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January 28, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 17 has ended; next Chat Feb. 4

Welcome to Live Blog Chat No. 17: Today's Chat has ended. We do it each Monday here, 1-2 p.m. Click into 'Comments' section below for a transcript of our latest palaver.


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Hey all. Greg here. Am in the Live Blog Chat cockpit alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Reday to rev and roll. See you at 1 sharp.

No talking jive then ok?

Hola Cote,

so the NCAA which has been on a witch hunt for two years now trying to prove at all cost the words of a convicted felon gets desperate and they break rules to prove the U was breaking rules, nice, this is a deliberate attempt to bring down a university.

Mark Emmert is a hypocrite, do you think he'll do the right thing and fire himself?..I doubt it but we can only hope.

OK let's GO! Big Baby, no, jive talkin' is allowed, even encouraged. Remember, Miami is home of the Bee Gees.

Hola back FZB, no of course on Emmert firing himself, despite his obvious lack of "insyitutional control" over his NCAA.

I thought The Bee Gees were from Australia?

By the way, played golf yesterday for first time in ages, shot 90, must have missed five 4-foot putts. Rule of thumb: If you mention you shot 90 as if it's pretty good. you stink, meaning i stink.

B-Baby, yes indeed but Miami became their adopted home. I believe one of the two living Bee Gees still lives here though I'm not positive.

Hey Greg, longtime no Q&A chat. Glad your back. My question is since you get the inside info that we dont get on the NCAAs now fraudulent/tainted ivestigation of UM. Is there a good chance that now UMs lawyers with this advantage, can for lack of a better term "bully" the NCAA into settling this case in UMs favor to avoid further embarrassment and possibly getting sued my UM?

Greg, you're just messing saying you've got Cap sitting there, right? I mean, you ARE in the business, sort-a-speak. It shouldn't be considered a stretch...well, maybe for you.

That's not terrible for not playing for awhile really but I am sure there was a hand wedge or two thrown in there right?

Nick, thanks. Anybody who claims inside info into what NCAA will do is lying. But no doubt UM has some leverage to "settle this case" or at least see its future penalties reduced. Suddenly the NCAA wants this thing over with as urgently as Miami does, which wasn't the case a week ago.

OC Dolphin, yes I'm messin' on Badul-Jabbra being alongside me. Probably should have said Leslie Nielsen so you'd know I was kidding. Fast Fact: Nielsen is buried in the same Fort Lauderdale cemetery as my mother in law. Seriously.

Cote, it's a matter of context. If you were to shoot 90 while playing from the black tees at the Doral Monster, that would be an excellent score! However, if you played from the Golds and at Briar Bay, in So. Miami, well then...

Bib Baby, in the spirit of transparency, there was one mulligan per nine (one of the two used) and a couple of toe-wedges. But if I was putting worth a damn in close I'd have still gone around 87, legit. Soft course, though. Sunrise CC.

OC, yeah, agreed. Just admitted to my 90 being at Sunrise, where I play when my golfing ego needs a stroke. Played well though (for me). Had around five, six pars and only one hole worse than six (a d-bogey seven).

No snow men hooray!

Did you watch the Pro Bowl? You think the NFL will cancel the game or its too much of a money maker for them?

What do you have against Rick Ross and why did you fire shots at him?


your thoughts on the Pro Bowl? Like or not? Keep it where it is scheduled or back to tradition of AFTER the Super Bowl?

A bit slow today but that's OK. Truthfully if a slew of folks were asking questions we'd only get to a fraction of 'em so, whatever. But if it stay slow I'll start going over my round hole by hole. Consider that a threat.


One more thing on the UM/NCAA mess, most of the editorials across the country are calling for sweeping changes on the way the NCAA goes about their business (which I agree with) and that the U to walk free, while I would love that I do agree that there were some bad things going on and we should get punished in some way.

however I don't really see it as a death blow anymore, more like a little more than a slap on the wrist type of thing, what do you think would be fair punishment?..If at all.

B-Baby, yeah no 8 is somewhat uncommon for me. I usually half the one nightmare hole. You know, slice drive, top it 20 yards, two out of the sand, three putt...

Is something just not right with the Heat or will they just turn it on in the playoffs and mow right over opponents?

Greg,,, one more topic.
1. which free agent WR will the Fins sign? Bowe, Hartline, Jennings, Wallace?
2. will Fins resign Jake Long?

IMO the Fins should resign Hartline & include either Wallace or Jennings. Jake Long walks.

BocaRon, confession: I did NOT watch the pro Bowl. Not even a second. I think NFL will cancel the game. Keep the voting and the honor of being named, but scrap the game itself. Too few care, players or fans. And when you eliminate the best players from the two best teams, it's further weakened.

Rawpimple, not me, got an alibi, love Rick Ross. Try to stay on the good side of anybody that large.

If you flick on (boy, there's a dated term) the ole set to The Golf Channel you'll see that the Farmer's Insurance Open is on for the final round. Much like The Doral, anyone can play Torrey Pines' tough, windy, long holes. Crack a 90 in there and you're the equivalent of a skier successfully negotiating a flawless run off the top of Mammoth Mountain.

Jimbo, touched on Pro Bowl earlier. Think they'll scrap it. Keep the voting/honor of selection, but lose the game.

Greg, give me 3 options to take the wife on a dinner for a very special occasion in Dade or Broward County. Where should I go? Take her to the bacon bar?

FZB, UM won't walk free even if there are no further punishments because already they have self-imposed 2 bowls and an ACC title game, and had 8 players suspended for 18 games. I think that's enough.

Rawpimple, your Heat question might be the biggest sports-Q one in So Fla right now other than what UM's punishment will be. I think will breeze through East but find it very tough to repeat unless rebounding really improves.


The Heat keep signing this free agent big men, Varnado, birdman but Spo won't play them anyways, he keeps going out there with the same small lineup everytime,

I'm beggining to have some doubts about Spoelstra (I sound like Dashi now) coaching?..what do you think?

Jimbo, yeah who Dolphins will sign is right up there, too. I think Hartline and Long will be re-signed. As for FA WRs I think Mike Wallace is the best bet.

Getting loud in the Chat Room. Having to type harder just to be heard! OC, what amazes me about the pros is they never (well, so rarely), just flat-out mis-hit one. I mean the topped ball that bounces 30 feet.


Back to the Heat, I think the biggest weakness is the point guard position, Chalmers is a third stringer at best (sorry Kaz & Andrew), can ANYTHING BE DONE to improve this position?

Chaz, ha on bacon bar. I smiled out loud. We just tried Hollywood Prime in the Hollywood Westin near the beach and really liked it. Capriccio's is nice little NY-style Italian joint with live music.

FZB, Birdman will play some when he's fully in shape and integrated, and could be a spark. I still believe in Spo but this is on him, because he was the "positionless basketball" guy who went small.

FZB, I think part of the reason for "positionless" in the first place was that it would better hide a weakness like PG. Play the best five guys and make 'em fit. They can win with Chalmers. They proved it. They need better rebounding that leads to more fast breaks and less half-court game.


I think Long walks, he wants 10 mil and the Dolphins are probably offering 5 or 6, I know he is good but he is damaged goods now, which bring's me to my point.

If the Dolphins sign a free agent WR and Long walks, it would make sense for the Dolphins to draft an offensive tackle or guard with one of our two three picks right?

Will the worst owner in pro sports, Loria ever address what he has done to the city of Miami, baseball, and the lies he has told to both the general public and players?

Greg, how far along is the new Herald digs? Are you very familiar with your new area? My folks live just off 33rd and 97th, so my visits there have familiarized me enough to boldly predict that you'll be a regular at the Five Guys located at the corner of 36th and 97th. Also recommend the Starbucks there with its steady flow of babes, while the Panera Bread restaurant next door will offset the many burger calories you no doubt will consume:-)


Where is negative Tim at?

Just like you breezed through the East last year Greg? I know Rondo is out but isn't that counting your chickens?

FZB, yeah if Long goes they'll definitely draft an OL high, though not first. I just think they'll find a way to keep Long. If he's damaged as you say, I doubt he'd get $10M per from anybody else.

I've been to Capriccio's too and highly recommend it. It's going to cost you, mind you.

Dal, I think on Loria, the answer is no. He isn't big on accountability, which is one of his many PR problems. He's the guy who just hacked $60M in payroll with no explanation whatsoever, as if none were needed. He's wrong, but I doubt he'll change.

OC, actually am not a huge Five Guys fan compared to most other folks I know. I think move-in for new Herald building is spring but I don't go to office except a few times a year for staff meeting, etc. Used to. Not any more. Laptops prevent the need. I'm writing from an event or from home.

FZB, Dolphins haven't lost in a full month so I think Negative Tim is in seclusion, morose.

Big B, you may be right, I just think Heat will breeze TO the East finals and then get through them without much problem.

OC, yes but Capriccio's has the best beef carpaccio I have had anywhere. Just the right lemony note.

You more efficient working from home or an office or a coffee shop?

Getting close to the end today. Better than last week but still not where we want to be. I think record is high 80s on Q's and A's. Still think we can do 100, like Wilt did.

Greg, the "on site" employment requirement continues to dwindle. So why the need for such a large building footprint? Will The Herald have newspaper production there? Sure, you have to have the corporate offices, legal, HR, etc., but that should require nothing more than a few thousand SQ. FT.

Rawpimple, I'm OK writing just about anywhere. Doing it for so long in noisy press boxes on tough deadlines has given me a pretty strong mute button on outside distractions.

OC, yeah I think the new plant includes the printing presses, which are monsters.

By the way, to all, a quick thanks for all the regulars who make this chat and especially my blog go. Would like to grow both. Enlist a friend or two into our community if you can.

Well, the last 12 holes or so will commence in about 10 minutes, so I'll bid adieu. Later, Greg.

OK that's a wrap. Thanks to all. See you next Monday at 1. Meantime keep tapping the blog. The blog loves you. Ciao.

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