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January 21, 2013

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade sing, sort of (with video); plus Jeff Ireland's big plans, Bro Bowl v. Ray Lewis SB poll, the private Ron Fraser & more

1aa1fraserronRon Fraser: Great Coach, Better Man: Longtime former Hurricanes baseball coach, who passed away Sunday at 79, was known for 30 years of winning and for a promotional sense that changed his sport. But his family would like to give you a glimpse of the husband, father and grandfather. Click on Great Coach, Better Man for my latest column, a final tribute to Fraser. Funeral arrangements, events: Visitation will be Sunday Jan. 27 from 10 to 6 at Stanfill Funeral Home, 10545 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami. Funeral Mass will be Monday Jan. 28 at 10 a.m. at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church, 5601 S. Flamingo Rd., Southwest Ranches. Private burial will be in Fraser's hometown of Nutley, NJ. Celebration of the Life is scheduled Feb. 23 on campus; details to come. That night's baseball game will be in his honor, with proceeds to a fund to build a bronze statue of Fraser outside stadium. Click HERE to donate to fund. Email UM's Rick Remmert (r.remmert@mia.edu) for more info.

[1) It is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23. New blogpost coming by midday today. Oh boy! 2) Marlins Park bypassed for 2015 All-Star Game. Gee, can't imagine why baseball wouldn't want to reward a sweet guy like Jeffrey Loria! 3) Fourth Dolphin, DT Randy Starks, added to Pro Bowl, following DT Cameron Wake, G Richie Incognito and long-snapper John Denney. Only Wake originally chosen. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1karaokeHEY! IT'S KARAOKE WITH LEBRON AND D-WADE!: This happened at Shane Battier's second annual "Battioke" fundraiser at the Eden Roc Monday night. Click RIGHT HERE for a video of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on-stage performing. A very rhythmic LeBron does a faithful and surprisingly passable version of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You," then LBJ and Wade duet on a massacred rendition of Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love," sung to a woman yanked from the crowd. Pictured: A headless LeBron in foreground, Wade with mic and woman who appears to be covering her ears but isn't -- though we wouldn't blame her. The video is 6 minutes. Seems longer. Enjoy!

DOLPHINS' IRELAND: WE WANT PLAYMAKERS, DISRUPTERS: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland spoke with media yesterday from Senior Bowl in Alabama and made clear what the club's emphasis will be in the draft and free agency. "There's a gap between one and two in our division," he said. "We've got to find guys that are scoring touchdowns, and disrupt the passer on defense." Ireland did not rule out trading out of the No. 12 draft slot, admitted he was "polarizing" to many fans, and said of himself and coach Joe Philbin, "This is a big offseason for us. We understand that. We look forward to making some exciting new before too long."

49ERS-RAVENS SUPER BOWL: RAY LEWIS! BRO BOWL!: Every Super Bowl presents its obvious storylines that the national media will beat to death explore fully, but few SBs offer up two as distinct -- 1aa1lewisrayand legit -- 1aa1harbaughsas 49ers vs. Ravens. One is the historic "Bro Bowl" -- Har-Bowl? Super Baugh? -- between coaching brothers Jim and John Harbaugh. The other is the sure to be over-the-top emotion of a retiring Ray Lewis in the final game of his Hall of Fame career. These two stories probably are why most of you voted for Niners-Ravens as your preferred matchup from four choices in a recent poll of ours, with 47.3 percent. (That, or a simple dislike of the Patriots). But which is the bigger story? Bro Bowl? Or Lewis? That's for you to decide, right here. It's a close call nationally, I'd say. In Greater Miami I'd give the edge to Lewis because he's a former Hurricane and arguably The U's greatest alum ever to play in the NFL. But try to step back and make your pick from a national vantage. Which story interest you most? Or, put another way: Which story will America be most sick of after two weeks of incessant repetitive over-saturation? OK let's go. Vote and say why.

Super Bowl odds: Our friends at Bovada have set 49ers as 4-point favorites over Ravens but say about 60 percent of early action is falling to Baltimore, meaning the line likely will shrink a bit. MVP favorites are Colin Kaepernick 7-4, Joe Flacco 5-2, Ray Lewis 6-1 and Frank Gore 17-2.

PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION / MLK DAY: A thought-provoking juxtaposition this week as the second 1aa1mlkdayinauguration of President Barack Obama occured on the day the nation annually honored its greatest civil-rights icon. Martin Luther King Jr. marched and spoke and fought for basic equality, or at least some humane semblance of it. The election of our first black president always will stand as a symbol of America's progress toward that equality, and by extension as a victory for the cause to which King devoted his life. By the way, visit Memphis not for the barbecue or music or Graceland, but for the National Civil Rights Museum beside the Lorraine Motel where King was assassinated in 1968. I toured the NCRM a few months ago was profoundly moved. It is worth the trip.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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On the SB game,

I just want to see a good game, rooting for the Ravens ( AFC , the guys from the U ) but don't have any rooting interest for either team.

$5 Bucks say's Mr.(Lefty)Cote is at the Inauguration in Washington right now, Someone better warn the resturants that feature all-You-Can-Eat that Cote's in town.

I guess that's the reason we won't have our little monday after noon chat.

If I visit Memphis it will be for Graceland.

I am all about equality though.

Jim Harbaugh is thoroughly unlikable I'll be rooting against him funny because I liked him as a player.

That hissy fit he threw was one for the ages.

yes Greg you're finally getting it the 47 percent was due to a dislike for the Patriots.

I'd Still do Rachel Maddows, But then again I had Relations with Shalala...


Rachel Maddow's looks a little manly for my taste, come to think of it so does Shalala..If I'm going to dream then I rather dream with girls that have a little bit more curves, hehe


Jim Harbaugh is an ass clown but a terrific young coach.

I think the percentages of NFL fans disliking the Patriots is more like 90% across the league.

Yup at the end of the day it's all that matters FZB good coach I hope ours ends up being a good one finally.

Sorry, Greg, but here's my "thought-provoking" observation for the inauguration:

2009: 1.8 M people attend, as nation, excited about "change," and electing our first black president.

1013: 600k+/- people attend. Somehow, the lustrous black pearl has lost more than half of its appeal.

1017: Less than 200k attend. More supporters begin to see him for who he really is, and after his Democratic superpower eliminates term limits set by the Constitution.

1021: 100k are forced-bused in in a show of support, as the newly self appointed emperor declares himself, Supreme Leader for Life of the Free World.

OC, I take it it should be 20??, But then again, seeing how are country is going the middle ages might be correct.

What a drag. A holiday on a monday. Worst of all is the knowledge that Stephen Ross will now be paying Clinton-era tax rates (just to add to add to everybody's misery). Very sad.

The Canes basketball team is ranked 25th today, just in time to play the Duke blue devils..nice


what the hell is going on in LaLa land?..you guys are now losing to the Raptor's? WTF?

Inaugural balls

Gay Cuban in DC! (not Marco Rubio)


Tu que eres poeta y en el aire las compones
ponte un farol en el culo y luminame los cojones

Dashi -

5 Guys On The Court Doing Whatever The F' They Feel!! No Purpose!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 18, 2013 at 07:58 PM

It worked against the Warriors (Good Team) and Laker – Both on the road.

And btw, I think weaking the starting rotation to strengthen the bench doesn’t make any sense at all. They need to put Battier on the bench and start Lewis. But now that they have Birdman for at least 10 days, who knows what their gonna do. I’m glad they resigned Varnardo to another 10 day contract. I think he’s worth having for at least right now :)

UMcanes – There’s not much I agree with Hurricane fans, but I agree with what you just said the Dashi. You put it right. All he does is wine about the Heat and Spo. They way I look at it, is they don’t care enough to try to win so many regular season games. So they just let the other team sometimes. Big Deal. Frustrating to watch, but whatever.

OC, there is plenty of room for retiring in Costa Rica or the PI.

Watched O pretty much admit that it's his progressive movement powerplay or get out of my way. One man wrecking crew on this nations power & world influence.

So glad someone took out Brady & Belichick. Classless Belichick avoided the media after the game to soak his head in epsom salts (where he gets his great grayish wrinkling skin from).
The AFC Championship game was hyped toward Ray Lewis. Ray was a nonfactor in the game. Ravens front 7 did a great job mixing pass rush & great coverage with rushers staying in your lane & tipping passes.

Ravens O Coord (who replaced Cammmoron) adjusted well, spreading out & passing.

Where's all the Flacco haters?????
OC, Shadow, Tom, Duke,,, didn't I point out when Flacco was going from Delaware U to the NFL draft that this guy had it?? The arm, the confidence paired with some good talent at WR & an O line that gave him great protection ='s beating NE 28-13.

Again Flacco---some click immediately (P Manning, Marino) & some take a little more time (Bradshaw, S Young).

OC – I want my street to be 1212 Brady Way lol

Also, you forgot how many terms presidents get. Thank goodness it’s only 2 because this guy is too bad to be in for 4 terms. 2017 and 2021 will not have a Obama on the inauguration stage. Not to mention you just took us back a thousand years with your last 3 lol.

Potter... reread OC's post, the O plans on changing term limits for presidents as unlimited.... which gives me an idea... Wouldn't it be funny if Barry O had presidental term limits removed only to lose the next election to GW BUSH?

where the heck is Naples Jack?

Jimbo - I don't remember what that link was that FZB gave us for the Ravens blog some time ago. But I feel like going over there and blasting those people after all the Harsh comments they made about Flacco and the Ravens and the organization and whatever. And now they're going to the Super bowl and going to win it (As I will be rooting for them to give Ray Lewis the best possible retirement that any player can have, and he sure deserves it). I just want to make all those ravens fans looks stupid and silly and ashamed for what they did when there are a lot of teams that would have been thrilled to be in there position. I guarantee you, if the Dolphins were in their situation, you would never see me complaining about a single thing. I don't think there'd be anyone HERE complaining. What a bunch of Dashies over there. I think I know where Dashi Belongs now. :)

Oh Great Jimbo, So everyone's going to keep voting for Obama and screw themselves. What a Country we lived in.

We used to vote for success and strength. Now we vote for "What's mine?".

Yayyy :(

Ok Jimbo now I know what you mean.

Yeah that would be awesome to see George Bush come back and take him out :)

Alright Well Good Night. I'll see later comments tomorrow :)

I was channel surfing and stopped on the Obi inaug. Boy, let me tell you, that guy Biden looks like a cue ball in Harlem in that show. For a moment I thought that I was watching Soul Train with Dick Clark substituting for Don Cornelius.

Potter, any white boys entertaining at the Inaug.?

They just turned the lights low for a presidential dance and I think it was Obi dancing, all I could see were a set of white teeth gleaming in the spotlight.

Gee Potter, you have to give it to Obi, he's the first stealth president we've ever had. No wonder the Army's new motto is "We own the night."

Wood's. !!!

How are you buddy?..entertaining as usual..lol

Oye, Los Laker's estan de madre, OC se va a cortar las venas..hehe

OC keeps saying that Obi and his cronies are going to change the constitution so he can tay en la casa blanca forever, hehe..

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 21, 2013 at 01:42 PM

You tongue and cheek prescience is closer to truth than you'd like to know.
Movement is already afoot to either eliminate the term limit, and if that doesn't work, nominate Michelle.
First will be total amnesty, creating another 8-10 million prospective Dem voters.
While that happens, the pseudo conservative/moderate Chief Justice will complete his magical transformation into Ruth Bader Ginsburg the 2nd.
The press will continue their incomprehensible liberal bias, and no one one watching/reading mainstream news will know what Benghazi, Fast and furious, oct the $100, 000 wednesday White House parties are.
Not to mention the Trillion bucks " loaned" to "Green energy companies", all Obama diners/supporters...money gone when the companies went belly up.

Apologies for the length, but NOT the content.

Meant donors. Damn typos.

It looks like the NCAA is going to come hard on some former UM coaches (basketball & football) in the Nevin Shapiro deal.


hopefully that's the case, those coaches need to get punished big time and hopefully the school has done enough to show there wasn't any lack of institutional control and the self imposed penalties will be enough as we move forward.

here is the correct link...sorry my bad.



as I stated yesterday, Flacco was amazing..sure made a believer out of me.

Oh no, IMA, please don't tell me that they are going to renig in 4 years.

nahhh, GW Bush will make a comeback. Bush would make all the libs stew for 4 years.

Flacco has look great in the playoffs. Boltin is a beast.
Welker & Pats are going to part ways. Brady surely missed TE Gronkowski. Look for one of the 3 top WR's to sign with NE. The scaries Free Agent signing NE could get is WR Mike Wallace. Talking about Wallace,,, he will be a Dolphin IF Philbin doesn't think Greg Jennings is worth the big contract & Like Denver signing Peyton Manning last yr,,, the team with the biggest $$$$ offer wins. Miami will have between $40-67 cap space depending on who they retain or let walk.

I'd like to see the following players return at the right price... Bush, Starks, Hartline, Sean Smith.

Let go no matter what... DT McDaniel, OT Jake Long.

Starks will most likely go because of the money tied up in the DL with Soliai, Odrick, Wake. Odrick can be moved from DE to DT & Miami can pick up a pass rushing DE..... most likely scenario.

Pats loss comment: Belichick was outcoached in the AFC Championship. Baltimore's adjustments on the offensive side was the difference in outcome.

You can't just let Long walk my bet is they franchise him and see if he has a good year next year or gets injured again then decide what to do with him.

Starks is likely gone in that scenario especially if they re-sign Hartline and Smith and bring in a FA WR.

Yes it took Caldwell a little while but he finally figured out that passing against that NE secondary is the way to win especially with Talib out of the game.

Not sure Belichick was outcoached NE had over 400 yards of total offense and a ton of first downs.

They couldn't score in the red zone or with good field position that's why they lost.

NE severely missed Edelman and Gronkowski also.

Has anyone heard from Naples Jack?..

I almost posted that when I saw it maybe Naples will cool it with all the invincible Patriot talk now but somehow I doubt it.

FZB, he's at his house. I happen to be there and took this pic.


NE is still very formidable, as long as Brady is there they'll compete for the SB.

will like to see the following players back (if the price is right)

Starks, Hartline, Bush

not sold on Long and Smith

maybe on Fasano

I hope they go after a big time WR and reliable TE.

Smith is their best cover corner right now they have to keep him unless a better FA option is out there.

His size is an advantage in today's NFL.

Let R. Marshall compete for the other CB spot (he may have to restructure) and draft some secondary help and go from there.

They can't afford Starks.

Unless they franchise him in which case that could spell the end for Long.


I rather they let Sean Smith go and use that money to go after Aqib Talib

go after Mike Wallace WR and Martellus Bennett TE

they can replace Long, he is breaking down big time

They might be able to get Smith a little cheaper than Talib but that plan works for me too.

Interesting to see if NE makes him an offer or not sounds like he's halfway out the door though.

Now this guy knows how to build a team. Scroll down to his picks and notice his emphasis on Safeties, Corners, and the other skill players... And he's built the Seahawks into a formidable team in about half the same time Ireland has held his own position!


SF GM underrated also.

I think NE will make him an offer (Talib) but they usually don't pay a lot of money so we may have to over pay for him but I think the guy is worth it.

He does seem worth it he's a big dude who can cover.

Have to go back to the Seahawks example. If you take a good look at that list of players John Schneider brought in in a short three years, you'd see that 14 out of the 17 are "starters."

How does that compare to Ireland?

NE is not about to let that cat fly. Forget it.

I should add that those Seattle starting players are really good ones. The majority, if not all of them outperformed any of the ones that Ireland brought in. Yes, including the QB.

So what's my point?

Ireland sucks. No matter what we fans scheme. Dude will f*** it up.

Ireland = Jim Buss

We beat Seattle they are good but maybe overachieved a bit.

Ireland is better suited to being a hospitality manager at the Marriott.

BB. Be real! Do you actually think Miami has a better team than Seattle?


I don't know what you're talking about, Ireland has been in charge of two drafts and the first one he was drafting for Sparano's/ Parcells philosophy (which is very antiquated) and the second for the WCO.

so if you really wanna be picky about it then you could say the Philbin/Ireland combo has only had ONE year rebuilding.

fair is fair.

ps- but there is no denying the guy in Seattle is very good.

There is not one name on that list of starting players that I would sit and start who we have at those position.


Not right now but they could be right there with them if Ireland doesn't screw it up this offseason and we did beat them that counts for something.


the Dolphins have bragging rights for this year, we beat them..hehe

Miami is better than Seattle...si amigo.

Who went to the playoffs and who did not?

They don't have anyone as good as C. Wake on the D line.

Hartline is better than Tate at WR, Bess is about the same player as Tate.

I'll take Pouncey over just about anyone at Center.

They have been very good at drafting impact players in late rounds I will give you that.

No, no, BB. Stick to those players Schneider is responsible for. Max Unger was there before he came in. Apples to apples, buddy.

...and no. I don't agree with you that Hartline is better than Tate. And Wake was a Parcells pick, not an Ireland pick.

Hartline over 1,000 yards receiving Tate a little over 600.

alright, let's examine this a little further,

in three drafts he has drafted 9 starters (I'm guessing your right, I didn't check their roster) which is an exellent ratio, even better than the Patsies and their resident genius and even Ozzie in Baltimore.

so the guy is very good.

Ireland- 2011- M Pouncey , so far only one starter, not very good .

2012-Tannehill, J Martin (two starters) but the possibility exists that O Vernon and L Miller could become starters next year, too early to tell.

question for you OC, the players that are listed as being contributors (for the Seahawks) are they all starters?

Check it out for yourself. 14 out of 17 on the list.


You're right, BB. I take it back. Their #2 receiver, Tate, is not as good as our #1. But their #1, Sidney Rice, is.

Seattle led the league in points allowed 15.3 pg their defense is lights out they had the 27th ranked passing attack in the league.

They are old school they run the ball very well and play good defense but that sounds like an Ireland/ Parcells philosophy to me correct me if I am wrong.

usually if you get two to three starters out of every draft you're doing very good.

so far Ireland has three starters in two drafts but too early to tell, if MIller and Vernon become starters then he would have drafted 6 starters in two drafts.

I'm not saying the guy is a great GM or he sucks but he's grade is incomplete specially since his draft phiosophy changed after his first year in charge, which is another one of my points, that's why you need stability at the top, no changes.

Perhaps so. Two different people can make their particular recipe for chili. What I'm saying is that Jeff Ireland doesn't know how to cook.

His last turn in the kitchen will be this year if he doesn't produce a winning record this season.

Let's make sure we're near an outhouse after eating his chili. Odds are that we will need it.

I'm pretty sure Jeff was the cook here:


if Ross gets rid of Ireland after this year (good possibility) then he would have been in charge of three drafts and one of those was drafting for another HC's philosophy.

contrary to what you guys think, that is not enough time to judge a GM...

LIke I've stated before, if Obi got 4 more years Ireland should get 4 years too..hehe

Ireland will likely keep his job FZB it's not hard to see at least 3 games improvement from this season if he doesn't completely implode on us.

Eggzakly, FZ. This is why I'm a firm believer that you hire a dominant HC first and allow HIM to hire a GM whose main job is to set the table for the HC. Let the HC make the final decision off what the GM scouts so that the HC can be held accountable.

I'm not optimistic, BB.

I know that OC I am at least cautiously optimistic.

It's like Kazaam says if Tannehill works out we'll be fine if he doesn't then we're out of luck it's really that simple now in the NFL.

Another story developing concerning another school shooting. Lone Star College in Houston.


maybe you should do a horoscope reading on my son Jeff, see what the future holds for him.

there is no question that he is on the hot seat, I think you guys will riot if Ross extends him for another year or two, which is what I'm rooting for, hehe

He already knows FZB it's in the stars (just kidding OC).

I've been bugging the shit of my NFL guy to give me some names of who the Dolphins might be looking at (all those guys talk to each other) and he promised he'll give me some names sometime in the next two weeks.

I'll pass it along as soon as I have something.

OK, so I'm starting a petition to re sign Ireland for two more years, who's with me?

This blog should be called Random Stupidity

You're exactly right Marios - But that's what makes it so entertaining :)

Woodcock – I don’t know, I didn’t watch it.

OC – Thanks for the Farting Video – That was funny :)

So now Ireland says he going to bing in some talent. hmmm here comes the ireland support from so many people as if they new it all along.

"Oh no I wasn't saying that, I was saying this."

No that's not what I meant I meant this."

lol this should be fun :)

FZB you and me are going to be so happy and smiling nicely when everyone how wonderful Ireland really is :)

shoot I meant to say "when everyone (see's) how wonderful Ireland really is"

You know what's funny, is when I look at the top of the blog, I keep seeing this ad with older women, obviously clearly older than me, and it says "We don't like young men, we want YOU!" With me being young, what am I supposed to make of that? Does anyone else see that?

Ireland will be wonderful if he actually puts his big talk into action.

He created the cap space and draft picks to do it so no excuses now.

But if youre an older man, why do you need a women saying that she doesnt like younger men as if all women want a younger man. Isn't obvious? It makes it sound like all women are cougars when at least 90 percent of them are not.

Yeah pots they're assuming it's all the over 40 crowd reading this blog I guess which actually it mostly is in regards to posters anyway.

Yeah It make sense. If he gave us 45 million in cap space, it has to be because he was looking to improve the team with good players.

Well I dont know if it's regarding to posters of this blog, which are all ages practically, or if it's on other sites.

But I don't understand why an older man has to worry about finding a younger woman that wants an older man.

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