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December 31, 2012

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended; next chat Jan. 7

[1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 31. Voting continues in final Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll of season in blogpost directly below this. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

LIVE BLOG Q&A / CHAT TODAY 1-2 P.M.: Thanks to all who tapped into our Live Blog Chat No. 14. See you for another Chat right here next Monday. Click 'Comments' below for a transcript of today's palaver.


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Not only did the season not end with a bang, but it didn't even end with a whimper. So, where are we at the end of Year 1 of the Regis Coker Error? Can't run the ball, can't pass the ball, can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, can't stop turning the ball over, and the special teams has got to be the worst in the league. Apart from that, this team is almost there. Next year's schedule is brutal, too. Don't even try and sugarcoat this season, Greg. You can point to wins over Seattle and Cincinnati. I'll point to what happened vs. Tennessee and the first game against the Bills. It's... This isn't good. Anyway, how were your holidays?

prepare yourself Cote, the "negativo" mafia is out in force today.

Ooohh Negative Tim, you have a double in Tim from homestead.

What's Barry Jackson's role at the Herald?

He has better information than the Dolphin, Heat, Marlin, and UM beat writers combined.

Hi Greg, Happy New Year to you. May I suggest posting a poll, somewhat different than the weekly barometer you run after Dolphin games. A poll that addresses how optimistic/pessimistic Dolphins Nation is concerning the future and direction of the franchise.

You've done this before, just that now might be as good a time as any to gage sentiment.

Gregory how go things with you on this year's New Years Eve? Well, we hope!

Assuming Long gets his walking papers, how many of our first five picks should we dedicate to new and improved offensive linemen?

Hey all. Greg here. Starting appropriately, with Negative Tim in wake of Dolphins debacle yesterday. Can't sugarcoat that one. Three keys errors doomed Miami: Tannehill pick at 0-0, Binns dropped TD that should have made it 14-7, then Bush fumble at 5. Dismal. Positive signs overall, though. Still think club is trending up.

With Reggie Johnson out for six weeks, is it safe to write the Hurricanes' basketball season off as another disappointment and another wasted opportunity in the wasteland that is South Florida sports? A ton of seniors, and they're losing to Florida Gulf Coast and Indiana State. I doubt they'll make the NIT now next year, and next year is really going to be rough with Shane Larkin, a bunch of freshmen, and then nothing but warm bodies in-between. I'd look forward to 'Canes baseball season, but that has turned into an abomination as well. Why can't we do anything right?

How optimistic can we truly be that a foundation is being set in decent rookie QB/RB and some glimpses at depth in WR. If we had a deep threat, would that have opened it up enough to produce? And, therefore let Bush be used more in the passing game?

FZB, I am always prepared for negativity. Sports fans (secretly) like to complain more than feel good, or so I sometimes think.

I am..., Barry J. is an old-school, hard-nosed reporter who works the phones, has sources and ferrets out good nuggets and tidbits. If I were a beat reporter I'd be upset that he infringes on my beat. But I mean that as a compliment to him.

I didn't mean sugarcoating yesterday. I meant sugarcoating everything in the overall scheme of things. Tannehill cannot afford the sophomore slump that seems to hit many second-year starting quarterbacks. If he does, I think you can just forget about him. (I'm ready to do that anyway, of course.) Anyway.... Cameron Wake is 31. If you're Jeff Ireland and you're offered a #2 and a #3 for Wake, do you take it? I'd have to consider it. This teams needs a lot of young talent. Of course, Ireland would just draft more Egnews, so it's a moot point anyway.

Thanks for doing this Greg...Happy New Year - 2 questions:
1) How realistic of a shot do the Fins have at acquiring Larry Fitzgerald?
2) How'd Will Yeatman progress? Is there a spot for him on next years roster, especially w/ Big Jake most likely gone?

Thank you.

OC, happy New Year's to you as well, and to all y'all. Good idea on the polls. Was thinking of one maybe asking fans to grad Philbin and Tannehill after one season. Stay tuned.

Why haven;t you been in ther paper as much lately with columns?

Aleksander, I wouldn't count on a high pick spent on the OL. Too many other needs.

I'm not secretive about it at all. I love complaining. I've got my Ph. D. and everything.

If you look at it, considering the one game that Tannehill was injured that Matt Moore played three quarters in, he "led" Miami to as many wins as Moore did last year. I know, I know -- no Brandon Marshall, etc. So what? I have no reason to think that the #1 and #2 receivers next year won't be Hartline and Bess, unless Hartline signs elsewhere. Not that I have no faith in Ireland, but I don't. When you have free agents -- mercenaries!! -- publicly stating that they're taking less money to sign elsewhere rather than deal with Jeff Ireland, who cares how much cap space there is? Bush is most likely gone. There is no plan here. No foresight. Nothing. As of this moment, where am I wrong?


I think you should lead these poor negative souls with some group positive affirmations...Like,

the dolphins are getting better, the dolphins are getting better, the dolphins are getting better.

or Ireland is not the devil, Ireland is not the devil,Ireland is not the devil.

you'll be doing this blog a great service.


Negative, yeah Reggie Johnson and Durant are the two keys for that team. Could be a rough go as ACC games start but still think UM is mid-pack in conference with an NIT shot. But I'd started to hear Sweet 16 chatter, which now seems fanciful to say the least.

Ireland isn't the devil. Satan has damaged my life far less.

Weirdness going on in chat. Computer glitches. Names mixed up? Anyway, Negative, no I would not trade Wake for a 2nd and 3rd although I'd be very tempted. This team can;t keep giving away talent. Marshall trade still haunts.

Jerry, not had many columns lately because had three weeks of vacation backloaded that I needed to use by end of year so have been working 2-days weeks (NFL picks, Sunday notes col) for several weeks. Be back at it fulltime starting this week.

Robin, underutilizing Bush in passing game was a major flaw of offense this year. But No. 1 wideout/deep threat is major issue with passing game, followed by lack of dynamic tight end.

Marc, Will Yeatman is an interesting prospect, worth keeping around, but not sure he's a future starter. Don't think Cards will part with Larry Fitzgerald. They'll get him a decent QB.

Negative, the plan is how they spend 10 draft picks and all that cap $$$. This club's future and Ireland's will be told between now and April.

I'm out of venom for the day. Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone.

FZB, I've been preaching in print and in the blog that Dolphins are trending upward; still think so even after yesterday. Tannehill will be very good.

Negative, stay positive. Happy new year!

Chat room quiet. Debated whether to do one on New Year's Eve. Figured it'd be slow.

Think I'll start singing Auld Lang Syne...

"May auld acquaintance be forgot..." Or something like that. Will be wrirting from OB tomorrow night. FSU-N.Ill. Whoooooo!

The only thing I know about Tannehill after one season is he will not be the stud QB (Marino, Rodgers, Luck, Manning). The question remains if he can be a serviceable guy if surrounded by talent. That is what we are all waiting on. Can this guy limit mistakes, make a play every once in awhile and lead the Fins for the next 10-15 years?

"Hey hey we're the Monkees! People say we're monkeyin' around!"

Happy New Year to you...

What is your opinion on the time it has taken the NCAA to check compliance and rules regarding the 'U'.

Wasn't there something in the Constitution about everyone being entitled to a quick and fair trial?.Why any different for the 'U'?

Is this additional punishment taken into account re recruiting effect, donations, plans long term and short for the 'U'?
This really bothers me and I am sure many fans of the 'U'.

That game yesterday was an embarrassment. 0 points. 0! Not to mention the Pats were moving the ball up and down the field, even going for it on 4th down when under normal conditions a FG would have been the call. Now I could understand if they were playing the 85 Bears, but this Pats team is good--not great, a good team. The Dolphins are far away from being a good team--not great, just good. Add to it another mediocre pick at #12 and the 7-9 and 9-7 years are here to stay for awhile.

Rawpimple, you might be giving up on Tannehill's upside a bit soon. A better ground game, (much) better receivers and he's better, too. He might become a superstar but I think he can become a star and a long-term answer.

Greg... you, or Mr. Warthog, just quashed any and all hopes of very high picks expended on our miserable offensive line.

Could this be the reason for the quiet (and desultory) chat??

Oh and Happy New Year to you and the family Greg. I think it is slow because you are competing with Obama right now (just a joke). I'd much rather listen to (or read) you though!
When was the last time the Fins AND Canes both played in January?

Gary, thanks same to you. Unfortunately speedy-trial laws do not apply to the autonomous NCAA. Notice of Allegations coming soon I think and hope. All fans can hope is that punishment takes into account UM's own measures such as multiple bowl bans.

Randy Shannon is taking the LB coaching job at Arkansas. Why can't that guy get a head coaching gig? FIU isn't even interested?

fearless leader,

as FZB states, a lot of negativism, so i'll try to be positive: i am positively thrilled that jerry johnson and his self-imploding QB are not in the playoffs. whatever he does during the season, tony romo will cost the cowboys in their final game o the year. granted they had many injuries, but jason garrett got them into position to win and tony romo gave it away. "poor" jerry johnson- the guy who wanted to have four college basketball games being played simultaneously in one football stadium. a lower case p.t. barnum is being kind to him, which he doesn't deserve. happy, healthy new year to all.

Raw..., three mistakes doomed Miami: the early Tanny pick, the Binns dropped TD and the Bush fumble. Agreed though that 0 points is an embarrassment. But also think this draft and free agency gives Miami a shot to get much better fast.

Happy 2013 boys,, Jimbo is on his way to Bourbon St. First hangover of the year! I appreciate all of my blog buddies.

Aleksander, on the bright side, you win Chat Word of the Day for "desultory." Congrats.

Raw..., last time Fins and UM both played in January an excellent question. The fact I don't know offhand and would have to research it is its own sad answer.

Greg if you were the Fins GM & could sign only 1 free agent not currently on Miami's roster, who would that be?

Greg, can you believe Kim Kardashian and Kayne are procreating? She definitely gets around the sports and entertainment world and crushing Tim Tebow by a 10,000 to 0 margin.

Raw..., think Randy Shannon is a good football coach and recruiter but that standing in front of a microphone he does not present as well as many big schools would like.

Hi shadow, by Jerry Johnson I'm sure you means Jerry Jones, although after last night he may have legally changed his name to avoid attention.

I don't have a lot of confidence in the Dolphins regime but we will see..They started off wrong by not drafting T.Y. Hilton when he was available!
That let me know someone was not doing a good job of talent evaluating!If it wasn't for Luck or RG 3 or Russell Wilson-Hilton would maybe win the Rookie of the year award along with another rookie the Dolphins bypassed who ran for over 200 yds yesterday for the Skins-Alfred Morris from right up the road at FAU! Hey Dolphins-pay attention!

Jimbo, happy New Year's to you too. I know Bourbon Street well. Too well. Have a great time. Also, have a shrimp po-boy at Ma's. Goes great with a bloody mary.

Jimbo, Steelers WR Mike Wallace comes to mind, but I'd need to check out his health and demands. Draft weak for 1R WRs so that made be a FA target.

Greg, you think Nick Saban goes back to the NFL or is staying put after beating the Domers? It must get pretty boring to win it as consistently as they do and when they eventually lose a few games, it is not going to be pretty or fun.

Raw..., has anyone every been more famous than Kim K for doing less? Would've said Paris Hilton, but think Kim has crown now.

Greg, as you know, the Clippers are enjoying a 17 game winning streak. Checking the records, they are but five games away from climbing into rarefied air, and only Oklahoma stands in their way before reaching that seemingly unattainable 33 Laker mark. Do you think the record is in jeopardy?

Mikemizzie, excellent point by you (Chat Point of the Day!) on Dolphsn missing Alfred Morris and TY Hilton right under their noses!

Raw..., I have heard no indication that Saban would leave his Tuscaloosa kingdom for the grind of the NFL. Why would he?

Cote, Happy New Year,Could we all be blessed with the Firing of the Real Anti-Christ, FZBs Son Jeff Ireland,,, (Sorry FZB)

OC, I'd always bet no. Just over half way there for Clips. Like talking Joe D's hitting streak when somebody get to high 20s.

Anti-Christ, happy new year to you too. First time I've ever been complimentary to someone calling himself Anti-Christ.

OK all, that's it. Strong start, mid-lull, strong finish. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog. Be back with this chat next Monday as usual. Meantime HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!! Be safe...

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