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January 18, 2013

BRO BOWL! Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh! Ray Lewis! Ravens, 49ers in Super Bowl!; Ravens-Pats next; plus Panthers' big opening night, Jedd Fisch, Earl Weaver, Heat, Lance/Manti & more

1aa1earlw[1) It is SUNDAY, JANUARY 20. Click on Lance 'n Manti for my Sunday Random Evidence wiseass notes column, led by a skewering of this week's Liefest. 2) R.I.P., Earl Weaver (pictured), dead at 82. The colorful and cantankerous longtime former Orioles manager, who lived in Pembroke Pines, suffered a heart attack while on an O's fantasy cruise in Caribbean. Also, a farewell to the great Stan Musial. 3) WQAM rightly suspended Dan Sileo two days for cartoonishly sexist Tweets about Erin Andrews. C'mon, Sileo. Don't go so low with the shock-jock schtick. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Canes losing offensive coordinator: ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported that Hurricanes OC Jedd Fisch is leaving for the same post with the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's a sizable loss. Be interesting to see what Al Golden does for a replacement, especially now that Mario Cristobal is on the staff.

NFL PREDIX: 49ERS, RAVENS MAKE IT A HAR-BOWL SUPER BOWL: OK, get ready , America, for the onslaught. More Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh than you can stomach. More Ray Lewis farewell than you can stand. Storyline overload! WHOOOOO! Original post: The possibility of a 49ers- 1aa1fripicksRavens Super Bowl -- Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh in the Bro Bowl -- is pretty good, but won't happen. John's Niners get in. Jim's Crows do not, which means the end of the line for Ray Lewis. Click on Championship Game Gems for full version of this week's latest NFL picks. And on First Family for my Friday NFL column. I write how the Harbaughs have (temporarily) unseated the Mannings atop league's geneological marquee, and on other stuff that makes this year's Final Four a good one no matter who advances. A synopsis of my picks:

1aa1afc-nNFC FINAL: 49ers 28, Falcons 24 -- Atalnta just isn't there yet. Almost blew it a week ago vs. Seattle, and today sqaundered a 17-0 second-quarter lead. Niners clearly the better team and proved it, though SF pushed against the spread. Original post: Home dogs always are so tempting in playoffs (especially with ATL 8-1 at home), but Niners are a more physical and better all-round team, and Falcons defense has had trouble defending the kind of dual-threat QB embodied by Colin Kaepernick. SF has too many weapons. My pick was: 49ers (-4), 24-17.

1aa1afcAFC FINAL: Ravens 28, Patriots 13 -- Pats were 67-0 when leading at halftime under Tom Brady ... until tonight. Give Ravens credit. Big defense and three TD passes by Joe Flacco. Original post: I like Baltimore getting nine points but not outright in the first AFC title-game rematch since 1986-87. Ravens usually defend Tom Brady comparatively well, but you just don't bet against Brady at home in winter-time, even missing Rob Gronkowski again. My pick was: Patriots (-9), 34-27.

HOCKEY'S BACK, EH! ROOKIE HUBERDEAU LEADS CATS' BIG IN OPENER: Panthers routed Carolina 5-1 last night here to launch the NHL season, with a goal and two assists from rookie Jonathan Huberdeau,

1aa1huberhatthe player of the game. Click on Earning the Ridiculous Red Hat for my column off the game. This season the Cats are having their guy voted player of the game wear a Three Musketeers-style hat in postgame interviews, and last night it looked more like a playful rookie hazing of the 19-year-old Huberdeau (pictured). Love it! Original post: Better late than never, Florida Panthers open their 19th NHL season tonight vs. Carolina in the Sunrise ice barn. I'll be there battling a deadline column. Cats won their first-ever division title last year to end a long playoff drought, and Carolina is one of the teams they'll have to beat to do that again so it's a big division test out the gate. Every game will seem a little bigger this season with the schedule truncated from 82 games to 48. Honestly I don't follow hockey intently but I do follow the Panthers closely. Love what GM Dale Tallon has done since arriving in 2010, second-year coach Kevin Dineen looks like the real deal, and I'm eager to see if young Jonathan Huberdeau will add needed scoring punch. Cats have a really good mix of veterans and rising talent. I had a nice long conversation with Dineen the other day and from that petri dish arose this preview column.

ALL IS WELL WITH HEAT AGAIN! (UNTIL NEXT LOSS...): Heat, off until Wednesday, ended a 3-3 western road swing on a high in L.A., 99-90 over the Lakers. Blearily I stayed up 'til 1:30 to watch LeBron James net 39 points, Dwyane Wade hit 27, and Kobe Bryant get hot too late. LeBron affirmed his BPE status (Best Player on Earth) for any doubters out there. Miami has struggled on the road and the Lakers are struggling, period, but this game still had an event/marquee feel and it was a nice win for the Heat. Lakers had the inside size to (theoretically) match up well with Miami, but tenacious D (pictured) and 

1aa1d-tenLeBron at his best were plenty. So it's official, then. All is well and Heat-repeat chances look good again. Until the next loss, of course. With this team, premature panic never quite disappears, right? It just lays dormant ... waiting.

Poll result: Manti Lie'o: We asked in the previous blogpost if you thought Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o was a liar or the victim of a hoax in the bizarre dead-girlfriend-who-never existed story. More than two-thirds, 68.4 percent, said liar, and only 6.7% said victim. Another 24.9% voted "not sure."

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Cote, Great Picks! Both Teams Should Win!

I Don't See The Ravens Scoring! 24 Nevermind 27!!

The Pats Have A Pretty Good Secondary! And The LB's! Keep Getting Better!

Wilfork Is Still a Mountain In The Middle!!

I Don't See The Pats! Scoring 31 Either! Not Without Gronk!

27-17! Pats!

Pat's and Falcons SB

rooting for a Harbaugh SB


the Bears are going to need a new MLB, maybe we can trade K Dansby to them, I'll take a six rounder if I can get rid of that contract.


The Heat Went .500! That Is Not Good!

And 5-7! In Their Last 12!!

And It's Not The Losing! But The Being Exposed!! Knowing The Heat Have A Problem!! But Not Doing Nothing About It!! That Is On Spo!!

yes, no more about Armstrong, please. Liar and loser. Okay...and a-hole!



Dansby for Hester?

Hester Says he doesn't want to play in Chicago anymore either!!

Hester as a Returner! And Part of The Wr's! Slash RB's!

Señor Romney!

What About Te'o? He Is One of Your Kind!!

Same Difference!!


are you calling my boy Romney a liar?...how dare you..

I don't supposed the current "fool on the hill" is a liar too, right?

A sixth for Dansby FZB c'mon you're better than that.

Dashi. The linebacker may be one of my own kind as a shameless liar perhaps. Apart from that he's kinda foreign-looking for a right-wing mormon.

It's too bad America won't experience what you would have been like as President Willard it would have been a much better place.


the idea behind it is to get rid of the contract, almost 9 mil..we can move Misi to MLB and sign two or three players with the extra money.

I just don't think the guy is worth the money he is making, he doesn't make to many game changing plays, another major free agent fack-up by Parcells.

Misi to MLB?

Not a good option in my mind yes he's overpaid but cutting or trading him isn't the answer.

fzb and big baby! Thank you very much for your support, we anglos need to stick together. That's why we call them white lies. (Don't trust those Scientologists)

Fox-5 featuring The Nigger-Inaugural at the Willard Hotel in WDC


Misi will be good in the middle, he is good against the run and will come out on obvious passing downs anyways (like most MLB's do).

the problem is he may not have the instincts to be a good MLB.

Dansby has two more years to go on the contract, that's a lot of money for an average player, I would not cut him (sorry Dashi) but I would try to trade him for sure.

sorry Mitt, I'm not going to where you just went....

Dansby is above average not a star but a good player.

Our biggest problems are in the secondary.

That's not how the salary cap works, Dansby's base salary wouldn't still count against the cap if they cut him, his signing bonus money doesn't come off the cap if they trade him.

fzb and big baby too. I screwed up the link. My mistake.



Now, THAT'S FUNNY..hehe

Kaz, nice photo of Kobe & Nash..I can tell you what they;re saying..OH SHIT!

so even if we trade Dansby we stll get hit on the cap?


I guess you're right, I just remembered that's what happened when they traded B Marshall last year.

that means we're stuck with the guy for at least one more year maybe two..

Thanks Parcells, you douche.

I'm also right about the base salary, they can cut or trade him if the signing bonus remaining isn't onerous.

No idea what the contract structure is though.

Thanks google - it's $2.5M a year.

2013 they'd save $3.5M in space (not worth it?), 2014 they'd save $6.5M (clearly worth it).

I'd guess we've got one more year of Dansby at most.


i watched NC state beat FSU, their QB- i think his name is glennon or something close- was not all that impressive. he is tall, but mayne the NFL should start looking at russell wilson types instead of guys who are six four or taller. NC state converted a lot of 4th downs on the winning drive, which is great, but says that they weren't doing much on the previous three downs.

I'm Still Waiting!!

What Does Chalmers Do Better Than Coles?

For A Starter He Is Suppose To Do More Things Better Than Cole!! Not The Other way around!!

And What Does Spo Do Well?

Suck Up To Riley!!

Really!! What Does he do Well!!


Cole and Chalmers are average at best with Cole having a higher ceiling than Chalmers but I don't think we have a complete PG between those two.

Chalmers is a better option to start the game because he is a better outside shooter than a penetrator and he is playing with Wade and LeBron who can both go to the basket at will, Cole is better at coming off the bench because he is a better penetrator and usually is playing with the second unit and they need a more traditional PG.

there, does that make sense?

There's no aspect of the point guard position that Cole is superior to Chalmers in.

Both nice enough players though.


There are a few NFL teams that are desperate to get a QB and will over-draft a player, the guy from NCS will be picked ahead of where he is supposed to be.

you'll see.

I have Atlanta versus NE.

I picked Atlanta months ago.

We play 3 of the 4 remaining teams next year let's fail forward fast!


Cole is a much better ball handler and defensive player than Chalmers, quicker too but not as good outside shooter, that's why I think he has a higher upside.


we're going to the play-offs next year, book it,

that's right, I say it.

meant to say better one on one defender than Chalmers but Chalmers plays better team defense.

With a good offseason I am with you I think we're there.

I heard Dan Marino on the radio yesterday and he also believes in this team high praise coming from him.

He said they just need to learn how to finish games like NE does and they will be a winner.

FZB - that's just a function of effort, Cole goes all out the few minutes he's in there but Chalmers is a better on the ball defender when the situation calls for it.

Ball handling is about the same although Cole still gets flustered by traps and Chalmers doesn't.

As far as driving and kicking, that's nonsense but then you don't watch their games. Neither one drives and kicks it out much, Cole might do it a little more because he plays without Wade or James on the court but Chalmers actually has a baseline drive that they call as a regular part of the offense.

If you liked Marino's brilliant level of analysis you'll love Ray Lewis at ESPN.

Dolphins just need to learn how to finish. Or maybe they just need to 'learn how to win'? Then they'll win all their games. Because they learned how.

That's Skip Bayless territory.


The Heat will lose tonight because they can't compete with teams with big front lines.

Mario Chalmers will have 5 pts in 22 minutes on 2 for 8 shooting with 4 turn-overs.

and Andrew, Mario Chalmers is not "en fuego"

Posted by: FZB | January 17, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Heat 99 – Lakers 90, Should I mention it was 90 – 90? I think that’s called closing :)

Naples – Are you hoping the Patriots get Teo so they can be that much greater.

Kazaam – Maybe Teo was unlucky, maybe there was something wrong with him. But maybe he wanted that 1 specific girl (not the fake one) that was special to him. Maybe he didn’t want just any girl. Not everyone wants to have 50 girlfriends.

I may be different but what I’m saying is reality in the real world. Certain people take relationships and/or sex as a special or sacred thing. You can’t assume. Maybe Manti is one of those. If I were a football player and good, I’d still be the same person with the same beliefs. Does that makes to you?

Dashi – You said exactly what I’m saying. He was schemed. Framed. Fooled. Whatever you want to call it.

Woody – By the time I make it big enough I’d be like 50 or 60 or maybe other. I’m not willing to spend that much of my life to set or break a world record. And then If I did my life would be terrible. If I didn’t end up in some kind of looney bin, everyone I know would treat me different in a much negative way, and I’d probably have no respect from anyone I know, Unless there was something wrong with them. It’s not worth it to me. It’s not the kind of fame I want to have. And I’m not going to spend 40 years of my life doing something just to meet a 60 year old hag. I’d rather grow my nails out and set the world record in that. At least I can still have a life in the process. But then again my chances of getting a girlfriend would probably be the tiniest of margins. I’ll go with something else Thank you :)

Base Ripper Commander – You want me to deny women my whole life?

And I’m sorry, but Pull on what?

Dashi – Mario Chalmers usually scores more points than Norris Cole – I think that’s key :)

Correction Kazaam - I meant to say "Does that make sense to you" At 5:32 pm

Woody at 5:33 pm I meant to say 50 or 60 or maybe "older" (not other)

As For Today’s Post:

Did anyone notice that Cote said John’s 49ers and Jim’s crows? Last I checked, It was the other way around. Don’t worry Cote. I forgive you :)

I’m calling Patriots and 49ers, but I’m having the feeling that Atlanta will win just to make all the Miami Dolphins fans upset about not have Matt Ryan :)

As for the Heat, they are fine. The lakers were fired up to beat them. But the Heat were fired up. They were fired up to beat the thunder and won. they wre fired up to beat the Spurs and won. Don't worry guys, whenever they get fired up they win. And they will be fired up for every playoff game, so there you have it :)

Ill right guys i'm going home I'll see ya later :) Good night :)

Potter not all your life son. Just don't use it as an escape from the turmoil of your life. Use it to transcend your pain and fear in this world. Know that it is a sublime creative act in more ways than one!

If you have to ask what to pull on it means it's apparently not a problem as of this moment.

Yes, In 10 More Minutes A Game! Chalmers Makes 1 More Shot And Shoots 3 More Times Than Cole!!

Cole Is The Better Player! And Should Be The Starter!!

To Say Chalmers Is A Better Dribbler! Is Asinine!!

Chalmers Is A Better Shooter! And That Is About It!! And By A Little Bit! Not A lot!!

I'm Not Saying Chalmers Shouldn't Finish Games!!

You Start Cole!! Who Doesn't Need To Shoot! Is Faster And Plays Better Defense!! Is A Better Ball Handler!! And Doesn't Turn The Ball Over As Much!!

You Bring Chalmers!! Off The Bench!! The Bench Needs More Scoring! Specially When JA Is On The Court!! And Chalmers Will Be Fresher For The End Of Games!!

A Second Line Of Chalmers, Allen, Miller, R.Lewis, and JA/UD!!

Balances Out!! Cole, Wade, Battier, Lebron, Bosh!!

On Players Needing To Develop!!




COLE Should Be Splitting Time Or Starting Over Chalmers!! Even If Come Playoff Time!! You Cut Some Of Coles Minutes And Expand Chalmers!!

Pitt!! And The Other 7' ft!! 280+lb!! Big Man!! Should Be Getting 10 Minutes A Piece!!

If They Still SUCK!!! OR CAN"T PLAY!! By Playoff Time!! Then CUT THEM!!

But This Not Playing The Young Guys!! In NEED Positions!! Is Ridiculous!! Specially when The Team Keeps Getting Exposed!! With The Same Thing!!

JA is JA!!

In 10+ Minutes! He Averages!! What Pitt Does In 4!!!

And Pitt Can Only Get Better!! With Real Playing Time!!

JA has A Purpose!! Playing Him 30 Minutes A Game Isn't It!!

But If You Guys Are A Fan Of Pointless Basketball!! Dashi Can't Help!!

P.S.- Kaz, Spo' Has Admitted He Doesn't Call Plays!! And The Heat Don't Have Set Plays!!

Why Do You Think?!!

JA And UD are Always Trying To Set A Screen!! When Nobody Is Asking!!

5 Guys On The Court Doing Whatever The F' They Feel!! No Purpose!!

I watched the Heat game last night and the difference in spades was LeBron James. The guy was playing a game that the other players on the court are not familiar with.

Mr. Woodcock, really? The difference in Spades? A bit racist sounding!

Turn up your hearing aid you're not hearing too well.


Dash, you need to chill, dude. Are you blind? Dude, the only team that has a chance to beat Miami as long as LeBron James is healthy is OK.

You keep talking about what's wrong with the Heat and I just see that they have LeBron James.

Manti Te'o is a bigger liar than Armstrong, if that's possible!

Mr. Woodcock Spade has been a racial slur, derogatory to African Americans since before you were born...maybe before your parents were born. Quote what you want, it's still a racial slur.

Mr. Woodcock, Spades is considered racist nowadays, unless you're talking card games. To mention Lebron and Spades in the same breath can be misinterpreted. I'm not saying you are insensitive, I'm just watching your back. I've never read any post of yours that would make anyone think differently.

Mr. Woodcock, as far as me turning up my hearing aids

A classic...............

Archie Bunker is called on to give Eulogy


Mr. Woodcock, NEVER insult the guy that has your Six!

INSULT? Who me?

Red, thanks.

Talk's cheap.

Actions speak louder than words.

"Skoal brother."

Woodcock! Thx to you I just wound up watching a bunch of Archie Bunker on YouTube!!!! LMAO! Thx!!!!

Woodcock, one more thing, check out YouTube.....Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonations - Because of You.....Awesome!

Logic says Falcons v NE...heart says 9rs v Raves...

San Fran-New England, And by the way Sky, How many teams have beat New England twice in the same year??, Sorry but Tommy-Boy And Billie boy will be raising another VLT.


I sure hope you're wrong there...anybody but NE.

what's up redsky..Hope things are going well for ya.

big loss for the canes losing their offensive coordinator but its the way it is in football, next man up!

Golden will find someone better...

Finally, a comment regard the Canes loss of an OC.
If Morris was more athletic, our offensive talent would make a spread or read-optiuon great, especially with Duke, a threat to go the distance every time he gets it. like a LeMichael James.
However, we'll be doing the pro-style again, so that means whomever is OC will be limited by that offense.
Seems these days nearly every great offense has a mobile QB whose a threat to go.
Now, I happen to think Morris will have a big year next year, but teams have a lot easier time game-planning for us, due to the fact Steven's legs are not in the game plan.

Of course, it's not the Offense that worries me.

Woody, thanks SO much for the link.
I'd forgotten how much the Bunker Household had taken over mine those nights.
I worked with Carroll O'Connor several times. he owned a restaurant in Beverly Hills, and I performed there several months.
Also (forgive the puffery) but I sang on the theme of "In The Heat Of The Night."
As one of the 3 backup singers. My wife also singing.

The residuals helped keep us afloat. RIP Archie.

I remember Carroll's place it was just north of Wilshire and west of Rodeo where my wife used to work.

I gotta tell you, I almost lost a kidney laughing my ass off watching the episode last night. I'm assuming that in today's horse hack world of politically correct nonsense All in the Family could not be produced. Too bad for these current yahoos, a funnier show is hard to find.

DASHI: Like you know, FIRST HAND, that Spo "sucks up to Riley" - you sound like the typical, whiny South Florida sports fan who whines and moans and b*tches...then, you're the first in line for the PARADE AFTER A CHAMPIONSHIP.

You don't know what Spo does...you don't know if he "sucks up to Riley" - you know nothing about what he does with his personal time...so, stop acting like a WHINY LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL and shut the F**K UP, will you?

Typical Miami bandwagon, fair-weather fan who pushes the PANIC BUTTON with a couple of losses and some problems to fix...seems to me that LAST YEAR, Miami had some problems to fix as well, and SPO did so...OH, but you forget about that...why? BECAUSE YOU'RE A WHINY LITTLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL GIRL who's mom forgot to put an apple in her lunch box!

Poof, you're gone!

Woody, in case you haven't left this here blog, you are so correct regarding AITF.
Some 25 year old Emerson/Northwestern graduate at CBS would NOT get the tongue in cheek, or understood what a stretch for Carroll, an avowed liberal to portray Archie Bunker.
Jean Stapleton was sheer genius. Even for those of us on the right side of the aisle appreciated Norman Lear's (another ultra liberal) COULD see the other side...at least once in a while.
Giving Archie his humanity was the key.

All that is correct but the bottom line is that the show was rip roaring funny. The Meathead and the daughterd were were good but Archie and Edith were incredible. Jean Stapleton did such a great job with her part. And Carroll O'Connor was a great comedic actor. His part as the general in Kelly's Heroes is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Mr. Woodcock,

this old hebe uses "spades" all the time to refer to people of color. about twice as much as i use crows. what is the big hoot when the phrase "blacker than the ace of spades" has been in the lexicon probably as long as englsih has existed. af-ri-can a-mer-i-can= seven syllables, spades has one. think how much time people waste on the seven syllable version. hey, i don't care what people call me as much as i do how people treat me. "black" was supposed to be the catchall term, until the issue popped up that "blacks" are not blacks (unless directly from africa) and are varying shades of brown all the way to "high yellow". forget what you call any particular ethnic group and concentrate on how you feel/care for them. how about that great scene in "fritz the cat" where he walked into the bar that was palying "bo diddley' and all the patrons were "crows"?

NE 27 Baltimore 10
SF 37 ATL 17

The only good about this is having an actual reason to get worked up, other than the event itself, which, hopefully will turn out to be a durn good football game.

BTW, Mike Smith must have some of the best assistants in the business (we know about Nolan).
Mike Smith ius a true screw up, in the tradition of the "mad hatter" at LSU.
'Course the latter has won 1 more BCS trophy than have I.
Enjoy the games!

"The only good about this is having an actual reason to get worked up, other than the event itself, which, hopefully will turn out to be a durn good football game."

Sorry, this was in reference to the Super Bowl game,. assuming NE gets in.
Wait, I'm not an employee of the network. Can I actually say "Super Bowl" in print without being in violation of trademark laws?

Barring a meteor racing towards Gillette Stadium and hitting Brady squarely on the head, the Patriots should win the Super Bowl. They are currently 7.5 favorites, while Atlanta, at home, are a 4 point dog.

Assuming the scenario unfolds this Sunday and next week, one thing 90% of us can all look forward to is that at 35, Brady and New England may just be at the twilight of their league dominating campaigns.

Belichick is good, but if Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey while Tebowing, then surely Belichick has petitioned his local city to rename his home address to 1212 Brady Way.

Shadow, like I said, "Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words."

I can see Atlanta winning tomorrow more than I can see Baltimore. I'm rooting for the Ravens.

No message intended. Just a sweet song from the brains of the outfit:



I'm not giving those bastards from NE any credit until they actually do it..sorry Naples.

Thanks for the Lennon classic , the late great John Lennon was a treasure, RIP John..

Beatles rule !!!!

Went to see Zero Dark Thirty last night, you guys have to see it. They could not water board, or beat these bastards enough for me. Loved the ending.

OC Dolphin,

if you drop ringo from the mix, i would think you'd still have three guys with brains and i am not a big beatles fan. george harrison's solo material in my unhumble opinion, totally outshone lennon's and that crap that paul mccartney/wings was producing (not counting the excellent first solo album "mccartney") is nauseating- UNCLE ALBERT!!! PUKE REGURGITATED!! always liked george's contributions to the beatles (dont bother me, while my guitar, the incredibly wonderful "something",...) while i can count "i saew her standing there" and "i'm down)as mcacrtney songs i like. even though "yesterday" might be the most renowned and recorded of all their stuff, it ain't for me; probably best part of yesterday was that "act naturally" was the flip side, if i remember correctly.


tremendous match in the snow between man u and the jewboy team of england, tottenham hotspur. america's finest player, the born-again/evangelical christian clint dempsey ties it up in injury time to get the hebes a well-deserved 1-1 draw. i don't know if mike1 would agree, but clint dempsey is one of the top ten scorers in the world of futbol. always a threat to put one in when he is on the pitch.


i am not much good at picking NFL games, but i am seeing both underdogs winning today. the NFL wants NE or the ravens to make it along with the 49ers, but methinks the falcons are gonna spoil the party even though they are the least dynamic/exciting team left.

Woods All in the Famiily that was a riproaring show. I wholeheartedly agree. Very funny stuff.

OC you'll alwsys be the brains of the outfit. Yes that was a beautiful song and yes Yoko looks like Sulu in the video.

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