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January 08, 2013

Grade owners Arison, Loria and Ross. Three polls. Vote!; plus Bonds/Clemens hall snub, Musberger & the beauty queen, Heat, 'Bama/UM & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9. Heat today signed forward Jarvis Varnado to 10-day contract. 2) From Bovada: Alabama an early (really early) 5-1 favorite to repeat as national champ, following by Oregon 8-1 and Ohio State 17-2. Florida and FSU lurking at 14-1. UM Canes tied for 11th at 25-1. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Roll Tide! Miami crowns unfavorite son Saban; UM gets a hard lesson: You could have an arduous debate whether Monday's 42-14 rout was due to Alabama's wonderfulness or Notre Dame proving overrated. I'll take the former. Click on Give The Devil His Due for my column off the game centered on Saban's continued reign. Another quick thought more parochial: 'Bama destroyed the Irish; Irish dominated the Canes this season. I think we just got a measure on how far UM is from being championship caliber.

GRADE MIAMI'S BIG 3 SPORTS-TEAM OWNERS: They have been in the news lately. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had his postseason state-of-the-team address this week (he likes his Philbin/Tannehill 1aa1ross 1aa1loria 1aa1arisonfrontline and says he'll open his wallet to win). Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, of course, was at the center of the latest cost-cutting, angering many fans. Even Heat owner Micky Arison, more of a background guy, made news with a Tweet tweaking Heat fans for not being satisfied. [I am purposely but without malice excluding the Florida Panthers' owner Cliff Viner, who simply is not known to nearly the degree of the other three]. Arison, Loria and Ross are pictured, left to right. This is not a poll on your favorite or least favorite team, but on these three men and their ownership/leadership. I invite you to step back and look at all of the Big 3 owners with fresh eyes and a big-picture perspective here. For example, should one weigh credit for the new ballpark against any animus toward Loria? By however you think a team owner ought to be judged, give a grade to each and say why. There are three polls below, followed by other bloggy stuff.


HALL VOTERS TAKE EASY ROAD ON BONDS/CLEMENS, BUT NOT RIGHT ONE: Today nobody was elected for induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time since 1996 -- with notable snubs led by first-time balloteers Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the Steroids Era poster children. Click on Voters Predictable, But Not Right for my latest column, online now and shipping to Thursday's inky pulp editions. Craig Biggio's 68.2 percent of the vote came closest to the required 75%. Clemens (37.6) and Bonds (36.2) garnered around half the needed support. Local aside: Of 37 men on the ballot, 11 including "Mr. Marlin" Jeff Conine got zero votes.

ON MUSBERGER AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN: I tried to avoid this topic but ESPN forced my hand with its stupid public apology for Brent Musberger's comments about Miss Alabama during Monday's BCS National Championship at Dolphins stadium. You are in a coma in Tibet if you don't know by now that Miss 1aa1ala 1aa1brentA is Katherine Webb and that she dates 'Bama QB AJ McCarron. Well, of course, she was shown on screen for about 30 seconds during the game -- it was a game where diversions from the actual football were welcome -- and a very-impressed Musberger called her a "lovely lady" and said "What a beautful woman!" and added: "Wow. Whoa!" It was cartoon-sexist but also harmless, like a playfully lecherous wink from Gramps, especially from a 73-year-old broadcaster who also used the word "youngsters" in the same sound bite. But hypocritical ESPN huffed and puffed and said, "We apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that." Two thoughts. 1) ESPN should apologize for itself, if anything. It was in their production meeting that someone surely mentioned the need to exploit capitalize on the star player having a sexy girlfriend. 2) Have we really reached a point where a TV commentator cannot remark favorably on the appearance of a woman who exploits trades in her own good looks? Seriously? This woman promenades in bleepin' BEAUTY PAGEANTS! Her entire being and life's goal is encapsulated by a sash that reads, AREN'T I HOT!? She is Miss !@#$ing Alabama! But old Brent can't say she's beautful!? Good lord on a horse.

HEAT OPEN ROAD TRIP BADLY: Miami lost 87-77 in Indy last night, a season low for points scored, but the story again was rebounding, or lack of. Heat got out-boarded 55-36, including 22-7 on the offensive end. Warning signs, or at least concern signs, continue for Miami.

Birdman to Heat?: Miami worked out and is considering signing unemployed center Chris "Birdman" Anderson, 34, the former Denver free-spirit who is an aggressive rebounder (a Heat need) but mostly known for his tattoos, evolving hair styles and, well, weirdness. He'd be an interesting hire. For the rebounds, and for the variety. Maybe a jolt in the dressing room would do the team some good.

SAFE-DRIVING SONGS: A study by London Metropolitan University (which obviously has more grant money than it needs) has determined the 10 songs most conducive to safe driving. It's related to heartbeat or pulse rate or some such thing. Click here for the story and list. Hint: One of the song's lyrics is (or should be): "Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer. Don't hit those other headlights on the hiiiighway..."

1aa1chickfilaFUNNY FAKE ADS THAT SEEM REAL: Many know that the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain is owned by a very conservative family that leans on the Bible to oppose homesexuality. It is why many boycott Chick-fil-A and why others have rallied behind it. With all that in mind, I find this spoof ad funny.   

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Confuscious Say, Touchdown Jesus signals another Bama Touchdown! The Tide Rolls on.....

Confuscious say.....Coach Saban has taken pebble from my hand! and now he knows!

What's this $70 a year to read the Herald that some of you are talking about?

Saw the Army high school all star game this Saturday and was disappointed by the number of kids going to every school in the country except Miami. We weren't even in the conversation during the game. Thanks bitch, from National power to national chumps in ten years.

Tiny Dancer--a classic

rooted for Alibami yesterday, today I'm back hating on Saban.

Birdman to the Heat?..I only wish he had a Larry in front.

on the owners, voted A for both Arison and Ross, I think they are both very good owners, of course most of you guys won't agree on Ross but the guy wants to win, he is not in the way and he doesn't mind spending money on the team and the fans to enjoy the games, he didn't have to purchased all those tickets and lift the black-outs but he did, the guy is a good owner.

and NO, he is not stupid for keeping Ireland, he did the right thing.

Safe-driving songs? Tiny Dancer? Sh*t, no wonder there's a path of smashed vehicles behind as I drive listening to Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction.

Oye Woodcock,

Golden is concentrating his recruiting efforts on the local kids, so called 3 star kids (in dade and broward) are way better than 5 star kids anywhere else.

calmate los nervios.

here is a good driving song..


What's with the Jets fascination on "Ex" Dolphins coaches? No sooner they can Sporano that rumors fly on Norv Turner joining footsies-freak.

Gave an "A" for Arison and a "D" for Dumbo ears.

so, if the Herald starts charging to access our little blog, is that the end?...

say it ain't so Cote...


you are being "negativo" again...

My guess Woodcock is that some colunists are now behind a "pay wall" meaning you have to pay to read some of the content in the Miami Herald looks like this is still free.

It's happening with many other online newspapers also.

I can only read the LA Times online because I have a newspaper subscription. I know this is the way they are going. Soon the internet will not be so free.

If they charge $70 only Trust Fund will be posting any more. Maybe he's the one that came up with the suggestion for the $70 he knows that's the only way to stop me from giving him the raspberries every day.

Woods, did you end up seeing Zero Dark Thirty?

I Was One of The ones That Voted "A" On J.Gloria.

Hear Me Out.

He Got Rid Of Guillen!! And All Those High Priced Free Agents!! You Build A Team Thru Youth!! Not On A Wild Spending Spree!! How Many Titles Have The Yankees Won In The Last 10 Years? Same as The Marlins!!

Don't Get Me Wrong! You Spend On Your Players!! And Gloria Hasn't Shown That!!

But The Marlins Are Finally On The Right Track!

On Arison.

He Needs To Fire Spo!!

Still Gave Him an "A" Though!

And Ross!!

Last But Not Least! This Guy DESERVES An A+!!

Keeping Ireland! Signing Philbin!! Drafting T'Hill!! The Remodeling Of The Fins Public Image!! No, Not The Logo!!

Even Though The Logo Does Need Changing! I Trust The Final Logo Will Look OK! They Are Just Removing The Silly Helmet From The Dolphin!!

Don't get Your Panties In A Bunch!!

My Bad, Loria Not Gloria!!

Funny, That auto correct uses That Name Though!


Easy choice.


Easy choice. Anyone who voted anything but F is out of their mind.


I disagree that keeping Ireland was a good move but I understand he wants stability. We will see how that works out during this crossroads offseason.

I graded him harshly mostly because he came into the job so tone deaf. Henne will be as good as Marino. Orange Carpet. Celebrity owners. Changing the fight song. The Dolphins, unlike the Heat, are not South Beach. They are the real Miami. He is trying to appeal to a segment of Miami that doesn't represent the people who go to Dolphins.

However, he has shown a willingness to change and reconsider decisions and he is willing to spend. So, I could easily see my opinion of him go up a lot depending on a variety of factors.

Woodcock- $70 a year to read the Herald on line. God, even the NY times gives you 10 articles a month free. To much free stuff out there to pay anything.

Guys, Dashi Understands The Pay Wall!

My Problem Is It Cost Less To Get The Paper Delivered! Than It Does To Read It Online!!

About the Same, But Still!!

I Understand $2-3 Dollars a Month! $29.99 A Year!! Something More Reasonable!!

It Cost Less For SI!! And SI actually Gives You Something For Joining!

The Price Is What Bothers Me!! Slice The Price In Half!! Make The First Year Low!! And Next Year Hit Us With The $70!! Price!!

You Guys Are Charging VIP Prices For Lap Dances!!

You Guys Are A Newspaper!!

$70 a month to read Steve rothaus, Leonard Pitts, Dan Le Batard, and the corruption in Dade county, they are not serious are they?

Leonard Pitts? the towncrier deserves more respect.

Voted A on all the owners, because I can.

Thought no one has spelled out , like anywhere.

Alabama got to championship game by default...Hmmmm

Ohio State & Notre Dame were only Div 1 big time programs undefeated. IMO, brace yourself for Ohio State in the coming years to give Saban & Bama fits.

Is the $70 a rumor or true? I won't pay to access newspapers. Guess I'll get my Fins fix from the Sun Sentinel for free. Outside of Omar (sometimes) the rest are OK.

I nominate Dashi for blogger of the day !

mi amigo Andrew, at least you are keeping an open mind on Ross, most of these guys just call him an idiot and move on.

ps-he did make the right move in keeping Ireland, like I've stated many time before, stability in ownership, GM and coaching is a major key to a team's success.

For you guys out there who are movie buffs, you have to see this movie The Impossible. It willbe in the theaters in about 2 weeks. I got to see it last night at a private screening at a friends house who is a retired TV and movie producer. He gets to view movies and vote on them for Oscars, and other movie awards. The special effects are great. It is a true story about a family and the tsunami in Thailand a couple of yars ago. Not for the faint of heart. Naomi Watts has the lead.

OC- Zero Dark Thirty is great.

Naples, The Impossible opened near me this past W/E. Read the description on it and thought it would be watchable. Still, I've got to see ZDT, Jack Reacher, and the killing white people flick first. Thanks.

No I didn't go see it, got home late from Palm Springs. Why don't you come up this week and we'll go see it with you and Marco.

Oye, Leo's house in Palm Springs is incredible. Felt like I had spent the weekend at the Ritz Hotel.

WTF moment.... Hollywood actors making millions portraying toughasses shooting people up with automatic weapons... turn around and publicly cry for gun control.

Bill O'Reilly said it was ok for them to do that Jimbo so it must be ok right?

Jack Reacher is a bad title for a movie sounds like a gay porn film.

Hollywood is high on crack, cash & and being one of the 90210 popular kids...

Ross looks like he could be father of banjo playing virtuoso from Deliverance.

Ross looks like he could be droopy dog's cousin.


They ever figure out Chris Anderson's computers full of child pornography? That'd be a deal breaker for me...

Actually it must be Ross's wife where Jeffy got his good looks...


I'm never giving an owner who is willing to spend an F and Ross seems to have figured out the Orange Carpet BS is turning fans off.

If he keeps promoting tradition over glitz, I'll grade him higher soon.

To be honest, if I could change my grade of Ross, I'd give him a C. He gets bonus points for ensuring all Dolphins home games are televised.

Heard it was a vidictive girlfriend/ fan/ groupie that did it to him never proved.

She either put it on his computer or reported it or both is what I heard.

Now I know why Kazaam likes the show "breaking bad"


and here is another safe driving song..


what's up Duke!!

Tom Cruise Sounds like a Gay Name.

Chris Anderson? Really?

The Heat Want To Fix The Rebound Problem Get A New Coach!!

This Clown Spo!! Never Accepts Responsibility!! And Some of These Fans Are Blinded By The Nice Guy Image!!

Some People Never Learn! Spo is Slo'!! The Guy Is The Problem with The Heat!!

He Has Been The Coach!! Of This Group!! At Least 3 Years!! And The Heat Still Don't Have Set Rotations!!

Spo is Slo'!!

His Incompetence is Amazing!

But I Guess He's a Good Yes Man!!

I think Pat Riley is more qualified to judge what a good coach looks like than this guy who got lost over at Armando's Blog the dipshit*tedness continues...

Isn't this the guy who was ranking on Hartline before the season started saying that he should be cut?

How did that work out for you will this guy just go away already he posts like a 9 year old maybe it is Potter.

"And for the same reasons we are also thinking of offering free French and Italian classes."


Lol, Dashi loves Ross and Ireland (who haven't won a thing) and hates Spo who just won a title. Sure.

Spo is a great young coach, the Heat would be foolish to even consider getting rid of him. Teaches defense, understands how to be flexible and deal with star egos. Great combination.

Set rotations are overrated; the Heat have enough pieces to mix and match and ride the hot hand with the role guys.

Mike Holmgren.

Bill Parcells.

Many Coaches Don't Know How To Pick A Good HC!!

Why Did Riley Fire SVG?



Lebron James Won The Title!! D.Wade Won The Title!! Heck, Even Mike Miller Won The Title!!

Spo Is The Reason The Heat Almost Lost The Title!! The Heat Should Have 2 Titles Going On 3!! But Keep Making Excuses For That Kool-Aid Sweet HC!!

And My Bad Big Baby!! Didn't Know Dashi was Exclusive To 1 Blog!!

And That Religious Heretic!! Is Done!! Dashi Sent Him TO HELL!!

Flatline, Should Be Cut!! Take Away His "1" Good Game!! And Your Boy Barely Gets To 800 Yds!!

How Many 100yd Games Did That Marvelous Wr Have?

Same thing With Reggie!! It's A 16 Game Season!! 1000yds!! Is Not A lot!! 65-70 yds a Game!! WOW!!! GREAT WR!! ADD THAT HE ONLY CAUGHT 1 TD!!

Hartline Should be paid Top Dollar!!


Love How Some Of You Basically Say Coaching Doesn't Matter!! Yet, are The First To Blame The Coach!!

In Any Sport!! Coaching Matters!! In Basketball You Can Cover Up Bad Coaching!! With Great Players!! But Once You Find a Equally Talented Team!! Things Get Tougher!!

What Does Spo Do Well?

Since Everything Dashi Says Doesn't Matter!! Or Is Over-Rated!! What The F' Does Spo Do Well?

Deals With Ego's? Get Off The Crack!! NOBODY ON THE TEAM RESPECTS SPO!! Spo Is Lucky Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and The Rest Of The Team Are Good People!! And Even They!! Get Tired Of Him!!

Last Year, Multiple Incidents!!


Sets Are Overrated?

Play calling is Overrated?

Coaching In The NBA Is Overrated!!


So Please Explain What Isn't Overrated That Spo Does Well!

Believe Me!! Dashi Has A Long List!! OF EVERYTHING SPO DOES WRONG!!

Give Dashi At Least 5 "REAL" Things!! SPO DOES WELL!!


You Guys Love To Bash Ireland!! But Don't Have The Common Sense!! To REALLY POINT OUT A PROBLEM!! When It Really Exist!!

Spo' Is Slo'!!

Big Baby – I am a very bright bulb, Just because I like the Patriots doesn’t make me any dimmer at the very slightest. And don’t worry I’m not like Dashi in a way. And what do you mean when things get slow? Does the activity on this blog slow down at a certain time of year?

FZB – I’m not weird, You just don’t understand what I’m saying, which therefore makes it sound weird. Of course there are 2 things you could be referring to and I picked one. :)

Hey OC - If the Lakers have a losing record, (which I don’t know what it is right now because I’m not a Laker fan, though I do root for them in the play-offs so the Heat can have a easier opponent in the finals to crush) then it’s more likely they will miss the playoffs than the Celtics, because the Celtics have a tying record right now, and at least 1 team in the East makes the playoffs somehow with a losing record every year. In the West, it seems that if you don’t go over .500 ball you have no chance to make the playoffs at all. That’s because there usually seem to be at least 10 teams in the west to finish with a winning record. So with that in mind, as much as it may hurt to hear this, I have to say the Lakers’ playoffs are smaller than the Celtics. Especially after they lost 2 good guys, and even with them, they are still awful. So I don’t see them getting in. but if they do, it’s just barely. And they’ll be playing the Thunder and that will just be a sweep, as we can all tell. But the season doesn’t end today or next week or next month. It ends in April. So it’s probably a little early to start talking about playoff chances. Who knows they could go on a nice roll, possibly without those 2 players. Though they may be without size now. So I guess only time will tell. But as of now the Celtics have a better shot to get in with the fact that only 6 teams in the east seem to finish with a winning record. But maybe 5, because I think I remember Miami going 41-41 and playing as the 6th seed. But I could be wrong on that ,so I won’t say for certain. I believe they were playing the Pacers but I don’t remember the Pacers being 3rd, but I don’t remember the Heat being 7th either. But who knows. Anyway, I’m going with the Celtics right now to make it, but there’s still a long way to go right now so don’t hold out. Because when the heat went 41-41 they had to make a run to get there, because they were not originally in according to my recollection so don’t lose hope or faith. They still have a good change to make it as an 8. There are teams not that good and if they can beat all of them they should be in good shape to make the playoffs. Wow, I just said a whole lot more here than I thought I was going to say :)

Dashi Dashi Dashi – First of All I wish you’d stop talking about yourself. Potter thinks you’re a nut job. And what is with all your exclamation marks. A little unnecessary if you ask me.

Dashi Dashi Dashi – First of All I wish you’d stop talking about yourself. Potter thinks you’re a nut job. And what is with all your exclamation marks. A little unnecessary if you ask me.

Second, Jesus was a man, yes, but he was God and he was with GOD when he created the Heavens and the Earth. You would know that if you actually read the Bible. So, either you just lied to me or you only read select parts of it. And by the way, those other books do you no good at all to read so I couldn’t care less if you read them. Fake religions about fake gods or fake messiahs help you in no way whatsoever. You or anyone else will never see me reading any book other than the bible because they don’t tell me or you or anyone how to live for GOD in the right way. You are right in that the actual bible has different versions, like the New International Version and the King James Version, But the principal and message is still the same. They just word and spell things differently. I have the NIV but I believe I have the King James Version too. However no one has the real version. The first bible is locked up somewhere for no one to touch. Every bible that people have is obviously some kind of copy because that is the only way to have one.

You may easily forget more about GOD then I will ever learn. All you have to do is forget everything. I will always have something new to learn. So you made no point there whatsoever when you said that.

And you just reached a whole new level of YAHOO. You’re not GOD. None of us are, and never will we EVER be. And for your info I read both the Old and New Testaments. However, I will say that I’m currently in the New Testament.

And where is it you think you are going in. All religions may be hypocrisy, but Christianity is not a religion so you can not include it as one. But I will not send you to hell. Only Jesus will if you do not repent from your sins and accept him into you life. As he says in the Bible, “No one gets to the father except through me”. You would ALSO know that if you read the Bible.

What poem are you talking about, because I did not give you a poem.

Dashi, I know where Christianity is as I said earlier. I never said that I didn’t know where it started. It was me that was explaining where it started. It started in the Middle East and Europe. So don’t tell me, “if I don’t’ know where it is” as if I said anything asking where it was saying I didn’t know where it was because that means you didn’t read everything I said. So either you don’t listen very well or you don’t pay attention very well or you don’t read everything. None of which are good because if you don’t read everything you misunderstand what is said or not said and you say things I didn’t say so you need to read what I said next time and everytime. I know what I’m talking about when I say things. If there is something I don’t know about I don’t say it unless I mention I could be wrong like I did in a previous post. So please pay attention next time.

And what exactly do you think you get away with being a Roman Catholic? And you think you’re the highest of Christians??? Really??? Did you really just say that??? Well If I’m not mistaken you gave yourself the biggest pride (bad pride) which is a sin. You think you are higher and better and greater than all Christians. Well, I can tell right now that you are not a Christian, boasting about being greater than everyone else. That is not how a Christian asks. I have no means of offense, but you unfortunately are nothing like a Christian, if you somehow ARE one. First of all Catholics and Christians get confused a lot of times so I’m not surprised at all that you think a Catholic and a Christian are the same thing. They are not the same thing. It’s sad you actually think that. Being Catholic doesn’t automatically make you a Christian. If you don’t ask Jesus into you’re heart you will never be Christian. I don’t care where you’re born, what church you go to. That means nothing, unless you receive salvation. I am not a part of any religion whatsoever. I just have Jesus in my heart and that is all I need. All religions do is distract you from what your purpose in life is and how you are supposed to live for God and Jesus. Remember Jesus was a Jew. Jewish is a religion, but Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, who is the real messiah. The Jewish religion itself doesn’t talk about Jesus being the Messiah. First of all, it was around before he was born as a man. Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah, which he was. All Christianity is, is having Jesus living inside you as the Holy Spirit. That’s all. Religions are about doing things. Christians don’t do ANYTHING, but worship Jesus, who we live for, and God, and try to tell others about Jesus. That is it. So don’t ever say to me that Being born as a Catholic makes you automatically a Christian. The Catholic Church believes in similar things. But you have to receive the Holy Spirit to actually be a “Born-Again Christian”. People fled England to come to the new world because they didn’t want to be subject under the Catholic Church and they just wanted to worship God and become and live as Christians without having to worry about dealing with some religion and the rules that come with it.

So YOU Dashi, are the one that is ignorant, because even though Catholics can BECOME Christians by accepting the Holy Spirit, they are not automatically Christian at birth. You need to look up what Christian means because the way you talk tells me that you have no idea of it’s meaning and why it came into the world. The whole point of it was to free us from our sins so we could go to heaven to be with the Lord, because after Adam and Eve sinned against God, everyone became damned for hell, and we could no longer save our selves and that’s why Jesus came to the earth because he was the only pure soul that the take all our sins away by dying if we accepted him as our savior so we could be allowed into heaven again.

So what apology do you deserve Dashi. You are the one that is delusional when you say things like You are GOD and we should bow down to you and you are higher and greater than all Christians. All I do is speak the truth. Whether anyone else in here believes it is up to them. But don’t come in here saying stupid stuff like that. You were created by God. How could you be him or higher than any of us. Not only are you crazy you are something which I cannot name, because you are in a whole other world of crazy.

And just to add, People like Paul, Mark, Luke, John, and others wrote the bible, with Gods help obviously.

Man, just when I thought I was going to be ending this you gave me more reason to add on.

First of all there is no TBN Clown. Not sure you are referring to but there isn’t one. And what we are dealing with here is a wacko.

Dashi, Believer of Christ and Follower of Christ mean the same dang thing. It doesn’t matter how you say it. So let’s please not have a argument about that. And what exactly are you are believer OF?? And Nobody is yelling Blasphemy to anybody. Something you clearly know nothing about, because Blasphemy is talking bad about the Lord and no one is doing that so I don’t know why you brought that up.

And did I say that Going to Church and reading the Bible makes you holier then anyone? No I did not. So Again you clearly did not read or pay attention to anything I said. So stop putting words into my mouth. I’m not ignorant. You are just talking without thinking about what I’m even saying. Your’e arguing with things I didn’t say which also makes you sound stupid.

Heaven and Hell are very real places. You sir, seem to have the devil all over you, because that’s that only way you would think and say that. You need to get rid of him and try to believe what you WANT to believe not what others want you to believe. I’m not worried about what GOD means. I know he’s the Maker and the Ruler. So that’s what I care about. Besides, Heaven is where God LIVES. So how on earth do you think God is not going to have a home?

Spoelstra contributed heavily to the Heat winning last year's championship by coining the concept of 'positionless basketball' and boldy starting Shane Battier at power forward in the playoffs.

He is also a perfect fit for the Heat because he is not a big personality who would upstage the superstars and is able to translate the vision of the Architect and his career-long mentor without any questions as to who's really running this franchise.

Dashi's criticism of Spoelstra is always some intangible like he's 'soft' or 'inconsistent', only real complaint he has about Spoelstra is that he thinks Joel Anthony should be cut and Dexter Pittman should be playing.

Meanwhile he loves the worst GM in the NFL and thinks Joe Philbin brings something other than being organized to the head coach position.

Dashi, how dare you tell me I’m going to hell? Because you said so? Because you don’t like me. We’ll I sure as heck am not going to worry about wether or not you like me. Because first of all, I don’t even like YOU right now so I guess that makes us even. Though we were born even.

Wow, you talk horribly. I feel sorry for you. I’m not happy at all that you are headed for hell. However if you somehow have received the Holy Spirit, then I cannot even begin to understand how and why you are talking like this. You may be a good person, or a great person in general. But obviously your heart is in the wrong place and you are very lost and confused. I’m going to heaven because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and nothing you say will ever change that. I just hope sometime you can understand.

As you see people, we are nothing alike. I refuse to be associated with this guy. It is I, that need an apology for being associated with Dashi. I won’t demand it like Dashi is, but I’m asking for it.

There's no 'first bible', it's a collection of mythological stories made up, compiled, and edited over time to reflect the problems radical middle easterners of the day faced (camel trading, slaves, etc.).

As for today's post I'm happy Alabama won and won in dominating fashion just to prove the Notre Dame is not worthy enough to be in that game and that theere is not Conference like the SEC. Too big, strong, and fast for anyone to handle, and too much defense. Notre Dames points cam when the defense decided they were good.

AS for the voting. Heat owner gets an A, but I gave Marlins owner a "D" just because he didnt TOTALLY kill the teams :) Dolphins ownwer I gave a "C" just because are are heading in the right direction with Tannehill and Philbin on the team and we are in better shape then half the teams :)

Dolphins record is in the lower half of the NFL, well over half have better coach/QB combos unless Ryan Tannehill looks like a completely different player and becomes a superstar next season with people to throw to.

Dashi, Tom Trolling is catchier namesake...

KC, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Oakland, Cleveland, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Minnesota.

Believe the Dolphins have a better QB situation than all those teams.


let me know when the axe falls on our beloved blogsite; maybe 7 bucks would get me, but anything over and i and a whole bunch of long-timers will find another platform on which to pontificate.

OC, Footsies freak LOL

Well Kazaam, Maybe I was wrong, but obviously there was an original bible that was made before all the other ones. Ond had to be made first if you understand what I'm saying. I'm not saying it's the official one. Im just refering to a bible that was the first ever made.

Kaz - The Dolphins don't have a better QB situation that Most teams, I was just saying that their overall situation is better, because even though they don't have a better record than half of the teams, their future is brighter than at least half.

It was sold at first ever Barnes & Nobles...

Certain teams higher than the dolphins are declineing. Like the Ravens (Not much with out Ray Lewis) and the Steelers (Terrible at home against the bengals (Who the Dolphins beat in Cincincati) I'm just saying the Dolphins are finally coming up should Ross or Ireland not mess it up.

I understand exactly what you're saying but you're wrong. The bible was made up by different people at different times and edited and changed over time, there's no 'first bible'. Whatever version you read probably didn't exist in that form until at least 1,000 years after Christ's death.

As to the material, the mythology of original sin and a prophet dying to save humanity had existed in the middle east for several hundred years before Jesus was born.

Not sure I agree with that since it's dependent on Ryan Tannehill looking like a completely different quarterback next season, specifically with in-pocket accuracy.

Steelers were hurt all year and the Ravens have the youngest starting defense in the league, after Ray and Ed Reed no one was over 30 this year.

Fans tend to forget that other teams are also trying to get better each year.

Can way Say Somebody Just Sits And Writes ALL HIS STUFF!! Just To Bombard the blog With Nonsense!!

Dashi is Just Going To Let That Long Babble Speaks For Itself!! And The Consensus is You have been posting here for a While and just Decided to Change Your Name.

I Only Know 1 Person Who Post so Much Lunacy in Such a Short amount of time.


Kaz All That Sweet Talk! AND STILL NOT 1 VALID REASON!!

Pointless Basketball!! Yeah!! That is what That Ignoramus Teaches!!

This Year!! No Pittman Cries!!

Dashi hasn't mentioned Pitt Once!!

Last Season!! Yes!!

This One! No!!

Here Is 1 Valid Reason!! Why Spo Sucks!! And Dashi Would Like 1 Valid Reason Why He Doesn't!!

Any Coach Worth His Suit!! Will Not Let JA Or UD Take 1 Step!! Pass The Free Throw line!!

They are Not Going To Shoot It!! So They Pose No Real Threat On A Pick From Behind The 3 Pt Line!! Nobody Guards Them On PandR!! 4 on 5 Basketball at its finest!!


Know May Dashi Have 1 Real Reason!!

I'm Waiting!!


OK, now I Will Read Some of The Followers Comments!!

Don't worry Dashi will keep it short!! For The Blogs Sake!!

Who are the 5 idiots that gave Loria an A. Must of been Loria, Samson, Beinfest and 2 other Marlin employees.

I have a feeling we are going to hear the "Steelers were hurt all year" mantra for awhile while theiroverrayed veterans ageand their window closes.

They lost to a terrible Broncos team last year in the playoffs and were 8-8 this year.

It's back to the Mark Malone era for you Stiller fans hahahaha sorry Jimbo

OK, Just read The Heretics Message!!

Buddy, They Have You Completely Brain Washed!!

I'm Not Even Going To Talk or Explain To You!! How Ignorant You Sound!!

Just Don't Disrespect My Religion! All Catholics Are Christians!! Not All Christians Are Catholic!! I Finally Get How Jewish People Feel!! Fool, Check Your Church(Religion)!! When Did Your Church start!! The Oldest Known Christian Church Is The Catholic Church!!

From The Likes Of It, You Sound Like a Seven Day Adventist! (Honestly, Not Trying To Make Fun Of You. Just making a Observation!)

And You Are Going TO HELL!! 24/7 Burning!! Cause Dashi Said So!!

You Read The Word!! But Don't Get The Message!! You Follow What Somebody Else says is The Message!! When Your Boy Jesus!! SAID, EVERYONE MAKES THEIR OWN DEFINITION OF THE WORD!! Yet, You Follow!! What Your Pastor Says!!

If There Is Only 1 Dashi!! Why Are They A 1001 Religions!! And Over 100 Christian Ones!! Please Explain! And It is Not Because You Are Right And They Are Wrong!! I Know, Dashi just wants to make sure you know!! (P.S.- Why Does God Have Over 1000 Different Names?)

And Please Show Me Where On The First Page!! After God Said Let There Be Light!! He Told Jesus Are You Okay With That!! Genesis : 1st Page?!

The Holy Trinity!! Is A Parable!! That You and The Other Heretics You Hang Out With Have Confused!!

Jesus Spoke In Parable Because He Knew 2000's Year After His Death! You Would Still have Some Simpleton! Misinterpret What he said!!

Simpleton #1 Harry Potter 87


Nonsense, you can't have Haslem and Anthony clogging LeBron's lane waiting for someone to miss, all they can do offensively is set picks and crash the boards, and they are both assets that way even if they never shoot.

There's no way the Heat would be better with one of those players standing still keeping his defender at home at the rim.

How were those reasons Spoelstra's a good coach for the Heat invalid? Starting Battier at PF and using 'position less basketball' in the playoffs was great coaching. A mild mannered personality with Xs and Os is a good fit for a team with LeBron and Wade. Spoelstra being an extension and protege of Pat Riley is clearly good for the franchise as long as Pat's around.

Check Your Church Fool!!


Catholic Church - Created 107 A.D.

Adopted By Constantine and Basically The World! 325 AD!!

Not Saying I'm Holier Than You!! Just More True To The Word!!

And God Is God!! Fool!! Religion Doesn't Matter!! Even Jesus Said That!! The Same Message God Told Mosses!!


And Again!! It is at The Very Beginning!!

God Created Adam and Eve! In His Image!!

MEANING WE ALL ARE GOD!! Very Simple If You Ask Dashi!!

Buddhist Theory! Everything In The Universe Is Connected!! Guess Who is The Universe?? You Got It!! The Almighty Eternal Great!! Yaway!

Kaz, Did Dashi Say Put them In The Lane?

Dashi said below The FT Line!! A lot Of Space!! Ever heard of the Baseline? The Block?

You Get Called for 3 Seconds if You Camp In The Lane!!

Now In Your Own Words!!

" all they can do offensively is set picks and crash the boards"

Meaning When They are In The Game!! The Heat are Playing 4 On 5!! Cause They Can't Dribble, Shoot, or Pass!!

And No Coach Is A Good Coach!! When Every Other Sentence Is He Will Be A Good Coach Cause He Knows Pat Riley!! Garbage!! Just straight Garbage!! Same Excuse for the Other Spo!!

So Spo is Smarter Than Coach K? Shane Battier!! Is A Small Forward!! JVG!! Knew SB is a SF!! But NO!! Spo is A Genius With Some Gimmick!! Sound Familiar?

Position less Basketball Is OK for Little Kids When They Are All The Same Size!!


When You Have about a 12 Inch Difference Between A PG and A Center!! Positions Exist!! Skill sets are Different!!

Dashi doesn't see Bosh, UD, JA, Or Even Battier Bringing The Ball Down!!!(Playing Point!)

Positions Exist!!

The Old Bulls Were Positionless!! 4 of The 5 Players On The Court Can Play PG!! Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc! Even Rod man Brought The Ball Down A Couple Times!! That Is True Positionless B-Ball!!

You Guys Say That Every Comment I Make Is Over Rated!!


What Does Spo Do That Is Above Average! F' Good!! Just Average!!

Since Rotations, Substitutions, Motivating, and X's and O's Don't Matter!!

And Don't Give Me Defense!! The Heat Play Man To Man!! 99% Of The Time!!

On Offense Spo Has Admitted He Doesn't Call Plays 99% of The Time!!

No wonder he is always Sitting Down!! Nothing To Do! Nothing To Say!!

Big Baby, why are you assuming that I'm a Stillers fan? I grew up in Pgh area & attended quite a few Stillers & Panthers football games, however I have been a diehard Dolphins fan since 1970. Dolphins fans conversing here is my interest in this blog. IMO the Steelers are a great organization & seem to be ran well drafting 95% of their roster. Fins lost out by not hiring Mike Tomlin as Head Coach a few years ago. Been a loyal Fins fans while living in several different areas that had good teams at the times,, Redskins, Broncos, Eagles, Steelers, now Saints. I plan on retiring in Florida in a few years.

young Mr. Potter, my reference to you as being a weird guy was in reference of your support for both the Patriots and the Dolphins..

ps-try writing a little less, I feel like I'm reading "War and Peace"..lol

Kazaam, while is not time to panic Dashi is right in saying the Heat are a soft team, and while he blames Spoelstra I tend to blame Riley, the coach can only play the players that are given to him, Riley needs to try to pull a trade for a big body, (don't know if it can be done).

Baby, Jimbo is one of our old-timers and is a die hard Dolphins fan..


Dashi was With You Last Year! Riley Was Partly To Blame!

But Mr. Riley Has Earned My Respect This Team Is Stacked!!

Just Read Another Couple Memorable Quote From Spo!

They Asked Him If He Was OK with Only having 12 Players on The Roster!! Spo Said, I Usually Don't Play 12 Guys!!

And The Other!! Birdman Worked Out For The Heat! They Asked Spo What He Thinks!! Spo Said, I Don't Attend Workouts!!

Yes, Dashi Feels Philbin is a Better Coach!! Philbin is A Real Coach!! He Knows Who/What is Going On With "His" Team!! And He Decides If it is OK!! To Sign Somebody After Working Them Out!! He Also Attends The Workout!



Last Year! Dashi Waited Til Game 6 Of The Pacers Series To Speak Up!!


Dashi - you watch a different game from a different planet than me.

FZB - call it soft but they're small by design. Riley spent his career studying the center position and he said if they can't afford a big guy to throw the ball into offensively they're better off with a better smaller player than a bad true center.

I don't like small ball and I think going down against the Pacers and winning should have been a red flag for defending teams with two good big men instead of an affirmation of the small ball strategy.

But I wouldn't say Pat Riley's wrong until the Heat are bounced in the playoffs by a big team. Riley loves centers, he would amnesty Mike Miller for one. Knicks, Pacers, and Bulls could all be a problem for Miami down low.

Birdman will help, the Heat are complacent and he'll be hungry. Spoelstra's no kind of motivator, the players will decide when to start putting it together after the all star break because home court throughout is key. Heat are #1 in the east with 10 losses, Clippers and OKC are ahead with 8 apiece.

Fifty games to go.

Potter87 aka Dashi- PLEASE STFU ABOUT RELIGION!!!!!!!! It is enough to make my hair hurt.

Man, and you guyz claim to be loving compassionate resources of The Devine. You guyz are literally making Naples hair hurt. The guy was a Marine, IS a Marine and you two defenders of the faith are making his hair hurt. Only thing harder for this ole boy to endure is commercials with mistreated animals and children with cancer. C'mon have a heart guyz.

naples.. saw the impossible in miami sunday night; good movie.
potter, STFU already; no one on this blogg give a rat's a#$ about what you're saying, except maybe baby.
spo is fine, the dolphins are fine, loria needs to die..

Dolphins are fine if Tannehill works out.

duke that guy is no lover of religions he used to spend his time here mocking them not sure what his game is now but he's best on ignore.

My bad I thought you liked Pitt too we can take them next year.

Celts just beat Atlanta, Indiana, and Knicks (with no Rondo) not bad.

I think we may trade for Demarcus Cousins but maybe not Sullinger may be untouchable.

The value of defense having A. Bradley back makes them a different team some say he is the best defender in the game he's shut down city but would likely be part of any trade.

No Celtics in the playoff talk? I don't think so.

Zero Dark Thirty - hands down, a great, really great movie. Kathryn Bigelow, who last directed The Hurt Locker must really feel comfortable telling tales in the sand. I can easily see why anyone who ever served would find elements they can relate with.

Two movies in one. The intelligence gathering portion, which predominates, and a "Call of Duty" video game ending.

Snuck in to see Jack Reacher afterwards. Ehh...serviceable. Not nearly in the same zip code.

They have a contest for best defender every year, Avery Bradley won't win.

Heat should sign 'definitely not into child pornography' Birdman and Derek Fisher. This offseason Greg Oden's corpse needs to be a top priority.

Ah, excuse me Flounder, but did I read you right that "Catholics have to become Christians." I don't know what you're smoking but you should read the story of Martin Luther.

FZ, I just read one or two posts by Dashi, Potter (alias Flounder), and my good friend Kaz. Boy, it's going to be a long year.

Ok, when the balloon goes up and the Herald implements the $70 buck pay to play system we're all moving to the Sun Sentinel, right? I mean someone suggested that, and I think it's a good option. I read them once in a while. They must have a blog there for us to take over.

Sorry Cote, but you and the Herald are just a couple of tools, we're the stars of this show you just get paid to open up the front door and say, "Good morning Mr. Woodcock may I take your bag, please sir."

Trust Fund, why don't you do some scouting for us on another forum. Let them know that you are a made man and have connections. We'll blow this taco stand in a heart beat.

Damn straight!

This is the song I play AND PLAY LOUD while driving..



I think we should put young Mr. Potter, Dashi and Kazaam in a room a let'em go at it...I guarantee you trust fund comes out, "he got's connections", if you know what I mean.

on this $70.00 deal, we can't move to the Sun Sentinel either, I think they got the same shit, now the Palm Beach Post could be a solution.

Also Wood's, if things get a little slow around here, I'll come out with my yearly annual statement that the Beatles are rock's greatest band and we should be good for about a week..hehe

or maybe you can get Kazaam (you are the closest thing he has to a friend in this blog) to pay for all of us.

here is some classic Floyd to help you get moving this morning.


and senor Kazaam,

the Heat are indeed a soft team amigo, they got hammered on the boards yesterday.

Pittman is nothing to brag about but maybe they should give the young guy a real shot at playing, maybe 10-15 games playing 12-18 minutes a game, we only need him to rebound and set screens.

let's see what he can do.

and Chalmers still sucks.

Concur with Mr Woodcock, someone recommends we take our conversations elsewhere,,,, I'm in. Make sure it's free, uncensored & all the regulars are reminded of where to go.

I Love How You Old Coot's Love To Generalize and Group People.

We All Know Dashi is his own Entity. Naples, I am The Devine Being. I Thought You Knew.

Kaz, Just Admit it. Spo Sucks!!! And Big Time.

Woody, I Told Nemo about Martin Luther, Yesterday!! And No, Not MLK!! The Real Martin Luther!! The Guy Who Translated The Bible!! And Created This Whole New Sect Of Christians!! But like Any Ignorant Religious Heretic!! The Flaming Wizard!! Only Believes What his Little Cult Tells Him!! He isn't really Trying To Find GOD!! I'm Done Talking To The Ignoramus!

And Kaz, This is Where We Differ!! Riley has Found The Heat Big Men!! But when Spo Doesn't develop Them!! The Big Men Won't Grow!!

Was Norris Cole The Same Player last year, that he is this year? No, because he got PT!!! If You Don't See The Court!! You can not get better!! Even if you suck!!

Another Thing SPO SUCKS AT!!! DEVELOPING PLAYERS!! The List Just Got Longer!!

To Some The Regular Season Doesn't Matter!! But I Grew Up Watching Phil!! And Jordan! And Shaq!! You Dominate The Regular Season!! So When Post Season! Comes Around!! Everyone FEARS You!! Those 16 Wins Become A Walk In The Park!! Everyone Would Already be Demoralized By The Time The Playoffs Start!!

How Many Times Did Jordan Finish With The #1 Overall Seed?? Every time he Won The Title!! Same With Shaq!! You Dominate The 82 Games!!

Nobody Fears The Champ, Right Now!!

Simple Solution!! Don't Play The Big 3, 40 Minutes a Game!! Rotate Your Squad!! Give Everyone some PT!! If You Are Going To Be Throwing Games Away!!

Dashi has already gave you the 2 Teams Spo Should Use! Since he doesn't Like To Use His Whole Team!!

1st Team


2nd Team



Definitely No JA!!

Now If Spo Was A Real Coach!! He Would Start Pitt! And Bring The Big Rookie off The Bench!!

Dashi Starting Lineup



Big White Boy (That Can Shoot)/ UD
Chalmers/ Allen

It's a 82 Game Schedule!! By the time Post Season Comes Around! The Big Men and Cole Would Be Seasoned Enough to be Productive!!

Look At The Celtics!!! Doc is Developing Young Guys While Starting His Veterans!! The Spurs!! Same Thing!! Even If You Shorten The Young Guys Minutes In The Playoffs!! At Least he Saw Minutes In The Regular Season!!

Spo Doesn't even Do The Basics!!

Again, Since Everything Dashi Says Is OVERRATED!!


Dashi Is Waiting!!

Kazaam A. Bradley would get some votes from some very prominent offensive players he makes them want to cry when he guards them.

Dashi says "I am the devine being"...


Young Mr. Potter is going to get very upset with you, hehe

alright, so who's in charge of looking for our new home?

I don't usually agree with Cote about social issue matters but in the case of Musberger he is right that was harmless.

My guess is that ESPN has had so many employees disciplined or fired for harassment complaints and now they are erring on the side of caution but this one made no sense.

Classic idiot that guy can't even spell divine right what a moron.

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