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January 02, 2013

Is it time to forgive Nick Saban? New poll. Vote now!; plus ND, 'Bama arrive; farewell, Ray Lewis; Dolphins' draft; Orange's lost gamble & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 3. See results of our biggest-Miami-sports-story-of-2012 poll in blogpost directly below this new one. 2) Louisville and Miami's Teddy Bridgewater put the sweetness in the Sugar Bowl last night. Florida added the diabetes. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1lewisRay Lewis announces retirement: The great ex-Cane and Ravens linebacker is saying he plans to retire following the playoffs. It sounds like the right decision, alas. Five words for his career: Hall of Fame, first ballot.

IT IS TIME TO FORGIVE NICK SABAN AND MOVE ON, MIAMI: I like to take jabs at Nick Saban as much as the next guy. Probably more than the next guy. (See item directly below for proof.) I mean, he's such an easy target! But I also think, more seriously, that, six years later, Dolphins fans should forgive him the clumsy way he departed here, first lying, then leaving. He was far from the first coach to be deceitful about his intentions or abruptly change his mind. He has expressed regrets. Saban deserves to be appreciated for what he has accomplished since -- going for a second straight national title with Alabama and third in four years vs. Notre Dame here Monday night in the BCS National Championship. I make my case for forgiveness in today's latest column; click Burying Nick Satan to read. But I also know many of you don't agree, and won't ever. The poll below will tell Saban exactly how South Florida feels about him, six years later. Vote and make your case why.

NOTRE DAME EVIL LEPRECHAUNS, ALABAMA CRIMSON SATANS ARRIVE!: Hype and anticipation for Monday's BCS National Championship game at Dolphins stadium ramp up to another level yesterday as both 1aa1nickteams arrived, No. 1 Irish in Fort Lauderdale, No. 2 Tide in Miami. It's the perfect dream bowl, because both programs are storied and deserve enormous respect, and yet each is vilified in a certain way in South Florida. So it's a matchup to love and hate all at once! Notre Dame of course is disliked by all but its fans in much the same way the New York Yankees are or the Dallas Cowboys (pre-irrelevance) used to be. Feelings for the Irish boil closer to hatred here on account of the bitter past rivalry with Miami's Hurricanes exacerbated by the Irish's rout-win this past season at Soldier Field. Remember when Irish fans called Jimmy Johnson "Pork-faced Satan?" What better segue to why so many locals will be rooting against 'Bama. It is because of Nick Satan Saban, who angered Dolfans with the way he lied left the Dolphins after the 2006 season. Saban is pictured here, practicing his creepy, robotic, fake smile alongside ND coach Brian Kelly. [Disclaimer: I don't dislike Saban. He's just such a ripe target and so damned much fun to make fun of!]

OBC gambles, loses on Northern Illinois: Sorry, Orange Bowl Committee. Points for thinking outside the box and tossing them dice, but Northern Illinois indicated in Tuesday's 31-10 loss to Florida State why a Mid-American Conference team hadn't ever before been invited to a BCS bowl. Huskies were no match for Seminoles on either side of the ball. Click on NIU Answers Whether It Belonged for my column off the game. OB last hosted a close bowl (under 10-point margin) in 2008. 

HEY HERE'S SOME COMICALLY EARLY NFL DRAFT TALK!: The draft is in 112 days. The reason I mention it here is because Monday's BCS title game include at least two players who realistically could be Miami's first-round pick at No. 12 overall. One is Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner (if he lasts that long). Another is Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert (if the Dolphins reach a bit or trade down). No wide receivers are rated worthy of being take higher than the low 20s. If Miami goes for a pass-rusher a plausible pick might be Oregon DE Dion Jordan.

GREG COTE'S FREE TIPS FOR PROPER LIVING (GCFTFPL): (One in a series) Florida drivers, those small 1aa1licenseyellow stickers are meant to be affixed to the upper right corner of your vehicle's license plate, as shown, and only there. When you get a new one, it goes right over the old one in the same spot. Get it? Do not -- as many drivers do -- place the stickers in all four corners or even in the middle of the plate. Doing so indicates to other drivers that the chances are very good you might not be a member of Mensa.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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Jesus Cote, you're a sports writer, how do you not know that Northern Illinois was an automatic BCS bid and the Orange Bowl was stuck with them because the bowl hosting the championship is at the bottom of the selection barrel?

No one was 'thinking outside the box', the Orange Bowl Committee got unlucky this year to get stuck with NIU.

The OB will be MUCH better than it's been in years past now that the Big East champ won't be playing. ACC vs. best available BCS team will be a great matchup at least 3 out of every 4 years.

Championship will be epic.


Go 'Bama, screw Notre Dame.

Go Notre Dame, stick it to Saban & HalaBama!

As much as I disliked Saban I diliked the Golden domers even more..

Roll tide.

draft talk already Cote?...

The Dolphins should go after one of those good free agent receivers (Bowe,Wallace,Jennings) that will be available and try to get Hartline back..that should give them a solid WR rotation with Bess.

then they can draft a TE and another WR along with a pass rusher and a CB or two.

duke. Wife & I were watching a bar room rock band perform Hendrick's Voodoo Child. Did a good job. Then they blew all credibility as a serious band by playing Doobie Brothers. We moved on to bigger things on Bourbon St.

Last run for the greatest linebacker of all time.


Haha, OB Committee on their 'outside the box' thinking:


I don't remember much on Butkus in his prime but Mr. Ray Lewis was the best middle LB I ever saw.

Say what you want about Saban but the guy can coach feelings aside.

NIU was the 15th ranked team in the country the game could have been closer but stop saying that they didn't deserve to be there.

Always funny to hear Kazaam voice his displeasure with ND based on a long outdated football rivalry.

JJ does sort of have a pork chop face.

Or maybe it's based in something else? Religion?

Doobie Brothers have some good songs Takin It To The Streets being one of them.

Calling him mister a bit much FZB he was an accessory to murder.

Great player though maybe the best.

Baby, or black water.

alright, last year at this time the Dolphins were without a QB and a HC, they found both so I consider that a success, we are better now that we have both positions taken care of, now we can concentrate in building the team around T-Hill.

We do seem to be in better shape most think that we are building a better team with those two things in place.

Big offseason for you boy though anything less than 10 wins next year will be seen as a disappointment in my book.


the funny thing is we may have a better team next year but the schedule is so tough compared to this year that they may have the same record ..

either way Ireland is in the last year of his deal and Ross may indeed get rid of him, all I ask you guys is if that happens you need to give the new guy at least 4 years to prove himself, I'm not comfortable making changes every two years, it makes no sense.

Buffalo, Jets, Tenn, Oakland.

If we don't win 5 of those 6 games we will have underachieved just go win 5 more after that I don't care who we are playing I expect results next year.

Throw Cleveland in there too and it's 7 should win games.

That NFC south schedule is going to be a grind same for AFC North.

the other great thing about this year is that the Jets totally imploded , what a freaking mess they have in their hands.

Hopefully the'll keep Sparano for another year, hehe

this is interesting..PFT last power ratings.


Dolphins are # 20, they started the year at # 32..

Wallace should be Miami's top priority in free agency (along with a bunch of other teams) , look at the Browns, it says for the Brownies to keep the HC/GM combo for a minimum of 5 years, which is what I've telling you guys.

Seriously FZB who doesn't like Black Water?

Good link FZB some of the comments are even funnier.

Be glad they have any license plate sticker at all Cote (assuming it is properly registered) in Dade County chances are already that they are uninsured.

Here dipshit, read this about the fabulous OB game last night. How come you didn't use your free tickets to go to the game, fish?


The Dolphins MIGHT have a QB and they MIGHT have a coach. Jury is still clearly out. Tannehill is still well behind Luck/Griffin/Wilson which isn't that outstanding. Philbin seemed solid and took some chances Sparano would not have but also failed to get Sherman to use Bush properly until, like, week 13. We shall see.

FZB, that seems like a good offseason plan so you can count on Ireland doing something else.

Sorry Sony, he wasn't even the best middle linebacker in the city of Baltimore. That honor goes to "mad dog" Mike Curtis of the Baltimore Colts. Hoorah!

OB game drew a 6.5 rating up 2 points from last year.

Oye Wood's,

I'm going to try to be a little nicer to trust fund, its a new year and he seems to be a little sensitive, you know dealing with seaweed all the time can make you a little nutty.

Mi amigo Andrew, its all in how you look at things, I'm a glass is half full kind of guy and you are a glass is half empty kind of guy, what can I tell you.

Sorry guys the game will never be what it once was but only the current system is to blame nothing else.

Money won out over tradition what a surprise.

Next season. Biggest worry with Ireland isn't the draft. He hit on 4 out of 5 early picks last season. Worry about landing big names because Ireland absolutely will not overpay. Frugal.

Teams have to spend to the cap now that shouldn't be a problem you of all people should know that Mr. Ross.

Plus you being the richest owner in the NFL makes it easier to spend right?

Post made no sense.

Teams don't have to spend to the cap.

Wow, Woodcock. How so very predictable of you to cite Mike Curtis as being better than Ray Lewis. Bro, are you still under the influence of the New Years' bubbly?

We all know that you are the very definition of a grumpy old oldster. A guy who without batting an eye would say everything old is better, seemingly, attributed to the fact that you were around at that time.

Mike Curtis was a great middle linebacker for his time, but please, to say that Ray Lewis, a guy arguably to be the best DEFENSIVE player of ALL time, let alone not the best ML in Baltimore is just plain dumb.

I sure you would have us all believing that the game of golf was far better then, when driving featheries with a brassie at the end of a hickory stick.

Carl they do or close it's around 90 percent it doesn't go below 85 percent as per the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Granted that's not to the cap but close enough to make my point.

well, let's see now.

there were quite a few really,really good MLB's in the late 60's early 70's.

Willie Lanier, Dick Butkus, Mike Curtis, Nick Buoniconti,Ray Nitschke...anyone else?..

shadow how are you feeling watching Stanford hoist the Rose Bowl trophy?

That must have been painful for you but give the Cardinal credit it's their first since 1972.

Wisconsin has lost in three consecutive appearances now tough to be a Badger fan.

Hey OC,

Kobe is not a happy camper these days, Can't say that I'm too sorry, hehe


Baby. Jeff will prefer various value picks rather than silly contracts like the ones given to Dansby and Marshall. We don't exactly have a lot of depth. Please proceed.

Mr. Ross,

Please allow me to intruduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste and I'm your GM's "Papi", and I want you to know that at least two people on this blog like Ireland.

keep up the good work and don't pay attention to these infidels.

ps-can I get a date with Fergie ?

I would worry more about Ireland's ability to do what it takes to land a quality player via trade or free agency.

Jennings, Bowe, Wallace and Welker could all be franchised or sign with their current team if draft picks aren't offered.

I don't like the prospect of trading draft picks but sometimes you have to do it.

I think he already made a mistake this season by not pulling the trigger on D. Bowe he could have been had and he could have possibly changed the outcome of our season ditto for Wallace I think we could have had him last offseason.

My patience is wearing thin with Ireland like some others like I told FZB this is a big offseason for him could be his last if he doesn't find some playmakers soon.

FZB, you don't have t worry about Laker fans gripping over current predicaments. As BB will testify, the two team's franchises have enjoyed many years and championships, and have more tittles than Imelda Marcos had shoes.

...meaning "our" two teams; Celts, Lakers

I will say that I continue to believe that Buss Jr. is definitely screwing the pooch. He brought in a coach who remains inflexible to running anything other than HIS system, rather than swallowing his pride and bringing in Jackson, who would have brought out the best of what he had to work with.

OC why are you dragging my old underachieving team into this?


Its all part of the master plan by Buss Jr to prove to the old man he is as incompetent as he appears to be.

you guys need to check out Hugh Hefner's new toy.


Big Baby - Wallace or Bowe would have made a world of difference this season, I'll definitely be annoyed if they bring in another big premier receiver like Bowe though - that would mean they dumped Marshall not because he doesn't fit their system but because they didn't think their coach or quarterback or both could handle a diva personality.

Lakers could still figure it out but they have no depth besides (generously) Duhon and Jamison, they need to move Gasol for some complementary pieces. Stoudemire for Gasol works on the trade generator, not much better but he and Nash can run their well oiled pick and rolls to give Kobe and Howard a break on offense.

Knicks have one less year of a max salary player they don't want and maybe someone who can play center if Anthony's at the 4, which is where he's been most successful.

BB, I was merely pointing out the fact that both Celtics and Lakers fan have had many, many years enjoying championships. I can't imagine the basket case that I would be had I not had the Lakers to soothe all the many disappointing Dolphins seasons.

Kaz, you may be giving Ireland even more credit than he deserves. If you look at it from the standpoint of a player being a "bad seeds," or even problematic, versus the whole - coach strategy that so-and-so player does not match the system, then, a Wallace or Bowe could still be considerations for Ireland.

Lakers are not going to figure it out. Jim Buss is an idiot.

FZ, and Kaz, these 10 minutes pretty much explains the issue with the Lakers. Skip Skip Bayless for two minutes and listen to Steven A nail it perfectly.



I'm a glass half full guy with the Heat. Why? They deserve it (even before they got Lebron and Bosh). It's a smart franchise with a system and a GM who knows what he is doing.

I'm a glass totally empty guy with the Dolphins. Why? They deserve it. It's been nothing but comic ineptness since Marino retired. Every time they get to a crossroads, they screw it up.

I give the benefit of the doubt to those who deserve it. The Heat get my benefit. The dolphins and Marlins (though I don't really care about baseball) do not. That's just common sense imo.

The Colts had a good plan to support Luck. The Dolphins had a ridiculously bad plan to support Tannehill. Until Ireland shows me something, I am judging him on his record as a GM and an asst GM to Parcells and that record stinks.

I am Kazaam. Diva bad seed Marshall has, to date, won more pro bowl awards than play off games. Ask Chicago's previous coach.

Brian Hartline has won exactly as many Pro Bowl awards as playoff games, beggars can't be choosers.

If Marshall was traded because big feature receivers don't fit in Philbin's knockoff Green Bay West Coast offense, fine.

If receiver with six consecutive 1,000 yard seasons who the Dolphins paid two second round picks and a massive contract for was given away for a third round pick and Michael Egnew because they didn't think their coach could handle him then we have a problem.

Lovie Smith went 10-6 and will have no problem finding another head coaching job, I seriously doubt there's another team in the NFL that wouldn't want Brandon Marshall on their roster.

Kobe Bryant is the problem with the Lakers.

'K Skip, whatever you say.

Dolphins should have kept Marshall until he started wearing pajamas to practice and knocking down passes.

Tide will roll and you whiners need to get over Saban. Nobody in Miami cried when Riley bailed on the Knicks.


I agree with you on the Dolphins "ineptness" for the last 12 years, we have been a joke of a franchise since 2000, I'll tell you the reason.

stability at the GM position, we have made a change in 2000,2003,2004,2005,2007 and 2010 and every time there's been a change is a new philosophy, that is one of the two reasons I support Ireland, you need stability at the position, he deserves 4 years (I'm not sure he'll get it) but any GM needs at least that amount of time (5 years is best).

I said it here many times, I would not care one bit if he gets fired but the new guy that comes here needs a minimum of 4 years, you guys are frustrated I get it, so am I but change for the sake of change is not good and there is no guarantee the new guy will turn it around.

Hell, Jack Lambert was better than Ray. Dude, I'm a huge Canes fan but Ray didn't exactly light it up when he was at the U. In fact he's not even in the top ten greatest players in UM history.

OC, it's sad, son, to see what you have become. "You used to be someone I could trust, Benet!"

Kaz, saying Kobe is the problem with the Lakers is as valid as saying that LeBron was the reason for Cleveland not winning at least one tittle. both statements are absurd.

Woodcock, first it was Mike, and now is Jack Lambert. Let's face it. You just don't like black people.

Oye Woodcock,

suelta el pitillo, Ray Lewis is probably a top 15 player (regardless of position)of all time.


No one is whining about Satan, I as a Dolphins fan hate him not because he left but the way he left, the guy is a great coach but he is a liar and an ass-clown.

On Riley and the Knicks, I'm sure happy that Pat the rat is here...hehe

Oooohhh OC, don't go there, don't get Wood's in trouble like that , Kazaam is going to get upset.

Woodcock, you probably think John Offerdahl was better than R Lewis too.

Liar and an ass-clown. Don't you think Dolphins would take that if they could win.Btw, Riley faxed his resignation to the Knicks after he said he would never leave. That's the way it goes in professional sports.

FZB, I've been trying to convince Woodcock that the reason he wakes up to find his tires slashed is due to the lawn jockey he continues to display at his home.

...it's either that, or the sleeping Mexican statue by his potted petunias.

...but Woodcock, racist? Nahhh. Do you wish me to tell you about the maaaany times he has screamed - Chino, nalga! To slow playing foursomes in front of our golfing group?


you guys are too much...

I think the Mrs and I are finally going to go see the "life of Pi" this weekend, looking forward to it but don't tell Woodcock.


you guys are too much...

I think the Mrs and I are finally going to go see the "life of Pi" this weekend, looking forward to it but don't tell Woodcock.

in 3D, if you can.

No, not Oferdhal but Ted Hendricks was ten times the player that Ray was at the U and in the pros.

Oye nalga, since you don't answer your phone or return texts maybe you'll get this message. I'm playing golf with Johnny tomorrow in OC if your interested.

The Gaytors are getting worked. Freaking Teddy Bridgewater, Miami recruit who that bitch Donna chased away with her idiotic academic requirements. I hope she gets the piles. Blow me, Kazaam.

Bridgewater was planning to follow Jacory Harris to UM but decommitted when Shannon was fired. No academic problems, had his choice of schools, UF was in it too.

Freaking Louisville, have their team is from Miami. Donna Shalala, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh man, SC gets worked and the Gaytors are down by 21 in the first half. If they get worked by Louisville I'm going to be one happy camper.

i'm watching the Heat and Mavs, OT..very entertaining game.

Chalmers still sucks.

Ted. Hendricks was the shit, one of the best ever.

Gablesgirl is dead on Belichick told the NYJ he was resigning as their coach at his introductory press conference.

Enough of the hurt feelings everyone.

Gayturds taking a major beat down by a Big East team in the Sugar Bowl. Three in the nation my ass. Talk about being overrated. LMFAO.

Great, great win for Louisville. It's going to be a great off season for me basking in the glow of the SC and Gayturd beat downs on national TV. My Xmas is now complete.

Cock, Saw this picture of Bode Milers wife njured a a golf course, Be Careful with when you team up wth Trustfund..

Sorry wrong link, Here's Mr.Millers wife in a Happier time...BTW, Whenever you hear "FORE" At a golf course do what they did back in the 60s "DUCK AND COVER"


Anti, OC, told me this story about some guy he was playing with at Griffith Park and the dude hit before these Koreans got off the green and the ball hit one of the Koreans in the head and knocked him out cold. He says, that he and his wife just played it as a temporary green and played through!

so the swamp lizards got beat by a big east team, hehe

I wonder what Rawpimple is going to say about that.

Mr. Woodcock,

the ole shadow has been posting all season about teddy bridgewater, and last night he showed the goods. jacorry nharris never would have seen the field if his successor at northwestern would have gone to miami. methinks still that jacorry harris was promised that he would play all four years which meant one on the pine for bridgewater. the guy has been fabulous all year and was again last night.

bask in the downfall of USC to your heart's content because so am i!! i hate the kiffins, and love the triple option which a lowly ga tech befuddled the trojans with all game, linebucks/quick hitters popping the FB into the secondary all day. another season like this and lane kiffin will be history. steve sarkisian, had he not left to coach washington, would have been the choice, and is doing a very decent job with the huskies. let's see who hires kiffin the elder- it says here that after his showing at USC nobody would take him as a DC, and he'd be lucky to get a job as a position coach. the worst season any team ranked #1 before the games began for the alma mater, but with lane kiffin at the wheel i couldn't care less.

Woodcock you too with the Xmas crapola I thought a standup American like yourself wouldn't fall for that.

Gaytors lost. Hooray!
Jeffy FIRELAND still has a job. BOOOO!

Saban? Not time to forgive the unpleasant little troll. What's the rush?

Why are we even talking about the mendacious twit? Time to move on!

Regarding Saban, no forgiveness. Dirtbag liars deserve none.

Shocker, Big Baby's offended by nothing again.

I missed this last week, incredible!


OBC gambles, loses on Northern Illinois: Sorry, Orange Bowl Committee.
-- greg cote

The 2013 Discover Orange Bowl – No. 12 Florida State beating No. 15 Northern Illinois 31-10 – averaged a 6.5 overnight. With the telecast, ESPN won the night as television’s most-watched network – broadcast or cable. This year’s telecast is 44 percent higher than the 2012 game, a 4.5 rating for No. 23 West Virginia defeating No. 15 Clemson 70-33.
-- espnmediazone.com


Taking the Christ out of Christmas is offensive always will be.

Thanks green I already posted that information however.

Thanks green I already posted that information however.

Posted by: Big Baby | January 03, 2013 at 11:24 AM


X is the greek symbol for 'Chi', the original spelling of 'Christ' in many languages was a variation of 'Xt', Xmas has been used for over 500 years, it doesn't mean whatever you think it means.

For someone who lucked into the one true religion that isn't made up you sure are sensitive to perceived slights.

Ray Lewis already negotiating a deal to be a commentator for ESPN.

Bad move, he's a great speaker but not an analyst - talks purely in terms of intangibles.

He needs to get a job coaching linebackers to work his way up - he'd be a phenomenal college head coach, would recruit every player he talks to and would get his team fired up for every game.

Ok thanks for the information my mother told me not to use that variation growing up so I thought it meant that it was disrespectful I guess she was wrong.

Kazaam Ray Lewis would be better than Ditka on ESPN he would be the odd man out I think.

Ditka doesn't bring much Lewis could learn to be good maybe.

No room for him really on CBS team unless Cowher leaves to coach.

Maybe Terry Bradshaw or JJ will bolt.

They are already speculating that Dilfer is taking Grudens job on MNF if he leaves to coach so maybe an opening there.

you kids are talking about religion again?

Hey Pimple, how do you explain a mighty SEC team losing to the Loser-ville Cardinals?..

in case anyone is interested, its 358 days to Christmas, it'll be here before you know it and you kids can continue your argument.

on senor Saban, the guy is a dirtbag, hell of a college coach but a major dirtbag, it'll be awesome if he bolts to the NFL, let's see what those ali-bami fans will say to that.

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