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January 31, 2013

Shamed Dan Marino has done enough to be forgiven. Agree? Poll. Vote!; plus Super Bowl pick, Smirk Friday, LeBron upset, Lance Effect & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1. This is a jockey's favorite month, because it's the shortest. God that was awful! 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): A-Rod/Ray Lewis accusations, Smirk Wednesday, Cats slipping. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Super Bowl predix: Upset! Ravens, 24-21: The favored 49ers might have an overall talent edge, but Ray Lewis gives the Ravens an emotional/intangible advantage, which often is big in a Super Bowl. Also think Joe Flacco has the vertical passing game to penetrate San Fran's D. Click on Super Bowl Gem for the full prediction capsule.  

MARINO LOVE-CHILD A SCANDAL, BUT FORGIVENESS TRUMPS SCORN: I have my say in my newest column today; click Marino Deserves Forgiveness to read. Do you agree? Vote in our poll below and say why you feel as you do. Original post from yesterday: Dan Marino, maybe the biggest sports figure in South Florida history, has been exposed by the New York Post for having fathered a love-child in 2005 and paid 1aa1danbaby 1aa1danmillions to the mother to support the child and to keep quiet. She evidently did not keep quiet. Full story here. Marino, a CBS analyst since 2003 who is to be involved with Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast, apparently had an affair with a CBS production assistant, Donna Savattere, then 35, that resulted in the birth of daughter Chloe. The mother and daughter are pictured. The news broke on Marino's 28th wedding anniversary to Claire; they have six children including two adopted daughters. Marino, when confronted with the news, owned up to it, saying, "This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions." Now, my take: Marino is enough a public figure to make this newsworthy, but I feel bad for Dan, for Claire and their family. He made a mistake eight years ago. He's human. This does not change his standing as one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks or as a Miami icon. Neither does this erase any of the good works he has done in the community in raising funds for great causes; I don't know of any athlete we have had who's done more. Some will think less of Marino and that is their right. He has paid millions in this matter, and now he is paying far more, with his embarrassment and with the tarnish on his name. How if at all does this matter affect your opinion of Marino? Vote and say why.

Smirk Friday: Super Bowl With a Smirk, here to tweak the self-imortant NFL and gravitas of its big game, is back today to refute speculation that Beyonce lip-synched replies to questions at her Halftime Show Press Conference. We have details on that, plus Ali, overweight cheerleaders, bowling, Tazon Latino, puppies, football laces and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Friday for the full column.

Smirk Thursday: Smirk's Thursday menu included the lavish New Orleans arrival of the Roman Numerals (that's right), Beyonce, fake tickets, John Harbaugh's apparent sexiness, astrology, chicken, Hungary and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Thursday for the full column.

LEBRON JAMES UPSET HE'LL MISS SUPER BOWL: The Heat play at Toronto Sunday and will miss most if not all of the Super Bowl because the team will be en route back to Miami on a private jet with no Wi-Fi or satellite TV. "How disgusting is that!?" James said. LeBron, a huge football and Cowboys fan, said, "If the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl I'd stay there for the game."

THE LANCE EFFECT: A-ROD, LEWIS DENIALS HARDER TOP ACCEPT: Lance Armstrong has made it harder for us to believe athletes when they say "I didn't do it," as Alex Rodriguez (Biogenesis) and Ray Lewis (deer-antler extract) have this week. I explore that here: Click on The Lance Effect for the full column.  

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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What do Dan Marino and Ray Lewis have a common? Lots apparently.

Kid looks like Dan too. Can't deny that. Those teeth on that chick resemble that of a Mr. Ed.

That was a few million dollars poorly spent. He spent that money to keep things quiet and sure they were for several years, but now the crap has hit the fan. How many others will come forward?

I don't understand what is happening here. Is the South Florida media really trying to sell their "shock and awe" over this? If you have lived down here, in the Weston area especially, or know anything about Dan and his family, you know that he had MANY women on the side. His wife, Claire, has 100% knowledge of this as well. If you keep doing it, eventually a child may come of it. It's the law of averages. This happened to Governor Schwarzenegger as well. Cote, don't act like you had no clue of Marino's past exploits, it's embarrassing.

My opinion is still the same....grossly over rated QB, made into some god by the miami media.....he was good the first few years but lacked leadership qualities to get the job done.....so another sports jock has an affair and or outside child....its run of the mill and no big surprise....I dont hold that against him. I will still listen to him on the NFL shows...not too shabby

Best wishes to the Marino family, and young Chloe. That's the thing about life, we have no choice in how we get here- its all the parents doing.

Breaking News: Dan likes sex with different women. It's kinda like dinner. Dan doesn't want to eat pizza every night. Sometimes Dan wants Chinese food, sometimes he wants fish, sometimes he wants a good steak, sometimes he wants sushi, sometimes he wants Chipotle, and sometimes he even wants Ethiopian food.

Get that Chloe in softball immediately. I bet she has an arm. Good way for that chick to keep the money flow coming in after her Dan Marino quiet money runs out.

Dan ain't no Trojan Man!
My opinion of Marino hasn't changed.

rawpimple you're really going downhill with the trolling thing lately.

what exactly is Ethiopian food Mr Rawpimple? an empty rice bowl with flies hovering around? A couple of skinnies standing next to an obese Sally Struthers asking for donations to feed.... for a quick visual, check out a picture or Miami QB Jacory Harris.

Dan Marino, great QB than thrived on his competiveness, strong arm, quick release & natural feel for the quick paced pro game.. Never established himself as the smartest man in the room.

My opinion of Dan is the same, yeah, he made a big mistake but owned-up to it and paid for the child to be taken care of.

totally different than the 1000's of dead-beat dad's that are out there from every race, blacks,whites or hispanics that father babies like if they're going out of style and then turn the other way, Dan has helped countless of 1000's of people with his many charitable organizations, we all make mistakes , this is a private matter between him and his family.

to all D Marino haters, get a life.

opinion of Dan hasn't changed. maybe a little bit, but not really.


Hey Pimple,

you're a total ass-wipe

Ah yes the New York Post one of the more impeccably professional newspapers out of New York City. This is a newspaper that does not shy away from hardhitting stories such as "Woman's Head Found in Mailbox."

Mr. Woodcock regarding german phrase does it mean "Got two balls in that nutsack Herr Schmidt?"


even a late arrival to the miami scene (1998, near the end of the danny boy era) was cognizant that he was not confining his sperm donations to wife claire. i used to chuckle when i saw the billboards that featured the "happy couple" promoting whatever it was they were pushing. besides his athletic prowess, being a good looking feller would obviously make him "bait" for other women. about the only thing i would consider dopey is getting involved with a co-worker. there is a long time dictum about "don't ---- where you work". otherwise, ho-hum and let CBS deal with this issue with the game on their network sunday.

Really you have to give Dan credit. His response was all "Upright Citizen" unlike poor Mr. Mel Gibson's...

Jimbo not only is he not a Trojan Man he never was GUN-SHY! BWAHAHAHA... ok it wasn't that funny.

Further it was not like Barretta's or Rae Carruth's...

Not great news but at least The Post had some good info in that article ESPN is doing a documantary on Dan in the Spring I wonder if it will be a 30 for 30 or something those are usually very good looking forward to it he will survive this shouldn't affect his career just his image a bit because he has led a mostly scandal free life.

Dan didn't own up to it. He kept it hidden and quiet and hush hush so he presumably wouldnt have to fully own up to it. He threw a little money at the family, very kind gesture. It would be like FZB knocking some woman up and then giving her 5 bucks to keep quiet. It effected him very little and reduced his net worth by .005 percent.

My opinion of Dan hasn't changed much, somewhat lowered in that he portrayed himself as an upstanding citizen when he is just like everyone else, except he can play football really well and obviously is very fertile. Dan was a great QB--strong arm, quick release, fit the definition of pocket presence, was elusive yet he was far from a running QB. He couldn't get over the hump and win the big games---Super Bowl, vs Bills etc. He was cocky, arrogant, as a youngster. Smoked quite a bit of weed in his younger years in College and as a Fin and apparently has a very strong affinity for women.

chick seems like an enormous gold digger to match her teeth. although she does look a little like Claire so maybe Dan was a little drunk and thought he was sleeping with Claire. It would be a nice excuse to tell the fam.

I do think this chick wishes she had a boy instead. She could get him lessons at a very early age and work on his quick release. That quiet money will run out with that Hamptons lifestyle. She will need a replenishing. Maybe she will court other athletes now that she is famous.

Dan has always spent to much time in the Pocket

Nugget of the day from rawpimple.

Dan Marino was not a running quarterback.

More news later.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Actor Jim Nabors marries male partner in Seattle.


Danny-boy, I was wide open down the middle! Why didn't you hit me?

He is a good Catholic so he did the right thing. NO ONE is perfect. Like all extramarital affairs, it is not our business. It is his wife's. It does not diminish my opinion of him as having been one of the greatest quarterbacks and/or outstanding local community and national philanthropic leaders, etc., etc. Since he is a public figure, he has been honest about the situation (and this is a first as far back as I can remember). Best of luck to him and his family on what will probably be a most difficult time. Hang in there.

Rawpimple he ah threw millions at mother to keep quiet according to Cote's blurb. That's not throwing a little money...

Cant wait...

Pyle you know this is gonna cost you your Marine career & pension. DON'T ASK! DON'T TELL SOLDIER!

Danny always had a "Quick" Release..

BUKKAKE! POTTER!!!! YOUR UP SON!! SPELL AND USE WORD BUKKAKE IN A SENTENCE! Oh yeah don't peek at this post for correct spellin either soldier...

Yes, yes, sweetheart, It's called a quaterback sack, and no prevent defense is going to stop ole Dan from that lovely backfield in motion of yours, before I shoot the gap and get a turnover.


You know me so well, lol

you're still an ass-wipe.

Check the stats. I've always had a high completion rate in the red zone!

1- Big Baby--way to miss the entire point. Despite not being a running QB (which is common knowledge to most), he was one of the best at eluding the pass rush (which is knowledge to just a few Miami fans; most other people do not realize how good he was at evading the rush and stepping up at the perfect time). So the point was--he wasnt a running QB yet is better than many of the running QBs at evading defenders. It's ok though, I am an optimist and believe that MDCC education will work out for you. Hang in there.

2--Marino gave millions which is chump change to him. Obviously, millions to everyone on this board is a ridiculous amount of money,(that's why i put the FZB and 5 dollar reference; even Kazaam with his PhD in guppy mating could figure that out).

You're an eligible receiver, aren't you, darling?

Hey I thought NO meant YES?

he's no Stan Musial...

chick has a very lonnnggggg face and a hideous ring. see the guy in the upper left---OWNED. Dan Marino was all up in his wife's stuff.

Rawpimple says,

"he was one of the best at eluding the pass rush (which is knowledge to just a few Miami fans; most other people do not realize how good he was at evading the rush and stepping up at the perfect time)."

Anyone who has watched sports for 5 minutes in their life knows this you really are a bozo.

If millions is like five dollars how cum I can't get any billionares to give me a couple of finskies?

Cote new poll of the day question: Who did more squats during their time at UM: Ken Dorsey, Jacory Harris or Donna Shalala?

Blue blonde 32...Blue blond 32...hut hut hut hut!

He's no Ted Williams Head either.

I don't feel bad for the woman...Hooking up with Marino, she knew she'd never get a ring

I guess I should have put a glove on, and I don't mean Isotoners.

Dan apparently stayed in the pocket a little too long.


I still don't know what point you're trying to make here.

why don't you explained to us poor souls?..enlighten us with your wisdom and intelligence.

Honey, there's a reason why I wore #13 and someone like Garo had #1.

Well it didn't us long to move from political correctness to the locker room did it gentz lol

2013 has been the year of wacky sports stories.

Will this woman do Oprah, Couric, or Dr. Phil?

She's gonna do Ellen & Anderson Cooper...

I Guess Danny's Still hitting Tight ends even though he's "Retired"..

Just a lot of bad comedians nothing to see here it's turned into the Comedy Connection but no one here is Jerry Seinfeld.

No, I would rather talk about WONDERING if ESPN will do a 30 for 30 on Marino in the SPRING. If that doesn't give you wood, I don't know what will.


can I change your previous sister for your new sister?..

The Swiss have an interesting army. Five hundred years without a war. Pretty impressive. Also pretty lucky for them. Ever see that little Swiss Army knife they have to fight with? Not much of a weapon there. Corkscrews. Bottle openers. "Come on, buddy, let's go. You get past me, the guy in back of me, he's got a spoon. Back off. I've got the toe clippers right here.

Same Girl FZB, Just a different pic..

I wonder if it will be a 30 for 30 or something those are usually very good looking forward to it

Posted by: Big Baby | January 31, 2013 at 11:21 AM


In seriousness though, I bet it will be something.

I wouldn't f*** ole horse teeth with Clayton's dick...

Shazzam, Anti. That's enough to make me want to go straight!


Instead we get "insight" like this

"Cote new poll of the day question: Who did more squats during their time at UM: Ken Dorsey, Jacory Harris or Donna Shalala?"

"chick has a very lonnnggggg face and a hideous ring. see the guy in the upper left---OWNED. Dan Marino was all up in his wife's stuff."

"Hey I thought NO meant YES?"

Good sh*t don't quit your day job stay classy Captain and Tennille.

Oooh my Papa..


Thanks for the "clarification"


you can't fight with these brain-less immature childish behaviour, just go with the flow, of course you and me are way above such nonsense, right?

Yeah at least Jerry Seinfeld arrived to show what a real comedian looks like.

you can't fight with these brain-less immature childish behaviour, just go with the flow, of course you and me are way above such nonsense, right?

Posted by: FZB | January 31, 2013 at 12:42 PM

FZB,"Childish Behavior", I Did'nt see young Potter87 here...

in case ANY of you guys is interested in knowing who some of the "experts" are picking for the SB.


good point Anti..

Whew! I'm glad none of my stuff was on Big Baby's list.

Marino is a man just like any one of us, only with more fame & money.....

Haters just love to hate, but if they were in the same spot it would be same result...
"Hit it if you can get away with it."

Only problem with this now is he better hope it doesn't go "Tiger Woods" on him and 65 different women fall out of the tree saying "I did with him too"...because you know that is coming...



Personally I just dont understand....(with my big head I mean)

You have 6 kids...your wife is past giving you more babies, why just not snip it ??

Then you can feel free to go nuts (& bust your nuts) & not worry about it....



Posted by: Orange Bowl 4ever | January 31, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Aint dat da truff. Amen!

Cote new poll of the day question: Who did more squats during their time at UM: Ken Dorsey, Jacory Harris or Donna Shalala?

I'd say Shalala has got them both beat combined.

HEY! Lets watch the horseteeth cracks OK! Besides I thinks she has gingivitis not horseteeth...

Cote using the politically correct term: "LOVE CHILD"

Sounds cute. I want me one of those Love Children. I could put it in my purse and take it to the mall.

Hey, what did I do to get dragged into this discussion? Her teeth obviously do not even come close to mine and are much, much larger, but I must say, do fit the shape of her head.

Hey, I got a great idea. Let's talk about future 30 for 30 episodes. That would be SWELL!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the next one!

On second thought, I much rather the attempted jokes.

Ann Bishop HA HA HA You mean Sir Ann Bishop gov'nor!

I'll handle the jokes around here.

Oh Boy,

what the fack has happened to the blog.

"The Answer is Ann Bishop And Donna Shalala..."
Two things that The Anti-Christ had sex with..

Posted by Alex Trebeck...Jan. 31 2013

It was a LONGGGGGGG Time ago..

Inside every man is a 12 yr old dying to get out.

Dukey, Inside every women is a fetus dying to get out..

That's more insight than Captain Obvious has brought all day duke and he's been trying really hard.


I gotta say this liberation of woman, wide spread use of birth control, has turned most woman into raving sexual fiends, far worse than any man. Where were all these female teachers getting busted at schools left and right when I was in school? Where were all these deviant woman having love childs, sleeping with Kayne, making sex tapes, when I was younger? I gotta resort to Facebook in hooking up with past flames that are now married and are bored while their husbands type on the Miami Herald message board.

Touche' er Douche' Ant-Christo!

Speaking of 30 for 30 did any of you see the Bo Jackson one where he was doing all these incredible feats? I grew hair on my palms after watching that one.



Here's a real joke for you

I heard that Ray Lewis was cleared to play in his last regular season game but he was too tired from pulling the sleigh.

Jerry holla at me bro.

since its pretty obvious that the blog has been kidnapped by a bunch of infantile delinquents,( I suspect OC and the Duke are responsible) here are my words of wisdom for today.

there is no choice in growing old, but there is a choice in growing up.

keep up the good work, carry on.

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