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January 31, 2013

Shamed Dan Marino has done enough to be forgiven. Agree? Poll. Vote!; plus Super Bowl pick, Smirk Friday, LeBron upset, Lance Effect & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1. This is a jockey's favorite month, because it's the shortest. God that was awful! 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): A-Rod/Ray Lewis accusations, Smirk Wednesday, Cats slipping. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Super Bowl predix: Upset! Ravens, 24-21: The favored 49ers might have an overall talent edge, but Ray Lewis gives the Ravens an emotional/intangible advantage, which often is big in a Super Bowl. Also think Joe Flacco has the vertical passing game to penetrate San Fran's D. Click on Super Bowl Gem for the full prediction capsule.  

MARINO LOVE-CHILD A SCANDAL, BUT FORGIVENESS TRUMPS SCORN: I have my say in my newest column today; click Marino Deserves Forgiveness to read. Do you agree? Vote in our poll below and say why you feel as you do. Original post from yesterday: Dan Marino, maybe the biggest sports figure in South Florida history, has been exposed by the New York Post for having fathered a love-child in 2005 and paid 1aa1danbaby 1aa1danmillions to the mother to support the child and to keep quiet. She evidently did not keep quiet. Full story here. Marino, a CBS analyst since 2003 who is to be involved with Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast, apparently had an affair with a CBS production assistant, Donna Savattere, then 35, that resulted in the birth of daughter Chloe. The mother and daughter are pictured. The news broke on Marino's 28th wedding anniversary to Claire; they have six children including two adopted daughters. Marino, when confronted with the news, owned up to it, saying, "This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions." Now, my take: Marino is enough a public figure to make this newsworthy, but I feel bad for Dan, for Claire and their family. He made a mistake eight years ago. He's human. This does not change his standing as one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks or as a Miami icon. Neither does this erase any of the good works he has done in the community in raising funds for great causes; I don't know of any athlete we have had who's done more. Some will think less of Marino and that is their right. He has paid millions in this matter, and now he is paying far more, with his embarrassment and with the tarnish on his name. How if at all does this matter affect your opinion of Marino? Vote and say why.

Smirk Friday: Super Bowl With a Smirk, here to tweak the self-imortant NFL and gravitas of its big game, is back today to refute speculation that Beyonce lip-synched replies to questions at her Halftime Show Press Conference. We have details on that, plus Ali, overweight cheerleaders, bowling, Tazon Latino, puppies, football laces and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Friday for the full column.

Smirk Thursday: Smirk's Thursday menu included the lavish New Orleans arrival of the Roman Numerals (that's right), Beyonce, fake tickets, John Harbaugh's apparent sexiness, astrology, chicken, Hungary and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Thursday for the full column.

LEBRON JAMES UPSET HE'LL MISS SUPER BOWL: The Heat play at Toronto Sunday and will miss most if not all of the Super Bowl because the team will be en route back to Miami on a private jet with no Wi-Fi or satellite TV. "How disgusting is that!?" James said. LeBron, a huge football and Cowboys fan, said, "If the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl I'd stay there for the game."

THE LANCE EFFECT: A-ROD, LEWIS DENIALS HARDER TOP ACCEPT: Lance Armstrong has made it harder for us to believe athletes when they say "I didn't do it," as Alex Rodriguez (Biogenesis) and Ray Lewis (deer-antler extract) have this week. I explore that here: Click on The Lance Effect for the full column.  

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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You call that funny?

That's comedy gold.

Captain Obvious- Your 12:09 post, wins the best post of the day award today. HAHAHA

Dukey- What do you do for a job that you keep all strange hours? Double shifts and what not. Are you a firemen, cop, nurse, prison guard, what the hell do you do?

Official Business, Naples. Official Business...

My guess is that he works here:


NJ,My Guess is that our Mr.Duke has some kind of job that only requires a oomputer with no human access, And I believe this is a good thing reading Mr.Dukes posts..
Just saying..
Duke/Dukey/Base Commander Ripper, What do you say??

Harding you're so f***ing dumb I can't believe it. Ha Ha Ha


I got the scoop on the Duke, he's a pimp.


My guess is our friend Mr.Duke is reperesnted in this tune.......


Actually Anti Christ this is my song. Sorry to disappoint...



I think that's quite accurate, another one of his aliases is this one.


sorry Dukes-ter, just having a little fun amigo..

FZB, that's funny. Looks to be a bit of a take off of Dr. Strangelove.

My favorite show is Terrance & Phillip.

Dukes alter-ego

Base commander Ripper.....


Not so fast Anti Ripper is on to something. Hell the British don't use floridation and their teeth are proof positive of that policy...

comma should go after Anti but who the f*** is counting...

the grammar police (OC & Potter) will be coming for you soon.

Marino's been cheating on his wife for years. Own a restaurant and he's been there with over 10 different women over the years. Only surprise is that he fathered a child with this one. Definately fumbled this time around.

Let me guess, he ordered the strip steak, right?

See Big Baby. Now that's comedy.

Terrance And PhillIPS
lmao, This ones for all the C@ckmasters out there...


Hey Kaz,

Where are you?...fill me in on the U...what's happening on that end.

Well you see FZB, what I have been doing this afternoon is quite remarkable. I have taken a blue-purple tailed guppy and put it in a mating bin with a yellow-orange tailed guppy and low and behold, they had 10 little guppy love children with green tails. After that, I watched old 30 for 30 reruns. I ruined lots of tube socks this afternoon.

Come on Dan don't be a dummy leave it on her tummy.


This has been an interesting day to say the least, I'll check in on you guys later.



steve garvey was a real fraud- had political apirations, a school named after him while still playing and then, if i remember, had three different women preganant simultaneously. marino never made himself out to be a saint (although he considered being a viking!)so i don't put him in with garvey, lance armstrong or any of the other phoneys. hey, garvey had to deal with his wife leaving him for MARVIN HAMLISCH!!! there is a blow to one's machismo.
as far as jim nabors, he was sighted many times IN PUBLIC hand-holding rock hudson (another phoney). rumor also had it that jim nabors and a ram player who wore a number between 17 and 19 were an item!!!!



without tips, this waitress gets 3.50 dollars/hour!!! apalling that someone "of the cloth" would stoop to this; i guess this "cloth" is of the synthetic variety.

Shadow, There getting 5.45 a hour actually, And if they dont claim there tips they(Goverment) gets the company that employs them have to make up the differance till they make minnium wage(Which I think is 7.25 a Hour)

Hhhuuuuuhhhhhhh I knew someone was going to comment about my German lol.

Dashi – Yeah you seem to rant all the time. But so far all of my long stuff has been making YOUR long stuff look like text messages. So I’m not sure what You are talking about.

And BTW, Your stuff isn’t even that long. The only reason it looks almost as long as mine is because you space everything out, use a lot of caps, and put exclamations on everything. If I did that with my long stuff there would never come an end. You harldy write anything. The only reason anyone gets exhausted with your stuff is because we have to deal will all you spaces.

Just to let you know I only use word when I have to answer more than 1 person and I can’t and don’t want to sit here and keep scrolling up an down to find someone and then type. That is very annoying. I also want to keep all my stuff as together as possible so it doesn’t get spaced out with other peoples’ responses in between. I hate that.

And don’t worry I don’t call people idiots without saying why either. But, the difference between you and me is I let people know that I’m not trying to offend them. I respect you too by the way. But there can be a difference though, between respecting someone and respecting what they do. That is important to note down.

About the devil, Lucifer was one of his names and had at least a few. But if you meant something else than I understand.

However Dashi, Hell does exist. Some say it’s inside the earth, probably where the magma is, but that’s a different story. One reason people go to hell is because they think it doesn’t exist. So what do they need Jesus for if there’s no hell? That’s what they think. So they deny him their whole life and end up in hell. You being a catholic, should know that hell exists. Something is strange about that. So either there is something I don’t about Catholics or you are lying about something about yourself.

Hell is not a joke you don’t want to end up there. Maybe Jesus never spoke about it. But God did. Do you remember the John 3:16 quote I gave you? do you remember the part says “those who believe in him will not **parish**, but will have everlasting life. As if you didn’t know or realize, Parish means **die forever**.

You may want to make better understanding of where you stand as whatever you are before you just say things. Trust me man, you do not want to be wrong.

Woodcock – gotas kaen means nothing in German. You might be thinking of gotas caen “with a c”. According to what I understand, it means atmosphere in Spanish, or drops of some kind of liquid.

FZB – The Gators are 7-0 in the SEC!! How about that?

Base Commender ripper – You’re disgusting. I’m not using that in a sentence. And that’s not even German.

FZB - Grammer police? Thats funny. No such Thing :)

Alright everyone. Have a good night. I'm heading home :)

And how's this for a kicker, The law that starts Jan1,2014 is that any company that has 50 employees or more will have to offer there employees health care for there for full time employees(30 Hours is consdered a full time employee by our goverment) where the company has to pay70% of said insurannce,so any employe needing to make 40 hours a week is in for a big shock to there pocket book, I know this cause I've been told by my company to start hiring and make sure NO ONE gets over 30 hours a week starting now.., The good news is it will help Unemloyment the bad news is 30 hour work weeks for most americans without insurance...Oh BTW If Your company doesnt get you healthcare kiss 7% of your income away by the goverment providing you with healh insurance
Now you all can thank your leader Barack Huissan Obama..

Speaking of parish remember Robert Parish...


That ship has sailed, Obi is here for 4 more years...Maybe we can all move to Portugal.


there is a real difference between perish and parish, except that i am under the impression that catholics who are under the auspices of their local parish won't perish. hell being eternal damnation is a little too strict for my taste; isn't there a concept of "purgatory" where the sould spends some time getting cleansed of misdeeds before enjoying its eternal reward?

Captain Obvious, I don't know why Danny just didn't cum in Mrs Ed's anus...

or mouth for f***sake.

Maybe he shoulda just dropped a piping hot steamer on her titz and call it a day...

Catholic Boyz. Sheeze.

Dan maybe pulling on it while perusing JC Penny catalog like George Costanza...

I bet Dan propelled a tight spiral of jizz into her end zone from across the room.

If Mrs Ed had gotten together with John Elway they could have entered Chloe in Belmont Stakes!

He shoulda played hide salami in another orafice that's all I'm sayin' LouSanis.

Don't give Marino a pass just because he was a great athlete. Look at Obama. If anyone would cheat (wife is fugly), it would be him, and as far as anyone knows, he hasn't. If he can keep it in his pants, so should Danny Boy.

or is it orifice? Lets just say HOLE.


unfortunately the first WC qualifier between el tri and the stars and stripes is the first night of passover, so i will have to live without seeing it. i am informing you now i will use your analysis to "re-live" the biggest game the USA will p;ay in qualifying, assuming they will be able to handle the upcoming go against honduras qwhich won't be easy.

The thing I get really sick & tired of is all the immature, sexladen innuendos and inappriate commentz. Get a life people. Go get stoned and go to Mass or something.

Hmm inappropriate.

Hmm Lebron is upset he'll miss the SB. I hope his distress doesn't affect the world since Prez Obama gave it to him.

Man that's lame. "THE WORLD IS YOURZ." LeBron has the world in his handz, he's got the whole wide world in his handz. Ah yeah...

Duke, don't forget to take your medicine.

Hi did better than Clinton (leader of the free world).

Potter - ever consider that you are wrong to not believe in any of the thousands of other religions that are 100% untrue and made up by man?

Kaz, you're still in there swinging. Bedt Potter keeps ducking... POTTER BUKKAKE IN A SENTENCE SOLDIER!

BET B-E-T BET. I BET Potter can't use BUKKAKE in a sentence! Every Day and in Everyway I'm Getting Better & Better!

Dan Marino is a douche bag. He always has been. That said, it seems he did the right thing about the woman and child. Too bad the mistress wasn't as discrete as Dan was responsible in this matter.

Well put Tom.

She cums of looking like GOLDDIGGING magpie.


Ill try and use bukkake in a sentence. Here we go.
If Dan Marino had decided to bukkake mrs. Ed instead, he wouldn't be in this predicament.

All you Marino 'Lovers' crack me up...if this would've happened to Tom Brady or ANY Jet player would you be as 'forgiving'? I doubt it! He F%#KED another woman (or women)! So now it's ok to cheat on your partner as long as you sincerely admit it? Really? Can I have your wife's cell #?

Well done Captain Obvious. Potter are you there son? Pay close attention to Captain Obvious. He can help set you free!

Speaking for myself there is nothing to condone or forgive Mike.

What I mean to say is these types of acts are part of our learning curve whatever thed individual's lesson may be...

ah the T-H-E the

As for Dan Marino, who cares if he had a love child. As long as his wife is ok with it. Its not like the guy was involved with the murder of 2 guys.

EPHESIANS 3: 20-21


What part of the world are we going to fix today?..

you guys still talking about Dan the man?..he made a mistake, we all have done bad things at one time or another, its hypocritical for most of you to bash him, look in the mirror, EVERYONE deserves a second chance.

lay off the man.

like I said yesterday, he is not a dead-beat dad like countless others..I sure hope this doesn't diminish the fact the guy has helped 1,000's of people through his charities.

SB prediction,

On paper, the 49ers have a better more balanced team but the Ravens have the better QB, moral of the story, go with who-ever has the edge at QB.

Ravens 22 SF 20 in a very close game.

Kaepernick is the wild card, this is his biggest game no telling how he will react.

It's not about laying off the man, FZB, it's about laying the man.

"Forgiveness?" Cote, Dan Marino's business is none of yours. What do I or any stranger to Mr. Marino have to forgive him for? This is all part of your "nanny state" mentality, Cote. Mr. Marino is an adult, he chooses to do with his life as he pleases. This is the United States of America not some back water dump. Here we are free to conduct our lives as we see fit. Move along fat ass, nothing to see here.


Exactly amigo...nothing to see here.

and another thing, you guys mean to tell me if this sweet-than comes a-knocking @ your door you guys would look the other way?


child please.

It becomes our business when people start having a bunch of kids with a bunch of different women, who then become a burden on society. That's when it becomes our business. Also, the breakdown of the family unit is a societal problem. If every person decided they were just going to knock boots with anyone of the opposite, society would be an absolute wreck. We appear to be headed that way with the liberal mindset of, "it's ok to cheat on your wife or husband, if you are unhappy just get a divorce, let's have a Brady bunch family." This type of mindset will destroy society. No one is FORCED to get married. If you can't own up to the decision and responsibility, DON'T DO IT. If you are not up to the responsibility of having children, which is a HUGE responsibility--DON'T DO IT. Act responsible. We are all responsible for our actions. You wanna make your wife or husband look like a fool, who cares--none of my business, but it becomes my business when your "love child" robs me on some drug binge because daddy wasn't around and was trying to pork anything breathing.

This photograph of Greg Cote (guy under the spray) was taken yesterday in North Miami Beach.

Potter, is that you driving the car?


I don't understand what makes fans think this man owes us an apology, or needs our forgiveness. Forgiveness is for his wife to give, not the fans, this is a personal family matter.

This is for Barb. What is the story with all these Dan Marino suck ups. He was a great QB and a creep except when he put on his corporate image. A total ahole!!!!!!!

You tell them, Manny.


No one is sucking up to Marino, the guy is human, he made a mistake and he is paying for it, the only one that should forgive him is his wife, we as fans have no say in this matter, its a private problem for them.

your a little out of line calling him an a-hole, if that's how you feel about it so be, I'm sure your perfect right?

Where are all of the trolls today in hiding?


Claire Marino was one of the best drivers we've ever taught. She always made sure to look the other way.

It's all fun and games when bad things happen to other people it makes your life less pathetic I guess.

Mr. Woodcock,

i didn't think anything happened in north miami beach (my residence) worth a snapshot. well, one thing that proves is that a small drizzle will puddle up NMB but good.

this marino stuff is dullsville +. the male of our species is hardly the monogamous sort. have a good weekend and root for a winner.

I know you're rooting for the Niners shadow your other favorite team right?

Should be a great game it's close to a pickem' in my view key will be stopping Kaepernick in the read option if Baltimore can't do it then I see a 49er victory if they can I am going with the Ravens.

I know you like the Rams, Bengals and Seahawks too on second thought you have too many teams!

Marino was a hero of mine growing up. As time passed he kind of became angry/grouchy and unapproachable to fans. He did make a mistake but I did lose a bit of respect. I am sure that his wife who was home taking care of 5 kids, one of which has a learning disability, while he was having his fun is pretty devastated by the news.

Marino is still my hero I feel bad for him and his family.

My mother and my father are my heroes. No sports figure that I know can hold a candle to them.

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