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January 21, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 16 has ended; next chat Jan. 28

Welcome to Live Blog Chat No. 16: Chat has ended. Thanks to all. Click on 'Comments' below to read a transcript of today's palaver.


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Hey all. Greg here. Starting right at 1. Anybody home? Almost forget about this week's Chat. Hope y'all didn't. We're about to find out...

Mr. Cote. Please tell me you have news on the new OC at UM. I think its important to get this hire done quickly even if its just promoting someone from within with knowledge of Jedd's system!!

Would Trent Dilfer or Ken Dorsey be good candidates for the OC job at UM

OK let's go! Garfield, no news yet on Fisch's replacement, which isn't good or bad news. Probably can rule out Mario Cristobal, who has no experience as a play-caller. Big hire, whomever it is, though, because Fisch was good and well-liked.

Garfield, I'd say not really only because Dilfer and Dorsey are not coaches. I think you want an experienced guy as offensive coordinator.

Did the U receive the NOA yet?

Keeping in mind that discussing a few already widely known allegations with individuals is nowhere near receiving the actual, official NOA

ImagFriends, ha on the moniker. Tribute to Manti? No, UM has not received NCAA Notice of Allegations to our knowledge. Doubt today because of national holiday. Tomorrow very possible.

Cote,How's the weather in Washington?

Had a feeling we'd be slow today. Holiday? More likely because I posted the Live Chat post too late in my blog for it to appear on the online front in time. Still hadn't when last I checked. Oh well. I'm patient...

So give it to us straight! With your connections in the college football cirlces what have you heard when it comes to the penalties that miami could face?

Yes, absolutely, and a tribute to all the catfishers out there. A new term for me, which I had not even heard of until last week.

Thanks for your columns and humor and being one of the Last of the Mohicans. An actual honest to goodness real journalist. A dying breed, sadly.

Anti-Christ, I am not in Washington, although I divine from your question a subtle tweak of my (apparent) pro-Obama proclivities. CAN'T FOOL MEEEE!!!

Imag, yeah "catfishing" was new to me, too. Thanks for the very kind comments.

Yay the Live Blog-Chat post has just appeared in a headline in online sports front. Welcome, latecomers. Give me some wind sprints.

I'm going to start singing to amuse myself. Consider that a threat.

LOL, Greg, Your thoughts on Miami (Ireland) Picking good picks thisupcoming draft, I think they have 5 Picks in the first three rounds??(And please, no Answers like "Well you have to wait 3 years for these draft picks to pan out")


"I started a joke ... that started the whole world laughing..."

Anti-Christ, the mathematical odds alone are with Jeff to hit on a few good picks. Also some ammo to trade up. Problem is this is mostly a defensive draft and Miami's greater needs are on O.


Brady will be 36 at next season's start and has an acl tear to his record, Welker is another year older next year and has an acl tear to his name too, Ridley couldn't recite the alphabet if you asked him now, and the defense doesn't scare anyone. Now for Miami...Tannehill's only 24 and performed well with poor targets, they have the $ to shore up some free agents, the draft picks are set up perfectly, and some young players (Hartline, Reshad Jones, Pouncey, etc.) continue to grow. Dare you say...Dolphins will regain the AFC east soon?

Dal, you the man for saying Stan the Man. Baseball lost three giants over weekend in Earl Weaver, Stan Musial and Ron Fraser. R.I.P. to them all.

Any thoughts on the NCAA abdicating some control by removing quantity limits/forms of communications from schools to recruits and the effect this will have on the wealthy schools ("haves") versus smaller less affluent schools ('have-nots")?

Greg, Your early thoughts on the "Super Bro"??, Oh snap sorry, SuperBowl??

Laces Out Dan, your optimism is both a refreshing change for this Chat and also not unfounded. I thinks pats will still be good for a while, but I'd rather be Dolphins than Jets or Bills in terms of what's on the roster now and the draft potential. If Jeff Ireland has a big next few months, Miami should be playoff team in '13.

Imag, any change that removes restrictions will helps the big guys continue their hold over the little guys.

Dan, What do you consider soon?

Anti-Christ, Super Bro works, along with Bro Bowl, Har-Bowl, Super Baugh and any number of other variations we'll be inundated with. Sure Niners will be a narrow pick but pending further research Ravens feeling like one of those TODs (teams of destiny) at this point.

What are Peyton Manning's chances for making it to a Super Bowl without another "one and done"?

What are Tim Tebow's chances for finding a place---anywhere!...on an NFL team?

Anti-, who's Dan? "It's bitter bad, heartsick sad, when the one you love has lost the feel for you..."

Patricia, never-write-off-Peyton Manning is the lesson of this season, despite the early playoff ouster. Lots of young talent on defense in Denver. They'll be back.

Patricia, am less optimistic about Tebow's future in NFL. Bad sign for him when Jaguars passed on him. He'll be helped if option play run by Kaepernick catches on as a trend, but Tebow doesn't have the speed/athleticism to be a Kaepernick/Newton/RG3.

"Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane..."

Ohhhh No, Wacth out either Cote's losing his mind or he's starting to sing again///
Let me finnish it for you Cote..
"I've lost that loving feelin, Whoaooa that loving feeling"...

"...I got more rhymes than the Bible's got psalms..."

Anti-, are the Righteous Brothers still alive and if so why? I cannot name either Rightous Brother. My fault, not theirs. Normally though there is a dominant male in a duo -- Paul over Art, Hall over Oates -- but not in this case.

What's funny about all this is that I do this for a living and get paid for it.

Whatever happened to Susan Dey from the Partridge Family? A boyhood crush of mine, now disappeared.

"ob la di, ob la da, life goes on ... RA!"

I feel like I'm in the studio with Le Batard, and he's just staring at me, and there's dead air, absolute silence, I must fill it.

What are Tim Tebow's chances for finding a place---anywhere!...on an NFL team?

Posted by: Patricia Fulton | January 21, 2013 at 01:35 PM

Patty, My guess is either Fed-Ex or UPS, Though I hear the US postal service ae also a landing spot for the bible thumper....

If you all don't start making noise I'm going to TURN THIS CAR AROUND RIGHT NOW!

Maybe Tebow could don a convincing wig and be Manti's new girlfriend...?

so where are the "negativos" today greg, at Obi's inauguration?

all-right, a serious question...

where is the letter from the NCAA or are they going to drag this on for another year.

FZB, that's why it's so quiet today ... not enough to bitch about! NCAA notice should be any day now, although to me the over/under was looking like what happens first: the end of this investigation, or Shapiro getting out of jail.


so, you think the signing of the Birdman's is really going to help?

I rather see them get rid of Chalmers and bring anyone off the street.

Anti-, I actually saw Steve Martin in concert during that era, at Miami Jai-Alai of all places (?). Still find myself humming "King Tut" occasionally. Especially the line, "...he made it with a donkey! he's my favorite honky!""

FZB, I think Birdman'll be 10 (days) and out. As for Chalmers, I would think that 10 3-pointer game just bought him a little love.


saw richard pryor in 1966 at the troubador- incredible. best joke teller of all time-redd foxx on those dooto albums

OK let's put a humane bullet into this week's Chat and end it. Thanks to all. See ya next Monday at 1.

Sorry, Greg. You see, most of us were at the inauguration. After all, one has to have their priorities straight.

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