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January 14, 2013

Live Blog Q&A / Chat No. 15 has ended; next chat Jan. 21

Welcome to Live Blog Chat No. 15: Thanks to all participants. Great response. We do this every Monday expect on holidays and when I forget, from 1-2 p.m. today. Click on 'Comments' below for transcript of today's palaver. See you next Monday at 1.


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Watching Ryan Tannehill last year it was pretty clear that his accuracy from the pocket is subpar and he's much better when he's moving around and throwing on the run.

Is it possible that he's a bad fit for the Mike McCarthy offense Joe Philbin was trying to copy?

Would you rather fight one 8 foot William H. Macy or 8 one foot William H. Macys? No weapons but they are talking with the North Dakota accent from Fargo to throw you off.

Is it safe to say Russell Wilson >>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ryan Tannehill?

Hey all, Greg here. Starting in a minute or two. Glad you could join us!

Can we please get to a full-fledged NCAA football playoff? I am tired of these Midwestern schools playing weaker schedules, showing up undefeated and getting absolutely embarrassed by a 1 loss SEC school.

OK let's go! I am..., I actually think Tannehill is a good fir for a fast-paced offense. In this day and age (Newton, RG3, Kaepernick), mobility is more and more coveted.

Do you have access to the Herald's membership stats?

Curious to see if payed subscriptions are working in this market, I'm sure the views and advertising revenue is down but people must be signing up.

I think people my age have a problem paying for content you can get elsewhere but I find myself buying more actual newspapers these days.

Telling that a paper edition is a throw-in in many models - buy NYT or Economist or National Geographic online and get the paper edition sent to you for free.

Just think, Ohio State wasn't on probation and it would have been a very good NC game between two undefeated midwest teams with Alabama on the outside looking in. Have you seen Ohio State's schedule for next year? If not, take a look. The only competitive game is Michigan. They can show up to that one and it is another undefeated year for Urbs.

I am... I'll gladly fight any William H. Macy, anywhere, as long as his oldest daughter in Shameless is the between-rounds card girl or referee.

Buenas tardes, señor Cote, Hey, what's this stuff we're hearing about $70 for online access? Any truth to that? Would it affect your blog?


while there are some here that are not the least bit concerned about the state of the Heat, I for one rather see them make a move for a proven rebounder..if it can be done, I know Riley loves Udonis, but the guy just doesn't have it anymore.

what say you ?

ps-I would not mind if they also get rid of Chalmers, but that would be asking too much.

Captain, no it isn't safe to say RWilson is greater than Tannehill based on one season. It IS safe to say Tanny trails Lukc/RG3/Wilson in that year's draft race, which will last 10-plus years and spawn continuous comparisons.

That's kind of my point - Redskins, Panthers, and 49ers don't run a West Coast offense, and Tannehill's good at a gallop but not in their league in terms of evasiveness.

Hope you're right about pace anyway.

Rawpimple, yes we CAN get to an NCAA football playoff. Right after the 2014 season. Still not sure it will resolve all controversy. Team ranked 5th in 4-team playoff will still howl and cry foul.

I Am..., don't have membership stats offhand. Probably could get them, although guessing "we" might not want them made public.


would you remind the negativos that compairing QB's is pointless, Luck,RGIII and R Wilson all had over 48 starts in college, T-Hill only had 19.

all those QB's had a much better supporting cast than our guy, they are compairing apples and oranges.

Are you surprised Mrs. AJ Mccarron's mom missed a prime opportunity on National TV to show off her assets? She is obviously very proud of the work done considering the numerous pictures on the internet. I was thinking she thought the National Championship game was in Minnesota and not Miami. I definitely expected her to wear an Alabama bikini top. Instead we talk about Katharine Webb and not Mccarron's mom. Being a star is a game of inches.

Captain, I hope the new playoff system will see through the easy-schedule, fake 12-1 teams and get to the four best, period. Northern Illinois need not apply!

OC, I am as concerned about online membership fees as you. I'll find out and pass along the info in the blog when I can.

I know outside of UM Football you don't usually write or speak about any other team (unless its negative news), but I wanted your HONEST opinion about the moves that FIU has made in the last few weeks..
What will the next 3 to 4 years look like for FIU in C-USA?

I personally was a fan of Cristobal and what he has done for FIU. He never got the credit he deserves from FIU fans or the Herald. As a proud Alum, Im pretty uncertain of the next few years for the Golden Panthers (for the exception that the QB will FINALLY go under Center).. Lol

Go Panthers!

OK Cote,

the Gestapo/NCAA is about to tell us the "allegations" against the U and why this has taken two years, any gut feeling one way or another?

Cote, can you please comment on the very nice and kind Leslie Visser? She was a tremendous actress in the Dark Knight playing the joker and now? What happened to her? I saw her interview Matt Ryan and I was terrified.

FZB, they can increase rebounding with different lineups, more from Bosh. Don't like idea of trading a key piece. Also don't like idea of adding an re-tread like Birdman Andersen or Greg Oden.

Greg, I didn't find your Snoop Dogg/Last Supper pic offensive at all. It was as much a hoot as the other pic I recently saw of Michelle Obama getting it from behind by a mandingo fighter while hubby watched. Some people just don't have a sense of humor. Don't you agree?

FZB, they need to adapt the offense to Tanny's kills, not make him fit some preconceived notion.

What do you think of Joe Flacco? He should have been in the Super Bowl last year (dropped TD and subsequent missed FG). Can Flacco finally get to the Super Bowl?

FZB, yes yes yes on your point about unfair comparisons!

Greg, so after reading your comments on Lebron James and Ryan Tannehill, would I be wrong to assume you have a tattoo of your wife in a number 17 jersey on your right arm and a tattoo of your girlfriend with a number 6 jersey on your left arm?

Raw..., maybe Webb's ma is entertaining offers, as we speak, to star in a new reality series, "MILFs of the SEC." No chance, but it'd make a nice rumor.

Please also keep in mind that Tannehill was drafted #8 OVERALL (that is top 10) and Russell Wilson was the 12th player drafted in the THRID ROUND.

Gooch7, much to Pete Garcia's chagrin I've made clear I thought FIU really erred in firing Cristobal. Not sold on Ron Turner. And C-USA is a bump up from Sun Belt. Doubt we see any more pre-season-favorite stuff for a while.

FZB, I think enough of Nevin Shapiro's claims will be confirmed to make it very tough on UM. But! I also think UM already has self-imposed enough punishment to make take the edge off. Probably looking at scholarship reductions, maybe another bowl ban. But that's a guess.


Do you know of any coaches that were contacted today by the NCAA?

Captain, I consider Lesly Visser and acquantance and like her. But I don't think she would object to my passing along the suggestion of the possibility she has had "work done." Doesn't make her a bad person!


Your "presidente" is demanding congress raise the nations 16.4 trillion debt limit quckly and warned the GOP not to insist on cuts to "goverment spending".

sounds like a reasonable way to bury the country in more debt and make our future a little less comfortable, don't you agree?

Greg, where do you stand with Musburger's and Herbstreit's dialogue about McCarron's girl? Inappropriate? Perfecly, fine? I was beginning to think, with the way the game was going, the second half of the game was going to consist of an ESPN cameraman panning into the stands, finding a girl, and Musburger rating them on a scale of One to Oh Baby!

OC, I certainly agree (re Snoop Dogg at the Last Supper in my latest blogpost). But I also find extremely religious folks to be some of the least humorous when it comes to stuff like this.

Speaking of mandingos...Have you seen any of the top five or so films nominated for Best Movie this year? If so, which one did you like the most?

btw, David Clennon, a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just recently disclosed that he would not cast a single vote for any category from the movie - ZDT.

No disrespect intended, Greg, but how do you feel about your fellow liberals ushering in a new age in Blacklisting?


Who is the hottest girl in sports today? My vote goes to Katherine Webb.

Raw, I think a lot of Flacco. Great size, cannon arm. Ravens need one more top receiver and an infusion of youth on D. Doubt they get past at-Pats Sunday.

Raw, yeah but reversed. LeBron tat on the left arm.


where is nagative Tim today?..

mjcane, none that I know of as of pre-chat. But we have 3 or 4 writers pounding this story as we speak a lot more closely than I am.

Greg don't you owe me lunch or something that National Championship game was terrible didn't I tell you the spread would hit 10?


any chance of us signing Manning if he's dumped by Denver? Can we even afford him?

FZB, not really on debt ceiling. Then again this probably ain't the forum to skewer politics. I do think reelection gives any president a mandate to effect the change he wishes.

Did your wife happen to take a photo of the bathrooms at Prime 112? Just looking at that bacon made me have to run to the restroom. I hope there is more than one stall.

Raw, I did a blog item on the whole McCarron/Musberger thing and think too much was made of it. Musberger was lecherous like a wink from Grampa is lecherous. Plus, since when is it wrong to compliment the appearance of a woman who enters beauty pageants and all but parades through life wearing a sash that reads, AREN'T I HOT!?

OC, the most recent movie I've seen is Ted, although I have Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln on my radar. Not sure about the blacklisting reference.


WT is WRONG..., hmm that'll take some long, hard thought (wink wink). Not sure offhand. Like the blond on that SportsNation poll show. Also about half of the Russian tennis players. Bet stop now. Sexism Police could be tapping the chat.

FZB, I think Negative Tim must be at the Sour Institute getting a transfusion of Bad Mood.

Do the dolphins resign Reggie Bush or draft Montee Ball? Which is more likely?

Big Baby, I dunno about lunch. How about a Chat back pat?

Greg, I really didn't want to unpack my graphic's computer, currently boxed and slated for the truck and final move to Austin, so I didn't submit a redo of the Dolphin's logo. I'm assuming that The Herald has no arrangements with the design group Stephen Ross hired to perform said logo, correct? In other words, The Herald is just doing this for fun, right?

Aleksander, some questions are an odd combination of patently ludicrous and yet seriously couched. Your's on Denver cutting Manning and him landing in Miami qualifies. Congrats. I think.

Speaking of Don Noe, is Anne Bishop still alive?


I think the Dolphins need to dump Jake Long (injuries and salary) but would you rather see the Dolphins try to keep Sean Smith or not?

Don Noe, loved your weather. Good point on goblets o' bacon = bathroom runs. No on the photo, thankfully.

WT is WRONG,I went back and forth on Falcons-Seahawks. Hate to see any home team blow a 20-0 lead so think I was pleased with result. (Even though I missed the cover by 1 point...)

FYI, Ravens have spent two years working on an 'infusion of youth' on defense, it's one of the youngest defenses in the league, after Ray and Ed no starter over 30.

Dolphins could overpay Kruger (26) if they want a solid second pass rusher.

Here you go, Greg.

I'm sure you don't frequent this specific news source, as much as I seldom click on The Huffington Post. As such, we're both probably a bit guilty of having significant "blind spots."


Hawkeye, more likely they re-sign RBush because I'm not sure any RB including MBall will go first round.

Any chance Miami taxpayers open up the wallet for the Dolphins ($200M)?

This is where not having a visionless GM who instills no confidence in the fanbase would pay off...

South Florida does appear to be a springboard to more national jobs. Rick Sanchez, Bryan Norcross, Carmel Cafiero are names that come to mind quickly. You know anymore?

OC, yeah I think just for fun on the logo. Stay tuned, though. I think I'll be having my own logo-design contest through the blog.

Belkys, I believe Ann Bishop has gone to the Great Anchor Desk in the Sky. In the immortal words of Uncle Neil Rogers, "Anchor with a whip!!!"

What are the chances that Loria sells the Marlins and some trustworthy owner buys the team? We can see what an owner that is willing to spend money and have a great drive to win can do for a franchise, look at the Rays. Obviously you can't keep EVERY player.. But could you imagine what our lineup could be? (barring that some trades had been made and some hadn't)

LF Juan Pierre
SS Jose Reyes
3B Miguel Cabrera
RF Giancarlo Stanton
1B Logan Morrison
CF Justin Ruggiano
C Rob Brantly
2B Donovan Solano
P (below)


P Buehrle
P Turner
P Eovaldi
P Nolasco

I'd take that team anyday.. I guess I could dream..

Speaking of news people, does the chick with the hammers still work for WSVN Miami or did she move nationally? I believe she did weather but dont quote me on it because I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying.

FZB, I think they should keep Long and Smith. Then again, it ain't my money.

As i look back at some WHAT IF's...dolphins missed out on Matt Ryan, Brees (2), Harbaugh, Kapernick (Tannehil is probably better...maybe), Rusel Wilson...2nd round pick for Welker...does anyone in the Fins front office know Football talent???

OC, thanks for the link. ..... I am, guessing Dolphins have a very tough sell on squeezing $$$ for stadium improvements. What Marlins did will really hurt.

Belys, no but then again I am no expert on The Status of Failed South Florida TV Personalities. However, I miss Dwight Lauderdale and Al Sunshine purely for their funny names.

Ann Bishop, Dwight Lauderdale and Don Noe. That was a team. All seemed like genuinely good people too. Now you got Belkys, Bill Kamal, some beauty pageant queen doing weather and a whole host of morally questionable individuals.

Hawkeye, you're torturing yourself withat that might-have-been Marlins lineup. Stop it! No, I don't see Loria selling at least not any time soon.

I'll save you the suspense. The movie Lincoln will win Best Movie, Director, Actor, and dominate most remaining categories. My advise? See ZDT (best movie), Django (most enjoyable), Life of Pi in 3D (most artistically striking) before seeing a relatively stale, Lincoln.

Brent, ha! Neither was I. But I know who you mean.

Life of pi did have some striking visuals.


OC Please dont ruin the movie Lincoln. Don't want to know whether or not he dies at the end.

WT is WRONG, you're torturing yourself too on Dolphin might have beens. Stop it!

Where were the defenses this weekend?

I think GB let's Jennings walk in FA their defense is broken and needs attention hopefully this brings us G. Jennings and his smelf right?

Ann Bishop, you make me weep with nostalgia...

One last thing, what are your thoughts on Jeff Ireland? I kind of like the dude, and I think this draft will tell us if he can find talent or not.

hahahahaha, Kaz.

OC, thanks for the film advice. Raw, agreed on Lincoln. Also, don't tell me if they got bin Laden or not! B-Baby, Jennings possible, all depends how him and Philbin got along.

pimple, then I suppose I shouldn't say that Abe's wife, upon learning of her husband's death, stares right into the camera and says: "he's dead, he's really dead."

OK that's it for today, folks. Great response. Wall to wall. Close to a record. Still think we can top 100 Q's and A's if I can start typing faster. See you next Monday at 1. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Heard at the end of ZDT, everyone dies except Bin Laden?

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