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January 30, 2013

A-Rod's Biogenesis, Ray Lewis' deer-antler extract: World gone mad!; plus Smirk Wednesday, Ken Dorsey & more

1aa1kate 1aa1beyonce[1) It is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30. Pictured left and right are Kate Upton from her Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad, and Beyonce as she would look if playing referee and running back at the same time. Why? Just because. 2) Former UM quarterback Ken Dorsey named today as new QBs coach for the Carolina Panthers. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat at White House, Super Bowl matchup poll, Pro Bore, Smirk, Cats, runners. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

BIOGENESIS AND DEER ANTLERS: A-ROD, RAY LEWIS MAKING THE WRONG KIND OF NEWS: Is it me, or has the first month of 2013 been exceptionally bizarre in our little Sports World. In newspapers they 1aa1deerrl 1aa1aroidused to call us the "toy department." Now the toy aisles are filled with guns (real ones) and drugs. Now the toys come in such weird packaging like Lance Armstrong's shamed confession and Manti Te'o record-setting naivete. A week ago the NCAA accused its own investigators of wrongdoing in the Miami probe. Of course it did! And now: A double scoop of strange involving two superstars with strong Miami ties. Ex-Hurricane Ray Lewis of the Ravens makes unfortunate Super Bowl Week headines when Sports Illustrated accuses him of using a banned substance found in, of all things, deer-antler extract. And Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name in a Miami New Times expose about a now-shuttered PED-peddling Miami "anti-aging" clinic called Biogenesis. For what it's worth, A-Rod denies any involvement with Biogenesis and Lewis denies what he is accused of. It's a bad climate for denials, though, isn't it. In sports, our benefit of doubt is spent. Call it the Lance Effect.

Smirk Wednesday: Super Bowl With a Smirk, here to tweak the self-important NFL and the gravitas of its big game -- think of us as a whoopee cushion in church -- is back today with a menu that includes deer-antler extract, Media Day, the NFL Experience, national anthem, media party, Psy's pistachios and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Wednesday for the full column.

Poll result: Super Bowl matchup better than most: We asked in the previous blogpost how 49ers-Ravens rates as a SB matchup and 44.5 percent said better than most, 41.5% said about the same, and 14.0% said worse.

CATS ON ICE! SLIPPING, FALLING...: Since their exhilirating season-opening home win your Florida Panthers have now lost five games in a row by a combined score of 23-5. This truncated 48-game NHL season will seem shorter and shorter and then too short for teams that fall too far behind early. Anybody seen a panic button?

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Lewis reportedly used the powder found in the deer antlers and put it under his tongue weird.

And yes I said it already the Panthers are reeling.

Now MLB is saying that they can suspend players without a postive drug test um well that should be interesting the Union will love that one.

Ok. Yes well. Boring topics. No offense Senor Cote. Hey Kaz, hows 'bout some more of Ms Shalala's recipes. Woodcock is coming over for dinner and strippers at my plushly appointed home...

From Last Blog


So You Admit!

Best GM!!

Best Players!!

Garbage Coach!!


A-Rod Is Who We Thought He Was!!

Again, Barry Bonds Is The Greatest Player Ever!!

Plus, They Have Never Found Anything On Him!!

Unlike The Cheater Clemens!!

Really!! They Had Real Evidence Against Clemens!! And He Walks!!

All You Have Is Hearsay on Bonds!! No Real Evidence!!

No Failed Drug Tests!!

No Needle With DNA!!

No Name In Some PED Dealers Notebook!!

They Have Nothing On Bonds!!

Baseball Is The Biggest Hack EVER!!

The Greatest Hitter and The Greatest HR Hitter In MLB History!! Are Blackballed From The Game!! Because They Have Pride!! And Aren't Liars!!

Pete Rose Admitted He Betted On Games!! So What!! He Didn't Bet On His Games!! Which Is What MLB Wants Him To Say!!

And Bonds Didn't Take Steroids!! But They Want Him To Admit He Did!!

But Baseball Gets Away With The Most Blatant Form Of Fixing Games!! And Nobody Says Anything!! Because It Is Tradition!!

Baseball Is The Only Sport In The World That Doesn't Use Replay!! Wonder Why?

All That Illegal Betting Between Teams And Umpires!!

It Is A Billion Dollar Industry! With No Regulations!!

The Only Sports League In The World Like That!!

Kaz, you can come as well if you bring the parsley and Box O' Wine!

Yes shadow but MLS isn't bad for US viewership to be able to see a game in person those players are still quite talented.

There have been some great players to come through the league over the years Donovan, Terry, Beckham, Montero, Keane many more but no it will never match any of the European leagues consistently.

Honduras currently has a roster made up of 5 MLS players.

Honduras has more players on their roster obviously but 5 of them play for MLS.

toy dept? in the good old days children were taught not to be such f**king compulsive liars. that's the way you do it!


Kaz, I also booked Ken Kesey & Owsley Stanely!

Deer Antler Is A Natural Form Of IGF-1.

Or Human Growth Hormone! (For Those That Don't Lift.)

Basically, Ray Admitted To Taking Steroids!!

The Thing With Deer Antler Is That It Is Undetectable!!

The Body Metabolizes It Into HGH, Naturally.

If it's true that Donna Shalala actually eats that kind of cr** it's no small wonder it stunted her growth and made her appearance hideous.

Oh yeah my girlfriend Jennifer Jason Leigh is cvoming over too. In fact she's on her way to my abode as we speak... What a cutie pie eh.


OC that is actually popular with a lot of people my wife likes it with pita bread I tried it and thought it was gross its crushed peas or beans or something then again I am not the world's most healthy eater.


Hate to tell you this but Pete Rose admitted betting on his games. He said he always bet on his team to win, but none the less he did bet on his games. As for Barry Bonds, if you look at his head now it is the size of a bowling ball and earler in his career it was like a peanut. interesting since your head doesn't grow with age.

BB, one of our closest family friends are Lebanese. They've had us over for dinner a bunch of times, and though I consider myself to have wide and accepting international tastes, if I see another plate of kebbeh in front of me I think I'll puke.

What about Ted Williams head Cory? Any sign of steroid use there?

OC look were plugged in the same socket according to the mode of time.

I asked Ted about it several times and he just freezes when asked.

Hmmm. Very suspicious, wouldn't you say Cory?

The greatest Home Run hitter in history dashi is Hank Aaaron anyone with half of a brain knows this the Bonds record is a joke and frankly you are too.

Big Baby now we're in the same socket...

Is Ted's noggin still in deep freeze or did they stick it in a mason jar suspended in formaldehyde and water?

I thought orderlies were playing hot potato with it and dropped it OC. I hope I'm mistaken though.


Ted's frozen corpse could probably still hit .350

Meanwhile, the latest news coming out of Barry's World:

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced Wednesday that real gross domestic product (GDP), the total output of goods and services in the U.S, for the fourth quarter of 2012 was -0.1 percent, the first negative print since December, 2009.

Barry's solution: We didn't spend (print and borrow) enough money to stimulate the economy. We need to amp up the spending.

Popular cultural hero. Inept leader of the free world.

two words for Roid heads...Stan Musial.

BB, don't know about hitting .350, but whoever uses his head as a bowling ball could score 300.

Big Baby, .350 maybe .500. Sure why not...

I mean lets ride this strange torpedo and see where it takes us...

So Dashi say Barry Bonds is clean?..interesting.

this is what he looks like now after the Roids effect.



You say Obi is an inept leader?..But he knows his basketball for su.

Hey Kaz, I saw you took a shot at me on the last blog, hehe, I thought we were friends again, No?..

Tell me amigo, how is my constant bashing of Mario Chalmers any different than your constant bashing of Ireland?

oh by the way, this is for you.


duke, I think I'll pen a script and pitch it to Hollywood.

Synopsis: Three nerdy males in their early 20's steal a frozen Ted Williams and take him on a two tour across 13 northeastern states, while the four attend 14 baseball games.

I need a catchy name.

should read- a two week tour.

OC how 'bout "Ted Williams Head's Excellent Adventure?"

I like it!

How about Ted's ice scapades..


I like the idea of just the head. That would make it easier to travel. There would be lots of funny opportunities to sneak the head into the various baseball parks and through security. Also, propping up the head so that Ted can see the games.


Naturally, Ted would eventually have to catch a foul ball.

how about "the frozen splinter"...

I've got it! The three young nerds sneak the head into the games by attaching a small spring-topped plastic figurine to Ted and convincing the security dweebs that they have a bobble head concession stand at the park.

Hate On The Man All You Want!!

Barry Is Innocent!

And Your Head Doesn't Grow?

The Only Thing That Doesn't Stop Growing With Age! are In Your Head!! Your Ears And Nose!!

And Everyone Looks Different With High Definition!! Everyone Looks Fatter!!

And Any Real Baseball Fan Would Never Consider Hank The HR God!!

Aaron Never Hit More Than 45 Hr's In A Season.

It Is Either, Babe Ruth Or Bonds!!

Hank Played 50+ Years! He Was Bound To Get The Record!

Wasn't Hank 44 When He Set The Record?

Hank Wasn't A Real Power Hitter!! To Dashi You Have To Hit Over 50 In A Season To Be Considered A HR Hitter!!

And On Pete!

They Want Him To Admit That He Betted On His Team!! But Even His Bookie!! Won't Admit Pete Betted On His Team!!

Pete Admitted To Betting Once!! Because He Thought Baseball Was Going To Bring Him Back!! Once They Reneged! Pete Went Back On His Word Too!! Which Is Where We Stand Today!!

Again, On The Bonds Thing!!

People Are Automatically Going To Incriminate Him Because They Don't Like Him!!

But The Proof That He Didn't Use Is More Easily Available!! Than The Proof He Did!!


His Trainer!!

His Stats!!

Yes, All 3 Prove He Didn't Do It!!

Balco- When Balco Went Down!! Everybody Went Down!! Marion Jones! Giambi Bros! A Bunch Of Baseball Players and Other Athletes!!

And When They Asked Conte About Bonds!! He Said I Don't Know!!

His Trainer- The Guy Who Was Basically Most Of The MLB's Dealer!! Never Admitted Selling To Bonds!! The Court Imprisoned Him For A Year!! Which They Later Said was a Mistake!! Because They Were Trying To Force A Confession!!

They Didn't Do That To Petite And He Snitched On Clemens!!

THE STATS!!- The Easiest Indicator!! Bonds Didn't Just Upgrade His HR Total!! Bonds Hit .328 That Magical Season With 170+ Walks!!

Steroids Gives You Power!! Not Contact!!

People Forget!! That Bonds Admitted!! He Felt Disrespected When Sosa And Big Mac!! Were Getting His Respect!!

People Forget!! Bonds Asked Tony Gwynn For Help!! And Gwynn Setup Cameras And Coached His Hitting!!

People Forget!! Bonds Spent 8 Hours A Day !! Just Hitting!! Perfecting His Swing!! With One Of The Greatest Hitters Ever!!

People Forget!! Bonds Built A Baseball Field In His Backyard!! To Train!!

People Forget!! Gwynn Told Him To Use A Bigger Bat!! Just Choke Up On It!!

On The Bat Thing!! Any Baseball Player Knows The Heavier The Bat!! The Farther The Ball Travels!! BIGGER SWEET SPOT!!

Biggest Bat In MLB History?

The Babe!! The Guy Swung A 40+ Ounce Bat!!

Again, Sosa, Big Mac, And All Those Other Guys!! Just Hit More Home runs!! But They Still Averaged .280-.290!!



The Guy Was Striking Out Less Than 60 Times A Year! By The End Of His Career!!

Batting Average When Bonds Went Crazy

2001- .328
2002- .370
2003- .341
2004- .362

Guys On Steroids Hitting Home runs!! Don't Bat .330+!! Never Have, Never Will!!

Bonds Became A Better Hitter!! Not Hard To Believe When You Look At The Truth!!

He could catch balls and swing bat with his teeth alSir Jini playing with his teeth. In fact he could meet Jimi in Infinity and learn how...

meant ala Sir Jimi. My cat is in front of the screen lol

Hank is the Home Run God.

Barry is the Home Run Fraud.

God Dashi PLEASE just STFU!!!!

Barry is innocent oh brother I can see why they don't even like this guy over at Armando's blog either he uses other names there too by the way like odin.

So in Dashi's world Hammering Hank is not the real HR champion because he never hit more than 50 dingers in a season?...

Dashi, you're going to be responsible for giving Naples Jack a heart attack.


Here is some classic early Elton John to calm your "nervios"...you need it.


I think Dashi and Manti Te'o live in the same parallel universe...Just a guess.


Please, if you don't know what you are talking about, don't say anything...(insert crickets here) Pete does at this date and time admit betting on his team to win!


If your asking me to choose between Kate or Beyonce I pick Beyonce 10 times out of ten.

that's crazy talk.

Bleacher report 1/30/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Al Golden is going to be fired. However, these past two seasons have proven that Golden is a loon and is continuing the Cane tradition of recruiting convicts. In addition he is far behind the other State school coaches in recruiting and has produced mediocre at best results his first two seasons, again falling far behind the two big State football powers. Many believe it is a matter of time before Golden flames out simply because he has no business being a head coach at any level and the lowly Canes will switch coaches yet again. Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Florida certainly proved it can be done as Will Muschamp is an up and coming superstar coach who in his second season produced a top 10 team that played in a BCS bowl game. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game. When Miami eventually fires Golden, they should try to find a coach who isn’t incompetent like Shannon was before him, and like Golden seems to be. Instead they should try emulate the big football powers in the State and find someone similar to Muschamp ,Urban Meyer, or Fisher with a record of success in recruiting and on the field.
I'm not the only one who is now pointing out the obvious that Golden is a certifiable clueless dope ....finally, the light is going on with some reporters....however, the Cane lawless and felonious history hurts them...Yet, many delusional Cane fans (is there any other kind?) say keep up the program of recruiting soon to be prison inmates, cheaters and dopers...who cares about the rest of the country for recruits—the Canes have one of the largest farm systems for players when you realize their feeder system is made up of jails and prisons, doping clinics, and pill mills all paid up and financed by ponzi felons.

Oh boy, Shalala is a rag head, Kaz? Figures.

I Sense A lot Of Hostility Towards Dashi!!

As Usual.

Baby, Funny I'm The One Using Names On Other Blogs?

How Do You Know?

Never Seen You Or Any Of The Regulars Here On Mando's Blog. (Let Me Guess You Just Read Mando's Blog!!)

Except, FZB.

Please Stop Exposing Yourself In Front Of The Viewing Public!! :-)

You Know Dashi Could Care less!! About Your Trollish Ways!!



I'm Just Stating My Opinion. Which Is Based On Fact.

Hank, Was A Great Player!! One Of The Greatest Of All Time!!

But Hank Played More Than 25 Seasons In The Majors!!

And Only Hit Over 40HR's 8 Times!!

Never Once Over 50!

My Criteria For A True Home run Hitter!! You Have To Hit At Least 50 More Than Twice!!

Or Have 40 Or More!! In More Than Half Your Career!!


And Clowns!!

Just Like The Spo Argument!! Or Any Other Argument Dashi Makes!!

Make A F'ing!! Counter Argument!!

Don't Just Say! STFU!! Because Dashi Is Right And You Are Wrong!! And You Have Nothing To Refute My Claim!!

Explain!! The Reason!! You Think You Are Correct!!

I Can See How Some Can Say Ted Williams Is The Greatest Hitter Of All Time!! Last Guy To Hit .400!

I Can See How Some Can Say Stan Musial Was The Greatest Power Hitter Of All Time!! The Man Was A Beast! Triple Crown Winner! A Bunch Of Other Accolades!

All Are Great Players!! And Great Counter Arguments!! To Rose and Bonds!

But Saying BS Like Hank Was The Greatest HR Hitter Of All Time!! Is Ridiculous!!

Heck!! I Can Even See How Some Can Still Say The Babe!! Is The Greatest Of All Time!!

But Again!! All This Is Me Explaining My Point!!


Else!! YOU STFU!!

I know that you were using other names there dashi because you were exposed recently the jig is up come clean you dirty bird.

You have used other names here also like I Want Me On My Fantasy Team you joker.


On The Pete Rose Situation.

No Proof!

But Sure Cause You Said He Did It!!

We All Have To Agree!!


In 08! Pete Admitted To Betting On The Reds To Win Every Night! So The Reds Can Exhibit Pete Rose Memorabilia!!

When MLB Denied Him Again!! Pete Again!! Refuted To The Betting Claims!!

If Pete Did Bet On The Reds To Lose!! WHERE IS THE SMOKING GUN!!

Please!! Cause Dashi Would Like To Know!!

Wow, The Bleacher report is down rite "ANTI U", 5 Bucks says the writer was a former Gator alum.

Seriously that's what you get now with internet journalism garbage like that.

I still hate your name too.

Barry Bonds is innocent of doing steroids because 'no one proved he did it', even though he blatantly did and was indicted by a grand jury for lying about it under oath.

Ray Lewis 'admitted to doing steroids' because he vehemently denied a report from a guy who runs a company called 'Sports Alternatives to Steroids' who said Ray Lewis took a substance that he said isn't a steroid.

Not the coldest beer in the fridge are you Dashi?


Maybe he just ate too many pizzas and beer.

That's mincing words a bit Kazaam it's either a steroid or HGH either way Ray Lewis took something against the rules.

He doesn't look too good in the spotlight either right now he gets a bit ornery when people ask the tough questions but that's your hero so I guess he can do no wrong in your eyes.

you clearly enjoy thinking of yourself as an 'intellectual'. You should avoid commenting on economic issues because the knowledge that you've gleaned from watching Sean Hannity's tv show is clearly not enough for you to be able to show off (properly).

"Republicans like to portray President Obama as a big government spender, despite the fact that government spending under Obama has grown at its slowest pace since the Eisenhower administration. The GOP is also trying to pretend the spending cuts that Obama has signed into law over the last two years simply didn’t happen."


M.M., you're delusional.

I like Hannity.

BB, Sorry, Just a Name, I'am actually a nice person.

You seem like it so why the name?

OC, MM is a Egypt alligator, He's In "DA-NILE"

Point was that Dashi's an idiot, not that Ray Lewis didn't take a banned substance. I'm sure he has (along with 90% of the rest of the league) and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he took that antler extract and is directly lying about it.

I enjoy clicking on your blue name, Anti.

Oh ok I don't care much either if he took it that number sounds about right I'll still watch I am almost numb now to all of this steroid talk.

Ray does seem like he has turned his life around I wish him no ill will hope he goes out a winner he's been a warrior for a long time.

Baby, It came from Lil Timmy Tebow always praising "His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ", I hate the Gators and always thought, What if a Athlete said "I want to thank Luicfer, My lord and savior", He'd be a Outcast, Just dont like my religon and sports together.., I'd rather a Athlete say I want to thank my Parents ETC,ETC..You get the picture..

Precisely why I hate your name that won't change.

first things first.

the post by THIS MAKES MORE SENSE is pure non-sense and WAS WRITTEN by a Lizard, 100% guarantee, they're just a little scared, that's all,( or maybe it was young Potter that wrote it).

M.M...I don't know who you are and you have a right to stick up for Obi but I hate to tell you, you're full of chit.

OC Dolphin,

The girl that pops up when you click Anti's name is already spoken for, so lay off, that's Anti's sister and we already arranged a marriage (like they do in India), I already giving Anti my beloved original LP Beatles collection as a down payment.

Tim Tebow is a fag, I don't know why I just posted that.

This press over Ray Lewis eminds me of this great song...


It's interesting when people die give us dirty laundry.

Big Baby!

Dashi Doesn't Hide From Using Other Names!!

If You Notice!

Any Time Dashi Uses A Name!! He Says It Is Him!!

Now When You Or Your Buddy Do It! It Is Because You Are Trying To Hide!!

Dashi Has Nothing To Hide!!


And Kaz!

Do Your Research!!

Barry Bonds! Is Accused Of Taking A Cream!! That Had HGH!!

And If You Think!! Ray Is Innocent!!

Bonds Is Even Less Guilty!!

Because Like Pete Rose!!

Nobody Has Proof!!

And Bonds Has Always Said!!

If He Took It!! He Didn't Know It Was HGH!! They Were Giving Him!!

Reason They Arrested His Trainer!!

So The Trainer Can Confess He Gave Barry The Cream and Clear!!

GNC, BodyBuilding.com and Many Other Places State That Deer Antler Is A Way To Make HGH In Your Body!!

Dashi don't go away mad, just go away.

I dont get the Pete Rose thing, Did'nt he bet that the Reds would win with his bets?
I could seeaban i he bet against them but he bet they'd win.. Right?

And Cote,

Good Toss Up!

Dashi Will Pick Ms. Upton Right Now!! Because She Looks Like More Fun!

Beyonce Is Beautiful! But The Grandma Panties! And Her Association With Jay-Z! Has Made Her A Little Less Pretty In My Eyes!!

Dashi has a Thing For Sucia's !! Beyonce Looks Boring In Bed!! Dashi Bets Beyonce Doesn't Even Like To Suck D'ck!

Give Me A Chick Like Rhianna That Likes To Get Put In A Headlock!! And Crazy Stuff Like That!!

A Magician! A Chick That Loves To Make Things Disappear!!

Ms. Upton Looks Like She Likes To Experiment!

Wow, Dashi,Thats kinda crude, Even for us..



On Who?

All these Pro athletes seem to roid. Very few are clean--maybe Wes Welker is clean because if he is roiding he is probably as big as Rudy's six year old kid without the roids.

Ray Lewis is a great football player but just not a very good human being. Having a bunch of kids with a bunch of different woman is ridiculous. Go have your fun, but when you pop out a bunch of kids with a bunch of different woman you are hurting society and very likely those kids.

Dashi has a Thing For Sucia's !! Beyonce Looks Boring In Bed!! Dashi Bets Beyonce Doesn't Even Like To Suck D'ck!

Give Me A Chick Like Rhianna That Likes To Get Put In A Headlock!! And Crazy Stuff Like That!!

A Magician! A Chick That Loves To Make Things Disappear!!

Ms. Upton Looks Like She Likes To Experiment!

Posted by: Dashi | January 30, 2013 at 04:29 PM

Again, A lil Crude, But we're all grown-ups here...
(Except Potter87 of course)

It is hurting society but it's an epidemic in sports the silver lining is hopefully they have enough money to pay child support but even that's no guarantee with some of these deadbeat dads look at TO for case in point loser numero uno Ricky Williams was like that too.

Google Cromartie or Shawn Kemp they make Ray look tame by comparison.

BB, Also Cromarte From the Jets, I hear he's got 7 kids from 5 Different Baby Mommas, This is a guy that needed to be fixed after baby momma #2..

BB, You beat me by a minute..

rawpimple is only feigning outrage he just doesn't like him because he went to the U.

I saw too funny.

Apparently our kiln was set too high for Potter.

No it wasn’t OC - I’m back :)

Kazaam – I’m capable of learning another language. I’m actually trying to learn German. I understand everything on this blog. You people just have a tendency to say things wrong or word things wrong or spell things wrong. If not that then you’re referring to something I’m not aware of. That has nothing to do with understanding English.

But none of America should be speaking puplicly in a different language to force you to learn that language that is what is wrong. Btw there shouldn’t be any Spanish commercials on an English channel. That is what’s wrong.

Anti – I’m going to learn German and go there and speak the language of my fellow ascendants. I wonder if I can forget English lol.

FZB – I think you’re the one that brought it up, but in 30 years we will not be half Hispanic. The non-Hispanics and other people of other languages will multiply and the percentages will still be the same.

Like I said, I'm holding you guys responsible for running Potter off the blog.

All of you's should be ashamed...

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