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December 11, 2012

Spoof of Serena Williams: Racist or fun? (w/ poll, vid); plus Dolphins' No. 1 draft pick revealed (quack!), 12-12-12 concert, Heat critics, Golden angry, Herald building & more

[1) It is THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13. Hope y'all had a happy 12-12-12! 2) A high-school girls' basketball team, Bloomington South of Indiana, won a game, 107-2. Yes, one-hundred and seven to two. If coach Larry Winters also teaches at the school, I'm guessing what he teaches isn't sportsmanship. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Dolphins-Jags on local TV: Club just announced, early evening today, that Sunday's Dolphins game here would be televised locally.

WOZNIACKI LAMPOONS SERENA'S FULL FIGURE: RACIST OR FUN?: I find this interesting. I find anything interesting when two people can view the same thing and see it so differently. Caroline 1aa1carolineWozniacki, former world No. 1 tennis player, this week had some fun at the expense of reigning WTA player of the year Serena Williams during an exhibition match in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wozniacki stuffed her shirt and skirt with towels (pictured) to impersonate the buxom figure of Williams. Click here for the video. Some in the Twitterverse are outraged; others see it as harmless fun. I lean toward the latter (hard to offend me), but also see the sensitivity. Does it matter that Wozniacki and Williams are friends? Does it matter how Serena reacts? (She has not commented). Should it be a factor that Williams herself makes frequent reference to her buxom top and full bottom? What if another black woman had done the spoof instead of Wozniacki? Part of my thought here is that Wozniacki was not making fun of a physical deformity but rather offering a caricature of a figure that many and perhaps most find quite appealing. Certainly debatable, though. Your thoughts welcome. Vote in our new poll and say why.

A FIERCE-DEFENDING LEBRON TELLS WADE'S DOUBTERS TO BE QUIET: [Heat lose last night at home to Golden State. Looks like it's going to be one of those seasons. Dramamine, please] Original post: Just two games ago Miami had embarrasingly lost at awful Washington then been routed at home by New York and the critics were out. 1aa1big2They were personified by professional blowhard Charles Barkley broadcasting that Dwyane Wade is "starting to lose his talent." Well, two games later Miami has beaten New Orleans and then impressively whipped a strong Atlanta team, 101-92. Wade in those past two games has scored 52 points on lights-out 20-for-25 shooting. Asked what that says, James said last night, "It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up." Wade had pretty much said the same thing, but with his actions, not words. LeBron -- as good a teammate as he is a player -- may have meant that "shut up" to encompass the Heat's critics in general, all of the ones who cower as if the sky were falling with any defeat. Yes, Miami has defensive issues (being addressed) and, no, Wade, turning 31 next month, isn't as consistently explosive as he was a few years ago -- especially because he is not yet fully recovered from offseason knee surgery. But the past couple of redeeming games have reminded us anew that doubters shall dismiss the champion Heat -- and D-Wade -- at their own peril. It happened that Jay-Z and Beyonce and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were prominently among the Miami crowd the last game, a sign that this Heat team is built for the occasion and can rise up and put on a show when it needs to. For me, Miami continues the NBA favorite to repeat. And Wade, despite the occasional mortal night, continues an essential piston in the engine.

ON THE 12-12-12 BENEFIT CONCERT: A wonderful benefit, Sandy relief, and a starry lineup of acts. Thought it was mostly all good but the negative that stood out, for me, was that The Who and Kanye West were on stage for way, way too long. Get the hook!

GOLDEN FUMING OVER LATEST PLAYER ARREST: Cornerback Thomas Finnie's arrest in a campus laptop theft has left UM football coach Al Golden "very angry," we've been told by an associate who has spoken 1aa1finnieto Golden since the arrest. "Al understands that you lose some kids early [to the NFL], but he doesn't get that you lose other guys because of dumba-- stuff like this," said the source. "It's just ridiculous. Anytime. But especially now." The Hurricanes, of course, await an NCAA Notice of Allegations at any moment in the Nevin Shapiro case. UM's institutional control over its athletes (or lack thereof) is part of the case, which is probably why Finnie (pictured) was immediately and indefinitely suspended. His UM career may be over. (Ever notice that "Finnie" and "finished" are almost the same word?) Dear UM Athletes: This is a particularly bad time to act like a dumba--. Yours is not a coach in the mood. Behave, please. Go to class and do not get arrested. Too much to ask?

GOODELL'S EMBARRASSMENT: This week's overturn of those Saints players suspensions in the Bountygate matter socks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with a major embarrassment. It also would clearly seem to strengthen Jonathan Vilma's defamation suit against Goodell. This whole issue is a permanent stain on the commissioner's reputation and resume.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY: Sort of positive news both ways... NFL predix: We went 11-5 overall and 8-6-2 against the spread last week, including an Upset of the Week bull's-eye with Vikings over Bears ("Aawwk!") and and other outright upset hit with Cowboys over Bengals. The two ties were a Packers push and Chargers-Steelers off the board when I played it. Greg's Lobos: My fantasy team ended a sad, 4-10 non-playoff season on the upbeat with a 98-88 win, though I had nobody top the critical 17 points I got from Andre Johnson Monday night. We'll get 'em next year. Well, probably not. But we'll say we will!

1aa1dionjDOLPHINS' 2013 NO. 1 DRAFT PICK IS...: ... a Duck! Quack. Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan (pictured) will be the guy, according to ESPN's Todd McShay in his new Mock Draft 1.0, for what it's worth. McShay predicts Jordan goes to Miami 12th overall. I think Miami would prefer a receiver or cornerback but would look for a pass-rusher as the third option if no WR or CB of sufficient value is available.

Poll result: Starks, Hartline top Dolphins free agents fans most want back: We asked in a previous blogpost which of seven top Dolphins free agents-to-be you most want back, and the leaders were DT Randy Starks (26.6%), WR Brian Hartline (25.4) and CB Sean Smith (19.6). I was somewhat surprised RB Reggie Bush (13.5) and OT Jake Long (10.3) did not fare better. S Chris Clemons (2.7) and TE Anthony Fasano (2.0) trailed badly.

ON 1 HERALD PLAZA: Miami's historic preservation board voted 5-3 Monday to not designate the iconic Miami Herald building (pictured) as a protected landmark. That's too bad, but I say that mostly from a 1aa1heraldsentimental perspective, I suppose. I spent many a year on the fifth floor of that place, back before laptops made "going to the office" largely counter-productive. I don't know whether the preservation-board's decision is right or wrong. But I know this: It isn't the vote of those five people that doomed this building and will see it demolished. That implosion was set in motion the moment the Herald's parent company, McClatchy, sold the building and property to Malaysian casino operator Genting as the newspaper prepared to downsize to a smaller building elsewhere. If there is any decrying going on, it must start with McClatchy's sale to Genting, the major domino that tipped and led to Monday's vote.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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LOL, Bruce Feldman reporting that Mark D'Onofrio is interviewing for the Temple head coaching job. Could Miami get THAT lucky?

Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that interview. I had the worst defense in the history of Miami football last year, what more do you need to know?!?

Right now it looks like the Dolphins will have the 9th overall pick. With home games against Jacksonville and Buffalo, and a meaningless last game, where the Dolphins likely line up against the Pats' practice squad, look for the Dolphins to finish 7-9 and land squarely in the middle of the pack.

Ho hum.

All GM's need a minimum of 4 years to draft/sign free agents and build the team working along the HC and his draft philosophy.

the Dolphins have been a dysfunctional franchise far too long, all the GM's/HC types we've had around here have always gone for the quick fix, Wannstead, Spielman, Saban, Muller, Cameron and even Parcells, great teams have stability at the top, Owner,GM,HC and QB but Ross has a new owner also made rookie mistakes (Harbaugh fiasco) and keeping Sparano one more year come to mind.

Ireland (contrary to what you guys think) has gotten a raw deal,while Parcells was making all decisions on personnel (mostly bad one's) he (Ireland) was getting blamed for them (mostly because his title was that of GM) ,Once that Ross made the decision to keep him as the GM that's when the clock should have started for him, his first year he was drafting for Sparano's philosophy (poer football) and now this past draft he was drating for Philbin's philosophy (WCO) which is totally different.

building a team takes time, it can't be done in two years, it usually takes 3-5 years, you built trough the draft and you don't take short cuts through free agency, if a stud WR is not there you pick a player you have a higher grade on, you always take the best player available, you all want a quick fix, quck fixes don't work.

you all may get your wish next year, Ireland's contract has one more year to run, if he doesn't produce a better result next year Ross may feel compelled replace him but if that happens I hope you guys are not as shortsighted with the new guy as you have been with Ireland.

if a new GM comes in there could be a conflict with Philbin or the new GM may not want some of the current players on the roster and he'll get rid of those and we'll start another rebuilding process all over again and if that happens the new guy needs a minimum of 4 years which is what I've been saying about Ireland.

when the Dolphins were SB contenders they had the best personnel man in the business in Joe Thomas and when Shula took over he inherited a team that was ready to win but Thomas had been building the team for 4 years with great draft picks.

some of you guys just don't have a clue.

FZB, Is you happened to find yourself at the fare, and you saw this 95 lbs. weakling with toothpick arms, who was attempting to win a stuffed Dolphin for his girlfriend, and doing so by attempting to lift barbells with the number 200 at each end, would you say, after he inevitably pops a ball, that all he needs is a few more years?

Oye OC,

it sure looks like the Lakers are one big happy family these days.

Woodcock, $2,500 first place prize?..hhhhmmm, I may have to reconsider my position for next year.

Hey Andrew,

The same thing that applies to Ireland also applies to D'Onofrio, the guy could be a bust or a stud coach, its too early to know, he was playing a bunch of true/red-shirt freshmen, his defense was over matched, you can't assumed the guy is bad, he was not playing with a loaded deck.

OK guys, I'm open to replacing Ireland, who do you all want as his replacement?

Hartline second in fan voting for FA re-sign I am not the only one who thinks that he is a player worth keeping.


How about this idea, don't sign Hartline and go after both C Jennings and D Bowe.

You need either a strong HC who tells his GM exactly who to get (Belichick), or a Napoleonic GM who hires a wimp to run the way he thinks things. We've had too many years with the later. It's time to hire the strong coach and have him pick his GM.

Unfortunately, Philbin was just hired, and no one sees Ross pulling the rug from under him. Also, it is incumbent on Ross to personally select that HC, not to leave it to his GM. Something he had the chance to do with Cowher, Gruden, and more recently, Harbaugh and Fisher.

We're doomed until Ross either sells the team, or has a Dickens evening and "ghosts of SB past" illuminate Stephen on the right path.


If he is hired off the street, he should get at least three years. If he was a large part of a previous failed regime and has shown zero signs of turning things around, then my thoughts change dramatically.

Was Ireland just hanging out from 2008-2010, getting people lunch? Somehow, I doubt it.

There are also extenuating circumstances:

1) The way he hung Tannehill out to dry this season with college-level weapons is unforgivable.

2) Ireland has a history of being prickly and unpopular, rubbing players the wrong way (See: Dez Bryant, Ryan Clark

3) The Dolphins need weapons. Everyone knows that. Ireland's history at picking WRs and TEs is egregiously bad. Expecting him to just figure it out this offseason seems like wishful thinking.

4) The fans hate him and attendance is a growing problem. I never think the owner should mollify fans just for the sake of PR. Continuity is good. But the Dolphins have done everything wrong since 2008, building in a way that was more suited to 1992 than 2012. For everyone's sake, it is time for a full, clean break from that debacle.

Find a GM who is committed to scoring points (not controlling the line of scrimmage) that Philbin can work with and give Philbin and Tannehill two more full seasons to prove themselves.

As for Donofrio, if the Hurricanes defense showed anything at any point, I might agree with you. They may be young but they would have to improve a lot just to be terrible. He also apparently has never heard of a type of defensive play called "blitzing". Even if he had 11 true freshman, he should have been able to get them above the 116th rated defense in D-1 (out of 120).

BB, he's worth keeping as the third option, not the first.

Let me ask this. Does anyone here remotely question whether the Dolphins would have had better records, had Ross hired either Cowher, Gruden or Harbaugh and allowed any of them to bring in their own GM?

Thank you. There is your answer, FZB.

If Harbaugh picked San Fran because Ross wouldn't consent to replacing Ireland with a Harbaugh guy, then Ross is dumber than I thought. I wasn't aware that was the case though.

The reason I don't put the blame on Ireland as much as Ross is that Stephen Ross has been making business decisions instead of football decisions. Keeping with his training and methodology, he empowered a manager to manage a particular business division. All very logical, very procedural, very business.

What he needed to understand above all else is the dynamics of what I described above; you either have a strong coach/yes-man GM, or a strong GM/yes-man HC. Personally, I think success lies with the first.

The fly in the ointment is that successful business people do not wish to relinquish control over any areas of their organization. Success in a business environment mandates it, and so we see pyramidical organizational charts that empower sub-managers, but that hold them accountable for the output of their organization.

Ross' grave mistake was that he failed to see that football teams do not necessarily work that way. That the business model he uses needs to be applied at a more, hands-on level, and that that hands-on level is better equipped to hire a GM who would act more like an assistant coach than a boss. Ross fails to understand that he could still keep that control, just that the guy he needs to hold accountable is the HC, and not the structurally organized next in command.

We're doomed!

Andrew, I'm sure that Harbaugh didn't even have to go there, after watching Cowher and Gruden turn down the Dolphin's job (allegedly). He also saw a much sweeter deal working in an area he had grown accustomed to (bay area), and that he had already established roots in from his days at Stamford.

Still, I maintain that having to work under Ireland would have nullified any consideration on his part on the spot.

...if you remember, Ross was accompanied by general manager Jeff Ireland and former NFL executive Carl Peterson to make the pitch to Harbaugh. Whereby, and if I remember correctly, Cowher commented negatively about that move while Tony Sparano was still the coach.

bottom line gent's, Ireland is here for at least one more year (maybe more if Ross extends the guy) and until he is fired I'm right and you guys are full of it.

there, that should be simple enough for my boy kaz to take another shot at me..hehehe

that makes no sense, FZ. That sounds like the kid who -not having his way- takes the ball home. Waa, waa, waa...

Can we at least have Ross instruct his people to modify the lyrics in the ole Dolphins' song to more accurately say... ♬ and when you say Miami, you're talking 8 & 8 ♪...


the jaguars may be really bad, but so were the titans. jacksonville is coming to yown with a QB with a chip on his shoulder and will probably not run the ball at all. it says here that henne throws 60 passes, completes 40 and the dolphins do not have an easy time with the jaguars.

This marks the first time since the franchise's first four expansion years (1966-69) that the Dolphins have gone four straight years without a winning record.


Miami has the Dolphins
A once-been Football Team
We'd like to take the ball from goal to goal
But no one's ever seen
We're in the air, we're on the ground
We're always second rate
And when you say Miami
You're talking eight and eight.

shadow Henne's completion percentage is 51.6% this season.

If he beats us we have hit rock bottom.

Big Baby,

henne has yet to face the vaunted secondary of the dolphins; whatever personnel the jaguars have will be enough to score two or three times against the dolphin DBs.

shadow we are top 10 in points allowed it's not an easy defense to beat for the most part.

Sad thing is that they have kept us in every game mostly this season but once again, our offense (or speacial team unit) stinks and can't help them out.

OC Hartline will not get third option contract offers when he hits the market that's for sure.

FZB it depends if GB or KC lets them walk for nothing or franchises them.

I want Hartline and Bowe that would be awesome.

Don't get what would you be 'right' about, no one here thinks Ireland's getting fired in a timely and franchise-saving manner.

I'm thinking about banking on Miami's defense in a revenge game-gone-wrong for Chad Henne in the fantasy playoffs this week.

Risky business.


I'm just having a little fun with you guys, You know how long I've been on Ireland's corner, what I find strange to understand and comprehend is why supposedly intelligent individuals like you guys don't understand that an NFL team needs continuity at the top, making changes every two,three years is not the answer.

you all believe that Ireland is without a doubt the culprit, from having no vision on how to build a team to he can't evaluate talent to he rub's people the wrong way etc,etc...well that could be true but the guy didn't get to be a GM of an NFL team by accident.

if Ross fires the guy, which could happen next year and hires someone else you guys are going to give the poor new guy maybe a year before starting your chants to fire him, we were spoiled a long time under Shula, he was here twenty some-odd years, Shula was such a great coach that his record masked how bad he really was in the draft, Shula never won a SB with his own players, he won with Joe Thomas's players but the guy is a legend because he gave us an undefeated season.

back to my point,you need continuity at the top, Ireland is the right man for this team right now, in the two years he has been in charge he has made better moves than Parcells did while trying to fix the cap mess he inherited and the draft picks Parcells made for an out-dated power football philosophy, look I'm not trying to convince anyone here, everyone has their own opinions, mine is based on sound thinking on what really works long term in the NFL which is you can't rush the process, that is the other reason I want Ireland in charge for two more years which will give him a total of 4 going solo, I don't really want to see another guy come in and blow up the whole thing and start all over again.

Rome was not built in one day.

Not a GM by accident, spent a decade going from scout to GM under Bill Parcells.

When your GM is the worst in the country it makes no sense to keep him around for continuity's sake.

Ireland was a scout before he became a GM, there are literally hundreds of guys with Ireland's experience and resume, some portion of whom didn't learn everything they know from Bill Parcells.

Throw czar money at Eric DeCosta and be done with it.

Make the Estefans chip in.


your talking out of you ass without checking your facts, he was much more than a plain scout, the point I was trying to make is a team doesn't hire just "a scout" off the street to run its daily football operations, not too many people can do that job.


and how do you know he is the worst GM in the country?
has there been a study on that? or this is just your opinion?..your thinking is flawed.

Eric DeCosta?..OK yes he could be an all world GM in waiting but what if he is not?..what makes you so sure the guy would be an upgrade over Ireland?

and if he is this good how come he's still wiping Ozzie's ass in Baltimore?..how come no one has hired the guy yet?

there are plenty of teams out there having a lot more problems that the Dolphins.

You read the link you posted?

He worked for the combine a year. Got a job as a scout for the Chiefs for two years. Got a job as a scout with the Cowboys, worked his way up to head scout and then GM under his mentor Bill Parcells.

There are 32 head scouts in the NFL, any one would be an upgrade over Jeff Ireland insofar as none of them would be Jeff Ireland.

Big Baby- Getting back to what we were talking about in the last post, the numbers are skewered between Welker and Hartline because of gronk, and Hernandez. The Dolphins have nobody to compare with these 2 guys. Even being out with injuries, they also have big numbers. When a guy can catch over 100 passes year afer year, and catch big 3rd down passes, thats where you seperate these 2 guys. Welker does not get the chances for td inside the red zone because of Gronk and Hernandez. He just gets them up and down the field in critical situations.

Woodcock- As far as Dashi goes, when he talks about Brady or the Pats, the guy is brain dead. He made the comment that Bess was better then Welker.

Dolphins YAAWWWNNNN!!!!!


You'd be an upgrade over Ireland.

Cote - ask Ron McGill if dolphins yawn.


yes I did read the bio, I'm sure is pretty much the same for most GM's around the league, most of these guys started this way, they went up through the ranks, on the job training but the fact that a few people thought enough of him to keep promoting him is a plus.

you guys have made a decision to call the guy inept based on the fact he's been the GM of the team since 2008 without even considering the fact he was not calling the shots the first three years, I for one rather look at the facts than follow the crowd.

we'll see who's right on this one, if the guy finally gets fired I'll root for the new guy and I'll give him 4 years to right the ship...In the meantime keep calling the guy and idiot and getting upset about it won't change anything.

Judge Ireland on 2011, he took an offensive lineman, highest drafted C ever, at #15 instead of trying to fix the franchise.

2012, half-dozens of fans protesting in the streets for his head, he reaches for a converted WR at #8. Consensus 'best available', consensus 'need position'. All was forgiven for the moment.

I'm ignoring this season. I'm glad it wasn't wasted competing for a wildcard with David Garrard and that Tannehill got a full year under his belt. Tannehill looked bad and even worse didn't look anything like a raw talent improving by leaps and bounds or like he could be a different player in 2013 with receivers.

I chalk it up to no receivers and being thrown in the deep end. So in my mind Tannehill is at a favorable 50-50. Maybe he'll work out and maybe he won't.

Ireland should be fired because on the 50% chance Tannehill isn't a star, Ireland will not try again at quarterback until 2016. Henne got four seasons and Tannehill's better than Henne.

On the 50% chance Tannehill is a star quarterback, Ireland's nothing special or irreplaceable and change for change's sake would cleanse the franchise. That monster reeks of Tuna and the townsfolk can't forget it.

Yeah I'd call Ireland a failure just based on the last two offseasons. But i don't think he was just a bystander from 2008-2010 either.

Forget who did what, how can you dislike Parcells as a defacto GM but still support his protege Jeff Ireland?

I've been thinking the same thing Kaz. I have Seattle's D and after last week they have to have a let down in Buffalo. But man if I pull the trigger on the Dolphs D, start them against Jax and they lay an egg and it costs me two dimes and a nickle it would ruin my Xmas holiday. At least if I dance with them that brought me and I lose so be it, at least I know I went with my strength that got me all the way to the semis.

Guys, Dont be Hating, Meet My Girlfriend......



Seattle's D is playing light's out while the Dolphins D is struggling, sure they have an esier task against Jacksonville but Buffalo has injuries and they are going nowhere.

I'll stick with Seattle, that team is making a playoff push.

Hey Anti,

does "your novia" have a sister?..Just wondering.

Ravi Shankar has passed away, he had a tremendous influence on George Harrison and the Beatles (still the greatest rock band of all time), he was beloved all over the world.

RIP Mr. Shankar.


nothing like cool blue's song to ease you into your day...


hope you guys like it.

some interesting info from Barry Jackson on the Dolphins free agency / draft philosophy that we were talking about here (at least I was remind it you guys).


Don't be silly Seattle is a top 3 defense and Buffalo isn't any good.

Don't listen to me though after winning it all last year in one of my 2 leagues I missed the playoffs in both this year not good.

One takeaway for Miami D in the last 6 games they have 12 for the season and are headed for a franchise low number this year.

I remember going to see the movie The Concert for Bangladesh and Ravi played for what seemed like an eternity before the real music began. I still have a twitch in my left eye caused by the violent reactions to the screeching sounds coming from the screen while Ravi made noise. Not even seventeen bong hits from old school Columbian gold, (the real blonde colored stuff) could compensate for the sounds my ears heard that day.

Like I told Kaz, I'm dancing with them that brought me to the dance.


The Herald building a protected landmark? It looks like a Walmart.

Herr Woodcock, Shankar was also featured in the Monterey Pop movie. What is wrong with you?

Mr. Woodcock,

"dumbo lumbo" was a horrible strain of "tobacco". the best colombian that ever passed my way was fire engine red colombian sinsemilla, and it was a one time experience only. right up there with "the purp" grown in santa barbara and brought down to LA thrice a year by a real maven at growing the stuff.


thanks for the mister duke johnson highlight package, but the music gave me a headache. didn't know that mister duke was 2nd team walter camp all-america, a great accomplishment for a freshman on a lousy team in a lousy conference. he did have a spectacular year and looking froward to more out of this amazingly talented young ballplayer.

After my ears experienced the most devastating sounds in their long history I chose "retreat as the better part of valor" and gave the Monterey Pop movie a pass until years later when I recorded it on TV and fast forwarded, with the mute button completely depressed, until Ravi and his noise machine were way, way back on my rear view mirror. The rest of the movie was OK. At one point Ravi made an appearance and hit one or two notes on that dreaded sitar thing and I was late to the mute button causing me excruciating pain and a 1.2% permanent loss of hearing on my left ear.

My friend in Hawaii created the Maui Wowie strain and copyrighted the name. He's now 81 years old and still lives on his farm in the big Island. Once in a while I get a care package. Trust me Shad, not even his personal stash could have saved my ears from that freaking sitar thing. I do give Ravi credit for dropping the hammer on Nora Jones mother, that girl's music I like.

Ravi Shankar was Norah Jones's father. Who knew?

Hey Cote, get real! The NCAA does not punish teams for lack of institutional control when players break the law. This arrest has no effect whatsoever on the ongoing NCAA investigation. If that were the case, UF would have gotten the death penalty.

Thanks for the link to laugh at FZB. The Dolphins are unlikely to pursue an impact free agent because "Jeff thinks he is good at the draft."


Another season with Tannehill trying to make due with joke weapons is on the horizon then.

DO NOT LET IRELAND PICK ANYTHING CUT THAT CORD TOO!!! Leave the picks to Philbin & Coyle & what they need, Ireland has ruined this team enough. FIRE IRELAND!!!

I don't believe that report Ireland is a flawed GM but if he knows what is good for the team and his job security he will get a high impact FA WR (and draft one high) or else he will be out of a job quickly.

Our offense is just putrid I am hoping even Ireland can see that if he doesn't then it's his job to lose I guess.


its a bit baffling to understand why the Dolphins have not come up with more fumble recoveries this year but I can tell you why we don't have that many int's either, we have no pass rush, in essence we are playing three DT's and a true DE on the front line.

to me the higher priority in the draft is a pass russing DE with WR second, and yes they know (both Ireland and Philbin) the offense needs a WR or two

Hey Andrew, you said, "thanks for the link to laugh at FZB"...well, that's not very nice, I'm kind of sensitive to this sort of thing, you can ask the feller's...By the way, Jeff Ireland is a pretty good talent evaluator and well respected in the NFL by NFL people, not my opinion but in the opinion of a current NFL scout.


are you and andrew related?...just wondering.

That's a little bit of a simplistic view FZB but part of the issue probably.

My # 1 priority would be safety Clemons has to go.

the Bears have good safeties and CB's but the main reason they get int's is their pass rush, same thing for the Giants,49res, Patriots,Steeler's etc...No, I think a pass rusher DE should be the priority because it improves more than one area on the defense.

Clemons is average but I don't think he is that bad.

Clemons is behind the play more times than I would like to see.

He's not fast enough they need another playmaker to compliment Jones.

The Bears pass defense has been getting lit up lately they aren't that good maybe early on but not recently.

My #1 priority would be filling Jeff Ireland's car with snakes one day while he is at work.

Big strangling snakes, nothing with venom.

See above FZB McShay is with you, Cote is with me on first pick.

What deformity do you speak of ?? the fact that a grown women has the body of a twelve year old..


You seem to have some "issues" with my son Ireland, perhaps it would help you to talk about it..you know, so you don't go postal.

if we pick at 12th we should be able to get a good player no matter the position he plays.

DE,WR,CB,T and S/CB type..those would be my first 5 picks.

That gingerface Tunaspawn is taking a guard.

Well, we do need a guard, then we can move John Jerry to RT and let Jake Long go..see you had a good idea for my son, I'll pass it along and make sure you get the credit.

also, no name calling Kaz, don't be hatin on my son, see I'm trying to be nice to you, control my anger issues, it must be working because I haven't called you a shit head in a while.

Nonsense, you're both wrong. He's taking the laughing German midget:

Kicked off the team for stealing a laptop? Are you kidding! That's not an NCAA violation. The kid must suck even worse than the majority of the stiffs on the Canes current roster, half of which seem to have a problem fogging a mirror when the gun goes off and they hit the ball for the opening kickoff. This kid must have really sucked 'cause no self respecting coach with a record of futility like Al "I'll take a double double cheese whopper extra hot please" Golden would dump anyone on his squad that even remotely had a pulse.

Kaz, can you believe I'm in Labia again...? I'll have to check youtube when I'm stateside later this ah evening sir.

Clemons is not that bad? We must be watching different teams. Are you sure you are referring to the Miami Dolphins?

Clemons can't tackle, can't cover, and the next time he forces a turnover will be the first time. If the Dolphins keep him, they are dumber than I thought.

NFL "people" say they respect Jeff Ireland's ability to evaluate personnel in hopes that they can convince the Dolphins to keep him around and stay non-threatening as a franchise. If I needed an offensive lineman or a good front 7 defender against the run, sure, Ireland might be the guy for the job.

But much like Clemons, the next time Ireland drafts a WR or TE who is any good will be the first time. It's not helpful to Miami for Ireland to only be good at scouting certain types of players. Maybe they can bring in a skill position consultant to handle the front half of the draft.

Jeff Ireland might have figured out that you need to give a quarterback receivers to throw to if he wasn't so busy tongue punching Parcells' fart box.

Skip it duke, just some trippy dancer group.

Read this instead:



average safeties become much better safeties when the front four can rush the passer, pass rushers is a bigger priority than a safety, Clemons can still hang around for another year, you can't fix every problem in one or two drafts, also, I never said the guy was good, I said he is not that bad.

the statement I made about Ireland is true, your belief is based on articles you read and what other bloggers say on the subject, there is a difference.

to put it plain and simple you are wrong about Ireland

So kaz, if Ireland signs a good free agent WR and then drafts another one, would that be ok with you or would you still think he's an idiot because he didn't do it this year?

the problem with you and your new buddy andrew is you both never look at the big picture, you say he didn't sign a good free agent WR even though the team couldn't do it because of cap space or he didn't draft a WR until the 6th round without taking into consideration that the Dolphins had other players rated higher on their board and is always best to draft the best player available.

I don't think you and andrew know too much about football.

FZB - a GM has to advance the franchise and not waste entire seasons running in place, especially if they work for a franchise where a 61 year old watching the last championship would have to live to be 101 to still be a fan today.

Ireland's mentor wasted two seasons on Chad Henne, refused to accept what everyone saw.

Ireland wasted all of 2011 by drafting an offensive lineman instead of a quarterback. He wasted all of 2012 by not giving the quarterback they were forced to draft and forced to play any receivers to throw to. Traded away a top receiver (second in yards, third in TDs this year) and then cut the veteran star signed to replace him.

Of course they should have signed any big receiving target out there, spent money to do everything they can to help Ryan Tannehill his rookie season. These are million dollar one year deals at the most, Dolphins had just under $5M room all year.

Ireland will be forced to take a receiver, regardless of whether he's the 'best player available', in the first or second round like he was forced to take Tannehill at #8 last year. There's no way he keeps his job if he doesn't take a receiver with a high pick.

All I've ever heard out of you is that Ireland needs four years to be fairly judged, but you sure have no defense for what he's done the past two.

you can't grade a draft in just one year, it usually takes 2-4 years to really know because players develop differently.

Solia, Misi and Jones come to mind, they have played a lot better this year than one or two years ago, Daniel Thomas hasn't done anything yet or Charles Clay but who's to say they won't become players next year, look at Pouncey, already one of the best centers in the league.

in this years draft we have Tannehill,Martin , Vernon and Miller that show a lot of promise, even Egnew could turn it around, so when you say I have no defense for the drafts in the last two years you're right but not because they are bad players but because is way too early to judge anyone while you on the other hand have already made of your mind that both drafts are bad.

like I said, no offense but you don't know football.

Clemons is probably the worst starting safety in the NFL. He is that bad.

Misi is also terrible. Train wreck in pass coverage, forces one turnover a season.

Yes, these young guys who are showing us nothing might magically get better but I'm betting on them ending up like Clyde Gates. Egnew can't get on the field for a team completely devoid of talent, I think it's far more likely he never plays a regular season down than he ends up a contributor.

You act like if the Dolphins didn't have Jeff Ireland as a GM they wouldn't be able to draft players.

Ireland's done nothing to make anyone think he's a good GM and change for the sake of change would be good for the franchise.

Misi has been one of the most improved players this year and Coyle loves him, the guy was playing out of position in the 3-4 format.

I even forgot to mention John Jerry who all of us thought was a bust, he even showed up to camp at 360 lb's and look at him now,he has started every game and the guy has shown great improvement since the first game.

if Ireland wasn't here of course they'll be able to draft players but change for the sake of change is counter productive, you just can't be making this changes all the time.

I personally don't know Ireland, I would not care if got fired today but I think it would be a mistake to get rid of him just two years into his regime, the guy DID draft a QB this year that shows promise and he seems to have a good relationship with Philbin, so keeping continuity at the top is essential to keep building the team through the draft.

this off season is crucial, the team will have a lot of cap room and we have a bunch of draft picks, Ireland has shown he will not over pay in free agency and he doesn't like to trade his draft picks so the pressure in on him to produce, I say keep him two more years but the fact is his contract runs out next year and you all may get your wish.

He HAD to draft a QB at #8 because he was too chicken sh*t to take one at #15 and the fans grew restless.

And that QB hasn't shown promise, he's looked like a bust and been given the benefit of the doubt because everyone knows how bad our GM is.

Let's continue our magnificent tradition and trade Hartline to the Patriots for a 2nd round draft pick.

Well Kaz, dukey and I are finally back stateside in the good ole GOD BLESSED USA son. If you're ever in Labia or anywhere near middle east I suggest you fly the C-130 gunship. It not only scares the bejesus out of the sand fleas but it's a heck of alot of fun. I can't pry duke off the 30mm Bushmaster Cannon.


However if your gonna get serious about ridding Gods green earth of floridation once and for all this is the plane for you.


But if your really serious about getting rid of all the nasty sand fleas, gooks, woks, commies, nips, greasey slopes, Charlie Chans and Tojos well than it will take a B-52 with 40 megatons of nukes hitting the bulleye.


What's with that tennis player? She drop a load or three in her tennis shorts or what?

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