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January 15, 2013

Dolphins' $400 million stadium plan: Yes or no? Poll. Vote now!; plus Manti Te'o hoax, Kiper's pick for Miami, Heat woes, UM/NCAA, Lyin' Lance & more

[1) It is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16. Season debut of American Idol tonight. Used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, but less and less. Maybe give it one more shot. 2) Congrats to ex-Canes assistant coach Marc Trestman, new head coach of the Chicago Bears. 3) Did I like the season debut of Shameless? Yes. Mostly. Although the Mexico/drugs storyline with Frank seemed a bizarre tangient that didn't quite fit the show. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Kiper says: Cordarrelle Patterson No. 1 for Dolphs: That would be Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson who turns up No. 12 to Miami in the first Mock Draft of ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. Patterson played only one year for Vols after two in junior college, but His Kiperness notes the size (6-3, 205), good hands and run-after-catch ability. Haven't seen Patterson in many mocks or first-round projections so this guess smells like a reach, but we'll see.

DOES DOLPHINS' $400 MILLION STADIUM PLAN HAVE PUBLIC SUPPORT? YOU TELL STEPHEN ROSS, NOW, RIGHT HERE: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants $400 million in stadium improvements, is willing to pay a little more than half and wants public funds to pay for the rest. Are you on board? The poll below is 1aa1canopyyour forum. The Dolphins want you to know that major area hotels are backing their plan to better attract future Super Bowls and big events. The InterContinental Miami, Trump National Doral and Loews Miami Beach are the first on board. No doubt others will follow. Hmm. Naturally major hotels are on board because big events mean visitors and revenue. But wouldn't it be nice if these hotels were willing to give as well as get? This big-ticket remodeling is outlined as a typical team/taxpayer consortium, with the Dolphins and Ross paying about half and you the public (they hope) absorbing the rest. But why shouldn't private enterprise that stands to benefit also contribute? Hotels, major restaurants, car-rental companies ... why do they get the windfall of a local Super Bowl that (theoretically) comes with a better stadium while contributing nothing to that better stadium but their spoken support? Anyway, I digress. Back to reality. The renovated stadium, including a giant canopy, is pictured. Now here's the poll. Vote and say why.

Poll result: Best Super Bowl? 49ers-Ravens, the Bro Bowl: We asked your preferred Super Bowl matchup in previous blogpost and 49ers-Ravens -- the duel of coach-brothers Jim and John Harbaugh -- won with 47.1 percent, followed by 49ers-Patriots 32.8%, Falcons-Ravens 15.5% and Falcons-Pats 4.6%. Combine totals and team you most want to see is 49ers 79.9, Ravens 62.6, Pats 37.4 and Falcons 20.1.

BIZARRE: MANTI TE'O: HOAXER OR HOAX VICTIM?: This is almost too weird/unbelievable/delicious to be true: A report today by Deadspin (click here) suggesting that Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o completely made up the tragic November death of supposed girlfriend Lennay Kekua, who apparently never existed. Notre Dame in turn has issued a statement claiming Te'o is not the liar here, but rather the victim of a terrible hoax. I'll not jump to conclusions like so many have. But you an bet we'll be following this. (Hey. Maybe the whole Manti Te'o liar/hoax story was planted by Lance Armstrong to take a little heat off!)

FOOT-DRAGGING NCAA MUST GIVE UM CREDIT FOR TIME SERVED, PUNISHMENT PAID: UM is now into its fourth calendar year living this Nevin Shapiro mess and NCAA probe. The university already has self-sacrificed two bowl games and an ACC championship game, suspended eight players for 19 games, self-imposed football scholarship limits and, in effect, served two years of probation even before the NCAA has issued its sanctions. That should count for a lot, I write in my latest column. Click on Credit For Time Served to read. Some will see me as an apologist for the Hurricanes. No. They have punishment coming. My point is, much of that punishment already has been served. UM has been a model for how to properly respond, and the NCAA needs to take that into full account.

HEAT STRUGGLES: JUST A BAD TRIP, OR REAL ISSUES? SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT: The defending champs seem in disarray, mentally beat up a bit. They are 4-6 in past 10 games and 8-9 on the road 1aa1eriksincluding 1-3 so far on this six-game swing out west. It's more than that, though. There was a veneer of lethargy to Monday night's 104-97 loss at Utah. "Low energy," LeBron James called it afterward. There also seem to be little fissures of dissension, things for coach Erik Spoelstra (pictured) to deal with. Chris Bosh has second-guessed the team's change in strategy, to smaller-ball, to "positionless." Bosh hardly played down the stretch last night. Dwyane Wade didn't get off the bench at all in the fourth quarter and obviously was not thrilled. "Coach makes the calls, I'm just a player," he said afterward. How do you not play Wade and Bosh in crunch time? A fair question for Spoelstra. (Perhaps one he has heard from Pat Riley). Panic time? No. Crisis? No. But all is not well with the Heat. All is not right. Not on the court, or off it. Something needs fixing. Mending.

LYIN' LANCE ARMSTRONG: AMERICAN CHEAT: Shamed, defrocked Tour de France icon Lance Armstrong 1aa1armstronglcomes clean to Oprah about his PED use, but how many years too late? It isn't so much his doping that galls here, it's all those years that Armstrong looked America in the eye and flat-out lied. He not only proclaimed his innocence, he was indignant at the accusations. Incredulous. All the while his fight with cancer and his good works with the Livestrong Foundation were held up as shields against the scrutiny. 'How dare you accuse me!?' Liar. Cheater. Turd. What a hypocritical fraud.

1aa1gagagunGAGA AND THE GUN BRA: Lady Gaga is in trouble with gun-control groups -- especially in light of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut -- for wearing in concert a bra with toy guns attached. I think she has a right to be as desperately outlandish as she wants to be. I also see the sensitivity, given the timing. Mostly, I've just always been looking for an excuse to picture a gun bra, which to me looks like something a beautiful counter-spy might have used to try to kill Bond in a 1960s' 007 film.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Sometimes I wonder if Cote even reads these stories.

No money would come directly from taxpayers, there would be a new tax on people staying at local hotels and the Dolphins would pay less state sales tax.

I would still vote no. F*ck the Super Bowl, Miami-Dade needs that Dolphins revenue.

Let Ross pick up the tab. Bob Kraft built his own stadium, with his money.

Don't know why there's no love for the Falcons they are an exciting team to watch.

Renovations look nice but new stadium would be better.

Heck last time I was there the parking lot wasn't even paved.

Heat need to take a look in the mirror, starting with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Why wasn't Bosh on the floor? Because he had one rebound, complained after the game that he's been having to fight with his own teammates for rebounds.

Why wasn't Wade on the floor? Because they fell behind big with him out there and came back with high energy defense when he sat down.

Erik Spoelstra isn't an in your face motivator like Pat Riley, he's more of a philosophizer. He's not going to get this team to hustle, period.

It's on LeBron to rally his troops. He needs to get in Wade and Bosh's faces and all three need to turn this thing around (still #1 in the East BTW). Maybe LeBron doesn't have that in him either, if so the Heat are in trouble. LeBron can't lead this team by his own actions, he needs to demand more of his teammates, especially the two taking up all the rest of the cap space.

I'm fine with the stadium deal. Ross is picking up a large portion of the tab and we should not hold the Marlins' nonsense against all the other area sports teams.

I'm not a huge Ross fan but he is clearly willing to spend money to win.

Plus, long term, those Super Bowls we get will help defray the loss of sales tax revenue.

This is delicious I like Boston's chances at a rematch more every day.

A rematch is very likely, Head will finish #1 in the east and Boston's hanging around #8.

They will finish top 4 or 5 in the East you won't see them in the first round guaranteed.

Trust, are you in the category outlined in the LA Times article below? Do you have a trust fund or did your parents help you with the 20 thousand that you used to buy the double wide?


We all know this Heat team always gel at playoff time. They still have the 1st seed in the east. So lets not panic.

Did'nt Joe Robbie Finance the current stadium with his own money??
Let Idiot Ross do the same, 400 Million? Are you kidding me?,Are They placing gold plated seats for "Trust Fund Kids"????

The analysis here is strictly based on how much is the Super Bowl and NCAA championship game worth to South Florida's economy. "You've got to break some eggs to make an omelette."

Coach Makes The Decisions!!

A Coach is Paid To Motivate!!

A Coach Is Paid To Win!!

If You Can Not Admit!! Spo Is Part Of The Problem!!!


Coaches Are Responsible For THE TEAM!!




The Stadium Pictures Look Better Than The Logo!!

Even The Seats Look Nice!!

Come on guys, its a no brainer..I say yes to the improvements, the money will come from a hotel bed tax and the Dolphins, not from tax payers.

hey ginrai, wow , back from the abyss?...hehe, stay a while, I think the lad's missed you.

if the Heat don't get their shit together then they are in trouble, I blame Riley not Spo..sorry Dashi.

the NCAA can kiss my ass, they've been fishing for two years and still waiting, come out with the findings already.. in effect we have been on probation all that time and Golden has done a great job under the circumstances..I can't wait to see what he can do with no restrictions.

so what that Lance is a cheater, so are the Patriots and people still root for them.

Whoa FZ, now you're parroting my position about steroids and baseball, no?


I Blame Riley For NOT FIRING SPO!!

Not For The Team!!

The Coach Is Responsible For The Team!!

I'd still like to know what planet Lil Ginrai is from..

Yes, you got me bro...I'm going to have to re-think my position now..lol

JF, That's what Iam saying 400 MILLION, Come on man..

A canopy, jumbotrons and a few new seats just doesn't seem right for 400 mil not really sure how that makes the stadium viable for another 30 years.

Couldn't we get a new cookie cutter stadium for just a bit more?


You Know I Was With You Last Year!! Blaming Riley!!

And I Was Blaming Spo!!

But Riley Did His Job!!

He Got The Big 3!! He Got Good Veterans To Take Less!! To Join The Team!!

The Big Flaw Is The Coach!!

Picture If Ireland!! Would've Signed Megatron, Gronk, And A.Rodgers!!

And Philbin Goes 9-7! Barely Makes The Playoffs!!

That is What The Heat Look Like To Me!! The Coach!! Isn't Coaching The Team To Its Full Potential!!

Chuck Norris, Can Scare C.Bosh Into Rebounding!!

Lebron has 1 More Year On His Contract Before He Can Opt Out!!

Lebron Came To Miami To Win Not 1, Not 2, 3,4,5!!

Lebron Came To Miami To Make A Dynasty!!

Spo Is Not Coaching This Team!! To Be All Time Great!!

Biggest Disappointment In History!!


Trust Me!! This Is Coming From A Lebron Fan!!

Your Coach!! Is Suppose To Be Your Mentor!! The Teams Mentor!! The Defacto Leader!!

Lebron Has Never Had A Coach That Was Smarter Than Him!! His NBA CAREER!!

You Don't Think!! Phil helped Kobe or MJ!! Pat Didn't Help Ewing Or Zo!!

The Coach Is There To Fix Everyone's FLAW!! OR AT LEAST IDENTIFY THEM!!

Everyone Knows The Heat Can't Rebound!! Who's Fault Is That!!

It is Not A Individual Problem!! THE WHOLE TEAM IS HAVING A PROBLEM!!

Big Three are fading fast.

Wow that didn't take long.

Reconstruction can be very costly. Much like a retrofit, say like a 57 Buick into 013 standards (air bags, unleaded fuel consumption, etc) would approximate close to the cost of buying a new vehicle.

Imagine if one seriously wanted to attach a 60' high x 50' long, four floor horizontal appendage to the Empire State Building, roughly at the 50th floor. Such a project would approximate, if not surpass the cost of building such a structure in the middle of nowhere, 60 miles up the Turnpike.

My point exactly OC I vote nondescript cookie cutter we don't need a 1 bil Jerry Jones thing just a new stadium with a simple design.

BB, think of all that land, all those existing assets. That's a huge number to trash down the garbage disposal. Ross simply has to retrofit, and that cost will be high.

Oye Dash...calmate los nervios.

listen, the Heat's problem is they don't have a center and a power forward that can bang with the big boys, their talent can only take'em so far, last year they won the whole thing with their "position-less" basketball but this year the teams have adapted to it and they are pounding the Heat on the boards which prevents them from getting out on the fast break.

its still early and they still will be a one or second seed but teams know the Heat can be had, Spo is a good coach, I think he is too stubborn at times but he plays the hand the GM gave him (Riley).

Now, moving forward I don't know if they can fix this thing, Riley won't trade Haslem or Jones but if is me I'll trade for a PF or Center and start him along Bosh.

BB...is still early and I'm concerned but I think they'll get it going (eventually).

Flush it the location is terrible the stadium is a dinosaur you can't get out of there due to traffic on game days place kind of sucks.

He needs a new team of experts to assess this place and call it for what it is.

OC and Baby,

in our situation, its easier and less costly to put up the 400 mil than start a brand new stadium, the cost would be maybe 1.5 bil when you take into consideration demolition cost's plus the new building.

I go to Canes games all the time, its a good stadium it just needs a little tender care, that's all.

btw, Kazaam, I didn't want to burden today's discussion here with what we were talking about yesterday, but feel free to see my response to your last post on yesterday's page.

BB, your suggestion is financially untenable.

The only way to make your desire work is to place Barrack Obama in charge of the project. He could give a rats ass about finances.

Steven Ross is the richest owner in the NFL Forbes has him listed at worth over 1 billion.

It's tenable.

The sad part of JRS is it's never been a particularly loud or intimidating stadium like OB. Could be due to lack of fan support as a result of lack of winning though...


don't be talking bad about my president now..hehe

One of these days you're going to have to explain to this old boy how "thoughts travel".

If they ever try to make JRS a domed stadium it will mean Fins have gone officially limp wristed. No elements=fake football team. Look at once proud Vikings under Bud Grant vs domed Vikes. Sorry no mystique. No climate edge to playing OUTDOORS!

I've been in the real estate business for 35 years. Location, location, location, are the three most important determinants of value in real estate. The Miami Gardens location does not fit the bill. Having said that, for a special events place which is what a football stadium is, as long as they can facilitate egress and ingress and modernize the stadium it should suffice to keep South Florida as a football destination into the foreseeable future. It's a shame that the stadium cannot be moved to a location that would improve the surroundings and make for a better fan experience. Any location adjacent to the bay would be far better than where JRS and the Marlins new stadium is located, but since there's a better chance of pigs flying 747's than for a new stadium to go up bayside we might as well improve what we have.

meant INDOORS!

BB, being rich has no bearing on it. He has to answer to his partners and investors. If option #A yields 10¢ and option #B yields 20¢, option #B wins out every time, regardless of personal wealth.

Now, if all he had to do was to involve only himself, then he could do it and folks would just label him another Howard Hughes eccentric.

Kaz telepathy exists. It occurs all the time. We just don't ordinarily attend to it. There's a level where knowledge and words are separate. It's a quandry to try to explain it because the very explaining takes you in opposite direction of direct experience. Tricky problem. Silent knowledge is a fact Jack but I'll never be able to prove it or even understand it and yet...

dukester, you've just told Kazaam that you're delusional.

It's like trying to convince Spock without the existence of a Vulcan "mind-meld."

...and congratulations, duke. You're using your right hemisphere for something more than parting your hair...ehr...that is if you have any hair.

Short term it's viable, long term it's not which at his age is probably why he's choosing the former he's selling at some point.

BB, you and I do not have the time, resources, and perhaps even that astute quality needed to analyze each and every financial component involved in such proposition. Suffice it to state that in the end, I would venture a guess that a retrofit makes the most sense.


I have a cousin that he's best friend is in the military (pretty high up in the ranks) and he was part of a military research study in the 90's on remote viewing.

I met him a couple of times around chritmas time and I remember one time we were just talking (maybe 2009) and he said the military believed in the project but never really got any significant intelligence out of it and it was shut down.

ESP ?..I don't know if is real but a lot of people do believe in it for sure.

Oh, it's real alright.

Duke, Any way to contact Commander Ripper about the possibility of a domed stadium and how it relates to "Limp-Wristed" Football?

Why thank you OC. I was rooting for you and your astrology perspective but these are challenging truths to convey. Even if your arguement is perfectly cogent in absence of direct apprehension it just won't fly. Yes I still have my hair. I look just like Fabio for f***sake.

OC it may make the most sense financially but it's putting lipstick on a pig so if it's not my money, I say build a new one.

btw, ESP, as you know, stands for extra sensory perception. Everyone can have the extra in ESP by developing the five senses they already count on. Think of it as heightened Sherlock Holmes syndrome.

"DOOMED" Stadium.......
Or maybe I Meant "DOOMED" Steadium...
We Wait patently to Our Base Commander.....

Astrology followers are 80% female because the end result of astrology is gossiping about their girlfriends' personalities, something most men don't enjoy or strive for. Has nothing to do with their brains.

Yes duke, you're also delusional but then you already knew that.

Telapathy doesn't exist, it's the mind's interpretation of coincidence. We've all had it, look at your girlfriend and you're thinking the exact same 'random' thing, phone rings right as you're about to call your dad, thinking about your grandfather's health the day he has a heart attack.

If anyone could demonstrate telepathy they would be probably one of the top 10 most famous people of all time after the religious figures. Talking to the dead as well. Send one thought, receive one thought, and you'd become a billionaire and more famous than you could ever imagine.

Well 'it doesn't work that way', right? It's much more mysterious, not quite a thought, just a felling, you can't control it.

Because it doesn't exist, your mind is playing tricks on you. Some people are more prone to delusion than others, it's not that I 'don't get it', I've had those experiences, I can easily see personality traits that 'fit' with astrology, I just understand the basis for why those phenomena and scams 'work'.

duke, if you haven't yet, you might want to read my last post from yesterday.

BTW, 'psychics' can't predict the unknown at a higher chance than random either. Like astrology it's not that we don't know how it works, it's that we know it doesn't.

the white line is for loading and unloading of passengers only...

Yes Kaz that is also true lol. You're truly one of my favorite scientists. It's because you clearly belong as I do to the disturbed absurd club or is that the absurd disturbed club. No matter. Yes I was looking that over OC. I worked a double last night so I don't want to try to make too much sense of things at the moment..

Kaz, I laid a perfectly logical postulate in front of you and your response goes more towards proving its fundamental truth rather than not.

You guys remember deep thoughts with Jack Handey on SNL?

"When you're riding in a time machine way far into the future, don't stick your elbow out the window, or it'll turn into a fossil".

This reminds me of that not to discount your discussion.

Hey, I came from the past. Humans are more than what you believe!



Base commander is taking a nap now, he will be available at 1800 hrs.

and away we go again...this should be interesting.

in case anyone is wondering, is possible we may have a Harbaugh Super Bowl.


now Flounder is going to get upset with you for posting that picture of the apes and suggesting evolution was somehow involved in all of this...

Ross: it's your business; invest your own money, and stop whimpering about how much this is going to help fancy hotels. We couldn't care less. And your team sucks. And less and less people are paying through the nose to attend NFL games.


Damn, Elvin. That pic makes Lady Gaga look like a wimp.

Your postulate is based in a completely disproven field called phrenology, where the shape of the head and brain dictates personality.

Left brain and right brain is now only accepted as an analogy for a person's proclivity for creativity or analytical tasks, the two hemispheres are generally accepted to be fully integrated in healthy brains.

Your explanation for why some people are more prone to delusion doesn't address the fact that astrology and psychic abilities are testable, have drawn intense interest, and are completely disproven. Astrology doesn't predict personality traits at a greater chance than random, 'psychics' can't guess unknowns at a greater chance than random.

For Those Of You Who Haven't Been In/To Miami The Last 5-10 Years!!

Should Realize!!


It Is In The Middle Of Dade And Broward!

Sfla Is More Than Just!! Miami!! Definitely More Than South Miami!!

And It Is The Easiest Accessible Stadium In Sfla!!

You Can Reach It From Anywhere In Under 30 Minutes!! And Is Near To All The Major Highways!!

Nobody Will Go To A Marlin Game!! At 1 or 4 During The Weekday!! The Traffic In Miami Makes You Think TWICE!!

Why Do You Think People Are Late To Heat Game!! TRAFFIC!!!

Again, The Location Is Not The Problem!!

Come Down To Sfla!! The Stadium Is Dead In The Middle!!

Maybe 20 Years Ago!! The Area Was Small or Rural!!

But You Don't Have A Empty Lot!! From Florida City To North Broward To Build A Stadium!!

The Retro Fit Is The Way To Go!! Or Build The New Stadium ON THE PARKING LOT!!


Unlike The Homestead speedway!! All The Way Down In The Boondocks!!

The owners are the organ grinder. The Herald is the monkey.

OC has been using the "Cuban Mind Meld" to assist him in moving boxes from his pad to a self storage warehouse in the real OC. This might be the explanation as to why he's still not living in Austin. Ooohhoooooohaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa.

Yes, I too know how to read:

But regardless of how integrated or where exactly, and what regions govern what, one is left with an undeniable fact. A predominant number of humans are right-handed, while a lesser number are left-handed, and an even lesser number are ambidextrous.

I contend that a correlation exists between those poles and the reality that a majority of folks operate from a purely rational plane, like yourself, while a minority of folks see things that the majority does not comprehend.

I also think that any study or test which attempts to clinically render findings is designed by those very people who are predisposed to validate non existence. The game is stacked. Further, I am living and breathing proof of having an ability to see, understand and communicate is said fashion, which alone and by itself is proof enough to me.

OC,..... Well..AHHH..Are you using some kind of Jedi mind F@ck on us??
Just wondering, Your on a totally different Astro plain then the rest of us..
BTW are you really Joe Montana???? LOL, Sorry I could'nt help myself...

No you don't.


Oye bro...OC esta un poco desorvitado.hehe

I'm sure there's plenty of shit going on around us that we're not even aware of, call it what you want, ESP, the laws of physics, santeria etc.

when and if it ever I become aware of it then I'll deal with it, in the meantime I'll just keep on trucking.

with respect to all my blog amigos...

No one can tell the psycho homeless dude that aliens don't tell him to sodomize gas station attendants unless he wears his foil hat.

His reality is as true for him as yours is to you.

Society long came to a consensus about those kinds of people, it's why no one gives astrology or psychic powers or alien mind control hats any credence.

OC that's it. Your 4:06 post rings as true as a Fender Strat for me.


I would never let anyone or anybody give me a postulate. But then, that's just me.

That's insane, the rules of experimental design and statistics are consistent across all disciplines, they were not created or changed to disprove astrology or psychic abilities.



I don't know what's worse, a Volcan mind meld or a Jedi mind trick.

Yakkity Yak don't talk back!

FZB,I'am not giving your son a pass this draft/Free agency this year he better get it right and be in the play-offs and advance, otherwise.......

Just sayin....

Kazaam, I went to the Long Beach Aquarium with OC one time. We were watching the Garibaldi exhibit. As you well know, the Garibaldi looks like a giant orange colored gold fish which grow to the size of a small hubcap. Anyway, we were watching the fish when I had to go drain the lily. When I came back I stopped and observed the following;

OC was now standing next to some weird looking guy who was staring at the Garibaldi intently. The geek then started to motion with his head to the right and the Garibaldi which was floating right in front of the geek moved to the right. Then the geek motioned his head to the left and the Garibaldi swam to the left all the while making little gestures with his lips as if he was blowing bubbles. The geek then motioned up and down with his head, and yep the Garibaldi kept blowing bubbles and moved up and down. After a little while the geek turned to walk away, but OC stopped him and said, "Dude, that's unbelievable. Are you a mentalist? How did you do that?" The geek looked at OC in a disinterested manner and said, "Strong mind controls weak minds." And turned and walked away.

I was about to rejoin OC, when all of a sudden I see OC staring intently at the Garibaldi which is now floating inside the tank and blowing little bubbles in a cute kind of way. Now I see OC look around acting a little nervous. Not seeing me, he stepped up to the glass in the fish tank and moved his head to the right. The Garibaldi just sat there swimming in place blowing little bubbles. OC then moved his head to the left. Same thing the Garibaldi just stayed there blowing little bubbles. Then OC moved his head up and down, nothing, just more bubbles. Then for a moment OC just stood there in front of the Garibaldi, staring intently into the Garibaldi's eyes as the Garibaldi just stared right back at him through the glass staying still and blowing out little bubbles................After about one minute of this staring contest OC started to blow little bubbles!

FZB, you apparently beat my intended post for Kaz by a nanosecond. Kaz I meant it in the spirit of respectful mirth sir...


Great minds think alike, I think. lol

Anti, How can you be talking football when our minds are being controlled by forces we not yet understand?


as for my son, no worries, he will sign a couple of good free agents (WR and DB) and kill it in the draft, you'll see.

on another subject, if a newcomer happens to take a looksie into our blog today they will probably think that OC and Kaz are geniouses...and I will agree.

I say we elect both to the Blog hall of fame.


That's a funny story..lol

FZ, that's an example of the vaunted OC Mind Meld in action.

"I'm a visionary, Woodcock, a visionary! I can see things."

He he.

Andrew – You called Rice and Tate “just decent”. No such thing as “just decent”. If Hartline and Bess we “just decent” the Dolphins would have made the playoffs. And if you want to compare something, compare Receivers, not Quarterbacks.

Kaz – You said about a week ago that Django would not win anything. See Below: The first part is the only important part. Forget the rest.

“Django's just my type of movie, I love Tarantino. But it won't win anything, Christopher Waltz won best supporting actor for Inglorious Basterds, they won't let him win again and he wasn't as good as Tommy Lee, for one.”

Posted by: I am Kazaam | January 10, 2013 at 12:54 PM

And if it can win a Golden Globe it can win an Oscar. :)

Tannehill has better Accuracy than Wilson. BTW Manning and Brady have Zing so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team – Wow, you didn’t just tell me NASCAR is not a sport. You get in one of those cars for 3 to 4 hours straight going 500 miles and then tell me it’s not a sport. You’re an idiot. Sorry, No Offense. NASCAR is the most Demanding and Draining Sport there is. You have no idea what it takes to try to pass people or keep from getting past without crashing.

And just to let you know, The guys are small. Just about every single one of them are clearly smaller than me. I’m like 6’1” to 6’2” – None of those guys are even close to 6 feet. Please don’t argue this with me. I am 1 of the Biggest NASCAR fans there are. You have no idea what you are talking about. Jeff Gordon, My Favorite Driver is only about 5’6” or 5’7”. Please don’t argue this stuff with me. Look up the drivers heights online before the spout this stuff out. I really do not want to use up 2 pages of excel arguing driver height in NASCAR with you.

Oh boy OC – No Offense, But are you a Dumb@$$??? I was not born in June, which is what makes you a Gemini. I was born in January, on the 11th. That would make me a Capricorn in Astrology terms. Why the heck would I put 1/11/87 in my name for 1 day, which turned out to be 2 because I forgot it was still there, to signal that it’s my birthday, My favorite day of the year, If my birthday was in June. Are you that stupid?? No Offense. That just takes common sense to figure out.

And just to make things clear, Nothing you put in that description for Gemini has anything to do with me. I Actually thought I was reading the Lyrics of Katy Perry’s Hot & Cold Song in the beginning of it lol.

And lastly, Astrology has nothing to do with moon position. It’s about what time of year you were born. The Moon circles the earth. It’s actually in the same position to the earth about 365 days a year. It’s more about Earth Position than Moon Position. :)

FZB – I know exactly what I’m missing. Life is not about Sex. It’s about living for God the way he wants you to. Sex was designed for a married Man and Woman to Enjoy. Because you don’t any right to a Woman’s body until you marry her. :)

OC – The 3 wise men were just looking for the North Star to find Jesus. They didn’t do anything else.

Kazaam – Yes, I’m a Capricorn, but I’m not exactly sure what your trying to say with that Metaphor (If I spelled that Correctly)

You’re right Naples – The Broncos had 2 TD Returns. That means Manning is only accounting for 21 points. The raven’s should have had a much easier win. :)

I Have Me On My Fastasy Team – Ok Dude, You want that one song? Another Brick In the Wall” is the one 1 song I can name right now.

OC – There is no such thing as evolution. If there were, there would be no fish or Monkeys today.

As for todays' post, I like the Dolphins renovation looks if they go with it. Though I would really love for it to include some field renovation. It looks so ugly and trashy.

The Heat only lost last night because because the screwed up the comeback. After they got within 2 points of the Jazz, They went into this "Miss & Foul" Mode. So whatever they were doing to go from 21 down to 2 down, was working. They need to do that for the whole game every game. And they will win every game with ease. :)

Potter87 - that is the absolute dumbest thing I've ever read, thank God you won't be procreating.

However, I have a problem with the stadium that I just came up with. What is going to happen during hurricane time? I can see the first good hurricane coming along and taking out this whole thing. They better do something to make it all hurricane proof. Or they will be spending a lot more money fixing the thing and making it the proper way, which they could have done the first time and saved all that mess from happening.

Kaz - what are you talking about?

Down boy, down. Potter, I don't know if you've actually seen Wilson play this year with the Seahawks, Son. An easy argument can be made that he was much more effective than RGIII. The boy played not good but great football all year. Especially towards the end of the year and in the playoffs, the kid was outstanding.

Potter, I think it was OC who you're quoting about Tarrentino. I think.

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