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December 03, 2012

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 11 has ended. Next chat Dec. 10

[1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 3. Voting continues in our latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll in blgopost directly below this. 2) Congrats to Heat's LeBron James, selected today as Sports Illustrated's 2012 Sportsman of the Year].

LIVE BLOG Q&A/CHAT TODAY 1-2 P.M.: Welcome to Live Blog Chat No. 11. Click into the 'Comments' section below to join us. Todays menu: Dolphins loss, Heat, Nick Satan vs. the Evil Leprechaun, Marlins, Canes, me, you, this blog, local radio, national sports, politics, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire and whatever else is on your addled mind.   


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Hello all, Greg here. Tipping it right at 1. Chat room crowded. Egg nog properly spiked. Awful holiday music playing in background. Elves capering.

Who is Jay Weaver and why is he a co-author on every sensationalist article written about the UM Shapiro scandal in the Herald?

I am..., Jay is a news reporter who combos in on that ongoing Nevin Shapiro story because the sordid tale is sort of half-sports, half-not. Jay is an actual person, not a pseudonym or robot.

Good afternoon to ya, Greg. Looking ahead, it appears that the Dolphins would be lucky to better themselves by one victory over last year's record. Do your instincts tell you that that would be enough for Ross to keep Ireland?

You mean the sordid tales of a convicted felon backed up by nightclub receipts.

Great news reporter that Jay, he'll go far.

Hi OC, seems like Dolphins will finish on a 2-2 run for 7-9 final. Yes, that'll save Ireland's job, which frankly is not in jeopardy because Ross -- for better or worse -- likes and trust him.

I suffered a mild concussion on Friday but still refuse to miss this Q&A. I am dedicated. Or deranged. Or both. But both begin with "de", so what's the difference, really?

Anyway....Is there a more inappropriately-named player in the league than Brandon Fields? You have two jobs as a punter -- catch the damn snap and kick the damn ball. And that was a low snap, but it didn't hit the ground and should have been caught and certainly never should have turned into the clusterbleep that it became. I don't care that he's averaging 50 yards a punt when he decides to field a snap cleanly. I don't care about hang time, net, etc. Stats mean nothing. That game was over the moment our punter put himself out of the running for the NFL equivalent of the Gold Glove Award. (I know; there is no such thing.) A kicker who costs his team a game should be cut. Same goes for punters. Fields should have been cut immediately after the game. Of course, he wasn't, and that's why, with the tiebreakers, we are now back in last place. Again. Nothing has changed.

I am..., it's fine to hate Nevin Shapiro, but not so fair to hate the news reporter working the case. IMHO.

Greg Miami hasn't won a playoff game in 12 years please stop writing articles comparing us to NE in any capacity please it's not relevant at all thanks in advance. Also it's obvious you are a Patriots fan care to admit it here?

Negative, thanks for toughing it out, and congrats for continuing to lead the chat in longest questions which aren't really even always question. Agreed Fields shoulda had that one. His mistake. And costly. Still having a Pro Bowl year, though. Quality teams overcome any one error, no matter how large, especially one that early.

Big Baby, the only way in which I am comparing the Dolphins to the Pats is that NE is the team Miami is chasing and must somehow catch. Fan of the Patriots? No. Admirer? Yes.

Funky gremlin in the chat room today. My laptop keeps saying my Shockwave plug-in has crashed, and I didn't even know I HAD a Shockwave plug-in, or what it is.

I am die hard Dolphins fan but can't understand all of the hate for Saban he lied ok fine but all coaches do it they are all mercenaries or is this not news?

He was stuck with Dante Joey Harrington and a bad roster I would have left too my guess is he might still be here had we gotten Brees but this hatred for him really is sick in my opinion.

Well, the key words there were "quality teams", which is an area where the Dolphins do not find themselves yet.

OK. An actual question. In the last three games, the Dolphins "special" teams unit has given up a punt return for a touchdown in a one-score loss, a kickoff return for a touchdown that put them behind in the fourth quarter, a botched punt snap and a roughing the punter call. Have you heard anything about Darren Rizzi's job being in jeopardy and, if not, why not?

Herald should be covering the Nevin Shapiro story, problem is they were a year late to it and now they're trying to make up for it by adding a guy like Jay Weaver to 'spice up' the story and repeat the unsubstantiated sensationalist claims that should have gotten Charles Robinson fired from Yahoo! (prostitutes, gifts, abortions).

All the new stuff about the agency is fine - that's news. The Jay Weaver part, repeating the most outlandish and unsubstantiated tales of a convicted felon, is lazy and bad reporting.


Big baby, that's fair comment on Saban. It's just so much fun to have a villain, and he's such an easy target. Honestly at this point, beyond a few Dolfans, I think the general hatred of Saban is simply rooted in the fact his teams are so damned good!

Negative, no have heard no inkling of Rizzi's job being in jeopardy, but much more of this and it could be. He's helped by a great year from Fields (other than Sunday), improvement from Carpenter, and Thigpen's returns.

Greg, once upon a time, journalists and all those reporting to the public, practiced a code of professionalism where their particular political views were never made part of the reporting. Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings come to mind. Questions; Is that professional code lost forever? Did Bob Costas overstep and take advantage of his public trust?

'Canes basketball -- how do you lose to Florida Gulf Coast and then beat Michigan State? While UMass is a little above average at best, that's still a good road win, too. It can't just be having Durand Scott back, can it? He's a nice player, but he shouldn't be the difference between losing to a low major and beating a consistently high-ranked program, right?

I am..., you have a valid point. The thing is, with a story like this -- one that is complicated and evolving -- a lot of rehashing is required. Not everyone reads every word of every story, so each update has what in journalism is called "A-matter," or a brief synopsis of what already is known.

OC, good question. I think there will always be middle-of-the-road journalists whose politics are unknonw. Butu more and more there will be quais-journlsist on each side, Glenn Becks on the right, Lawrence O'Donnells on the left. What you mean by Costas? Probably should but not sure I know the reference.

Negative, I can't pretend to explain a loss to Fla Gulf Coast. I just Larranaga and that team in a month when ACC schedule starts.

I also would like to give Jimmy Wilson credit -- I've never seen a player knock himself out while committing a personal foul on the punter before. Something new every week with this circus.

Tannehill. The two wide open throws that he missed to Hartline. The overthrow in the first and the underthrow in the fourth. An NFL quarterback needs to make that throw not 20 out of 20 times, but 21 out of 20 times. I see regression, and the sophomore slump isn't supposed to hit until next year. Gulp.

Oh - question. Why weren't you on with LeBatard last Tuesday? I hope they haven't kicked you off the show.

Slow in here today. Everyone must be out picking pockets in mall parking lots or engaging in holiday-related road rage.

GC, yesterday, Bob Costas sermonized to his halftime, bwo the Jovan Belcher tragedy, the benefits of gun control.

Negative, ha on Wilson, and Tannehill will be fine. Learning/growing year. Good observation on me skipping Dan's show last Tuesday. I'll be back on tomorrow as usual. My dog died last Tuesday; rough day around here. Didn't feel up to yuk-yuk on radio.

Greg I am willing to be patient on Tannehill through next year but this is a big stretch of 4 games for him coming up in terms of perception, confidence and building for the future no?

OC, yeah that sounds a little preachy. Opinions sometimes must be shared very carefully, especially in a story like that. I like Costas a lot, but at times he can have a bit of a holier than thou air about him.

There's a huge difference between anchormen like Cronkite and Jennings and talking heads like Beck, O'Reilly, O'Donnell, Maddow and Olbermann. The job of the latter is not to present the news. It is to present their opinions based on their analysis of the news as shaped by their political and/or social ideology. To throw Costas' comments on gun control last night into this is ridiculous. When Brent Musberger made his comments in 1968 about Tommie Smith and John Carlos being "black-skinned stormtroopers" following their Black Power protest at the Mexico City Olympics, was that an indictment against the code of professionalism in journalism? When it comes to stuff like this, in my opinion, there's a difference between what a sports broadcaster says and what a nightly news anchorman says.

B-Baby, I think that is reasonable -- patience with Tannehill through next year. Always worth remembering he is an inexperienced QB even by rookie standards. Has started less than half of the games at that position as the Lucks and RG3s.

Negative, the trouble and issue is that many listeners/readers cannot or choose not to make a distinction between the presentation of news and of opinion. I get that in my own role as an opinion-offering columnist who routinely is blasted for giving my opinions.

I am very sorry about your dog, Greg. Our ten-month-old puppy whom we rescued a few months ago got very sick right around Thanksgiving. It looked really bad for a couple of days, but, thankfully, she pulled through her emergency surgery. I overcame a concussion to be here, but had our dog died, that would have been a different story altogether. How old was your dog? What breed? Sincerest condolences to you and your family on your loss.

Greg, were you one of those golfers who used the belly putter? If so, will its newly outlaw classification cause you grow your belly further, so as to use a traditional putter in belly-like fashion?

Negative, thanks and glad to hear your puppy id doing better. Our dog, Sandy, was 16, a good old age for a dog who weighed about 60 lbs most of her adult life. She was a beagle/lab mix and a real part of our family. Thanks again.

The only opinion you should have been blasted for was the Scott Mitchell column. Apart from that, your opinions, whether I agree with them or not, I can at least see where you were coming from.

OC, I am growing my belly, but unrelated to putting. I use a basic blade putter, like what you get in miniature golf. I'm a righty but putt left and have never tried a belly putter, or thought to.

Cote - that sucks, only bad part about pets and grandparents...

As good a job as Philbin has done with his in-game coaching, the strict adherence to a 'snap count' keeping Cameron Wake off the field at the end of the game was pretty atrocious - do you know if he's had snap count limits on players all year long?

Negative, I'm continually amazed how many people still prefer to what has become known as the trade-Marino column. Amuses me.

I am..., yeah Philbin keeps track of snap counts, but to a fault. Wake absolutely, unequivocally must be on the field in crunch time. Odrick, too. Throw those damn snap counts out the window, Joe!

Speaking of snap counts, our blog-chat Q&A count typically gets into the high 80s but will struggle to reach 60 today, it seems. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

16 is really good for any dog, and is a testament to how much she was loved and how well she was treated by you and your family. Dogs can die young regardless of how well they're treated, but I doubt many poorly-treated dogs make it that long. Well done to you and your family and I hope that there are other pets in your home receiving similar good treatment.

(Vegas over/under on Q&A count now down to 53.5). Negative, you right on 16 and thanks again. Easy to love a wonderful pet. Our cat, Pee Wee, is going strong, and another canine in the crib remains a possibility.

Q&A count o/u now 49.5 on heavy action on the under...

Greg,, very sorry to hear about your dog. I am sure she led a very good life in your household.

Well... Which negative mark would you prefer to have on your record? Trade Dan Marino? Or Musberger's remarks in 1968 about Smith and Carlos? You were wrong and stupid, but you weren't racist. (How Musberger has never been publicly called out on this is beyond me.)

Didn't Odrick get injured yesterday? Or did he come back after getting hurt? I don't recall. Maybe that's why he wasn't on the field.

Also, with Jake Long out for the year, I'm assuming that Jonathan Martin will move to left tackle. What have you heard on this? I've also started wondering how much Long's struggles have to do with Sherman's offense. When Martin was drafted, the talk was that he was the physical prototype of what this regime wanted in a tackle. And if you look at the two side-by-side, well, there seems to be a pretty significant difference between Long and Martin to me. (Not talking about skin color, of course.) Am I off base here?

What's the vegas line going to be on NC game you know what I think already.

Cote - do you know how they choose which bowl a 'BCS busting' school goes to? Why does the Orange Bowl get stuck with Northern Illinois?

Uglyaqua, thanks. Much appreciated. Sandy had a great life, I think. She was well loved and is much missed.

Negative, yeah J. Martin at LT based on what we saw yesterday. Tough loss. Long not having a great year but will still be missed.

Will Tannehil reach the vaunted 10 td mark this season?

B-Baby, I must tip my hat because you were close on the double digits. Last line I saw was Bama by 8.5.

Sorry to hear about your dog, Greg. Our 12 year old Collie is suffering mightily from bad hips and can hardly walk. The vet told me he had two months, a month and half ago.

I am..., each year there is a pecking order and OB had last choice this time so that's why Louisville (which OB preferred) went elsewhere and stuck us with N-Ill.

Baby, yes, I have his TDP o/u at 11.5. Lack of is keeping his passer rating down.

OC, thanks, and sorry to hear about your collie. There is an arthritis medciine we tried for Sandy that might help. Ask your vet.

OK y'all, that's it for today. Thanks to all. See you next Monday at 1. Now back to our regular blog...

Disagree with you over 90% of the time but have to say my condolences concerning the loss of your dog, not just a dog but a good friend and part of the family. I know the loss hurts and there is a hole in the heart today. May your dog RIP!

I wonder....Does Bob Costas drink liquor.....which is responsible for causing people to drive drunk and that act cost millions of dollars socially, kills innocent lives and we are not going to get rid of cars or liquor are we Bob?

The problem is not having guns, the problem is the irresponsibility of the people who have them, the bad choices they make. The trigger of a gun is only operable when a "person," pulls it. The barrel of a gun is only operable when a "person," points it. People are the problem.

Money is used for both good and evil, so since money is used for evil let's get rid of it.

I could go on and on, a gun was used to kill another person and to commit a suicide, but a person (Jovan Belcher) pulled the trigger and used it for the wrong reasons. His choice!

anonymouscane, you missed the boat, again, retard

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