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January 23, 2013

Historic! UM crushes No. 1 Duke!; plus Bosh an all-star, Coley Canes' new OC, NCAA's tainted case, why Miami lost ASG & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 24. Unsurprisingly the Heat's Chris Bosh was named today to NBA Eastern all-star team as a reserve. 2) UM has hired Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley to that position with the Canes. A big hire. Bright young guy (well, 39) and also a top-notch recruiter. 3) I offer this link to my Ron Fraser tribute column -- Great Coach, Better Man -- because, based on the volume and content of my emails, it has touched readers. That is because of the subject, not the writer. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron/Wade karaoke video, Jeff Ireland's plan, Ray Lewis vs. Bro Bowl, Obama/MLK. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

NCAA admits improper conduct in UM probe: NCAA president Mark Emmert called for a review of his enforcement program after acknowledging "improper conduct" related to the ongoing UM/Nevin Shapiro investigation. The NCAA said that "former enforcement staff members worked with Shapiro's criminal defense lawyer to improperly obtain information that would not otherwise have been accessible." Miami and Canes fans may presume that the NCAA will not -- and should not -- hold against UM any information improperly accessed. An official NCAA Notice of Allegations against UM is expected in February. Click on NCAA Probe of UM Now A Joke for my latest column.

UM STUNS/CRUSHES/ROUTS NO. 1 DUKE!: Greatest night in the history of Hurricanes basketball? I would not argue. Last night's 90-63 rout of Duke by the 25th-ranked Canes was UM's first-ever victory over a No. 1-ranked opponent. It also was Duke's worst defeat in 15 years. A more thorough spanking I have seldom seen. Such great, fierce defense. Such clutch offense by Durand Scott and the guys. Such relentlessness. Oh, and the unexpected return of Reggie Johnson. Fans storming the court as it ended; click What A Rush for the video of it. What a night for this program! Every season with a senior-dominated team has a now-or-never feel. Well, last night the Canes stood up and shouted: NOW! (Oh, by the way. The Heat won last night, too). Original post: Rock it up, Canes fans. Be the Gables Crazies. Turn this into a College Hoops joint for one night. This happens about once every, well, never, so shout it while you can: Heat and UM men play home games concurrently tonight, and the Canes game is 1aa1kennykbigger. By a lot. Heat game has a lot to offer, too: The guys are back home after a five-game break and six-game road trip, they're playing Chris Bosh's ex's, Toronto, and we'll probably see the debut of the team's newly signed DR (designated rebounder) and tattoos leader, Chris "Birdman" Andersen. But! The 25th-ranked Canes top that with a packed gym tonight (itself a rarity) vs. No. 1 Duke. When ESPN and Dick Vitale are on 1aa1coachk 1aa1dickv 1aa1ibiscampus doing the game you know it's big, bay-bee! Coach Jim Larranaga's Canes will try to make school history tonight by being the first UM men's team ever to beat a No. 1-ranked opponent. Miami has beaten two No. 2s in its history: Duke, here, on Dec. 21, 1962, and at UConn on Feb. 20, 1999. Pictured: UM's Kenny Kadji, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewki, Vitale and Sebastian the Ibis. No matter tonight's result, Miami has Sweet 16 potential when center Reggie Johnson is back from injury. A loss tonight won't change that. But a win? It would be the biggest in the regular-season in UM history, and the ultimate statement by these Hurricanes.

FIASCO: LORIA RENEGED. SELIG RENEGED. WE LOSE: Miami and Marlins Park were supposed to get MLB's 2015 All-Star Game. It was an implied more than actual promise by baseball and commissioner Bud 1aa1loriaj 1aa1seligbSelig contingent on the new stadium being built. The thing is, the team and owner Jeffrey Loria got that park built with the implied more than actual promise that big payrolls and competitive teams would result. That lasted one failed season, followed by the standard fan-betraying, promise-betraying payroll-slash. Did Selig renege? Yes. Why? Because Loria reneged first. (Pictured: the Reneging Twins). I cannot blame baseball for refusing to reward Loria. Nor do I buy the notion that MLB should give Miami the ASG and its satellite events to "save" baseball in South Florida. A few days of festivities won't save baseball here. What will is an owner who takes advantage of the new ballpark by keeping his word, by spending and fielding strong teams.

1aa1sloaneSPORTS: THE GREAT, UNSCRIPTED DRAMA: I love sports because it writes itself, live, and the ending defies prediction. Sometimes it produces something couldn't-make-it-up bizarre, like the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax. And sometimes it produces drama that might seem too hokey for a movie ending -- except it really happened, like yesterday at the Australian Open. The Stunna Down Unda: American Sloane Stephens, 19 (pictured), a Broward girl, upset her idol, Serena Williams, in the quarterfinals. When too-good-to-be-true is true. That's sports at its best.

Poll result: Lewis edges Harbaughs for biggest Super Bowl storyline: It was 52.3 percent for Ray Lewis' farewell and 42.4% for the coaching Bro Bowl when we asked in the previous blogpost what was the biggest SB storyline. The other 5.3% voted "something else."

GRATUITOUS CHEERLEADER ITEM GOES HERE: I would like to report that the Miami Dolphins 1aa1dolphcheercheerleaders -- no rest for the buxom! -- are currently abroad on a goodwill tour of military bases. The women Tweeted out the photo shown. [Aside to photographer: Showing the backs of cheerleaders may not have been your smartest cinematic option. I'm just sayin']. The women are pictured at Moron Air Base in Spain. Please give the word "Moron" a proper little Spanish tongue-roll and get the emphasis on that second syllable please!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Good for UM hoops that's big time it's fun when your favorite school has a good team especially in March.

There is no saving baseball in south Florida it will never work terrible fan base.

The Williams sisters despite their great careers are at the end of the road that's not really a surprise or that big of a story.

Superbowl stories?

How soon does free agancy begin after it ends?

i saw the cheerleaders at ft Carson in CO Springs in either 2010 or 11.

Sloane Stephens is the daughter of late Patriots running back John Stephens he made the pro bowl as a rookie in 88' ok so it's not a bad story.

I guess the Canes have a shot at beating Duke tonight, I'll be rooting for them.

Not to give props to Armando but he wrote a nice piece on the pros and cons of keeping Long..


Baseball talk...Yawn.


Where did you hear that the NCAA obtained "IMPROPERLY OBTAIN INFORMATION (from Shapiro's lawyer) THAT WOULD NOT OTHERWISE HAVE BEEN ACCESSIBLE" ?

In a court of law this would be enough to dismiss all charges against an accused, however for the NCAA is the way they do their bussiness, I wonder if this is going to help Miami or not.

Armando is absolutely right, on every count. A Dolphins' fan just hopes that Ireland doesn't make the same mistake twice (Jake Grove).

This is for all of the guys who post on this blog that think that they actually know something about sports. Have fun Dash, He he.


To FZB: The answer is YES, this will help UM. No more bowl bans, less scholarships lost and a field day for UM attorneys. The NCAA has admitted wrongdoing and will now be more on the defensive. This is the best news UM has rec'd since the Shapiro situation was first mentioned.

That challenge is funny Woodcock it started with a bunch of fans talking trash and Scal said bring it on I think it's for charity too.

One guy I guess was pretty good but the moral of the story is even an NBA backup player is among the best in the world at his sport.

FZB baseball talk yawn proves my point about that fanbase even when you had a high payroll no one went to games so don't pull that one on me.

Pitchers and Catchers in 3 weeks can't wait signed a real baseball fan.

Maybe it's not your fault though I read recently where that area is ranked 30th for poverty level among the teams in the league.

Location, Location, Location.

You can't tell me they couldn't fill the place with people from surrounding areas though they just don't.

Florida is not a baseball friendly place. Way too hot to play during the summer and constant rain storms interrupt play. Baseball was not meant to be played inside. Every indoor baseball stadium that I've ever been to sucks. It's great for spring training. Great weather, small parks, cheap tickets. But once the regular season begins it's bye bye Balboni. Cubans love baseball and I have so many baseball fan friends that it would fill an entire section at Marlins Stadium. The problem for the Marlins is that of all these cats that I know who love baseball and live in Miami only two of them are season ticket holders and the rest attend maybe two games, if that, per season. Maybe in a few years they can convert the structure into low income housing. Hell you can probably put up 300 tents on the field and truck in 40 or 50 double wides to put outside the stadium on the lawn.

They have a retractable roof with air conditioning.

Some of the best baseball players in the country are from Florida born and bred stop making excuses Woodcock it's just a bad market but lots of places are they're not alone.


There you go again (you're turning into another Kaz)..hehe

Ireland did not sign Jake Grove, Parcells did..

Oye Wood's..Scalalabrini (or whatever the guy's name is) es una mierda, deja eso meng.

Beisbol in Miami?..I doubt that it will ever be more popular than Football or Basketball...However the stadium is a slam dunk.


I guess you don't like that proposed trade for Gasol?..hehe

Try sitting at Fenway Park when it's 45 degrees and raining in April I wouldn't do it but you know what people do because they love baseball.

You have never heard of Scal FZB? c'mon I thought you were an NBA fan he's probably better than half of Miami's bench right now.

Ah, sorry BB, but the city of Boston sucks. What you have two weeks of good weather in the spring and fall. Don't see a big exodus of people from Florida moving to Boston when they retire do you? That's because Boston sucks. Those chowds are thankful that they have something to do on a day when the Red Sox are in town other than watching paint dry.


Yes I know about him, white dude, plays hard and shoots three's.

FZB, not my words, Jeff Ireland's own words, with the operative words being: he admitted one of 'HIS' and Bill Parcells’ biggest mistakes...



I don't follow the C's like you, how come they're playing so bad?..injuries?

Spoken like a true redneck congratulations the rest of the planet considers Boston a World Class City.

Yeah boating, beaches, mountains major sports it really sucks living here go suck smog.

Oye, Woodcock. El Scalabrine ese es un mureto. Even "El Pavo" can take that guy.

Big Baby,

3 major fire sales will kill any fan base especially after assisting the owner in buying the stadium. I wouldn't put the attendance on the fans at all. Field a competative product and they will comw.

I'm noticing that the same guys that say things like, "The Heat are in trouble, that guy Spoelstra doesn't know jack.", or "The Lakers suck, that guy Kupchack es un muerto!" are the same guys that think that Scalabrini sucks.

And of course these guys have worked how many hours in the basketball business at any level? Yea, I thought so.


building a team through free agency never works, you can complement your team with them as long as you keep building the team through the draft.

Parcells went crazy, Grove, Gibril Wilson, some WR from Jacksonville ( I forgot the guy's name), Justin Smiley, I'm sure I'm forgetting more names.

Parcells had final say..He was in charge he gets the blame..you can blame Ireland for everything under the sun for 2011 and 2012 and I'll be cool with it.

FZB the Celtics are soft and old unless they make a major trade to shake things up they're going nowhere fast.

I think Doc Rivers is frustrated beyond belief about the team and it's effort he sounds unhappy which is rare for him.

Actually, BB, there is very little smog in SoCa anymore. It was terrible back in the 70's, but the area has since cleaned up its act.

Probably all the mass exodus of all those businesses, productions, plants leaving due decades of "liberal" domination.

toco you had a high payroll last year, they didn't come or weren't you paying attention?

Your fanbase sucks don't take it personal.

That said I don't blame them for not coming the last few months of the season but you really think they would have if they were winning?

I am skeptical.

BB, do you guys have electric lights and indoor plumbing or are you still using candles and using corn cobs to wipe your asses in those cute little outhouses?

Here's today's weather forecast for Boston, BB. I was going to include the weather forecast for LA and Miami, but for what reason. It's never been in the teens in LA or Miami. He he. No wonder you guys all look like a bunch of penguins up there.


Good to know OC Woodcock can suck alfalfa sprouts and avocado then.

FZB, I have no problem acknowledging that Parcells had final say, and that Jeff was just a puppet. However, when anyone goes along and takes blame for something he didn't do he is either your best friend or a spineless a** kisser, motivated only by self preservation and not by personal conviction. I tend to think the later, which is why I think he'll do what's right and safe for "Jeffy," instead of what is right for the team.

BB, I'll trade you D'Antoni for Rivers, and I'll even toss in Howard in on the deal. What say you?

No, don 't get me wrong, BB. Woodcock does suck, he just doesn't suck smog. He prefers Dodger Dogs.

BB, if you're a real nice boy I might just be motivated to send you one of those cans of Florida or California sunshine that is so treasured by the snow plow crowd north of the Mason Dixon. He he. I think I'll go hit some at the range right now in this lovely LA weather.

Late brother!

Rivers would be leaving one mess for another he might not want to do it but ok.

I don't think Woodcock will be watching Southie Rules beginning next Tuesday on A& E.

Boys, Boys (Woodcock and BB) play nice.

OC, I know is difficult for you to admit this but my son "Jeffy" has been a responsible GM with the cap (by not overpaying for free agents or our own players) and has resisted trading away our draft picks.

those are not the actions of a desperate GM or one that is looking to save his skin at all costs, you can hate him or like him (it makes no difference to me) but if you look at it fairly then you would realize that your statement makes no sense.

don't worry, this is the year we will know if he stays or goes...But I get the feeling you still would want him fired even if he proves he deserves an extension.

Sunshine in a can neat there are such things as vacations and indoor driving ranges instead Woodcock but you showed your true colors.


I think Woodcock is just messing around with you, he's not a bad dude.

OC...let's talk trade, Howard for Bosh straight up.

He's not a bad dude just a small minded man at times.

This should be the beginning of the end for the NCAA. They are a non-functional entity that has out lived their usefulness (if they were ever really useful to begin with). Time for the Major conferences to complete their restructuring and form a new governing body that actually works and serves the purpose it is intended to serve. Good ridance to the NCAA!

FZ, I don't think you guys still get it. Woodcock and I are probably closer than most brothers. There's nothing either of us could say or do to one another that would upset or alter anything at all.

That's why I can call him anything under the sun and vice versa and we hardly blink.

As long as you don't call each other what ever you want under the moon it's ok? lol

FZB – Thanks for the Article – Gasol for Bosh? I have to say no. Haslem, Anthony, Jones, Miller, and Pittman for Gasol? I have no idea. I remember Trading Butler, Odom, and Grant for Shaquille O’Neal brought us a championship. I suppose that 5 for 1 trade could work out. I’m just a little hesitant to give Haslem away. But of course we gave way Odom away who was good and butler who was good. So maybe it will be good. And I guess if the get Kenyan Martin or someone it will work out just fine. I don’t know, It does open up some nice options for good players to add. :)

Naples - Are you really going to campare Tannehill’s upside to Flacco’s? The guy is a rookie with mediocre players around him. Give him Mike Wallace and you will see his true potential.

And what do you mean stats are for losers. Stats mean a lot Naples. You obviously didn’t get the point of what I was saying. I was just saying that Tannehill did A) better with worse receivers than Wilson did with better receivers, and B) He improved his receivers a whole lot more than Wilson improved his. I’m also saying that when you look at the right things you realize that the Dolphins did not miss the players because Tannehill wasn’t a good quarterback. They missed the playoffs because A) 2 missed field goals to beat the Jets and Cardinals (kicker’s fault), B) they couldn’t run the ball (RB’s and OL’s Fault), and C) they had a bad or mediocre defense. So I don’t know why you’re blaming this on Tannehill. How good do you expect a quarterback to do if they can’t run the ball and don’t have a defense?

The 49ers didn’t bench Alex Smith because they thought Caepernick was better. They Benched him because he had a concussion. And then they just kept Caepernick starting because he was doing well enough. Please get your facts straight. They didn’t just decide to bench him to play the young guy. That’s stupid. Besides with all the talent they have it’s not surprising that Caepernick is doing well. Put Matt Moore in there and they would still be a good team.

Big Baby - So Sloan Stevens is from an athletic family. That’s pretty cool :) – I’m actually happy for her that she was able to beat Serena. I mean, I don’t really like to see our American Williams Sisters lose but since I was a Young American. I’m ok with it. It’s shows that our country finally has some young talent to root for in tennis again. Whoo hooo :)

Woodcock – Thanks for the Scalabrine Article. That was a good one to read. Yeah, Dashi has no idea what he’s talking about. Possibly a few others too. :)

FZ, now why would the Lakers be interested in trading Gasol for a lesser version of Gasol? That doesn't make sense. The only thing that idiot Jim Buss (cause it ain't Mitch's call anymore) needs to consider is in blowing up the team and moving in draft picks and -25yr talent.

At 3:44 I meant to say "the dolphins missed the playoffs" not the dolphins missed the players.

Whatever Anti

Big Baby - At 3:45 I meant to say "since "it" (not I) was a young American".

Oye OC, you better stop with the insults or you'll be painting this weekend by yourself.

There wasn't going to be another bowl ban, I'd rather just take the scholarship losses and move on than have this sh*t drag on a day longer.

Look Kazaam, you don't get to comment on the problems at the U. You are a part of that problem with your support for that bitch Shalala. No one wants to hear what you have to say about this. You have zero credibility on this issue. If it weren't for her actions or inaction we wouldn't be in the mess that we're in today. And the least of our problems are with the NCAA, she already had the program on a nose dive before anyone had ever heard of this Shapiro bum. From national champions to national chumps in the short time she's been here. Just Horrible.

And to think that this bozo, Cote, puts up these meaningless polls about which owners are the worst of all the Miami sports teams. Compared to Donna Shalala, the Marlins guy looks like George Steinbrenner.


is that the Dukes-Ter in that photo?

Woodcock, so now OC has you on paintin detail?..Oye, dile que se consiga unos mejicanos en Home Depot...$50.00 for the day, and you can probably get four of them.

Kaz, this thing with the NCAA is great for us, those moe-foes never had a case, if they were relying on the testimony of that guy Pee Wee Allen and the information was obtain illegally then what case do they have?

we've been under the hammer for two years, our reputation and recruiting have suffered accordinly ,I say cut a deal with the NCAA and tell them we're off the hook for more punishment (the two bowl bans and ACC championship is enough) and no reduction in scholarships and we won't sue their ass in return.

I facking hate the NCAA.

"At 3:44 I meant to say "the dolphins missed the playoffs" not the dolphins missed the players."

If this guy Potter is not OC then he's as anal and anxious as he is.

Say Potter, you got 45 little yellow Lakers flags flying on top of your rig?

Come on OC come out of the closet, Fish. Are you Potter?

As for today's post I'll be rooting heavily for the canes to upset duke today, so the gators can move up the rankings. Although I don't know if there good enough to pull it off. But I'm hoping :)

And I'm not sure what the point of the cheerleader picture it, but whatever :)

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. / See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. / I'm crying. / Sitting on a cornflake, ...

I buried Paul

Wow woodcock you are hilarious. What the heck did I say that makes you think I'm OC. I'm not a laker fan, I don't have memmorabilia, I don't go to the stars for my answers and I don't sit here and criticize the dolphins and ross and Ireland in all my posts. so I think that should say enough. Does it not?

Walrus what are you talking about?

OMG are you freaking Kazaam?

Damn, Potter. Am I really like that?

Helter skelter, helter skelter

No that was a bit of a harsh generalization OC you're a much better poster and person than that don't listen to the newbie.

Not really OC - It just seems like it I guess

Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye.
Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess,
Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down.

Young Mr. Potter, this is what the Walrus is talking about.


Oye OC, yup..you're worst that Flounder with all your "correctness"..sorry.

Wow an Ad for "Skinny Cow" Candy just pooped up on the top of the browser. That just sounds funny. Eat this and you will get skinny :)

sorry, at 4;47 I meant to say popped, not pooped lol

Regarding Shalala from an outsiders perspective it seems that she tried to tighten up things academically and have higher standards for the University when she came in.

Whether that has correlated with a decline in the football program is up for debate the bball program is doing pretty well.


Do us all a favor, just type away and if you make a mistake then so be it, I don't think the blog can handle another OC..lol

Ohhhh the Stupid Beatles. Do they have a song called I am Kazaam?

Oh ok FZB, are you saying that OC is always correcting what he says? According to my knowledge, he NEVER does that. So I'm not exactly sure how you're able to use that as a comparison to OC Porpose :)


You explain it to him..

the Beatles are stupid?..oh boy..

strike one

The only problem is I can make a mistake and you have no idea what I'm saying and therfore I have no choice but to correct it. Minor mistakes I don't care about but bad ones need to be fixed.

I didn't say they were stupid. Please don't misunderstand what I say or twist it around to make it negative.

Man, FZB, Now I know what you mean by "Slow".

alright guys, well I'm going home, this is too slow for me. I'll see ya tomorrow. Have a good night :)

potter87- There you go again with your IFS +BUTS.You dont think the Dolphins had a good defense? how about the colts defense? after the first 5-6 games this year, tannah was an afterthought. It was Luck,RG3, and Wilson. Tannah was never in the mix. Stop with this nonesense that he made the dolphins WRS better.Flacco just beat and out played 2 future HOF qbs back to back, going to the SB. What did you see from Tannah this year that has you excited about getting to the SB in 5yrs? Lets not forget his last game of the season this year. In the NFL today, do you realize how hard it is to get shut out 28-o? The Dolphins only won 1 more game this year with him, Luck won 9 more, and went to the playoffs. RG3, Wilson took there team to the playoffs.

FZB, That picture is actually a Frenchman standing next to his tank in Mali, I've got more respect for the french now..Instead of siting in a smokey room smoking ciggerretts eating Crossants There out there in Mali kicking ass and NOT taking names..Can you imagine that guy coming at you if you were Al-Quida??
BTW, Did'nt know those crazy bastards were a problem in Mali,I wonder if Base Commander Ripper knows of this??

Tannehill does not have the talent at WR that Luck, RG3, and Wilson have. You're argument is not valid here.

Naples - Tannehill will take us to the super bowl in 4 years (as I said 5 last year) with good WR's and a little tweek in the defense.

Potter87- Lets see now, the Dolphins have a bad or mediocre defense. The o-line and rbs are not very good. the kicker sucks. But the qb made the wrs better, thats your story.

BTW the colt only one 2 games cause they had curtis painter at quarterback who didnt know what they were doing. Meanwhile they had Collie, Reggie Wayne? You kidding me???

Naples - He did. And he did it without Brandon Marshall. Just Imagine if Tannehill had Marshall to throw to this year, I guarantee, you wouldn't see them with a worse record than 9-7.

And what does the O line, running backs, and defense have to do with the receivers?

Naples - I didn't say the kicker was bad. He's good, He just cost us 2 wins because he had some funk going. you can't forget that.

Is it me or Does our Friend Potter87 resemble our Lil Friend from another Planet Ginria??



i'll pass on anything after "beatles 65" and "sgt. pepper", with a few john lennon or george harrison songs. give me bamboo shoots under the fingernails than make me listen to "hey jude" or "penny lane"!! the chuck berry songs were good, the country songs (act naturally, what goes on, and a few others (mostly from the white album or sgt.pepper) but spare me paul mccartney please!! his first post beatle album was good, but then came "uncle albert' and the like (dislike for me). iwill give the guy credit for writin "yesterday", maybe the greatest song of 1950-2000, but i would rather listen to stuff like this, just another song from "kiln house" by the post peter green pre-nicks/mcvie abomination of the great bluehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TjnxhqYv1Es/rock band fleetweed mac:


I actually like the White album.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB3Z5qJCfDQ (stones doing bo diddley)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tzKajOTf_Y (stones doing chuck berry0

fleetwood mac: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16n7mgTWxqw (the real fleetwood mac)

thw who (greatest record ever!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKGRijV8U3s

greatest single(both sides)/song ever- A side was "baby please don't go"

this, the greatest rock'n'roll song ever, was the "B side; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkaMVLHxzWE

done by everybody, but this is the bomb!!

Potter87- Because in your 3:44 post, your excuse for Tannah was because these guys were the reason for the dolphins lousey season, not the qb.




"trains", "horses" and they're "talkin' "smack'"

The Beatles... How About the last song on Sgt.Peppers Lonely hearts band... My Favorite...


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