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January 10, 2013

Heat: Get off analyst's couch and rebound the damned ball!; plus UM hires Cristobal, Dolphins sign 7, Cooperstown, verdict on Arison-Loria-Ross & more

1aa1alacover1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 10. How is Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama, not on the cover of this latest Sports Illustrated!? OUTRAGE! 2) Dolphins today signed seven players, none of them people most of us have heard of. Click here for the info. 3) Am back today at the prestigious Guesswork Laboratories to cook up my next NFL playoff predictions. Guards have been instructed to deny entry to the Upset Bird. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

UM'S GOLDEN HIRES CRISTOBAL: University of Miami football coach Al Golden has hired recently fired FIU coach Mario Cristobal as the Canes' new associate head coach. Strong hire. Smart. Cristobal, an ex-Cane, is a bright young guy who was stupidly canned by FIU. He solidifies Golden's staff and will be big in local recruiting. (He also gives the staff a potential natural and experienced successor to Golden if and when Al would depart -- the mere mention of which should not constitute a rumor, please!).

HEAT: ENOUGH SELF-ANALYSIS. FLEX MUSCLE AND JUST PLAY!: Maybe it eminates from coach Erik Spoelstra, who tends to talk in New Age psyche-speak, but a tiring air of self-analysis has enveloped the 1aa1merebHeat, which leads the NBA East with a 23-10 record and yet seems wrapped in gloom. Yesterday LeBron James said the team must look inward to solve the rebounding woes he called Miami's "kryptonite." Earlier, Chris Bosh second-guessed Spoelstra's position-less idea and said the Heat should play a system that creates more rebound opportunities. What's next? D-Wade staring into Oprah's doe eyes? Miami doesn't need more self-analysis or outward over-analysis. Miami needs to toughen up and flex it muscle -- the physical and mental kind. There may come a time when sage Pat Riley needs to pull Spoelstra aside and tell him ask him what's best for this team and this season. For now, the problem isn't who's on the team or isn't, or who's on the floor or isn't. The problem is epitomized by the following: Bosh is playing center. He is almost 7-feet tall. Why is he averaging only 5.8 rebounds a game? Get off the analyst's coach and hit the glass, Heat. Quick whining and thinking and hand-wringing and start acting like champions, dammit.

BASEBALL, COOPERSTOWN SHOULD RE-THINK HALL VOTING: I tackle this more fully in my latest column; click on The Easy Call, Not The Right One for my take on yesterday's exclusion of (notably) Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Two points: 1) Hall of Fame voters should stop banning anyone who ever used steroids and 1aa1bondsroginstead start making a distinction: Did the PED use appreciably cause those Hall-worthy numbers? Or not? In Bonds and Clemens' cases, they were having Cooperstown-ready careers long before any steroids taint. 2) But I also believe players of the Steroid Era who do get into the Hall eventually should see their bronze plaque tell the whole truth, and mention steroids. Baseball and the Hall must adapt to reality. When you start excluding players the caliber of Bonds, Clemens and, soon, Alex Rodriguez because steroids played a relatively minor role in their careers, there is a punitive vindictiveness in play that does not serve the sport well. Voters, it's simple: If you think a guy's career was substantially boosted by steroids or you have serious doubts, vote no. But if you think a guy had the credentials pre-steroids, then please step down from the moral soapbox and vote him in. Postscript: I know many of you don't agree and find my latest column every bit as popular as the so-called "Trade Marino" column or my recent praise of Nick Saban. I am not including a poll here on yesterday's Hall vote because I had a similar poll in the blog a few months ago, and sure enough few of you thought Bonds (16.8 percent support) or Clemens (16.3) deserved to be elected.

FASCINATING DIVERGENCE ON ARISON, LORIA, ROSS: I am thoroughly intrigued by results from our latest poll, in the previous blogpost, on grades for our Big 3 team owners: Heat's Micky Arison, Marlins' Jeffrey Loria and Dolphins' Stephen Ross. More than 4,000 have voted (you still may), and results do not surprise but are nonetheless telling. A synopsis:

1aa1arisonArison's grade: Excellent -- He got an 'A' from 90.2 percent and an 'A' or 'B' from 97.7%. That is extraordinary number for any poll, anywhere, on any subject, under any circumstances. I could ask if you approve of love, peace and happiness and I doubt it would get that close to unanimity.

1aa1loriaLoria's grade: Awful -- The polar opposite of Arison in many ways. Loria received an 'F' grade from 84.4 percent and an 'F' or 'D' from 94.4%. And this is a guy who just got a new stadium built! Loria needs to acknowledge this animus, deal with it and start repairing his image. Desperately.

1aa1rossRoss' grade: Mixed -- A plurality of 44.3 percent graded Ross a middle-ground 'C.' But it is interesting to note that combined D's and F's far outnumbered combined A's or B's. That tells us that opinions on Ross are not set hard like those of Arison or Loria, but are shading toward negative.

1aa1psyPOLLS I SHOULD RUN BUT WON'T (one in a series): "In three years, Psy, the Gangnam Style singer, will be..." A) Still a popular performer. B) Dating Miss Alabama. C) Dating Brent Musberger. Or D) Washing my windshield with a wet newspaper at an intersection.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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No secret how the Heat can turn around their rebounding.


Not all on Bosh, Anthony, and Haslem either - a key part of playing small ball is Wade, LeBron, and the three point specialists crashing the boards.

In three years Psy will be: E) Dating Mr. Universe

Guys like Bonds and Lance Armstrong dominated on an even playing field against other players who were doping.

Wins and titles are legit, all time records not so much.

Bonds and Clemens are HOFers, everyone knows they'll get in, most are self-righteously glad they have to wait and be further shamed.

Woodcock, to borrow one of your favorite sayings, "the masses are a**es." The movie Lincoln was predictably going to get an enormous amount of fanfare for a number of reasons; its historical importance; its adoration by academy awards members who vote favorably anything involving their do-no-wrong list of actors and directors: Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg (when he does serious stuff), Martin Scorsese, to name a few.

You've already seenLife of Pi and soon to see Zero Dark Thirty. Go ahead and tell me that Lincoln is a better film that either of those two.

our sentimental host:

lamenting that none of the steroids crowd got into cooperstown!! bonds and clemems had HOF careers before using steroids, mcwguire (?) and sosa were middling, injured players before getting juiced. how abour bonds and clemens lying under oath? the HOF in cooperstown counts integrity, not just wins or HRs. no sympathy from me

The Academy Awards membership is nothing more than a collection of republican looking democrats (old), predictably out of touch.

You probably just didn't understand how clever Spielberg was with that movie, they showed how politicians didn't get along back THEN, but what they were REALLY talking about was how politicians don't get along NOW.

Mind f*cking blown.

Oscar please!

Of course OC's alternatives are a hastily thrown together Sealteamsixploitation film and a kid floating around with a digital tiger for three hours.

You guys should check out a movie that isn't terrible sometime.


The reason that Lincoln will win is great acting, great directing, and great story. Period. They are already engraving the names of the actors and movie on the statuettes as we speak.

Maybe you should suggest that they give Tarentino an honorary award for Reservoir Dogs. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I haven't seen Django yet, Kaz. I'm simply voicing my opinion that the two films I've cited are better than the one that is going to get the award. Have you seen the majority of these films? Is Django your pick?

Al Golden just hired Mario Cristobal, great, great move.

Its all about the U !!!

I don't want any of the juicers in the Hall , ever, and yes I want Pete Rose in the Hall, he deserves it.

so we just signed this dude Varnado?..ok.

The correct statement is "I liked these two movies more than Lincoln." That is a valid statement. When you say they are "better" you are qualifying it and under no standard of comparison are the two movies that you mention the equal of Lincoln, as evidenced by the fact that the motion picture industry professionals have given it the largest number of Oscar nominations this year.

Wow, what a nerd.

Why don't you dress yourself in a trolls outfit, with your nose you wont need a mask, and stand in front of the Dolby Theater with a sign that says "The Hobbit was robbed!"

Woodcock, the acting was not special. I didn't get wowed by any performance. The direction was competent. Again, nothing special like what Ang Lee did with a dozen scenes (take note of the perspective shot of dude swimming in pool). As for the story, I was only reminded on how today's Democrats would deem that yesteryears duet switched poles.

Now, that was great news FZ. Cuban Canes fans have been hoping for this hire since that jack ass Pete the Backstabber screwed Mario at FIU. The guy is a great recruiter here in South Florida and he's a UM guy. Nice work Al.

the name Django sounds like the Mrs favorite singer, Diango.


I wonder if they are related.

and OC, everyone that picks the academy winners are a bunch ass-wipe liberals..

Woody, the academy members who voted your selection are comprised of snobbish, Grey Poupon, get me my car you greaseball, commie, pinko fags.

You fit right at home with them.

Woodcock, I have it on good intel that Donna Shalala personally drove over to Cristobal's house and pleaded him to join the U.

Pete Garcia is an ass-wipe too, firing a cuban brother like that.

what a retard.

That was your usual incomprehensible nonsense.

"The acting was not special"........Best Actor nomination, check, best Supporting Actress nomination, check, best Supporting actor nomination, check.

Wow, what a nerd.


Los Lagos have dropped 5 in a row?..How are you holding up?

All nominated by a bunch of people who also voted for Obama, ✔

Piece of cake, FZ. See yesterday's post to BB.

The reason that you weren't wowed is that it's a realistic depiction of life in 1865, very real, very normal, no bells and whistles, no exploding planets, no ray guns blasting, no sirens wailing.

Lets face it, OC, you're a simpleton who likes nice shinny things that make noise, which is why you would be perfect bass fishing in Texas with nice little shinny lures that make gurgling noise when they skip through the water.

After you go bass fishing in Lake Bubba, may I suggest the Friday night tractor pull at Texas Speedway.


He's responding to this crisis by gluing more little yellow Lakers flags on the top of his beater. Not only does it show everyone that he's totally committed to the Lakers but it also helps hide the rust and helps hold down the roof of the junker when he's on the freeway.

Woodcock, just for that, I'm going to spoil the surprise ending of Zero Dark Thirty. Usama Bin Laden is killed at the end.

It's Osama, goofball.

I know, typo. Ahahahahaahhahahahahaaaaaaa

This coming from a guy who won't fix the air conditioning of his vintage Benz for costing $3k.

Didn't see Seal Team Six or a couple other movies from this year, I never like the 'best director' and 'best picture' awards, apples and oranges and the pick is made based on what makes the academy thinks will make them look smart.

Lincoln goes in as the big production blockbuster that mindless masses will love, Life of Pi is the art film favorite (pushing out Argo, only room for one), my guess is the academy will prefer to do something surprising for best picture but will feel obliged to give Spielberg best director.

Lincoln was way too far up it's own ass, didn't do anything for me aside from Tommy Lee's performance. Life of Pi was good, different, great visuals.

Django's just my type of movie, I love Tarantino. But it won't win anything, Christopher Waltz won best supporting actor for Inglorious Basterds, they won't let him win again and he wasn't as good as Tommy Lee, for one.

Well, Kaz, as more often than not, I agree with you.

Usama's more correct, it's what the FBI and CIA use, I'm guessing Usama was used in the seal movie.

if you look closely, OC is in there somewhere.


Kazaam, you're just a snails collector, what the hell do you know about movies? It doesn't surprise anyone on this blog that you love Tarantino, especially with scenes from Pulp Fiction of the gimp and the butt fucking. Stick to what you know Kazaam, the last time I checked you weren't at the Dolby Theater handing out awards.

Wow, what a nerd.

I haven't seen Django yet, although I too am a Tarantino fan, as Woodcock will attest. Being a big time movie buff, I generally like to see all nominated films and suspect that ZDT will be the best of the lot. And I must correct you. It is not a hastily put together exploitation film. There's a lot of meat in those bones.

He's the guy blowing Kobe on the front row.

FZ, the UBL reference and usage was all over the place.

Nice pickup for UM, Cristobal should be a great help in recruiting down here.

Check that, directed to Kazaam. Very astute of you, Kaz.

Woodcock, it clear that you haven't placed your nimbus nubius on the anvil this week yet. You need to take care of that.

You mean "asstoot" as in, Kazaam toots notes from a flute shoved up his ass. Now that's a scene that Tarentino would love for his next movie project. You just might get nominated for best original movie sound tract for that one Kaz.

Oye, FZ. Tu quieres un poco de medicina tambien?

Oye OC, vas a tener que ponerte Ben Gay en la bemba despues que le mamas la tranca a Kobe.

Here's a moonlighting bartender FZB trying to convince Greg Cote on how wonderful Jeff Ireland is:

Note: the computer generated audio sucks as much as Jeff does, but the striking resemblance to Cote is worth the watch.


FZB, I say we all pay the $70.00 admittance fee to Cote's blog but only if he signs an ironclad contract he must wear a "F*** MY THROAT!" T-Shirt and/or painted chest whenever in public....

I always liked Cookie Monster best. A clear indication of my later predilection for Dr. Hoffman's magic SANDOZ cookies.


man that was funny, yup, that was me alright.

and Cote was perfect.

agree Dukes-ter..But we should try to get Kazaam to pay for all of us, hell he probably owns half of Key Biscayne.

I don't know whose bright idea it is to pay $$ to post, but if they are at all serious in following through it will be the end of that venue. Hell, they ought to pay those generating content instead of acting like Democrats.

Again why the Black Mamba namesake for Kobe. Is he a biter? Oh I get it he strikes kick quick, scores and makes up for it by shelling out $42,000,000.00 for diamond ring and public apology to his beloved wife.... Sorry OC you know I like James Worthy so it's nothing 'bout nothin'.

Nice little paycut for worldwide insurance courtesy of Obama administration. They ah "they" meaning govt and big business cum up with more ways of taking from the have nots than you can shake a s*** stick at er at which you can shake a s*** stick...

duke, I only wish that I could record and send you tape or digital files of commentary that runs before, at half, and end of each Laker game. Time Warner Cable features James Worthy doing analysis and it is just priceless. Dude does not hold back on any punches.

Can we talk -indirectly- about FIU now? That's nice!

Kaz, what a gorgeous and terrifying creature. Sure looked like real deal with mini-cobra hood and multple agressive strikes ensuring death...


Yes, Señor Cote!!

I Totally, Agree.

Someone is To Blame!!

The Heat Have The Height! Play Bosh At The PF!! Lebron At SF!

Let The Rookies Play!! Save The Veterans For The Post Season!!

The Heat Can Split The Center Position, Between Pitt and The Mattheson?. Let Them Play, Let Them Get Into Foul Trouble!! How Many FOULS IS PITT Giving Up IN SOUTH DAKOTA!! NOT MANY!

The Heat Have 2 Young Guys That Are 7 Ft 300lbs!! Even If Its Just Taking Up Space!!That Is A lot Of Space!!

We All Know The Heat Are Soft Right Now!! One Thing We All Know Pitt Isn't Is SOFT!!
He Will Demand People Respect! Lebron!!

Do You Think Noah, Perkins, KG, Chandler, Or Even D.Howard Want To Go At It With PITTMAN!

And At The End Of The Day Pitt Gets Suspended They Will Get Suspended. Even Then The Heat! Win!!

But It Doesn't Have To COME To That!!

You Just Need People That Are Tough! If You Want To Rebound!!

Kevin Love! Is A Great rebounder!! But He Will Have A Problem!! Down Low! Moving The Immovable Object!!

Keep Pitt Below The Line! Setting Picks! And Controlling The Paint!! It Would Open Up! Bosh! And Lebron!!


Keep 1 In The Paint At Least!!

Demand Your Respect!

Dashi is Tired Of Seeing The Other Team Get Away With Football Fouls On The Basketball Court!! If The Ref's Won't Fix It!! As A Coach!! You Have A Couple Guys Off The Bench!! That Will Fix It!!

Playing Pitt!! Will Even Toughen Up UD!! Yes, UD Doesn't Need Toughening Up!! But It Helps Not Being The Only Dog In The Fight!!

Just 10-12 Minutes A Game!! What Do The Heat Have To Lose!!



I don't think you had the chance yet to check out my new girlfriend.


Dashi, what team did you say you coached for before you got the job at Walmart?

Dashi, do they play basketball in the DR?


its obvious the current players on the team don't have the same defensive intensity we had last year, yes we won it all but this "position-less" basketball which was born out of necesity last year when Bosh got hurt will only take us so far this year.

Eventually we will have to get in there and fight with the big boys and I'm afraid it won't be pretty, the Knicks, Celtics,Pacers and Bulls can out rebound us all day long.

Pittman is nothing to brag about but like you say is a big body which is what we need, most of the guys don't fill that way but I hope Riley makes a move for a center sometime in the near future.

Planting Pittman below the free throw line will open up the paint for Bosh and LeBron.

Don't watch much basketball, do you Dashi?

Dashi, how many Dominicans are in the Basketball Hall of Fame? Don't tell me Dominic Wilkins because we all know he's a brother from Alabama.

Coach Golden!!

This Man Gets It!!

Great Signing! Just To Add A Coach Like That! To Add The 2nd Best Coach In Your Region! Great Move!! It Locks Down! SFLA! UM, Just Obliterated The FIU Football Program!!

The End Of Nick Saban, Has Begun!!

UM, has A Really Good Team! Coming Into Next Year!! A Great Offense!! A Young Defense, Coming Into Its Own!! 10 Win Season!! BCS? And BETTER RECRUITS!

Not Saying Golden Is Doing A Bad Job!! Its just Now! A Couple Maybe's can Become a Yes!! And Cristobal Was Already Scouting The Area!!

Great Move!!


Sign Greg Oden!

the DR has some hot looking morenas...

and they play "beisbol" there.

all Pittman has to do is set screens, rebound and play defense..and foul people.


Sammy Sosa is white now, how the hell did that happened?


FZB, what a gorgeous and terrifying creature...

Woodcock, Callipari Just Opened Up A "Academy". Give It A Couple Years! That Is Not The GNP of The Country!! To Busy Supplying Baseball With Talent!!

Even though They're More NBA Basketball Players From DR, Than Asia!! Specially Life Time! Right Now theirs 2! 1 More Than Jeremy Lin! And 1 Of Them Is A All-star!

But That Is Not The Point!


And What Is That About Spo' Managing Ego's?

I Think The Ego's Are Pretty Pissed!!


And Enough With The Personal Hate Mail!!

Defend YOUR BOY!!

What Does Spo Do Well As A Coach?

I Know 1 He Sucks At! COACHING!!


P.S.- Did Some Research Woody? B-Ball HOF!! Great Way!! To Really Make Your Argument Specific!!

We've Been To Busy Filling Up The Baseball HOF!!

Trade All The Scrubs, Plus Bosh For Horford! Bet He Will Fix Up The Rebounding Problem!!

FZB, How Do You Think Micheal Jackson Became White?

@2:35!! Agreed. Yes, Yes, and Yes. With Pitt! 10-12! Minutes Demanding Respect!! Put Him In Every Time Somebody Clotheslines Lebron or Wade!!

Pitt and Has-been, sit Bosh's Fruit Loop Ass Down!!


You Are Cleaning Up The Game Since The Ref's Don't Want To!! You Are Making It Safer To Play!! For Chris Bosh and Them!!

Nobody Wants To Run Into Pittman!

Seriously Rebounding, Posting Up, taking A Charge! You Trying To Score!!

Just Like The Other Team Fouls!! Pitt Fouls!! And He Fouls Hard!! You Think IBAKA Would've Got Up In Wade's Face The Last Time They Played! If Pitt Was On The Court!!

Would've Reminded Him Of Life Growing Up!! Rhino Full Speed!!

You Need Somebody To Protect The Investments!!

public service announcement.

The Beatles app for the IPAD is available now.

just found out about it.

They're is

Haha, that's awesome.

Playoff win in each of his first 5 years BTW.

FZB, Pointless Basketball!!

Spoelstra Coaches Without a Purpose!!

You Can See Philbin Has A Plan! Baseball Hasn't Started Yet! But Redmond Has A Plan! Golden Has A Great Plan!!

Even Ozzie Had A Plan! It Was a Bad Plan!(Talking Crap About The Locals and Spending Over a $100 Million Dollars For A Losing Record!! Is A Horrible Plan!)


Spo Reminds Me Of Mitt Romney!! He Was Basically Handed The Presidentship AND HE ROYALLY BLEW IT!!

Don't Let Spo' Be Our Mitt Romney!!

Spoelstra has no plan and he should be planting Dexter Pittman below the free throw line to open up the paint for Chris Bosh and LeBron James.

Mike Redmond has never managed a baseball game.

He has a plan.

Spoelstra doesn't have a plan.

Canes fans (2008-2011): "FIU sucks! They're a joke."

Canes fans (2013): "Welcome Back Coach Cristobal! Awesome hire!"

So, let me get this straight...

You're excited to hire the guy who was the leader of the "joke" of a program at FIU? Isn't the perception of a the program a reflection of him? By saying FIU sucks, you're definitely saying their head coach sucks. But, now that he's coming to your program, he's the man? Oh, I see. Seems legit.

UM fans have always liked Mario Cristobal, not sure why FIU fans don't, he made their program almost respectable for a year.


do I smell a gator moron?...sniff sniff, yeah, Gator moron on the blog.

Yea, but you're not a "good looking morena." If you were I might give you a pass on your basketball commentary that you know nothing about. If you come strong with some baseball crap I will give you the decency to at least listen since baseball is your national sport. But monkeys will be driving tractors down Biscayne Boulevard before they have a Dominican in the Basketball HOF. Give it a rest Dash. My advice to you is to blunt up and start drinking heavily before you watch your next Heat game. Trust me, Coach Sproelta has forgotten more about basketball than you'll ever know.

What that Heck Kaz???!!!! LOL

Wow you did it again. I thought your link was something serious this time and I find out I’m wrong lol.

Andrew – You’re absolutely right :)

The last 2 years everybody in the East thought they could beat the heat. All I saw was the Heat winning. So what you people are complaining about I don’t know. They played OKC in one of their biggest games of this year, and I think they came out just fine :)

The only reason I’m upset at them is because they are letting too many teams win. They should be pummeling the league right now if they really wanted to.

Besides if they make their shots, rebounding isn’t an issue is it? :)

Anonymous Cane – I already knew that the game was not one of the ages. Notre Dame was nothing to be scared about. They had an easy schedule except for Oklahoma, who got blew out by Texas A&M. Show’s you what conference is good and what’s not. Notre Dame barely escaped teams (loser teams) that they should have lost to. Those teams were so sorry they made Notre Dame look greater than they really are. You canes fans hate this to come out of me, but the Gators, ranked 3rd in the BCS, were so much more worthy of an opponent to Alabama than Notre Dame.

Well I’m glad to see that I have encouraged others to quote scripture from the wonderful bible :) – That should make Naples Happy :)

Dashi – The New Testament is just an important as the Old Testament, If not more important. It tells us how to live the way god intended us to. And it tells us what is going to happen in the future.

Dashi, I believe the reason why the Jews didn’t believe he was the Messiah was because he was performing Miracles on the Sabbath. As if he was performing work. And they thought he was some lunatic convict claiming to be the SON OF GOD, that came to be the Messiah.

As for your Claim of Debate of Jesus being the Son of GOD, John 3:16 clearly states:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his ONLY Begotten son (Jesus), that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have Everlasting (Forever) Life

As you can see, there is no debate. As for us being his Sons and Daughters, It contradicts what the scripture says and therefore is untrue. However, if we except Christ into our hearts we become a “Child of God”, which is a term used for Christians (Religion and Church names don’t matter). Otherwise, I have heard we are Children of the Devil, meaning he has authority over us, but when we become Children of God, his authority over us vanishes, and then we have authority over him (Devil). Does it all make sense to you now Dashi? :) – Of course that is how I understand it :)

And Dashi I’m not sure Jesus was playing anyone. And if Jesus had killed anyone he still would have died, for murder. However, he would a have commited a sin. And then there would be no one pure left to die for us and save us. BTW, he knew he was going to and he knew he had to, because if he just kept on living there was no way to save us from our sins. Dying was the only way.

I guess you could say Jesus was too smart for his time. Though I have a hard time making sense out of that. He just had all the knowledge and wisdom, being God in human Form. Don’t worry, I said “God” there because that’s the only way I knew how to put it. :)

Just to close, I’m guessing there is no one on the planet that can convince you to admit that you’re not Divine, Great, or Godly, and you’re just as humble as the rest of us. But just to let you know, You can’t be Great, Godly, and Divine and call people B***hes at the same time. Just saying :)

But, if there is one thing we can agree on, you sure aren’t Corny :)

Sooooooo Woodcock – You saying that us 3 coming together is making you wanna bolt lol?

So that’s who you keep calling Trust Fund. All this time I kept stuggling to figure it out. :) – Why is it you call him that again? Is it because he has a trust fund that he boasts about or something?

FZB – I’m not sure Shadow has ever complained about our Bible Study Sessions lol

Kevin Garnett – Is that really you? lol

Kazaam (Can I call you Alakazaam?) – You know, I always understood, that for the last 3 or so years, or however long we’ve had Joel Anthony, that Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony were 2 guys that were really aggressive guys for rebounds/loose balls. I’m not sure why a lot of people are criticizing them, it seems, and saying they are hurting us. BTW, I only think Joel is lousy on offense (I’m guessing Dashi is going to step in now) lol

OC Dolphin – Psy in three years will be (F) – Non-existent, just like before Gangnam Style :)

“Anyone” - Who wants to bet that Lincoln wins all 12 Oscars??? I saw that the silent Movie won all but 1 or 2 of their nominations, I think about 10 nominations. I forgot what awards show it was.

Kazaam – I’m gonna come back at you when Django wins an award lol.

FZB – That guy in the yellow shirt on the Kobe News is definitely a nut ball, but he’s cool though :)

Mr. Woodcock – Could the notes that Kazaam is tooting be coming from a Kazoo???

BTW this I my favorite part of sesame street :)


FZB – I think Sosa got inspired by Michael Jackson. :)

And you WOULD look for Beatles App. Can’t imagine what the heck you would do in it.

LOL (the Person) – Well put man, Well put. :)


The Number of Gators just Doubled :)

oh boy, here we go again.

lol FZB

young Mr Potter,

So you think the swamp Lizards would have given Alabama a better game than ND?..is that the same Gator team that got their asses handed to them by the Loser-ville Cardinals?.. ok then...

Well, they went in with the game plan they had againts LA Lafayette, YES. They probably though Loser-ville was too easy and on top of that didn't care and just went in and lost. As you can tell, when It was 14-0 you knew their minds were not there. The Gator Team that played FSU did not show up.

Hey Kaz, young Mr Potter (aka Flounder) wants to call you AlaKazaam..

that sounds a little muslim to me if you ask me, (not that is anything wrong with it).

And apparently they also thought they were the New Orleans Saints, trying to recover an onside kick to start the 3rd Quarter, being down 24-10. Don't know
why they did that. Game was coming to them and they had to act like dumb@$$es.

Alakazaam doesn't sound muslim

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