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December 18, 2012

Cowboys' cold play on Josh Brent: Is it right? Poll. Vote!; plus Jets' MNF debacle, Saban's de-Satanization, Mark Trumbo, Dolphins playoff odds (0.02%) & more

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ON THE COWBOYS AND JOSH BRENT: This is tough. Made for some meaty palaver with Le Batard on the 790 airwaves yesterday. Josh Brent, of course, is the Dallas Cowboy charged with manslaughter-DUI 1aa1brentin the death of his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown. The team has pledged to support Brent as he faces trial, and Brown's own mother -- in a magnanimous, noble display -- also called for the support of Brent, whom she has known for years. Well, Brent appeared on the Cowboys sideline i street clothes Sunday (pictured), was shown by TV cameras, and disappeared. Now the Cowboys and NFL say he will not be allowed back on the sideline. The debate: What's right? The courts will deal with Brent's penalty, and should. Meantime, I  feel he should be allowed on the sideline to feel the support of his team-family. The person who feels the most pain in all this, the victim's own mother, even thinks so. But many disagree. Pick a side. Vote and say why.

JETS HIT BOTTOM, ENTER RE-BOOT MODE: [Update: Sanchez has been benched] It isn't that a 14-10 road loss is that embarrassing by itself, not even to Tennessee. But when the loss happens the way it did to the 1aa1jets2stumbling, bumbling New York Jets on Monday Night Football -- with four Mark Sanchez interceptions and a dooming late fumble -- it goes beyond embarrassment. Heads will roll. One of the guillotined heads will be wearing sunglasses because it will be that of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, our old friend. That seems very clear. Sparano won't survive. Less certain but not by much, I'd say the Sanchez era also is done. He is contaminated with Jets fans now, likely beyond repair. He has become Matt Leinart, the pretty boy without the talent to match the star-aura. (A phrase came to mind Monday as I watched I-Wear-My-Sunglasses-At-Night Sparano counseling Sanchez on the sideline: "The Blind Leading The Blind.") Tim Tebow isn't the QB answer, either, of course. Not sure even Rex Ryan should feel real secure about his job. The Jets are in free-fall and could be close to starting-over mode. Right now the Dolphins are positioned second-best after New England in the AFC East today, ahead of the Jets and the Bills to a degree far more clear than it was entering this season.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY: Solid overall, if you can call winning a fantasy consolation-round game solid. NFL 1aa1fripix 1aa1globospredix: I won't be bragging this up on a billboard or anything, but I'm marginally OK with 10-6 straight-up and 8-7-1 against the spread. (Redskins game was off-the-board when  I picked it). Had a few nice hits like Vikings and Cowboys winning outright upsets, and Niners-with-points at Pats. But too many results blindsided me. Way to lay down like mangy dogs, Giants, Ravens, Lions and Chargers. You bums! Greg's Lobos: My fantasy team won 143-100 (small league), with Aaron Rodgers and Andre Johnson both topping 30 for me. But I'm still 5-10 overall and (way) out of my league's championship round.

Dolphins' playoff odds: Got a microscope?: The computer model over at makenflplayoffs.com puts the Dolphins' chances of winning the second wild-card spot at 0.02321 percent. (Do you believe in miracles?)

MARLINS, NOLASCO AND TRUMBO: No secret the Marlins probably will deal starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. He's unhappy, wants out and is set to make $11.5 milliion in 2013. Now it is being reported the 1aa1marktAngels might want him and that Miami possibly could get outfielders Mark Trumbo (pictured) or Peter Bourjos in return, by possibly adding a prospect in addition to Nolasco. I'd do the deal for Trumbo in a heartbeat. He hit 32 homers last year and would give the club a power bat to augment Giancarlo Stanton. It would be a rare popular move by the Marlins, so, of course, don't hold your breath.

ON SABAN'S ATTEMPT TO DE-SATANIZE HIMSELF IN MIAMI: Alabama coach Nick Saban went on 790 The Ticket and extended an olive branch to Miami and to the Dolfans he lied to before leaving the team after the 2006 season. Saban admitted to "not handling the way I left well," calling it something 1aa1nickebenezer"I've never felt good about." He also made some minor news by saying the Dolphins offered a contract to Drew Brees first before the '06 season, not to Daunte Culpepper, but that Brees then "didn't pass the physical." I hesitate to rehash, but it bears wondering, again, how Brees could fail a Dolphins physical and then a week or so later pass a Saints physical -- his New Orleans career since a strong indication the Saints medics got it right. What I took from what Saban said, if true, is that Culpepper-over-Brees wasn't a misjudgement of coach or management, but a medical error. As for Saban's attempted rehabilitation of his image in Miami in advance of the Alabama-Notre Dame title game, well, it's so much more fun to hold you as a villain, Nick. Hence, you pictured here as Ebenezer Scrooge. You charmed us on the radio the way you charm-recruit kids and moms in living rooms. But some lies you just don't forget.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much to this latest blogpost...


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Sparano is no old friend of mine.

Any chance we see Matt Moore starting for the Jets next year?

My first Xmas present was given to me last night on Monday Night Football. My second one I got during the wrap up show after the game when Trent Dilfer and Steve Young torched Sanch, Ryan, and the Jets for their "less than average" performance against the Titans. Last night's Jets performance was a Xmas gift wrapped up in green tin foil. Ho ho ho.

Who cares about the misfortunes of others when the Dolphins have their own worries.

Don't do it Matty.

Just go to Arizona and live a good happy life.

Our Tony has nevertheless made a huge amount of money in the coaching bidness. Not bad for someone who struggles with the English language. The stumblin' bumblin' Jets should have hired Tony's son as quality control supervisor.

Not sure that I would blame Tony granted it wasn't a good hire for them but Sanchez is the one with the sub 70 QB rating.

nothing makes me happier than to see the green slime suffer, fack-em.

Saban's apology?..not buying it.

Fireman Ed's retirement makes sense now he would have looked foolish had they made the playoffs.

Guy is goon regardless as are most Jet fans.

FZB how about some positive palyoff talk.

If Miami and Pittsburgh win at home this weekend we are scoreboard watching in Week 17!

Lets go!

The sunglasses joke is as tired and tasteless as it was when Sparano was coaching here - he damaged his eyes in a grease fire and has to wear them or the glare of the stadium lights blinds him.

Kaz a little help from your Ravens please lose this week and win the next great thanks.

Orande Gadsden, future GM:

Gadsden said he feared the worst when general manager Jeff Ireland failed to find a replacement for Marshall after trading him to Chicago during the offseason.

“You knew before you got him he came with baggage,” Gadsden said. “If you thought you might get rid of him, you should have had a backup plan. I don’t think (Ireland) did.”

The Fins shouldn't be praying for others to turn their fortune, they should have controlled their own destiny like the good teams already have.

alright muchachos, positivo tuesday is here...Let's talk playoffs.



They tried Freddy they lost 3 games by 3 points it is what it is.

I know is better to build the team through the draft than free agency but if I'm the Dolphins and WR Mike Wallace and TE Dustin Keller are available in free agency I'll go hard after those two..

they would look nice in aqua and orange...

It never gets old does it OC I do know that if they did actually make the playoffs you would be eating more crow here than anyone besides maybe Woodcock.

...with fava beans and a nice chianti.

FZB, I think Fasano just needs to be incorporated more, but they definately need a big threat at WR.

The Dolphins will take whichever WR hasn't been selected between Tenn's Hunter, SC's Woods, or Cal's Allen with their #13 pick. Even Ireland is not going to go off another easy call.


don't be hatin, today is "positivo tuesday"..Get with the program.

FZ, on such a positive day, I'm positively positive that Pittsburgh will beat Cleveland on December 30 and at Pittsburgh.

I say we select offensive linemen with our first three picks, we gotta protect our franchise QB at all costs.

OC maybe Roethlisberger gets knocked out again and then there's hope yes positivo Tuesday!

Charlie Batch and even Charlie Chan can still come in and do the job.

Charlie Batch led Steelers lost to Cleveland this year.

...are you guys now wearing sparkly red heals, clicking them together while repeating -- "there's no place like home, there's no place like home?"

Yeah, at Cleveland, with nothing on the line.

red heels

Jermichael Finley should be available for a 4th or maybe a 5th rounder.

Chuck Clay is done for the year so we'll finally see what Ireland drafted in the third round ahead of TY Hilton and a bunch of other good players.

Watch out Tony and Rex I heard Dr. Lectre has been a die hard Jetz fan since his med school days.


Besides Hilton, who are the other bunch of good players?

I doubt it Kazaam Fasano played Clay's position last week they moved him around a little I don't think Egnew will ever see the field in a real game.

Okay, okay. I see it now. Yes. It goes something like this. The hottest team playing, the Bengals, lose both of their remaining games, then Pittsburgh loses against Cleveland, at home, and naturally the Dolphins beat the Bills, then travel to New England and kick their butts.

How could I have missed that!?

Hottest team playing is Denver but proceed.

You're kidding, right? Egnew was a mid third round pick.

That's probably true, although we won't hold it against Denver for playing in such a dominant division made up of KC, SD and OKL

Yeah, Kaz, but Egnew picks up his chewing gum wrappers.

Given the obvious GB connection, does FA Greg Jennings get a $10M/yr offer from the Dolphins?

Kazaam and OC,

are you guys aware that our young stud QB has a better
QB rating than A Luck?...senor Baby told me yesterday.

and positivo tuesday continues...

Egnew will play on sunday and will miss making a tackle on the opening kick-off by an inch...But he will see the field.

Michael Egnew. He's such a nice young man.

FZB, you do know what follows positivo tuesday, don't you? Wishful Wednesday.


you keep posting that Jermichael Finley should be available for a 4th or 5th rounder, where did you see this?

explain por favor.

FZB it's mostly Lucks poor 54 % comp pctg and 18 picks that is keeping his rating down but he has 20 td passes and many more yards than Tannehill.

Still I like the comparison because it shows that Tannehill is more accurate and takes care of the football right now better.

He can turn gunslinger next year right positivo Tuesday yeeehaaa (insert Howard Dean soundbite here).

well, if that's the case come on down Jermichael...

The most overrated TE in football.

The only weight about he, Jennings or any other GB guy is the tendency associated with coaches and their old teams. They have one-on-one direct experience with players and coaches and thus tend to pull a few here and there for their new teams.

G Jennings would be a major upgrade over Hartline and J Finley would be an upgrade over Fasano.

now, if we can keep Fasano as a back up then is OK..

Did anyone watch the entire Jets - Titans game? I did. Two ugly teams slugging it out. Sparano's slow offense scoring 10 points, Sanchez 5 turnovers guaranteed the outcome. Watching Ryan's face on the game clinching fumble was priceless. First, the Jets are Miami's main rival. Second, Ryan (like his old man) are loudmouth braggarts who can't win as Head Coaches. Remember what Buddy said to the press when he took over the Eagles? "Now you got a winner in Philly".....

At the end of the day I have a confident feeling that with Philbin (his assistants 2) & Tannehill that they are on to something positive. Jets seem like they can't wait to wipe the slate clean.

IMO,, Sparano,, loved the guy, regular guy who likes big, physical teams. Tony wanted to win at all costs for the team that took a chance on him and tried his best. Poor Tony was in over his head. The players weren't given the full game plan until it was too late to practice getting the wrinkles out. Tony had invested his career in Henne. Tony couldn't even figure out his offensive line which was supposed to be his background.

Pulling talent off a team that has gone 45-15 throughout the last four years is not the worst idea in the world.

expect Fins to have a more defined plan going into this offseason. Ireland is on his own. More importantly you have Philbin putting influence on Ireland on what he wants on the field. Philbin is meticulously prepared for everything he does. Sparano was more of a slow plodding special ed kid who ate the box of crayolas on the bus to school.
Jermichael Findley is a possibility. definately.
First, you got to watch who Miami offers in house contracts.
Second, others free agents. IMO Philbin showed a great ability of NOT pursuing Matt Flynn considering the GBay connection. This ability is interesting and RARE. I expect Miami to pull in a free agent to start at either OT, WR, TE.
Third, draft. Top WR or ND TE in rd 1. All of know Miami over paid, wasted cap space, signed & released too many O linemen,,, but this needs to be addressed this offseason. We could as many as 2 new starters on the O line come 2013.
This is just the offense, , the D needs better talent at FS, CB & maybe a stud DE pass rusher. The current front 7 is very solid, particularly against the run.

Jimbo, I think you're spot on in your assessment of Sparano. I too liked the guy, but thought him lacking in the most critical of areas: That intuitive spark that seems to be present in so many successful Head Coaches. Yes, Tony is a regular guy and lots of players could relate to that. But asking him to rise above into champion level is like asking Fred Flintstone to recite Shakespeare-- "To be, or not to be." Tony is not to be.

Jimbo...Third, draft. Top WR or ND TE in rd 1

Full agreement. Love that Tyler Eifert guy. Stud who will produce for years to come.

Yeah Man, anyone that saw that Jets game last night should be thankful for what we have over what we COULD have. So let's see, a 6-8 Dolphins team is lot better than a 6-8 Jets team. The Jets should have lost to that Arizona (One of the worst teams in the league) So I say as I did in the comments for the Dolphin meter, The Jets are a M-E-S-S MESS MESS MESS. Wow I just laughed at that lol. I would much rather have what we have here than in NY. Much better quarterback, at least as far as interceptions go, and maybe even TD's. But the offense as a whole is better. So to put them in the category of the Jets (not blaming you for doing so) is just absolutely nuts. We are going to beat Buffalo at home and Pittsburgh will beat the Bengals, and then it will get fun. Atleast we still have a shot to make the playoffs, better than the chiefs, jaguars, raiders, browns, bills, jets, titans, and chargers. So lighten up. It's better than where you thought they'd be in the beginning of the season. so all you can so is feel better. Stop dwelling on what you could have had and start licking your chops for what's to come in the very near future :)

However OC, I do love that Colt's coach playoff video - It's always fun the say it yourself. I was actually doing it at home after the jets lost. PLAYOFFSS????? LOL!!

sorry I should have said (not accusing you of doing so) over "blaming you for"

Eifert is a reach at 13 but wont be available in the 2nd round at 40-whatever. The WRs available are also reaches at 13.

I know Philbin and Ireland are not big believers in free agency but if ever there was a good time to sign a FA wide receiver this is the year. Lots of guys available that suit Miami's needs perfectly.

I'm guessing we do whatever makes the least amount of sense.

Would you pay top dollar to Dwayne Bowe? I would offer a big contract but not in top 5 level.

Right Now I'd probably pay the most to Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings. I haven't seen Dwayne Bowe do much lately but maybe that was because the his QB situation, but still.

of his not the his****

Bowe is a big feature receiver, Philbin's knockoff Mike McCarthy west coast offense can't use him.

By far the best of the lot though, all things equal I'd throw money at him first, Wallace next, and I wouldn't come close to paying Jennings or Hartline 'fair value'.

Hartline may be staying. Hartline knows where he is in this offense. Hartline will only put up bigger #'s as Tannehill matures & the team throws more. Hartline is Tannehill's favorite target.

Kaz,, Wallace & Jennings would fit great in Miami, forcing Bess to resume the Slot WR position. Bowe comment rings true.

Marlin Moore is going to walk. Rookie WR Marshall will have to fight for a roster spot. Miami could bring in more then 1 WR to raise the talent level.

Well Jennings just came back from ingury the last couple weeks. So it's kind of hard to tell if he'd be worth it or not.

Kazaam I'm curious, why do you call it a knockoff McCarthy west coast offense?

Philbin's never designed or called an offense in his life, he's a career offensive line coach who's trying to copy the offense Mike McCarthy designed and called in Green Bay.

Organized and competent but the 'offensive mind' label he took on through osmosis in Green Bay is misplaced.

Jimbo - Wallace would be a good fit because he's a burner and a good route runner, I'm not so sure about what Greg Jennings brings to the table. Green Bay tried to use him as a feature receiver but didn't miss a beat when he went down and Cobb, James Jones, and Jordy Nelson took over.

He doesn't have game breaking speed, he's not a big body, his numbers were most definitely bloated from playing with Aaron Rogers.

Wherever he goes he'll be overpaid and likely not a difference maker.

Egnew has been as absent from the field as Eggnog is during the summer.

Oye, my tight end this season was Germichael Finley. I would have preferred Gerardo Rivera or Albert Finley. The guy sucks, the most points I ever got out of that stiff in any game this year was "6". No thank you, if the guy can't catch a cold with Rogers at QB why in the world would I want him with the Dolphs.

That was actually funny woodcock, "as absent from the field as eggnog is during the summer" :)- I actually don't even remember an egnew.

Andrew, if you think about it, there is no such thing as a reach, if you're convinced the player you're targeting is a difference maker. In 2008 Chris Johnson was taken #24, in 09, Clay Mathews #26, and in 2010, Rob Gronkowski #42, with Aaron Hernandez #113!

All these guys would have been labeled "a reach," yet who would not have picked them in the top 10 in retrospect?

I'm of the philosophy that you take the best guy at the position regardless of where that may be. At WR, I grant you that there are no clear-cut favorites, but at TE-- whoever drafts Tyler Eifert will obtain a guy who will dominate that position for the next seven years or so. A position that, next to the QB, has become the most important position in all the offensive side of football.

ahh, Woody, it's Albert Finney, not Finley. Que nalga.

I said on this blog last year that I thought that Alabama quarterback was the best QB in Jets camp after watching him play in a few pre season games. Now that they have benched Sanch, he gets his start this week.

Neither Gronn nor Hernandez were reached at those spots but I understand your point.

I'm ok if they take Eifert in the teens. At least they'll be using a first rounder on someone whose job is to score.

Monday morning quarterbacking, OC. Anyone can bet a game when there's 10 seconds left on the clock. The fact of the matter is that talent evaluation is the hardest thing to do in sports. The case can be made for picking a GM who has a proven track record in this area. Whether he uses scouting techniques, computerized analysis, astrology, a fortune teller named Sadie, or he sticks his finger up his ass and smells it before he makes a draft pick.

Dude, you're such a loser, OC. You obviously know nothing of my work. Albert Finney? Why in the world would I want that fag?


Sure, Woodcock. But we're all morning QBing here. Otherwise, that would leave you with a smelly finger and us talking about it.

Sure, Woody...whatever...

No one would have called Chris Johnson, Gronkowski, or Hernandez 'reaches', not sure what the word was around Matthews at the time but I can't imagine that was called a 'reach' either.

You can't judge players as reaches in retrospect, it's a draft day designation for GMs who take a player way higher than the talking heads think he should be taken. Sometimes it's a sign of a great GM going and getting a player he likes, sometimes it's a sign your GM is desperate to keep his job like Jeff Ireland last year.

Agree with you on taking the 'best player available' but the great GMs will move up and down in the draft until the best player available is one he really wants and who fills a need.

Maybe this guy should have tapped out before it got out of hand....


Reaches, had they been picked #13 then. That was my point.

You've never heard of Albert Finley?

OC, Albert Finley is an American hero. It doesn't surprise me that you don't know who he is since you only spent time concentrating on Venus and Mars and what time the puppet troll movie starts at the multi-plex. Hooo, hoooo, ha, ha.

The whole point is moot, as long as Jeff Ireland is molding the squad. You look at what goes on inside a "real" team like the Patriots, and you have the guy who is responsible for the team's success instruct his GM who "HE" wants. And it doesn't much matter to Belichick if the guy's background is on the defensive side before turning him into an offensive player, or a WR he turns into a TE. It's his vision and not some detached Urkel who sits in an office.

Woody, go back to doing what you enjoy best with your finger.

Wow, what a mentecat you are, OC. Bro, a little less sky watching and more research. If you knew who Albert Finley was I would have raised your IQ to 69. As it is, you are now in danger of falling below the Kazaam Line.


our fearless leader is about two months late in his post mortem on sparano and sanchez and also fatso ryan. the ole shadow has been mystified by the NYJs hiring mr. "at the end of the day" as their OC and picking sanchez and actually trading up yo get him in that year's draft. as posted on the previous thread, there will be a line coach available for anywhere between a pee-wee team and even one in the NFL as sparano was history weeks ago, despite the now gone possibility of the NYJ finishing 9-7 and sneaking into the playoffs.

Woodcock, I'm looking at your chart right here and it shows that a large black man by the name of Jupiter is entering your first house and squaring Ur anus.

Dude, you're looking in the mirror.

Jupiter wearing a purple pimp daddy suit!

shadow, What's your impression on fellow alumni, Robert Woods. Do you think he's #1 material?

a look ahead at projected 2013 draft board.


What happens if ND MLB Manti Te'o is available to the Fins in rd 1,,, would you take him?

Yup. I'd take him. He's the best at his position. I'd take him for sure.

Another win for the Dolphins might make a lot of difference in terms of being able to move up to take Te'o. They'll have the picks to do it though.

It makes no sense to take a MLB with Dansby on the team and I still have no idea what the draft board is going to look like but I'd be thrilled if the Dolphins got that guy, he's the real deal. Maybe the college MLB since Pat Willis.

CBS mock draft initially predicts dolphins will draft:
Cal WR Keenan Allen

Yeah, that's because everyone and their dog Spot usually analyses things from the standpoint of need.

Thanks for that link Jimbo, looks like the Dolphins would have to move up to take Te'o and another win could hurt.

I know every UM player and I know the players on most ACC teams but outside that I don't really follow much college football. Couldn't say about many of the players on that board but I know Te'o will work out, he's a sure thing.

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