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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! A holiday video from me to you; plus Heat hosts OKC

[1) Merry Christmas, Christians! Happy Hanukkah, Jews! Joyous holidays, others! Plain regular old Tuesday, faithless heathens! 2) See results of latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll in blogpost directly below this. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

1aa1xmas12OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS VIDEO-GIFT FOR READERS WHO'VE BEEN GOOD: Got together and had a snow sled race the other day with (left to right) Ryan Tannehill, Jeffrey Loria, me, LeBron James and Don Shula -- and was lucky enough to capture it on video! Click HERE and enjoy. And a serious thanks and Happy Holidays to all my loyal readers and blog family!

HEAT HOST OKC IN FINALS REMATCH: Sometiimes the NBA regular season feels a lot longer than it needs to be. The parade of games doesn't have a lot of exciting floats in it. You want to fast-forward to the playoffs. But days like this are the welcome exception: Oklahoma City at Miami. It's a 2012 NBA Finals rematch and, more, important, a very plausible 2013 Finals preview. This will look and feel like a playoff game, led by rivals and friends LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Delicious! A Christmas gift to South Florida. Let's rip it open and enjoy!


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didn't make the top 100 of billboard, but was a minor hit on the white stations in LA; buckle up!!


what's up guys !

Hoping everyone is having a great Christmas day with your loved ones.


Intersting bit of newz and not terribly bad. Hope link below actually works.


If true Mr. Ross your consideration of Dolphinz new logo and uniforms reflect your paying respect to this teams fine, EXCELLENT heritage I commend you sir. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidayz or whatever the case may be.

By the way I think new logo if it is the new logo is admirable...

alterior motive:
JaxsonDeville could merge with the Miami dolphins in 2013. Miami keeps the winners, releases the loses and rids the fish from the helmet & adopts a rather gay looking Jaguar.

No say in ain't so Jimbo! Worse yet they let JLo come up with Dolphin fashion statement.

If only we could get that for Christmas.

113 catches, 1466 yards and 11 TDs. Those are Brandon Marshall's stats thru 15 games. In return, we got Michael "inactive" Egnew and a third round pick. Worst trade in NFL history?


Trading Anthony Carter to Vikes for Robin Sendlein during Marino years was pretty horrid. I'm no sure Sendlein ever played a down. Heh Heh Heh

Jimbo, too bad Dr.Friedrich Schwerd wasn't available to design Dolphin helmet.

Mario Chalmers had a very good game but no doubt he'll now go back to 4 pts and 3 turnovers a night type games again.

the Heat's defense is coming around, good to see.

Andrew, you still going on with this Marshall crap?..

B Marshall would have NEVER put out those numbers with us, he would have demanded every ball be thrown to him, he would have made life miserable for our rookie QB and HC and he would have been a major pain in the ass in the locker room, other than that he would have being fine.

trading him was the correct thing to do, he never would have worked out here, both Philbin and Ireland were in agreement here, we all knew this year was about Tannehill's development and that the offense would be handicapped, this is the prize that had to be paid to fix the cap and accumulate draft picks to continue to build the team trough the draft.

Tannehill got a year's worth of experience with not much help around him, this is going to help him big time starting next year, we should be better.

Haha, just read the Tuesday Morning Quarterback article above - what Dolphins fans wanted for Christmas was 'Anyone chosen at random from the Dade County phone book to replace Jeff Ireland.'


Fun game yesterday, glad the Heat are coming around to the idea that you need a defensive big man in there to stop all the teams that DON'T have to play 'positionless basketball'.

Don't see how Greg Cote could look any more like Jeffrey Loria...

Yes typical national media dufus not understanding that Miami is building a pretty good team right now.

Easily a playoff team with Matt Moore at QB but yes let's go with the flavor of the month comment just to be a lazy journalist.

Greg Easterbrook is a clown. Always was, and always will be. Typical ESPN bozo.

Big Baby - you are 100% right, Miami's building a 'pretty good' team, just like they've been doing for the last decade.

Most definitely could have won more meaningless games and been more competitive for a wildcard and a first round loss with Moore. With their schedule they definitely would have done it if they had wasted the season on David Garrard like they wanted to.

Only part of your post that's a bit off is 'fire Jeff Ireland' is the flavor of the past three years.

As a Miami fan you have to feel better about where the team is right now with Tannehill/ Philbin than versus the Sparano/ Henne era.

They were building nothing with Henne it seems different now to me that's all let's hope I am right.

If Ireland does not get D. Bowe, M. Wallace, G. Jennings or W. Welker somehow during the offseason though then yes fire him he's useless.

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