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January 17, 2013

Manti Te'o: Liar? Or victim? New poll. Vote now!; plus my own hoax, LeBron whips Lakers, Canes hoops, Lance's confessional & more

[1) It is FRIDAY, JANUARY 18. Brand new blogpost coming later this morning. A journalism professor once told me "brand new" was redundant. She may be right. I ignore her anyway. 2) Season debut of American Idol last night was more palatable than I'd imagined. Nicki Minaj adds something. Plus, credibility points for bouncing the one-legged guy. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

WHAT TO MAKE OF THE INCREDIBLE MANTI TE'O STORY: Yes, and Touchdown Jesus wept. Again. It isn't bad enough Notre Dame got schooled by Nick Saban's Alabama in the BCS National Championship that 1aa1mantiMiami hosted. Now its signature player, linebacker and Heisman runnerup Manti Te'o, is exposed as, well ... as what? He would be a liar of Lance-esque proportion (only much more creative) if we believe the Deadspin piece (here) that reported Manti completely made up the non-existent girlfriend who supposedly died of leukemia in November. Or ... Manti could be the victim of a heartless prank, as Notre Dame and Te'o now claim. Liar or victim. In this case there doesn't seem much gray area. Liar or victim? For the record, I lean to thinking Te'o contrived the whole tale, but am not sure. I invite you to vote and share your own thoughts.

When I was the victim of a (much smaller) hoax: Media outlets all over the country including this one were victims of the Manti Te'o/dead-girlfriend story, reporting it as fact. I sympathize. As a young 1aa1kenfreporter in 1982 I wrote what I thought was a nice, timely little story about how Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer player Ken Fogarty (pictured) was worried because his sister was on a British military vessel headed to the Falklands War. Turned out Fogarty, a prankster, made the whole thing up. A certain trust is in play when media and subjects intersect. Should somebody have asked Te'o to see his girlfriend's death certificate? Should I have called the Royal Navy to confirm Fogarty's story? Maybe yes on both. But only in the clarity of retrospect.

1aa1lebkobLEBRON'S 39 LIFTS HEAT PAST LAKERS: LeBron's 39 points and Dwyane Wade's 27 powered Heat over Lakers in L.A., 99-90, late last night. Impressive win, and big show by the Big 2 after each was named an all-star starter earlier in the day. The result reignited the hope in Miami fans that, yes, there is a switch that this team is able to find, and flip. Original post: The Heat crushed Golden State last night as LeBron James breezed past 20,000 career points younger than anyone else. Now, tonight, it's Heat at Lakers and, yes, for this one I will stay up 'til 1 a.m. Lakers have won a couple in a row but still struggle off playoff pace. Miami is only 9-9 on the road. No matter. This is still a marquee, statement, event game, a stage on which both teams will want to bring the A-game and really perform. Can't wait! 1aa1cookie[Update: Remember last week when LeBron bragged that the pressure on the Lakers is "nowhere near what we went through"? Kobe Bryant today was asked about that. His response: "What does he want, a cookie?"]

UM HOOPS' NICE RUN, HUGE TEST: The nice run: A 13-3 record, five wins in a row and a pristine 4-0 ACC mark for Jim Larranaga's men. I'm-a start to float conspiracy theories if the Canes are still not ranked in the next poll. The huge test: This coming Wednesday, UM hosts No. 3 Duke. We'll be a college basketball hotbed ... at least for the night.

ANTICLIMACTICALLY INTO THE CONFESSIONAL WITH LANCE ARMSTRONG: Last night was the much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey in which shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong came clean about his PED use after years of indignant denials. "One big lie," he admitted. (I imagined the interview would star Oprah with an occasional appearance by Lance). It was the interview we already knew so much about there was almost no need to watch. It was on the network we have never seen and have no idea how to find.

Poll result: Support for Dolphins' stadium plan, but not strong: We asked in the previous blogpost if you supported the Dolphins' plan for a $400 million stadium improvement that would be shared equally by owner Stephen Ross and tax dollars. Yes won with 57.4 percent. Yes-but-only-if-Ross-pays had 35.6%. Only 5.1% thought the stadium was fine as is, and 1.9% were undecided.

THINGS GREG COTE PONDERS BUT SELDOM TALKS ABOUT (one in a series): With no evident protest or uproar, the classic 100-watt light bulb evidently is being phased out. Publix now maxes out at 75 watts. Updates as warranted.

Click back. Will be updating/adding more to this latest blogpost...


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Mormons don't lie.

Current culture revels in social media. The age of Twitter, Facebook and gaming will continue to spawn all kinds of play-acting faux realities which, not surprisingly, are increasingly crossing over to the real world.

This guy Te'o is either the most gullible guy on the planet, or acted in an infantile manner in not seeing the path of his ruse.

I'm leaning on the first.

Oh, yeah, and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is probably in love with him.

Dashi Put C!

Because It Was Neither!

A Little Of Both!

Te'o Was A Part Of It! But ND Was To Blame!!

And Mormons Don't Lie!! HA!!

All These Religious Hypocrites and Heretics! (Looking at You Young Wizard!!)

Yes!! Dashi Wanted Te'o! On The Team!! So Yes!! Let Me Hear It!!

What's Next?


DASHI, Been Knew That One!!


The !! Is Just Me. My Bad!!

On The Te'o Just Being A Great College Player? You Might be right. The College Game Is Slower.

It All Depends On Te'o's 40! If He Runs a 4.5 and Is Strong! He Will Still Be A First Round Picks!!

If Not, 2nd or 3rd! Depending On How Slow He Really Is!!

Right Now, Ogletree Just Leaped Frog Him For Best MLB In The Draft!

Right Now The Fins #1 Pick!! Has To Be A Wr!!

The Best One In The Draft!!

The Biggest, Fastest! Best Route runner!

Sign! Boldin and Jennings!!

Cut Dansby!!!!!!

His Cap Hit Won't Be That High!

His Salary or Cap Number is $9+! But His Cap Hit! Will Only Be About $3 Mil!

The Fins Would Be Able To Save At Least $6M. Which They Can Spend Signing 2 Veteran LB's! That Can Make A Bigger Impact!!!

Last Season. Dansby's Cap Hit Would've Been 10+! But He Will Only Cost Us! $3M this Year. $1.5 Next Year!

Plus We Have ZERO In Dead Cap!

This/Last Season We Had $18M In Dead Cap!!

Ireland Couldn't Spend On Free Agents!!



Will Also Save The Fins About $18 Mil In Cap Space!! That They Can Use Some Place Else!

Signing E.Reed! A.Levitre!! And 2 Veteran LB's!! Will Cost Less!!

Your 100W light bulbs are being phased out by government legislation and the "green" act. Before long you'll either have to buy the Compact Fluorescent lamps or LED.

Oh yeah, GO CANES!

And Ray Lewis was not responsible for a double murder.

Mormons don't lie.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | January 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM

That, sir, is a whopper of a lie.

Am I the only one who saw Kaz'zzz remark as sarcasm?

Te'o just needs a jug from his imaginary girlfriend.

a hug with jugs.


Kaz is right, Mormons don't lie, they just exaggerate a bit.


K Dansby is going to make $8,575.000 , if we cut him it will save us $6,250,000 but the cap hit will be $4,650.000...got those figures from the palm beach post.

I think this dude Te'o is a bit of a girly man if you ask me.

its not worth it, If we cut him then we will have to replace him, its better to do it next year.

Coño! Tremenda jeva.

Te'o moved right up Jeff Ireland's board. This guy's a joke. Total, complete lie. Used to gain exposure. She had leukemia and died in a car accident?? What a weird story. He was obviously looking for more exposure, and he managed to do alright collecting several major awards. And bro..so you're grandma died? Everybody deals with that around the time of late teens/early 20's..not a national story. Get real loser. The Miami Dolphins select: The dude who can't get laid and has a ghost girlfriend.

Everybody stating the obvious about a need at WR but -
We are also gonna need a RB.......Bush not signed / Thomas a proven potato chip hasnt stayed healthy in 2 yrs here & as much as I love Lamar he is still un-proven for a 16 game schedule.....

& mark my words the Teo deal is because he is a flamer trying to cover it up....why else would you make up a story we all made up when we were 7 yrs old & had that "outta town" girlfriend...

Notre Dame All American should have a different girl in his bed everyday.....

Mike Piazza in the making.....


That is a good article on our options, I personally would love to see Wallace in a Dolphins uniform but any of those three would be an upgrade over what we have now.


so this guy Te'o is a wacko and you automatically assume Ireland is going to draft him because Ireland is incompetent..

how can I say this to you in the nicest way possible, you have the intelligence of a 10 year old.

Bowe had 15 TD's in 2010 that's crazy I say he's the best option from a pure talent/ consistency standpoint but you are right we need at least one of those guys on our team it could take a trade to do it.

The new bulbs are just as bright without using so much wattage. If it's any consolation, for those chaffing under this new insufferable tyranny, marijuana is now legal in a couple of States. Freedom's on the march.

If they all are franchised and Jeff doesn't have the stomach for a trade for one of them then he should quit now.

I really think Welker may be available also in FA very interesting..


Armando Salgueiro wrote this..


Looks like GB will let Jennings walk and there is a good chance the Chiefs do the same with Bowe, new coach , new direction...so at least two of the three WR's will be available.

$4m In Cap Space! And We Can Cut Dansby!!

What Not To Like!

Agreed On Te'o! He Is No Ryan Tannehill!!

Definitely Not A Kuechly!

Te'o Is Not A Philbin Guy!!

Expect The Jets To Draft Him!!

Burnett Can Play MLB!! At Half The Price! And With Better Production!

Sign 1 OLB In FA! Draft 1 With the #12 Pick!

Bowe Or Wallace?

Good Question.

Jennings Won't Cost As Much. But He Is Older.

How About A.Boldin?

Yes! He Is 32! So He Would Cost Alot Less Than Any Of The Other 3, and The Fins Can Sign Him For Fewer year's! 2-3!!

The Heat Should've Beaten Golden State The Same Way Last Time!!


A Team Is Suppose To Get Better Everyday!!

Or Find Consistency!! When You Are Already Great!!

Have A Standard!! Of Excellence!!

GO UM basket-ballers!

Even if they don't beat Duke they should be ranked.

Top SOS in the nation with a 13-3 record, c'mon.

Thank GOD Haith bolted for Mizzou...(he's in trouble, too...don't think for one moment that he left UM "just because")....he couldn't coach a lick...he inherited a team at Mizzou that I COULD COACH...he's mediocre at best as a college coach!

How to Tell if Your Friend’s Girlfriend Is Not Real: A Lesson from the Manti Te’o Fiasco


Heard Manti stayed with her for so long because the sex was UNREAL

Oops I just sharted.

Mantei was duped at first.To continue after he knew there was no physical woman.....he became a LIAR.The lie became bigger and bigger as Mantei perpetuated it.He s no innocent angel by far.Maybe a desperate guy for companionship though.Weird guy too to get fulfilled emotionally by a fantasy/a computer.I always loved women...you know...the real ones that have feelings and emotions and hold you and cuddle you and look you in the eye and care for you/about you...in a REAL relationship?Geez.......poor guy needs a girl......obviously.

Nope, not sarcastic at all. Give him the complete benefit of the doubt because he's Mormon, super religious, and obviously sheltered.

To the extent he lied (saying he had met her, etc.) it was to make it sound like his relationship with his 'girlfriend' was grounded in something more than internet contact. As soon as he was contacted by 'her' after the leukemia story he immediately turned it over to prosecutors, no one's claiming he lied about her after that.

That's my best guess anyway.


so who on this blog thinks Mr. Te'o is the victim?..yeah, I thought so.

the guy is a girly-man

he was the man at ND, could've had two girls a night if he wanted to..

Dashi, The Heat creamed GS because they GS was missing their main guy (Stephen Curry). As champs, they should have beaten GS anyway, but not by that kind of margin, had Curry played.

They should also beat The Lakers tonight, but don't expect a blowout.

Vegas has The Lakers as two point favorites. And yes, I do think this game will be decided in the last minute of play.

FZB - you didn't understand my meeting about Catholic girls 'meeting him halfway', there are certain things some Catholic girls will do to make up for their unavailability, not ideal for a Samoan's presumed dimensions.

Troy Poaoloaomoaoloao is a soft spoken guy too and he has a wife and kids, wouldn't judge a book by it's cover in this case, could just be that some Samoans have that kind of voice.

my meaning about meeting. you know what I meet.

The local knowledge has it that after those four straight loses the team took it upon themselves to focus on defense. They sat D'antoni down on a comfortable chair and in front of the movie Le Mans and told him to STFU.

Dashi they run when they get out of their cars to go fight :)

Dashi it’s a sport. It’s been declared as the “Most Popular Spectator Sport” – When are you gonna learn?????

And don’t steel my WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s mine!!!!!

FZB – The only gators that ever get arrested are the ones that never get to play. Who cares about those losers? And besides, it happens on every team. You just like to focus on the gators. Could it be because you’re either jealous? Or maybe sercretly deep down you really love them and want to disguise it. Hmmmmm, Oh my!!!!! :)

Rawpimple – You may be right. Maybe Teo was just a hologram. Ohhhhhhhh.

FZB – If Teo had played for the gators, it would have strengthened our defense, Georgia would have scored nothing and we be playing for the national title game again. In the orange bowl. And then you would be witnessing another Gator Day for the Dolphins :) – Wouldn’t that be great :)

And what does Home Depot and Falcons have to do with anything?

Oh..OK Kaz.


Anti wrote,

God Bless You young Potter, Dont let any of us heathens seduce you to our dark side..

Posted by: Anti- Christ | January 16, 2013 at 05:28 PM

speak for yourself amigo, you and the rest of your "heathens" posse are the one's trying to corrupt young Mr. Flounder, not me..hehe..I like to think I'm a pure soul..hehe

Posted by: FZB | January 17, 2013 at 06:53 AM

Well Put FZB Well put. He is one of them. However, in his defense, he did say Don’t let “US” – Key word “us” including himself :)


Anti wrote,

God Bless You young Potter, Dont let any of us heathens seduce you to our dark side..

Posted by: Anti- Christ | January 16, 2013 at 05:28 PM

speak for yourself amigo, you and the rest of your "heathens" posse are the one's trying to corrupt young Mr. Flounder, not me..hehe..I like to think I'm a pure soul..hehe

Posted by: FZB | January 17, 2013 at 06:53 AM

Well Put FZB Well put. He is one of them. However, in his defense, he did say Don’t let “US” – Key word “us” including himself :)

oops sorry people didnt mean for that to come out twice :(

FZB – Just to let you know “Tripod Man” makes you a photographer. Or someone with 3 legs. And it’s possible that that’s an ugly 3rd leg that makes you look deformed. Maybe half there just sticking out somewhere. I’m not sure a fake girlfriend would like that.

Shadow – Why are so happy that Boise lost their chance at a BCS game or possibly a national title chance? Don’t you think the little guy is entitled to a chance, should he earn it?

Kaz is right – UM gave up their chance at an automatic Orange bowl birth. But it wouldn’t have happened because they would have gotten creamed by the Seminoles.

Woody is right – Patriots have traded all kinds of guys that were on the way down. For all kinds of draft picks. That’s how Billy boy works :)

That's okay Potter. Gemini moons are twins.

Dashi I’m not a religious hypocrite.

And why would you cut Carpenter. He’s a top kicker. Dansby and ingocnito? Now I know you are a true nut case. Those are important parts of our team. Fins will never get Ed Reed. Unless he has some desire to be back in is home town.


Listen amigo, call your contacts at the U and tell us what the hell is going on with the NCAA letter, did they get it yet?

spill the beans man.

Naples we all already know Ray Lewis was not responsible for that.

Dashi – the heat are better today than 2 days ago. How’s that for you?

Ducey are you Dukey?

OC -

That's okay Potter. Gemini moons are twins.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 17, 2013 at 03:41 PM

What are you talking about?

F*ck that, UM and FSU play it's a 50-50 tossup.

Ed Reed is a real possibility, all things being equal he'd come here (Ravens won't pay him what he wants unless it's a one or two year deal) but the Dolphins might not want to overpay him either.

Someone will, and on a weakly run franchise (like the Dolphins) Ed Reed could be an absolute team cancer, he threatens to retire and throws other players under the bus pretty much every news conference.

Amazing as it seems a slight majority of Baltimore fans want him gone. Not me of course.

why thank you Mr. Potter..

I'm sure you and I are the only pure souls on this blog, we have our work cut out for us if we are to educate these "heathens" and bring them back from the dark side.

Most of you guys follow and watch The Heat as much as I follow The Lakers. What do you expect from your team tonight?

They were told it was 100% coming Monday.

It's now Thursday.

I do know that they don't know why they were told to expect it or why it didn't come.

Pretty messed up.

Kazaam are you in Baltimore?

Forget it, Potter. I'm just f****ng with ya.

I here ya FZB :)

The Heat will lose tonight because they can't compete with teams with big front lines.

Mario Chalmers will have 5 pts in 22 minutes on 2 for 8 shooting with 4 turn-overs.

and Andrew, Mario Chalmers is not "en fuego"

OC - I have no idea what to expect from the heat tonight. when I think they're going to win they lose lol

I was expecting a struggle last night at Golden State and they won easy.

The only reason I can expect the Heat to win tonight is because the Lakers are like the Dolphins on the NBA right now. An Absolute Mess.

Heat coasted last night, they'll be up for the Lakers.

Lakers will be up for the Heat, Dwight Howard could eat them alive inside. Think it'll be a good game.

Not so fast. They're gelling to some degree. The main reason they have been getting blown out against the good teams has to do with their lack of talented depth. They now have Howard's relief man, Jordan out for the year, and Nash's backup, Blake, hasn't played all year. Unlike The Clippers who are as deep as Mariana trench.


That Is What Dashi Is Saying!! Beat The Teams You Are Suppose To Beat!!

The Heat Are Better Than Their Record!!

When You Are Up By 20!! In The 4th!! The Big 3 Can Rest!!

No Need To Have Your Starters Play 40min A Game!!


I'll start watching the game but I'll turn in by half-time..I'll find out how bad they lose in the morning.

I have to get my beauty sleep.


What Kind Of Christian Are You?

Seven Day Adventist?
Latter Day Saints?

If You Can't Even Honestly Answer This Question!!

You Are Denying Your God!!

This 1 Simple Question! Tells Me All Dashi Needs To Know About Your Religious Hypocrisies!!

Mike Piazza used to live in Manhattan Beach where I live when he played for the Dodgers. My daughter was a baby at that time and I can remember many a trip to Ralph's Supermarket late at night to make a diaper run. I used to run into him and his obvious girlfriend, this Asian chick who was as we Cubans call "un pescadito." To each his own when it comes to choosing your mate but he always looked like a straight shooter to me whenever I saw him at the market with this chick.

As for todays' post I have declared myself as one of the believers that Teo was fooled. I have no reason to accuse him of something unless it's proven that he did or said he did. It's too early to make accusations of the poor kid. Did I just say kid? The guys goes to college and plays football. First of all forget the Catholic thing. That means nothing. The guy can go through college and not have a real girlfriend. That's real. It happens with a lot of people. So guys can be shy when asking out a girl. And yes being catholic, It would not surprise me at all if he never had sex with anyone. You don't know who is his, and what kind of person he is and what he believes. There are more people than you realize that wait for marriage before they physically connect.

Give the guy a break and the benefit of the doubt. You've never met him . Just because he's a good football player, doesn't mean he's going to pull some stunt like that. Why would anyone in the right mind want to have a fake girlfriend and fool people. I don't believe he's a lunatic and that's what he would have to be guys. So get a life and give him the benifit of the doubt as I would expect everone to do.

People all over the country deal with stuff like this. That's the chance you take with dating sites. People can mess with you and make you think that you are actually talking to this beautiful girl when it's really Bubba. Or Mr Scrub. Maybe he was desprite. That's how desperite people look for someone. They use dating sites. I'm not saying he did, or needs to. But it happens to more people than you realize. So give him a chance before your treat him like some yahoo.

That's all I'm saying :)

Te'o Got Duped For Messing With A Higher Power!

Mormons Are To Simple Minded To Associate Themselves With Knowledgeable Catholics!

If I were Spoelstra I would make sure that Haslem takes extra shooting/scoring practice. The Lakers have been placing Kobe and Earl Clark (nice surprise) on smaller guards, and leaving Nash on those smallish forwards who are not known as the main threats of their team.

Metta will be on Bron, Howard on Bosh. Expect Gasol to come off the bench to relieve Howard, instead of a defensively decent, offensively terrible Sacre.

If Metta and Jamison get hot from the three, The Heat might be in trouble.

Potter, if that's really you, can you please tell us again the story of how you're saving yourself for Daisy and how you're growing that block of fromunda?

Here is my favorite sports hoax:

Taro Tsujimoto is an imaginary ice hockey player who was legally drafted by the National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres 183rd overall in the 11th round of the 1974 NHL Amateur Draft.[1][2]

Dashi Im a Normal Christian. Nothing Heretic.

Woodcock, I don't know who Daisy is, and I'm not growing a Fromunda Block

Say Potter, you sure you're not this Matai guy? He also sounds like he's saving himself for Daisy. Now the reports out of ND are that the boy had 45 anatomically correct blow up dolls in his dorm room. 25 female 19 male, and one transvestite. Boy, no wonder Kaz, thinks this guy can play the run or the pass.

They are going to kill this kid in the locker room of whatever team drafts him. Poor kid.

I don't belong to any chuch Dashi, I'm just my own independent self :)

Say Potter, you don't have an allergy to latex do you?

Say Potter, "Do you like movies about gladiators?"

But Potter, how would you know if you were growing a block of fromunda if you didn't know what fromunda was? Are you sure about this. Did you look closely last night after you logged off? We would all be extremely surprised that if you checked again today and maybe had an acquaintance take a look at your tallywhacker that the huge yellow thing hanging from the tip is not in fact 25 year old aged Wisconsin fromunda cheese.


please lay-off of young Mr. Potter, as one of the only two pure souls on this blog (Mr. Potter being the other one) I take exception of your treatment of the young lad.

Woodster - I have no idea who Matai guy is so I have to say no. And you keep saying save myself for Daisy like I'm waiting for some girl named daisy.

I couldn't care less if he had blow up dolls in his dorm, But I know he didn't.

I do not have any allegies to anything. Thank goodness for that :)

And as for movies, I like whatever movie appears itself to be a good one. The movie "Gladiator" was a good movie. But I can't really say that it's my type of movie. I normally like action/adventure movies the best. Like Hunger Games, Transformers, Twilight, Preditor, and Terminator :)

But of course Mr Potter. Duecy=s #2. My spelling is atrocious at times bwtf.

oh ok dukey

Woodcock you are one crazy dude, But after you telling me what fromunda means – I know what it is. No, I’m not going to sit and make a pile of jiz in my room just for my entertainment. That is just disgusting.

Uh, no, it's incredibly bizarre that anyone would go through four years at college without a girlfriend. Especially a star football player. Even very religious people at least date, and the majority of people whose religion says no premarital sex find backdoor loopholes.

I believe that guy was scammed but he's also obviously disturbed, something is wrong with him.

None of which means he can't play football, I'd draft him with no second thoughts.

FZB I read your article - It might have a point. but still, we have to give him the benifit of the doubt.

I love attention but I would never pull a stunt like that.

I'm no ready to believe he did it. Beside faking a death is no joke. This isn't TV or the Movies.

Kazaan I went through 4 years of college with no girlfriend as much as I hate to say it.

And being religious doesn't mean you don't date. But just because hes a star doesn't mean he going to have a girlfriend. Whoever said that?

Potter87- My comment about Ray Lewis was said, tongue in cheek. Everybody knows Lewis was involved in a double murder. Money buys a lot of silence. As for the Falcons- Home depot reference, they are owned by the same guy.

oh ok Naples, Whatever. I dont worry about it. Cause if it really happened thing would be different.

And ok - for the second thing, thanks.

Yeah but Kaz you'd grab Pogo the Clown without a second thought.

As far as Manti goes, so long as he does not try to tackle any imaginary qbs, rbs, or wrs, he will be fine. Maybe the reason he had a bad game against Alabama was, he knew this crap was about to come out. I hope the guy slides to the bottom of the 1st rd, would like to see the Pats get him.

Alright, well I'm done commenting for the day unless I come on at night. Have a good night everyone. :)

Yes well you're also a different kind of guy Potter.

Being a sportstar means you can get women, including a girlfriend if you wanted one, or even if you were a giant Samoan fanny bandit trying to throw people off your trail.

That's why the only thing that makes sense to me is that he was a disturbed guy, terrifying to girls, unlucky in love, and scammed.

If pogo tackled like Te'o I'd take him.

Potter You Weren't A Star MLB!!

Maybe Te'o Was Schemed!

But Still!! Te'o Should Be Doing More Damage In The Dorms!!

Don't worry about Publix. Shopping there isn't really that much of a pleasure. Let it go. With the internet you can buy antibiotics from Canada and you'll surely be able to track down some classic-style light bulbs. Careful they're quite fragile!!


Potter, you're not looking at this with the correct viewpoint. Think Guiness Book of World Records, son. Just one photograph of the 25 year old chunk of fromunda might get you into the record books and you might just be interviewed by Oprah as soon as all this Armstrong buzz evaporates. Think about it, Pot. That virginal Ms. Daisy might just find you if you appear on the Oprah show.


the only other "explanation" could be the guy is gay and he is terrify of guys.

not that is anything wrong with it..

if this guy is there at 12th (Te'o) would you take him?..over another player that is more talented and matches the talent with the need?..maybe a DE or CB?

I wouldn't do it.

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