wonder aloud if he is the greatest defensive player ever. Coverage of him mostly will be breathlessly rosy, although some — the Serious Journalists Who Know It Isn’t All Fun and Games — will be unable to resist the temptation to revisit the 2000 murder indictment, later dismissed in exchange for Ray’s testimony against two other men. (These same Serious Journalists also will be writing densely this week about the league’s concussion crisis, a story no less important because nobody cares to read about it.) My hope? After a million floral retrospectives and odes to Lewis’ swan song have been reverently crafted, Ray casually mentions the day after the game that he has changed his mind and isn’t retiring, after all.

2. THE HARBAUGHS: Bro Bowl! Har-Bowl! Super Baugh! This has not been reported anywhere else, to my knowledge, but apparently Jim and John Harbaugh will be the first head coach brothers ever to duel 1aa1harbaughsin a Super Bowl. And oh how the media swoons with enchantment! Father and former longtime college coach Jack Harbaugh, 73, will be more popular in New Orleans next week than beignets at Café Du Monde. Mom Jackie will need a phalanx of bodyguards to fend off the rush of reporters all seeking warm memories of a Harbaugh childhood, and tears, if she wouldn’t mind. For an offshoot, there also will be much contrasting and comparing of the Harbaughs with the N’Awlins-based Mannings: Peyton, Eli and patriarch Archie. (It’s why I have bought stock in media use of the phrase “first family of football.”) My hope? A major news outlet (thinking Yahoo!) will have the exclusive, intriguing interview with heretofore unknown third brother Jasper Harbaugh, but it will turn out Jasper never existed and was the work of the same guy who duped Manti Te’o.

1aa1bountygate3. BOUNTYGATE: A Super Bowl held in New Orleans the season of the Saints’ crippling Bountygate scandal and resulting penalties will spawn a thousand reheated analyses. (Not to mention vicious postgame booing of Roger Goodell as he presents the Vince Lombardi Trophy.)

4. 'MEDIA DAY': This is the one day during Super Bowl Week when both teams appear in the stadium and thousands of media members swarm upon them. The occasion is such that an 1aa1mediadayinvestment in media references to “circus atmosphere” might be prudent. This event is renowned for the Wacky Foreign Journalist, typically a Mexican radio bombshell in a low-cut wedding dress asking the quarterbacks to marry her, and also for the Adorable Kid Reporter, typically a 12-year-old there for Nickelodeon who gets ushered to the front of the line by handlers rudely elbowing through the crowd of legitimate journalists. This also is where hundreds of columnists looking for an easy day on account of a tee time lament the “media excess” and “circus atmosphere” of Media Day, unbothered by the irony that they are contributing to that excess by writing about it.

5. KAEPERNICK/FLACCO: It is mandatory a Super Bowl’s quarterbacks be the focus of the perspective-laden piece placing each man in an historical context, a formula challenging this time because neither 1aa1kaepflacone has been in a Super Bowl before. (Or, as we in the media love to write and say: “On this stage before.”) The peg for Raven Joe Flacco: Is he “elite”? This will be the game that anoints or denies him. Unless perhaps the Ravens win even though Joe had a really crappy game, in which case a reevaluation of the word elite might be necessary. The peg for San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick: The Breath of Fresh Air. Nine games ago, this guy was most known for his tattoos, but now he’s a pass/run wunderkind. Watch an enterprising columnist visit a New Orleans tattoo parlor (say, Tats ’R Us) to discuss Kaepernick’s body art with an eclectic local ink god — only to discover that 14 other enterprising columnists are there doing the same thing.

6. FOOTBALL VS. REAL LIFE: This is the staple annual theme piece for the beyond-sports, big-picture 1aa1fbpovjournalist (thinking Mitch Albom, or perhaps Jeremy Schaap) who delights to juxtapose the extravagance and partying that surround a Super Bowl with the poverty being endured by real folks just blocks away. Any host city offers this contrast, dare say New Orleans more than most. This is where the serious writer notes that champagne, lobster and shrimp the size of kittens are being served at the Commissioner’s Party while, six blocks away, a family of 11 displaced by Hurricane Katrina lives in squalor battling over a can of tuna. (If the actual conditions are not quite squalor, well, this is why God invented embellishment!)

7. O.J. BRIGANCE: Most of the tear-jerk stories will center on Lewis’ farewell and on the Har-Bros, but 1aa1brigancehere is the real deal. Brigance, 43, is a former Ravens linebacker who now works in the club’s front office. He suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), is wheelchair-bound and speaks through a computerized voice. Lewis calls him his and the team’s biggest inspiration. Bonus: Brigance played four seasons for the Dolphins (1996-99), so he qualifies to fill the coveted Hometown Angle role for South Florida reporters trying to “localize” the Super Bowl for their readers.

8. THE 'OTHER' EX'S: Here’s another Hometown Angle for the Miami guys to plumb. Stock premise: 1aa1ginn“Ray Lewis is getting all the attention, but …” Baltimore safety Ed Reed and tackle Bryant McKinnie are other prominent ex-Miami Hurricanes for the Ravens, along with injured running back Damien Berry and receiver Tommy Streeter. For the 49ers, running back Frank Gore is a major player, and linebacker Tavares Gooden is a reserve. Oh, and of course Ted Ginn Jr., former Dolphins No. 1 draft pick, is a return guy for the Niners, so we’ll be looking for local reporters to invite a gloating Ginn to complain how he never got a fair shot here.

1aa1moss9. RANDY MOSS: A thousand stories and sound bites all will portray the Niners backup receiver and once-controversial figure as the “forgotten superstar” of this Super Bowl. Even though he obviously isn’t forgotten at all if so many people are writing and talking about him.

10. LOCAL FLAVOR: These is where media folks sent to New Orleans on the company dime justify the expenditure and prove to their bosses they aren’t covering the game from 1aa1neworltheir hotel bar by venturing into the city and filing descriptive “color pieces.” These would include the aromatic Cajun cuisine of Bourbon Street, the buoyant brass of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, casual use of the words “gris-gris” or “hoodoo,” and (almost certainly) a requisite tarot-card reading. A journalist’s research would likely also include three or four Hurricane cocktails at Pat O’Brien’s, a fact that would be omitted from one’s “color piece” but be deftly hidden on one’s expense report. That last thing is pure speculation, of course. I’m not speaking from experience or anything.

AL GOLDEN'S "HOMELAND SECURITY" STRATEGY: I find Al Golden's two most recent Hurricanes football hires to be good ones, but more than that interesting ones, for the same reason. James Coley, the 1aa1coleynew offensive coordinator (from FSU, pictured top) and Mario Cristobal, assistant head coach/tight ends (from FIU, bottom) have this in common: Recruiting. It is a clear strength of both men, especially in South Florida. Cristobal is born and raised here and tapped in with local schools. Coley is a Miami High alum whose first coaching job was at Norland; ESPN has named him top recruiter in the ACC. I mentioned this coincidence to a 1aa1cristobalsource in the football program. "But it isn't a coincidence. It's our 'Homeland Security' plan," the source said, the phrase his, not Golden's. "Al wants to dominate [recruiting] in Dade and Broward." That's especially true now as the school faces possible scholarship limits by the NCAA in the Nevin Shapiro case. If you don't have quantity, the quality had better be that much greater. The strategy to dominate in your bounteous backyard also sounds to me like a head coach digging in and planning to stay awhile. Golden and Cristobal were at the basketball arena with guest recruits during UM's big win over No. 1 Duke -- a result and ambience that could only have helped Canes recruiting leading to next month's signing day. And sitting right next to UM's current star running back Duke Johnson was the player Miami hopes follows in Duke's footsteps: South Plantation's heavily recruited Alex Collins. My guy coined the new reemphasis on South Florida as 'Homeland Security.' I might call it fencing in the backyard. Either way, Coley and Cristobal are smart hires to help Golden and UM get there.

SUPER BOWL PROP BETS (NORMAL AND NOT SO MUCH): There are hundreds. Some betting favorites that interested us, courtesy Bovada: MVP--Colin Kaepernick 7-4. First TD--Frank Gore 13-2. Alice Keys national anthem--2 minutes 15 seconds. Coaches' postgame handshake/bro-hug--7.5 seconds. Times word "Harbaugh" mentioned during game on telecast--20.5. TV rating/viewers--46/111 million. MVP thanks first--Teammates 5-4. (Sorry, God. You're at 5-2).

Click back. Will be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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RIP...Stan the Man...we could use somebody like him in Miami...to help the god-forsaken Marlins...

RIP ... Ron Fraser...... A true Hometown Hero....

Prince is one of the more underrated musicians in history.

Ted Ginn had his chance he proved he couldn't be a starting wideout in Miami loved him as a returner though remember that 2 td Jet game?

New story is Kapernicks' biological mother wants to see him and he is saying no she gave him to his adoptive parents after 6 weeks.

Randy Moss doesn't deserve a SB title but he just might have lucked into one after being a lock in his 18-1 season.

Just saw Ed Reed on tv never really seen him without his helmet he looks like he's 50 years old great player though lots of good stories.

The irony is the NCAA investigating schools for lack of "Institutional control" yet they can not even control their own organization. There is a big difference in a bunch of 18-22 year old kids taking gifts and money from a con-man (could he have coned them) that coned 100 of intelligent professionals out of hundreds of millions of dollars and so called professional investigators and an attorney that works for the con-man and now the NCAA!! The NCAA needs to be punished for their lack of "Institutional Control". Maybe the NCAA has out lived its usefulness and needs to be replaces by something else that treats all schools the same and follows their own rules before it ruins kids lives and a schools reputation.

The U has punished itself already will the NCAA do the same? Lets see.

Alice Keys?

Ayanbedejo sp? is another ex- Dolphin.

BB, Alice is the lip-sync performer. They couldn't get Alicia.

Maybe they should get Alice Cooper to sing Alice's Restaurant.

Cote- A serious journalists, you are not. Other then Ravens fans, U fans,and Le Betard, most NFL fans know for a fact, Lewis was involved with the murder of 2 guys. Great HOF player no doubt, but the guy is who he is. If Lewis played for the 49ers, went to ND, Alabama, Florida, you and the other people at the herald would mention his past every chance you got leading up to the SB.

Hey Naples, haven't mentioned it earlier, but I do hope everything is working out for your other half.

naples is still a little bum-out that the Patsies lost.


Come on bro,

the duke is Jimi
I am the Floyd
Wood's hates Boston (he told Baby)
Potter is that goofy potter cartoon
Shadow is the oldies
Jimbo has to be the song by the band
you are sort of everywhere on your music taste (hevy metal)

who am I missing here?

and now another episode of MANTI'S BELIEVE WORLD.

In Manti's world the world is flat.

Everyone is sort of the Oldies here aren't they FZb I haven't heard anyone describe mucic made after 1980 here but I get what you mean shadow does dig deep sometimes.

Jimbo are you really Up on Cripple Creek?

No, no, no. shadow=The Band, Woodcock=Detroit Wheels (trust me), Jimbo=Rammstein, and Lakers' OC has always loved the back and forth teasing with Celtic's fans.


The 'U' had a good week.
Coaches and above all our B/Ball team beating Duke.

Greg my take is that one Sport feeds off the other at the 'U'.
Coach G in his radio interviews always mentions Coach L's baketball team and players, and the culture for the recruits is set up so they are immersed in an all 'Canes environment on ALL Sports..
Add to the mix our new Sports Facility which is State of the Art, CAG does not have to sell too much, as the product is selling itself to prospects and parents.

If you had told me Greg that this is where we would be 2 years ago I would have laughed and thought "No way". Sanctions, new Coach, new team, lousy facilities that we were reminded over and over, and a program in trouble.
The ship is righted and we are on our way..Thanks to the "PLAN" so eloquently explained by Coach G in his first news conference.

The legacy is alive and well, and you know what happens when the Phoenix rises..

No stopping the 'U' on it's road back.
Go 'Canes

you cheated bro...How in the hell am I supposed to know about wood's and detroit wheels .

I declare a miss trial, I win, where are my Oreo cookis..(double stuff)

and now another episode OF MANTI'S BELIEVE WORLD.

in Manti's world Democrats and Republicans get along.

Mitch Ryder indeed, bitch. "Devil with a blue dress, blue dress......."

Fucking retard Beatles ruined rock and roll. Yea yea yea, my ass.

Oye nalga, I'm not kidding about the beer and the pizza. No beer and no pizza and I'm going to San Clemente to play 18 while you paint by yourself.

Ok. I must be old, because the last 4 post made absolutely no sense to me.
And frankly, I don't care to know. I guess I'll see read a book.


no empieses con Los Beatles.

if its me I go to Home depot and get the 4 "mejicanos" and just supervise them..Oc is going to have you do everything and then some.

Bam Bam, you're definitely old when your contemporary is Pebbles Flinstone.

No comas mierda, El Woodcock se va a parecer aqui a las quatro de la tarde con un pincel de un quarto de pulgada.

Young Mr. Potter may have someone he can relate to (Bam Bam).

I'm not hearing two of my favorite words, pizza and beer.


hehe, You and young Mr. Potter are the only one's that correct themselves, are you sure that's not your son?

FZ, I'm going to his house pa' administrar la obra!

You'll get nothing and like it. Now get down and give me twenty!

Oye, FZ. the You after hehe, is not capitalized and there's no accent on only one's.

btw, for all you Sci fi geeks out there, J. J. Abrams, who directed the last Star Trek film, as well as the next installment due out May 17, has been selected to do the first of the next three Star Wars films for Disney, starting in 2015.

Good director. Not into teddy bears as aliens.

Potter will be crushed by this news.

JJ Abrams..Good choice.

Manti Te'o should have known that the voice at the other end of the phone was not that of a woman. Moreover, when it sounded like Dennis Haysbert (The Allstate guy).


This is for you Baby...(and the rest of the muchachos)


and now another episode of MANTI'S BELIEVE WORLD.

In Manti's world, fish can talk.


"oldies" definite yes, along with the wonderful albums of the late 60s>early 70s where every cut on that piece of vinyl was listenable. here is a great oldie that probably gets played only on sirius/xm:


Mr. Woodcock,

proof of your position:


the shirelles were better than the motown-backed supremes, who only made it because of holland-dozier-holland songs.


right back at ya...


I always loved this oldie.

I can honestly say that I've never heard that one, shadow. Although the lead singer's voice is probably close to what Manti Te'o thought was his girlfriend's voice over the phone.

shadow, was that song ever played in the States?

I don't know. Quite frankly all these groups were pretty much the same. The Supremes, Ojays, Four Tops, etc., For that matter, even The Floaters! And at least with The Floaters Kazaam can get an astrology lesson.


OC Dolphin,

"boys" by the shirelles never charted which makes me believe that it was a b-side of one ofe their hits. i had the single but gave it to a real beatles fan. the english just gobbled up american rock'n'roll and R&B, and like alot of us just had to play the "flip' side, which is how it probably got to the beatles.
now, how about this one from benny spellman that never made the billboard hot 100 but was added on to the stones' "got live if you want it"- phony stereo with the music out of one speaker and the crowd out of the other side (when they were "enhancing" mono to sound like stereo -UCCCCCCCHHHHHH!

the stones-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELZzK8EJ8RE

benny spellman- (too bad the quality is so awful)


Wow, that old record player appears to have the actual motion wheel rubbing on top of the actual vinyl.


what has become a real classic started out as a joke!! the diamonds were a four freshmen, four lads kind of act and they decided to horse around with the rock'n'roll that was pushing them aside and this became a monster. i believe it was written by maurice williams of he and the zodiacs who "stay'- the shortest record ever to make number 1- i think it was 1:58 and has been recorded by just about everyboody- four seasons among others and jackson browne still uses this as his last number, i thinkm when playing live.

And here's Toonces playing the bongos this clip is awesome.


That Stones version of Fortune Teller is good didn't like The Who version on Live At Leeds that much.


here is the original by maurice williams:


out for the holy Sabbath-see you tomorrow night

The Load Out/ Stay still one of the best songs ever covered by Jackson Brown shadow Running on Empty a great album.

Greg, your Chris Bosh for Dwight Howard proposal is absurd. All these ideas seem to be hatched by folks who view it only as what "could" work for The Heat. Never mind that such a trade would never, not even for one second, be considered by the other side.

Look, the problem with the Lakers is not Howard, it's Jim Buss, who hired Mike Brown out of spite for Jackson. Not satisfied with screwing the pooch then turns around and magnifies his error by hiring Mike D'antoni.

Now, if you wanted to change Head Coaches straight up, we might be talking.

I don't know OC seems like Howard is no where near the player he was 2 or even 3 years ago he used to be a dominant superstar on both ends.

For that matter what has happened to Chris Bosh?

OC - that proposal was hatched by folks who view it only as what 'could' work for The Lakers.

BB, the guy was forced into action soon after an operation that normally takes 75% of the season to recover.

That would explain it then hope he regains his ability or else they're in trouble.

You could have 12 guys who look like Paul Bunyan in there for the Lakers and D'antoni would have a 2-46 record.

I know it's hard for me, but I seriously think D'antoni is actually worse than Jeff Ireland.

Trouble doesn't BEGIN to describe the deep funk these Lakers will continue to plummet into.

You did see yesterday's video of the team bus, right?


He needs the right group of players to coach old slow players can't run his system he shouldn't have taken the job but the money was there and he did.

His problem is that he can't or won't change his system to adapt to the players he has.

OC good news we're right behind you in the underachievers dept.

BB, when an absolute amateur, such as myself, can spot such an obvious mistake as what I illustrate below, well...

D'antoni likes to place Gasol out there, away from the basket near the three point line, so that Howard can operate unhindered by having two big defenders near him.

However, the team's problem is not offense (rated 5th or 6th), it's defense. So when Gasol is out there clanking threes, his defender, say Blake Griffin, is but three strides from catching an outlet pass for a thunderous slam dunk. You can substitute Bosh for Gasol with identical results.

D'antoni has got to be one of the most stubborn individuals on the planet!

Hey, hey hey...stop that OC, leave my son out of this.

Kaz, you back?..get over to the U and find out what's going on..did you see what Barry Jackson posted today about Miami having received the letter already?

Gasol should be playing near the basket period.


Big Baby- Cripple Creek, the Band, now you are talking. A lot of happy and sad thoughts for me during their time.

OC- Thanks for your thoughts. Right now, it is what it is with the wife. The good thing is, we only have to go to NYC once a month instead of twice a month. The oncology Dr she sees in NY, is working with a Dr in Corol Springs, who we will see every 2 weeks. Goiny up every other week was a lot for her. This guy trained under her guy.

Woodcock – Who is Teddy Bear Eddie?

Ohhh is that the guy in Gilligan’s Island that had the Teddy Bear? Ok so how did I just get associated with him?

AnonymousCane – Well I know the Gators are #1 in the BPI rankings. Whatever the heck THAT means. Gotta be something good though.

OC – Why is Jimi Hendrix humping his guitar?

Wow – I guess I’m the obvious Choice for F link but that Rammstein video for E was pretty cool though. I was getting ready to say that one whould be me right before I saw letter F. I’m not sure I could match but I guess you got atleast 1 right FZB lol Well 2 actually because you know yourself :)

Naples – I don’t use 2 computers to post. At least not at the same time. I’ll have to go back a check but I thought I only saw 1 post at 3:44

Btw, According to something you said earlier, are you a Gator or a Cane? Maybe a stupid question but I don’t remember. Just didn’t sound like something a Canes fane would say but I could be wrong.

Yeah I knew OC did not belong to that heavy metal Rammstein stuff. I figured I was the closest one to that link lol

Woody lol

Fucking retard Beatles ruined rock and roll. Yea yea yea, my ass.

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | January 25, 2013 at 12:56 PM



Young Mr. Potter may have someone he can relate to (Bam Bam).

Posted by: FZB | January 25, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Very funny – Are you saying I’m destructive? Not sure how you figure that.

BTW considering I’m in Miami with parents that still live in Miami, I can’t possibly be OC’s son. Besides, If I was than I would be a Heat fan. I’d be a Laker fan. And I am so happy that I’m not :)

OC -

Oye, FZ. the You after hehe, is not capitalized and there's no accent on only one's.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 25, 2013 at 01:25 PM

That’s not an accent. It’s an apostrophe

Woodcock -

Potter will be crushed by this news.

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | January 25, 2013 at 01:46 PM

What News?

OC – The lakers problem is D’Antoni – they need to fire him and hire Phil Jackson. He will get everyone working the right way. Of course Phil Jackson did say he only wanted to coach the home games so I don’t know.

BTW, you can’t compare D’Antoni to Ireland. Ireland doesn’t coach players on the field. And even if he did, it’s a different sport and would still be a bad comparison.

Say Potter, you ever performed cunnilingus on a chick? Snorted some rocks from her nips? Sold three keys to pay for your tuition in your sophomore year? Ever told your steady girl Daisy that you had to study in the library till the wee hours while you were really at the dorm smoking refer and playing hide the banana with three coeds from the Chi Omega House? Have you ever done any of these things, Potts?

Oh boy,

so now we have OC and his son (Potter) correcting everyone?

Baby and Naples..this is for you guys.



you guys should make it a point to watch "the last waltz" a documentary of their last concert as a band made by Martin Scorsese...a classic.

Potter, I know that was an apostrophe. The reference to a latin accent was part of the joke.

As For today's post:

Why is Pat White signing with the Marlins. Makes no sense to me. That sounds like a waste of money. I thought he was trying to play in the NFL again.

Bosh for Howard, I'm saying no. I think that might hurt our scoring. And I like Bosh. I'm not sure why almost 32 percent favor the trade.

The top story for the Super Bowl is Ray Lewis. Everything else is a "who cares".

I'm not sure James Coley and Mario Cristobal are going to do much for Miami. Especially after what happened. Randy Shannon was supposed to be good for UM. Alot of good THAT did.

And as for the bet for who/what is thanked first by the MVP, that all depends on who the MVP is. I'm sure Ray Lewis will thank God First. But who knows. There are actually a lot of guys in sports that do. But we'll see.

Woodcock, those questions to Potter remind me of this:


Thanks FZB I used to have a bootleg recording of the Last Waltz on cassette tape probably still do if I check somewhere The Night they Drovwe Old Dixie down awesome I will check out the movie.

Potter87- I am not a big college football fan. I watch the games to see players who might look like pro prospects. I could care less who wins. As a kid I was a ND fan who would listen to there games on the radio. I like to watch the big bowl games.

Sorry FZB - I have to correct.

@ 4:11pm I meant to say I would "NOT" be a heat fan.


It looks like Cote is stealing my material, I suggested that trade to you a few days back, I tell you I get no respect ( Rodney Dangerfield voice ).

well anyways, I changed my mind about that trade, I think we'll send you Joel Anthony for him straight up, Howard is damaged goods now.

Young Mr. Potter,

shows you you don't know too much about our two new additions (Cristobal and Coley) they are both great recruiters which is the name of the game.

I don't know if he will be a good offensive coordinator but if you have talent you can get by.

Woodcock -

Say Potter, you ever performed cunnilingus on a chick? Snorted some rocks from her nips? Sold three keys to pay for your tuition in your sophomore year? Ever told your steady girl Daisy that you had to study in the library till the wee hours while you were really at the dorm smoking refer and playing hide the banana with three coeds from the Chi Omega House? Have you ever done any of these things, Potts?

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | January 25, 2013 at 04:15 PM

No, No, No, and No.

OC -

Potter, I know that was an apostrophe. The reference to a latin accent was part of the joke.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 25, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Oh ok.

OC -

Woodcock, those questions to Potter remind me of this:

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 25, 2013 at 04:25 PM

That's hilarious lol

FZB - I'm not correcting EVERYONE :)

Naples -

Potter87- I am not a big college football fan. I watch the games to see players who might look like pro prospects. I could care less who wins. As a kid I was a ND fan who would listen to there games on the radio. I like to watch the big bowl games.

Posted by: Naples Jack | January 25, 2013 at 04:26 PM

Ok cool :)

oh well FZB - It's just my oppinion on them.

Besides I don't think many players want to go to UM anymore. I they're afraid they'll get into trouble. lol - at least the ones out of state.

Woodcock did you see my links I gave you yesterday?

OC - Are you moving to Texas?

Past tense, moved. I'm currently back in Orange County, CA packing boxes, and preparing our home for lease.

And why not? What the heck were you doing in college instead, son?

Potter, by the time OC finishes this little six week project that he has, ahem!, "expanded" into six months, you will not only have performed your first cunnilingus but you will have a stable of hos, a pimp mobile, and a lime green velour suit and floppy hat.


No se la rentes a los mejicanos que te van a joder la casa..

I have a friend that owned a house down in the redlands close to Homestead and he rented it to this guy, always paid in cash and on time, perfect tenant or so he thought.

One day the police shows up at his house and tell him his tenant was running a lab (growing marijuana) in the house and he needed to come down to the house to fill out a report, a total mess, FPL cut the power (the guy was also stealing electricity), long story short.

He ended up giving the house back to the bank because he didn't have the money to repair it, FPL wanted $40,000 to turn the power back on and the cost of repairs was more than 60,000...yikes.

watch out OC..be careful amigo.

btw, Potter, my taste in music is all over the place. I enjoy practically every genre but for Country/Western and hood-rap. Linkin Park, Muse, Jack White, Keane, Kings of Leon and many others. Coldplay's Speed of Sound continues to be my favorite song over the past ten years.

I'm guessing you also like techno stuff like this, a song that movie director Michael Mann used in the bar scene from his movie Collateral.


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