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January 14, 2013

The Super Bowl matchup you most want: New poll. Vote now!; plus Dolphin$, Heat Big 5@35, Snoop Dogg at Last Supper, Jodie Foster & more

Live blog chat: Thanks to all who joined our live blog chat today. We do it every most Mondays 1-2 p.m. Wall to wall today. Crammed almost 90 Q's/A's into 60 minutes. Not bad. My digits are tired. Thanks again.

1aa1corv14[1) It is MONDAY, JANUARY 14. Heat's championship ceremony at White House scheduled for Jan. 28. As big a basketball fan as the president is, bet Obama is looking forward to the visit as much as the players. 2) Chevrolet revealed its 2014 Corvette today (pictured). Not sure, but thinking I might have to go get me one. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

NFL FINAL FOUR VARIETY: WHICH SUPER BOWL MATCHUP YOU LIKE BEST?: These NFL playoffs took a hit with Denver's ouster. The league and TV could not have done 1aa1finalfour 1aa1finalfour2better, for interest or ratings, than with Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Nevertheless next Sunday's AFC and NFC championship games present some interesting combinations, with all four teams offering something unique. Atlanta gives us the only team of the Final Four after its first Super Bowl win. Baltimore gives us the possible storybook ending for the retiring great ex-Cane, Canton-bound Ray Lewis in. New England gives us Tom Brady and Bill Belichick trying to reawaken their dynasty. And San Francisco gives us the electric Colin Kaepernick off his record-setting performance. Ravens vs. Niners additionally would give us the Bro Bowl: coaching brothers Jim vs. John Harbaugh. Pitcured left to right: Lewis, Brady, Kaepernick and Matt Ryan. Which possible Super Bowl matchup do you most want to see and why?

Super Bowl odds: Courtesy of our friends at Bovada, Patriots an even-odds 1-1 to win the Super Bowl, followed by Niners 2-1, Falcons 11-2 and Ravens 15-2. Matchup picks are Pats-49ers 5-6, Pats-Falcons 9-4, Ravens-Niners 6-1 and Ravens-Falcons 9-1.

DOLPHINS WANT YOUR MONEY. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross today laid out a plan for about $400 million in stadium improvements and seeks about half of that in public money. Roughly $100 mill of the cost would go to erecting a giant canopy to shield patrons from the sun or rain. Getting the public money will be a tough go for three reasons: 1) I think most fans (taxpayers) think the stadium is fine as is. 2) Attracting a future Super Bowl, the main reason for the money-grab, is not nearly as important to fans (taxpayers) as it is to local politicos. And 3) what the Marlins did makes this a hard climate for the Dolphins.

HEAT BIG 5 @ 35: The blog loves bells 'n whistles especially of the nerdy-stat variety and so this season 1aa1heat5we started this new one we are running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals. It's a top-five cumulative ranking of the players having the biggest overall impact this season based on eight statistical categories. We continue with The Big 5 @ 35 Games (24-11:

Rank (@30)   Player   Total

1 (1)   LeBron James   1,313.1

2 (2)   Chris Bosh   878.8

3 (3)   Dwyane Wade   835.4

4 (4)   Ray Allen   545.1

5 (5)   Mario Chalmers   525.1

Bubble: Udonis Haslem, 345.5

1aa1snoopFUNNY VS. BLASPHEMY: What is funny to me might be sacrilege to others, but I am willing to push that line on occasion, because as a general rule I think people take themselves too seriously and that "lighten up" applies to most everybody. Here, above, an animated Snoop Dogg at the Last Supper is amusing to me. Not even sure why. Just is. I may be wrong.

GREG COTE'S FREE TIPS FOR PROPER LIVING (GCFTFPL): One in a series. Today: Backing in. Drivers, 1aa1backinwhen in a crowded parking lot surrounded by other drivers all jockeying for a spot, do not back in. It is unnecessary, and rightfully annoys your fellow drivers, who immediately I.D. you as a self-absorbed jerk even if you are not. The only time backing in is considered necessary or at least prudent is A) when unloading from the car or truck, B) when burglarizing a home (so neighbors can't see your license plate), or C) when committing an armed robbery such as a bank heist conducive to a rapid getaway.

JODIE FOSTER AT THE GLOBES: I'm not sure I have ever seen or heard a celebrity come out as gay quite as carefully or artfully -- or defiantly --  as Jodie Foster did last night at the Golden Globes. She (sort of) confirmed what was widely known, while also blasting the culture that all but forces celebs out of the closet, like it or not. Very interesting. Best few minutes of the night.  

Click back. Will be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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All of the story lines are kind of annoying Harbaugh Brothers, Ray Lewis story overload, Brady/ Belichick I vote the QB we let get away versus I don't care.

Mr. Woodcock,

left you a whole bunch of playoff bowl stuff at the end of the previous thread.

49ers are the team to beat right now. Outside of a few friends, and close relatives, who cares about the harbaugh brothers. Brady going for a 4th SB is more of a story line then that fraud Manning. Would loved to have seen him play outside in a place like NY,Chicago, Philly, Foxboro, instead of a dome. The guy sucks when the temp gets below 40.


who thinks that FGs determine too many games, especially when today's kickers blast them home consistently from 50+ yards. the old-timers, at the beginning of the soccer-style kicks, courtesy of pete and charley gogolak, used to bitch and moan that they would leave their guts on the field only to have some little foreigner come off the bench "to keeeeck a touchdown" (alex karras about his then teammate garo)

how about instituting a rule that states that only players who have played a position during the game- like it was in the olden days-lou groza, wayne walker, paul hornung, roger leclerc-are eligible for place kicking chores. yes, these guys have tremedous range, but nowadays teams only need to get to their opponents 40 yard line to be within scoring range, as occurred yesterday in atlanta. or outlaw soccer-style kicks and make the kicker start out his run-up from directly behind the center. bring back mark mosely!!!

Shame about Denver's 20 million dollars to Payton going to waste. Luckily for them, they were the only team that could afford his services. Apparently, if he's around for next season he's in line for 40 million guaranteed for the next two years. Aw shucks.

Knowledgeable Shadow: FGs should be worth 3 points near the end zone and just one point when really far away.

This Shadow guy's full of sh*t.

Russell Wilson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Ryan Tannehill

the team that I'm rooting for to win the whole 'enchilada' is the Ravens (because of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed) but I think we'll see SF & NE.

nothing with Snoop Dog is funny...I mean the guy is just strange.

Mario Chalmers still sucks, Here is his line for tonight, 20 minutes, 4 points, 1 assist, 2 turn-overs, 1 of six from the field...yup, that's what we got.

Thanks Shad. I know I went to the Eagles Colts game with my dad but I'm starting to think I went to some of the later ones with some of my friends because I have some memory of the Cowboys and the Browns as well. It was the only way to watch Pro Football in Miami before the Dolphins. The league basically did it to give the second place team guys a small paycheck for their troubles. I remember also that it was a big let down for me when the Dolphs came in as an AFL franchise. I went to one of the first pre season games and after watching the NFL on TV and at the Playoff Bowl the Dolphs looked like a semi-pro team, especially with that stupid nickname and the pansy ass'd aqua colors. They looked like the football version of the Washington Generals.

Flacco should send a gift basket to the Broncos safety...

Naples, no disrespect here buddy, but to say that Peyton can't win in cold weather is just nuts. Denver had that game but for Flacco possessing a cannon right arm the size depicted in The Guns of Navarone. Come on, man. How many dudes are capable of throwing 55 yards over coverage?

His record in cold weather playoff games is not good OC that is a fact I hate agreeing with Naples.

OC Dolphin- 9-11 in the playoffs. 0-3 when the temp is lower then 40. Big time player in a dome when it is a toasty 68*. 1 SB, the guy is a great HOF player, would loved to of seen his numbers if he had to play all his games in heat,snow,wind,rain,mud,like Montana,Brady, and Elway.

Hows 'bout two old school football teams in SB. Ravens vs 49ers. Obviously NE at home always tough. Man there was a time I never thought I'd be saying that but then again there was a time you didn't beat Miami two times in one season. THAT was a long, long time ago in a far off galaxy...

lol OC, Guns of Navarone. My those were big ones!

Naples, BB, I can agree with the gist of your argument, but it certainly was no fault of his to have lost that last game. Shouldn't that 0-3 record come with an asterisk?

duke, I must have replayed the link of Flacco's toss half a dozen times. That sucker was up in the air 55 yards!

duke, next weekend, and right after the Ravens and Pats stand for the Anthem, I would love nothing more than to see Flacco jog right over to the Patriot's sideline, football in hand, and as he is some eight feet away from Belichick, rear up and fire ole Navarone right on Billy's jimmy's.

It would be nice to see Flacco get Vinny from standpoint there could be hope for Tanney. Some guys just take alittle longer to ferment. I would also love nothing more than FZB proving many of us wrong regarding Ireland's GM ability.

the reason the Ravens won that game is because the Bronco safety and CB both had a combine mental fart..

I missed the game but I have a question for you guys, on a play that Manning fumbled, it sure looked to me his arm and ball were going forward, how come this was not rule imcomplete?..this sure looked like the tuck rule.

WTF happened?

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm ready to root for a winner again. Well I was ready 30 years ago...

OC, Commrade Belichicknek would be hurling for 15 minutes. He'd need quite a bit of Gatorade to rehydrate after that cookie toss!

FZ, do I detect an anti-Flacco sentiment from you?

Even were he to recover enough to manage the game (which I doubt), he would be getting a jolt of pain every time Flacco would throw a pass.


Have a little more faith buddy, don't listen or become one of the "negativos" here, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...hehe

I'd actually like to see an Atlanta-Baltimore matchup. Would love to see the kind of effort Tony Gonzalez would showcase against like effort from Ray Lewis. That would be memorable.

Unfortunately it won't happen. More than likely, SF vs. NE.

Greg, not to worry. Leonardo was the foremost blasphemous heretic of his time.


FZ, what are you talking about, meng? I'm not a negative. I'm positive that Ireland sucks!

Cote that picture is tasteless and offensive nice job.


No, I like Flacco, he is solid and I'll be rooting for him against the Beli-Cheaters.

FZB and myself have been the biggest Flacco bashers here it's fun to kid Kazaam but he has improved seemingly from that 80 QB rating last year.

He has always had a gun for an arm but wasn't always accurate I still like calling him a big goofball though I will rooting for him too.

Kazaam what are you talking about that is the oldest roster in the NFL the window is closing fast for that team it's now or never.

Kazaam- You are the go to guy on Ravens history. What the hell was this nitwit Ayanbadejo thinking with that stupid tweet about the Pats yesterday? If I am correct, he is on the special teams right? Plus he is a backup player right? The dope should spend more time trying to figure out how to stop runbacks. If my memory serves me right, he also played for the Dolphins,right?

Sorry to interrupt but breaking news he played for the Dolphins and also just tweeted out his apology guessing his coach asked him too.

here is some draft talk for you guys,

according to some scouts/GM's Landry Jones failed to show major improvement in his SR year but he still will be picked higher than he should be because of his arm, also said his footwork was atrocious but scouts think this can be fixed.

said the teams that are in the 10th to 20th range could be targeted by teams picking early in the second round to try to get a QB like Jones or Barkley etc.

Geno Smith will be picked in the top 5 of the draft but he is not deserving of going that high, he has a hard time reading defenses and is not very good at finding a second or third option.

said the Dolphins seem to be concentrating on fast defensive players (LB's and CB's) they feel they need to upgrade the overall speed of the defense, so the emphasis is more speed and a little less bulk since the NFL is more of a passing league.

said if Tannehill was coming out this year he would be the first QB taken.

And old friend Brian Daboll has joined the Patriots coaching staff.

Naples Jack,

I don't know what you're complaining about, the Patriots are cheaters....The man is right.

Kazaam, This is it for Flacco, is he going to put his big boy pants on and beat the Patriots?..I hope so.

Agreed, The New Corvette Stingray Looks Beautiful!!

On Football

None Of Those Teams Interest Me. And Probably More Than Half The Country!!

Maybe, Win 1 For Ray!! But That Is As Much Interest As I Will Have! Guess, I'll Watch This Superbowl for The Commercials!!

The One Good Thing About The Game!!

We Are Closer To The Offseason!!

On My Boy Snoop!! Greg Must Be Reading The Blog. Dashi knows Potter Won't Be Happy!! The Only Thing I Don't Like About the Photo, Snoop Is In B&W!!

But You Know What They Say Jesus Was Black.

On Pulling In Backward! Agreed!! It Is Uncalled For!! And If I'm Not Mistaken In States Where You Only Have 1 License Plate! You Can Get A Ticket!! For Not Having The LP SHOWING!! Cops Just Don't Enforce It!

ON Jodie Foster

Whatever Floats Your Boat. I'm Just Waiting For Woodcock and Duke To Come Out As Life Partners!! Booties In Arm!

I am waiting for dashi and clue to tie the knot.

Oh BOy,

here we go...

somehow I can't see Woodcock and the Dukes-Ter as life partners..

Jodie Foster...too bad she changed teams, she was kind of hot when she was younger.

I'm a Janet Reno kinda guy. I like em tall and strong as the mighty oak so they can do all the chores & manuel labor... That's grotesque even for me.

Hey Dukes-Ter,

if you had to choose between Janet Rno or Anne Bishop?

choose one amigo...

Have you guys seen the way Dolphins stadium would look if it gets renovated?

I Like it.


Oh goodie, if Tannehill was coming out in a hilariously weak year for QBs, he would go first.

Of course, if we re-drafted last year, Tannehill would go fourth. Russell Wilson might end up being the best QB from that draft; I seriously doubt Tannehill is ever as good as Wilson. Oh well.

Andrew stop living in the past Tannehill made some great throws this year he is clearly going to be good he's our guy now.

Honestly I think that we will look back and say that we were lucky he fell to us at # 8.

Pittsburgh Steelers- 6 Rings
Baltimore Browns- 1 Ring

Fun facts aside, Russel Wilson will deteriorate and struggle behind an offense that features a permeable O-Line, possession receivers and a running back that can't average 100 yards a game. Also, don't forget Seattle's defense boasts Erl Thomas, Sherman, Chanceller, Clemons, and Browner.

Big Baby - Ravens are a young team, they have a couple very old players that bring that age up. I didn't make that stat up, after Reed and Lewis they don't have a starter over 30, Ayanbedejo is the only role player over 30 and he's fourth string.

Ravens are the 12th oldest roster (26.4), Dolphins 20th (25.91), but they have young cores to build around on offense (Flacco, Rice, Smith) and defense (Ngata, Suggs, Webb).

Their window is wide open, they'll have to find replacements for Ed Reed and Matt Birk this offseason but that's about it.

I think Andrew and the pimple are the same person, sort of like having multiple personalities (Like my friend the Duke).

one is miserable all the time (pimple) and the other one is miserable most of the time (Andrew).

FZB - Broncos scored on two kick returns but then you didn't watch the game. Ravens won a classic.

'This is it'? As opposed to the other two AFC championship games Flacco's played in? Flacco's the same player he's always been, he's good enough to win it all with, doesn't mean he ever will.

Ayanbedejo's brother, Dolphins/Ravens FB, has an all time great name - Obafemi Ayanbedejo. Brendon you'll remember, had the game sealing interception for Miami to beat the Patriots in that MNF game with the orange jerseys.

He does talk a lot but I doubt anyone cares at the Castle. Ravens let Suggs and Reed and Lewis say whatever they want about teammates and coaches and other teams, that stuff doesn't make it to the locker room.

If it affects New England, the Patriots were in bad shape before that critical error by Ayenbedejo. I doubt that's the case.

Suggs is 30 Bolden while very good is getting up in years we will see I did predict they would beat Denver.

Ayanbedejo is a pro bowl gunner and fourth string MLB by the way, nice enough player to have.

Kazaam I heard this morning that Baltimore had the oldest roster guess that wasn't true should be a good game I have no idea where the 9 1/2 point spread comes from Ravens are getting no respect.

FZB- When is the hurry up offense cheating? That was what he was talking about. Typical clown who is on the way down. Sounds like the guy lost his breath watching the game.


I mean Flacco getting over the hump and going to the SB and winning it...

I know he's won big games..

I think the NFL network will replay the game this week, I'll make sure to watch it.

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team – Thank You

BTW, I didn’t say I didn’t like Floyd, I just like certain songs.

FZB – Haha, The Duke Blue Devils, lol

Rawpimple – You said it best – And that is what the Corrupt Government and Corrupt people are turning this country into, If not already :(

Anti – I don’t like Floyd’s “Young Lust” because it doesn’t sound good. Apparently Nobody get’s my point. :)

However, you’re right about 2+ hour movies being great. The Green Mile is over 2 hours. That is a great movie. I believe the Last Batman Movie was over 2 hours and 007 Skyfall was over 2 hours. That was a great movie in my opinion. I think Dashi doesn’t like them because he doesn’t have a great attention span and therefore get’s bored. :)

Thank you Woodcock, However I don’t plan on getting laid till I’m married by thank you anyway. :)

Kaz – As a Gator Fan, I don’t really care that Mario Cristobal is with UM now. That’s not what’s going to make them great. Of Course, He won 3 games with FIU so obviously you can tell his recruiting skills aren’t that great. I’m not worried about Miami. Most likely will never be elite again.

Dashi – Most Drivers in Nascar are around 5’5” – They are smaller guys than in Most Sports. This is one area I will now advise you to stay away from in sports discussions, because apparently you know nothing about it.

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team – That last prayer that Flacco threw up could have and would have been caught by any receiver on the Dolphins or in the NFL. There was no challenge in catching that ball for the Wide Receiver so let’s not make comparisons when it comes to something that is given.

No FZB – Kaz is going Potter on us. He’s realizing that the Patriots are a great team and that Tom Brady is a great quarterback and should be treated like one. So he is rooting for them because he understands my point of view. So you will too FZB :)

Naples – Manning was not bad, he accounted for 35 points. He just lost, that’s all.

Hey do you people still think Mario Chalmers is not good? 34 points (With 10 3 pointers) @ Sacramento – You all seem to forget that we probably would not have won the Championship last year if it wasn’t for Chalmers. Too many critical people here is what I say :)

OC – Are you at least convinced that the Dolphins are looking better now then last year? :)

Steely Dan – Who are the Baltimore Browns?

Am I the only one that said the Raven would beat the Broncos? :)

I can’t believe Seattle actually lost. They totally got screwed at the end. Bad kickoff coverage and 2 15 yard plays to give Atlanta the win. I thought they had it with 31 seconds to go. :(

Of course My Patriot’s won. That’s a no brainer. :)

I’m actually happy to be wrong about the Packers. I wanted to see Kaepernick play well and keep going, but I thought the Packers were going to play like the packers. But they didn’t. :)

OHH Kazzzzzyyyyyyyy – Looks like Django Unchained won 1 or 2 Golden Globes if my ears did not hear the wrong thing. Looks like you were wrong about that movie not being good enough to win an award :)

And just to finish off my stuff, I think that the new Corvette looks Awesome!!!!! :)

I'm only miserable when we talk dolphins FZB.

Only Miami could get the 4th best QB in a draft with three home run, elite QBs. Tannehill is promising but Wilson is already a star. Look at Seattle's last ten games, they had the second or third best offense in the whole league. And Sidney Rice and Tate are just decent WRs not stars.


Are you stupid??? Sidney Rice and Golden Tate are much better receivers than Brian Hartline and Davone Bess. Plus they also have Marshawn Lynch. Don't know why are you comparing Tannehill to this guy. Wilson missed some throws that Tannehill would have hit. So it could prabably have been said that they would have done better if Tannehill was the Quarterback. And Tannehill has a better arm than Wilson. Don't worry, when the Dolphins get good receivers they will be feared and great and you will be looking stupid along with others in here.

Lol potter.

Yeah I know they are better than Hartline and Bess. I called them average, didn't I?

I rooted for the Patriots because I wanted this rematch or else Manning-Brady in the AFC championship game. I do not want New England to win the Super Bowl, although I recognize Tom Brady's greatness.

I liked Django, definitely didn't say it wasn't good enough to win an Oscar.

Did say that Waltz wasn't winning a second supporting actor Oscar from another Tarantino film and that Django wouldn't win best picture.

Outside shot at best screenplay is hurt by winning the golden globe but a definite possibility. Decent shot at cinematography, but Life of Pi is steep competition.

And as with everything the academy is going to do whatever it thinks looks smart, if there was any director but Spielberg on Lincoln I could guarantee right now that it won't win best picture because that's 'expected'.

These awards never reflect how good movies actually are.

Chad Henne has a better arm than Wilson, decision making and accuracy are more important than arm strength - ask Manning and Brady.


I was Just Using It As A Reference!!

And I Doubt, NASCAR Guys Are 5'5". Maybe, In INDY Racing. NASCAR drivers Are Mostly Average Height!! Maybe In Mexico!!

Kazaam, you and I tend to think and agree on more things than not. I happen to think that even many of those differences would be reduced given some 30+ years more experience. Say, by the year 2043.

One of those differences is astrology. I happen to see its underlying mathematical mechanisms, and related physical manifestations, while you, on the other hand, have long decided not to give it the time of day.

So let's take our new blog contributor, Potter 1/11/87 into view, as an example. A quick reference check would reveal that Potter's moon position at the time of his birth (If in fact that is his birthdate, which would make sense given his propensity for long chatter) is in Gemini.

Now watch what happens next. Potter will read the following descriptor for moon in Gemini folks and (if he is honest with himself) will tend to agree.

Now, I'm sure you will dismiss all of this, but consider the worth of knowing how best to communicate with people if one knew ahead of time their tendencies and manner by best to reach and relate.

Moon in Gemini:
Potter - You’re in, you’re out; you’re on, you’re off. Your moods and feelings change on a dime, making people wonder where you stand. If only you could answer that question yourself! Emotionally, you’re all over the map, and you have a hard time making up your mind. Avoid making impulsive decisions and then changing your mind; otherwise, you could gain a reputation as two-faced or flighty. You need facts, data and information before you commit. Like magic, you find the perfect answer to your dilemmas at the bookstore, online or in a class. A born conversationalist, you love everything from long debates to gossipy gabfests.

And Guys, C'mon Man!!

I know That Couldn't have been Woody or Duke!!

Using My Same Joke!! Against Me!!


I Know My Boy Woody Can Be A Bigger D'ck!! Than That!!


And FZB,

Dashi is Just Tirando Piedra!!

Duke and Woody Love, Running Dashi Thru The Coals!! Remember Dashi Use To Be The New Guy!!

Fzb & Everyone else, You Know Never To Take Dashi Serious!! Dashi doesn't take himself Serious!!

Agreed On The Stadium!! It Will Look Amazing!! If They Can Make It Look Like The Drawing!!

I Always Wondered, What Are They Going To Do With The Huge Screens!! I Love The idea of A Screen In Every Corner!! And It Looks Like They Are Even Going To Upgrade The Seats!! And The Roof Looks Great!!

What Nobody Says, IS HOW MUCH OF AN ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE!! Joe Robbie Is!!! When Was The Stadium Built? And It Is Still Relevant!! With Some Upgrades!! The Modern Day Colosseum!!

They Should Rename It!! The Original Name!! JRS!! Or The Orange Bowl!!

Mr. Robbie Was A True Visionary!!

We Need To Start Putting Statues In The Front!! Not Just Dan's!!


As The Master Of The Universe!!

Dashi Agrees! Astrology Does have Some Influence In Who We Are!!

As In Everything, Dashi Believes We Are Made Individuals By 3 Things!

The Universe (Aka God, or Your Metaphysical Form)

Our Parents (aka Our DNA and Genetic Make Up)

And Our Own Free Will (Ultimately, You Are Responsible For You!!)

Dashi believes this is what makes us Tick!!

Dashi is born During the Last Sign, or Last Month Of The Astrological Calender.

No, Not December.

And OC,

Potter Won't Approve With The Study Of The Stars!! That Is The Devil's Magic!!

You Will Burn In Hell For Believing In Something Like That!

young mr. Potter,

so you won't get laid until your honeymoon night?..good for you, but kid you don't know what your missing, hehe

Oye OC, ya empesaste con el horoscopo de nuevo?..suelta eso meng.

here, I was born 12-9-1953 @ 9 am (so my Mom tells me) which by all definitions makes me an old fart, I wish I was 25 all over again but with my 59 year old brain but I can't, lol, anyways, going back to my scope..Is it something wishy-washy going on in my brain that makes me like Ireland?...

Agree with the three, Dashi. Being the last sign, Pisces are generally very insightful people.

FZB, since we are only seven days apart, there is a very good chance (if you were born in La Havana) that you took over the baby bed I peed on before they wrapped me up to go home.

provincia de Oriente, Bayamo..but had family in La Havana


here is our horoscope...we're fack!


That's okay, Dash, all's I've got to remind Potter is that the three wise men were actually astrologers who calculated the when and where the "Anointed One" would be born.

On the contrary OC, I can access the primary literature (original studies) through UM's library and my sister, who's a smart enough person and bar certified, as well as many of her close girlfriends are heavily into astrology. I have given it the time of day and I probably know more about the field than you do, though not the specific mythology.

I know, without a doubt, that astrological signs do not predict personality traits with a significantly higher chance than random. I don't know what a moon sign is or why gemini would be in january, but I do know that if you treated every personality prediction that didn't fit with as much weight as the predictions you think do fit, you would conclude that it's all nonsense.

Astrology isn't rejected because it's unexplainable, it makes specific predictions about people's behaviors based on the stars and it doesn't work. It's been extensively studied over decades by detractors and enthusiasts, shown with certainty to not be predictive greater than random, and we have a clear understanding how someone who's into astrology (79% female) can convince themselves it does work and how multiple enthusiasts can conclude it works on all of their mutual friends' personalities.

The gender ratio is brought up by way of explanation and not insult, I'm assuming you indulge in space gossip with your wife and her friends and not Woodcock.

anyone but Brady, Belechick's Patriots.

Bumped into Franco Harris the other day, said he's coming back to the Cote blog. Franco has been doing 2 a day's of "sweating to the oldies" with Rocky Blier to get back in shape.

I love to laugh at good humor, whether it is clever, slap-stick, crude, rude @ anyone (including at me)& any type but Snoop reminds me of the convicts I see every day... no humor points.

I seriously doubt that you know even one nano tidbit of the art, as much as yours truly, and as exemplified by your own self admission that you do not know what a moon sign is.

Ross wants other people's money for work on his stadium, so locals will be expected to support hitting tourists with a tax (and Ross supported Mitt 'I hate taxes" Romney) because stadium improvements will help tourism, every so often, if and when we're 'awarded' Super Bowls.

Question: is there a single NFL owner who isn't a ginormous a-hole?

Moon sign is next level crazy, Potter's regular astrological sign is Capricorn.

Potter, you're not by chance striving diligently and patiently to reach that 'top step' in life? Could it be that you're industrious, and won't mind waiting for your ship to come in?

Or are you a lazy a**hole who wants everything handed to him?

Tell the truth...

Potter87- Manning was not responsible for 35 points. The Ravens special teams fu#kups were 14pt give aways. I think Mr. Ayanbadejo had something to do with that. So we give Payton 21pts.

Wanted to read the rest of Cote's article on UM and the NCAA, first time I've really felt the need to read on to a second page since the Herald's new subscription policy.

The Herald must come out ahead by charging, Sun Sentinel has been doing it for close to a year. $70 from a couple people is better than nothing from a couple more, a click's worth tiny fractions of a penny - and the Herald still has their advertising space and popups.

I'll buy the paper tomorrow to read the rest of Cote's article but I won't subscribe.

Video killed the radio star.


So You Do Know Your Stars!!

@8:12, True, Dashi Never Noticed That. Learned Something New Today. And It Makes Perfect Sense!! Nostradamus Was An Astrologer, The Mayans Used The Stars!! The Pyramids!

And Potter Saying You Like The Floyd! And Not Mentioning 1 Song! Is Very Insightful! You're Just Another Brick On The Wall, My Friend!!

I'm Not Saying Floyd Is God!!

But If You Don't Like Something!! Just Say It!!

Dashi Can't Stand The Beetles!! Love The Doors!! Like Floyd!! But None Of That Is My Favorite Genre!! Give Me Some Snoop, Dmx, Biggie, Uncle Luke!! More Of The Old School Rap!! Than The New Stuff!! And I'm Good!

Jimbo, Agreed. Nothing Funny About A Guy Dancing At The Last Supper!! But If You Know Snoop As A Character! He's Just Pimping Up The Last Meal!!

Look At The Picture. All The White People Are Repulsed Because Jesus Is Black and Dancing!! That To Me Is The Real Joke! Within The Joke!!

At least he's Not C-Walking On The Cross!!

Give Ross $25M in a new hotel tax, pledge another $75M hotel tax starting from the year Dolphins stadium next hosts the Super Bowl.

Give Ross $100M in state income tax rebates for his Dolphins franchise.

Let him cover the stadium and fill in seating to the field.

Make UM pay for their own coverings of the upper bowl (leaving a 50,000 stadium for most home games).

There, I fixed it.

Kazaam, consider for a moment scientifically predictable data that correlates our planet's bodies of water and cycles of the moon. Surely you would not deem the many planetary changes as "unexplainable." So answer me this. Would it not stand to reason that the human body, whose composition is more than 60 percent water, (Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water) would be ABSENT of ANY affects? Particularly, in something as fragile, vulnerable and moldable as a new born? Nothing?

Would you at least consider that a baby's body water content would undergo shift differently within the brain during various lunar phases? And if so, would you think that such shifts involving restrictions or ease of various fluid based chemicals and cellular makeup COULD produce classifications predictable in nature? Huh?

FZB- You can say what you want about Flacco, but the guy outplayed Manning. They lose that game without him. No mistakes, Manning had 3 turnovers. End of story. When and if young Mr. Tannah. even gets to a playoff, then you can start to compare the two. Right now Tannah. is not even top 6 of the young 1-2yr guys. Everybody seems to forget the Dolphins got shutout 28-o in there final game. Not a good way to finish the year. Do you really think with all these young QBs we have seen this year, The Dolphins are going to a SB anytime soon?

This guy Ross has a lot of balls asking for tax money to fund his stadium renovations. 200mil. They should tell him to put up all 400mil. These guys are thiefs.

I wouldn't want to sound like I'm getting beyond the fact that astrology doesn't work and doesn't predict personalities at a significantly greater chance than random, but yes, I reject outright the idea that the moon's gravity (which is so weak it can't in 1,000,000 years move an eyelash) influences human brain development.

For one thing it's effects are minuscule compared to that of earth, if gravitational pull affected brain development at all it would be kind of important what side you slept on. Tides only exist because of the earth's huge centripetal (spinning) force, if the earth was standing still the water wouldn't move.


I'll reserve my judgement on T-Hill for another two years, he was quite handicapped this year by his inexperience and lack of talent around him.

We shall see

ross you pay the 400 million. you are rich. it is your team and your football stadium. the Dolphins haven't even won anything the last forty years ,and the Dolphins aren't even relevant still. and now you want to change the Dolphin logo too, to a crappy one. then you'll do a loria on us. no thanks!

Yet a minuscule of the venom from the bright blue Poison Dart Frog (2 micro grams, or the amount of ink used to write a period on a page) is capable of killing several human beings or large mammals.

Then again, the significance placed on amounts such as "minuscule" is a degree best served by which side of an argument one tries to make.

Janet or Anne Bishop. I didn't know who Anne B, was until I looked her up and saw her pic LOL! I'll take Ms Jane Hathaway!

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