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December 10, 2012

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 18.8%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G13: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 18.8 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 27-13 loss at the San Francisco 49ers putting Miami' season record at 5-8. 1aa1dsmThe figure includes a season-low of only 2.7% calling themselves "very" satisfied. The DSM, in its fifth year, is continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:15 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2012 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 17.2% (4.4-v, 12.8-s) following 30-10 loss at Houston.

G2: 90.6% (47.1-v, 43.5-s) following 35-13 victory vs. Oakland.

G3: 43.8% (7.2-v, 36.6-s) following 23-20 loss (OT) vs. N.Y. Jets.

G4: 67.4% (18.3-v, 49.1-s) following 24-21 loss (OT) at Arizona.

G5: 93.1% (43.9-v, 49.2-s) following 17-13 victory at Cincinnati.

G6: 96.7% (52.2-v, 44.5-s) following 17-14 victory vs. St. Louis.

G7: 98.3% (80.9-v, 17.4-s) following 30-9 victory at N.Y. Jets.  

G8: 66.9% (21.3-v, 45.6-s) following 23-20 loss at Indianapolis.

G9: 17.3% (3.4-v, 13.9-s) following 37-3 loss vs. Tennessee.

G10: 12.0% (4.2-v, 7.8-s) following 19-14 loss at Buffalo.

G11: 81.3% (25.5-v, 55.8-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Seattle.

G12: 37.0% (6.3-v, 30.7-s) following 23-16 loss vs. New England.

G13: 18.8% (2.7-v, 16.1-s) following 27-13 loss at San Francisco.

Next poll: Dec. 16 following game vs. Jacksonville.

Previous final season results for overall satisfaction:

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%


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Satisfied? Not very. Not at all.

Garbage call on S. Smith pass interference that swung the momentum too much to overcome a stop there and it's a different game.

Throw in the Thigpen muff and they aren't good enough to have these things happen and win.

Good, now we can proceed with tanking the rest of the games, getting the 5th overall pick and firing that idiot with a whiskey country name.

Big Baby - you sound like a soccer fan, enough with the officiating. Randy Moss would have caught a long TD pass if the Dolphins hadn't gotten away with a PI.

2011 draft proved that Jeff Ireland is a Bill Parcells clone and the wrong man for the job. Ireland made Pouncey the highest drafted center ever instead of rolling the dice on the only position that can fix a franchise.

If he thought Chad Henne was good enough to win with after seeing 4 years of NFL tape he was wrong.

If he thought there wasn't anyone worth gambling on with the #15 pick he was wrong because Andy Dalton made the Pro Bowl last year and there were 5 other top prospects out there besides Cam Newton, who probably could have had gotten for the RG3 haul.

I would say the emergence of Kaepernick is further proof that Ireland was wrong but really it's irrelevant. Regardless of how college quarterbacks pan out Jeff Ireland has a philosophical deficiency about the importance of the quarterback position, which also happens to be the reason the Dolphins haven't been relevant since 1999.

So he took an offensive lineman with #15 in a QB rich class and the next year, when fan protests and airplane banners forced him to reach for the best available QB prospect at #8, he took a project player who doesn't look like he's in the same league as the two quarterbacks taken ahead of him or a quarterback taken two rounds later.

And of course Tannehill looks like sh*t, because Ireland traded away Marshall (91 for 1,182 and 8 through 13 games) because Joe Philbin is afraid diva receivers might leave candy wrappers on his practice field.

A quarterback solves everything and if Tannehill can look like a completely different player and lead the team next season despite the monsters running this franchise there'll be no question that he's a keeper.

We keep hiring unproven head coaches and keep the moron GM. This team can go 0-16 for the next ten years and as long as Ireland is picking we will never win.

Ireland has to go. 13 points, just a joke. Even the announcers couldn't stop harping on the dolphins appalling lack of weapons.

10/160 and a TD for Marshall in Chicago. Sure glad we prioritize perfect behavior over an ability to put the ball in the damn end zone.

Now watch. They will probably win meaningless games against Jville and the Bills to propel them into yet another year of +/- 500 mediocrity.

♬ Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number one...♪

Between free agency and the draft, the fins picked up two full time starters ( tannehill and the rookie right tackle). Ireland needs to go.

Sadly ah make that tragically didn't Cote indicate Boss Ross believes in Jeffy and will therefore stick with him? What a friggin relief. For a second I thought Fins might actually have a prayer...


Worse the NE game could end up being meaningless for NE where Belichek sits everybody & starts Ryan Mallett. The Dolphins win, yay to settle at 8-8 with the all important no. 20 1st Rnd Pick. Yes!! A truly successful and mediocre season.

I applaud the mediocre Dolphins for I am Mediocrity's Champion!

Regis Philbin should probably have to go too. I mean really...

I hope FZB comes in here and guarantees another Dolphins win next Sunday. Sooner or later, he has to be right by accident.

Maybe I'm blinded by Dolphin love, but I saw NOTHING in Kaepernick that Tanny can't do, or hasn't done. Kaepernick would have never made the TD run against a D that wasn't plain tuckered out. He certainly is no more accurate than Tanny, and considering how many 3 and outs the 49'ers had, I hardly say he's a game changer.
We're lucky Vernon Davis didn't play, for HE would have killed our secondary.
In some ways, WE BEAT OURSELVES.
Somehow, not sure why, that fact IS COMFORTING...that in many ways, we measure up fairly well with an elite team.

OC, how did you get those musical notes in your posting? BTW, 2 16th's and an 8th.

Folks, get used to the fact that Ireland is here to stay, but if fans don't fill seats after stadium renovations this off season, the team may not be for much longer.

IMAWriter - obviously Kaepernick is a better runner but he also throws harder than Tannehill and Tannehill's accuracy has been bad all year.

You can't judge Tannehill this season without caveating that he's a project quarterback and has no one to throw to, but if you can't see how poorly Tannehill's playing between the couple brilliant throws a game you are definitely blinded by Dolphin love.

Dolphins are fortunate that the pressure was even there to draft a quarterback and that David Garrard blew out his knee playing Marco Polo. We have learned nothing but Tannehill's gotten a full year under his belt as an NFL quarterback. Ireland will be forced to spend some of those picks and that cap space on receivers, we'll see what we have in Tannehill in 2013.

I think it's apparent, that Luck, though very very good, has a 74 QB rating (but plays big when he has to).
Luck is the real deal, but he doesn't play defense. Watch film of the Colts falling over themselves to make a tackle. Like 11 Dansbys.
It is (IMO) glaringly apparent that the Colts tanked big time last year...same basic defense getting rung up for 60+ points against NO, and getting a coach fired.
It's one thing they had poor QB's but no excuse for their defense lying down.

One day, long after I lying with the fishes, it will come out in a book by ....Jose Canseco. Really.

Kazaam, Kaepernick throws HARDER than Tannehill?...not that it matters, but Tanny has one of the strongest arms in the league from what I've seen, certainly better than RG3, Luck, Brees, etc.
Accuracy, not THAT is another story. It's puzzling how he can hit some brilliant intermediate throws, and miss others.
I believe it's because timing throws with our receivers is nearly impossible due to their lack of speed, and inability to create true separation. I think that's why when Tanny misses, it's an overthrow. Marshall should have caught the long ball though.

The county is still on the hook for $2.4 billion (BILLION) for Marlins Park, I hadn't heard that there was any movement on the renovations to Sun Life?

Kaepernick's run was against a defense that was finally beaten down, tired, and probably pissed at the offense.
He didn't do the first 3 quarters.
I wouldn't trade Tanny for Kaepernick, certainly without giving Tanny some weapons.
Where was Clay today?
Why not reverses, more screens, QB runs, to tire out the 49'ers D?
The first half Sherman called a decent game. He seems to be immersed in a brain fart 3rd quarters all to often.

Certainly better than RG3, Luck Brees, etc., not better than Kaepernick. Point was that a player taken two rounds after Pouncey is superior in Tannehill's best attribute.

Accuracy - that is another story. Accuracy matters far more than throw power in the NFL, I'd take Russell Wilson over Tannehill or Kaepernick any day of the week.

Kaazam, I think the league threatened to pull future Super Bowls from Joe Robbie (always J-Rob to me) unless updates to modernize...maybe lights, press box, more luxury boxes, the usual smoke and mirrors stuff.
It seems to me bringing the fans closer to the action would solve many issues, mainly fan involvement. Titans stadium here in Nashville allows a much more fan involving experience. Even 100 rows back, all is larger than life.

Kaazam, respectfully, at least against us, Wilson was not particularly accurate.
Not to say he's not good, but he has MONSTER weapons. Our run D played out of their minds that day.

A couple of days ago, I posted that I could name at least 6 multiple All pro centers NOT taken in the first round..I began with Mike Webster and our own Dwight Stevenson. This was to counter a poster who claimed Pouncy makes Ireland a success.
We haven't had a true All pro playmaker drafted by Ireland. Bess was an unsigned FA.
I just don't trust Ireland to pick the right guys. It's like a never ending curse.

Not a threat, just Pepe Diaz mouthing off. There are no complaints besides the roof, that Super Bowl where Hester returned the kickoff the rain was absurd.

Joe Robbie is set back that way for baseball, it's the smallest lower bowl and largest upper stands in the NFL. They can easily add in lower bowl seats closer to the field but the upper bowl and club level will always be set back, there is no way to fix that.

Stephen Ross is willing to spend however many millions are needed for coaches and players and tickets to avoid blackouts, but a couple hundred million for a roof is a steep proposition.

I don't want Miami-Dade spending any more on sports stadiums, they just got f*cked in the ass for $2.4 BILLION by the Marlins.

Miami-Dade doesn't make any more from hosting the Super Bowl than they do Ultra, and that's practically free.

IMAWriter, You're one of the good guys, so I don't mind sharing some of my secrets. There are multiple ways of generating such characters, I just find it easier to cut and paste from this site: http://fsymbols.com/

I would advise not to go crazy. Usage should be as tempered as adding salt and pepper. Use too much and you mess your dish.

Dolphins have sucked since Shula/ Marino, and the answer is?


tannehill does not have a stronger arm than andrew luck; i won't argue about the rest of the rookie QBs arm strength, but luck fires rockets into tight spaces which tannehill cannot do. fasano made another of his very nice catches to make tannehill and the dolphins look good, but whatever his name is dropped what should have been a TD pass in the early 4th quarter down the sideline which was a well-placed ball. i agree with Kazaam that next year will be the truer indicator of tannehill's future.


at least the dolphins have started to move tannehill around a little bit to get him out of harm's way which occurs often when he is in the pocket. the dolhins inability to run is really hurting "the kid" and it is gonna take some real revamping of the OL for that to happen. did kaepernik outrush the dophins on his one jaunt into the end zone?


a lot of the big boys lost yesterday- both bawlmer and pittsburgh, chicago- to set up a wild last few weeks of the season. the colts are almost a "luck" for the playoffs at 9-4.

whatever brandon marshall's numbers are, he still has been droppping balls and is not a deep threatfor tosses way down the field; he catches passes and runs after the catch well, but is not paul warfield or bob hayes or warren wells or cliff branch or even victor cruz going downfield and "stretching" the defense.

the sky's falling , the sky's falling !!!

well now, without trying to insult anyone here (specially you Kazaam), since we all know how sensitive you could be, most of you guys that are not looking at the big picture here and is most of you, you guys are full of it, I don't really know why you all could be so frustrated when everyone knew before the year even started that this was going to be a rebuilding year.

nothing else matters except Tannehill's development, you all keep saying the same shit over and over again, Ireland is the devil, he's the reason we are in this predicament, he's a Parcells clone (that's my favorite) and we need to fire him today damn it.!!

Well, guess what, he's not going anywhere, the work he's done the last two years going solo is good and he is the right guy for the job at least for the next two years, Ross knows this , it takes time to build a team through the draft, Ireland is trying to undo the crap that parcells did in the draft and worse in free agency when he got away from his blue print.

by now you all should know they have adopted the GB model which is building the team through the draft and very few if any free agents acquisitions, look at the 9res, look how good they are but they spent 5 years building their team selecting in the top ten every year and now they are a power house, the NFL is a competitive league, there is not that much difference between teams, yesterday the following good teams lost to supposedly lower talented teams, RAVENS,BEARS,FALCONS,STEELERS AND TAMPA BAY..

shit happens but when is your team you guys get blinders on, everybody needs to relax, WE ARE IN SERIOUS REBUILDING MODE, its going to take time but we have the GM, the QB and the coach to get it done.

if they would have kept players like Marshall, 8-5 or V Davis it wouldn't have a difference, maybe one or two more wins but that's it, you have to give the new coach the benefit of the doubt and get him his type of players..if he didn't want them around he didn't want them around., all coaches want to win but they want to win with their type of players.

and I got news for you all, next year will be another rebuilding year, so get used to it because you can't plug all the holes a team has in one draft.

Again this team is very easy to figure out. They have NO, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOT A SINGLE PLAYMAKER on offense. I disagreed with the project pick at #8 overall when the team needed to start hitting on top 10 picks especially with so many holes, but in Tannehill's defense, he has NO ONE around him. Granted, Tannehill threw a lot of passes yesterday where even if he had Jerry Rice and Cris Carter, it wouldn't have mattered because the ball was horribly overthrown, but the guy needs help. That is one pathetic offense.

Hartline is a playmaker anyone can see that.

He and Bess will likely go over 1000 yards this season we just don't have guys that score TD's consistently but that is somewhat on the QB also.

Possibly some good FA wr's next year I think we get one and hope to hit on one in draft also that will help dramatically.

If we had 4 Brian Hartline's this would be a playoff team with a good season from Tannehill maybe next year.

Hate to say it but I said it last year Bess is slowing down when he's up in a few years I think that's it for him.

FZB, you need to read barry jacksons sports buzz from saturday. If you think Ireland is right for the job, this article proves he is not. look at the free agents he has brought in the last 2 yrs (no parcells) and tell me he should not be canned.

Not really all that satisfied. We need to draft more Offensive Linemen.

irelan's acorns,

I don't really want the Dolphins to built the team through free agency, IT NEVER WORKS.

two years ago he signed Kevin Burnett, Matt Moore and Mark Colombo, colombo was a bust but the other two were great signings.

He also traded for R Bush, another good move and resisted the fans pressure to trade for K Orton whic was another good move.

on This years free agency, R Marshall was a good signing at the time as a THIRD CB but he got injured and no none anticipated V Davis showing up out of shape again (second year in a row)and falling out of favor with Philbin, also the Dolphins were severly handiccaped by a lack of cap room because of dumb free agency signings (from the Parcells era) and had to sign minimum type free agent veterans that were at the end of their career's , none of them made the team because they went with youth, 12 rookies made the team between the draft and free agents.

like I've stated before, its a process, you can't wave a magic wang and have it all in one year, you all need to relax.

The wife and I spent the weekend in Key West, and did not get back in time to see the first quarter. QUESTION, why the hell does Sherman have a young QB like Tannah throwing 25-30yd side line patterns, when its 3rd + 10? Does he think this guy is that good right now, that he can drop in passes over the 49er dbs? The passes I saw were all over the guys head and out of bounds. Come on coach, this is not Brady or either Manning. They are not helping the guy with there calls.

Need we say more?

Hartline's a decent role player, he's a lot like Davone Bess except with better hands and much worse route running.

He can't get open with man coverage, he only has a single touchdown this year bringing his FOUR YEAR total to six.

They should try to keep him if Tannehill likes him but I'd never pay him 'thousand yard receiver' value because he's not that.

He and Bess just happen to be the only receivers out there this year.

The Rich continue to get Richer...GATORS #1 2013 Recruiting Class...

While U ...

ZERO of the Top remaining Uncommited Recruits look at U...NADA

**** DB's Burns and Carter to decommit just like DT Bryant...

Ranked #82, #78, #53 and #45 in Recruiting behind the likes of Duke, Indiana, S.Fla. and other scrubs...

Unranked and 2-Stars projects are all that's left for U. But they'll all be Ed Reeds riiieet ?

9 Commits/soon to be 7... 4 TE's-1 Scrub RB token ex-players Son- 1 OL...

NO D-TACKLES-D-Ends-Linebackers to add to that efense...

NCAA Hammer Looms, but it'll get better and U'll be back soon riiieet ?

I discount Hartline's stats with Henne throwing him the ball totally meaningless.

He will get paid what he is worth either from us or someone else.

NE is letting Welker walk you want Hartline to go to NE because that's where he would end up in a minute.

He's better than a "role player" even though his TD numbers are low Welker used to have low TD numbers he's getting better who says Hartline can't.

Yea right, New England would never overpay a middling player like Hartline.

The comparison between Welker and Hartline stops at their skin color - Welker can get open underneath because he can run routes and he has burner speed to take it the distance if he has daylight.

Hartline will never learn to be fast and there's no chance four years into his career he's suddenly going to learn to completely change his game and become a shifty route runner who can get open underneath.

Oh yes they would Belichick loves him Welker will not be resigned and they have Edelman.

Only if they can pay him according to his ability, somewhere under a million a year.

And you haven't explained the sudden rise in Welkers TD numbers over the last few years either players can change their game.

And again, Hartline is nothing like Welker or Edelman aside from skin color, he's slow and he can't get open underneath.

All he's good for is comeback plays at the sideline and quick hits running straight ahead underneath.

A million a year what planet do you live on he's on pace for almost 1200 yards this year.

Those guys get paid market value.

Welker's a talented WR who broke out a little in his second year when the Dolphins started using him as a receiver as well as a kick returner.

His third year he caught 100 balls and 8 touchdowns.

Hartline just flat out doesn't have Welker's ability.


Welker was not catching td's in NE for years and suddenly he starts doing it some guys can change their game it happened with Welker.

They would pay him especially if they let Welker walk which indications are they will.

Ross and Ireland are never going to listen to the fans as long as they are playing in front of a relatively full house. The production from this year's draft is apalling. Tannehill? #8 overall is an experiment; 2nd round, Jonathan Martin OT whose getting blown up week in and week out. 3rd round - two players who rarely see the field Vernon Oliver and Michael Egnew. 4th round rarely used Lamar Miller. Rounds 5-7 not much production here either.

7-9, 7-9, 6-10, 5-8...looks like another 7-9 season shaping up....what might have been with Brandon Marshall and some real help on the O-Line.

No, Welker caught 8 TDs (more than Hartline's entire four year career) his first season with New England because he's a talented receiver.

You're insane if you think New England would pay the $5-10M salary a true 1,000 yard receiver commands to Brian Hartline.

That was his third season in the league, second as a full time receiver BTW.

I think they would we can agree to disagree.

Welker has 4 td cathes this year he had 3 in 08' and 4 in 09'.

He's got 35 in six seasons with Brady throwing Hartline the ball I think he could easily duplicate Welkers numbers.

And every one of those 'down' years Welker caught 100 balls for 1,000 yards.

Hartline is nothing like Wes Welker besides skin color.

The Pats have big targets to reel in touchdowns and little shifty guys to get the yards between the 20s.

I doubt they'd even want a player with Hartline's skill set but I can guranfuckingtee you they wouldn't pay $5M a year for him.

At a slightly lower price than what Welker might get from another team.

They pay for players (reluctantly) that they place a high value on always have.

I would rather not see him in NE that's all which is why I think we re-sign him and make it a moot point.

I would love for any other team to overpay Hartline so the Dolphins don't and if New England was that team and they put Hartline out there instead of a receiver who can get open and or catch TD passes it'd just be a bonus.

He Gods!

Cam the Man fired by the Ravens. Even more shocking than the scandal about the firing of the FIU dude.

Dolphins should bring him in, I know Cameron Cameron and Joe Philbin would get on like peas and carrots.

They'd have that practice field spotless in no time.

I would rather have Hartline at 6-7 mil than an older Welker for the 9-10 plus he will get on the open market.

I think NE would too.

Hartline is good for 6 (almost) td's a year that Welker averages in that offense, yards will be the same.

Hartline is nothing like Wes Welker besides the fact he's white.

I don't even think New England would want him in their offense - how would they use him? He'd have Brandon Lloyd's role on the outside minus the deep threat. And they don't even use Lloyd as is.

He's not a big body that can reel in touchdowns. He sure as hell couldn't handle Welker and Edelman's role, he can't run routes or get open underneath to save his life.

All he has is nice hands, he could line up in the middle of the field, run straight ahead, and catch it in traffic. But the Pats already have Gronk and Aaron Hernandez for that.

The way you believe Bill Belichick is salivating over Hartline because he's a white receiver - he really would be that excited if Davone Bess hit the open market.

Bess is the kind of receiver New England wants, not Hartline.

I don't care if he's black or white but calling a 1200 yard receiver "middling" just makes you an idiot.

You have no other reason to compare Brian Hartline to Wes Welker other than his skin color.

Hartline isn't a 1200 yard receiver, he's been a 500 yard receiver his first three seasons and now that he and Bess are the only receivers on the team he's going to go over 1,000 yards and probably finish with a single touchdown grab.

Big Baby- STOP IT!!!! Hartline could not carry Welker's jock. No way the Pats pay this scrub, 5-6 million a year. Welker is Brady's safety blanket. hartline has no where the speed, or hands, or can get seperation, like Welker. Besides Welker fills in on punt and kick-off returns. Somebody might over pay him, but it will not be the Pats. As far as Belichick goes, he loves every player from every team, when he talks to the press. When is the last time you ever heard a Pats player talk down about any player? Never, and it starts with BB.

Hartline has almost as many yards as Welker this season and if Tannehill had even a little more game he would have eclipsed Welkers 4 td's this season but you all keep living in your Welker is king dreamworld.

The numbers say otherwise I'll take a younger Hartline and sign him long term over Welker.

Naples Jack.\,

i like Big Baby, but he is having delusions about brian hartline. what has hartline done in the last few games when teams figured that tannehill was looking for him first? not much

How many times has Tannehill missed hartline when he was open shadow?

What the heck has Tannehill done this year?

Not much.

Wes Welker has nothing in common with Brian Hartline except skin color, their skills are completely different.

Both NE and Miami basically run a West Coast offense it's the system not what skills a player has Hartline would thrive in their system also.

If it's the system and not what skills a player has ANY player would thrive in their system and they wouldn't overpay a middling guy like Hartline.

Numbers and system are more important than particular skills Hartline could replace Welker.

Edelman could not.

Hey Kazaam,

The Ravens just canned Cam Cameron, what's that about?

Baby, I think Hartline is at best a two or three on a good team..

A #2 he's better than a 3 but like I keep telling Kazaam it's about having a good number of quality receivers in the WC offense we just need more bodies we don't have enough quality receivers right now.


Similar to Golden and D'Onofrio, Harbaugh was good friends with Cameron Cameron, couldn't bring himself to fire him. Baltimore fans are rejoicing today, Cameron Cameron chronically underused Rice,, threw on 3rd and short every time, and stopped running the hurry up the second it started being effective.

Risky business doing it in season but they have Jim Caldwell for continuity and could use a spark at this point after letting another game slip away yesterday.

Hey, FZ. What flick did you end up watching on your pre-Bday?

BB, place me in that group who gives credit to Hartline, but honestly, he could never duplicate what the two Smurfs do for NE. Totally different packages.

Now, Bess is a Smurf. That would be a fair comparison. Albeit, the Dolphins do not design plays to have Devone run after the catch. They basically use him to catch difficult passes for 3rd down conversions.

Smurf # 2 is good but he can't seem to stay on the field he's injury prone and his numbers just aren't there yet when he is playing I hope they let Welker walk and try and plug in Edelman I don't think it will work.

OC this Welker thing is very interesting if They franchise him again he's owed over 11 mil I don't think he'll sign it anyway and long term contract looking less likely or they may have done it already.

I see franchise and trade just not to Miami.

A lot will depend on how far NE goes this year. One thing is for certain. As long as Brady is his QB, Belichick is not going to change the design of the offense. * Tall athletic TE and Smurfs to move the ball in relatively small chunks, with at least one guy with the ability to go deep, and who keeps the formula honest.

Miami's problems go well into the numbers. I'm convinced that they will not be receiving any invitations to the White House any time soon. Perhaps my great, great grandchildren will see that some day.

They aren't that far away OC I know you don't trust our GM to make good choices in the draft but assuming he hits on a WR and another defensive player and we get FA WR in the draft we should be ok.

Some if's I understand but 5 picks in the first 3 rounds is nice.

Tannehill has to develop though or your prediction may come true.


The Mrs. and I decided to postpone our date until this weekend coming up and we decided on "The Life of Pi", my sis is coming along too. (sorry Wood's) but I'll catch up on Linconl when it comes out on DVD.

we just had too much goin's-on with the family, also sadly I had to put my mutt Luna down on Sat, she was in pretty bad shape as of late but it still was a very hard decision and I don't mind telling you that I cried like a little girl.

listen up guys, here is a little prespective for you guys, everyone is singing the praises of Jim Harbaugh over at SF and rightfully so, the guy is a good young coach but he took over a team ready to win and loaded with talent last year, prior to that SF had been picking in the top ten/top fifteen position for a while / accumulationg talent.

here is their draft position since 2004


moral of the story, a coach makes a difference but talent is better, they sucked for a long time before they got better and they got better by selecting much better talent for a number of years..

Sorry to hear about Luna, FZB. Our Kobe is not far behind. I have to pick him up six or so times a day. It's killing me to watch.

Here are the Dolphins:

2012 - 8
2011 - 15
2010 - 28
2009 - 25
2008 - 1
2007 - 9
2006 - 16
2005 - 2
2004 - 19

Average position is 13.7 compared to SF's average position of 15.1.

Moral of the story: the Dolphins sucked for a long time and still suck because their GM is the worst in the country.

FZ, your point about drafts are well taken. However, if you think back, the last time SF had a dominant team was around the same time Miami went to their last SB. Both teams sucked for a long time, but fortunes have turned for the Niners, not the Dolphins who continue to suck.

A primary reason for this may be the fact that Miami, while sucking, continues to embrace a 500 season mentality. This may keep false hopes alive year-in-year-out, but does nothing for your draft selection.

Interesting average positions, Kaz. I wouldn't have thought them that close.

Thanks OC,

Yeah, the Mrs and I have both agree not to have anymore pets, we just get too attached to them.

After this season I think Ireland is on the hot seat just a little more.

I don't think Ross is a patient owner I am thinking unless we win 9-10 games next year he could be out.

If Ireland blows the 2013 draft and we don't improve as a team next season he's gone next year I think.

He better be doing some studying because this offseason will shape the future of his career, like will he have one in Miami or not.

Hey Kaz,

so your saying Ireland is to blame for all the Dolphins drafts since 2004?...

from Dave Wanstead to Rick Spielman to Nick Saban to Cam Cameron to Mueller, all have treated Dolphins picks like they were there to make trades and trades they made, they didn't care about them, they all wanted to take the easy way out with free agents and you all know that doesn't work.

Parcells came in with the attitude to build the Dolphins trough the draft but after seeing the great success of the first year he became impatient and went away from his draft philosophy/blue print and you guys know the rest, he also was drafting for an anticuated football model.

the Dolphins GM's have sucked, the record speaks for itself but since Ireland took over and since Philbin was hired they have both said the team will be built through the draft, first time in a number of years since anyone has said that, you guys just haven't been paying attention.

You said the 49ers are on the right track because they've been bad for a long time and have had a long period of high draft picks.

I said you were wrong because the Dolphins have had even better draft picks and just blew them on bad players.

Jeff Ireland should have been executed and quartered after his 2011 draft.

Gezz Kaz, That's a little harsh even for you, don't you think?

either that or your back to being a miserable human being (not that is anything wrong with that)

I do agree with you, the Dolphins GM's have had a miserable track record on the draft but Ireland's record is not bad and he only has done it for two years which is my point, not enough time to make a sound judgement.

It was enough time for him to make the safest offensive lineman pick in the history of the NFL instead of even attempting to fix the franchise.

He thought Chad Henne was good enough to win with or else he thought all 6 quarterback prospects were too much of a risk at #15 while Tannehill was worth gambling on at #8.

Ireland needs to be struck by lightning, then maybe, he will start making the right decisions:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KIbyxQQgSE

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