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December 14, 2012

SI's disservice to UM, Al Golden and truth; plus NFL predix (Dolphins roll), Heat Big 5 @ 20, RG3's blackness, Dog Court & more

[1) It is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15. Condolences for the victims and loved ones of the awful Connecticut elementary-school shootings yesterday. So, so sad. Click here for Pres. Obama's statement from the White House. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Aquinas rules state: Congrats to St. Thomas Aquinas for bring the state title home to the 954. Love the name of quarterback John O'Korn. O'Korn! Now it's your turn, Miami Central and Cypress Bay. Love the local schools.

Dolphins rule 2 prominent starters out injured: WR Davone Bess (back) and LB Koa Misi (ankle) will miss Sunday's game, the team announced.

REMEMBER WHEN SPORTS ILLUSTRATED WAS ABOVE RUMOR-MONGERING?: I always hesitate to comment negatively on fellow media, and so rarely do. But all of us (me included) have had instances worthy of dubious scrutiny, and that transparency -- the idea that we are not above a microscope -- is a foundation of building trust with readers. In that spirit I would lambast what happened with Sports 1aa1algoldenIllustrated senior college football writer Pete Thamel and Twitter. He wrote that Hurricanes coach Al Golden had "emerged heavily" at Wisconsin and was "mulling a decision today." The strong implication was that Wisconsin was trying to lure Golden from UM and imminently might succeed. Thirty minutes later a second Thamel Tweet read, "Just got word that Golden is flattered [by the interest] but staying at Miami." A UM spokesman called the Tweets and what they implied "preposterous." The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Golden was never a candidate at Wisconsin. Golden has said repeatedly he is staying at Miami. He faces legitimate brush fires, such as guys leaving early for the draft and a player's arrest this week in a laptop theft. And he faces a full-out blaze in the coming NCAA sanctions in the Nevin Shapiro mess. It's enough he must recruit against this stuff. Must he also recruit against continued rumors and speculation when all he has said is that he's staying? Here is all I ask both as a journalist and as a reader: Next time some media outlet leads me to believe Golden may be leaving, it had better be something that once was the media's strock-in-trade but increasingly feels quaint: Facts. The truth.

NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS WILL (HAD BETTER) TOP HENNE, SAD JAGS: Not too many Sundays lately find 1aa1fripixMiami a clear favorite in the NFL. This is one. Dolphins should beat Jacksonville with some ease. An interesting subtext will be the QB duel between ex-Dolphin Chad Henne and rookie Ryan Tannehill. Click on Week 15 Gems for all of our latest NFL predictions. And on The Darkest December for our Friday Page column leading with the league's roughest two weeks in memory.

DEATH, TAXES, LEBRON AND KOBE: Predictable as sunrise, the NBA announced that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are running 1-2 in early fan voting for the NBA all-star game. It is yet another sign that the post-"Decision" backlash against James from 2010 continues to fade by degrees to nonexistence except perhaps in stubborn rogue outposts in and around Cleveland.

HEAT BIG 5 @ 20: The blog loves bells 'n whistles especially of the nerdy-stat variety and so this sason 1aa1heat5we started this new one we are running throughout Heat season at five-game intervals. It's a top-five cumulative ranking of the players having the biggest overall impact this season based on eight statistical categories. We continue with The Big 5 @ 20 Games (14-6):

Rank (@15)   Player   Total

1 (1)   LeBron James   731.9

2 (2)   Chris Bosh   539.5

3 (3)   Dwyane Wade   432.7

4 (4)   Ray Allen   345.9

5 (5)   Mario Chalmers   293.7

Bubble: Shane Battier, 195.7

LET RG3 BE HIMSELF. PLEASE?: [Update: Parker has been suspended by ESPN] Rob Parker, black sports columnist for ESPNNY.com appearing on ESPN's First Take, said of Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III: "He's black, he does his thing, but he's really not down with the cause. He's not one of us." Really? What cause is that, Rob? Because I sort of think he's doing quite well with the cause of helping the Redskins win and turning around a franchise. What must he do to suit your view of blackness, Rob? Adopt hip-hop slang? Wear a dashiki over his uniform? Even Stephen A. Smith was taken aback, saying Parker's comments made him uncomfortable. Let RG3 be himself because that, by most accounts, seems like a pretty wonderful thing.

Poll result: Spoof on Serena Williams was harmless fun: Caroline Wozniacki stuffed her shirt and skirt with towels to mimic Serena's full, buxom figure during a recent exhibition in Brazil. Some saw it as racist. But our readers sure  didn't. We asked in the previous blogpopst and 88.9 percent called it harmless fun. Only 6.0% called it racist or poor taste,with another 5.1 % undecided.

1aa1dog1IF I WERE A CANINE COURT JUDGE...: We recently lost our great dog of almost 16 years, Sandy. She led a wonderful life and made ours better. I love dogs, know dogs, and therefore I would make a good Canine Court judge. I realize that dogs have a capacity for shame and embarrassment, and that is why the "punishment" pictured struck me as funny and earned a pass-along.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Very nice column! Especially the parts on Al Golden & RGIII. Actually the whole column was excellent! I went to UM (class of '83) and live in Palm Beach County but I still get the Herald because of the sports columnists! Your sports staff still do it the best!!!!

Speaking of QBs......is Tim Tebow still around? Hasn't been much in the news lately.

Condolences with Sandy.

'SI does UM disservice'.

Whose fault is it that this writer's personal Twitter account is being held up to the same journalistic standards SI articles would be?

Twitter is what it is, if you want shaky news first, go there. If you want the complete story hours or even a day after it happens read a paper.



is sneaky pete whispering $weet nothing$ in the sports editor's tin ear ...
day after day splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page ...
seriously, if U didn't know better ...
U would erroneously conclude that this good-for-nothing commuter school was on par with the well-established, well-esteemed, well-followed University of Miami ...
U know, the school they love to hate since 1926 ...
swim with the fishies ...
how low do they go to accomodate other small fry like barry, st thomas, florida memorial ... miami-dade
betcha didn't know the county community college enrolls 176,000 students ...
graduated 1.5M alumni ...
where's their beat? blog? propagandist?
(an allusion to the former staffer who worked for florida international before working for florida international)
lest U forget ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


Hmm, looks like Al Golden likes to wear rouge.

Greg, that dog pic says it all. Clearly, pooch's owner made the sign and snapped that shot as judgement for a crime, probably his sandwich. Reminds me of the many times I've placed a sign on our dog, Kobe - "I stink, please wash me," then sending him off to our son's room in an effort to shame him into doing what needed to be done.

These incredible animals never judge you, they just continue on trusting no matter what ridicule may come their way.

anyone reporting anything on twitter or through the mainstream media should have some form of accountability, and your right Cote this is a diservice to Golden but i'm sure the U is not the only school this has happened to.

Cote, My condolences in losing Sandy, last saturday I had to do the same to my beloved mutt Luna, (she was 14) needles to say it was a very difficult decision for us.

on the Heat big 5, Mario Chalmers should not be anywhere near # 5, maybe 9th or 10th, the guy sucks.

I love the dog part. A cool dog is nirvana.

Greg you are right on the money...

Put yourselves in Al Golden's shoes...How many times can one individual repeatedly deny that he is staying to do the job he signed up for?...

It is totally ridiculous, and a farce, to even enumerate the number of unsubstantiated articles on Coach G that have been thrown out there.

Please, ( and I agree with you 100% ) leave the Coach alone, let him bring the 'U' back to where we should be in the top 10 and do not report or insinuate anything unless the FACTS are there.

Amen brother, I agree with you Greg.
As you said "PROVE IT".. or Shut up.

Incredible horror being reported in Newtown Conn., as a gunman entered an elementary school and gunned down 27 people, including 14 children.

What the F*** is wrong with people!?

Did Golden know about the arrest of Finney six weeks prior to the U's first game for possession? How does he start? Lack of institutional control? or systemic corruption?


I was just reading that headline, I can't imagine the horror that has taken place here, people are just plain crazy.

after what happened today in Conn, it just doesn't seem right to talk about sports.

Horrible tragic news. I'm sitting here just numb. My heart goes out to the families that have suffered this horrendous tragedy. Heaven help us all I just don't know where we're going as a society. I will say that apparently the shooters were a couple of 20 some year old kids with full battle gear, bullet proof vests, masks, etc, and armed to the teeth recreating some video game fantasy. I'm not Jim Fallon, and I don't know the cerebellum from the frontal lobe, but I can't see how children who spend the entire waking day shooting up people on computer screens all over the world don't get desensitized to the violence that they are committing over and over and over again.

The Conn story is absolutely sickening. When you cannot protect your kids, all hope is lost. The fact that something even close to this can really happen and has been happening far too frequently, is an ominous sign of our future.
I blame the destruction of the family unit. I blame people having kids who cannot emotionally and financially care for them. People who cannot take responsibility for their actions.
Very, very sad.

Rob Parker is nothing but a low-life dirt bag. How ESPN continues to trot out this guy, is insane.

Hmm speaking of California is Gods country. Just read Fresno voted filthiest city in America with drinking water causing birth defects, showering in it causes rashes. Only bottled water that is not bottled in Fresno or boiled water to be used for drink & cleaning epidermis. Oh yes, it's air pollution is apparently more toxic the LAs. Fresno Dolphins hmm.. Nah.

OC what's wrong with people is Fresno, California.

dukester, I don't know about that. Woodcock's suggestion concerning video games and Rawpimple's reference to the family unit is, I suspect, more at the root of this tragedy.

Forgive me gentlemen, I was not aware of the most recent horrorshow in Connecticut. Still in Portland I guess. Am I under or rock or something to be so unaware of THE BAD NEWZ. Yes intentionally. I try to miss as much bad newz as I f***in' can because I have sufficent existential fears to keep my chest tight and breathing labored. I am being self-absorbed? Why yes, of course so that I may function adequately once again, each new day in this often terrifying experiment of God.

RG3 is an uncle!

Well I guess not all newz is bad...

Too easy to get guns in most states, pure and simple.

I can, and have, gone to a gun show in FL and bought an assault rifle from a vendor without filling any kind of paperwork or giving any kind of proof that I was sane and not a felon. No one now knows that assault rifle is in my possession.

I could also legally buy a handgun with no paperwork and carry it, loaded in my car. Since I sat in on the hourly conceal carry class at the show I could carry it out in my pocket.

The second amendment doesn't let us own nuclear warheads or automatic weapons so there is some room for interpretation on what 'right to bear arms' means.

Evil will exist in every culture but it's only in this country where it's a given that those evil people will be murdering innocents with guns.

On the the heels of Bob Costas and Pierce Morgan's comments this tragedy will be exploited like every other tragedy by the left and the right. The left will say we need to talk about gun control and the right will say society is falling apart and video games are making people violent.

Only one of those discussions could have prevented 30 children from being murdered today.

Don't agree, Kaz. Both discussions are in play here.

I gotta go with Henne and Jagz. Cue up Michigan faithfuls Henne's Fight(?)



Christ was Ireland aware of this Henne Clown video when he selected him and stuck with him for 4 years?!

OC - you can have both conversations as to the cause, not the solution. You will never get rid of video games, you'll never get everyone in the country to join the Mormon church and be good people.

Atrocities like this where innocents are killed are a direct tradeoff for the freedoms we have in this country to own firearms. To frame it any other way is intellectually dishonest and offensive to anyone who's lost someone to gun violence, as my family has.

There is a middle ground and gun control will be tightened up in this country as soon as these tragedies become frequent enough.

I'm not some liberal loon, I am a gun owner and I have two cousins who were shot to death after bar fights.

There is a middle ground on gun control and it needs to be closer to gun ownership being an earned 'privilege' than a 'right'.

I personally would ban gun sales, I respect everyone else's opinion's if they don't agree with mine but If there are less guns out there I feel less people would be inclined to used them.

both woodcock and rawpimple make excellent points, Kazaam does too, its way too easy to "kill" someone in a game, or too easy to purchase a gun at a show, the madness has to stop.

Bad people do bad things.

Bad people will find ways to get guns.

All I know is that this stuff never happened when I was growing up it started with Columbine and yes society is made up of more sociopaths these days no doubt about it.

Why I don't know but does it matter?

Who's going to stop it?

Bad people will find ways to be bad more than likely they were born that way and never learned right from wrong.

No morals, no remorse like our prison population.

I like Rawpimples argument a whole lot better than Woodcocks.

Yes they're still not sure what precisely makes a murdering sociopath just that and some sociopaths non-lethal repeat offenders.

Sorry to learn about your cousins, Kazaam, and you're probably right about a more correctable prevention through legislation. However, a neglectful society, accepting of popular culture, e.g., lack of a strong family unit, religion, morals, support, drug use, "baby mamas," et al is something each and every one of us can model without outside legislation. Few are examples of what happened today directly traceable to what I listed above. Conversely, we find a great number of incidents when those are absent.

Fresno is not part of the Golden State it is part of the dirt regions, Duke. Anything away from the coast is populated by Oakies, Mexicans, the Darkies, and now the Yellow Horde, they don't count.

I'm pretty sure gun violence has touched all of us at one time or another, Kazaam's cousins, My Dad's sister was murdered by her ex-husband when I was very young, there is no easy answer, if you take away the guns from the streets I'm sure criminals will find a way to get them, but If you take away guns and make it a mandatory death sentence for anyone that takes another human life then it could work to at least slow down this violence.

again, I'm not even sure if this is a viable solution but clearly something needs to be done.

I agree with OC at 2:31 PM 100%. I don't know if these mass murders are increasing or not. It sure seems like they are. I would like to see the statistics on that. I don't think you have to be an expert to suggest there's a copycat pattern going on here. Especially when the shooters are teenagers or young adults. There just are too many recent mass shootings with the same MOs to discount some kind of root connection. Someone better make this a priority and recommend some steps to mitigate what's increasingly taking place.

FZB studies have been done over many decades and the death penalty has not proven to be a deterrent to stopping violent crime.

In other words the psychos just don't give a fu*k.

You know I don't agree with you on drug use, OC. Especially, marijuana which I consider a harmless vice less dangerous than alcohol. I do believe that the war on drugs has destroyed this country by giving criminals access to a multi-billion dollar illegal industry to earn a living.

It's just numbers, the more people there are the more chances there are for someone to go unhinged.

There were only 2 billion people on earth in 1940, now there are 7 billion.

In China there's been an epidemic over the past 5-10 years of people going nuts and going into classrooms and attacking children. It's more frequent than school shootings in the US.

Just today someone went into a school with a knife and slashed 22 kids.

None died.


we better accept the fact that there are a lot of scared,mentally ill,unloved people out there, this stuff doesn't happen over night, I'm sure warnings signs are always there too.

I read this on another site, "maybe when people unplug from this idiotic TMZ culture we live in,more obsessed with celebrity and reality TV,as opposed to the real reality in their neighborhoods,schools,churches,workplaces and communities,things like this won't seemingly comeout of nowhere"

sad,sad day today..I'm going to hug my family extra hard today, I hope you guys do the same.

yeah, Coaches NEVER say they're staying and then leave...

I mean this as an honest and NON-Trolling question. With all the present and future factors aligned against Golden that could have repurcussions for years WHY does he show this level of solidarity/ The man was onviously lied to and had entire situation misrepresented. Personally, I think he's a SAINT, anyone else would have been gone.

OC, did you do this logo for the UC system? It looks a little like that green plastic business card that you made for that non-existent furniture building company that you created a few years ago........"Say what! Woooow, what a nerd."


Brown 74,

your right, most coaches would have left already, me as a true Cane fan I am grateful that Al Golden is a man of integrity and loves the U, who knows what the future will hold but we are in great hands and hopefully he will stay here for a long time.

Wishful thinkers- we'll never be able to do anything about the relentless gun massacres. Way too many retards! This isn't Canada, or Europe, or Japan, or any other civilized country. Way too many retards!

It's a miracle we even managed to get rid of slavery.

These things happen all over the world if you don't like the USA get the fu*k out.

Wood's ,

at least he'll have a little entertainment for a little while, I actually read the book, not bad.

Bob Costas, sadly, Horrible things like what happened today is happening all over the world, from innocent people getting massacre by drug gangs in Mexico to 1000's dying daily in Africa to a nut case in Norway killing 70 kids not too long ago.

this what we human's to to one another.

FZB -you are right. Mexico and Africa just as backwards as us. Norway not quite.

My wife and I have to go up to NYC twice a month for her chemo treatment and let me tell you something, I love the city but there are more nuts walking the streets of that city, then you can shack a stick at. Because of the ACLU and other groups, they claim you cannot get some of these nuts of the streets until they do something wrong,duh!! Anybody who want's a gun can get one any time they want. I have owned a gun for 40yrs, but keep it locked up in my wall safe. The wacko's they need to stop are the people with machine guns, and automic rifles.

Bob and Wayne reside in Quebec Canada ok my bad.


as the hours tic tic away on this awful sad day I will leave you with some of my fav's blues tunes, music soothes the soul and heals it.




Wow. FZB very nice Clapton rendition of Voodoo Chile. Below some of coolest imo guitar the master produced in the studio. Not many pic this song to play for others...


Alright I say it's time to bring out the big guns to right this sinking ship. Kaz, you're a scientist hows about whipping up a gatorade jug or two fer the cause...


I Weep for the parents of the slain children murdered today by some idiot that should have been "Put Down" Years ago, A million bucks says this Piece of shit did this because....
#1 A chick broke up with him
#2 He Lost his job
#3 He was a Mommas boy.
Either way He should have gotten the shit beat out of him before any of this happend..

Sorry for the profanity..


While there is nothing "like the real thing baby", that cover of Vodoo Chile by Sir Eric and Steve Winwood has to be the best one out there, even better than the one Steve Ray did, Thanks for the complement, I'm glad you liked it.


No need to apologize for the profanity my brother, I'm sure that we all feel the same way about this low life.

Cote.....right on again....finally the Truth from a Herald Reporter/Editor.

Thank YOU!

In Isreal ALL the teachers are armed. Assaults on Isreal schools & its kids are rare. IMO if you can't trust a teacher with a gun then you can't trust teachers with your kids.

Chad Henne will put up "revenge" numbers on a undertalented Dolphins secondary. Jags will win Sunday. People will doubt Tannehill & Philbin more as the season is lost.

Jimbo, Isreal has the right idea in a predatory universe.

We should have special forces sharpshooters that could hit a fleas dick at four hundred yards attending every K-12 class and on college campuses too.


"jags will win sunday, is this some sort of reverse psychology thing you got going on?

Misi and Bess are out, both will be missed but let's see what the Rook's can do.

Baby, I didn't know our pass defense had improved, I still think we should re sign Smith and draft another CB...Not free agency.


I also would like to see a "sharpshooter that could hit a fleas dick at 4 hundred yards"...

Hell son I think we should just set up M134 Mini Gun in each classroom and duke could man 'em heh, heh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYNbaYL-puQ

Pass defense is 25th in the league, Sean Smith is the most targeted cornerback in the league, despite being the only defensive back the Dolphins have that resembles an NFL corner.

69 in not the loneliest number that you'll ever find

1 beating the Bishop is no longer the loneliest number that you'll ever find.

The only game, even less interesting than the Mia/Jac game this weekend is the Okc/KC game.


OC I say we regulars all go to a titty bar instead of snoring through a Dolphins game.

Sounds like a winner, Dog.

I'm having a tough time deciding what to watch instead of the game. It's going to have to be between Tattoo Nightmares on SPIKE, or PBA Bowling on ESPN...then again, there's always Iranian TV.

Dan Smith, BYU...hahahahah


You can always catch up on your reading.



I can give you my pass-word/login to my netflix account which comes in very handy if you wanna go back and see old sci fi series like Star Trek, ST Next Generation, ST Voyager, DS-9 ( which I still watch ).. Yes I'm a Trekkie....or you can read a book.

Me?..I'm watching the Dolphins no matter what..

slick Willie, you old dog..I didn't think you still had it in you.


Big Baby, I didn't know that write up you posted was NFL-ESPN top shelf fact. Actually never heard of the writer until 10 minutes ago. How has this pass D improved in the case of winning a game?
I like S Rashad Jones & CB Smith. Clemmons & Wilson are liabilities almost to the point of being a reliable target for opposing QB's. Nolan Carrol has improved. Carrol would be a backup on most teams.

Spent a week in the big D for bidness. Found some cool spots to have some fun afterwards...

More mental psychiatrist availabilty and a better understanding of the human brain, also rational gun control laws could have prevented this. Pierce Morgan was very feisty last night. But remember that story from Aaron Murray's hometown? They have very strict gun laws and sometimes its not preventable. Thus more availably to psychiatric treatment along with a better understanding of the human brain falls under my primary prevention.


Cote, losing a pet is a tough thing, I know. Condolences to you and your family.

Thanks for the offer, FZB. My time on the tube currently is fairly limited to watching the Lakers, a few NFL games and a sprinkling of TCM recorded movies. I've been a SciFi nut since the 60s, viewing shows like the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Lost in Space, then later with the verious Trek versions, and Battleship Galactica,

Factoid to ponder:

Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership records in the world with 45.7 guns per every 100 residents. The country has registered some 6.4 annual firearm deaths per 100,000, of which most are suicides. Gun crime is considered so low that the government does not even maintain the records.


In Mexico, only a Mexican national can own a gun for home use and can only obtain such firearm from the government. The Mexican rate of gun related homicides is 29.7/1k residents, as compared to Switzerland's 6.4/1k residents.

FZB, I think I'll join the Q Continuum. Are ya with me?

Omnipotence must be a wondrous thing.

Duke and OC,

it would be nice to have that kind of power (Q power), I think the first thing I do is give the Mrs a tune-up..hehe

it sure looks like the swiss have it together, why can't we copy what their doing?...

OC Dolphin,

"outer limits" was a great show which i now enjoy via DVD; i was a little too young and not into sci-fi when they started taking control of my television set. the episode with robert culp is a killer!! on the other hand, "the twilight zone" was a favorite and still is, with countless memorable episodes, among them "it's a great life" with the embodiment of evil in the freckle-faced billy mumy. 'to serve man", & the one with charles bronson and elizabeth montgomery- a beautiful gal who could really act- as the survivors of a nuclear war, and coutless others. at the tail end of TV's "golden age".


well, #15 misses his first game as a dolphin, if memory serves, so let's see what hartline and tannehill can do without davone bess. the other lackeys are frightening prospects as passcatchers, and the loss of a dependable over-the-middle receiver is gonna make it tough on the dolphin offense. on the other hand, a lot of jaquars are hurt and they have among the worst run defenses in the NFL, so maybe reggie bush can come up with a couple of "run-bombs" and get 200 yards.


is michael beasley the absolute worst shooter in the NBA? geez, he starts fdor the suns and can't shoot 40%!!! in phoenix, all he has to do to get his "tobacco" is stretch out that long arm and reach over the border. gonna go down as one of the great busts in NBA history picked by the heat at #2.


win over nevada by a point in a huge comeback, and defeat the always tough gatos of billy donavan again by a single digit. horay for the pac-?!!!!!


florida are the alligators, not the cats.

OC - Switzerland is about the size of NYC and every male is required to serve in the military and is given a rifle to keep at home in case an army needs to be raised. NYC has the strictest gun control laws in the country and a lower gun murder rate than Switzerland.

Switzerland is also about the size of Mexico City and is one of the richest countries in the world. Wikipedia reckons the average income in Switzerland is $137,000 compared to $15,000 for Mexico.

A lot of grasping for straws going out there by half the media. There's no honest way to frame the discussion except that we directly trade mass murders like the one that happened Friday for the ease and freedom with which we own guns. Hard concept to accept if you're a party line Republican but I don't think anyone believes the guy in Connecticut and Va Tech and the Batman movie and the kids at Columbine could have killed over a dozen people quickly without firearms and I honestly doubt that some of those mass killings and many individual incidents would happen without the ease of firearms, especially considering all those mass murderers bank on taking the cowards way out.

At the end of the day this is going to get politicized by the left and right to the point where no one will be able to give any ground and we'll forget about it when the next thing comes up.

Too bad because there is a very obvious middle ground for gun control in shutting down the Gun Show loophole. It shouldn't be too much to ask that gun buyers have to go through a background check and register their gun.

Excellent post, Kazaam.

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