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December 17, 2012

Live Blog Q&A/Chat No. 13 has ended. Next chat: Dec. 31 (I think; stay tuned)

[1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 17. Voting continues in our latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll in blogpost directly below this. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote].

LIVE BLOG Q&A / CHAT TODAY 1-2 P.M.: Live Blog Chat No. 13 is right here today from 1-2 p.m. Click on "Comments" below to join in. Today's menu: Dolphins' win, Heat, Canes, me, radio, you, this blog, national sports, serious stuff and, as always, et cetera. See you at 1.


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Hey all, Greg here. I'l be back at 1 sharp. Hope to "see" you then...

Good afternoon, Greg. A little know fact for ya.

When he was 10 years old, Kaepernick acquired a pet tortoise named Sammy. The tortoise has since grown to weigh 115 pounds. On game days, his family will often feed the tortoise a piece of lettuce with the opponent's team logo drawn in crayon.

I guess Sammy really likes Boston Lettuce.

Let's get rollin'. OC, no idea if that's a true story or wholly made up but like it either way! The legend of Kaepernick grew last night, no doubt.

Am reminded that holidays are slow for stuff like blog chats. I get it. I'm off today (other than chat) and sandwiching this around holiday errands/shopping of my own.

I'll be singing Christmas carols to myself, with an eerie echo in the unpopulated Chat Room. "Hark, the Miami Herald angels si-ing...!"

Greg Norman has added his voice to those who think Rory McIlroy, and not Tiger Woods stands the best chance of breaking Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major championships. Do you agree and do you think Tiger will forever top at 14?

OC, at one time (pre-infidelity scandal) I thought Tiger was a cinch. Would still give him an outside shot, maybe 1 in 5. Rory my guess guess of anybody else but that 18 seems more and more like a towering number.

Looks like I'm going to have to go to the alias card to diversify your chat today, Greg.

OC no aliases needed. Just think of it as a private conversation today...

Ever been to Austin, Greg?

OC I have, actually. Great BBQ, great Mexican and even better live music. But it's been so many years the particulars are vague.

We're working on a record low for combined Q's and A's today. Our high is high 80s I think, low is high 40s. Vegas has just dropped today's over/under to 28.5.

It's a college town. UT colors and tchotchkes are everywhere there. Very liberal town, with more dogs and inked up people per square mile than I dare say, anywhere in the world.

"Fa la la la, la la la la..."

btw, I did try most of what our vet suggested. Unfortunately, old Kobe is not going to last as long as his name sake.

OC, I'm sorry. That's too bad. I know the feeling well. What breed and age?

Are any of your kids college age, and if so, do you root for their college teams?

My wife grew up loving Lassie. She made sure to show that movie when our young son wanted a dog. She got her wish and got a Lassie clone and I got to name him - Kobe's Three Point Play (Kobe for short). He's 12.5 years old.

Here's the difference between the Dolphins and the Patriots.
When the Patriots cut the 49ers lead to 31-10 last night, I was convinced they were going to come back to win. Even when it was 41-31 with under two minutes left and no timeouts remaining, I felt that the Patriots would win. And I was shocked that they didn't.
When the Dolphins were up 24-3 with two minutes in the fourth quarter yesterday, I was convinced they were going to find some way to lose. And I was shocked that they didn't.
That's these two franchises in a nutshell. Let the good times roll.

My youngest goes to UCF in Orlando. I'd by lying if I said I wearing Knights black and gold (I think those are the colors) on Saturdays. Now the FAU Owls I'll root for. Somebody has to!

OC, interesting. I'm under the impression from casual observation that Collies are not as popular as years ago but I could be way wrong.

Greg, interested in your thoughts on the horrific events in CT last week. I really believe the root cause is broken families, lack of parenting and people having kids they cannot financially and emotionally afford who then become at very high risk for becoming a burden on society at some level or another. Then they have kids and the problems exponentially grow.

Negative! Welcome to our private party. (Vegas over/under now up from 28.5 to 34). If you thought Miami would blow a 24-3 lead -- TO JACKSONVILLE! -- your Negativity credential has been upgraded to a Lifetime Membership!

You would be correct, Greg. Collies and other large breeds are going the way of ever reducing back yards. btw, for a look at Kobe click here http://ocdolphin.typepad.com/blog/ and scroll down, I think to four pics. Also, that would be OC jr with his squeeze and Mr. Woodcock with me playing golf, ahead of Kobe.

Rawpimple, man, books will be written about that so I can't cover my feelings in a chat reply, but I was devastated in a way I haven't been since 9/11. I do think your thoughts mirror mine. This is not a gun-control issue first.It's a mental-health issue first.

Dolphins looking mediocre again, similar to the Dan Marino era when they were good and bad enough to be right in the middle of the pack. Teams do not seem to get better who are mediocre. You have to flat out stink for a few years, draft well, add some key free agents and that can propel you into the elite. Dolphins need a lot of help, and getting a middle of the road pick is not going to help this team improve to the elite level.

OC, thanks for the link. That reminds me, think I'll soon have another one of those "Who are you?" blogposts where I invite the blog community to share who they are, where from etc. Haven't done that in an age.

Raw, I admit Dolphins stuck in that 7-9/8-8 mode is not conducive to a quick fix.

Over/Under on fans attendance opening day for the Marlins 2013... 10,000? I've got under unless Pat Riley is named Part Time GM Consultant or the like by Dec. 31. Thoughts?

Agree with you Greg. Our mental health system is a mess. I have been really down about this whole CT massacre. The last time I can remember feeling even close to how I have been feeling this weekend was 9/11, like you mentioned. I cannot imagine what the parents who lost children must be going through and will continue to live with. Sickening, just sickening.

Brian, my o/u would be much higher, say 32K, but only because it's Opening Day, when promotion is heavy and the one-timers always show up -- the ones who don't know enough to hate the owner.

I'd say over too especially if they move Benito Santiago bobble head night to opening day.

Raw, yeah all those poor innocent kids ages 5 to 10. You don't need to be a parent to feel sick, but every parent I know feels especially awful. "That could be my child..."

When is the NCAA going to hammer the Canes? This has been the most drawn out process I have ever seen.

Raw, yeah and I can't figure if the delay is good or bad. Like when a jury is out a long time. Notice of Allegations shold come at any moment, then a UM response, then sanctions.

It is unfortunate that it takes such a terrible tragedy to make us realize what is important and for us to come together as a country. This weekend sports seemed so trivial as well as all the politics and bickering. All of those things that we were all passionate about prior to this incident, has definitely lost some of it's luster and thus the poor showing and responses in the chat today.

Raw, yes agreed on all counts. We bond in mourning as a country after something like this but then, unfortunately, it's back to the same ol' partisanship and divides.

Greg, which of the following would be the "least" sports related activity we would find you doing:

a. jumping off a plane at 2500 ft. (parachute optional).
b. snow boarding the "Huevos Grande" run from the top of Mammoth Mt.
c. a bowling game with Ted Bundy while covered in bbq sauce.
d. interviewing Ozzie Guillen while wearing a Venezuela Su*** T-shirt.

Hey Greg - I thought I'd ask this. If you are still here, with the Dolphins some how still in the Playoff hunt, what do you think chance is they win out against Buffulo and then against New England(Not knowing if they need to win it or not)?

OC, you got a COL out of me (chuckle out loud)! I'd say jumping out a plane sans parachute would narrowly edge Ozzie. But I'd have a VIVA FIDEL! button on the shirt to keep him happy.

Potter87, Dolphins playoff shot still remote. Pats will have something to play for and even if not, winning up there in winter is tough.

OK's that it y'all. Thanks to all especially Chatter of the Day OC! No chat next week because of Christmas Eve and maybe not following Monday because of New Year's. Keep an eye on the blog for updates. Thanks again, all. AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Very True Cote - thanks

Thanks for you time Greg, Was fun :)
Have Fun and Merry Christmas.

sorry I missed the show today... dang :(

It's ok Jimbo - This was the first time I ever got do do it.

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