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December 10, 2012

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 12 has ended. Next chat: Dec. 17

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Hey all. Greg here. Checking in a bit early. See you at 1 sharp.

Sorry a bit late getting started. Sluggish PC. Anybody home?

Greg no one is talking because that Dolphins loss puts the nail in the coffin of another bad season.

I am not in a talking mood today sorry.

Dolphins loss has driven everyone to the ledge, apparently. :)

Big Baby, you probably right. Although realistically I think that nail was driven with those three straight losses to Colts/Titans/Bills.

No it was the NE loss coupled with this one those three didn't help though AFC is down there was at least hope before last week.

B-Baby, yeah but you looked at original schedule and Pats/Niners were a tough back to back. Indy/Tenn/Buff you penciled in as should-be wins. Or at least I did.


thanks for our great blog.

thankfully czar david stern's pre-game tirade against greg popovich blew up in his face when the depleted spurs took the heat to the wire ad then the shorthanded knicks came to town in one of those "platitudanal" statement games and handed the heats their headbands. these games were good for the NBA but the dictatorial stern needs to leave ASAP;the guy lucked out in arriving with bird and magic.

Should I try to grab a quick power nap? Maybe everybody out holiday shopping! Yeah that's it. :D

Hey Cote - I noticed that Sun Sentinel/Baltimore Sun recently dabbled with a subscription plan, letting you see all their stories but bringing up the registration page if you clicked on them.

Looks like that experiment's done for now but do you think newspapers will ever be able to charge readers for something they've been giving away for free for years?

Would it be worth it to the Herald to have say 1/10th the readers but everyone paying for the content?

I had them pencilled in as wins turns out the 2 O/T losses to Ariz/ Jets might have been the real killers I actually kind of got that bad feeling after the Jets loss that they might not recover from those two winnable games.

Losing to Buffalo is never acceptable especially after the way Miami beat them last year.

Hi shadow, and thanks. Agreed Stern has become the grump ol' dictator and his retiring feels well-timed.

I am..., a great question by you and one that the newspaper industry is grappling with big time. Premium content has not proven very successful. I'd be lying if I said I knew how that was going to shake out.

B-Baby, yeah and the way they lost that Tennessee game, the rout at home, was a demoralizer that cast a soggy blanket across the season. Kind of like Thigpen's muffed punt did in yesterday's game.


if not for the dolphins' stout front seven, including the "nobody thought a CFL player could make it in the NFL" cameron wake, the dolphins would be looking at a 3-4 win season. it is a shame they don't have anybody that can play DB better than you, Big Baby, Kazaam, or even the gone gray shadow.


What can we possibly do to improve the Dolphins' OL?

shadow, the Dolphins need about five more Cam Wakes -- guys so good at their position that most every other team would want them. Wake, maybe Mike Pouncey and a when-healthy Jake Long might be the only such guys, and I am having my doubts about the latter.

Willard, count on Pouncey to become a money-in-the-bank dominator, get Long back healthy, give Incognito a chill pill, pray Martin develops, and draft wisely.

Based on what you saw out of Martin is there ANY way they can let Jake Long go this offseason?

I am..., Long is a tough, tough situation, given his injury history of past two years and apparent decline. right now they're praying Martin develops over next few games and gives them some latitude on the Long decision.


the doubts you have been having about jake long have not been doubts to the ole shadow- he just stinks! a sack and penalty per game at least and he can't run block to save himself. spending megabucks on this declining since his rookie year/injury of a couple of years ago would be suicidal for the offense next year.the dolphins need an offensive line coach that can get a group of six (TE included) to block. it didn't take the 49ers that long to become a good running team-having the terrific frank gore doesn't hurt either.

I could fire buckshot into the Chat Room today and nobody would get hit. :)


speaking of Martin.....does he need to be 'stronger'? Was he that wussy coming out of college?

shadow, we agree on Long's decline but LT is too big a position to leave to chance. If you don;t re-sign Long and if Martin isn't the answer you need to get a LT in free agency.

Is center really a more important position than guard?

Wouldn't these Pounceys have a bigger impact as mauling guards than as centers?

The superior Pouncey took a 5 year rookie deal, rare for players who are as sure a thing as he was.

Not a coincidence that the Pounceys will be free agents at the same time, any chance they anchor the Dolphins' line for a decade instead of the Steelers?

Willard, well he got flat-out bowled over by Aldon Smith on that one play. Embarrassing. That's either strength or the world's worst footwork.


great teams are always built through the draft which is what the Dolphins are attempting to do after years of trying for the quick fix trough free agency that never works, can you please remind the 'sky is falling crowd" that this is the first year under the Philbin/Ireland regime and that its going to take time to do it this way and that more than likely the team is going to take their tumble again next year but that the future is still bright?

I figure if you say it they'll believe you more than me, hehe

Hey. where's negative Tim?

Greg is there any news on when the Letter of Allegations is gonna come from the NCAA. Its been over a year in a half now since this investigation started. Enough is enough! At what time does UM start to fight back and demand that this unfair treatment towards UM stop. Its as clear as day that they have an agenda against UM.

FZB, agreed on Miami finally getting back to the draft as a foundation. This coming April is so key with all those picks. Poor Negative Tim. Yesterday must have pushed him over!

Nick, the Notice of Allegations will come any time now, very soon I'd think. Unfortunately UM does not have a lot of leverage to claim unfair treatment, given some of the realities of the Shapiro mess.


is the sky falling?

Willard, I just reached up and touched a dark cloud. That could be a bad sign.


Back to my other favorite subject in the world which is how bad is Mario Chalmers (sorry Kaz) but is there a way to get rid of this clown?

he is a good team defender but has no quickness and everyone blows by the guy and he can't drive nor shoot, other than that its all good.

Whew. Almost missed my weekly chance to let off steam.

To begin with, once again, how is Darren Rizzi still employed? Two MORE special teams disasters yesterday. Enough already! We have now lost games this year due to Crapenter missing field goals, Fields not living up to his name and dropping snaps, allowing the opposition to return kickoffs and punts for touchdowns, roughing punters, Thigpen fumbling everything in sight, and then doing whatever that idiot did yesterday, carrying the ball into the end zone. And most of these are just in the past few weeks. Rizzi makes John Bonamego look like an in-his-prime Mike Westhoff. He is a disaster.

Thanks Greg, One more question. Ive hear rumors that Golden is pushing for D'onofrio tpo get the head coaching job at Temple. Now I'm a huge Golden supporter and with the way the defense played this year I can't say I'd be upset to see D'onofrio go. So my question is do you think he'll go and if he does do you think it will help our defense or hurt it?

FZB, yeah this has not been a big start for Chalmers. they keep hoping Norris Cole keeps developing. This "positionless basketball" idea puts less emphasis on the need for a really good point guard, but I agreed Chalmers has become a liability of sorts. His career arc seems to have flattened out. He is what he is.

Negative Tim! Yes those two special teams faux pas were killers, especially the muffed punt. S-teams had that one stellar game vs Jets but otherwise I'd agree Rizzi should be coaching for his job the rest of the way. This team isn't good enough to afford crap like we saw yesterday.

Out of the following Dolphin FAs who stays and who goes:
Sean Smith
Reggie Bush
Jack Long
Brian Hartline

Nick, I think D'Onofrio would grab the Temple job in a heartbeat if it were offered. And based on what I have seen I think UM and Golden would be fine without him.

JetHater, they definitely want to keep Smith and Hartline at the right price. Clemons if he's cheap. Doubt Bush is back. Long is the real iffy thing as discussed earlier. (Fasano's stock also rose with that TD catch yesterday).

Hi ya Greg. Almost missed it! Hey, did you know that Quinton Tarantino thought long and hard over which name to give his new movie with Jamie Foxx? Apparently he had the punch line ready - "the 'D' is silent." However, he was torn between Django and D'antoni.


POSITIONLESS BASKETBALL? does that mean that they all can play any spot, or that none of them (save LBJ) can play any traditional position properly? it seems all those tumbles dwyane wade took at the beginning of his high-flying career have caught up with him. chris bosh can't defend anybody who can play down low 9luckily for him a real scarcity these days). the so-called "big men" (read centers) can't play the post properly, with the exception of dinosaur tim duncan.

OC, funny! You barely made it, sir! :)


nagative Tim is nothing compare with what I have to put up with with the regular doomsayers of the blog, you only have an HR with him I have a whole week with the regulars !


Shadow, position basketball to the Heat seems to mean relying on LeBron to do whatever is needed.

OK all, that's it for today. Thanks to all. Slow start but we picked it up and ended up hitting about half the typical lode. See y'all next Monday at 1. Now but to our regular blog. Have a great week!

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